The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Master’s Marks

Chapter 1: Lexi

“Fuck this place!” Lexi screamed at no one in particular, as the doors of the diner thrashed noisily in her wake. The commotion was enough to make Mark look up from the bench he was sitting at, and this is what sealed her fate. In a moment, he laid eyes on her and he knew he had his next target. Her short, gothic haircut with a teal lock running through it, mixed with the violent disrespect she showed her discarded employee uniform indicated a fiery personality—precisely the kind Mark loved to break. Her firm tits and the jiggle of her ass as she stomped through the parking lot only steadied his resolve.

“Hey you!” Mark called to her as she approached her car, tapping the side of his ear out of habit to ensure the device was firmly in place. Lexi looked up to see him sitting on a bench near the bus stop. She scanned his face, wondering if it was someone she knew or just one of her all-to-frequent catcallers. It wasn’t someone she knew. Just some unremarkable kid wearing a black T-shirt, jeans, and what looked like a Bluetooth earpiece. She rolled her eyes.

“Come over here and sit down next me!” he called to her. Yeah, right Lexi thought. She started to lift her arm to flip him off, but found herself turned in his direction and striding towards him at a deliberate pace before her hand had even reached stomach-level. What am I doing?! She asked herself. But before she could rationalize what was happening, she was sitting next to him on the cold bench.

“Sit there in silence and listen to everything I tell you.” Mark said. Panic began to swell in Lexi, as she felt her ability to cuss this creep out evaporate. She had no idea what was happening or how. All she knew was that she had to quietly listen to everything this person told her.

“You will only speak when given permission by me or when asked a question. You will never disadvantage me, draw undue attention to me, or physically harm me in any way. You will never tell anyone else about me. You will also answer every question I ask with complete and total honesty. Ok! Now that the formalities are out of the way: tell me your name, babe!”

“Lexi” she said, her green eyes glowering with a mixture of confusion and defiance. She’d be a fighter. Excellent. Just the kind of afternoon entertainment Mark had been looking for.

“And what were you so mad about back there, Lexi?” Mark asked.

“My boss was being a creepy perv again, so I told him off, and he fired me” she replied, her tone neutral and impassive, even as her eyes betrayed the contempt for Mark she wanted to convey.

“I see. Waitressing job, huh? And the boss man was making unwanted advances. What a shame. Oh well, I can’t really blame him. If I didn’t have the power that I do, I’d probably be stuck pulling the same stunts! Putting sluts in their place is my favorite past time, after all. Anyways, I’m curious to know your feelings on your current situation. You can speak freely now.”

Lexi found the will to speak returning to her mouth.

“Help! Help me!” she immediately tried to scream. But, while the emotion had returned to her voice, the volume hadn’t. Her words came out at the volume one would use in a friendly conversation with their seatmate on a bus. Despite her best efforts, she couldn’t bring herself to draw attention to the situation. No one was around to hear her, and they wouldn’t think she was in distress even if they had been.

Mark laughed heartily. “Cute!’

Lexi glared at him. She wanted to punch him in the nose but, somehow, she knew without question that she could not harm this man, no matter what. “Who the fuck are you?” she hissed. “Leave me the fuck alone, you piece of shit! What the fuck did you do to me? I swear to God, if you don’t walk away right now, my boyfriend is going to kick your a—”

“Stop.” Mark interrupted and Lexi’s mouth immediately closed. “Tell me about your boyfriend.”

Lexi tried with everything she had to continue her diatribe, but found her mouth automatically answering Mark’s question instead. “His name is Mike. He’s 6′ 3″. 24-years-old. White. Black hair. Blue eyes. He’s very muscular. He works as a mechanic. We’ve lived together for one year and seven months. His last name’s ‘Grayson’. He enjoys…”

“Ok, ok, shut the fuck up.” Mark interrupted, silencing her immediately once again. “I didn’t need his Tinder profile, just enough information to work with. Is he at work right now?”

“Yes” Lexi replied.

“Great. Take out your phone, call him, and let me speak to him.”

Lexi was screaming at herself in her mind not to obey this guy, but nothing she told herself could prevent her hands from reaching into her pocket, retrieving her cell phone, and dialing her boyfriend’s number. After a few rings, he picked up. The familiar sound of whirring machinery could be heard in the background.

“Hey baby!” Mike said from the other end of the line. “I was just about to take lunch, how’s it going?”

“I have someone here who needs to speak to you” Lexi said flatly into the phone. She wanted to plead for help; to tell her boyfriend to come to this parking lot right away and rescue her from this strange man sitting beside her. Instead, she calmly handed the phone to Mark, even as Mike’s follow-up questions could be heard faintly through the speaker.

“Hiya Mikey!” Mark exclaimed into the phone. “Do not hang up. Act natural and listen to everything I tell you. You will answer any questions I ask you with complete and total honesty. Now tell me: how do you feel about your girlfriend? Do you love her?”

“Yes, I love her. She is my best friend.” Mike replied in that same impassive monotone that Lexi sported when the device was forcing her to answer questions. No doubt, he was experiencing the same wide-eyed confusion that she was, but nothing about his voice over the phone indicated it. It was hard to put intent behind words you never intended to say.

“No, you don’t love her, Mike.”

There was a slight pause on the other end, as Mark’s words seeped into Mike’s brain and began codifying themselves as inarguable reality.

“I… I don’t love her”

“In fact, you absolutely despise her. You hate her more than anyone you’ve ever met. And she physically repulses you, to the point where the mere thought of being around her makes you want to vomit.”

This time the pause was even longer, but the added emotion in Mike’s response was unmistakable.

“I do hate her. She disgusts me.” Mike said, venom seeping from his words. It was true, of course. That disgusting bitch could die for all he cared. How had he stayed with her for this long? He began feeling nauseous remembering all the times the two of them had been intimate. He forced himself to push the thought of her out of his mind.

“Tonight, you’re going to change the locks on the doors to your house and burn all of her belongings, understood?”

“Yes, I understand.” Mike said. He was looking forward to it. Served her right, that miserable cunt. Wait, that couldn’t be right could it? Why was I with someone so fucking repulsive? Who is this guy? Why am I answering his questions? These questions frantically bounced around in Mike’s mind. But before he could think about it any further, Mark continued.

“I have a good feeling about this, Mike. I’m going to help you live the life you truly want to live! Tell me: who is your favorite person working with you right now?”

“Carlos” Mike responded.

“Excellent. Call Carlos over to you and get him to listen in on our conversation. Let me know when he’s there.”

Mark waited patiently for a few seconds, as the sound of machinery and engines purred in the background. Soon, he heard a second voice coming from the other end of the line.

“What’s up man? Who is it?” came the new voice.

“Bro, just listen to this for a second. It’s some crazy shit” Mark heard Mike saying, in a far more natural, frat boy tone than the one he had been using seconds beforehand. Mike’s voice suddenly came back next to the receiver.

“Ok, he’s listening” Mike said.

“Carlos, act natural and listen to my voice very carefully. You too, Mike. Now, Carlos, Mike here has just come to the realization that he and Lexi are not going to work out.” There was a small retching sound on the other end of the line as Mike tried not to gag at the thought. “and personally, I think it’s time both of you started living your best lives. Mike, I know you’ve been fantasizing about being pounded in the ass by Carlos since the day you met him.”

“Hey, what the fuck is….?” Carlos started

“Shut up, Carlos. I’m not done yet.” Mark interjected. Mike didn’t say anything. He was too busy trying to control his breathing now that Carlos’s face was so close to his. He could feel Carlos’ hot breath on his cheek and he prayed he would not do anything to reveal the shameful crush he had had on him for all these years. How did this guy on the phone know that? He’d never told anyone….

“As I was saying. Carlos, you’ve had just as many sexual fantasies about tearing up Mike’s tight little asshole. Both of you have just barely been concealing your attraction for one another the whole time that you’ve known each other. I’m surprised you guys manage to get any work done whatsoever. After all, just being in each other’s presence gives you both the biggest hard-ons.”

There was certainly no denying that. Even now, Mike’s pants were beginning to strain against his painful erection. He glanced over at Carlos and saw a glazed look in his eyes; like he was just now realizing a profound and remarkable truth. Glancing down, Mike’s eyes widened as he saw a similar tent emerging in Carlo’s pants. It was torture not being able to reach out and grab it.

“How about we end the charade? The two of you will go find a quiet place and fulfill your dreams. Carlos, I want you to fuck Mike’s brains out. And Mike, when he cums in your ass, you’re going to do whatever you need to do to get him hard again. Neither of you stop until he’s filled you with at least three loads. Once that’s done, you’ll both consciously forget this phone call ever happened, but your newfound feelings for each other will always remain. Have fun, guys!”

There was no reply on the other end, nor did the call end. Only the sound of hurried movement could be heard. The two men had waited for this as long as they both could remember, and there was no time left to waste. Mark listened as the background noise of the shop gave way to the quiet of a bathroom stall, followed by low moaning and slurping sounds. Mark hung up the phone.

Even if she had had the ability to speak, Lexi still would have been speechless. There was no way Mike had listened to any of that, was there? But then again, why was she listening to it? Mark handed her back her phone.

“There! Your faggot boyfriend is out of our hair. Go ahead and delete his number.” Wordlessly, she complied.

“Great! Now, unfortunately, as you heard, Mikey’s house isn’t going to be a viable living situation for you anymore. How do you feel about that?”

Lexi found she could speak again, but even her subconscious was at a loss for words to describe her honest feelings. “I don’t…. how can you….”

“Hey, no need to worry! I know you’re out of a job, but we’re going to find you a new living situation. Let’s find a more private location to discuss this, shall we? Is that your car over there?” He pointed to the black Honda Lexi had been walking towards when he first saw her.


“Hand me your keys.”

She reached into her other pocket and handed him the thin keychain within.

“Follow me”

The two of them walked towards Lexi’s car. As they approached, Mark began to get into the driver’s seat. “Get in the passenger seat, sugar-tits!” Lexi climbed into the passenger seat of her own vehicle, her fear and confusion calcifying into disbelief. This isn’t really happening. This is a dream. She thought to herself. But even the voice in her head didn’t sound fully convinced. She begged herself to wake up.

“Lean your seat back, place your feet on the dashboard, unbuckle your pants, and aggressively finger-fuck yourself while I explain to you what’s going to happen next. You will get extremely aroused while doing this, but no coming!”

NO!! Run! Get out of the car! Scream for help! Lexi’s inner voice pleaded. This was too far. Automatically, her hands began reaching for the pedal by her seat. As she lowered her seat back, her firm breasts pushed out against the arch of her back, and her feet swung forward to rest on the dashboard. As her hands began to reach for her waistline, she concentrated all of her willpower on making herself stop. And to her surprise, her trembling hands managed to stay in place for a few seconds. Mark’s eyes lit up with excitement.

“Wow, impressive willpower! No, really, I’m impressed! You really don’t want to be doing this, do you? Maybe you aren’t the total slut I assumed you were. Don’t worry, we can fix that! Oh no, there it goes!” Mark’s toothy smile grew wider as Lexi lost the battle with her hands and they began feverishly unclasping her belt. She tossed the intrusive article to the side with one hand, while the other dove into the confines of her underwear and began penetrating her self with abandon. She felt horny almost immediately and her nipples began showing through the fabric of her black shirt, betraying her humiliating, unwanted arousal.

“There, that’s better. Doesn’t it feel good?” Mark asked with feigned innocence.

No, you fucking asshole! She wanted to snarl.

“God, yes!” she moaned instead. She was digging into her eager sex with both hands now.

“Good, now that we’re situated and comfortable, let’s think of what to do with you.” He paused to think for a moment, allowing the sound of Lexi’s soft gasps to fill the silence. “Lexi, did you have any heroes or role models growing up?”

Lexi’s reply came through a series of grunts, as the heat between her legs grew.

“I…. Always wanted to uh…. oh, ah, I always wanted to be like uh…. Joan Jett, oh fuck!”

Mark chuckled. “Well, that would certainly explain the punk rock vibe. I take it you’re kind of a rebel, huh?”

Her arousal was becoming unbearable. “Yeah…. I…. always…. god…. Ooooh… I always got in trouble… in school ah!” Her torso twisted and contorted, desperately pushing her fingers deeper in search of relief. “I also get fired from most jobs, including this one, OH GOD!” she spat out quickly, as if trying to minimize how much time her mouth had to be open. She clearly hated how excited she was.

“Wait a second, you’ve been fired before?” Mark asked, frowning slightly. “But you said you told off your boss for hitting on you, and I know you weren’t lying—you can’t! But I wonder if there’s more to the story…. how good of an employee are you, Lexi?”

Lexi was too enveloped in carnal pleasure to think of a coherent response. Unfortunately for her, Mark’s device ensured her subconscious was willing to provide the truth anyways. “I’m aaah… a pretty terrible…. Employeeeeee. I think… uh…. I think he hired me for my looks. My resume suUUUUucks… fuck!”

Mark suddenly knew what he would do with this one. He smiled. “Ah, everything is starting to make sense. You portrayed yourself as an innocent victim, but I think in reality you knew you couldn’t get hired elsewhere so you took advantage of this pervy restaurant owner and used your… assets… to make a quick buck. Let’s see if I’m right: Lexi, did you dress sexier than usual in your job interview so you would get the job at that diner back there?”

“Ye-yes…ohhhhh” she sighed, truthfully. It wasn’t the sort of thing she usually did, but her prior references were non-existent and she really needed the income at the time.

“I fucking knew it!” Mark exclaimed triumphantly. “If you were leading the poor guy on from the beginning, it’s no wonder he was leering at you while you worked! Pretty messed up if you ask me. And people wonder why I enjoy doing what I do.” He shook his head and clicked his tongue disapprovingly. “Lexi, you’re just a stuck-up slut who loves showing off her body for the approval of men. Say it.”

“I’m a…. I’m just a stuck-up slut who… uh… god, uh…. loves showing off her body for the….AAaapproval of men.” She had certainly never thought of herself that way in the past, but for some reason she suddenly realized it was completely true. To make matters worse, her already torturous arousal became ten times more intense as she realized this man in her car was watching her play with herself. She didn’t want to be doing this, and deep down she still knew that. But she couldn’t deny she LOVED having an audience for stuff like this, even if that audience was this creepy prick. In particular, she loved the way he was staring at her tits. She arched her back further to push them out and provide a better viewing angle for him. I hope he likes what he sees Lexi thought to herself before realizing what she was saying What? Have you lost your mind? No, fuck this guy! I have to get out of here right now!” But she kept fingering herself; every bit as eager cum at this point as she was to get away. That wasn’t surprising—she was a slut, after all.

“No worries” Mark said, enjoying the view more with every passing moment. “I’ve seen your symptoms before, and I have just the cure. See Lexi, the problem with rebellious chicks like you is that by fighting the patriarchy, you’re really fighting your true nature.”

My true nature? She thought. She felt like she agreed with the statement, even though she didn’t fully understand what he meant. Being independent and rebellious had caused all sorts of conflicts for her in the past. It was the same sort of messes that all independent chicks got themselves into, right? Maybe being free-thinking and outspoken wasn’t who she truly was, and maybe that was her problem. Yeah… that made sense… didn’t it?

“So, here’s how we’re going to solve your housing situation and cure your raging bitchiness! When I’m done with you here, you’re going to walk right back into that restaurant and beg your manager to take you back. You will apologize to him harder than you’ve ever apologized for anything in your life. You’re going to explain to him that you only told him off because you didn’t want to admit to yourself how much he turned you on, and you were also really stressed out about your boyfriend kicking you out of the house for being a manipulative bitch. You’re going to let him know that you don’t have anywhere to stay tonight, and that you’re desperate to stay off the streets. You’ll let him know that if he provides you a warm place to sleep and basic nutrition, you will be his subservient sex slave. He probably won’t believe you at first, or he’ll think you’re pulling some sort of prank on him, which is why you’re going to do whatever it takes to make him believe you. You will plead for it. You will get down on your knees and blow him right in the restaurant if that makes him accept you. You will make it absolutely clear that he can do anything and everything he wants to you—fill you in any hole, fuck you in any position, or make you perform any task. And all the while you are doing these things for him, I’m going to leave your mind mostly intact. Meaning, deep down you won’t believe any of that, and based on how you talked about your boss earlier, you won’t enjoy doing any of it either. Or, maybe you will learn to love it. Who knows with sluts like you, am I right?”

Lexi’s mind was reeling. There was no way she would be doing all that. Was there? The answer seemed grimmer the more she thought about how there was no way she could be doing what she was doing right now.

“But just remember! Even though you may hate what you’re doing on the inside, to all outside appearances you will be his loyal, loving, horny, submissive slave, for as long as he wants to keep you. And you will do this, because stuck-up sluts like you are happiest when they’re serving a man. Say it.”

“Stuck-up sluts… like…uh…. like me are happiest… when we’re serving a man ah!” she winced as the sides of her pussy stretched to accommodate more fingers. She had to admit, even though she hated her boss, he was a man, which meant a stuck-up slut like her would be a lot happier serving him. She briefly wondered what exactly had made her so upset about working for him before. All he wanted to do was stare at her body. And she loved showing off her body for the approval of men! The pleasure emanating from her legs soon distracted her from thinking too much about it.

Mark threw up his hands. “Problem solved! You’re welcome! Now before I take your car and leave you to your new life. I’d love to know if you have any questions for me!” He looked at her with expectant, friendly eyes, as if he was concluding a sales pitch.

Lexi’s neon-green panties were becoming soaked now. All she wanted was to cum. And to know why this was happening. “Why…. Wh-uh uh oh ooooh. Why are you doing this?!” she managed to blurt out before a series of deep moans emitted from her.

Mark’s friendly gaze turned dark and hungry. He loved when they asked that question. The look of despair in their eyes when he gave them the answer always made him hard as diamonds.

“Because I can” he responded devilishly. Sure enough, Lexi’s eyes showed that she was beginning to realize that this was real and there was no escape. “I mean, what, do you think a young guy like me would invent mind control and not use it?” Mark asked, gesturing to the small Bluetooth-esque device attached to the side of his head. So that’s what was causing this. Lexi wanted to reach out and grab it from him, but her arms refused to comply. All she could do was beg.

“Puh—uh—… ah… please” she managed to get out between sharp breaths “Don’t! Just have sex with me…. Uh… ah… don’t… make me his slave.”

Mark shook his head “No can do, I’m afraid. See, you’re a hot little piece of ass, but you have to understand that I’m 22 and I’ve probably fucked more women than Genghis Khan. Sex alone just doesn’t really do it for me anymore, and when it does it’s usually with the hottest women on Earth. I mean, I’ve already fucked my way through every NFL cheerleader team, every Miss America contestant from the past five years, and most of Hollywood. And forcing Jennifer Lawrence and Scarlett Johannsson to send me videos of the two of them eating each other’s asses gets boring faster than you would think. No, I don’t want to merely fuck women, I want to fuck women—utterly ruin them, body and mind. And that’s hard to do with those rich and powerful people, what with all the annoying paparazzi around. Plus, anyone with a big microphone like that has to have their memory wiped afterwards. Can’t have them making noise and tipping the government off to my little pet project, now can I? But small-town floozies like you? Pssh, no one ever bats an eye when one of you becomes a full-blown slut, and no one believes their crazy stories about not being able to stop themselves. I can let you remember all of it. Every humiliating detail. The power is…. intoxicating.”

Lexi was barely aware of what he was saying at this point. She just needed to cum. But she knew this wasn’t right. Just because she was a total slut didn’t mean she deserved to be a sex slave. Serving men would obviously make her happier, but it couldn’t be her entire life. And she’d rather die than fuck her gross, flabby boss, even if it would make her happy in the long run. There were way more attractive men a hot slut like her should be serving. She wanted to serve Mike! This freak couldn’t do this to her!

“You’re…. a sociopath… ooooh” she gasped

Mark laughed. “Probably! But that’s the thing about having god-like power: you kind of get to define what’s acceptable. Just look at Noah and the flood! Only a god could make global genocide sound so morally justified. Anyways, speaking of floods, go ahead and cum now.”

“OHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUUCK” Lexi screamed as the biggest orgasm of her life rocked through her body. Her limbs spasmed uncontrollably and her pelvis bucked as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure pulsated from every nerve. Her jeans were visibly stained now, as was the car seat beneath her. She thought she might pass out.

“Wow, you really are a slut!” Mark gushed. He had to admit, he was starting to get turned on from this display, and he could definitely use a good fuck after this. Another idea came to him. “Listen up, slut! I need you to take out your phone and pull up the contact information for the hottest girl you personally know.”

Wordlessly and visibly dazed, Lexi fumbled for her phone and pulled up the requested information. She handed him the phone, and Mark saw a phone number for someone named “Leah.” He hoped this idea would be worth his time. Drive times were one of the few mortal inconveniences he still felt in abundance, and he’d be annoyed if Lexi turned out to be the hottest chick in her own circle.

“Good stuff!” Mark said before mentally noting the phone number and opening the phone’s camera. “Hey, slut—stick out your tongue, smile like you’re having a great time, and flash me those titties!”

Lexi’s exhaustion was overcome by her uncontrollable hands that lifted her shirt and bra up to her neck, revealing her studded nipples and elegant stomach tattoo. She felt herself making a stupid face like she was some bimbo at Mardi Gras. Immediately afterwards, she felt the flash of her phone’s camera.

“Nice! Just give me a second here while I publicly share that picture to all of your social media accounts……. there we go…. and alright, I think we’re good here! Time to get on in there and start serving your new master! And hey, I’ll keep a hold of your phone for you. You won’t need it for your new job.”

Lexi wanted to cry. But all she could manage to do was breathe heavily and sweat as the final tingles of pleasure began to dissipate.

“Come to think of it, how about you just leave all of your clothes here in the car. No better way to let your boss know you’re serious about being his eternal sex slave than to walk up to him naked!”

Lexi’s eyes bulged “but the restaurant is on the other side of the street!”

“Yep! Just think of all the men that might see you!” Mark said. Well, when you put it that way… Lexi thought, realizing now that that part might not be so bad.

“Now get stripping, I have to go visit your friend!”

Lexi didn’t even have the strength to try and fight it as her hands began pulling off her damp undergarments and dropping them on the floor, baring her bald pussy and toned ass to the open air. What was she going to do?

Mark reached over and gave her nude breasts a few clumsy squeezes. He liked his elaborate mental torture, but he wasn’t above petty pleasures of the flesh.

“Well, it was nice meeting you, Lexi! Good luck on proving yourself a worthy slut to the boss man. Don’t you just hate job interviews? Be sure to put a nice sway in that ass as you walk away, I want to have fond final memories of you. Now get out, you dumb bitch!”

I really am a dumb bitch, aren’t I? Lexi thought to herself. How else could she have gotten herself into this situation? Even though this guy was a monster who had clearly done something to her brain, she had to admit everything he said about her was completely correct and always had been. She just couldn’t figure out why she had never seen it before. Naked and defeated, she crawled out of the car she had formerly been the owner of and began walking back towards the restaurant she had so determinedly stormed out of mere minutes beforehand (for some reason). The pavement hurt her feet and her cheeks shone red with embarrassed arousal, but she still couldn’t help but walk with the sexiest stride she could manage. Cars honked and men whistled as she strode across the busy intersection and disappeared through the restaurant’s front double doors. Mark smiled to himself. Another happy customer he thought. As he started the car and pulled out of the parking lot, he made sure to slowly drive by the front windows of the diner. Through the sheen of the glass he could see that beautiful ass of hers, rhythmically moving up and down as she humped the leg of a fat, balding man wearing a greasy apron. A man whose eyes were the size of dinner plates as she whispered to him and playfully licked his ear. Mark imagined scenes of all the fun that guy was going to have tonight, as he turned the corner and began dialing Leah’s number.

* * *

Inside the restaurant, as Lexi pulled down her boss’s (or was it her master’s?) baggy sweatpants and began burying her face deep into his sweaty, thick pubic hair, she couldn’t help but think about how overwhelmed with happiness she was in that moment. At least, she was pretty sure this was happiness. It had to be. The awful taste and shrimpy smell made her want to gag, but maybe this was just what true happiness felt like. All she knew for sure was that she was now, for the first time, fulfilling her purpose in life and she wondered why she hadn’t done this sooner. She could vaguely remember herself spouting stuck-up, bitchy complaints to her boss for weeks while she was working for him before. But the orgasmic delight she was now feeling from being submissive and obedient far outweighed the contempt she still felt for him. And the way he had looked at her when she walked in was so hot! She was a hot little piece of ass who had wasted so much time being a free thinker, while resisting this; her true nature. She couldn’t believe what a dumb bitch she had been. Everyone knew that stuck-up sluts like her were happiest serving a man.