The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Mask becomes You

By Carefully Random

Part 5

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I walk up to my dorm door, and stand there with my head against it for a few moments. My body hurts all over. The walk over was slow and very uncomfortable. It had gotten dark by the time I had left Stacy’s. I took one of her hoodies to keep me warm and to hide my ripped clothes and bruised neck and face. I shivered the whole way over here, and my warm dormitory awaits. But I need a moment to gather myself before I go in and face Katie.

Then I realize that I don’t want her to see the bruise around my eye, or fuss over me at all. I’m supposed to be her goddess. The idea of showing her how weak I can be… just thinking about it, I can feel my stomach twisting. I take the mask out of my bag, put it on, and open the door.

I barely recognize the place as I enter. Candles are burning on every possible surface and I smell incense thick in the air. Mmm, vanilla. I can’t help but smile slightly. The smell of the food hits me next. Roast chicken, gravy, and is that a hint of apple pie? Katie is standing by the table waiting for me. A short scarlet dress clings to her curves. Beautiful.

The place is spotless, Katie must have spent ages cleaning it. I’m impressed. From the roommate I had at the start of the day, she’s barely recognizable.

Then again, I suspect neither am I.

“Goddess!” Katie excitedly rushes to me and drops to her knees. “I hope this is enough for you. I know I can do better tomorrow, I’ll have more time to prepare.”

I look over the delicious looking meal, the immaculate room, and then down to my adoring slave. I open my mouth to speak but no words come out. My mouth is dry, I’m exhausted… I don’t know what to say.

I put my hands over my face, or rather, over the mask, and sink to my knees. I start sobbing and feel Katie’s arms wrap around me. She holds me as I bawl my eyes out, and I can’t help but feel so stupid. I let the mask turn my best friend against me, I let it turn my roommate into a false, empty version of herself. I let it control me, make me do things that I would never normally do. And as I cry into the arms of my slave, I can’t shake the knowledge that I loved every bit of it.

I don’t want to stop. I’m hurt, I’m scared, and all I want to do is get over it so I can find someone else to enslave. I don’t think this is me. I can’t tell how much the mask is affecting me. Somewhere, my thoughts meet its influence. I don’t know where I end and the mask begins.

I gently push Katie off me, and get to my feet. My hands are shaking as I pull the mask off my face.

“You’ve… you’ve done well” I say hoarsely. “Have something to eat and get back to your studies. Ignore everything I say until I come out of my room again, ok?”

Katie nods obediently at me from the floor, her shimmering eyes looking up at me like she needs me more than the air she breaths. I turn and walk into my room with as much determination as I can. I throw the mask onto the bed, slamming the door behind me.

“This has to stop!” I yell at the mask. It’s landed on the bed almost facing me, just slightly to one side like it’s cocking its head.

“What are you? How can you do this to people?” I shout, expecting thoughts to appear in my head in response, expecting to hear the mask taunt me through my mind.

It just sits there, its empty eyes staring at me. Its smooth lilac surface, the elegant feathers, light dancing across the glitter, everything about it draws me in. I want to touch it, hold it, wear it. My hand is reaching out to take it. I notice what I’m doing and draw back.

That’s when my head starts to hurt. Or maybe it was already hurting. I mean, the bruises all over my skin from my scuffle with Stacy might have distracted me from the dull throb now growing in my head. I’m pretty sure this is happening because I’m trying to avoid putting on the mask. It wants me to wear it, I want to wear it, and the more I tell myself I’m not going to wear it, the worse my head throbs.

Come on, I can do this. Just avoid wearing the mask for a few minutes… I can do it, I can resist.

I showed restraint at Stacy’s dorm. When I put on the mask as she was choking me, I knew I’d be ok. Almost immediately her grip softened. Her eyes melted away from the blank and murderous stare they emitted moments before, and I was able to guide her off me like she was putty in my hands.

Once I had caught my breath I had her kneel before me, and in that moment I wanted to punish her so badly. The thoughts going through my head were so dark, so twisted. I guess you could call them evil, but I suppose you could call most of what I’ve done since I first wore the mask evil…

But I held back. I was able to overcome my desire for revenge because there was a bigger urge in me. I wanted Stacy to still be the caring, compassionate friend that I grew up with and love. Knowing that I could have any slave I wanted, the idea of a true friend became so much more valuable.

So I wiped the memory of our fight, and programmed Stacy to treat me as she always has, but with the full knowledge of what the mask is and what it can do. I programmed her to not care about the mask, to not desire it in any way, and to not be able to touch it or even get too close.

Then I instructed her to sleep, and I left.

Now I’m standing here, in my room, having a staring contest with a possessed accessory, and my head is starting to kill me. I don’t think I can stop myself. There’s an irrepressible itch in my brain that is screaming at me to scratch.

I need help. Maybe I can get Katie to tie me up for the night, see if I can go cold turkey enough to regain a sense of control. But that would involve leaving this room. Leaving the mask. I’d much rather put it on. I could face myself in the mirror again, tell myself to be more in control.

I can feel my arm reaching for the mask. I know how stupid it would be to face my masked self in the mirror again. Last time, it took hold of me. It would be even harder this time. I already feel its pull. It only gets stronger.

It’s in my hand now, and it takes everything I have not to put it on this very second. How long can I hold it before I succumb? How long can I resist?

I turn it over in my hands, and read the inscription on the back.

“My Goddess” I murmur. Just saying it sends a shiver down my spine. I can’t take my eyes away from the words as I pull the mask closer to my face. The inscription was different last time. It’s changed into a message just for me.

“My… Goddess…” I whisper as I give in to my urge.

As I place the mask on my face, everything suddenly feels better. My headache vanishes, a sensation of soothing calm fills me up as I walk in front of the mirror.

“It’s so hard to resist you.” I sigh, enthralled by the reflection gazing back at me.

Why would I want to resist?

“I… I want… I don’t want you to turn me into something I’m not.” I tell the Goddess in the mirror, my voice dry and uncertain.

I’m still me, it’s just the mask controls me, it loves me, it makes me horny

Arousal rushes through me and I let out a slight gasp. I instantly want to give in entirely and let it take me. It’s just so powerful, and the sensations rushing through me now are making my knees weak. Out of nowhere my body is being flooded with wonderful feelings.

Why would I want to resist something that feels so good?

I’d much rather feel the pleasure of the mask. Submit.

I fall to my knees, and frantically take the hoody off, being careful not to knock the mask off my face as I do. I can feel myself getting wet. My heart is beating faster now. Yes, I want to submit. I don’t want this arousal to stop. I’m ready to do anything. All the pain, all the distress, all of it has vanished. I’m left with pulses of bliss and waves of enjoyment coursing through me. How can it do this? I shudder as I start to rip my already torn dress. I struggle and stretch it, fighting to take it off. I throw it across the room as I get hotter and hotter.

Yes. I want to give in. Let it take control. Use me. Enslave me. Bend me to its will.

I stare at myself in the mirror. My curves, my breasts, the way my hair flows from the edges of the mask… Gorgeous. I can feel my wetness, and my skin tingles as I run my hands over my body. My bra and panties are next to go, and I kick off my sandals, almost panting with lust.

“Touch yourself. Pleasure yourself.”

My hands move on their own. I’m just watching as they caress the naked body of my Goddess. My nipples so sensitive… I gasp and shudder with the intensity. My fingers touch and tease me, I’m running on pure erotic instinct.

I see my flustered body shake with pleasure. I watch my hand slip downstairs, circling and stroking as my breathing gets sharper. I start to moan, all the time staring deep into the eyes of the mask. I can no more look away than I can stop from crying out in ecstasy. I feel so close to cumming, so close.

I want to cum, I want to cum for my Goddess

“Yes!” I scream, “Yes! Yes!”

My Goddess? No, can’t think, too good, have to cum, have to…

“Please let me cum! Goddess! Please! Please Goddess please let me cum!”

Cum for your Goddess

It’s explosive. My body snaps rigid, I’m suddenly writhing on the floor, contorting uncontrollably. I’m screaming and I can’t stop. My eyes roll back in my head. My hands clench the floor, nails trying to tear up the carpet. Wave after wave surges through my body, and for a moment I feel like I’m about to pass out.

I don’t know how long it lasts. When I start to calm down, I can’t do anything but lie there. Breathing heavy, grunting breathes. After a few moments of recovery, I notice that my skin is shimmery from sweat, and I start to feel chilly. Pleasure is still running through me, a dull undercurrent of the torrent that once was. I moan as I sit up and see my Goddess in the mirror.

I realize the reflection isn’t me. She’s my Goddess. If I take the mask off I know I’ll see myself again. But my Goddess doesn’t want that. She wants me. All of me. I’ve never felt so desired, so treasured, so loved in all my life.

I wrap my arms around my legs for warmth. I start to sway back and forth in my dark, empty, silent room. My body tenses, clenching into the smallest possible shape.

I haven’t eaten in hours, my muscles ache, and I can barely keep my eyes open.

I keep staring.

“You’re too powerful.”