The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Mind-Control Panties

by mypenname3000

Story 10: Cutie’s Hot Ass

The figure was running off the high of its last mind-control outing. It still enjoyed the buzz from the last girl who wore one of its panties. She’d been transformed. So had been all those around the girl. The effect had rippled out, touching the lives of everyone who came near her. That wasn’t uncommon with one of its pairs of panties, but this effect was delicious. It had enjoyed watching the transformation.

But now it was interested in a new transformation.

The figure moved through the near-empty halls of the college with these. The figure was nondescript. Unremarkable. It clearly didn’t belong in this place of education, but no one gave it a second glance. The mist made it unremarkable. Though unseen, the vaporous magic was there.

The same magic that wreathed the panties it made.

The figure smiled as it entered Mr. Harrison’s classroom. Its eyes glanced around the room, drinking in the sight. Rows of orderly desks. Posters hung on the wall talking about the professor’s subject: history. One held a flowchart showing the evolution of the Roman state, another had bullet points of the major events a World War I. The figure stopped at one desk. Right up front, center of the row. The figure shuddered, knowing Zelda would sit her. She was the perfect girl for this pair of panties. The satin, bronze panties were made for her. The figure carefully draped the panties across the desk, stroking the silver letters across the seat.

Cute Tush.

The figure smiled, eager for its newest creation to be donned. Eager for the rush of mind-controlling another mortal girl who put them on.

The figure swept down the rows of desks, navigating between them on the way to the door. Just as it was about to reach the door, it opened. As usual, Zelda Carter had arrived early for her first class. She was the type of girl who liked to be on time. Proper. She wore a pink, cashmere sweater, long sleeves and high necks, and a skirt that fell past her knees, pink leggings peeking out.

“Well, hi,” she said by routine, her eyes almost losing over as they glanced at the figure.

In her mind, the figure was nothing more than a janitor. A custodian that had every right to be in the classroom. She stepped aside, the figure sweeping out, soon to have vanished entirely from the mortal world.

Not that Zelda knew. Or cared.

She was eager to learn from her favorite professor. History was a delightful subject to her. She loved uncovering the past. Learning about all the foibles that others had made. It was why, though she was twenty, she still had her virginity. She’d read the accounts about the girls who’d given up their cherries young, surrendering to the bestial lust of their boyfriends or to their own carnal desires.

Those girls were invariably unsatisfied.

She wanted her first time to be perfect. With a boy that she knew she loved. She had a boyfriend, but she wasn’t sure Nathan was the one. She hoped he was. She knew that if he was patient with her, waited for her to be ready, he would be.

These ideas all skittered through her mind as she approached her desk, thoughts dancing to and fro as she thought about other things. She made sure she had all her homework done, cataloging all the assignments she’d been given. She was about to sit down at her desk when she noticed what lay on top of it.

She gasped in shock. She picked up the panties, feeling a tingle running through her. “Where did you come from?”

She didn’t even remember the figure at all. Forgetting it, she couldn’t make any connection with it and how these panties had found themselves here. The material was a satiny silk, so different from the cotton panties she wore. A naughty delight rippled through her, her butt-cheeks tingling.

What would you feel like on my rump? danced through her thoughts as she read those two words.

The door to the classroom creaked open.

Gasping, panicking at being caught holding a pair of panties, she shoved them into her skirt pocket, balling them deep. She whirled around to see Mr. Harrison enter. He was a tall, dark-haired man with brown eyes and a goatee.

“Good morning, Zelda,” he said, giving her a smile. “You make me look bad. I should get here before you.”

She just smiled at him, already forgetting about the panties in her pocket. “Sorry, I’m just so eager to learn about the fall of Constantinople today. Are we going to cover it?”

“The point in time were cannons defeated the greatest medieval defenses ever erected,” he said. “The day that curtain walls became obsolete.”

* * *

Zelda Carter

I had no idea why I was putting on these panties. I shuddered as I stepped into the satin, silky underwear. A tingle raced up my legs as I dragged them up my calves. These were the panties I found yesterday when I arrived at my history class. I didn’t know why anyone would leave them behind. What girl would do that? I shouldn’t have put them in my pocket.

And I definitely shouldn’t be pulling them up my thighs, but...

I was just so curious to see what they would feel like. I always bought plain, boring panties. I never wore the riskier stuff, always telling myself that I wasn’t ready to lose my virginity When I was, then I would buy a pair of lacy underwear. Maybe even a thong.

Until I was ready to show what I was wearing underneath my skirt to my boyfriend, what was the point of wearing anything else?

I shuddered, biting my lip and whimpering. The panties felt so smooth against my thighs. A hot itch formed in my pussy as I pulled the waistband up over my rump. I groaned at the sleek feel of the fabric. It cupped across my rump, covering every inch of my butt-cheeks. It almost hugged them, gripping them like a pair of hands. I shuddered, wiggling my rump.

Did I have a cute tush?

I blushed at that thought, my head shaking. My black pigtails danced around my face. My little breasts jiggled. I snagged my plain, white bra and pulled it on as I struggled to get used to this new pair of panties.

They made my skin feel so excited. Especially across my rump. Everywhere they touched me felt alive. Electrified. I licked my lips, wondering if I should take them off. I felt so naughty. My pink nipples were hard, I was starting to get wet. Like when Nathan kissed me.

I decided to leave them on. I’d already donned them, and they did feel kind of nice, even if they made me feel like I was a little bit of a pervy girl. My cheeks were burning as I put on the rest of my clothes. I pulled on a purple sweater, loving the fuzzy feel of it on my skin. It didn’t make me feel naughty.

Not like these panties.

Then I grabbed a black skirt. I stepped into it, pulling it up my legs. It was a long one, I didn’t need to wear tights today with this pair. I like wearing skirts. They were so elegant. It made me feel so womanly. I knew lots of girls like wearing jeans or pants because they were comfortable, but boys wore those, too.

I wanted to be feminine.

I zipped up my skirt and then frowned at my reflection in the mirror. I turned, staring at my side profile. Did this skirt make my rump look nice? Did I have a cute tush? It was hard to say. The fall of the skirt didn’t quite cup my rear like the panties did. I bit my lip, worrying about my rear’s appearance.


It wasn’t like me to be concerned about what I looked like. I mean, I put on makeup, I combed my hair and wore clean clothes, but I wasn’t worried about how my figure looked to others. But... I bit my lower lip, thinking my rump didn’t look cute at all in the skirt. It bothered me for some reason.


That thought echoed through my mind. Why did I care so much? I rubbed my hands on my skirt as I headed down the stairs. All my way to my college, all I could think about was how others saw me. Did they look at me and think, “That girl doesn’t have a great ass. I mean, look at what she’s wearing. If she had a cute tush, why wouldn’t she be showing it off? Instead, it’s like she’s trying to hide it?”

That thought really bugged me. It had to be just my imagination. My skirt didn’t make my rump look unflattering. Right? I needed an opinion.

I smiled when I saw my boyfriend, Nathan. He was waiting for me out front of the building, leaning against the brick wall. He was a tall guy with blond hair and blue eyes. He grinned as he pushed off from the wall. “Hey, cutie, how you doing?”

“You ask that like we weren’t texting the entire way to school,” I told him. “You know I’m fine.”

“Yeah, and? I just wanted to ask you,” he said, his arm sliding around my waist. He gave me a quick kiss on the lips. I could feel his hands on my lower back. Why didn’t they slide lower and cup my tush? Didn’t he think I had a cute ass? It made me squirm.

“Nathan...?” I said, my voice tight.

“Yeah, Zelda?” he asked, staring at me.

I broke away from him and turned around, twisting my torso to stare at back at him over my shoulder. My black pigtails swept off my shoulders as I did. “Does this skirt make my ass look good?”

He stared at them and frowned. “Well, yeah, I guess it’s fine,” he said. “I mean, you’re always wearing skirts. And that’s the best your ass is going to look in them. Maybe you could wear tighter skirts. Or jeans.”


The thought of wearing those wormed through my mind.

“I mean, I still like your ass,” he said. “It’s cute.”

“But not cute enough,” I muttered.

“Geez,” he groaned. “I didn’t mean to make you feel self-conscious. You’re gorgeous, Zelda. I love you just the way you are.”

It was a nice thought, but I really, really wanted people to know I had a cute tush. The satiny panties I wore tingled around my ass, gripping my butt. For a moment, I wanted to just lift up my skirt and ask what he thought of my ass cupped in that naughty satin. My face burned at the thought even as my pussy grew so hot.

“So you don’t need to do anything different,” he said. “I like you just the way you are.”

I wanted that to be enough, but...

I was the first person to enter Mr. Harrison’s class. I liked getting there early, eager to learn. My boyfriend shared my history class, but he always refused to go in early with me. He always broke off to go hang out with his friends for a couple of minutes before classes started. Yesterday’s lesson on the fall of Constantinople was amazing. Today we were going to talk about how Sultan Mehmed II set up the seat of his empire in the new city, changing Constantinople to Istanbul.

When Mr. Harrison walked in, I almost asked him what his opinion was on my ass. That would be totally inappropriate. He was my professor.

I squirmed all through class, feeling the satin grip of the panties hugging my rump. They itched, compelling me to ask Mr. Harrison that question.

Instead, I asked Terry when class was over. He was a tall, Black guy who sat in the back. He had his hair buzzed short and a soul patch on his chin. I walked up to him, ignoring the curious look from Nathan.

“Terry?” I asked, turning my body to show off my side profile. “Does this skirt make my ass look cute?”

Nathan’s jaw dropped. I noticed him spluttering out of the corner of my eye.

Terry paused, his eyes flicking me up and down. I noticed his hunger stirring in those dark depths. His eyes brimmed with this passion that sent a wicked tingle through me. My butt-cheeks clenched as my panties seemed to almost electrify my rump. I turned more, giving the Black guy a full-on look at my ass. He studied it, a smile growing on his lips.

“Well, it looks fine,” he said. “It’s really hard to say more, though. Your skirt doesn’t really emphasize your rump.”

“I know,” I said. “That’s what I was afraid of. Do you think I should wear different clothes to show my ass off better?”

“Oh, definitely,” he said. “There’s nothing like a White girl with a nice ass.” He reached out and squeeze it, bringing a gasp from Nathan’s lips. “Yeah, you got potential. I have to see it in something better to know fo’ sure.”

My cheeks burned as I nodded. “Thanks, Terry,” I said. I turned around and darted over to my boyfriend. “Terry thinks I should wear something better. Maybe I should buy some jeans after classes are over?”

“He... He...” Nathan’s cheeks went red. “He grabbed your butt.”

“Yeah. He was just inspecting it.” I said. “He had to know if I had any potential. Are you jealous?” I grinned and took his arm. I rubbed my cheek against his shoulder. “That’s cute. You know you have nothing to worry about. When I’m ready, you’re going to be my first.”

My virgin pussy itched. I didn’t think it’ll be too long until I was ready, but I never knew. The time had to be perfect.

“Well, I guess,” he said.

I asked other guys about their opinion throughout the day. The consensus was unanimous: my skirt just did not show off my tush to its fullest. They kept saying words like “fine” or “okay” or even “meh.” I needed to do better than meh! I knew my butt was cute. Hot. I needed to show it off. I had to buy new jeans.

“I can’t go to your place and study with you,” I told Nathan after classes were over. “I have to go shopping. Unless you want to come with me.”

“Well,” he said, rubbing at the back of his neck. He didn’t seem enthusiastic. “I guess I can come. But, I mean, you don’t have to change your look. You know that, right? You’re fine the way you are.”

“I guess,” I said. He should be more supportive. “Maybe Terry would like to come with me and give his advice.”

Nathan blinked. “What?”

“I’ll see you later, Nathan,” I said, planting a kiss on his cheek. “Terry seems to be a much better judge on a White girl’s ass. He’ll be perfect.”

I left Nathan behind, confused why he would be spluttering. What was wrong with getting some advice from an expert? I found Terry, and the Black guy was more than happy to go shopping with me. “Fo’ sure I want to see you try on some jeans.”

I beamed at him.

He drove me to the mall, grinning the entire time. I kept squirming in the passenger seat, my ass tingling from the silky panties that gripped it. I was so excited about this. I knew my rump would look impressive in my new jeans.

Terry would help me pick out the best pair to show off my cute tush to its fullest.

I strolled into the mall with Terry, my heart beating with excitement. We didn’t go to my usual stopping place, the department store, but to one of the trendy stores. I smiled when I saw the jeans on display on the model in the display window. They were so tight. They had little hearts drawn in pink spangles on the rear pockets.

I tingled, just knowing these would be perfect.

Of course, I grabbed the pair with the hearts, plus a few more pairs of skinny jeans. I buzzed with excitement as I headed into the changing room. In there, I stripped out of my boring skirt, pausing for a moment to admire how my rump looked in the bronze panties. The silver letters were backward in the mirror, but I knew what they spelled.

I had what they said.

I grabbed the pair of jeans with the hearts on the back pockets, trembling in excitement. I stepped my legs into the pair, shuddering as I drew the pants up. I, of course, owned some jeans, mainly for doing outdoor stuff. None were like these. My new jeans were stretchy. Not like any denim I’d worn. I shuddered as I pulled them higher and higher up my legs, feeling the cloth molding to my skin. I wiggled my hips as I pulled them over my rump. As I fastened them up, I glanced in the mirror.

They definitely showed off my ass. This was so much better than the boring skirt draping over my rear. I smiled and threw open the door to the changing room. Terry grinned as I stepped out, his eyes flicking up and down.

“Come on girl, show me that booty. Let me see how good it looks.”

I turned around, wiggling my hips.

“Damn, girl, stop shaking. Let me drink in the sight of you.”

“Sorry, I’m just so excited,” I said. I pulled out my phone and started texting Nathan. Just trying on the new jeans. Waiting to find out what Terry has to say about them.

I hit send.

I gasped as Terry’s large hands cupped both my butt-cheeks. He squeezed and kneaded my rump, his fingers digging into the denim. I shuddered, the heat building in my pussy. A naughty tingle rippled across my rear as his fingers massaged me.

You really went shopping with him? Nathan sent back.

Yes, I replied. He’s inspecting the jeans I’m trying on right now. I’m waiting for his approval.

“Who you texting, girl?” Terry asked, his thumbs massaging my butt-cheeks. He almost rubbed at the crack.

“Just my boyfriend,” I said, my entire body feeling alive right now. The way Terry was touching me had to mean my ass was cute. “What do you think? He’s waiting to find out.”

“Damn, why didn’t you have your boyfriend do this?” Terry said.

“Well, you are an expert on White girl’s asses.”

He chuckled. “Fo’ sure. And you got a great feeling ass. Nice and curvy. Peachy. I like it. Definitely cute.”

I quickly sent to Nathan, He thinks my ass is cute! Isn’t that exciting?

You don’t expect me to be excited that some other guy’s groping your ass right now, Nathan sent back.

Don’t be jealous, I texted. He’s just squeezing my ass. It’s not like he’s touching my tits or anything. I giggled and said to Terry “He’s getting a little jealous.”

“Fo’ sure,” Terry said. He gave my ass one final squeeze. Then he pulled his hands away. I missed his inspection already. “You better go try on those other jeans. Just to see how they fit.”

I tried on the other two pairs of jeans. Terry gave a thorough examination of each. I groaned, my pussy feeling so juicy. I bit my lip and whimpered as his fingers kneaded my rump. He pushed the denim a little bit into my butt-crack, trying to reach in there, but just not being able to. Heat flowed through me. My nipples ached.

If I had a date with Nathan tonight, I might be convinced to let him do more than kiss me.

Sweat broke across my brow during the final inspection. I felt like Terry was taking forever to approve them, massaging my rear.

“Definitely the first pair,” he said. “Those hearts really set off your butt-cheeks. I just had to be thorough.”

“Of course,” I said, smiling at him.

Terry followed me into the changing room. I blinked at that but didn’t say anything as I unzipped my jeans. I turned away from him as I pushed the jeans down my hips. When I bent over to get them past my knees, thrust my ass out at him. He groaned as he saw my panties.

“Now, girl, that’s a nice looking ass. Shame you can’t wear these to class.”

I giggled. “Yep, that’s a shame.”

I worked the jeans down my legs, sliding them off. I felt Terry looking at me. I groaned as his hands grabbed my ass. Fingers dipped into my butt-crack, pressing the satin fabric into my crotch. I gasped as he found my asshole. He touched my sphincter, rubbing it through the satin. “Damn, you really got a fine ass, girl. Damn fine ass.”

“You better stop going lower,” I whimpered. “You’re almost about to venture into places not even my boyfriend’s touched.”

“Right, right,” he said pulling his hands away. “Don’t want to poach on Nathan’s girl.” He said my boyfriend’s name with derision. “I mean, I’m here, and he’s not.”

“Because you’re an expert on White girl asses. Otherwise, he’d be here.” I smiled at Terry. “He is a great boyfriend.”

I really, really didn’t want to put back on the skirt, but I had to walk out of here wearing something. I ended up buying a couple of pairs of the ones with hearts on them. Well, they had a variety of them. There was one with stars, another with a four-leaf shamrock, and one with kissing lips. All in all, I bought four pairs of jeans.

It was all I could afford.

Terry drove me home. There, I raced upstairs, texting Nathan all about it. I promised that he would love what I looked like when he saw me tomorrow. He would be blown away by what an amazing ass I had. He could even touch it. After all, I let Terry grope my ass. No reason I couldn’t let my boyfriend do the same even if the thought made me blush.

That night, I felt so itchy, I had to masturbate. I didn’t do it every day, but tonight I rubbed my pussy feverishly. I even did something I’d never done before. I reached my left hand beneath my rump and slid my digits into my butt-crack.

I found my asshole.

I groaned when I sank my middle finger into my bowels. I felt so wicked. So wanton. I pumped it in and out of me while I rubbed my virgin flesh. I came so hard, my anal sheath writhing around my digit, my juices flooding my fingers. I shuddered, imagining such naughty things.

Things thicker than my figure penetrating back there.

I panted after I came down from my orgasm, feeling sleep pulling down at me. I rolled over, sniffing at my finger. The scent wasn’t bad. A sour, earthy flavor. I popped it into my mouth and sucked the flavor of my ass all off my digit, and fell into sleep.

I had to wear the panties the next day.

Normally, I wouldn’t do that, but they just felt so amazing. I slipped them on first, that tingle racing through me. My asshole clenched, remembering my finger. Naughty thoughts danced in my head as I pulled on my jeans next. I went with a pair decorated with hearts.

They were just the cutest.

I wiggled the jeans up my legs, the stretchy material clinging to me. They showed off my great thighs and cute calves as well as a delicious tush. I tugged the stretchy material over my rump, feeling it gripping my butt-cheeks. It was almost as tight as my panties.

If I could wear something that hugged my ass like my pair of panties and still go to college in them, I’d wear them.

Nathan was pacing out front of the college when I arrived. I called his name. He gave me this concerned look. I smiled at him and darted up. I stopped before him, saying, “Well?” I turned, letting him get a look at my butt. “What do you think?”

“Well, those are...” He swallowed. “I mean, you look great, but you went—”

“You think my ass is great!” I squealed. “Please, tell me how cute I look.” I bent over more, thrusting my ass out at him. “I need to know.”

“Well, yeah, your ass looks great in it, that’s not the—”

I squealed again. “I’m so glad you like my ass in this.” I threw my arms around his neck and kissed him on the cheek. “Oh, Nathan, you’re such a wonderful boyfriend.”

“Nice ass,” said a guy as he walked by. I gasped as he gave my rump a squeeze. “Damn, nice ass.”

I beamed.

“Shame you’re in those jeans. Be nice to see all the curves.”

Just like that, my excitement vanished.

“He just squeezed your ass,” Nathan fumed. “Hey, that’s my girlfriend!”

I shrugged and headed inside, dazed.

I swayed. Jeans weren’t enough to show off my ass. What could I do about that? I couldn’t just go around in panties. I had to wear something. Right?

For once, I wasn’t the first to Mr. Harrison’s class. I was in such a daze as I wandered down the hallway, struggling to figure out what to do. What could I possibly wear? Tights? Those weren’t tight enough. They might hug my butt, but they were thick and warm. Yoga pants?

Those were pretty clingy.

Was there anything better?

There were nylons, but that was like wearing panties. I need something I can actually wear in public. That would show off my rump perfectly. Nathan was arguing in the background, shouting at the guy who grabbed my ass while I just kept drifting. Was there anything I could wear?

“You look like you’re in a daze,” a rumbling voice said.

I blinked and looked up to see Terry. The black guy grinned at me. “I thought you’d be looking happy. I mean, that ass looks pretty good in those jeans.”

“Pretty good isn’t good enough,” I said. “I need something better. You’ve seen what my ass looks like in those panties.”

“Fo’ sure, I did. It was a damn fine ass. Perfect. You really need to show it off better.”

“I know,” I said. “Do you have any ideas?”

He shrugged. “I know, try jeggings. There like pantyhose but they look like jeans. People sometimes can get away with wearing them in public. They’ll fit your ass like nylons, but, you know, they look like denim.”

“Jeggings,” I said, my imagination on fire.

Terry’s hand slid around my waist to grab my ass. He pulled me close to him. Both his hands were now on my rump. He squeezed and kneaded my ass, his fingers sliding up and down the seam that followed my butt-crack. If the denim wasn’t so thick, he could get his finger in there like he had with my panties the day before. He could tease my asshole. I felt something hard poking me in the stomach. I stared up at him as a wave of heat washed out of my pussy.

“I’m going to do it. I want to buy jeggings. Tomorrow... Tomorrow my ass will be perfect.”

“Well, that will be nice, but it’s a shame you can’t go around naked.”

I giggled, this wicked tingle rippling out of my ass. “I can’t do that. Even if I do have a cute tush.”

“Still, damn shame that you—”

“Hey!” Nathan shouted. “That’s my girlfriend’s ass you’re groping!”

“It’s all cool, man,” Terry said, giving my rump a final squeeze. “Just inspecting her fine rump. Nothing wrong with that.”

I turned around and smiled at my boyfriend. “Right, nothing wrong with that. Look, Nathan, you can grab my ass. Just put your hands over my rump and squeeze. You can see how nice it is.”

“I can’t grope your ass in the middle of the hallway,” Nathan muttered, cheeks red. “And you shouldn’t be letting other guys do it.

“Are you kidding jealous?” I asked, shaking my head. I pulled away from Terry and that hard bulge in his jeans. I went to Nathan, taking his hands. I gave him such a happy smile. “I’m your girlfriend. Okay?”

Terry’s hand found his way to my ass again. He squeezed me as I smiled at my boyfriend. A wicked shudder ran through me, an electrifying tingle that spread from my panties. My pussy clenched. The Black guy knew how to touch my ass. He was a master at it.

“He’s doing it again,” Nathan muttered.

I rolled my eyes. I rose on my tiptoes and planted a quick kiss on his lips. “You’re my boyfriend. Okay? Terry’s just a friend.”

“That’s all I am, okay?” Terry asked. “We cool, man?” He squeezed my butt. “Be happy that your girlfriend’s got such a fine ass.” Terry pulled his hand away and then he smacked my rump.

I giggled.

Terry sauntered into the classroom. “I want to go buy some jeggings after classes are finished, and then you’ll see just how amazing my ass really is.”

“What are jeggings?” Nathan asked, still staring at me like he was a little mad.

“Something amazing,” I said, taking his arm and pressing against him. “Come on, Mr. Harrison’s class is about to start. He’s going to be talking about how the Ottomans used the Mamluk slaves to administrate their empire. Isn’t that weird? Slaves.”

We headed in the classroom while my imagination was on fire with the possibility of jeggings.

They were all I could think about. I googled them between breaks, staring at pictures of these thin, tight, stretchy material hugging girl’s asses. They weren’t wearing panties, so the material slipped into their butt-cracks. It was like they were naked, but they weren’t. Because they look like they were jeans, people wouldn’t realize you were wearing practically nylons. They were so naughty. I searched where to buy them and smiled when I saw I could get them at the same place I bought my jeans. I quivered with excitement.

After classes were over, Terry, of course, was more than happy to drive me to the mall.

“You’re going with him again?” Nathan whined as I headed to Terry’s car. My boyfriend was trailing after us, looking so desultory for some reason.

“You need to study for your math test,” I told him. “You need to keep up your grades. Terry will make sure I get to the mall and back. He’s a really good friend.”

“A friend that has his hand on your ass,” Nathan muttered.

Terry did have his hand on my ass. He squeezed and fondled it every chance he could.

“What’s so wrong with that?” I asked. “Didn’t you like squeezing my ass after Mr. Harrison’s class? I even kissed you while you did it. Do you see me kissing Terry?”


“See, just something friends do,” Terry said. “Especially when that friend’s got a fine ass.”

I giggled.

“I’d let you come,” Terry continued, “but my backseat’s full of junk. No room for you.”

“Sorry, Nathan,” I said. “I’ll text you when I got the jeggings. Love you.”

Then I was stepping into Terry’s car. There were couple of shirts in the back, spread out over the entire seat. I guess they couldn’t be moved so Nathan could sit back there. Terry slipped into the driver seat and we were off.

I was so excited to buy the jeggings. The moment we arrived at the mall, I burst out of the car and left Terry behind. I missed his hand rubbing my ass, but I was so excited. I was practically running by the time I was inside the mall. I reached the clothing store, darting in, my eyes scanning.

I gasped when I saw them. They were sold with the nylons and came in the same eggs stockings did. They had them in dark-blue and stonewash and light-blue and even pink. I scooped them up in my hands, juggling them, when Terry walked in.

“Damn, girl, you’re just eager for it.”

I smiled at him.

“You want to try them on?” he asked.

I rolled my eyes. “You don’t try on nylons. They’re stretchy. They’ll fit.”

“Maybe I just want to see your ass in those panties again.”

I smiled and nodded. “Fine, grab that pair of jeans so I can pretend to have something to try on.”

He did.

The moment he closed the changing room door behind us, I was unsnapping my jeans. I shoved them down, bending over so he could see my rump clad in the bronze panties. I felt so wicked. So naughty.

His hand grabbed my ass.

I shuddered as he kneaded my ass through my panties. There was almost nothing between us. I closed my eyes, whimpering as I bit my lower lip. My nipples were so hard. My pussy was so wet. If Nathan was here, I didn’t know what I would do. I wiggled my hips, loving the hot touch of Terry’s strong fingers kneading my rump.

He groaned, his fingers sliding up and up the panties until he found the waistband. I gasped as they dipped inside. I felt him sliding into my underwear. His hand was touching my naked flesh. He caressed my rump directly. His middle finger slid into my butt-crack. I whimpered, my heart thundering so fast as he went lower and lower.

He found my sphincter.

I groaned, shuddering at how sensitive my asshole felt. I whimpered as pleasure I normally only felt when I masturbated my pussy was flowing through me as he circled my puckered hole. His finger caressed my sphincter, causing me to quiver. I leaned over, grabbing a support bar. I gripped it, my face inches from the mirror before me.

I was flushed. My pigtails swayed about my face, my black hair caressing my red cheeks.

“Yeah, you got yourself a nice ass,” he said. “Fo’ sure.”

I whimpered and nodded.

“You like that, huh? You like me massaging your little asshole.”

“Yes,” I moaned. “You know just what to do. You are such an expert.”

“No one knows a White girl’s ass better than me.”

That was so true. I whimpered, my pussy melting with my juices. His finger pressed against my sphincter. My eyes widened as he entered me. I felt his fingers sliding into my asshole. My virgin cunt clenched as his digit sank deeper and deeper.

“Oh, god, yes,” I moaned, gripping the bar, my face twisting in the reflection. “Terry!”

“Yeah, just a beautiful ass,” he groaned. “I can’t wait to see you tomorrow in those jeggings. You’re going to be beautiful.”

I nodded, whimpering. His finger plunged in and out of my asshole. He reached deeper, wiggling around inside of me. The velvety stimulation was incredible. My virgin pussy drank it in, my juices flowing hotter and hotter out of my depths. My little clit throbbed, my nipples aching. It was incredible.

I had no idea my asshole could feel so amazing. When I fingered it last night, it felt great, but this... Terry knew just where to touch me. How to work his finger in and out of my bowels. I whimpered through my grit teeth, feeling this pressure building and building inside of me.

My orgasm approached.

I shuddered as his finger thrust deep and fast into me. My velvety asshole gripped him, clenching about him increasing the friction. The stimulation. It was incredible. Pleasure rippled through me. I squeezed my eyes shut, little lights dancing across my dark vision. This tide swelled and swelled in me.

He pressed a second finger against my asshole.

“Terry!” I gasped as he pushed his pointer finger into my sphincter.

My anal ring stretched and stretched. I groaned, wanting to fight his intrusion, but it felt too good to resist. This heat that stabbed into my nethers. The second finger sank into me, extending into me to penetrate almost as deep as his middle finger did. I groaned as he pumped them both in and out of me.

“You are tight,” he said. “Mmm, I love a tight, hot, White girl ass. And you got a beautiful one, Zelda. Fo’ sure.”

“Thank you!” I moaned as his fingers pumped in and out of me faster and faster. My orgasm built. Every plunge sent me hurtling towards it. I couldn’t resist surrendering to this passion. I couldn’t stop myself from enjoying this. My ass felt amazing. His fingers felt so right inside my bowels.

He jammed them both so deep in me, his other fingers sliding into my butt-crack. He almost sank every inch of his digits buried in me. So thick and long.

“Yes!” I squealed. I came.

My asshole writhed around his fingers. My virgin pussy convulsed. I could feel the juices soaking my bush and the gusset of my panties. I whimpered, my small breasts jiggling in my bra as I trembled. My pigtails danced around my head. They whipped around my shoulders as I swung my head from side to side. Stars exploded across my vision as the waves of rapture slammed into my mind.

I drowned in ecstasy. My asshole felt amazing. I had no idea a friend could give me such delight just from fingering my bowels. I whimpered, drinking it in. So glad that my cute tush could give me such rapture.

“Damn, you do have an amazing ass,” he growled. “It’s gotta be the most perfect ass in the world. Fo’ sure, girl.”

“Thank you!” I howled as my orgasm peaked.

“You’re welcome,” he said. He ripped his fingers out of my asshole. For a moment, he pressed against me. I felt the hard bulge of his cock rubbing against my rump. “I can’t wait for tomorrow. You’ll look amazing in those jeggings.”

“Yes,” I groaned as I came down from my orgasm.

I paid for my jeggings and almost floated out the mall, carried on the winds of rapture that my anal orgasm gave me. Terry was such a good friend to make me feel so good. I gave him a kiss on the cheek in thanks.

I climbed into his car and immediately texted Nathan. I have the jeggings! I hope you’re studying for your math test! I want you to succeed. I love you.

I’m trying to study, he sent back. Hard to do when I know you’re out with him.

You don’t have to worry. Terry’s a good friend. He made me feel so good about my jeggings. Gave me such a rush. Buying them was awesome. I wish I could come over and see you because I would probably do something naughty. But you have to study, and I have my own homework I need to get done. Tomorrow, you’ll get to see my ass in my jeggings.

So will Terry.

Why wouldn’t he? Terry deserved to see me in the jeggings. He helped me buy them!

Nathan didn’t answer.

Terry dropped me off at my house, giving me a final pat on the rump. I smiled at him and then headed inside.

I barely managed to get my homework done before I was fingering my asshole. I made myself cum three times before I passed out. When I woke up, my finger was still buried in my bowels. Since I had fifteen minutes before I had to actually get up, I gave myself another one orgasm.

I climaxed so hard, my pussy convulsing, rapture sweeping through me.

I loved having fingers in my asshole. Maybe Nathan would finger my asshole at school. I wished he’d stop being such a stick in the mud. I didn’t understand why he was so jealous of Terry. We were just friends.

I cracked open the plastic egg holding the stonewash pair of jeggings. I didn’t have the panties on, they would be visible through it and it would defeat the whole point of wearing these. Jeggings would be even tighter than my panties. They would mold to my rump and even slide into butt-crack and show off the full shape of my peachy ass.

Putting jeggings on was like rolling on nylons. I went slow, working them up both legs to make sure there weren’t any runs. The only difference between stockings and jeggings were the latter had no feet. The jeggings ended at my ankles.

I shuddered as they clung to my thighs like skinny jeans, but were even tighter. I pulled them higher and higher. I groaned as I rolled them up over my rump. Just like I had hoped, I could feel the stretchy material sliding into my butt-crack. It pressed against my asshole, letting me know that the full definition of my rump could be seen.

They were so thin I felt like I was naked.

What I didn’t count on was how obvious my bush was in the front. I had to act fast. I had never shaved my pussy, but I quickly got that done. I was going to be late for my first class, but it would be worth it. The jeggings felt so naughty against my bare virgin lips. They molded to my twat, too. I had a cameltoe on display.

It was a small price to pay to show off my perfect ass.

I rushed down the stairs, the jeggings cupping my ass and vulva. Without any pubic hair, I could feel the stretchy material caressing my pussy lips. My clit. I groaned, this heat racing through me. The material was in my butt-crack and teasing my asshole. I whimpered, my entire body on fire.

I needed Terry to grope my ass. I needed my asshole played with. I wish I had time to masturbate, but I had to run.

I’d be late for Mr. Harrison’s class if I didn’t leave.

I bolted out of the house, my feet stretching out before me. The jeggings hugged me like a second skin. I was practically naked as I hit the sidewalk and made the right towards my college. It wasn’t far. I lived close. But, still, I had to hurry to avoid being late.

My phone buzzed, clutched tightly in my hand. I didn’t have any pockets on my jeggings, and I’d left my purse behind. I did snag my backpack, so I wasn’t completely unprepared for college. And, of course, I would never leave my house without my phone. I swiped the screen as I ran, seeing a message from Nathan.

Where are you? he texted. Your dumb friend is bugging me. Asshole thinks I would let him know where you are. He claimed he fingered your asshole? Did he?

I couldn’t answer that right now. I was running. Best I could do was hit three letters.


I hit send and kept running, a stitch already forming in my side. I could see my college ahead. I ran faster, my clit throbbing. The material caressed me. It rubbed my ass, my butt-cheeks rippling as I ran. My asshole drank in the teasing delight of the fabric.

It was all so much bliss.

I was on fire. I could feel my juices soaking my jeggings. They absorbed my cream like a sponge, spreading the wetness across my crotch, down my thighs, and around to the bottom slopes of my butt-cheek. My pigtails bounced around my shoulders.

I darted across the road to get to my college. A car horn honked, brakes screeching. I just kept running. I made it to the other side and raced into the school grounds. I could see Nathan waiting out front.

I waved to him, my breasts bouncing in my bra and my loose blouse. My top was the exact opposite of the jeggings I was wearing. I wanted to show off my ass, not my tits. I was still a wholesome girl. I was a virgin. I didn’t know when I would be ready to give it up. It had to be to the right guy.

I had assumed that was Nathan, but the way he’d been acting the last few days...

“Zelda!” he gasped. “Jesus, you’re almost late.”

“Sorry... I had to... shave my pussy,” I panted.

He blinked as I came up to him. I stopped and struggled to catch my breath. I grabbed his arm for support, half bending over as I sucked in air.

“You had to... shave? For Terry?”

“God, stop being such a jealous idiot. Because my bush would totally be on display. Look.” I straightened and pointed at my crotch.

His jaw dropped. “Holy fucking crap, Zelda, I can see your pussy lips. It’s like your practically naked.”

“I know,” I said, turning around. “See? Look at my butt. You can see every bit of my cute tush. Isn’t it just perfect?”

“Yeah, it is, but...” He swallowed. “What’s this about Terry fingering your asshole? Did you...?”

“It was just something friends do,” I said. “It wasn’t like he fingered my pussy our touched my tits. I didn’t even kiss him.” I lunged in kissed Nathan on the lips. “Now, we have to get to Mr. Harrison’s class. It’s about to start.”

I darted into the college building, leaving Nathan spluttering behind me. I heard his footsteps following after a moment.

Mr. Harrison’s class wasn’t too far into the building. I reached it in time, bursting in before the warning bell rang. Everyone turned to look at me. All the guys groaned when they saw what I was wearing. Mr. Harrison’s dropped the book he was holding. The older man swallowed. I swear his eyes almost fell out as I sauntered up towards my desk.

I passed Terry, smiling as he boldly grabbed my rump. He held on tight, stopping me from reaching my seat. “Damn, I knew your ass would look amazing in these. Fo’ sure, you got the best ass on campus.”

“I know,” I groaned, savoring his fingers sliding up and down my rump. “You approve, Terry?”

“Zelda!” Nathan gasped. He was in the doorway. “He’s...”

“Yes, he’s inspecting my cute tush.” A hot shudder ran through my pussy. I was so on fire. I quivered, loving the feel of both of Terry’s hands now roaming my ass. He parted my butt-cheeks. I could feel him staring into my crack. He let out a groan of delight.

“Goddamn, Zelda, these mold to every inch of you. I can see the impression of your asshole through the jeggings.”

I gasped as he touched my backdoor. His finger rubbed against my sphincter. I groaned, quivering. My nipples throbbed against my bra. I licked my lips, setting my phone down on my desk. Terry was sitting right behind me. I was sure that was a coincidence.

“Oh, yes, Terry,” I moaned. “Mmm, I need this. Oh, God, I need this so bad. Your finger feels incredible in my asshole.”

“Zelda!” my boyfriend groaned.

“It’s okay,” I told him. “It’s just my asshole. It’s not a sexual organ.”

“Yeah, listen to your girl,” Terry said, rubbing the stretchy material of the jeggings harder into my asshole. I groaned, my sphincter drank it in. I leaned over, grabbing the back of my chair. My butt-cheeks clenched around his finger, pinning him against my sphincter.

He rubbed harder. My pigtails danced around my face as everyone saw Terry inspect my cute tush. All the boys were staring at me. Panting. They all knew I had a perfect ass. My back arched, another throaty groan of pleasure bursting through me.

“Oh, god, keep rubbing me,” I moaned.

“Jesus, Zelda!” Nathan groaned. “You sound like you’re going to cum.”

“I am!” I moaned. “Ooh, yes, just like that. Keep stroking me, Terry. Get me closer and closer to—”

I heard a tear.

“Damn, that’s delicate,” I said as I felt the material of my jeggings splitting up my butt-crack. The two halves separated, exposing my asscheeks. Even my shaved pussy felt on display. I gasped as now Terry’s fingers rubbed directly at my asshole.

“Damn, didn’t mean for that to happen, but, damn,” he said.

His finger left my asshole, leaving me quivering. I needed him to keep touching me. He grabbed both halves of my jeggings and tore them further apart. He revealed all of my rump. The jeggings split all the way up to the waistband. I groaned, bent over, everything on display.

“That is a fine ass,” he said and then his face pressed between my butt-cheeks.

“What the fuck!” Nathan groaned as I whimpered.

“It’s okay, Nathan, honey. He’s just licking my asshole.” I shuddered as Terry’s tongue slid around my sphincter. “He’s not touching my pussy at all.”

“Just giving her ass an oral inspection,” Terry said and then swirled his tongue around my asshole again.

“Yes!” I moaned. “He’s an expert on White girl asses.”

“Damn,” moaned Shawn from his seat nearby.

All the guys were staring. They watched as Terry feasted on my asshole. His tongue swirled around it. Then he pressed against it. I groaned as he penetrated my bowels. I whimpered as that tongue pressed into my anal sheath. I glanced at Nathan, his face red. I gave him a smile, letting him know this was innocent.

It was just my asshole, after all.

Oh, it felt amazing.

Terry’s strong fingers kneaded my rump as his tongue pumped in and out of my asshole. The delight melted down to my pussy, my orgasm building and building. I wiggled my hips from side to side. I whimpered. That wonderful pleasure swelled in me. It was so naughty. Everyone was witnessing it.

I came.

My asshole quivered and convulsed around Terry’s probing tongue. I gasped at the rush of pleasure surging through my pussy. It flowed through me, a delicious tidal wave of rapture that filled every nerve in my body. It spilled up to my mind. My breasts jiggled in my bra, my pigtails dancing about my head. It felt so amazing.

“Oh, yes, Terry!” I moaned. “Yes, yes, inspect my asshole! Ooh, that feels amazing!”

“Jesus, did you just cum?” Nathan groaned.

“I did!” I moaned. “Oh, yes, Terry!”

Juices soaked my torn jeggings. They gushed out of my shaved pussy and spilled down to my tattered stockings. I shuddered, my tangy aroma filling my nose. It was incredible. I love cumming from anal stimulation.

“Oh, Terry, thank you for inspecting me,” I moaned.

“We ain’t done yet,” he said. “Fo’ sure. I just need to reach deeper.”

“Then get your fingers in me,” I moaned, wiggling my rump. “Ram them in me. I need to cum again.”

“My fingers aren’t long enough fo’ this. Got you something else.”

I heard the pop of his jeans fastener and the rasp of a zipper.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Nathan groaned. “That’s my girlfriend.”

“I’m not touching her virgin twat,” said Terry as something thick and hard and long smacked on my rump. I could feel it twitching on me.

Was that his cock?

I threw a look over my shoulder, just twisting my body enough to see my peachy rump and his thick, ebony dick draped over it. His dark shaft contrasted so much against my pale skin. He was huge, twice as long as his fingers, and thicker than three of them.

“Yes, yes, inspect my ass with your big dick,” I moaned. “Oh, Nathan, he’s going to give me such an anal inspection. I want to cum so hard on his dick! Isn’t that awesome?”

“Zelda!” my boyfriend groaned, his voice strangled.

“Damn, your girl is a slut,” said Shawn.

“You think I can inspect your ass once Terry is done?” asked Mitchell.

“Of course,” I moaned. “My cute tush needs everyone to inspect it. Even you, Nathan.”

“Once I break her in for all of you,” Terry grunted, his cock moving.

I nodded my head. “He is an expert on White girl asses. He has to do the honors.”

“It’s why I brought this,” Terry said. “Figured this would happen.”

I heard the pop of a cap. Then I felt something dribbling on my asshole. It was cold and slick. I gasped, realizing it was lube. I heard a wet, slick sound and glanced behind me again. Terry was rubbing the same gel into his cock, making his ebony shaft gleam.

He was such a good friend.

“Zelda,” Nathan groaned, stumbling forward. “You can’t... I mean... I’m your boyfriend.”

I reached out and grabbed his hand, squeezing it. “I’m so glad you’re here to witness this. Oh, Nathan, I love you so much and—” I gasped as I felt Terry’s big dick pressing on my lubed asshole. “You get to see my ass broken in. Terry’s going to open me up for everyone to enjoy my cute tush. Oh, Nathan, this is all I want!”

I groaned as Terry pressed his cock against my asshole. I felt my sphincter stretch and stretch. It was such an incredible delight. I groaned, my eyes fluttering. It was amazing. My heart pounded in my chest. There was this delicious rush. It surged through me. My eyes fluttered, my bowels clenching down on the thick dick penetrating me. I whimpered, wiggling my hips from side to side, pleasure rippling through me.

I crushed Nathan’s hand in my tight grip. Terry’s dick was so big. I could feel my anal sheath spreading to engulf him. He truly was breaking me in, opening me up for all the smaller dicks to enjoy. I whimpered, so glad this big, Black beast could be in me. My virgin pussy drank him in.

“Oh, Nathan, he’s so huge,” I moaned. “He’s the perfect guy to do this. I’m going to cum so hard on this dick!

“Fo’ sure,” Terry groaned. Then I felt the wiry kiss of his pubic hair on my butt-cheeks. I knew he was all the way in me. I groaned, feeling him reaching so deep into me. It was amazing.

Then he drew back. His cock slid through me. My velvety bowels gripped him. I thought it felt amazing when he fingered me. When he tongued me. But those delights held nothing compared to his dick. His huge shaft stimulated my anal sheath. The pleasure melted down to my pussy. It fed another growing orgasm. I gasped as he rammed back into me. Harder. Faster. His balls slapped against my virgin cunt. I gasped at the tingle of pleasure rippling along my pussy lips. Then he drew back again.

He pounded me.

I gripped my desk with my left hand and my boyfriend’s hand with the other. I stared up at him, seeing the shocked look on his face. I didn’t understand why he didn’t think this was amazing. This was the best thing ever. Terry’s dick plunged into me hard and fast. He stimulated me. I could feel my orgasm building faster and faster. This mighty explosion that would consume me.

“Oh, Nathan, his dick feels so good in me,” I moaned. “Oh, honey, watch him break in my ass. It’s getting me ready for you and for Shawn and for Mitchell and for all the other guys.”

“Even me?” Mr. Harrison asked.

“Of course!” I gasped, clutching my bowels down on Terry’s thick dick.

“Zelda,” groaned Nathan.

“Don’t be jealous, Terry’s just being a good friend. My cute tush has to be enjoyed by everyone. Oh, yes, he’s ramming into me. I’ll cum so hard in his dick, Nathan. It’s going to be amazing. So why aren’t you happy for me?”

Nathan let out a strangled groan.

Terry grunted, his hands gripping my hips. He slammed hard in me. His blushing crotch smacked my rump. His balls cracked into my taint and pussy lips. I loved that big, thick dick plunging hard and fast in me. I whimpered. Groaned. I couldn’t resist much longer.

I was about to explode.

I straightened, my left arm darting out and hooking around Nathan’s neck. I pulled my boyfriend down. He had to understand how amazing this was for me. So I kissed him. I thrust my tongue into my boyfriend’s mouth as Terry slammed his dick to the hilt in my asshole.

I came.

I groaned into my boyfriend’s lips as my asshole writhed around Terry’s dick. The pleasure was intense. Amazing. A tsunami of rapture sloshed through my body. It slammed into my mind, drowning my thoughts in ecstasy. Stars burst before my eyes. I kissed Nathan so hard, thrusting my tongue into his mouth.

He had to understand. He had to recognize that this was so amazing for me. I was such a lucky girl to have Terry’s big cock in my asshole. My bowels clenched and spasmed and writhed about his dick. He plowed in hard. Fast. He sent more and more waves of rapture sweeping out of my pussy. My virgin cunt clenched, my juices gushing out of me.

“Her asshole’s going wild,” groaned Terry. “This is the best ass fo’ sure. You guys are all gonna love fucking her.”

“Then hurry up and cum in her ass so we can,” said Shawn.

“Yeah,” groaned Mr. Harrison.

With a groan, Nathan started to kiss me back. My boyfriend nibbled on my lower lip as the pleasure rushed through me. Orgasm after orgasm burst through me. My asshole reveled in that big, thick, Black dick rammed into me. I whimpered, so glad my White ass was able to take every inch of Terry. I quivered, my toes curling.

I knew that Terry would always be my favorite dick to have fucking my ass. I had a feeling not even Nathan’s would ever compare. I probably shouldn’t tell my boyfriend that though.

Terry erupted in me. I felt his cum firing hot into my asshole. I came again, squealing. My bowels writhed around his dick, milking him. He grunted, staying buried in me. He let my asshole writhing around his cock, drinking in his jizz.

“God fucking damn, you have the best ass, Zelda!” Terry growled. “Drain my balls!”

I groaned harder into Nathan’s lips as I did just that. When Terry was empty, he ripped out of me. I felt someone else grabbed my hips. A new cock thrust into me. It wasn’t as big but still felt nice. Right. My asshole was designed to please dicks. My cute tush needed cocks in me. I groaned, savoring the hard strokes.

Who fucked me?

“Go, Mr. Harrison!” cheered Shawn. “Fuck the slut’s ass.”

I groaned my agreement into Nathan’s lips.

Mr. Harrison fucked my cum-filled asshole hard. He pounded me, thrusting deep into my bowels. It was such a wonderful experience. I could hear my professor grunting. Groaning. My asshole was making him feel amazing. My cute tush was giving him such pleasure. I broke the kiss with Nathan, staring into his eyes. I stroked his face, my tits jiggling in my bra. He had to understand. He had to know that I had to fuck every dick I could with my asshole.

“See!” I moaned to him. “It’s not really sex, he’s just fucking my bowels. You can do it. You can love my asshole, too. You can feel what the greatest ass in the entire world feels like wrapped around your cock. Terry broke me in. You should thank him.”

“Oh, I guess, thanks, Terry,” Nathan said. “Thanks for breaking in my girlfriend’s ass.”

“No problem,” Terry said. “Glad to do it. Fo’ sure, that’s the sweetest ass I’ve ever had. You’re gonna love her. I know I will. I can’t wait for my next turn.”

Neither could I.

Mr. Harrison pounded me hard, and then he was spurting into my asshole. My professor flooded me as my orgasm rippled through my body. That wonderful delight swept through me. It wasn’t as intense as with Terry, but it was still a treat to enjoy. Mr. Harrison groaned, spilling his seed in me. He deserved it for being such an awesome professor.

Shawn got my ass next. He beat Nathan to me. I groaned as Shawn slammed his dick into my jizz-filled bowels. I whimpered in delight, bending over my desk, just savoring his cock in me. I hugged my desk as Shawn fucked my ass. Cum leaked out of my sphincter, bubbling out around his shaft and dribbling down to my shaved pussy. The spunk coated my virgin flesh. I whimpered, not needing to touch my twat.

I would cum just from being fucked in the ass.

My asshole milked Shawn’s dick when he erupted, another delicious climax rushing through me. This time, Nathan was next. My boyfriend pounded my bowels. The fourth cock to enter my asshole. I squeezed down on him, wiggling my hips, wanting to give him the best experience possible. He leaned over me, grunting, groaning. He savored my jizz-filled bowels. He fired off fast. He flooded me and gave me another wonderful delight.

One after the other, the boys of my history class used me. They fucked me. They enjoyed my cute tush to the fullest. I groaned in passion. I left the class, my jeggings torn open, jizz leaking out of me. Everyone could see how amazing my ass was. Boys would push me against the wall and just slam their dicks into my asshole. They would fuck me right there in the corridor, our classmates groaning, wishing they were the lucky one to grab me.

During classes, my male professors got to use me first. They would fuck me hard, thrusting into me. Then the other students would get their turn. I especially loved it when the Black guys went. None of them were quite as big as Terry, but it was always such a thrill to feel an ebony dick sliding into my White ass.

Custodians used me. Fathers of students just visiting got the chance to slide their dick in me. When I was outside of my college, random men would fuck me hard. It was amazing. I couldn’t go a minute without having a dick in my asshole. It was so awesome. Terry and Nathan got to use me more than the others. Terry for breaking me in, and Nathan for being my boyfriend.

Of course, Nathan often had to sit there and watch. Sometimes, I would give him a handjob as a big dick filled my asshole, feeling bad for my boyfriend. I wasn’t quite ready to go all the way. Maybe I’d wait for marriage. That could be years away.

I had all the dicks I needed fucking my asshole. I could hold off on having sex.

I was glad I had such a supportive boyfriend who understood how precious my virginity was. I loved him so much. I especially like going over to dinner at his house. His daddy’s dick was bigger. It was such a delight to get fucked up the ass over the dinner table while his mother and sister talked to Nathan about his day. I would cum so hard.

I had the cutest tush in the world. It was my job to let every man fuck my ass.

* * *

The figure smiled. This pair of panties was a wild success. Keeping her virginity intact while turning her into a whore had been such a rush. Now the figure had a new idea. Another way to twist a girl’s mind in naughty directions. To channel her lust in different ways.

The figure stroked its newest pair of panties, a bubbly pink delight decorated with little hearts. They were childish, intended for a younger girl than its target’s age of eighteen. Cute and bubbly and innocent. On the back was written two words: Adorable Kitten.

The figure stroked the magenta letters, a bit of glitter dazzling in the characters.

It was time. The rush built and built. The figure was so ready.

To be continued in the next tale of Mind-Controlling Panties...