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Chemical quanTiTTies

Candice shoved back against Marks cock as he drove it into her dripping cunt. She lowered her lips around John Samuels dick until it entered her throat. He groaned and held her head in his hands. Mark grabbed her hips and buried his cock as deep as it would go. Her pussy made wet squishing noises as he pulled back and slid just the head in and out of her cunt lips.

She momentarily pulled off of John’s cock and said.

“Fuck that feels good. Pound my pussy and make me cum”.

She returned her lips to Johns cock. Her tongue flew across the head and he started to push his hips towards her. She slid up and down a few times and buried him again in her throat.

“Oh yeah! So good.” he said as he came.

She slid her lips up to the head and her tongue worked the sensitive underside as she swallowed his cum. At the same time she squeezed her cunt around Marks cock and hammered back against him. He reached around her and twisted her newly pierced nipples. Bolts of pleasure shot straight from her nipples to her cunt and she came hard. A few more strokes into her spasming cunt and Mark was cuming too.

Afterwards she licked both of there cocks clean as they basked in the afterglow. Laura walked by the bedroom door and saw they were resting contentedly. She thought about how much had changed since she had first entered her algebra teacher’s classroom and taught him her new formulas. She hadn’t realized how exciting and erotically stimulating having them under her control would be.

Of course she had experienced the thrill of leading men into parting with their money at the club she danced at but she hadn’t realized how many were willing to cede control to her. Her powerful sexual nature was coming more and more to the forefront and she thought she could increase her plans beyond just passing her classes.

A great deal had changed in the last two weeks ...

“Sheldon what are you working on”?

Sheldon looked over at Laura. She was lounging on the couch wearing a tiny pleated skirt and nothing else. She idly played with one of her nipples as he looked at her. His eyes instantly went to her tits and he felt his mouth get moist. The urge to suck on them never diminished and she made a point off staying topless most of the time.

I’m doing some calculations for a chemistry model that my friend Leonard needs for a project he is working on.

“Chemistry can be so interesting. Do you think he can get us some E”?

“What is E”?

“O Sheldon I forget how sheltered you are. You know Ecstasy”.

“You mean drugs”?

“Now Sheldy don’t get all puritanical on me. You wouldn’t bat an eye at it if you knew how horny it made me”.

As she said this she walked over to him and straddled his legs. She sat on his lap and played with his nipples as she slowly ground circles onto his cock. She began to nibble his ear and whisper to him.

“Just thinking about it makes my titties all hard and aching. Here feel them”. She said and placed his hands on her tits.

“Oh yeah! Squeeze them. Pinch them. It makes me so hot to think of it”. She continued to work him over and soon he was pushing his cock against her butt and they were deeply French kissing. She leaned back from the kiss and pulled his face into her heaving tits.

“Here you go Sheldon. This is what you need. Just tell Laura you will see if your friend can make us some”.

“I will try but I don’t think he would get involved with drugs. He’s really brilliant and I’m sure he could figure out how to make some. I just don’t know if I can convince him”.

Laura slid down and started to undo his pants. Soon they were off and she was sucking his cock. She wrapped her tits around his cock and gave the head a few licks then looked up into his eyes. A great deal of Sheldon’s conditioning had been done from this position and he instantly became transfixed by her eyes.

“My big titties have your strong manly cock all wrapped up. Just like you brain is all wrapped up by my superior teasing. The brain is always subject to the big titted teaser. That’s because I am the superior brain teaser”. As she said this she was slowly stroking his cock with her tits. She sped this up and he began to push his hips in time with her tits. It wouldn’t be long she knew so she wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and squeezed her tits tightly around it. She sucked hard and licked the underside of his glans and he came. As she swallowed she reached up under his t-shirt and worked his nipples.

“O yes Laura” he groaned.

She kept swallowing until he was completely spent. He lay back with a sigh. Laura placed her tits on either side of his head and pulled him into her cleavage.

“Ahh” he moaned as her tits engulfed him.

“That’s it baby. All wrapped up in my big tits. Brain Teaser Laura is perfect and you do as she says”. The use of his trigger phrase sent him deeply into trance and left him open to her desires.

“Now listen and do what I say. You will arrange to meet with...

“Thanks for meeting me here Leonard” Sheldon said.

“No problem” he said as he settled into the booth at the back of the coffee shop. They began to discuss the model that Sheldon had prepared. Leonard was pleased at the progress he had made.

Professor Malcolm’s project was well on its way and Leonard was being included more and more. He new that there was something very secret about this project and that much of the information was classified. This only served to make him wonder what it was about. He could tell from the portion he was working on that it had to do with synapse control and endorphins but that was all he was privy to. He was studying some of Sheldon’s notes when Sheldon went to the restroom. Perhaps as time went on the Professor would reveal more to him.

Sheldon new they were about finished so he texted Laura as they had agreed. He felt a little bit underhanded but when it came to her he knew he would do anything to please her. He returned to the booth and within a few minutes he saw her getting a drink at the counter. She looked as incredible as ever and he felt his cock stir. She was wearing a pair of jeans that looked painted on and a Very tight cotton blouse that was so thin he could easily see her large nipples.

“O hi Sheldon” she called as she came over.

Leonard just sat and stared at the beauty that was talking to Sheldon. Her long blonde hair, perfect lips and incredible tits completely captivated him. How did Sheldon know someone like her. She set her cup down and leaned against the table. Then she bent at the waist and her low cut blouse displayed her assets almost to the nipples. She exchanged pleasantries with Sheldon for a minute as Leonard stole glances at her cleavage.

“Is it ok if I sit here” she asked as she slid into the booth next to him. “Sheldon has his papers all over his seat”.

“Of course” he stammered.

She half turned towards him and extended her hand. She laid her free hand on his knee and leaned in presenting her tits to him.

“My name is Laura what’s yours”?

“Leonard. My names Leonard”.

“Leonard and I are working on a chemistry project together Laura” Sheldon said.

“Oh you guys are so smart. I think chemistry is so interesting. What are you working on?”

“Well were not supposed to say. I am a grad student in Professor Malcolm’s class and it’s a special project” Leonard said.

“O it sounds very mysterious. It must be important”.

They continued to chat for a while. Leonard noticed that Laura had slid over towards him as they had talked and her leg kept brushing against his. She also had been scooping out her whipped cream and licking it off of her finger. Damn was she sexy. He had found it hard to keep track of the conversation and then Sheldon stood up and slid out of the booth.

“I need to get going” he said.

“See you later Sheldon” Laura said but made no effort to move away from Leonard.

“Its been nice talking to you Leonard. I have some chemical formulas I would love to discuss with you. I’m sure they will capture your interest. Come with me and I will explain it to you”.

She slid out of the booth with Leonard following her. As she exited the booth she immediately bent down and tied her shoe. Leonard almost ran into her since she stopped so suddenly. He was just inches away when she bent and he stared at her sweet round butt. What a fine ass she has he thought to himself.

It wasn’t long and Leonard was following Laura’s tightly encased ass up the stairs to her apartment. He watched mesmerized as she slowly rolled her hips from side to side. He felt his cock getting harder by the minute. He had always been an ass man and hers was certainly perfect. Her constant teasing on the way here and her fantastic body had a profound impact on him. I can’t imagine what she could want to discuss. He wasn’t thinking hard about it though. The hornier he got the less he questioned.

“Now Leonard just relax and I will demonstrate my Theory of Chemical quanTiTTies and ANALysis formula. Now of course you are familiar with pheromone production and its effects. I am very interested in the psychological effect on highly intelligent individuals and their chemical basis. I think you would be the perfect colleague to ASSist me in my research” she said this as she walked slowly over to where he was seated.

“I think you will agree that I have a high potential for causing chemical reactions in men” she said as posed and ran her hands across her curves”.

Leonard didn’t know how to respond so he just sat and stared.

“You must agree since you aren’t saying anything” she said.

She moved directly in front of him and set her hands on his shoulders and looked deeply into his eyes. Leonard’s mouth went dry and his heart was pounding as Laura leaned on his shoulders. Her massive tits were inches from him and his cock was straining against his jeans. She swung her tits from side to side as Leonard watched them roll within her tight blouse.

“Just follow along as I demonstrate my Chemical Potentialities. I know you want me to keep doing you. Say that I am right”.

Leonard had never experienced anything like this. His sexual experience was very limited and he was totally entranced by her body and aggressive demeanor.

“Laura is right” he spoke in a monotone as his attention was overwhelmed by her display and the pheromones emanating from her massive tits.

“Now I see that the initial effects are very positive. Let me try something to increase the pheromone production” she said as she straddled his lap. She undid the third button on her blouse as he stared at her hardened nipples poking against the shirt. Her blouse pushed her tits together and he could see just the edges of her nipples. She pulled his face down into her cleavage and rubbed her butt against his cock.

“Now take a deep breath of Laura’s phenomenal pheromones. I have such big Chemical quanTiTTies that you need to concentrate all of your mental capabilities on them” she said as she pushed her tits against his face.

“Now just breath right there and I will have you work on an AnAlysis of my ASSets” she said as she took his hands and placed them on her butt. Now Leonard explore all the areas of these perfect ASSets” she said as she flexed her cheeks.

His hands began to roam around her ass. She rose up on her knees which pressed his face even deeper into her cleavage and allowed his hands to increase their explorations.

“O that is nice. The value of these quanTiTTies is increasing exponentially and you AnAlysis of my perfect ASSets shows you my formula is of superior value. You agree that this chemical instruction is the best lesson you have ever had”.

She leaned back slightly and pulling up his t-shirt started to pinch his nipples.

Leonard had never felt anything like it.

Ahhh! So good” he moaned.

“Tell me you agree that mine is the superior formula Leonard”.

I I don’t know” he stuttered.

“You must still be confused. Let me clarify” she said and grabbed his cock through his pants and started to stroke it rapidly. He started to shove his hips in time. Laura stopped suddenly.

“Now tell me you agree”.

“Yes Yes just keep going.

“O Leonard this is just phase one of this experiment. You must want our collaboration to continue. Is that correct”?

“O yes I do”.

“Then we need to increase my pheromones to an even higher level. You want to increase my pheromone levels don’t you?”

“Oh Yes”

“Well of course you do”.

“I get so horny when I have some Ecstasy. I need you to make some for me”.

“I don’t know” he began but Laura quickly took his hands and placed them on her butt. She shoved her tongue down his throat and pushing up his T-shirt began to work his nipples. He just melted back into the couch under this incredible sexual onslaught. After a few minutes she slid backwards to the floor. She unbuttoned her blouse and rubbed her tits against his groin.

“I just know you want me all hot and horny. I can do all sorts of things to you if you do as I asked” she said as he started to shove his cock against her tits.

“Now tell me you will and next time we will perform phase 2 of this experiment”.

“Yes I will” he said in his dazed state.

Soon he was walking home and wondering what he had gotten himself into but he couldn’t forget her incredible body. He just had to have her and if he had to make some Ecstasy then that’s what he would do.

The next day Leonard was having second thoughts. On the one hand he couldn’t forget Laura’s incredible body but he was worried about being caught. He didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize his career and get him in trouble with the police. He was thinking this over as he entered his English class. He was soon distracted from his thoughts by the outfit his teacher was wearing.

Candice Farnsworth had certainly made a sexy transformation since her conversion by Laura. Her outfits had gone from staid and proper to tight short and suggestive. Today she was wearing a very short skirt with a tight low cut top. Leonard had noticed how different she looked in recent weeks. He hadn’t realized how hot she was until recently. He followed her butt as she entered the room and reached for something on a high shelf next to her desk. Her skirt just barely covered and he found himself wishing she would reach a little higher. She turned and walked towards him.

“Leonard could you come to my office at the end of the day i have to speak to you” she asked as she bent low in front of him?

“Of course” he said.

Later in the day Leonard arrived at his teacher’s office. He sat in a large overstuffed chair.

“Leonard I understand you are working on some special chemical formulas with Laura. She asked me to check and make sure you were concentrating all of your attention in the proper direction” she said as she placed her leg on his chair between his legs. This caused her skirt to slide up and revealed her bald pussy. She was so turned on by this slutty display and her obedience to Laura that her lips were wet and swollen. She reached down and began to finger herself.

“Now pay strict attention to this chemical reaction” she said as her pussy made wet squishing sounds. “My pussy is so hot and wet. I know my pheromone production is rapidly increasing. Let’s check your rate of chemical rise” she said as she waved her fingers just inches from his face.

Jeremy just gaped at her bare pussy and found his cock was rapidly growing.She slid her fingers into his gaping mouth as she reached down and started to rub his cock through his pants. It lengthened rapidly as her hand ran along it.

“Very satisfactory but only the bare beginnings. I think we need to increase the rate of reaction”.

She quickly undid his zipper and pulled out his cock. She led him to the couch by it and climbed on top of him. She shoved her dripping pussy down onto his cock in with quick push.

“O fuck yeah. Give me that hard cock” she said as she opened her blouse and undid her bra.

Leonard was shocked at her behavior but very turned on. She pulled his face to her tits and rubbed her pierced nipples against his lips. The small barbell piercings had her nipples hard and erect most of the time and she loved how slutty they made her feel.

“Suck my tits while I fuck you. How soon will you have the Ecstacy for Laura”?

“I need a little time to work on that”.

Don’t take to long. I can’t wait to try some. If you get it done by this weekend I promise to let you do a special Asset AnAlysis on me” she said as she took his hands and placed them on her butt.

“Yeah enjoy butt. That feels so hot” she said as his hands moved across her ass.

His finger brushed lightly across her asshole and she moaned.

“O yeah that’s good. Shove your finger in there” she said . He took the hint and started to finger her asshole. She leaned forward to give him better access. Soon his finger was buried in her ass as she pistoned back and forth against his cock and finger. She grabbed his head and shoved her tongue in his mouth. That was all it took and he was cumming inside her.

“O god yes” he cried and kept working his finger into her. Another minute and she shuddered through her orgasm. They both lay there until they recovered.

They both got dressed and Candice gave him a deep French kiss as she put his hands on her tits.

“I will see you Friday for my special AnAlysis”.

Well I better get to work he thought as he left.