The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Manners Maketh Man

by Pan

Chapter 4

Mark’s eyes widened as his brother pushed his huge erection forward. Mark was a virgin, of course, but more than that—a quick scan of his memories told me that before today, he’d never had anything inside his rear entrance. No foreign objects, no toys—not even an experimental finger or two.

I watched a tear roll down his face as his younger brother huffed and puffed and slowly entered Mark’s anus. If you’re around as long as I’ve been, you get pretty good at reading people. And then, of course, there’s the fact that I can literally reach into his mind and read his thoughts.

But just from his expression, I could read the entire range of emotions that Mark was feeling. Arousal, of course. A hint of fear. Pain, in no small measure. But more than that…pride.

Mark was living his dream. The dream I’d recently implanted, admittedly, but as far as he was concerned, his dream.

And it was finally coming true.

“Is this right?” Michael asked, beads of sweat forming on his forehead.

“You’re doing great, son,” Colin said with a beaming smile. Now it was my turn to feel a tinge of pride. This family had always been aligned, but they’d never really been close. I’d changed that.

And more.

It took almost five minutes for the entirety of Michael’s throbbing cock to ease deep inside his brother’s rectum. Mark looked like he was having trouble breathing, but the look of pride and arousal on his face never wavered.

The two brothers stayed still for several minutes, breathing heavily, Michael firmly inside his brother, each of them having the time of their life. Finally, Colin broke the heaving silence.

“Well, you know you fit,” he said. “Now show your brother what a little slut he really is.”

“Yes Dad,” Michael gasped, and with a speed that impressed even me, pulled his cock most of the way out of his brother’s ass and then shoved it back in.

Mark’s eyes practically bulged out of his head, and his mouth gaped open. He looked like he wanted to speak, like he couldn’t breathe, like he was going to throw up.

“Don’t mind that,” Colin said gruffly. “Fuck the little whore. Use his hair as a handle.”

Obeying his father’s command, Michael wrapped his hand around Mark’s thick head of hair, and began fucking his ass like it was his job. Mark’s expression was priceless—what looked like excruciating pain mixed with incredible satisfaction, as his ass took a pounding of a lifetime. His head was pulled back, his legs were trembling with the intensity of the situation, and his dick was rock-hard.

I considered throwing the kid a break, and mentally prodding his father to jerk him off as he was heartily fucked, but the young man impressed me once again, and finally managed to find his voice.

“Please,” he panted. “Talk…dirty…”

“That’s an excellent point,” Colin frowned. “Fucking a slut is about so much more than just using their body for your pleasure—though that, of course, is key. You want to remind them of their place, that they belong wrapped around your cock.”

“Why’s that, Dad?”

Michael’s face was now dripping with sweat, as he used his considerable strength to really plow into his older brother.

“A few reasons,” Colin mused. “Firstly, it’s an important part of properly subjugating them.”

I raised my eyebrows. Hadn’t expected a ten-dollar word to emerge from this meathead of a father.

“Secondly, you’ll find yourself enjoying it. You’re a man—your role in life is to dominate sluts. Sluts, whores, your brother…”

“You’re a slut,” Michael muttered.

“That’s a good start, boy, but you can do better than that.”

“You’re a dirty whore,” the youngest of the family declared, his words punctuated by his cock slamming into Mark’s ass. “Your ass is mine.”

“Why?” Colin prompted.

“Your ass is mine because I want it. You…ungh…you do what I want. You’re here for my pleasure!”

I could see that Mark simultaneously wanted to speak, cry, and cum.

“You’re going to take my cock whenever I want you. Anytime of the day or night—oh, god—I’m going to fuck you. Anytime I want!”

“Yess…” Mark croaked. Despite the lack of direct stimulation, his cock started spasming and twitching, and soon shot two, three, four strings of cum onto the carpet.

As his older brother came onto the floor, Michael continued ramming his enormous erection into his tight ass.

“When I’m done, you’re going to lick it clean. You’re going to lick your own shit off my cock, and you’re going to love it.”

All the tension had drained out of Mark’s body—his orgasm had relaxed his muscles, which in turn seemed to make it easier for him to breathe. Even as his cock softened, he continued to goad his father and older brother on.

“Am I doing it right, Dad? Please—tell me what I could be doing better.”

His voice was happy and ragged, and his father responded immediately.

“Don’t just lay there like a ragdoll, you little whore,” he hissed. “Push back against your brother’s cock. Tighten your rectum. Remember, your role is to bring your brother pleasure.”

“That’s right,” Michael grunted. “Your ass is here to bring me pleasure.”

“You’re letting him do all the work, and that isn’t right. Fuck back against him as he demonstrates what a man he is.”

“I’m a man,” Michael gasped. “I’m a man, and you’re nothing but a little hole for me to fuck.”

To everyone’s surprise—including, I suspect, Michael’s—he lifted his hand and slapped Mark’s skinny ass. Once more, a flash of pain crossed his older brother’s face. Once more, it was immediately replaced by a look of intense pleasure.

I was unsurprised to see Mark’s cock beginning to plump up as Michael spanked his older brother once more.

“Good job, son!” Colin said. “Mark, why don’t you thank your brother for spanking you?”

“Thank you, Michael,” Mark panted.

“Why don’t you thank him for treating you the way you deserve to be treated? Tell him what a dirty little whore you are.”

“I’m your whore,” Mark said, a pleading tone in his voice. “Michael, I’m your little ass-whore. Do whatever you like.”

Thank him,” Colin reminded sternly.

“Thank you,” Mark immediately said. “Thank you for reminding me why I exist. Thank you for treating me like this. Thank you for fucking my ass. Thank you for—oh my god!—thank you for…spanking…me…”

As Colin watched, it occurred to me that he was missing out on the fun. He was watching, but most people don’t get as much pleasure from watching as I do.

Like I said, I don’t think of myself as a good person. But for all my faults, I’m not cruel. My victims—if you want to call them that—always enjoyed themselves, and I like to think I left people happier than when I met them.

Changed, obviously, but for the better.

I suppose I could have just altered Colin’s biology so he came whenever Michael did, or had him fill his eldest son’s gaping mouth with his cock.

But as I watched the muscular man leaning forward, fully embracing his role as a sex coach, I had a better idea.

A mental prod was all it took to have Colin stand up and move into Mark’s eyeline. He smiled down at his oldest son, and Mark stared at him, too overwhelmed to conceal his lust.

Colin sat cross-legged on the floor in front of his two boys. They were both watching him now—Mark, too full of cock to think straight; Michael, unsure if he’d done something wrong.

“This kind of work builds up a sweat,” Colin said. “Another great use of sluts like your brother is that they can clean up your sweat.”

“But pops,” Michael grunted, “I’m sort of using him right now.”

“No such thing as an overworked whore,” Colin said, and Michael nodded.


Colin took on a double bicep pose, showing off the muscles he’d built up from a lifetime of going to the gym. For a moment, I dipped into Mark’s mind, just to see how he was reacting—none of this had been a result of his instructions, but in that moment, he didn’t care. As soon as his younger brother’s cock had entered his ass, Mark’s world had become an erotic haze, and this made as much sense as the rest of the day’s events.

“Lick them clean,” Colin commanded, and Mark moaned. I could tell that he was on the edge of cumming just from the instruction—if the area hadn’t been so crowded, I would have positioned myself to catch his impending orgasm with my mouth.

Instead, I just sat back and watched with a smile.

“Yes sir,” Mark moaned, the only words he was capable of piecing together. Colin leaned in, and Mark’s eyes fluttered with pleasure as his tongue made contact with his father’s glistening skin.

For the next few minutes, Colin’s two sons were in heaven—Michael was enjoying the tightness of his older brother’s ass, while Mark was being stimulated on every possible level: his father’s gleaming muscles directly in front of his eyes, the taste and smell of the older man’s sweat, and—of course—his younger brother’s cock, pounding mercilessly into his virgin ass.

Even as his son licked at his sweaty muscles, Colin continued to advise and verbally support his two sons. “Good lad,” he’d occasionally interject. “Show that whore who’s boss.”

As Mark continued to push back against his brother’s hard-on, as Michael continued to talk dirty to him, and as he licked at his father’s sweaty muscles, I could tell he was getting close to a hands-free orgasm.

Finally, it became too much for the young man. Burying his tongue in his father’s sweaty armpit while Michael called him a filthy slut and Colin complimented his younger brother for being a ‘real man’, he twitched in pleasure, shooting his load all over the carpet.

Hanna would have to clean that up, the next time she came in.

Every inch of Colin’s exposed flesh had been licked clean, his sweat replaced by his eldest son’s saliva. Content, he sat back down on the couch, and Mark—no longer distracted by his own impending orgasm or his father’s proximity—was able to truly focus on what Michael was doing, matching his younger brother’s rhythm, doing all he could to give his brother the best possible time.

“I think I’m going to cum,” Michael groaned. He hadn’t even noticed either of his brother’s orgasms.

“Hold it,” Colin warned. “You’re a man—you cum when you want to cum.”

“I want to cum,” Michael said. He leaned forward, his mouth next to Mark’s ear. “I want to cum inside your pretty little ass, you fucking slut. I want to use you as my cumbucket. Is that what you want?”

“Yes,” Mark groaned. “God, yes—more than anything. Use me! Use me as a hole to cum in…”

I tilted my head to the side. For all his enthusiasm…Mark hadn’t said please.

The family probably wouldn’t have noticed, but I did. Before Michael could cum, I delayed his orgasm and gave Colin inspiration for the next part of the lesson.

“Not yet,” Colin instructed, and I almost burst out laughing at the sight of the brothers’ matching pouts. “There’s many more positions I need to show you.”

Standing up, the muscle-bound father grabbed his eldest child’s hips and pulled him off his younger brother’s cock. A sound combining pleasure and frustration left Mark’s lips. Michael’s cock twitched hungrily; before my interference, he’d been moments from cumming, and now his impressive member was throbbing, purple and angry.

“Clean this up,” Colin commanded, and Mark’s mouth eagerly went to work. Soon, Michael’s erection was once more glistening with saliva. “Okay, son—pick up your brother.”

I hadn’t actually altered Michael much—he was magically compelled to obey his younger brother, of course, and Mark had ordered him to learn from his father, but his desire to be a good student and his willingness to follow his father’s orders was entirely natural.

Like I said—they were good kids, really.

Mark swooned at the feeling of his muscular younger brother effortlessly taking him into his arms. Even though he’d just spent half an hour getting fucked by him, there was something so manly about the way he was being held like a doll. It reminded him that he was the weakling, the smaller of the two boys, and that despite being the ‘bigger’ brother, he was so much less manly than his little bro.

He was already hard as a rock again.

They were good boys.

“This position,” Colin said, a sparkle in his eyes, “is known as stand and deliver.”

Unable to resist my curiosity, I poked around Colin’s memories, wondering where such a clean-cut man had learned the name of a sexual position.

From his wife, it turned out. Perhaps there was more to this couple than I’d immediately encountered. It might even be worth coming back and revisiting the family when the women in this family returned to town…

A closer examination revealed that his wife had learned it from Cosmo Magazine. I’d never read it, but it might have been my closest world-wide competitor for adding sexual twists to bedrooms. Where mine were deliberate, gleeful efforts to create deviants, Cosmo’s changes often came in the form of what I could only assume was an attempt to offer genuine advice.

“Pick your brother up,” Colin ordered, “and while he’s facing you, lower him onto your cock.”

Michael did as his father instructed, his well-lubed cock sliding easily into his brother’s waiting asshole. Mark groaned in satisfaction as he did. After so many (implanted) years of waiting to be filled by cock, it was everything he’d imagined it would be.

“This position can be useful for a few different reasons. It can be intimate, if there’s a slut you find yourself growing attached to. As you can see, it’s easy to kiss them.”

To my surprise, both Mark and Michael blanched at this. Michael, presumably, because he—despite the events of the last hour—didn’t think of himself as gay. Mark, I suppose, because tender kisses wasn’t part of the dynamic he’d dreamed of.

“All right, all right, calm down. No one’s suggesting that the two of you make out.”

The boys visibly relaxed.

“The other big advantage of this position is the versatility. You can walk around, reminding the slut who’s in control with every step. Or, best of all, you can combine this position with a workout. Try doing some squats.”

Mark’s eyes lit up with excitement. He had years worth of memories of watching his brother’s muscles gleaming with sweat as he worked out, also wishing he could pleasure Michael’s throbbing cock.

Now, he was going to do both at once.

Without hestitating, Michael moved his hands to his brother’s waist and began doing squats against the wall.

“This is quite a workout,” he grunted.

“That’s my boy,” Colin said proudly. “Want me to spot you?”

“No, no,” Michael said. “I’ve got this.”

Within a few minutes he was puffing and panting, sweat pouring out of every pore. Mark, meanwhile, was glowing with pleasure. He had one hand around his brother’s neck, for support, and the other had reached down and was playing with his own erection.

Teenage boys. I could tell it would be a while before Mark came again, unless I made some changes (though I felt I’d already been generous enough with the young lad) but he didn’t look like he was going to have any trouble maintaining his erection as he worked out.

“Dad,” Michael grunted, “I wanna cum.”

“Oh god,” Mark begged. “Please, little brother, cum inside me.”

There it was; the magic word.

Colin nodded his approval, and Mark released his boner. Wrapping both his arms around his brother’s neck, Mark began pulling himself up and releasing him, fucking his brother as hard he could from that position. Michael pushed his older brother against a wall, and began to absolutely go to town on him.

“Thank you,” Mark pled. “Oh, thank you thank you thank you…”

As he profusely thanked his younger brother, Mark was pushing his ass back against Michael’s erection. It wasn’t obvious from the outside, but apparently he could feel his brother’s approaching orgasm, because as the final thanks emerged from his mouth, Michael reached up and firmly grabbed Mark’s hair.

Pushing himself entirely inside his older brother’s ass, Michael groaned loudly as he twitched and spasmed in orgasm. After a few seconds of bliss, he withdrew his cock, allowing his cum to dribble out of Mark’s gaping ass.

“Thank you,” Mark said in a daze. “Oh, fuck…thank you so much. Thank you thank you thank you.”

Colin watched his sons’ pleasure proudly, and a quick peek inside his mind told me exactly what he was smiling about:

His son’s impeccable manners.

* * *