The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Mask becomes You

By Carefully Random

Part 4

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I walk out of the Professor’s office smiling to myself. That was fun. And now I have another slave. It’s almost too easy…

I exit the building and start walking to Stacy’s dorm. She lives on the other side of campus from me but it’ll only be a ten minute walk. As I pass the various lecture buildings I can’t help but turn my thoughts back to what happened in Professor Stevens’ office.

I honestly went in there with the simple intention of telling him about the old dusty room that could be used for a Philosophy club. I could have made him increase my grades, give me test answers, and compliment me on my loveliest feature. I didn’t even need any of that…

Instead I found myself fantasizing about taking his clothes off and making him kneel at my feet. It was a spontaneous urge, and it was so easy to just make all my fancies happen before me. I’m just glad he keeps condoms in his drawer, I was at least sensible enough to stop him before he just stuck his dick in me. I did tell him to fuck me like there would be no consequences, so I’m not surprised it didn’t matter to him. I should maybe be more precise with my commands, I’m the one bending wills to suit my desires, I feel I should do it with a little more finesse…

The condoms in his drawer though… Very prepared of him… It makes me now think that he’s taken up an offer from a student before… Or maybe he’s banging Jessica, his TA! She’s this gorgeous 25 year old redhead who all the straight guys in the class drool over. And the gay girls. And all the bi people, including me. God I’d do her. And I tell myself that I will, the next time I see her.

As for the professor… The next time I visit him, I’ll get him to tell me all his dirty little secrets, just to satisfy my curiosity.

But next on my to-do list is to clear things up with Stacy. And before you wonder, no, I won’t be making her my slave. When she put on the mask and told me to tell her how much I love her, those were my words I used, just coaxed out by the mask. She is my best friend, and I want her to continue being so, even as I enjoy the benefits of this mask.

As I get closer to her dorm building, I can see that it’s starting to get dark. This day certainly went by fast, and I totally didn’t go to my business class at 3… I stop worrying about that the moment I realize that I could fix any problems that arise in so many different ways. I really don’t have to worry about that sort of thing anymore. It feels nice.

I decide I’m definitely going to talk to Stacy without using the mask. Maybe I’ll show it to her. Using it on her would be crossing a line I know I don’t want to cross. We’ve been through too much for that. I owe her nothing less than my loyalty and friendship. So once I clear things up, I’m totally going to set her up on a date with David Lawson. I’ll use the mask on him if I have to, though I don’t think that’ll be needed. If what he said on the green was true, he wants to date me. And I could, but I could also have any person I wanted now, so I feel like letting Stacy have him is the nicer thing to do.

I’m thinking about how nice a friend I am when I arrive outside Stacy’s dorm. She shares with a girl called Rebecca, who’s a bit withdrawn but genuinely nice to everyone. As I knock on the door I quickly come up with a plan for how to get her out of the way so I can talk to Stacy alone. The last thing I need is for her to be eavesdropping on us, especially if I’m going to be bringing the mask out to show Stacy.

It is Rebecca who answers the door. She’s short and a bit stocky, but I find her cute, with almost jet black curly hair and sparkling emerald eyes.

“Tara, hi.” Rebecca says with a look of concern, “Do you know what’s up with Stacy? She came home all upset a few hours ago and she’s been in her room ever since.”

“Yeah, that’s why I’m here.” I reply with a brisk smile. “Can I come in?”

“Sure.” Rebecca says, letting me pass and closing the door behind me. “So what happened? Is there anything I can do to help?”

Seeing that Stacy’s door is closed and not really wanting to have a long drawn out conversation, I immediately pull the mask out of my bag and put it on before turning to face Rebecca. I instantly put my finger to my lip softly so she knows I want her to be quiet. It takes a moment for her mind to melt, and then she simply gazes at me with her mouth slightly ajar and her eyes full of craving. I take her hand, and gently lead her to the center of the room. I leave her standing there and then lean close to her ear to whisper.

“You’re such a good girl, Rebecca, and you’ll do everything I tell you. You’re going to stand here without moving or thinking until I tell you otherwise. You won’t remember anything that happens until I tell you to wake up. Nod if you understand, then become a motionless statue for me.”

Rebecca nods and then stops moving, standing there, frozen, with that look of longing on her face. There and then, I feel like making her my slave, and am about to start repeating the words I’d spoken twice today already when I realized that Stacy could emerge from her room at any moment. She probably heard me come in and might be wondering why things have went completely silent.

“I’ll be back for you, my sweet” I whisper into Rebecca’s ear, before biting it playfully. She doesn’t react in any way. A surge of arousal runs through me and I force myself to turn away, knowing that I’d start undressing her if I stayed any longer.

Enjoying the silence I’ve created, I sneak up to Stacy’s door. I know she never locks it, she’s very trusting. I open it, step in, and close it right behind me, the last thing I need right now is for Stacy to see the frozen shell of Rebecca standing in the longue. I find Stacy lying on her bed, napping or sleeping. Surrounding her are a scattering of photos. At a glance, they’re mostly of the two of us, or are group shots with us in them. There are also a few that are just me, and I notice scattered notes that resemble scribbles we wrote to one another all through high school. I notice a tightness in my chest and have to take a few deep breaths to stay composed.

Stacy starts to stir, and slowly sits up to face me with a dreary sleep face.

“Taking a trip down memory lane?” I ask, still peering over the pictures and notes.

“What time is it?” Stacy replies. After looking at her bedside clock, she adds “Wow, I expected you a lot sooner.”

“I wanted to come sooner,” I say truthfully, “I got held up.” I hope she doesn’t ask about specifics. In an effort to avoid it, I quickly hold up my phone and enthusiastically add “I have a certain guy’s number for you!”

Her eyes are red, she’s wearing sleep drenched hair. She mutters, almost as if I’m not really here “How could you?”

“How could I what?”

“You know what.”

“Yeah, ok, but you told me too…” I mildly protest, and give her my best puppy dog eyes.

“Yeah… but... but…” She stares at me, I can see so many harsh words wanting to burst out of her. She instead shakes her head and grabs the air in agitation. “Ok, tell me this! Where did you get the guts to do that?! You’re as shy as I am, so you say!”

I take a deep breath. My cheeks feel like they’re on fire, and my heart feels so heavy in my chest. I can feel the mask in my bag… I want to take it out… Put it on… Make this conversation… smoother.

“Look… Stacy” I plead. “We were playing around, with that silly mask, and I was just playing around… It didn’t mean anything, kissing David, it was just…”

“Playing around?” Stacy says coldly. She sits up and moves up her bed towards me. Her eyes are fixated with an intensity I’ve never seen before. She’s staring at my chest? No, at the mask. I’m holding the mask in my hands.

I don’t remember that. When did that happen? I know I was thinking about it but I don’t recall actually taking it out. And I don’t have time to think because Stacy is getting closer.

“That’s the mask from the storeroom.” She says, not taking her eyes off it. “Let me see it.”

She moves faster than I’m prepared for, and is on her feet with her hands on the mask before I can swing it away from her. It’s all I can do to tighten my grip, my heart feels like it’s about to tear its way out of my chest, and Stacy’s gaze has gone from the mask to my eyes. I have no doubt she can see how terrified I am.

“Tara, give it to me.” She demands, tugging firmly.

“N… no!” I stammer. “I can’t!”

“Look, just…” Stacy pulls harder, breathing heavily, “give it… to me!”

I’m holding on with all my strength now, the mask twisting one way then another as we both try to wrest it out of one another’s grasp. My heart is racing and I can barely breathe. My head feels like it’s about to explode. I know what’s come over Stacy; it’s what happened to me. The mask is irresistible. It wants you to have it. It demands it.

But it’s MINE.

I can feel my hands starting to slip, holding on is becoming painful. I can’t lose the mask like this, I can’t. I don’t know what else to do.

Stacy does. She stops tugging against me and instead slams me into the door. I feel pain shoot through my head and back. The dizziness swarms my brain and I don’t have time to regain my balance before Stacy yanks at the mask again. This time I go with the momentum and swing around so she’s the one facing the door. Then I push into her with everything I have.

Something snaps in my mind. Fury. Rage. Wrath. Frenzy. I start shoving and kicking. Lashing out with one hand to hit or scratch for as long as I dare without losing my grip on the mask with the other. Stacy replies in kind. Hair is tugged, clothes are torn, Stacy punches me in the face right before I get her in the gut. I almost manage to pull the mask free when she dives into me again. This time we tumble over the bed, Stacy loses her grip on the mask and I pull it free from her just in time to land heavily onto the floor with Stacy on top of me. My back and head explode with pain once more and as my hands hit the ground the mask springs out of them, my knuckles filling with agony.

Stacy looks winded and I expect her to leap for the mask. She’s on top of me, I’m on my back. There’s no way I can reach it first. Instead, her hands snap around my neck and start to squeeze. For a moment I don’t believe it’s actually happening, but then I try to breath and it sinks in that I can’t. I can’t breathe.

Stacy’s knee is crushing my right arm, and with my left I try to bat her away, but my arm is suddenly so heavy and her face seems to be swaying from side to side. I barely scuff her as her eyes stare deeply into mine, wide and manic. I don’t think she sees me anymore. I think she only sees an obstacle between her and the mask.

She’s going to kill me, and I’m not stopping her. I need to stop her. I reach behind my head frantically with my one free hand and try to feel where the mask landed. I might just be able to reach it. I have to try. I grab and flail my hand but I don’t find it. Things are starting to get hazy. Dark. I feel so drowsy, I want to just close my eyes and wait until it’s over.

NO! I stretch my hand as far as I can and when it feels like my arm is about to snap I brush the very edge of the mask. It’s there. It’s right there. It’s all I need.

My neck is being pressed too hard, I can’t breathe, I can’t move. Stacy isn’t there anymore. She’s possessed, she won’t stop. I can still see her though I’m almost blinded by tears. Those eyes. Those merciless, empty eyes could be the last thing I ever see. I have one chance left.

It’s like I find my final drop of reserve strength as I kick with both my legs and push with my right arm. With Stacy on me I manage to drag us both about an inch and a half closer to the mask.

It’s enough. My vision feels like it’s about to fade completely when against all odds I deftly grab the mask with my stretched out hand.

I swing the mask around, and place it on my face.