The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Mind-Control Panties

by mypenname3000

Story 11: Adorable & Naughty Gymnasts

The figure was quite adept at slipping in and out of stores to drop off its mind-controlling panties. It stepped out of its mist, appearing in the mortal world, and entered the department store. It was one of those big block stores, the sort of place that families would go shopping together. It knew that its next target would be here. She would come across these panties. The figure was excited, holding its latest creation, a pair of girlish-looking panties.

It was the style of underwear that would be more at home on a girl half the age of its target. This pair was a bubbly shade of pink and decorated with little hearts. Everything about it looked bright and garish. Including the two words written on the back: Adorable Kitten. They were printed in bright magenta with a little bit of gold glitter speckled over the letters.

They were the sort of panties you’d find in the children’s section.

The figure instead went for the young adult area. The place where coed shopped. It slipped in and found a rack decorated with panties dangling from little hooks. They weren’t quite as naughty as the ones found in the trendy and hip clothing stores, but they were the sort that would attract its target’s attention.

The figured flicked its wrist, draping the girlish panties over a racy pair of red underwear. Its task completed, the figure sauntered away, slipping through the crowds, not noticed by anyone. The figure was nondescript. Unremarkable. No one you’d look at twice.

The figure was halfway to the mist when its target moved into the area. Katerina was eighteen, a lithe and athletic girl, her figure petite. She had small breasts clad in a tank top while a tight pair of skinny jeans hugged her long legs and narrow waist. She moved with the grace of a dancer. Or a gymnast. Her short, brown hair swayed about her face as she pursed her plump lips.

Her eyes fell upon the pair of panties. She’d come to buy a few new pairs herself, not intending to select anything so childish. She shuddered when she saw them and snatched them up, stroking them. They were so adorable. They made her feel so girlish. She let out a little squeal as she touched them. Tingles raced through her and—

“What are those?” her mother, Sasha Bell, demanded.

Before Katerina could answer, Sasha had yanked the panties from her daughter’s hands. The older woman had blonde hair, her body just as petite and lithe. She was still beautiful, possessing the high cheekbones and accent of a Russian woman. Her face had a doll’s delicateness save for her fierce, blue eyes. The older woman stared at these panties, a tingle racing through her.

“What are you, eight?” Sasha demanded of her daughter. “Buy something more your age. Like that cute thong. Why would you pick up these?”

“Sorry, Mama,” Katerina said. She always obeyed her mother. Everyone in the family did. Sasha Bell was not a woman that you defied. If you pleased her, you were rewarded. However...

The figure froze right before it entered its mist, sensing something had gone awry. The wrong target had picked up its panties. The magic was already working, affecting the wrong woman. The figure had no idea what would happen now. Would the magic work as intended, or would there be unexpected consequences?

Intrigued by the possibilities, the figure stepped into the mist to wait and find out.

* * *

Sasha Bell

“Goddamn,” my husband Mitch groaned as my pussy finished milking his dick dry. “That was incredible, Sasha.”

I smiled down at him, my blonde hair swaying about my face. My small breasts were quivering as the pleasure of my orgasm rippled through me. “See, you do something nice for me, and I make you explode.”

He chuckled. “You know I like fixing things that go wrong. You don’t have to pay me with pussy every time.”

“But it’s my duty,” I said. I was raised very strictly. My mother never spoke a word of English to me, but she was full of aphorisms.

“A happy wife is one with a happy husband. Happy husband is one getting plenty of pussy. If it is not your pussy, it will be another woman’s pussy. You want that, my little Sasha?”

I took it to heart. My husband never had cause to complain.

I glanced at the clock and swore. “It’s already that late?”

“Well, you did insist on me eating your pussy first,” Mitch said. He had this look of triumph in his eyes, proud that he made me cum while eating my twat. He always did.

“That was all you,” I said. “You begged to eat my pussy.”

“Well, can you blame me? You taste so damn good.”

I laughed as I rose off my husband’s cock. I needed to get going. I had to teach my gymnastics class. Our daughter, Katerina, was one of my four pupils in my weekly afternoon session. They were all promising girls. All on their own college’s teams but wanted extra training to be even better. None would get beyond the state level, sadly. Though Katerina was better than I had achieved at her age.

I was proud of her.

I darted to my dresser, realizing there wasn’t time to shower. Not even time to clean my pussy out. I had to get going. I ripped open my panty drawer and grabbed the first pair I found. I felt a wicked tingle racing through me as I thrust my feet into them. I dragged them halfway up before I realized which pair I had selected.

It was that girlish pair of panties I’d snagged out of Katerina’s hands two weeks ago. I hadn’t even realized I had taken them out of the store, only discovering them shoved in my purse when we got home. Not knowing what else to do, I had thrust them into my panty drawer. I’d meant to take him back, I wasn’t a thief, but now...

It was too late. I worked them up, shaking my hips, feeling the tingle intensify across my body. I shuddered as I seated them across my rump.

“Adorable kitten?” my husband asked with amusement.

“What?” I asked, looking over my shoulder at him. “What foolishness are you talking about?”

“You’re the one wearing the panties for an eight-year-old girl,” he said.” That’s a little... weird. I didn’t think we’d go beyond schoolgirl role-play. Not sure I’m comfortable pretending you’re someone that young.”

“I just grabbed the first pair. Don’t worry.” I smiled at him. “But if you want, I can put my hair in pigtails again, don that pleated skirt, and you can fuck me hard when I get home. I’ll be all hot and sweaty and needing a massage. You can be my naughty coach and teach me a lesson.”

“Goddamn,” groaned Mitch. “You know I have to work tonight.”

I pouted at him. “Poor you. Well, when you get home, maybe you can slip into our room, find me sleeping, and molest me. I’ll be wearing my innocent, little nightie, just all vulnerable and—”

“If you don’t get out of here, I’ll throw you down on the bed and molest you right now,” he said. “Damn, you’re feisty today.”

I laughed as I grabbed a sports bra and slipped it on. It was good to leave my husband wanting more and knowing that when he returned to me, he would be getting the satisfaction he needed. Another of my mother’s lessons.

I slipped into my yoga pants and a tank top, my blonde hair swaying about my shoulders. I darted out of the bedroom and headed downstairs. I was so eager to see all the girls I coached. They were also cute. So adorable.

A hot shudder ran through me as I thought about the four of them.

I sped to get to the college gymnasium for my girls’ gymnastic practice. I squirmed in the seat, feeling my husband’s cum soaking into the childish panties I wore. I couldn’t believe I had grabbed them. My cheeks burned just thinking about what I wore. They were something that belonged on my girls.

My adorable girls were so cute as they pranced about in their leotards.

I licked my lips, this naughty delight surging through me. They were all so cute in their own ways. Like kittens. I just wanted to pet their hair and kiss their forehead and pat their rumps before sending them out to do their tumbles and flips and twirls and all the other delights that gymnastics had to offer. They were all beautiful, of course, eighteen or nineteen, nubile and delicious. You didn’t do gymnastics without having a toned and slender body. Petite. Vanessa had the largest breasts of them all, and she was only a C-cup.

I pictured them prancing and frolicking around the floor in their leotards, my daughter Katerina at the lead. She had short, brown hair she’d inherited from my husband and my plump lips. Her small breasts always looked perfect in a leotard, just the right amount of perkiness to show that she was a woman while not doing anything to upset her balance.

Thea was a Black girl, the tallest of the group, with a short, frizzy hair that gave her this wild look. Thea had this energy about her that was intense, her heart-shaped face full of her determination. Her coffee-brown skin set her apart from the others.

Vanessa, the bustiest of the three girls (if you could even say that), had the cutest butt. Her leotard always clung to her peachy ass perfectly. She wore her black hair in a braid that fell stiffly down her back. It didn’t move much at all, keeping it out of any danger of getting caught.

The last girl was, sadly, my most hopeless student. Molly had all the enthusiasm for gymnastics, but she was also a tad clumsy. That was a bad trait to have for a gymnast. She was a redhead, her hair was cut short like my daughter’s, her green eyes bright. Her happy smile, igniting the dimples in her freckled cheeks, always made me feel just a little bit better about myself. She just had an infectious joy about her. You could never be sad around Molly.

I pulled up into the college’s parking lot and jumped out of my car. My yoga pants clung to me, my breasts jiggling in my sports bra. My tits were barely C-cups, not even my pregnancy with Katerina had swelled them up that much. I kept myself in great shape, my body as athletic as my girls’.

I was almost as limber, too.

They were just at the perfect age for doing gymnastics. After that, joints started getting sore, muscles pulled easier, and you just couldn’t quite compete at the same level.

I grabbed my duffel bag and sauntered towards the gym door. I opened it up and smiled to see that the girls had already set out the large tumbling mats. They were in their leotards, each of them wearing a different color. My daughter’s was pink, hugging her body. Thea had a bright-red one that contrasted with her skin and Vanessa’s was an electric blue. Molly’s wore a gray one that matched her leg warmers.

“You’re almost late, Coach Bell,” Thea said, grinning at me.

Katerina shot Thea a look. My daughter then just smiled at me. “Hi, Mom, how was your day?”

“Oh, I had your dad fix that loose railing on the stairs. He was more than happy to do it.”

My daughter’s cheeks went rosy. She knew what had happened after. I had explained to my daughter the same thing my mother had taught me. If her father did something good, he got a reward. After I explained this, Katerina had given me this look like it was utterly backward, something straight out of medieval times. She lapped up this modern nonsense taught these days. I did my best to correct her, but I was wondering how happy she would be. The old way served my mother and her mother and her mother before her.

It would serve my daughter, too.

I clapped my hands together. “Okay, kittens, let’s do stretches.”

“Kittens?” Thea asked, the Black girl arching an eyebrow.

Vanessa giggled. “We’re not kids, Coach Bell.”

“I love it,” Molly declared, clapping her hands together. Her small breasts jiggled in her leotard as she bounced on the balls of her feet.

“I do, too,” I said. My panties tingled like they had a slight electric current racing through them. “You are my cute, adorable kittens. I’m gonna mold you all to be just perfect.”

I cupped Molly’s chin and planted a quick kiss on her lips as a reward.

“Mom!” Katerina gasped.

“Oh, did you want a kiss, too, my little kitten?” I asked, sauntering over to her. The current flowing through those girlish panties I wore, absorbing my husband’s cum, intensified. I reached Katerina and cupped her chin. My thumb swept across the corner of her mouth and then her cheek. “You’re my darling kitten, too, Katerina.”

I planted a quick kiss on her lips, just tasting her Apple-flavored lip gloss. “And what about you, Vanessa? Would you like a kiss, too, my little kitten?”

“Sure,” Vanessa said. She thrust her hands behind her back and rose up on her tip-toes. I took two steps to her, cupped her chin, and placed a delicious kiss on her lips. My hand slid up her face to her hair, stroking her black strands. “You’re just adorable.” I booped her nose with my pointer finger and giggled. “You all are. And, Thea, I know you want one, too.”

Thea arched an eyebrow at me. “Are you on crack or something, Coach Bell?”

“Thea!” Katerina gasped.

I smiled at the Black girl. “Nope. I’m just so happy to see all of my kittens. You’re all just so precious to me.” I cupped the Black girl’s chin, loving the heart shape of her face. “And you, Thea, I just want you to know that I find you so adorable and lovely and just so cute.”

I kissed her a little longer than the other girls. Her lips tasted nice. I couldn’t help flicking my tongue out to get a better taste, sliding over her lips. She stiffened, letting out a gasp of shock as she jerked her face back.

“Coach Bell!” she gasped, rubbing her lips.

“Okay, now, my little kittens, I think the first thing we need to do is stretches.” I clapped my hands. “Now, let’s start doing it so you can start scampering and frolicking.”

“Kittens,” Thea muttered, shaking her head.

She was stubborn. I smiled at her and petted her frizzy hair, loving the feel of her woolly strands against the palm of my hand. Then I swept behind her to Vanessa who was stretching out her legs. I couldn’t resist cupping her cute tush. I gave her a nice squeeze as I leaned into her. “You’re doing so good, kitten.”

“Um, Coach Bell?” she asked.

“Mmm?” I asked, giving her rump another squeeze.

“You’re very... handsy today,” she said.

“Well, I enjoy petting my cute kittens. And you have such a cute tush that deserves to be petted.”

“Mom?” Katerina asked.

“Oh, are you getting jealous? I’ll pet your ass, too,” I told my daughter. My panties tingled. This was all so wonderful.

I shifted over to my daughter and her pink leotard, placing both my hands over her rump. She had a firm tush, my fingers digging into her butt-cheeks. I pressed the stretchy material of her outfit into her crack.

My daughter gasped, looking behind her. Her eyes were wide, such a bright shade of blue. “Mom?”

“Oh, you’re such a cute kitten,” I purred, leaning in. I pressed my breasts into her back as I nuzzled into the side of her face. I kissed her cheek, my nose rubbing against her face. My fingers squeezed and kneaded her rump, my pussy getting hotter and hotter, soaking those naughty panties with more than just my husband’s cum. “But don’t you just think this leotard is in the way?”

“In the way?” she gasped while a tingle raced around the panties I wore.

“Yeah,” I said, releasing her rump and pulling away from her body. I moved around her, shaking my head. “Cute kittens shouldn’t be wearing anything.” I put my hands on my hips. “Wouldn’t it be cuter if you four frolicked around naked?”

Thea’s jaw dropped. Vanessa blinked her eyes. Molly’s smile slipped.

“Are you shitting us, Coach Bell?” Thea demanded. She had such a fierce expression on her cute face.

“Of course not,” I said. “I want to see my cute, adorable kitten scampering around.” I shook my head at them. “Why is that so hard for you to understand?”

“Because we’d be naked,” Vanessa said, her hands darting to her round breasts. She covered them like she already was nude.

I rolled my eyes. “I’m your mama cat, so it’s okay if I see you naked. What is the harm? It’ll be so cute. I get to see your adorable tushes and your delightful breasts and even your yummy pussies.”

“Yummy... pussies...?” my daughter said, something brittle entering her voice.

“Yeah,” I said, marching over to her. “You are going to be a good kitten and listen to me, right?”

Her eyes widened in understanding.

“Good kittens always obey their mama cat,” I said, cupping her chin. I leaned in, nuzzling my nose against hers. That felt so nice. She was so cute. I gave her a kiss, thrusting my tongue into my daughter’s mouth. I caressed her chin as I kissed her, my tongue dancing with my daughter’s tongue. The other girls watched, staring in wide-eyed in shock.

I don’t know why.

What was so wrong about a mama cat kissing her cute kitten? Because she was my daughter? Our relationship only made it more exciting.

“Come on, girls, get naked,” I said, breaking the kiss. “How can I lick you clean if you’re not nude?” I asked them. “I’m your mama cat. It’s my job to keep you clean.”

“Lick us...?” Thea asked. “Like our... pussies?”

“Of course,” I said. I was so confused. Why were my kittens being so difficult? This wasn’t like them at all. “If you’re not going to be good kittens, then you’re not getting your pussies licked. Instead, I’ll make you run laps. You’ll just run and run and run all practice long. You want that?”

“No,” Molly said. “But, you can’t lick our pussies. You’re our coach.”

“And? I’m your mama cat.” I shook my head and cursed in Russian. “You modern girls just don’t understand anything. If I count to ten and you’re not naked, then you’re going to be running laps!”

My voice cracked throughout the room. Silence descended.

There was such fear in my little kittens’ eyes. I didn’t want that at all. My daughter licked her lips and then, she sighed, and slipped her arms through the stretchy neck of her leotard. She worked the one piece outfit down her body. Her sports bra came into view, cupping her little breasts. Then she wiggled the leotard down farther and farther, revealing the pair of blue panties she wore beneath. The leotard fell down her feet, her body so lithe and delicious. I arched an eyebrow at her. She sighed and pulled up her sports bra, her breasts coming into view. She was blushing.

So adorable.

Molly swallowed and then she joined her friend. She wiggled out of her leotard with that energetic energy I’d come to love. She shoved it down her body, her small breasts popping out naked. She wasn’t wearing a sports bra at all, but her little titties didn’t need much support. They jiggled and swayed as she shoved the stretchy material down over her rump. Her panties were a delicious black. She pushed her leotard down farther, then went to step out of them.

I winced as she fell on her rump.

“Come on, kittens, get naked,” I said. I grabbed my own tank top and ripped it off. “See, I’m doing it. Thea, Vanessa, let’s go. Katerina, panties off.”

My daughter’s cheeks went really scarlet. Then she groaned and shoved down her panties and, to my delight, I discovered my daughter was shaved. She had absolutely no hair adorning her eighteen-year-old pussy. I licked my lips at the delicious sight as she worked her panties down her legs. She stepped out of them, her hands covering her body, hiding her nipples and her shaved twat.

I shook my head, and then looked over at Molly. “You okay, kitten?”

“I’m fine, Coach Bell,” she said. She kicked off the leotard tangled about her feet. Then she thrust her legs into the air as she rolled her weight onto her shoulders. She pushed her panties off her hips, revealing a thick, bright bush. She bent her legs, pulling her knees towards her chest as she worked off her panties. She kept on her leg warmers, though. I didn’t mind. Then she easily sprang onto her feet, landing with a light grace. Her firm titties barely jiggled at all.

“Vanessa,” I said. “Well, let’s see how cute and round those boobies of yours are. You’re as big as my C-cups.” I pulled off my sports bra and revealed my breasts. They were round, my nipples as pink as my daughter’s.

Vanessa sighed and then she was stripping naked. Her sports bra was a soft gray constraining her round breasts. She had her leotard of in a flash, her panties deep maroon. She blushed as she took those off next, revealing a trimmed, black bush. She bent over, keeping her thighs pressed tight to hide her twat for me as she then removed her sports bra. I groaned as her round breasts jiggled into view, topped by dusky-pink nipples.

“Well, those are amazing,” I said. “You have such cute titties, Vanessa. Yes, you do. And I know you do, too, Thea. So show them to us. Or you’re running laps.”

Thea shivered at the sudden steel of my voice. I started at her as I pushed down my yoga pants, revealing the girlish panties I wore with that wonderful word on the back. Adorable Kittens. That was what my four girls were. My panties tingled. I shuddered as I stepped out of my yoga pants. Once doffed, I marched over to Thea.

The Black girl groaned and then she joined the others.

Her bright-red leotard came off, revealing her small, dark-brown breasts. Her nipples were almost black, hard, and just begging to be lick.

So I did.

I leaned down and flicked my tongue across her nipple. I shuddered as I savored the salt of her skin and the feel of her nipple against my mouth. It was so different from my husband’s small nipple. Hers was thicker. Fatter. I sucked on it.

“Coach Bell,” Thea moaned as I sucked on her nipple.

My tongue swirled around the Black girl’s nub. My hands petted her smooth skin, stroking her sides and her outer thighs. I loved the feel of her. She whimpered, her face twisting. Her hands landed on my shoulders, her fingers digging into my flesh.

I loved it. This was so amazing.

My pussy ached, full of my husband’s cum. I couldn’t wait. This was all so naughty. I popped my lips off her nipple and looked around. The other kittens watched me, cheeks flushed, all looking a little nervous.

“Okay, kittens,” I said, clapping my hands together. My breasts shook as I stared at them. “Let’s get back to stretching. Let’s get those legs limbered and your joints all flexible. I don’t want anyone to get hurt today. I want you all to have a good time.” I let out a throaty moaned. “Oh, yes, then we’ll have a very good time.”

“Mom,” Katerina said, her blue eyes blinking.

I smiled and gave her a quick kiss on the forehead. My breasts pressed into hers; they felt so nice against mine. Then I kissed her nose. Just a quick smack. Last, I licked her lips, my tongue caressing them, tasting that delightful lip gloss she wore. My nipples throbbed, my body on fire.

“You’re going to be a good little kitten for your mama cat, aren’t you?”

“Yes... Mama.” She swallowed. “I will.”

“I know you will.” I broke away from her and looked at the others.

They were stretching now. It was so exciting watching them. Naked. Nothing hid the beauty of my kittens. I sauntered around them, my nipples throbbing. I tweaked them, twisting my pink nubs. I stared at their lithe, nubile forms.

They were all eighteen or nineteen, just so beautiful.

I loved the sight of their cute tushes and their adorable pussies and their delightful breasts. Their legs stretched, the lean muscles beneath their silky skin flexing. They arched their backs, bent their torsos, extended their limbs in every direction. I groaned as they did the splits. Even Molly’s pussy lips parted and became exposed, surrounded by her thick, red bush. I groaned, watching her touching her bare toes, so limber. It was just utterly delightful.

I hungered. I just wanted to fall to my knees and eat one of my cute little kittens out.

“Coach Bell?” Molly asked as I fell to my knees between her stretched out legs, her fingers touching her toes.

“Keep holding the stretch,” I told her, leaning down. I breathed in, inhaling that wonderful, tart musk. “You’re doing such a good job. You deserve a reward.”

She gasped as I licked my tongue up her pussy lips, caressing her delicate bits. She didn’t have a hymen, no girl who did gymnastics had one. They all broke them when they were children. The sort of stretching they did destroyed their maidenheads. But they were still pure.

So cute and virginal to me.

My tongue reached her clit, dancing around it. She moaned, her little titties jiggling while her smile spread, freckles dancing. That one wonderful lick soaked my tongue in her wonderful juices.

I smacked my lips as I lifted my head from her twat. “That was a yummy pussy. Thank you for letting me taste it.”

“You’re my... mama cat,” she said, her green eyes bright. “I guess I’m supposed to let you do that.”

I gave her a quick kiss on the mouth, letting her taste herself. When I broke it, her tongue flicked across her lips, gathering the cream I’d left behind. I shuddered, glancing down at her pussy. A wicked idea popped into my head. I groaned, my entire body swaying as I gained my feet.

“Okay, girls, let’s practice our tumbling. I want you girls to improve. Nice roles. Good somersaults. Then I want you to do some flips. Perfect landings.”

Watching my kittens gamble about the exercise mats was amazing. I rubbed my nipples, my fingers circling my areolas, as I watched them tumble around. Molly and Katerina’s short hair swayed about their faces while Vanessa’s thick braid danced across her supple back. Their taut bodies flexed. Their small titties, and Vanessa’s round breasts, heaved and jiggled and quivered. They all looked so delicious. Katerina and Thea’s shaved pussies soon had a gleam of excitement. And I noticed some dewdrops adorning Vanessa’s black bush.

Molly, of course, was the worst on the floor. She could do the tumbles just fine, but she always wobbled on her landings. And those were just from simple flips. When she dismounted the horizontal bars, I always winced, afraid she would roll her ankle one day.

Today they only did safe exercises.

They were soon laughing and giggling, getting in the spirit of it. I was glad to see them relaxing. Going naked was doing wonders for them. I sauntered through them, my hips wiggling, my girlish panties clinging to me. I would move through them, petting them. I would rub a cute ass or squeeze a delicious breast or finger a juicy twat.

“Mama,” my daughter moaned as my fingers plunged into her tight pussy. Without a hymen, I could reach deep into her virgin depths to pet her. She gasped, her body in a low crouch about to start another tumble. My fingers plunged in and out of her, stroking the insides of her silky cunt.

“You’re doing so good,” I told her. My other hand petted her brown hair. “Your mama cat is very proud of you.”

“Thanks, Mama,” she said, her pussy clenching down on my fingers. “I like what you’re doing.”

“Petting your pussy?” I asked. “It’s a very important thing to do for a young kitten.”

“I like it very much,” she moaned, getting breathy. “Please, please, don’t stop.”

I smiled and slid my thumb through her pussy lips to find her clit. I petted her pearl. Slow circles, feeling her bud throbbing against my thumb. Her pussy tightened on my digits. The tangy musk of her pussy, the same aroma of my own, grew stronger and stronger as I plunged my digits into her. I petted her pussy and her clit, making her almost purr like a kitten.

Her face twisted. Her body trembled. The other three kittens scampered over. They watched, crouched in envy. Molly was swinging her legs open and close, flashing her red-furred muff at me. Vanessa had both her hands on her round breasts, squeezing those delicious orbs. Thea bit her lower lip, her thighs squirming together while her hands rubbed her legs. Her coffee-brown skin had a delicious sheen.

I loved it.

My fingers thrust faster and faster, petting my little daughter-kitten with such a hot plunge. My thumb rubbed against her clit, making her quiver. Her fingers dug into the blue exercise mat, her moans echoing through the gym.

“Yes, yes, thank you, mama cat,” she moaned. “Oh, being petted feels so amazing. It’s so wonderful. Oh, yes, yes!”

“I want to be petted,” Thea moaned. I smiled at the Black girl.

“You’ll get your turn,” I promised her, my fingers plunging so deep into my daughter’s silky pussy.

Katerina arched her back, her short-brown hair swaying about her face. She whimpered, her juices soaking my fingers. Her twat grew hotter and hotter. I stroked her clit while my fingers inside of her petted down the inner surface of her pussy walls. I knew just where she needed to be scratch.

I found my daughter’s G-spot.

Katerina’s head threw back. Her short, brown hair swayed, the ends kissing her shoulders. Her pussy convulsed around me as she came hard from me petting her G-spot. She quivered, her naughty cunt convulsing and spasming. Her hot juices bathed my hand. A wicked shudder ran through me. This naughty, boiling heat washed through my nervous system.

My daughter’s silky flesh felt so amazing about my digits.

I massaged her clit and kept petting her G-spot. She whimpered, her face lowering to the tumbling mat. Her entire body trembled. She made the cutest sounds. The other three kittens watched in awe, their bodies shivering as I gave my daughter such pleasure. I smiled, so happy to pet her. So happy to stroke her and give her so much delight.

I pulled my fingers from my daughter’s pussy, staring at them dripping with her juices. I brought them to my nose and inhaled. Her tangy musk smelled amazing. I licked my fingers, savoring my daughter’s incestuous cream as she rolled onto her side. She trembled there, whimpering. Her eyes were closed, her face flushed. She had such a big smile on her face.

“See, isn’t being a cute kitten so much fun?” I asked, my eyes flicking around to the other girls.

Thea nodded her head, her chocolate-brown breasts quivering.

“Wow, mama cat,” Vanessa said, her eyes wide. “That was amazing. I can’t believe how hard she orgasmed. What did you do to her?”

“Why, I loved my cute kitten,” I said. I took another lick at the back of my hand, gathering up the cream that dribbled almost to my wrist. I savored it, my body on fire.

“Now, I want to see more practicing. You girls need to get better. Let’s go.

I let my daughter, curled up into a cute ball, lie there. She could have a few minutes to recover while her friends went back to their tumbling practice. Molly had grabbed the ribbon and was twirling it as she went through some of her exercises. Her lithe body looked so good with the pink ribbon dancing around her. She did swirls and whirls, her small breasts quivering.

I licked my lips, loving the sight of her.

Vanessa’s round breasts bounced and heaved as she did a series of backflips ending in a triple somersault. She landed perfectly, her tits heaving and bouncing. She threw her arms wide, back arched, head thrown skyward.

“Bravo,” I said, loving the enthusiasm.

Thea took a running start, her feet smacking on the tumbling mats. Then she dove forward, springing up on her arms and flipping around to land on her feet before transitioning into a triple cartwheel. A tumbling somersault followed. I gasped as she sprang out of that into a front-tuck, triple spin. She landed perfectly, panting. She’d crossed the entire floor as part of her routine. She whirled around to face, beaming at me.

“Oh, that was just wonderful,” I applauded. “Oh, kittens, you’re all doing so well.”

I licked my lips, that naughty idea burning hot inside of my mind. Was it time? Should I wait before I had more fun with them?

I shuddered, my wicked pussy itching for fun.

“Let’s have a contest,” I said, grinning at my girls. “Now, Katerina, you might have an advantage because your pussy is already warmed up. Or maybe having an orgasm not long ago might be a disadvantage. I’m not sure, all I know is you can do your best.”

“What sort of contest, mama cat?” Thea asked, her breasts rising and falling as she breathed heavily.

“Why, a pussy licking contest,” I said. I ran my tongue across my lips. “You girls are such cute kittens, and you should be able to lick yourselves. I know how limber you are.

Thea’s jaw drop. “You want us to lick our own cunts?”

“Yes,” I said. “Won’t that be just so cute? All four of you, licking your own pussies, making yourself explode in rapture. I know you can do it. You’re eighteen and nineteen, so young and limber.

“Are we that limber?” asked my daughter.

“Well, let’s find out.” I smiled at them. “I’m sure you’re all wondering why I’m still wearing these panties, right?”

The girls nodded.

“Well, it’s trapping a special cream inside of me. I know how much good kittens love their cream, and your mama cat has prepared the perfect type for you. My pussy is full of Katerina’s father. His cum is brimming inside of me. Whichever one of you cums first, well, you’ll get the delight of licking me clean.”

“Oh, my gosh, yes!” Molly gasped then she fell to the ground. She spread her legs wide and bent over, her body almost folding in half. I shuddered, impressed by how limber she was. Her small breasts pressed into her stomach as her lips nuzzled into her own fiery bush. Her pink tongue licked out, sliding through her own pussy folds. She grabbed her ankles, squeezing tight as she devoured herself.

“Holy shit!” Thea gasped. “She did it.”

Vanessa was next. She gasped and then she was on her back, employing a different strategy. She rolled up onto her shoulders, her arms hooking around the back of her knees. She pulled on them, groaning as she bent herself. She brought her young, trimmed bush to her face. Her little nose quivered as she inhaled her own musk. And then she pressed her lips into her soft, black curls. I groaned as she licked herself. Her entire body shuddered, her little toes curling.

I wanted to suck on them.

“Oh, god, I want to win,” Katerina moaned. She sat down and then she laid back and bent herself in half. She went for the folding method like Molly had. My daughter’s short, brown hair spilled over her cheeks. She nuzzled into her shaved twat. I groaned as I watched her pink tongue lap at her own pussy. She caressed her pussy, collecting her juices.

A hot tremble raced through me, my cum-filled cunt getting so hot.

It would be so exciting if my daughter won.

Of course, it would be hot if Molly or Vanessa or even Thea ate me.

The Black girl blinked, and then she groaned. She sank down and hooked her legs like how Vanessa had. But instead of pulling her lower half to her mouth, she used it to bend her upper half down. The Black girl brought her mouth to her pussy. Her dark folds parted to show off her inner pink. I groaned, watching as her lips pressed into her own twat. She feasted on herself.

They all did.

I quivered, hearing the moans as the four kittens licked and lapped at their pussies. Their tongues dived through their folds, gathering up their own juices. They all moaned, quivering. It was such a heady thrill to watch. I shuddered, wondering which one would win. Thea ate herself with a hungry passion. Molly fluttered her tongue, her face moving from side to side. Vanessa moaned, seemingly able to wiggle her tongue inside of herself. Katerina fluttered her tongue, dancing it up and down her folds, brushing her clit.

This was so hot to watch. I pinched and rolled my nipples as the four girls feasted on themselves. I crouched down to peer at them. I wanted to see their tongues sliding through their folds up close. I moved towards Thea, watching the Black girl lap at her own shaved twat. I could smell her sweet musk.

My mouth watered.

It was so exciting watching Thea lick her pussy up close. To see her pink tongue diving through those juicy folds. I breathed in again, savoring the sweet musk of her pussy. It made me wiggle my hips. My adorable, little kitten had such a wonderful aroma.

They all worked groaning, whimpering. They made such wicked and naughty sounds. I turned over and looked at Vanessa, her cute, little ass thrust up in the air. I could see her brown sphincter peeking out between her butt-cheeks. She had her face pressed into her own brown curls, licking with such eager hunger. Her eyes flicked to mine, staring at me with such a feverish light.

“Yes, yes, love yourself,” I moaned. “Kittens are always licking themselves. They have such juicy pussies. Mmm, that’s it. Oh, yes, love yourselves. You’re all so beautiful.”

I took a deep breath, discovering that Vanessa had a spicy aroma.


I shifted over to Molly, my round breasts dangling as I crawled across the blue tumbling mats. I stared at her, her fiery curls spilling over her nose and cheeks. She whimpered and moaned, her legs spread wide, her toes curling. Her green eyes flashed up to mine. I knelt down low, pressing my chin against the floor to stare into those verdant depths.

“Oh, Molly, you’re doing such a good job. Look at you go. I bet you have your tongue buried so deep into your cunt.”

“Uh-huh,” she moaned.

I smiled. I wanted to just dive in there and eat her, too. Her tart musk tickled my nose.

Then I was before Katerina. I licked my lips, knowing exactly what she tasted. She was feasting on her cunt. She whimpered, her hand moving back and forth. I wanted her to win. It would be so naughty if she licked out her father’s cum from my pussy. To have her feast on that incestuous creampie.

Oh, that would be just perfect. I couldn’t wait.

I wanted to touch them, but I couldn’t. That wasn’t my place.

I stood up, my cunt so juicy. I was just aching for one of these adorable kittens to devour me. I stared at them, listening to the moaning. Whimpering. Their bodies shook. They had their faces planted in their succulent pussies.

“You’re all such amazing, little kittens,” I moaned. “You’re all going to get to lick me. Eat me. Eventually. Who will be first, though?”

I sank down before them, hoping they could all see. I spread my legs wide and hooked the girl’s panties to the side. I flashed my twat at them, letting them see the blonde bush surrounding my pussy. To see my husband’s cum leaking out of me. They all moaned, seeing the delight they would get to enjoy.

“That’s it,” I moaned. “Whichever one of you cums first will get to pull down my panties and eat this. I know you all want to eat this wonderful cream out of my cunt.”

I let go of my panties as they all groaned. They all licked with even more feverish delight. Their moans rose, the scent of their adorable pussies filling the air. Sweet and tangy and tartan spicy. All those amazing, mouth-watering flavors. I groaned, my hand sliding up my torso to squeeze my tits. I dug them into my flesh and massaged my breasts. I couldn’t wait for them to finish.

“Hurry,” I moaned. “Oh, God, I need one of you to come. Please. Your mama cat needs to be eaten out.”

They all moaned. Groaned. They all wanted to please me. I could hear it in their passion. Would it be Molly who won? She had a head start. Or maybe Thea. She devoured herself with such hunger. The Black girl feasted on her own cunt like nothing tasted better.

Katerina was doing a great job, too. She moaned into her twat, licking herself. I could feel her blue eyes on me. She wanted to eat her mama cat’s pussy. She wanted to devour her daddy’s jizz out of my twat.

But what about Vanessa?

She shuddered, her body quivering. Was she on the verge of orgasming? I sat up, staring at the black-haired girl. Her butt-cheeks clenched. She moaned, her nose pressed into her taint. She must have her tongue deep inside her cunt. I quivered, so eager for it. I just wanted that moment to arrive. That moment when Vanessa gasped out in rapture.

It wasn’t Vanessa who came first.

“Mama!” howled Katerina, her body unfolding as she spasmed in delight.

I gasped, my gaze shooting over to her convulsing form. Juices gushed out of her cunt, splattering the mat. The scent of tangy pussy swelled in the air, drowning out the other aromas. Her small breasts quivered. She whimpered. Her tongue swirled around her mouth, licking up her own juices.

“You other kittens, don’t stop,” I moaned. “Second place will get a wonderful gift, too. But first place...”

“Yes, yes, Mama!” my daughter moaned. “I get to eat out your pussy. I get to lick out that wonderful cream! Daddy’s cream!”

“Yes,” I told her. “Just get over here, yank down my panties, and you will get everything you crave.”

I shuddered as she rolled over onto her hands and knees. She crawled towards me, her face stained in her own pussy juices. She had this hunger in her blue eyes. My little kitten was in the mood to play. I loved it. She scampered closer, her small tits jiggling beneath her. And then she was between my thighs. She pounced on me.

I groaned as she ripped off those girlish panties. She dragged them down my thighs, exposing my blonde bush and juicy pussy. My panties were past my knees. Down my calves. And then they were off. She threw them to the side, her hand shoving my legs apart. I groaned, my heart pounding as my daughter leaned over me. Her tiny nose quivered. She breathed in, inhaling the incestuous mix of her father spunk and my pussy juices.

“I’m so glad I won,” she moaned. Her blue eyes stared up at me. “I ate myself so hard, Mama. I just had to win. I couldn’t let one of them eat your pussy first. I’m your kitten-daughter. I’m the one that deserves this the most.”

“And you proved it,” I moaned.

I glanced at her friends, all still eating themselves. They were still so eager for that second place. I licked my lips, just as excited for it is them. As Katerina stroked my thighs, sending incestuous delight tingling towards my pussy, I wondered which kitten would cum next.

What if it was Molly? Thea? Or maybe it was Vanessa. She still looked like she was on the verge of coming. On the verge of exploding. Oh, God, it would be so hot to eat any of them. All of them!

“The girl who gets second place gets to sit on my face and have her pussy eaten out by me!” I moaned as my daughter’s head descended. She leaned down to nuzzle at my pussy and eat out her daddy’s cum.

“Mama cat!” howled Thea.

The Black girl moaned, rubbing her face into her snatch. I gasped as I could see the juices squirting past her brown cheeks. She was cumming hard. She wanted second place. She wanted me to feast on her cunt and make her explode.

My daughter nuzzled her face in my blonde bush. I felt my curls rustling. And then her tongue licked out, lapping up her father’s jizz adorning my bush. I groaned, my toes curling. I was so eager for her to dive in. My entire body trembled.

“Mama cat!” Thea moaned, finally unfolding herself. “Oh, that was so amazing. I came so hard.”

Then Vanessa squealed. She drank down her own flooded juices, followed by Molly. The redhead may have had a head start, but she was the last to cum. She still licked and lapped and drank her juices anyways. Vanessa gasped, her lower half smacking down on the mat as she panted. Her round breasts heaved as Thea gained her feet.

“Vanessa, Molly, you can still suck on my nipples,” I moaned then gasped as my daughter’s tongue licked across my slit.

Katerina feasted on my cunt with such hunger. My adorable kitten-daughter fluttered her tongue up and down, licking and lapping and devouring the cum out of me. I shuddered, trembling on the exercise mat as her tongue did such wicked things to my pussy. Incestuous delight rippled through my body as she licked out her father’s cum from my twat.

I needed Mitch to fuck me more often. I needed to have plenty of cream for my adorable kittens so they could have such delicious rewards.

And then Thea appeared. She straddled my face and squatted down. I groaned as she pressed her hot twat right against my mouth. My tongue flicked out, dancing through her folds. I savored the delicious, sweet flavor of her pussy. I gripped the Black girl’s thighs, lapping at my first cunt ever. It was so wonderful to lick at one of my kittens. To dart my tongue through her folds while my kitten-daughter did the same to my pussy.

“Oh, I wish I had cum faster,” Molly said. I felt her grab my breasts. Then her tongue licked and lapped at my nipple. “I’ll do better next time, Mama.”

“I know you will,” I moaned into Thea’s pussy.

“I’ll do better, too,” Vanessa said. “I want to eat out your pussy full of cream next time.”

“Not if I come first,” Katerina moaned into my pussy.

I shuddered as the two kittens licked and lapped at my breasts. They didn’t just play with my nipples, Molly and Vanessa bathed my tits. Their tongues fluttered all over my breasts, soaking them in their saliva.

I quivered, my toes curling. Such wicked and naughty sensations rippled through me. I whimpered, reveling in it. The same time, Katerina lapped everywhere across my pussy. She brushed my labia. My clit. She drove her tongue into the depths of my pussy to scoop out more of her daddy’s cum. She caressed my walls, petting them with her tongue.

I moaned into Thea’s pussy.

“Mama cat!” gasped Thea. She squirmed on my face, grinding her shaved pussy against my hungry lips. Her cute ass flexed right before my eyes. My nose nuzzled into her taint. I licked hungrily at her pussy, just feasting on her. It was so incredible. She tasted so good. Her sweet cream filled my mouth.

“I love being a kitten,” Molly moaned, her voice sounding so throaty. Her tongue swirled around my areola.

Vanessa giggled. “Are you fingering your twat?”

“Petting it.” the redhead whimpered. “I’m petting my pussy just like your mom petted Katerina’s cunt. It feels so good. I’m plunging so deep inside of me.”

“Mama cat is petting inside of my pussy, too,” Thea moaned as my tongue swirled around inside of her delicious twat. I reached so deep into the virgin girl. I was so glad all my gymnasts had their pesky cherries popped. Then I could enjoy reaching into their pure depths.

I was so glad I had my kittens.

Vanessa moaned. I could hear the squelch of fingers plunging into a wet cunt. And then Katerina whimpered. Three of my kittens were fingering their twats, petting the depths of their pussies. I shuddered.

It seemed like petting herself had inspired Katerina to eat me with even more fervor. Her tongue danced up and down my folds, building and building in me towards my orgasm. I groaned, climbing towards it as I feasted on Thea’s yummy pussy.

I reveled in Thea’s sweet juices while my daughter’s tongue fluttered to the depths of my pussy. She patted my cunt walls, stroking me. She groaned, sounding like she was disappointed. Had she cleaned out all of her daddy’s cum?

I bet she had, naughty kitten.

Luckily, she kept licking me. She stroked her tongue up and down my slit, brushing my clit.

Such wondrous pleasure burst through me.

I couldn’t last long. Not with three adorable kittens licking my body. Molly and Vanessa were concentrating on my nipples now. They were licking. Sucking. They were petting me with their mouths. I loved it as they nibbled on my nubs. I groaned into Thea’s cunt, my fingers digging into her thighs. This was so wonderful. A heady thrill that would have me exploding.

“Mama cat!” Thea moaned. “Oh, yes, you’re going to pet me to an orgasm. You’re going to make me cum, mama cat!”

“Yes!” Molly moaned. “I’m petting my pussy to a wonderful orgasm.”

“Me, too!” my daughter moaned into my pussy. Then she latched onto my clit.


The pressure was incredible. My pussy clenched. I bucked and moaned as my orgasm swept through me. Wave after wave of incestuous delight flooded through my body. I whimpered into Thea’s pussy. I jammed my tongue deep inside of her as the pleasure washed over my mind. I swirled around it, drinking in the bliss.

Katerina moaned in delight. Her tongue attacked my pussy. She lapped up the cream flowing out of me with such hunger. Her tongue dug through my folds. Every stroke sent another wave of pleasure sloshing through me. My nipples throbbed in Molly’s and Vanessa’s sucking mouths. It was all so much.

All so wonderful.

“I love my adorable kittens!” I howled.

“Yes!” gasped Thea. She shuddered on me, squirming. Then her wonderful juices bathed my mouth.

She came.

I lapped up her cream. I savored it. That sweet and yummy pussy cream. It was the best thing in the world. I drank it down, her juices spilling over my cheeks. She ground atop me, her dark butt-cheeks clenching right before my face. I loved it. Her head tossed back and forth.

My pleasure surged so hot through me.

“Yes!” Molly moaned. “Yes, yes, yes!”

“Oh, yes, I love cumming!” Katerina moaned.

“So good!” Squealed Vanessa.

We are all cumming. All gasping and moaning and shuddering.

And then we became a writhing ball of naughty flesh. My kittens squirmed around me. We were licking each other. Touching each other. Fingering each other. I tasted all their pussies. I buried my face into Molly’s thick, red-furred muff. I lapped up my daughter’s tangy cream. I nuzzled into Vanessa’s spicy twat. We squirmed and groaned, a pile of kittenish pleasure. It was so wonderful.

We gave each other all such delicious joy. And then we all collapsed into a pile. They were all curled around me, held in my arms, Katerina cradled on my belly. I panted, my eyes blinking. It was the greatest practice ever.

I was so excited that I had realized they were my adorable, little kittens.

I was so pleased that I had made the discovery. It was so shocking. So revealing.

I had to recruit more girls. I needed more adorable kittens. I could handle more. A never-ending stream of them licking and lapping and teasing my body. I would take them home with me. They could scamper around the house, pleasing me. Mitch could fuck me whenever I needed cream to give them. I bet he wouldn’t mind fucking them, either. Just petting them with his big dick.

I groaned, my mind burning beneath the weight of all these naughty, wicked thoughts.

“Oh, my adorable kittens, we’re going to have so much fun together, aren’t we?”

They all purred in delight. I could hear the truth. We were going to have so much fun together.

“Do any of you know any cute girls who’d like to join gymnastics?” I asked. “Any delicious kittens that you would like to devour?”

My girls all beamed at me. They thrust their arms up in the air like little girls waiting for their teacher to call on them. I pointed, and they spilled out names.

I was glad I put on those girlish panties.

* * *

The figure was impressed. The magic in the panties had worked but in a twisted way. The prearranged wearer, Katerina, was supposed to become an adorable kitten. She was supposed to gamble around naked, licking and lapping and having so much fun. To never give up her virginity. Her innocence. She was supposed to stay pure forever, delivering oral pleasure to any man or woman she met.

However, the older woman donning the panties had twisted the magic into something just as delicious.

The figure enjoyed it immensely. Although, it hoped that such incidents wouldn’t happen in the future as it had other ideas. Bolder ideas. It didn’t want any disruption to them.

Its latest creation would go beyond just molding a young girl’s passions. The figure stroked its latest creation, something demure. Something almost virginal. White. A strip of ruffled lace around the waistband, the style cut like you would imagine a plain pair of schoolgirl’s panties. On the back was two words written in the brightest, reddest letters imaginable.

Cherry Tart.

Smiling, the figure scooped up its creation. It knew just the sort of wild and wicked place to leave this pair. A place it hadn’t had to venture into so far. A place that would sorely tempt it with the congress of so many mortals.

But the fun that would come if it could keep its self-control and not become distracted would be intense.

The figure strode towards the mist. Stepped into it. Vanished.

To be continued in the next tale of Mind-Controlling Panties...