The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Mask becomes You

By Carefully Random

Part 2

mc ff

Katie murmurs a greeting to me with her head buried in her study books. It’s pity her work ethic hasn’t been rubbing off on me... I slowly close the door behind me and look at my test subject sitting at the table. Katie is, by anyone’s standards, an attractive girl. She has long auburn hair that’s neatly tied and a pair of glasses that give her the sex secretary look. Her athletic body is thanks to her starring on the volleyball team, and her eyes are an alluring dark brown. She’s dressed in a respectable dark blouse and a long skirt and would essentially look perfect on the University’s brochure.

When I first met Katie, I had felt instantly attracted to her sleek tall body and those perky breasts of hers, and instantly started fantasizing about the “experimenting” that girls are said to do in college. Sadly, Katie is of the current mindset that unless she bumps into her future husband here at Doctrina University, men are a distraction from her work and women aren’t even on the table. Initially, I had consoled myself with the runner up prize of having a hardworking friend who would help me with my own studies, but due to a combination of Katie’s humorless personality and her air of being better than everyone else, we have ended up reluctantly cohabiting a living space rather than becoming friends. I have Stacy anyway.

Or do I, anymore?

I look at the mask in my hand, and remember that if this works, I can fix everything…

“Do you want a cup of coffee?” I ask her.

“Yeah, please, that would be great.” She replies, not even looking up from her books.

“Good, make some for both of us then” I say. With a grin. I’m holding the mask at my side as I say this, but I quickly put it on while she registers my words and noticeably frowns.

“Hey! You just asked me!” she complains, glancing up briefly to glare at me, then doing a double take. “What’s with the dumb mask?” She asks quizzically. Her stare intensifies, like she can’t look away. “It’s so…” her words trail off and she just gazes at me, a look of wonder and longing on her face. Had I looked like that to Stacy?

“I said make us both coffee” I repeat myself from behind the mask. My voice sounds different to me… More forceful, more persuasive. Am I putting that effect on my own voice or does the mask make it sound that way? Either way, Katie is rising from her chair.

“Yeah ok” She replies, finally breaking eye contact with the mask when she turns to enter the kitchen.

I hear the kettle go on and grin in victory from behind my mysterious mask. For me, this is proof that the mask can bend the most steadfast of wills, maybe even the fabric of the universe itself!

Think I’m overreacting? Well don’t; Katie never makes me coffee. In fact, she has never done anything nice for me as for as long as I can remember. I’d made such an effort when we both started out, I really had. I had invited her to come with me to all the parties I was going to in the first few weeks of term, but she always declined so she could focus on her studies. I had cleared up her dishes the first couple of times she acted all stressed out due to a test or report deadline she had, but she had never so much as lifted a finger for me when I lost three weeks of work on a corrupt memory stick and thought I was going to flunk philosophy.

And I know! I know that she uses my expensive shampoo now and then, thinking I won’t notice. No, Katie is far too self-centered to be making me coffee without a motivator of supernatural proportions.

How powerful is this thing I have discovered? I take off the mask and hold it in my hands in front of me. What else could I make her do? My mind is instantly flooding with ideas. I can get her to help me with my work, yes. Even better, I can make her do my work! Uh, well that’s only a good idea until I get to exams, can’t have her sit my papers, can I? Hrmm, maybe it’s possible, I’ll come back to that thought. But this is tame, I’m just coming up with ways to slack off work. Think fun, think of what I want.

Oh, I can have so much fun with this, I can make her hot for me, can’t I? If the mask can make me kiss a boy I’m too terrified to talk to, it can make a girl kiss another girl even if she doesn’t necessarily swing that way, right?

But wait, is that immoral? Probably no more immoral to Katie than making a coffee for trampy dressing slut like me… I know she thinks that about me. Or does she? Oh god, I can make her spill her guts about what she really thinks of me! I can just tell her not to lie and then I’ll know all her secrets! Maybe she does like girls, I can find out! And she’s so judgmental, like she’s never gotten any, or she’s overcompensating because she has! Oh god, the possibilities… Well, I’ll know soon enough…

But really, that is immoral, isn’t it? Heck, using the mask at all is probably immoral, it can literally mess with people’s free will, can’t it? If you could do that, what would you do? Hell, what wouldn’t you do? Should I be responsible and guard this… this thing? Stop anyone from using it? That would be the decent thing to do, wouldn’t it? Yes, it would. But I can’t help but feel like…

I found this. I discovered what it can do. Surely I should get to use it? What should I use it for?

I could make her my slave.

I instantly put the mask down on the table and lean back from it. Where did that thought come from? My slave? Have her do absolutely anything for me, be without choice? I feel a shiver run through me, and only notice now how much I am excited and aroused. It’s been building up with my thoughts of what I could do with the mask, and oh god I’m wet. My cheeks flush and I feel the urge to slip my hand under my panties.

Katie emerges from the kitchen and puts a mug of coffee in front of me. I quickly snap back to attention and look up to see her waiting expectantly.

“Uhh thanks” I say as I reach for my mug. Katie looks at me with some confusion, like she’s trying to work something out. She’ll be trying to figure out why she agreed to do it, won’t she? We both know it’s unusually nice of her.

“Yeah, ok, I gotta get back to work.” She says, slightly irritably. “It feels like I read something and then forget it entirely a moment later…”

I just nod and smile faintly, still try to come to terms with the torrent of thoughts that have been rushing to me. My barrier of morals was keeping them at bay until one latched onto a word that Katie had just said and spoke to me in a commanding voice.

Forget. Make her forget. Use the mask to have your way and then make her forget.

I could do that, couldn’t I? I could do what I wanted and then make her forget afterwards? No, I couldn’t! That would be such a horrible thing to do! But the mask is so powerful it would be like it never happened for her… But what if she does remember something? I’d have to be sure… I’d have to test it on something memorable but not horrible. A kiss. Yeah, a kiss is harmless enough, right? And I know from experience that the mask will make her do that.

“Katie…” I say, putting the mask back on. This time when she turned to face me she was almost instantly mesmerized. That alone was arousing to me, I had her utterly captivated with a stare and it sent a shiver of excitement through my body.

“I want you to come over here and kiss me.” As I say the words my heart starts to pound. Forget making beverages, this is the real deal.

Katie leaves her study books and approaches me, the barest whisper of “yes” coming from her lips before they meet mine. A wave of arousal and passion came over me and soon I am lost in Katie’s embrace. It isn’t just her soft lips and warm playful tongue that’s turning me on though, it’s the rush of power I’m feeling from being able to command her. Oh god, I want her so badly, but I know I have to make sure the mask will erase her memory first.

It takes all my willpower to break from the kiss and say “Stop, ok that’s enough, go sit back down.” My breathing heavy and my face flushed, I want to get right back to that as soon as I can.

“Ok.” Katie replies and obediently returns to her study chair, though I’m almost certain I hear a hint of reluctance and disappointment in her voice.

“Ok, I want you to…” I start to say as Katie looks at me with eyes so full of desire, obedience, compliance, submission… It throws my train of thought right off.

Once again it’s the instinctive reflex thoughts rather than careful consideration that are rushing through my mind, all competing to complete the sentence of Katie’s instruction. Obey me, become mine, be my slave, do everything I tell you to do, fuck me hard, fall for me in every way you can.

Worship me as I am your goddess.

My heart suddenly skips a beat and I quickly say “Forget everything that happened since I came in just now” before I take off the mask and hurry into my bedroom.

“What was that?!” I hiss at the mask as I hold it in my hand before me. “The slave thought, the goddess thought… They didn’t come from me, they came from you! Are you controlling me too? I thought you just let me control other people? What are you? How do you work?”

I realize I’m talking to an inanimate object, but I don’t care. I can… I can just feel that there’s consciousness and intelligence in there! I know I’m being heard and understood! I glare at the mask, half expecting it to do something in response, talk to me in my head or place another thought there that I recognize as not coming from myself.

The thing that worries me most though is now that I’ve thought of it (through no fault of my own), I realize I do want Katie to be my slave; I do want her to worship me as her goddess. If she did everything I told her I could make my life so much easier, I could mould her into the flatmate I wanted. I knew it wasn’t ethical, but to embrace the power of this mask would be to place myself above ethics. I would be claiming the power of a goddess, by divine right I should do what I want. The thing is, I don’t know if this is how I felt about the issue a few hours ago before I came into contact with this thing. What if these thoughts are from it, and have already replaced my own opinion without a trace? I wouldn’t be myself, I would have already become something else. Is it too late to go back? Would not wearing the mask for a time undo any influence it may have had on me? Maybe, but I’m not sure. I could always throw it in the trash, or at least hide it and try not to wear it again until I feel normal. But has even affected me? I don’t know if it has. I just don’t know.

My instincts tell me that the only thing that could ensure I was fully myself was for me to be commanded by the mask to be so. But how could I go about that?

To be free of the mask’s influence I would have to give it to another having ordered them to order me… But what if the mask takes over them when they put it on? The way it can place thoughts in me, it could probably undo the command that it technically gave itself and then get to work on the mind of its new wearer. Too complicated, too risky… That was no good.

I could use it on myself, the mirror… Yes… Yes, that could work! I turn to full height mirror in my room and start putting the mask to my face. I just need to order myself to be free of the masks influence and then I can decide where I really stand on the whole slave and goddess issue.

As I put the mask on, my mouth opens in awe. I always thought I was an ok looker, but right now I am simply stunning. The shades of purple in the mask, the feathers, the subtle gold and silver lining around the eyes… It frames my face in a vision of beauty the likes of which I’d never imagine on myself. My amber blonde hair flows from it like a ray of midsummer sun and my soft green eyes stare back at me in such a mesmerizing fashion that I can barely think.

I do look like a goddess… I am a goddess. I need to act fast though, I think I could easily succumb to the mask’s power like this.

But I want to succumb to the masks power. Yes, I want to succumb. No! It’s happening already. I’ve got to make sure my own thoughts are the ones I listen to.

I want to be immune to the mask’s influence. No, I want it to influence everything I do.

I don’t want my mind tampered with. Or do I? A little tampering couldn’t hurt, right? Do I really like my own personality? I could make improvements to myself…

I know that last thought wasn’t my own, but I’m intrigued. What could I change about myself as I gaze at the goddess figure in the mirror?

I can change anything I want. I don’t need to hold back.

I think I’m getting the hang of these mask thoughts, they’re impulsive and desirable but I know how they feel different from my own. I can listen to them without letting them control me.

Even though the thought of letting it control me is so tempting.

“Wow” I say out loud to the mirror. “That was my own thought, I really am tempted to let you take control of me.”

All I need to do is tell myself to become the mask, and it will be done.

“It’s tempting but that’s not what I set out to do to myself.” I say. This is easier, I can filter my own thoughts much clearer this way, and then I realize that I’m literally conversing with the mask. “I was going to make myself immune from your influence.” I tell it.

If I do that I won’t be able to use my powers on anyone else, this link, this influence, it’s vital for us both.

“For us both? What do you want?”

I want to use my power, exert my will on others, and be treated like the goddess I am.

“But there has to be limits, right? I can’t just go around manipulating people, making them slaves…”

Yes, I can. If I want to. Don’t I want to?

“I guess I do, but I want my own free will, and be able to change my mind.”

I can do that. I can command myself like this again. But I can also give into my urges and have fun with it.

“Yes, I can... I can give into my urges, I can have fun with it…” I smile at myself in the mirror as I say it. I think I’m agreeing now, I think this is right.

Command me then. Say it.

I stare deep into the eyes of my goddess form in the mirror, and she stares back at me. “Give in to your urges. Have fun with it.” I tell myself. It’s what I want, after all, no point denying that.

I can barely describe the feeling that rushes through me. It’s like all my doubts and fears I had for my entire life just faded away with those words. I found this mask, and I deserved to use its powers however I liked. Why resist urges when you can have so much fun, after all?

I open my door, and call to Katie to come see me. My perfect flat mate awaits…