The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Member Privileges

Chapter 6

By William Pratt

“Ticket’s arranged?”

Eileen shivered. Her body even knew what that meant. Two days. She swallowed, fought down the fear, and said, “Yes, Mr. Lawless. And a car will be waiting for you at arrivals.”

“Excellent. I believe you have time to give me a blow job, and then I’ll be off to collect the rewards of patience.”

“Yes, Mr. Lawless,” said Eileen, dropping to her knees without a thought. She didn’t have the room for thinking. Too many other things going on. She didn’t know what she would do while Mr. Lawless was away. Here she was about to get her fix and the pangs of addiction already preyed upon her mind. Two days without his cock. Two whole days.

Then her lips closed around the shaft of her god and her head slid forward. Back. Forward, but further, deeper into her mouth. Back. Her tongue teased at the tip in the way he liked.

He rewarded her with a moan. Eileen stopped worrying. His cock touched the back of her throat. Pleasure radiated from it. She began to dream.

“Turns out the problem isn’t the quality control, it’s the upper management,” said Oliver. “To keep the profits up, they strip the branch offices of the resources needed to maintain quality control. I go in, sort a place out and then have to go back and retrain a few months later because they’ve cycled the staff.”

“Sucks man.”

“I haven’t been in the same time zone as my wife for four months.”

“That really sucks. I’ve seen your wife.”

“Everybody’s seen my wife. That’s part of the problem. She’s getting lonely.”

“You need a new job.”

“I can’t, Coop. I need the money.”

“Oh fer fuck’s sakes, Oliver. Money’s easy.”

“You’re a programmer. People throw money at you—“

“I’m kind of between jobs right now.”

“—guys… Uh… sorry to hear that.”

“Meh. My fault. Messed with the boss’s girl.” Cooper shrugged. “Listen, I’m gonna rant like an old man for a few minutes, but it’s important. I’ve been in enough different companies, start-ups that won and lost, huge old companies that couldn’t lose but did, and a bunch that didn’t—yet. Get out before it crashes. Looks better on the resume and you’ll get some satisfaction out of it. Get out now while the getting’s good.”

“Coop, I know you’re trying to help, but this is quality, not software.”

“Same thing, Oliver. Software’s about 80% QC. Worse, the quality is ignored until it becomes a problem. Then it’s probably unfixable because the company’s in a downward spiral. No money to fix things. No one wants to work at the loser, so you can’t hire the people you need to fix things. The people you do have aren’t motivated. Soon the big boss brings in some expensive contractor who sucks the company dry while fixing the place up, but really he’s there to dress the company up all pretty and find some sucker to offload it on.

“Face it, man. The company you’re working so hard to save probably lost its will to live and gave up a year ago. You’re playing the role of the contractor who’s supposed to make the corpse look all sexy and appealing for the next owner, only you’re doing it for peanuts. That just lets them drag it out longer.

“You work your ass off for nothing, and at the end of the day, the new owners will just keep the mailing list and some of the front-line staff. You’re a middle management department head so you’re gone, replaced by some other middle management guy who already does your job for the buyer. You’ll get nothing.”

“You’re a ray of sunshine, Coop,” said Mark.

“Shut up Mark. You’re just hoping he fucks it all up so you’ll get a shot at ’Rissa. Not happening. I guarantee it.”

“Thanks, Coop,” said Oliver.

Cooper blinked and paused, then shook his head and looked either sad or disappointed. Oliver couldn’t tell.

“Oliver, you’re not happy. The wife’s not happy. Don’t wait until the paychecks start getting delayed and the bank’s not happy.

“You can’t afford a chick like ’Rissa if the bank’s not happy, and you’re gonna have to work hard at keeping her anyway.”

“Oh come on, Coop. She’s a teacher.”

“’Rissa’s a teacher? Fuhhhhhk!” moaned Mark. “I’m glad I didn’t have a teacher that looked half as good as her. I would have flunked for sure.”

“Looks like ’Rissa’s online. Tell ’er Coop says hi and you’re quitting your job.” Cooper paused. Fear flitted across his face followed by a flash of anger. Then he spoke quietly, almost whispering, “And just between men, keep an eye out for Bob.”

Eileen’s eyes glazed over as he locked the office door behind him. Bob loved that look. The helpless desire. Her tongue sliding hungrily across her lips almost convinced him to delay a moment to enjoy her mouth one last time before leaving. But business always came first.

“I’ll be available by phone.” Bob turned to go. He paused. All an act. Faking spontaneity made a long-planned act look more like a stroke of brilliance.

He turned back. “Victory has me feeling magnanimous. Call Cooper. I want to see him in my office first thing Monday morning.”

Bob waited. Grinned. “No, tell him Tuesday. Give him an extra day to stew.”

“Yes Mr. Lawless,” cooed Eileen. She turned on the sex appeal, trying to tempt him into one more blowjob before he left. It was a shame in a way. When she’d given up, she gave up completely. That made saying no easier. She was boring.

Not that the electrician working on the panel behind Eileen cared. He heard the tone of Eileen’s voice and his body responded. He shifted his position, stiffening slightly, but had the wit to not play his hand by turning around to look. A smart man.

The electrician certainly had looked on his way in. Everybody did. Eileen had that kind of body. Knew it. Was proud of it. Used it.

Now she used it for him.

Would the electrician turn around if Bob gave Eileen what she wanted? Would he watch or would he politely find some other work that needed doing? He wondered what it would take to make the man discard that wit for the pleasures of Eileen’s mouth. Violate all of his principles to be with her.

Assuming the man had principles worth violating in the first place. His employer hadn’t. Karl Tuttle of Tuttle Electric betrayed his business partners, and his lovely wife, for the pleasure of claiming his daughter’s virginity. And Bob hadn’t done a thing to put the idea there or strengthen it. He’d just made it known that she could be made available. For a small price. And a much larger, unspoken one to be paid later.

Direct the electrician’s eyes to Eileen’s spectacular face. Drop a few suggestions. Begin the process.

“Excuse me,” said Bob.


“Eileen. Could you get the man’s attention, please?”

“Be with you in a minute,” said the electrician, his head practically in the box on the wall, when Eileen tapped on his shoulder.

If he’d asked the right way, Eileen would have gotten his attention. There was no way the man would have been able to ignore her as she opened up his pants and began to hungrily suck his cock.

All he had to do was ask.

Eileen was broken.

But they were always boring after they broke. Marissa would break, too, if she hadn’t already. He hoped she hadn’t. Flying across the country to play with a broken toy was a waste of his time.

That reminded Bob to hurry. “Later. We’ll discuss this later. I have a plane to catch.”

Bob made a note to break the electrician when he got home. Something about the man. His attitude. Something. It… irked him.

The electrician’s head turned, following Mr. Lawless out of the office. “Fuck,” he said. Looking back to the lady behind the front desk, her lust-filled eyes also tracking her boss, he said, “I, uh, left something in my truck.”

The electrician jogged to catch up with Mr. Lawless, and his hand slid in under his jacket and closed around the grip of his pistol. Not the optimal solution, but it worked just fine in an emergency.

“Hey! Bob! Bob Lawless.”

“Yes?” Bob half turned. His eyes widened. He looked past the black hole pointed at his face. Past the pistol and into the eyes of, “Rafe?”

Bob bucked back. He dropped to the ground.

Explosions from inside Grey Networks’ head office drowned out the rest of the clip.

Oliver’s screen froze, then went black. The app crashed moments later, dumping him to the desktop and a picture of Marissa.

Oliver blinked.

Wow she’d changed over the past few months. The blouse in the photo didn’t do her spectacular breasts justice. It made them look like A-cups. Bs tops. As distressing as her new love of showing off them and flirting with other men was, he certainly benefitted.

They guys were right. His wife was hot. He gave his hard dick a stroke. And another. His brain began to fog over. He pumped his cock.

Marylu screamed.

Oliver leapt off of her bed and to the door. “Marylu? What—”

She pointed at the TV. She didn’t have to. Oliver leaned against the back of the couch behind Marylu and his cock wilted as smoke poured from the ruined building on the TV.

The picture of the wreckage pulled back and up into the corner of the screen where it was replaced by smiling picture of Bob. Beside Bob, the newsreader looked solemnly at the camera as she spoke. “Eye witnesses report an unknown assailant shot Robert Apollyon Lawless, the president and CEO of Grey Networks, in the parking lot just moments before a series of explosions destroyed the company’s offices. At this time we do not know if this is an act of a rogue employee or terrorism. Police investigators have yet to get to the scene, but officers on site are cordoning off the area for blocks around, looking for the man responsible for the shooting. At this time rescuers, ordinary people from the business park are working to sift through the wreckage … to help whoever they can find.”

“Oh my god. This is… This is horrible.”

Oliver’s eyes did their best to fall out of their sockets as he watched the news.

Marylu turned to him, looking just as stunned. “I put my life into that place. Who the fuck would…?

“Well on the upside it looks like I don’t have a business partner anymore.

“Jesus… I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t be. Bob was an asshole. I’m worried about the rest of my people. Oh my god. I hope Elise is OK.”

Time pulled back the curtain, slowly revealing more information as coverage continued. “Twenty-seven people are dead and twelve are in critical condition in area hospitals. Fourteen are still missing as crews search through the rubble,” said the TV as the broadcast cut to a reporter at the site.

She had a fantastic face that distracted from her words. A good thing since they were mostly horrible news. Stunning eyes. The kind of legs Oliver could imagine wrapped around his waist for the filming of Traveller 26. Decent boobs, too, but he had much better waiting at home. Oliver’s dick responded and poked Marylu in the back of the head.

“Quick fuck, and then I think I better get to work” Marylu shifted her legs underneath her and rose up on her knees as she turned around. “Ran the original List out of a one-bedroom apartment. Do it again if I have to.”

Her lips closed around the tip of his cock and massaged before sliding down his shaft. All the way down. Slowly. She hummed. Then her head began to piston and within seconds his balls tightened, screaming to release. Oliver had never felt anything like it. She tore a grunt from his mouth. Moans followed.

His hands wound into Marylu’s hair, He’d started doing it around Traveller 17, usually to guide the girl and draw the blowjob out for the camera. Most of his partners were too enthusiastic, and while painting his partner early in the encounter as well as at the end was part of his show, coming too soon… Well, it wasn’t all fun and games. Oliver was a quality guy. He took pride in his work.

And Marylu needed no guidance. She was completely in control. Oliver’s grip was purely to hold on as his body and brain fought for what little Marylu left to him. His body wanted to give in and pump cum down Marylu’s waiting throat. His brain resisted the urge and struggled to not to pop too soon. Sure, it didn’t take him long to recover, but still… It was the principle of the thing.

And his principles were sorely being tested.

Around the shaft of his dick lips twisted into a smile. She knew she had him. Marylu redoubled her efforts.

Then she paused with his dick in her throat, throbbing and screaming for release. She pulled back, torturously slow. His dick popped out from between her lips. Her eyes were glassy with sexual excitement but still bright and her lips wore a seductive twist as she said, “You know… I’m going to need some help getting things back up and running.”

Marissa jumped into his arms the before he stepped out of the security corridor, knocking him stumbling back into another traveller. He’d been expecting it, but not with as much force. He did his best to mumble an apology around Marissa’s lips, but it would have been half-hearted at best. No way was he apologizing for this.

Her legs wrapped around his waist. Her hands gripped his shoulders and her breasts pressed into his chest. That there was reason enough to not fall over. The kiss went on and on. Her body ground into his, and he barely noticed the twin layers of denim separating their bodies.

“Hi,” said Marissa, after finally breaking for air.

They found his luggage circling the carousel alone and unloved when they got back from the bathroom. It had been a quick, explosive affair. Neither of them could hold back for long. Principles were all well and good, but this was his wife! She got what she wanted and she wanted it as much as he did.

But some things needed to wait for home.

The bridge traffic was a mess, so they stopped at a hotel.

“There better not be any travelling as part of this new job,” said Marissa. “I want my husband for a while.”

He’d been home for three days and when she looked at him his dick stiffened and his balls churned like he was still on the road, sating himself with random women because he couldn’t have the one he desperately needed.

He was home. He was with her. And they’d spent the last 72 hours doing everything he’d dreamed of for months.

Except for skiing. He wanted to hit the slopes at least once before he went back on the road. The thought of sexy ski bunny Marissa bouncing on or bucking under his cock on the slopes of Seymour sent a torrent of red-hot blood surging forth to finish off the swelling erection.

Maybe he wouldn’t get much actual skiing in, but what his throbbing dick had in mind looked like a lot more fun.

“Lots, but this time you come with me,” said Oliver. “You’re going to love it, honey! Conventions are a lot more fun than training seminars. Held in better hotels, too.”

“Well WE are not going anywhere for a few weeks. I’m behind on my thesis. I’ve got marking to do, I’m kind-of committed to a dancing the local circuit…

“And I’d love if you bent me over the hood of a news van and fucked me like you did that TV reporter in Traveler twenny six!”

“We can do better than that! Working for Marylu I’m—”

“Oooooh! I love Marylu!” Marissa jumped with glee. Her breasts bounced, swayed and slowed down to a jiggle as Oliver watched. His dick throbbed and precum dripped from the tip. “She got you out of that horrible job and home to me!”

“Say, um, ’Rissa? Now that I’m with the List, we’re automatically platinum members. Coop showed me this… Uh… What?”

Marissa tried to hide the frown. “Coop is… I’m not sure I like Cooper.”

“Well, you don’t have to like him, honey. But you ever thought about… um… having bigger breasts?”

’Rissa’s eyes lit up as her brains melted and ran out her pussy.