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Master’s Marks

Chapter 2: Officer Lopez

Mark kept one hand on the wheel as he pulled out Lexi’s former cell phone and dialed the number she had identified as belonging to the hottest girl she knew.

“Hello?” came a melodic voice on the other end.

“Hi! Is this Leah?” Mark asked.


“Don’t hang up, act natural, and answer every question I ask you with complete and total honesty. Where are you right now?”

“I’m at my work. The Channel 6 broadcasting station.” Her voice had abruptly taken on a muted quality.

“And is anyone at your house right now?”

“I don’t think so. It’s possible my roommate is, but she shouldn’t be home yet.”

“What is your home address?” Mark asked, and Leah robotically told him her full address.

“Great! When I tell you to, you’re going to hang up the phone and head straight home without drawing attention to yourself. When you hang up, you’ll consciously forget this phone call ever happened. You won’t know why you’re going home, but you’ll go regardless and you’ll make up an excuse for why you’re doing it if anyone asks you, including your roommate. You’ll calmly wait at your house until I meet you. Hang up now.”

Mark heard the call end. He then punched the address she’d given him into the phone’s GPS. He couldn’t help but smile to himself as he saw the push notifications from Lexi’s friends reacting to her lovely new profile picture. She was really blowing up the internet!


“Hot!!!1 Do u DM?”

“Girl, were u hacked?”

“Woah O_O….”

“Wow, Lexi I didn’t know you were…”

“Lexi, this is your father. You will...”


Just as the directions began loading for the place where he’d be staying tonight, red and blue lights began flashing in his rearview mirror. He rolled his eyes—a traffic stop. Man, this cop was going to regret that decision.

As he pulled to the side of the road, Mark started brainstorming how he was going to get rid of this pig. Should he make him suck off his partner? Make him down a bottle of vodka while shooting his gun into the air on main street? Make him take a piss on the mayor’s wife? He was still cycling through his options when he glanced in the rear mirror and saw to his surprise that the cop approaching him was a female. A cute female! When it, rains it pours Mark thought. The slim Latina with wide hips, round breasts, and jet-black hair wrapped up in a bun didn’t have a partner either. This would be too easy. She walked up to the side of the car and tapped on Mark’s window. He rolled it down all the way so they could speak face-to-face (and so his commands could be heard clearly). She could use some makeup and a smile, but she wasn’t bad at all. He could definitely work with this.

“’Afternoon, sir. Do you know why I pulled you over today?”

“Fulfilling your ticket quota?” Mark guessed. Her icy lips didn’t portray even a hint of amusement.

“Sir, I pulled you over because you were on your phone back there. You can’t be on your phone while driving; it’s illegal. License and registration please.”

“Sure, no problem, officer…?” He looked at her badge.

“Lopez.” she said. “Um… where are you headed? And whose clothes are those?” she scowled, noticing the pile of female clothing on the floor of the passenger side and the pungent smell of pussy still lingering in the air. Her suspicions had been tipped. Her police intuition was telling her something was wrong here and it was clear from her demeanor she was prepared to deal with any bullshit Mark wanted to try and pull. At least, that’s what she thought. She was about to be corrected.

“I don’t believe I have to answer that. I know my rights!” Mark protested. Officer Lopez rolled her eyes. It was one of these sovereign citizen morons.

“Let’s not make this harder than it needs to be. The sooner you answer my questions and hand me your license, the sooner you can be on your way.” She said, trying to keep the exasperation out of her voice. Some days, she really resented the public. Actually, it was most days.

“I just don’t think I need to answer those kinds of questions.” Mark said, his voice growing higher as he laid the innocent victim shtick on as hard as he could without making himself crack up. “And you could be nicer about it, you know; it doesn’t hurt to smile!”

Lopez furrowed her brow. He didn’t think she was being nice enough? This nerd hadn’t even begun to see her angry side. But she’d be happy to oblige him. “Sir, don’t play games with me; that will not end well for you. I’m going to ask you one more time: whose clothes are those?” she asked sternly, gesturing to Lexi’s soiled clothing.

Mark shrugged. “No idea. But we can put em’ on you if you’d like. You might look a lot hotter than you do in that boring-ass uniform.”

Lopez put her hand on the grip of her taser. Here we go she thought. “That’s enough. Sir, step out of the vehicle. Now. Keep your hands where I can see them.”

“Gee officer, is all that really necessary?” Mark asked with childlike innocence in his voice.

“Step out NOW!” the officer shouted, emanating a surprising amount of intimidation. She began to reach for her radio.

“Just answer me one question: is this traffic stop being recorded?” Mark asked quickly.

“No bodycam, but there’s a dashcam in my car.” Lopez stopped and tilted her head to the side as if trying to identify a weird sensation. She hadn’t meant to say that. Had she?

“Great!” Mark exclaimed, turning off the nervous-driver act in a second. That was enough messing around. Time to have fun. “Shut up and listen. You’re going to walk back to your car, turn the camera on your dash to face into the backseat of your vehicle, then come back and stand where you are, keeping your hands at your side. Go.”

Wordlessly, the officer turned and began walking back to her vehicle. Mark waited patiently and watched as she climbed into the driver’s seat of the patrol car before messing with some equipment he couldn’t quite make out. She then got back out of her cruiser and walked slowly to where she had just been standing, assuming a rigid posture. Only this time the face of determined seriousness she had sported before had been replaced by a look of sheer terror. She had gone from being an authoritative badass to a frightened little girl within seconds. Mark loved it. He began listing off the rest of the commands he needed to ensure his latest prey could not escape.

“Good girl. You will never disadvantage me, draw undue attention to me, or physically harm me in any way. You will never tell anyone else about me. You will answer any question I ask you with complete and total honesty.” he told her, watching the fear build in her eyes with every word. Mark got out of the vehicle.

“Ok officer, let’s begin! I like your guys’ utility belts. Take yours off. And let your hair down for god’s sake; you look like a butch dyke.”

I look like a butch dyke. Lopez thought to herself, embarrassment welling inside her as she suddenly wished that she could look more feminine while on the job. It had never concerned her before, but suddenly she was acutely aware of it. Without meaning to, she unclasped her utility belt and holster and let them drop to the ground, before taking out the clips holding back her hair and allowing her wavy black locks to fall over her shoulders. This can’t be happening. What is going on? Call for backup NOW! she screamed in her mind, but she found she was unable to reach for her radio or retreat to the safety of her squad car. Try as she might, she couldn’t do anything other than stand where she was. Mark got out of his car and stood beside her.

“Tell me” Mark said, his mouth inches from her ear “what do you like and dislike most about your job? Be thorough.”

Lopez found her mouth moving without her permission again, but this time it wasn’t merely answering his questions; it was revealing deep-seated feelings she had never told anyone—even her fellow officers. Her eyes grew wider. “I like the feeling of power that comes with it. I’m a very dominant person, so the line of work suits me. I love being able to use my power to help innocents. But the animals you interact with on the street are the worst part. They make this job real difficult. If you stay in the affluent, white neighborhoods it’s not so bad, but the ghetto trash is unbearable; uneducated, disrespectful mongrels who just make your life hell. They act like monkeys and then expect to be treated like people. Illegals, usually. If it were up to me, I’d take all those inner-city scumbags and either lock them up or send them back where they came from; the drug dealers, the gangbangers, the pimps and their street whores, the…”

“That’s enough.” Mark said, cutting her off. Her mouth closed immediately. Why had she told him all of that? She would never have let a civilian hear that kind of talk. She hadn’t even been consciously aware that her biases ran that deep. Oh my god, why did I say that?! Have I been drugged? Oh my god… Call. For. Backup. Snap out of it, Abby! She pleaded with herself, but to no avail.

Mark couldn’t help but let his displeasure show on his face. He hated people who abused their power. Didn’t they know that was his right? Mark didn’t pretend to be any sort of moral arbiter, but delivering karma to petty tyrants was its own reward—it made for wonderful roadside entertainment. “Wow, a cop who’s a bigot. How cliché! But officer, you’ve got this whole situation wrong!”

I’ve got this whole situation wrong. She did? Yeah… yeah, she did have this whole situation wrong. But then what was this situation?

“You didn’t pull me over for being on my cell phone, I pulled you over.” Mark said

It suddenly became clear to her. That must be why she was listening to him—she was the one being pulled over here. But that wasn’t right, was it? She had turned on her lights, hadn’t she? And she’d never been pulled over on the job before. Wasn’t this a civilian? He was too young to be FBI or something like that… wasn’t he? Her fear had been completely eclipsed by her confusion. Mark paused for a moment to revel in the befuddlement on her face before continuing.

“Do you know why I pulled you over today, officer?” He said, mockingly imitating her authoritative tone from earlier.

“N-n…no….” She said honestly but hesitantly. What the hell was going on?

“I pulled you over because you’re a notorious Mexican street whore impersonating a police officer!” He said, as if he couldn’t believe it wasn’t obvious to her. “Say it!”

“I’m a notorious Mexican street whore impersonating a police officer.” Officer Lopez said obediently. Realization came flooding into her brain—of course that was the reason. She suddenly couldn’t help but be amazed that she had gotten away with it for all these years. She had even gone to police academy and been the top of her class! Not a lot of street whores would be that dedicated to deception, but obviously she had been pulling a long con. She hadn’t earned her notorious reputation for nothing! How did this guy figure that out though? Even her own police department had no idea who she truly was….

“That’s a felony charge, Ms. Lopez. If that is your real name! What is your full name, “officer?” And you better be upfront with me.” Mark was relishing rubbing in his authority over her. Her discomfort was palpable. And hot.

“My name is Abby Lopez” she said meekly.

“Wow, are you really going to lie to me right now? In your situation?” Mark asked incredulously.

“What? I didn’t! My name is Abby Lopez!” Abby protested.

“No, it’s not! Your name is not Abby Lopez, it’s Kiki Cumslut, and you knew that!”

“My name…” Kiki trailed off. Shit! Why had she lied to a fed like that? She was so fucked. How had she ever thought that making up a name was going to help her situation? Was she high on some of her clients’ shit right now or something? “I am so sorry officer, you’re right, my name is Kiki. I don’t know why I said that.”

“Look, Ms. Cumslut, I can tell that you’re trying to fly straight; and I don’t want to ruin your entire life over this. We all make mistakes. But the law is the law. I don’t know. What do you think I should do here, Kiki?”

Kiki’s eyes lit up. This was her chance to avoid hard time. “Oh, please officer, please let this go. I really don’t know what I was thinking. I really don’t. Please. I don’t even want to be fucking with no police. Just let me go, and I promise I’m done with this shit. I’m sorry I lied to you about my name. I…I’m just nervous. I really wasn’t trying to start shit, I promise.”

Mark smirked at her newly casual disposition. Something told him old Ms. Scowly-face had favored much more professional language while in uniform. He placed his hand on his chin as if he was giving a serious matter deep, contemplative thought. Eventually, he shook his head.

“I’m sorry, Kiki, I just wouldn’t be doing my job. You’re under arrest. Place your hands behind your back.”

SHIT! Kiki thought to herself as she obeyed the command. She couldn’t go to prison! With her notorious rap sheet, who knows when she’d get out? They might even deport her! Mark bent over and picked up the discarded belt that had been hanging from Kiki’s waist just a few minutes ago. He clasped it around his own waist before retrieving the handcuffs from it.

“Officer…” Kiki started, tears beginning to well up in her eyes.

“I’m sorry, Ms. Cumslut, but if I let everyone go who gave me crocodile tears, there’d be no law and order at all.”

Frustration boiled in Kiki. Her tears were real! She didn’t even know how this was happening! Sucking dick for cash in back alleys was the kind of thing she’d normally be arrested for; not impersonating a cop! What had she been thinking? Mark clasped the handcuffs securely to her wrists and began forcibly pushing her towards the cop car; its colorful lights still spinning idly.

“You’ll have your opportunity to explain it to the judge, Ms. Cumslut.” Mark said as they approached the car.

“Officer, no, please!” she begged, the tears coming hot and heavy now. Mark abruptly stopped short of the door.

“Unless….” Mark said

Kiki choked back her tears and lifted her eyes optimistically. “What? What is it?!”

“We could leave this out of court entirely. We could just carry out your punishment right here and now and be done with it.”

Kiki wracked her brain trying to think of what he was talking about. Will I have to suck this pig off? In her line of work, it was a simple enough request. She was just surprised he was going for it, given how straight edge he had been about upholding the law just moments before.

“H-h-how do you mean?” she asked cautiously.

“Well, you definitely need to be punished.” He was right—she definitely needed to be punished. “But prison isn’t always the answer. I think maybe the simple approach might be best here. Hey, I got it! You can learn your lesson through a good old-fashioned spanking! How does that sound, Cumslut?”

She hadn’t been expecting that. Usually guys asked her for a lot more. Maybe it was fetish? Or was this entrapment? “I mean… don’t know...” She said, still unsure what to make of the situation.

“Ok, the slammer it is!” Mark said, grabbing her forcefully by the back of the arm and shoving her towards the car.

“No wait! Ok, yes, of course you can spank me!” Kiki assured him.

“Good choice. I’ll need to conduct a search for my safety first though.”

“A… search?” Kiki said quizzically.

“Yep, just a routine strip search. Now spread your legs and lean forward slightly. Stay quiet for now and don’t resist or object to anything I do.”

Kiki did as she was told, spreading her legs wide and tilting her torso forward, her hands still tightly bound behind her. She couldn’t tell if she was doing this out of fear of pissing off the cop, or if there was something… something else happening. She didn’t want to go to prison, but at the same time there was just something… off… about how she was acting. In fact, there was something strange about this whole ordeal; this cop’s entire persona. The answers to those mysteries felt like they were dancing around the edges of her mind, just barely out of reach. Why couldn’t she focus on the details of how she got here? Why was she dressed like a cop?

Mark walked up behind her, reached his hand between her legs, and slowly ran his fingers down the whole length of her sex and up the crack of her plump ass. Kiki felt a twinge of arousal and her breathing began to escalate. Mark slowly walked around to the other side of her frozen form. He looked her in the eye as he began slowly unbuttoning the front of her shirt; starting from the top button and gradually working down the length of her full, brown breasts to her athletic stomach. As the uniform parted, it revealed a practical black bra. Boring. Mark placed one hand on Kiki’s sternum, grabbed the center of her bra with the other, and yanked backwards with all his might. The bra snapped off, causing Kiki to involuntarily squeak as the busted metal clasps slapped against her skin. Mark dropped the ruined garment as Kiki’s delicious boobs fell into view; quivering slightly from the force of gravity. He stepped back to admire the sight.

“Take your shoes and socks off” he ordered. Kiki bent over fully at the waist and removed her shoes and socks before dropping them absently to the side. As she stood back up, Mark crossed in front of her and casually unhooked the clasp on the front of her pants before slowly circling back around her in the direction he had come. Once behind her, he violently ripped down her pants and underwear, revealing her sexy Latin ass.

“Step out of the clothes” Mark said, amusing himself with his own impression of a corrupt cop’s tone. As she did so, Mark grabbed her discarded underwear and held the article up to examine it.

“Granny panties? Really, Kiki? Just how dedicated were you to impersonating a boring police woman?”

Kiki started to open her mouth.

“Don’t answer that, whore!” Mark cut her off. “It was rhetorical. We both know this isn’t what you wear.” He gave an exasperated sigh. “Fortunately, we found your real clothes, so you don’t have to stand out here totally naked. Stay right here and I’ll go get them for you.”

Mark began walking back to his car. As Kiki stood there, naked except for her opened policewoman shirt (really, a costume; wasn’t it?) a large truck with five young guys in it drove past her. A cavalcade of honks, jeers, hoots, and demeaning insults assaulted her ears as her face turned deep red. She hoped desperately the officer would get this search over with and return her lost clothing to her so she could be on her way and go back to working her corner. Which street was the one she’d worked again? She couldn’t quite remember right now. But she’d figure it out once she was away from this asshole cop.

Mark returned holding a small piece of bright green fabric in his hand. “Here you go! Put these back on and try not to lose them this time!” Mark handed her what was in his hand: Lexi’s discarded panties, which were still quite damp from their earlier adventures. Kiki didn’t recognize them.

“Are you sure those are mine?” she asked.

“Well, of course they are! They’re exactly the kind of thong cut a ghetto street whore like you likes to wear to sell her body. Plus, they’re still soaked with pussy juice! Do I really have to embarrass you by reminding you how much of a squirter you are?”

Kiki’s face deepened its crimson hue. Yeah, they must be hers. She took them and slowly slid them back up her legs, crinkling her nose with discomfort as the cold damp fabric squished against the mounds of her sex. Her thick butt resulted in an imperfect fit that made the panties stretch to be even skimpier than they already were. She wished she could remember which of her clients had caused her to soak these so thoroughly. She really should start carrying extra pairs.

“Good thing we did that strip search, huh?” Mark said. “You almost got away with some poor policewoman’s underwear! Now lay over the hood of the car and stick your ass up. It’s time for your corporal punishment.”

Kiki did as she was commanded, and Mark pulled the sides of her opened shirt to the sides as she did, ensuring that her fluffy brown nipples stiffened as they rested directly on the cold metal of the hood. She shuddered with discomfort and embarrassment. Selling her body on the street was one thing—backseats of cars offered some privacy. But having her entire ass and pussy publicly exposed to the whole world like this was something she had never experienced. She’d been arrested plenty of times, but she couldn’t remember any that had gone down quite like this. In fact, right now she couldn’t remember any of her previous run-ins with police. It didn’t make sense. Is this real? Kiki thought for just a moment before Mark broke her concentration by forcibly grabbing her by the back of her hair and yanking her face upwards so that it rested mere inches away his own. He maintained a powerful grip on her hair as he spoke.

“Ok, Cumslut, here’s how this is going to work. You know as well as I do that you need to be punished. But we won’t know the punishment has worked until you’ve dropped the fake cop act entirely and you’re acting like your true Mexican ghetto whore self again. So, I’m going to spank you and you’re going to count them off. I better be able to fucking hear you too, or this will get a lot worse for you. Every time you count off a spank, you’re going to beg me to fuck you, just like you would in your day-to-day job. If the punishment is working, you should start sounding a little bit dumber and a little bit trashier with every smack, until you’re back to your old self again. Because you are going to get a little dumber and trashier with every smack. And don’t forget to gradually mix in a little bit of that native tongue as you go. I know you must remember some of it. English is really hard for your dumb little brain, anyway. Only when you’re one-hundred percent back to being a stupid, cock-sucking, foreign whore will we be able to say for sure that you won’t do this again. Make sense?”

Kiki winced with pain as he yanked tighter on her hair. “Yes!” she said pleadingly. The logic was sound. All she had to do was prove to this cop that she would go back to being a trashy Latina hustler. She tried to recall what it was like on the streets of Mexico, before she had infiltrated the Americans’ police department. For some reason, no distinct memories of that time were coming back to her right now. Great she thought. Come on, Kiki. Think. How do stupid cock-sucking whores act? The only examples of such behavior she could come up with right now were some of the lower-class hookers she had arrested during her time pretending to be a cop. She strained her dumb little brain, trying to remember how they acted. She could do this.

Mark released his grip and shoved her back down onto the hood. He took a step back to admire the canvas upon which he was about to paint. Her full brown ass glistened in the afternoon sun, wreathed by her handcuffed hands and Lexi’s slim neon panties. Kiki craned her neck to look behind her, bracing for Mark’s open hand slaps. Instead, her eyes grew in horror as he reached for the collapsible nightstick on his belt instead. A thin black, rod roughly three feet in length protruded menacingly from his hand as he stepped to the side of Kiki’s trembling legs. She closed her eyes and cringed.


Kiki squealed in pain.

“One! Please fuck me!”


“Two! Please fuck me, sir!”


Kiki screamed.

“Three! Please fuck this slut, sir!”

With every hard smack of the baton, deep red lines began appearing all around Kiki’s ass. Tears started running down her face as Mark peppered her helpless lower body with painful welts. She had to start sounding more like a ghetto whore. Anything to stop the pain. She felt a fog begin to shroud her thoughts; growing thicker with every strike.


“Seven! Daddy, please fuck me! I’m your slutty little whore!”


Kiki cried out as her hind quarters reflexively shifted and writhed to try and escape the blows.

“Eight! Oh please daddy, fuck Kiki, your slutty, stupid little whore so hard!”


“Nine! I’m begging you papi, fuck your slutty, estùpida whore Kiki, she needs it so bad!”

Her voice was rising with every spank; becoming whinier. Soon, her English vocabulary began deteriorating. It was so hard to think.


“Eieee! Fifteen! Kiki the slutty estùpida whore is begging you to fuck her, she needs it more than anything!”


“Sixteen! Ay papi, folla your stupid slutty whore Kiki in her little pussy, she needs it more than anything. Voy a venir!”


“Seventeen! Ay papi, folla Kiki, this estùpida slutty puta! Ven conmigo! Cum on my titties, por favor!

The former officer Abby Lopez continued her linguistic descent into sounding like a Tijuana prostitute. Or at least, whatever broken variation of it her brain could muster using what little Spanish she had learned from growing up with her cousins in Northern California. She had never actually been to Mexico. But thanks to Mark’s device, her brain no longer knew that; and her brain would do as it was commanded.

While she was being spanked on the side of the road, a caravan of bikers drove past, prompting Mark to receive a flurry of cheers, thumbs up, and rock-on signs; and causing Kiki to feel even more searing degradation. Mark smiled. It was always nice to have an appreciative audience.


“FUCK, ah! Twenty-three! Papi chulo, estoy caliente! Folla Kiki, in her hot slutty cono! As lo que quieras!


“Twenty-four! Ay papi! Damelo duro. Folla Kiki, your stupid dirty whore, in her hot slutty cono and suck on her tetas! Fill my ass!


“Twenty-five! Con cuidado, papi! Eres enorme. Pound Kiki, your stupid dirty whore! She’ll make your cock feel so good!

Her ass was now a mess of intersecting red lines and her face was dripping with tears. The Northwest American accent she had had when she first pulled Mark over was all but completely gone, replaced with a thick Central American one. Almost there Mark thought to himself. He had faith that she could get a little trashier.

Be a slutty whore, damn it! Kiki was screaming at herself through what felt like an oppressive blanket wrapped around her mind. She had to make him stop. She had to show that she was reformed. She had to be a whore.


“Twenty-Nine! Papi chulo, estoy caliente! Follemos! Please, folla Kiki, your stupid dirty whore, in her hot slutty cono and suck on her tetas, por favor! Me gusta your hard cock! Ella hara que tu polla sienta tan bien.”


“Thirty! Oh papi chulo, estoy muy caliente! Follemos! Please, fuck Kiki, your estùpida dirty bitch, in her hot slutty cono and pound her tight asshole, por favor! Me gusta your long, hard cock! Ella hara que tu polla sienta tan bien. Fuck my ass! Soy tu puta! Cum in me, papi! As lo que quieras, por favor! Eres enorme! Kiki wants you muy malo! Follame duro!”

Mark stopped. Kiki slumped on the hood of the car, the energy in her body completely drained. Her tortured ass ached unbearably. But at least it was over now. She deserved to be punished; and now that she had been, she’d be able to move on without fear of going to prison or being forced out of the country. Any minute now he’d be letting her go and she’d be free to return to her regular life turning tricks on the street.

“Now that’s what I call a solid sales pitch! Good job, Kiki, I’m proud of how much progress you’ve made towards reform.”

Kiki was still struggling to steady her breathing. Her brain felt completely clouded. Thinking was hard.

“Gracias… gracias, papi….” she managed, between bouts of exhausted breathing.

“Now, I just have to complete the cavity search and you’ll be free to go about your business!” Mark said enthusiastically. Kiki perked her head up off the hood slightly.

“Cav-vee-tee search?” she said; the word clearly being too big for her dumb little brain now. “Que es- AIEEEEEEEEEE!”

Kiki Cumslut screeched in blistering pain as her words were cut off by Mark pulling aside her panties with one hand and unceremoniously ramming the handle of his nightstick into her fully presented asshole with the other. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she was momentarily overwhelmed with pain from the forceful intrusion. As a street whore, Kiki didn’t remember anal hurting that much, but that was probably in part because, as Abby Lopez would have informed her had she been around, she had never actually taken it up the ass before. The skinny end of the stick protruded from her ass and waved like an absurd tail as Kiki’s lower body trembled with residual stinging. Mark suddenly gasped.

“Ms.Cumslut! I can’t believe you’ve done this!” he yelled in mock surprise as his hand flew to his forehead.

Kiki’s eyes opened wide and she strained to try and read his face. “Que? What I do, papi?”

“You’re trying to smuggle stolen police equipment!”

Kiki’s eyes were so wide now, Mark thought they might pop out of her head.

“Que! No! No, Senor!” Kiki protested.

Mark gestured to the long black rod protruding high into the air. “Kiki, please. It’s sticking out of your ass right now. Don’t tell me you’re so stupid that you thought I wouldn’t notice this. This is exactly why you deserve to be punished.”

Kiki’s already flushed faced turned an even deeper shade of crimson. Why was she making such stupid decisions? This is exactly why she deserved to be punished. But wait…the cop had rammed that stick up her ass, not her...hadn’t he? The memory was kind of fuzzy and she was terrified to challenge him, but she had to clear her name before he arrested her.

“No senor, Kiki no do this! Tu-AAAaaaaaaahh!” She yelped in pain and was abruptly silenced by mark flicking the baton with his finger, causing the handle to pulsate rapidly in her quivering ass.

“You’re way too dumb to argue your way out of this” Mark said, matter-of-factly. “Shut up and put a dumb happy grin on your face.”

Kiki let her head relax and fall back onto the hood of the car; a dreamy, contented expression washing over her face. She was still pretty sure the cop had been the one to put the stolen equipment in her ass, but what was the point of arguing? She was way too dumb to argue her way out of this.

“I’m sorry Ms. Cumslut, but because you lied to me, I’m going to have to take you into custody. And since you’re definitely dumb enough to try running away, I’m going to need to cuff your ankles.” Mark produced a second pair of handcuffs and knelt down to affix them to Kiki’s ankles. All Kiki could do was pant and try to clench the baton so it didn’t move too much inside her as her legs shifted.

When the second set of cuffs were in place, Mark stood and yanked Kiki up with him, holding her head close to his. The look of fearful obedience in her eyes was a palpable change from the fierce authoritarian glare of the woman who had originally pulled him over. He began to give her his final instructions. Kiki’s soft and newly foreign brain was causing some of Mark’s more complicated phrases to allude her understanding at this point, but Mark’s device ensured her subconscious accepted every word with crystal clarity.

“When I walk you back to the car and put you inside it, you’re going to stay in the position I leave you in until someone comes along and removes you. You’re going to put on a good show for the camera on the dash, thanking me for punishing you and showing you how to be a real woman in your happy, dumb, Latina whore accent. When you eventually do get rescued, the cops are going to probably tell you all sorts of lies about how you’re really one of them. But even dumb Mexican street whores like yourself know better than to ever trust the cops—it’s obviously an entrapment tactic. You’ll never believe a word they say; and you certainly won’t say a word about me. What you will do is offer your body freely to every cop you encounter over the next week, male or female. You’ve been in this world long enough—you know how the game is played. It’s simple quid pro quo—you lick their balls; they probably don’t arrest you for prostitution. If anyone asks you what happened here today, all you’ll be able to say is that one of your clients taught you how to be a real woman, and you’re way too stupid to remember anything about him. Also, you’re a massive slut, so you love your street whore career; and for the rest of your life you’ll never want to make money any other way. You’re too dumb to do anything else anyways. Now get walking to the car. And don’t drop that baton—that’s evidence, young lady!”

Kiki began walking towards the back of the police cruiser but found that the ankle restraints only allowed her to shuffle her feet a few inches at a time, causing the “tail” she now had to wobble ridiculously behind her. She flexed her butthole as tightly as she could to try and minimize the baton’s movement. More cars drove by and she could feel their eyes on her. Even for a massive slut like her, this was pretty degrading. Mark opened the back door of the car as she approached and roughly shoved her face first onto the seat. Careful to keep his own face away from the camera, he picked up her legs and stuffed them underneath her, leaving her huddled in a compromised fetal position; her tortured ass on full display, highlighted by Lexi’s stretched, soaked panties and the baton sticking up and out into the corner of the roof.

“Oooooh, gracias papi for making me a real woman. Soy tu buena puta.” Kiki cooed, a cartoonishly large smile stretching across her face and erasing the tears as she lifted her head towards the camera. Mark took a moment to admire the dumb look of contentment on her face before removing the last item from Officer Lopez’s belt: her taser.

He took aim at the fattest part of her ass and launched two prongs into the meat of it, eliciting high pitched shrieks from Kiki as electric currents made her flesh tense and convulse painfully. Mark released the trigger and placed the gun on top of the roof of the police car, careful not to move the prongs attached to Kiki’s ass. He then gingerly closed the door to the car—just enough to latch but leaving enough space to run the wire between the door and the frame of the vehicle. As Kiki heaved exhaustedly in her compromised position in the back seat, Mark stood back and looked around the area for someone who could fulfill the last piece of his design. Right on cue, he saw two teenage boys with dark skin, baggy pants, and faded tees approaching from a block away.

“Hey!” Mark called over to them. “Come over here!”

The two youths quickened their pace towards him and soon stood in front of Mark with wide, frightened eyes.

“Stand there quietly and listen to me. Do not be afraid”

The posture of both boys visibly relaxed.

“Tell me your names and your honest opinion of cops.” Mark commanded

“I’m Jayar. I hate them because they framed my brother.” Said the first boy in a flat monotone

“I’m Nick. You can’t trust them.” Said the other, with equal apathy in his voice.

Mark smiled. “Wise attitude to have. You wouldn’t believe what the one in there was saying about this community!” He said, gesturing to the cop car behind him. He turned and put his hand on the rear window of the car.

“Alright Nick and Jayar, listen up: this woman in here is a viscous, racist cop. That makes you angry, and you want to teach her a lesson.” Mark watched as the boys’ relaxed expressions furrowed with resentment. “Fortunately, her punishment has been chosen, and you have the lucky privilege of carrying it out! When I allow you to move again, you will each take turns with this trigger right here…” Mark gestured toward the taser hilt glistening on the hood of the car. “…and teach her the lesson that all corrupt, bigoted cops should learn—a lesson in humility. Just be slow. Make it last, and give her lots of time to recover between zaps. You should use the time you take between turns to ask her to beg you to stop. She’s recently undergone a personality change of sorts, so I bet she’ll offer you all sorts of things in exchange for you two getting her out of her predicament. Here’s the handcuff keys if you decide to do so. Take them.”

Mark tossed Officer Lopez’s keys to Nick and his arms moved just enough to catch them before immediately returning to his sides.

“I’ll let the two of you decide when she’s had enough; or should I say, when she’s offered you enough to persuade you to stop. She’s real desperate and real slutty though, so have fun and aim high with your demands! You’re going to stay in place like this until I get in my car and drive away, at which point you will snap out of it, forget you ever saw me, and act upon these instructions that I have given you. As far as your conscious mind will remember, you’re just stumbling upon this car for the first time and you found those keys on the ground.”

Without saying another word, Mark unclasped the police woman’s belt and let it drop to the ground at his feet. Taking one last look at the pitiable pile that was minutes ago the proud and arrogant Abby Lopez, Mark turned and got back into his car. As he started the engine and drove off, he glanced in the rear mirror and saw the two boys stutter to life; as if they were awakening from a nap. They were cautiously peering into the back of the seemingly abandoned police cruiser as Mark turned the corner and vanished from sight. Fuck the police. Mark thought to himself with a smile as he re-opened Lexi’s GPS and continued towards the location of his date with the hottest girl Lexi knew.

* * *

After the third shock rippled up through Kiki Cumslut’s ass and out to the rest of her body, she was truly ready to do anything these boys wanted. “Ay, por favor!” she pleaded, fresh tears dripping onto the backseat. “Kiki suck cock! Kiki love you! Por favor follame! Pleaaase fuck Kiki! Jode mi culo, por favor!” her voice grew higher as her offers grew more frantic. She used what little movement she was afforded by her restraints to wiggle her butt tantalizingly. She deserved to be punished, but that didn’t mean she enjoyed it or that she wasn’t going to try to get out of it. She knew exactly what she had to offer and she knew how to sell it. Besides, she might be really stupid, but she had successfully spent five years posing as a police officer; she was pretty sure she was capable of convincing these young guys that she could make it worth their while if they let her out. And she wasn’t dressed as some butch dyke cop anymore, so they should definitely want to fuck her! She’d get out of this; she was a notorious street whore, and she’d be back on top of the dick-sucking game soon. Somehow. Thinking was just a little... tough right now. And god, her ass hurt.

“That’s right, beg bitch! Ha, look at her! Hey man, I think she wants you to fuck her in the ass. Dumbass pigs just can’t help but be dirty I guess.” Nick said, peering at the quivering officer from the open driver’s side door. “Think we should let her out and take her some place quieter? Maybe call Alex and those guys?”

Jayar balanced the taser in his hand and smiled. “Sounds good. But I went twice—you should take another turn first.” He said, while handing the gun to his friend. His brother would never believe this one.