The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Member Privileges

Chapter 5

By William Pratt

Oliver walked into the hotel and stared gobsmacked at the vision behind the counter. Marylu had suggested the hotel because one of the members worked there. His dick prayed this was her and rose up in worship. Given all of the beautiful women throwing themselves at him these days, it amazed him that he could still appreciate, or in this case get erect from, simply looking at a pretty girl. This girl probably touched on eighteen from the legal side, the kind that left him a tortured and tormented teen back before he’d met Marissa.

She looked at him with a kind of stunned amazement and hungry curiosity as though she knew him from somewhere and was sizing him up for a romp. Marylu looked like that a lot of the time. So did Marissa lately.

Distance was good for something, he guessed.

“Reservation for Oliver—”

“Oliver Cromwell? Omigaw…!” She looked stunned. She chewed on her lip like she was trying to prevent an orgasmic shriek.

“Er… You know me?”

“You’re... the Traveller! Omigod! For real!” Her eyes were wide and blue. If they were the gateway to her soul, it was a pretty vapid soul. The teen-aged erection factory looked more than a little brainless. That didn’t stop his dick from throbbing. Stupid or not, she looked gorgeous and extremely interested.

“Traveller.” Oliver knew he couldn’t look that much less clueless than the blonde, but he had an excuse. He had no idea what was going on. “General Lee’s horse?”

“What?” her eyes narrowed for an instant, then she recovered and blurted, “Hung like a horse, yah.

“Oh my god!” She squealed. She actually squealed with joy. “This is sooooo cool! You’re a legend!


“Yes you!” she giggled. “You think I wouldn’t recognize you?” She leaned forward, pressing against the counter to get a better look down at the throbbing monster that wanted out of his pants and into hers. Her eyes widened. She licked her lips. “Kinda hard to miss. I’ve seen your videos!”

Oliver’s heart ran cold. “My what?”

“That shoot you did with the redhead? The one with the huge boobs! Omigawd! My boyfriend showed me that one and now I masturbate to it!”

“Grace? Wha?”

“Do you really travel around on business or is it just an act?”

“I’m quality manager for SB—”

“Omagahd! You travel America testing pussy for the Sluts and Bimbos Quality Center! I know!”

“What?” Oliver’s eyes narrowed. “Did Marylu talk to you?”

“Who?” The blue eyes looked even more clueless than normal. “Uhm... I’m Ricki, by the way.”

“Ohhh kay. What videos?”

The DVD case had a picture of him with whatever the hell her name was. Decent rack. Strawberry blonde with red highlights. She was the one he double penetrated with her husband. Then he had sex with the husband. Oddly Oliver remembered his name: Devon. He guessed that made sense. He should remember his first.

Devon didn’t make the cover, but the logos proudly read GreyProductions presents: The Traveller IX — California Reaming.

“And I love how they are all filmed with a web-cam for authenticity,” said Ricki. “Makes them look cheaper and that—”

“Makes you really horny. I know.”

“Not as horny as you. Omigod! You wear girls out! I had one boyfriend three times in one night, but you just keep going and going.”

“Yeah. I’m the Energizer Bunny of porn.” He took his laptop out of his bag and opened it up.

Ricki’s eyes popped. “You’re gonna…. Omigod! Me?” She started to unbutton her blouse. “Omigod! Right in the lobby?”


Her hands froze. She smiled. “Right. Wait for the camera.”

Oliver struggled to keep his eyes from rolling. There were much more important things to take care of than a teenaged nymphomaniac. She could wait for a boyfriend or something. “You have Wi-fi?”

“Password’s Best Eastern Executive. With the spaces. Oh migod! I’m getting fucked by the Traveler!”

“Er. No. I just need to talk to somebody.”

With a click, GreyDate popped up on his desktop. He clicked on Marylu’s profile pic.

Ricki stared in amazement. Like she’d never seen a video chat program before. “GreyDate really does exist? All the girls are really just people you met on the Internet? That’s awesome! ’Zit have a chatline?”

Oliver ignored her. It was easy now because the creeping horror of finding out he’d unwittingly become a porn star had shriveled his dick almost to the point of inversion.

“Marylu… What the hell?” he shouted the instant she resolved on the screen. He held the DVD case up in front of the camera.

“What is wrong with you people?” shouted Oliver. “You’re selling these? I—”

“You should check the EULA you accepted. All content is the property of Grey Inc and can be used for promotional materials and value-added sales.”

“You have got to be kidding! What about me?”

“Oh your cut’s going to your private chat privileges. So far you have… Wow. Eleven thousand three hundred twelve minutes of private chat time accrued. Haven’t you used any of it?”

“No. We’ve been using the time my wife’s been earning moderating your chat rooms.”

“Ooops. Silly boy.”

“What the hell am I supposed to do with eleven thousand minutes? I can’t tell my wife how I earned them!”

“You’re married?” asked Ricki. “Like for real? That’s not an act? And she rilly doesn’t know? Omiiiiiii-gaaaawd! That’s hilarious!

“No it’s not,” Oliver told her.

“You could put them toward a gold membership,” said Marylu.

“I always wondered, why don’t you just use Skype?” asked Rikki.

“Who are you, anyway?” asked Marylu, looking over at Oliver’s barely-legal number-one fan. “You are not Natalie.”

“No, I’m Theresa—Ricki. I’m filling in for Nat. She’s… got something.”

“Like a new pair of G-cup tits,” mumbled Marylu, rolling her eyes.

“Whatever. She hadda go to the doctor to get checked out.” Ricki’s vacant blue eyes popped wide. “Waitasec! She blew off work to get implants? That’s totally unfair!”

“Not … Huh. Hey Ricki, how would you like to join a dating site with members like Oliver here?”

“Omigod! Who d’you want me to kill? Where do I sign? Will I be in one of his movies?”

“Would you like to?”

“What?” shouted Oliver.

“Relax Oliver. You don’t have to, but I do suggest you take this lovely young lady and fuck her brains out!”

His wilted dick happily snapped back to attention.

A few minute later, once the contract formalities were out of the way, Ricki writhed beneath him on the counter, fucking up into him almost as passionately as he took her. And Marylu recorded it all.

Traveler XVI looked to her like it was going to be the best of the series. And it only got better when Natalie arrived. Her tits were out of this world.

“Hey Oliver!” Marissa screamed with excitement. “Guys, this is my husband Oliver!”

“Ho-ley fuck!” Mark blurted. “Traveler’s your husband?

Preston stared gap-mouthed. “Jeeezuz… Why am I wasting my time?” he said with an eye roll and logged out.

“Well!” Marissa said with a grin. “They certainly know you!”

“Yeeeahhhh ….” Oliver frowned. “Honey…?”

“What’s wrong?” Marissa’s grin faded, then snapped back. “I know what’ll cheer you up!” She hopped to her feet, adjusted the camera, and danced into position by the pole she’d installed. It had been easy. She just found a stud—giggle—drilled a couple holes, and then screwed the pole—another giggle—into place. It kinda messed up the feng shui in the living room, but she couldn’t think of a better added value for when she and Oliver sold the place. What young housewife wouldn’t want her very own stripper pole?

“Yeah!” Mark cheered from the virtual sidelines.

“Marissa! Wait! Stop! We have to talk!”

“We do a lot of talking and not nearly enough of other things. I’m gonna make you need to come home. Need it soooooo haaaard!”

Marissa spun around the pole, giving it a test. She lifted off the ground, kicked out and swung. She kept her eyes locked on the camera, gazing her lust at Oliver, willing him hard.

Then she took flight, slowly removing and discarding her way down to her big surprise: a bra. First time she’d worn one online in months. First time she’d worn one all week because her lacy and flirty Double Ds didn’t fit anymore. She imagined the look on Oliver’s face because she didn’t dare look away from the camera and break the illusion.

Besides, she knew she had his attention. She had everyone’s attention. The room was hers. Her brain started to melt. She was too turned on to strip.

Her legs spread around the pole. She thrust and ground into it. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened. She gasped. She shuddered. A wave ran through her. She exploded.

The audience clapped. They loved it. Oliver… His face said it all. He needed her. In pretty much every sense.

“Wow, Oliver, you rilly popped fast this time!” cooed Natalie. Her tongue swept up and across under her cute little button nose, licking up a thick stream of cum.

“Giggle!” Ricki giggled. She also lapped at her co-worker’s huge new tits, sucking up and gulping down the torrent of semen that had escaped the surprised brunette when Oliver blew all over her face after only a few licks.

“Yah. We’re really getting good at this porn stuff, huh?” chirped Natalie’s younger sister. A bit too much younger for Oliver’s tastes, but Marylu had insisted on ID, and apparently Carmen cleared.

Oliver didn’t answer. Marissa danced before his eyes, not allowing his cock to wilt. He rolled Natalie onto her back and gave her what he dreamed of giving his wife. It was a good thing he had three girls tonight, and all of them young and interested in experimenting, because he needed it. He needed all of it to get through the next day.

Carmen sat on Natalie’s face and leaned in towards Oliver. Naked she didn’t look as young. Probably due to the breasts. Whatever minimizer bra Carmen had worn when she arrived worked, because without it the girl looked like she belonged in porn. An idiot could see why her Natalie got implants. Jealousy. Totally understandable jealousy. Carmen had a lot of bounce her sister’s as she squirmed and gasped, driven closer and closer to orgasmic ecstasy by her sister’s tongue.

Even Ricki seemed significantly better endowed than she had the day before. She played with her fuck-toy tits and Oliver saw his wife’s face on the blonde’s body. He shot off inside Natalie, flooding the girl until cum oozed out from between her legs.

Carmen took her sister’s place.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” said Marissa with a giggle. She adjusted the angle on her new webcam. Oliver was going to love it! It was HD and everything.

Donni smiled. She gave her head a toss and her hair, too long to whip around, rippled like a black waterfall. “It’s not that different from being up on the stage and you loved that, didn’t you?”

Marissa’s eyes glazed over. “Yeah, but you, me, a webcam...”

“And guys all around the world watching.”

“Oh god.” Her pussy clenched. “That’s so hot.”

“And you’re the one who said she’s going nuts.”

“Nuts for my husband.” His huge cock danced before her eyes. She needed to suck, lick, fuck. She had to. Who wouldn’t? She couldn’t think of anyone she knew who wouldn’t want to fuck her husband. Her husband so she should have had first dibs. All the ladies on the site wanted the Traveller, but he was hers. She’d seen the proof. He could fuck five women to exhaustion in one night, but one look from her and he was rock hard and ready to go.

“Who might as well be in another country right now.”

That’s what hurt. Not the other women. Not knowing that they got what she needed. Got their brains screwed out, had sex they’d remember for the rest of their lives. It was the distance.

She’d had him at home for more than two years before the promotion and he went out on his tour in the field and she’s been too young and stupid to take advantage. She’d completely missed out, and that was torture now. She’d never be that dumb again, she promised.

“Ohmmmmmn!” She fought to still the squirming. She failed. “Don’t remind me. I need to cum soooooo bad!”

“Then let me take care of it for you.”

“Cheating....” That’s exactly what she was doing, but it was soooo hard to convince her body. It didn’t care. It just needed.

“It’s not cheating with another chick. Unless you’re a lesbian. Which you’re not.”

“No... I....”

“Then stop worrying.”

“What if Oliver sees?”

“He’ll spray all over the monitor. Who wouldn’t? Two hotties like us? Playing with each other’s tits? Fuck, you have nice tits.”

“Yours are pretty nice, too.”

“Best money could buy.”

She desperately needed cock, and Marissa prayed Donni would be enough to take the edge off long enough to reunite with Oliver.

Donni certainly knew what she was doing. It wasn’t enough. Even coming like crazy as her friend worked sensuous magic on her body barely sated her. It made things worse.

She looked into the camera without really seeing it and screamed. Her body jerked, bucking up into Donni’s wickedly skilled mouth.

The cam shows became a semi-regular thing, then daily, but as fun as they were, they did nothing to reduce her hunger. Marissa needed to fuck even more now, and it was driving her crazy. She lay in bed after Donni left one afternoon, playing with a breast. Donni was right. She had great tits. They fit perfectly in her hands, large enough to overflow it but not so large that they got in the way while dancing.

They hadn’t always been like this, she knew that, but she couldn’t remember, and didn’t care, how they’d gotten bigger. They just were, and she loved it. She licked a nipple. She reached for her giant dildo.

And then Bob logged on.

And then off.

“Bob, what the hell?” Marylu shouted over the jackhammer.

“A minor nuisance.”

“You call this minor? I can’t hear myself think! What the hell is going on?”

Bob sighed. “Construction work.”

“Damnit Bob, I’m a partner! You didn’t think to mention this?”

“Yes, I suppose I should have, but you’ve been so busy of late. How is your toy coming along?”

“Sexually frustrated and screwing everything I send his way. I rarely even have to push anymore. I’m picking him up at the Greyhound station tomorrow so I can try him out.

“But to get back on topic before the jackhammer starts again, what the fuck, Bob?”

“The fine gentlemen from GKS Construction are reworking the building envelope into a style more befitting GreyProductions.”

“That’s what? A giant pair of boobs? How much is this going to cost?”

“Hardly.” Bob rolled his eyes. “When GKS finishes, the landscapers will provide shrubbery boobs if you so desire. The building must look modern. Tuttle Electric will be in tomorrow to start moving the rat’s nest of network cabling into the walls where it belongs.”

“That’s going to take weeks!”

“A successful organization needs to feel successful. Look successful.”

“We’re on the Internet. Who cares what the office looks like? I set up the List here because of the location. Plenty of smart kids come out of the university every few months and can afford housing nearby. Pretty much everyone can drive here in twenty minutes.”

“The location is excellent or I would have commissioned a new building. However, I, for one, have no interest in running my empire from a relic of the seventies.”

“Like that’s in the budget.”

“It isn’t. This is much more affordable. And I have cut a number of deals to keep the costs down. I am routinely amazed at what some people will trade for their neighbour’s wife.”

“And they’ll be bored of that in a few weeks, too.”

“Yes they will. The very nature of the game says they will always want more and will pay more and more to get it.”

The jackhammer started up again. Marylu’s eyes squinted shut. She rubbed her temples. “Fuck this. Call me when it’s done. I’m working from home.”

Bob grinned and drank in Marylu’s ass as she stomped out of his office. She’d been fat and frumpy when they’d met a year ago. She’d traded a lot for her new body and the parade of lovers to sate that body, but Bob believed in giving good value. Even when the deal was so heavily tilted in his favour.

“You have the right idea. It might be time for me to take a business trip.”

And then Bob logged back on again, and Marissa unloaded on him.

“It’s driving me crazy, Bob,” she moaned. She couldn’t discuss this with any of the guys in chat. They lived too close to home and they’d take it as an invitation. And it would be. Signed, sealed and delivered. Marissa knew she’d never be able to resist. Bob was safe, half way across the country. Not too far from Oliver, actually.

“You just need some TLC.”

“I need a hard cock!” she blurted. “I swear I’ve tried everything else, even women!”

“I’ve seen the videos. You and Donni make for an attractive pair.”

“Thank you, but... It’s not enough. I want my husband! You’re closer to him than I am! It’s so unfair! He’ll actually be in Akron for business tomorrow night.”

“Funny you should mention that. Business is taking me to Seattle. You only live a few hours north, so you won’t be able to hold that against me for long.”

Marissa’s pussy went from moist to drenched in the time it took for her to gasp. She swallowed mouthfuls of air and quivered. Visions of Bob’s big, hard cock danced before her eyes. Her eyes crossed watching it in wonder as it slid between her lips. Her pussy spread around it and her eyes rolled up into the back of her head.

“That’s... That’s... That’s... Woooooooonderful....”

Bloomington, Indiana

Oliver held the phone to his ear. The notion seemed almost quaint now. Virtually all of this communication was done over video chat these days, but his boss, Greg... Well, it was becoming increasingly obvious why SBQC couldn’t get an even break.

“Oliver,” said Greg. “You got to go to Argentina and straighten the place out.”

Buenos Aires. One of his and Marissa’s goals because not only did they see it as a vacation, but it was the last stop. Only it wouldn’t be. Oliver was certain of that now. His system worked, but the company didn’t.

“Fly in and clean up their procedures. Run the shop for… Six months tops.”

Oliver stared at his phone. He put it next to his cheek and said, “You’re kidding me, right?”

“Do I look like I’m kidding? Those stupid fucks down there… They’re fucking stupid.”

“Think of it as a career opportunity.” This was really bad. Greg and Norman on the line. Someone really messed up Buenos Aires. Really, really messed up.

The last thing Oliver needed. He’d screwed three nymphomaniacs, he stopped at three because it worked better on film than four and far better than his is personal best of nine, until they couldn’t get up and he still desperately needed to fuck. His balls ached and he knew the cure. Marissa. “I just put my life on hold for the better part of a year for a career opportunity.”

“And you’re better paid than everybody in your group.”

“Listen, Greg, I haven’t seen my wife in four months.”

“So what? She doesn’t like it, get another.”

“Excuse me?”

“Jesus, Greg. Oliver, just take her with you.”

“She’s working on her doctoral thesis and teaching. A week or two off, that’s easy, but she can’t vanish for six months!”

“We’re not flying her down there for a week so she can party.”

The phone nearly smashed off the wall on the other side of the hotel room, but cooler heads prevailed. Autumn waking up enough to start sucking his rock-hard cock helped, too. Oliver composed himself. “Greg, you just need a good manager down there, not me. I’m a quality guy.”

“It’s a quality issue.”

“Are you guys even reading the reports I send? The problem’s not people. The problem is retention of people. I can tour forever and not keep up with the turn-over. While I was working out of the Louisville branch one of the girls quit because TEDco is paying three bucks an hour more. Three bucks, Greg. You have to be a stupid fuck if you hang around when you can get 25% more for the same work across the street. That’s an HR problem, not QC.”

“We pay what the market can bear. Sales don’t go up, wages don’t go up.”

“Sales won’t go up if our service is crap. It’s pretty obvious why we’re stuck with your stupid fucks. We’re hiring from the bottom of the barrel, and every time we luck out and get someone good trained up, they’re gone to greener pastures. The plan was to find and train a few good people and use them as regional trainers. Hasn’t happened, so I’ve been on the road full-time for months.”

“Let it out, baby,” whispered Autumn, slowly, sensuously pumping his cock. Her tongue lapped at the tip, teasing out and licking up pre-cum.

“In Minneapolis the place was falling apart. Nobody wants to work there. You can’t have quality control without quality people.”

“Carl’s numbers are good.”

“Because Carl’s striped the place bare. When I arrived, two of the CCRs were fighting over a damn pen. They have to bring their own from home. Janitorial didn’t exist. Customers literally walked in, sniffed, and walked right back out. It doesn’t get any more dysfunctional than that.

“Didn’t you read my report on the place? Guys, I can’t do quality control when there’s no quality in the first place.”

She knew she shouldn’t, but Bob got the full set. The one Oliver got. Only Oliver got.

She could barely think straight. The dildo got involved somehow. She caressed it between her tits. Licked it, sucked it. Oliver’s huge, hard cock danced in her mind. She sucked it, teased it, did everything she could think of and more to tempt cum from it. She looked up at Bob looking down at her as she pleasured him. Her eyes fluttered shit. She moaned onto Oliver’s cock. Her body shuddered. She needed this. She needed it so bad.

When Bob logged out to get a flight, to Seattle. To visit her. To give her what she needed.

Marissa was left staring at the webcam. The dildo pumped in and out of her squishing pussy. She was going to get fucked. She knew it. She knew she couldn’t resist. She knew that because she didn’t want to. Her husband, the reluctant and accidental porn star got all the pussy that he could handle. She was stuck at home. Suffering.

But not for much longer.