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Mammorium Historium

At Laura’s request Sheldon had hacked into the universities mainframe and examined the grade record system. He saw that the Dean of Students would soon receive a report that showed the jump in her grades. This report was produced quarterely and wouldn’t be sent for at least a month.

She also had him get some info on her standings in some of her other classes. She seemed to be doing allright with the exception of her History class. She was trying to figure out a plan since her history teacher might not be as susceptable to her influence as her other teachers had been since it was a woman.

Candace Farnsworth was about 30 with long brown hair that she kept tied up.She dressed rather demurely but Laura could see that she had a nice body. She wasn’t married as best as Laura knew. Laura felt some more information would be useful so she asked Sheldon to hack into her home computer and see if he could find out more about her. She was considering her options while Sheldon was busy working her pussy. He had developed into a pretty satisfactory pussylicker under her tutelage. He had been doing a slow build technique she had taught him and she could feel her orgasm increasing in a slow and deliberate manner. He was kneeling on the floor and she was sprawled out in his easy chair with her legs draped over the arms. He was completely naked and his cock was hard and dripping pre-cum.

“That is nice Sheldy. Stick that tongue of yours into my cunt as far as you can. Oh yeah. Now in and out. Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah! Keep it going. I’m going to cum soon”.

He worked his tongue the way he knew she liked it. He loved the taste of her pussy and was sucking her juices with relish. He hadn’t enjoyed it at first but after a few Brain Teasing sessions involving her fantastic tits he was completely changed.He gave her clit a few swipes and then shoved his tongue back into her pussy. She started to shove her hips towards his mouth and her moaning increased.

He reached up and pinched her nipples hard. He knew that would send her over and he so loved to touch her tits. Any time he could touch her tits he felt a sense of complete comfort and satisfaction sweep over him. He was immediately transported into visions of erotic acts involving her tits.

“God Damn it Sheldon that’s good, work those nipples. Love it. Love it.Ugh Ugh Ugh” she cried as she came.

She wrapped her thighs around his head and squeezed as she shook with her climax.Sheldon was finding it hard to breath but was also very turned on by the intense smell and wetness as her pussy gushed liquid into his mouth. Just when he wondered if he would suffocate she opened her legs and he was able to breath again.

“That was very nice Sheldy” she said after she recovered. As Sheldon stood up Laura slid forward to the edge of the chair. She grabbed his dripping cock and smeared his precum around the sensitive head. Sheldon just groaned and shoved his cock into her hand. He stared at the incredible erotic presence that she was. There she sat her legs widely parted,her pussy glistening,her triple dee tits standing out proudly with her nipples at attention. She swirled her finger around the sensitive underside of his cockhead while making licking motions just short of contact with his cock. He so wanted all she had to offer and the teasing was driving him crazy.

“Sheldon look at these Great Big Tits. I think it’s time for some Hot Titty Fucking. I’m sure you will agree that this hard dripping cock should be captured by my Huge Firm Tits” she said as she pulled him forward by his cock and wrapped her tits around it.

“Fuck these Tits and cum all over me”. She squeezed her tits tightly around his cock and worked her nipples while dribbling saliva onto the top of his cock. He gripped her shoulders for support and furiously worked his cock in and out of her tight tit sandwich.

“You love these big Tits. You must have them. Do as I say and they are all yours to fuck. You stay pliable and obedient and this is your reward. You know my Tits are everything. Love them. Worship them. Fuck them. Worship them and obey. Worship and obey. Hot wet Tits. Blast your cum on them now”.

As he came he felt a complete sense of obedience to Laura wash over him.So perfect to do what she says. As he shot his last few spurts she took his cock into her mouth and swirled her tongue all around the head. He started to jerk and grunt as she prolonged his climax to the point it was almost painful.

Laura stood up and slid him into the chair. He was basking in the afterglow as she straddled his lap. She pulled his face in between her tits and softly spoke to him.

“So weak and malleable. All your will sucked out through your cock by my sweet mouth. Feel the pleasure of obedience. Brain Teaser Laura is everything. You worship her. You obey her words without hesitation. Her hot tits overwhelm your senses and render you helpless. The cock teaser always is superior to your brain”.

After some deepening of his conditioning she brought him out of his trance and led him to the shower. After they were both cleaned up and he had licked her to another quick orgasm Laura thought it was time to work on her further plans.

“So Sheldon what have you found out about Miss Farnsworth”?

What Sheldon told her was that at first he didn’t find anything out of the ordinary. Then after digging a little deeper into the temporary files archived on her computer he came across some female bondage pictures and stories. Then he setup a program that would monitor her internet activity and found her on a variety of bondage sites. There had been a few chat rooms where she behaved very meekly and submissive. He also had found some purchases she had made such as nipple clamps and fetish clothing.

Laura immediately thought she had an idea. There was an upcoming assignment to write a paper on a historical figure from the era of World War One. Laura had been fascinated to read about Mata Hari and wished all history was as interesting. I think it is time to give Miss Farnsworth a little taste of history...

Candace looked up when she heard the knock on her office door.

“Come in” she said.

Laura walked in wearing a tight black leotard and carrying a shoulder bag. Her huge tits were bulging against the spandex and threatening to spill out of it. Candace just gaped at those huge tits. She had done her best to conceal her lustful interest in her own sex from others. Her strict upbringing had buried her desires deep inside her and she had only recently been willing to admit to herself the truth of her sexuality. She had always buried her emotions beneath her academic studies. This had led her to a deeply secret exploration of just how dark and forbidden her thoughts were becoming.

Her recent explorations on the internet had left her weak and panting with lust. However she had managed to keep from acting on them in person. She hoped none of her students had noticed her lingering glances which settled more often than not on the ones with large breasts.

Laura was pleased to see Miss Farnsworth become distracted while staring at her tits. The information she had received from Sheldon had been accurate she could see.

“Hello Laura how can I help you?” Candace finally said after gathering her thoughts.

Laura walked over and sat on the divan at the opposite end from her.

“I am working on some new moves for my dance routine and I was reading about Mata Hari’s use of erotic dance to influence people. I was hoping you could advise me on their historical accuracy. It is my beleif that she was able to overwhelm their better judgement by arousing them with her dance routines”. She stood up as she said this and began to sway and run her hands across her hips and breasts. “I find the entire subject of seduction and spying to be so thrilling. I imagine she would use her fantastic dancing technique to mesmerize the men. They would stare at her swaying body and their repressed sexual urges would overwhelm them. I know that when I do Lap Dances at the club sometimes the men are so captivated they just keep handing over money until they don’t have any left. Their control is overwhelmed by my dancing and they can’t help themselves”.

“Laura I am not sure I would know enough to help you?” she said fearful that she would lose control.

Her eyes were riveted to Laura’s fantastic body and her arousal was increasing by the minute. The mention of her extracting money by using her body sounded so erotic. Deep down she felt she understood the mens fascination and lack of will power. She felt her pussy tingling and her stomach was doing flip flops.

“Please just let me show you for a minute. I know you have made an extensive study of this time period. Just imagine you are a respectable man of this era. I am sure you can provide me with some helpful insights. Mata Hari was able to wrap these men around her little finger and they would reveal the most vital secrets to her. Her intense erotic power must have made them putty in her hands. Just imagine what it was like for them to lose all control to the beautiful erotic seductress. She would tantalize them and make their bodies ache with desire”.

Laura leaned forward while pulling her leotard down to expose her tits to Candace. Her teacher just gaped at them as Laura slowly slid them across her face. Candace was transfixed by the feel of the triple D tits and just sat there without moving. They were incredibly soft and so firm.

“This is what she would do to the men. Once they touched her body their desires would increase. You are doing such a good job of pretending for me. This is very helpful. I can see that they would have been completely docile and passive under her sexual control”.

Laura placed her hands over her teachers and pressed them onto her tits. She then started to massage her tits using her teachers hands. Candace felt her nipples harden and her pussy start to moisten after Laura placed her hands on those incredible tits. She secretly longed for a powerful person to overcome her better judgement through sexual intensity.I have to do something quickly. She started to perspire and feel hot. O my God she has fantastic tits. Have to do something but they feel so perfect. Candace’s brain was whirling as she finally said.

“Laura i’m not sure this is alright. I don’t know if”

“You are only roleplaying for me and I am sure it is alright. Please keep helping me by massaging my breasts and I will continue my research” Laura interrupted as she slowly slid onto her teachers lap.

“You are being so helpful to me. I am very appreciative that you are willing to help me. Just keep working my big tits so I can get a better understanding”.

Any thought of stopping was rapidly being replaced by her increasing horniness. She just needs me to help her with her research she told herself.

“Now I am seeing a further aspect of this Historical research we are doing. Mata Hari would find that some of her subjects were reluctant and she would have to overcome there reluctance. She would give them commands that they would feel compelled to obey in there pliable and aroused state. Keep play acting and do as I say” she said as she pressed down onto her teachers lap. Tell me you love my big tits”.

“I love your big tits” she said dreamily.

“Lick and suck my perfect tits”.

Candace began to suck on Laura’s hard nipples. She forgot everything except how excellent it felt.

“Oh yes. Suck them and use your tongue. Make them wet and swollen. That feels wonderful”.

She tilted her teachers head upwards and stared deeply into her eyes. She slowly ground her butt into Candace’s lap and rubbed Candace’s earlobes.

Candace was caught like a deer in the headlights. She just stared into Laura’s eyes and felt her mind start to cloud over with lust. She knew she should do something but she was completely mesmerised by her intense state of horniness. It was getting hard to think of anything but Laura. She felt her mind getting soft and everything slowed down. She felt a langorous feeling spread across her body. Laura was saying something in a very rythmic and soothing tone. Visions of Laura’s lips,tongue and breasts were sliding through her brain as she melted into her eyes.

“Just relax and enjoy what I am doing to you. Feel the pleasure I am bringing you. Go deeper and deeper into my eyes. You want me to keep doing you” she said as she ran her hands across he teachers tits. She lightly squeezed her nipples and massaged her tits.

Candace had never felt anything so erotic and delicious and just laid back with a long sigh. “Ahhhhh”!

“Lose yourself in my eyes. No more thinking just sweet surrender in my overwhelming gaze”.

As Candace lay there in an erotic stupor Laura stood up and said.

“That was just perfect. I think I am getting some excellent ideas from our play acting. Thank you for your help”.

Candace was slowly recovering from the wonderful erotic experience. What had just happened. She felt alone and empty without Laura. She glanced up and saw Laura bent at the waist pulling some papers out of her bag. Laura’s tits were still on display and Candace was instantly drawn to her huge globes as they hung there.

“Here is the first draft of the paper I am working on. Read it and we will discuss it.You will find it very interesting. You will meet me at this address tommorrow at 5:00 P.M.” she said handing her a slip of paper. Candace was so dazed she just took it and stared as Laura spun around and adjusting her leotard wiggled her way out of the room. She was mesmerised by the way she rolled her butt cheeks as she walked.The bottom of her perfect ass was sticking out of the leotard. An image of her kneeling and carressing Laura’s ass formed in her mind. What a perfect ass she has. I would love to rub my face against it. I want her big tits and her hot ass.

Oh my god what am I thinking. I need to get a grip on myself or I could ruin my entire career.

Despite her best intentions it wasn’t long before Candace’s fingers were working in and out of her hot pussy as her eyes were glued to the contents of the paper. Mata Hari was doing similar things with her fingers to the wife of the Minister of Defense. Laura’s paper had started out plain and factual but about half way into it she had begun a story about the seduction and domination of the Defense Ministers wife that had Candace’s pussy dampening and her chest heaving.

Mata Hari had used the pretext of an Indonesian dance demonstration to lure her to her home. She had noticed her sidelong glances as she had danced and had thought the time was ripe to overwhelm her and extract information about the war.

This scenario had a powerful impact on Candace. Her mind was easily captured by the lure of the dark world of domination and the secrets of espionage. She knew that deep in her own psyche she secretly wanted to give up her own proper exterior and become a wanton creature of erotic pleasure. The wife of the Defense Minister had become an eager accomplice to Mata Hari. Her internal self control had snapped and all of her being was devoted to her erotic fulfillment.

I need to get a grip on myself she thought, but she couldn’t seem to stop her fingers as they pounded into her hot pussy. Her heart was pounding like an excited teenager. The thought of Laura’s eyes staring deeply into her mind and those huge tits were all it took and she came hard...

Candace sat in her car in front of the address Laura had given her. Her pussy was juicing and her breathing was heavy. What am I doing here she thought. But deep inside she knew there was no choice anymore. Her attempts at self control had proved futile. Last night she had masturbated twice to intense orgasms despite her resolve not to. The memory of Laura’s hot dancing and huge breasts were to much to ignore. She felt her heart beating like a frightened little bird. I have to tell her this must stop she told herself only half beleiving it.

She knocked at the door and waited a few moments. Maybe she isn’t here she thought. She felt both releif and disappointment. Then the door opened to reveal a room lit by candles and the sweet exotic smell of incense. In front of her stood Laura wearing a terrifically abriviated version of a belly dancers costume. Her massive tits were threatening to burst out of there confinement at any moment. She just gaped at the erotic beauty standing before her. Then she heard her speak.

“I am pleased that you have arrived for the dance demonstration. Please follow me”.

She watched her perfect butt swing from side to side as she followed her. It never occured to her to do anything but follow. Before she realised what was happening she found herself seated on the divan and the dance had commenced.

It only took a few minutes and Laura was grinding her naked body against her moaning teacher. Candace’s blouse was open and her bra was pushed up to reveal her well formed C cup tits. Her nipples were hard and wet from Laura’s attentions. Her head was thrown back as Laura pumped her fingers in and out of her sopping wet pussy. She had worn a short skirt and tiny thong which had made access easy.

“This is what you have longed for. Release all of your innermost secrets to me and I will show you the power of woman thru all of History. My Historium Mammorium will unlock all of your deepest desires” she said as she pulled her panting teachers face between her Huge Tits.

“The power of women has been locked within there seductive abilities. You are captivated by my Perfect Tits. Feel the heat of my hot body. Melt, Melt, Melt at my touch. Feel your will melt into a hot pool of desire. Desire and passion are at your core. Feel it. Hot, Wet, Aching. Melting into hot liquid and your mind dripping away through your hot wet pussy. You want my Perfect Tits. Lick them. Suck on them”. Candace attacked her fine tits with relish. All of her doubts slipped away as her pussy heated up and gushed liquid due to Laura’s expert ministrations. She now understood that the power of a huge set of Mammaries had conquered throughout history and she was just another who would surrender to them.

Im so close. So hot and pliable. Laura’s Huge Tits are fantastic. Have to have them. Love her Tits. Want her Tits. Oh my god here it comes.

“O fuck yeah”. she cried as she drove herself hard onto Laura’s fingers.

“That’s right my sweet little Candy. Surrender to my thrusting fingers and Hot Tits” she said and began to lavish her attentions on her teachers heaving tits.

“O Yes,Yes, Yes. I am your sweet little Candy. Lick and suck me with your sweet mouth until there is nothing left”. She knew that she was Laura’s to do with as she willed from now on she thought as she felt another orgasm building.

Laura gave a few small bites to her nipple and rubbed her clit with her thumb and over she went.

“Ugh,Ugh,Ahhhh!” she moaned as she came.

As her teacher lay limply in her arms Laura gave her a soft kiss and slowly licked inside her mouth. Well that should take care of my History grade.

I wonder if Candy is a friend of the Deans?