The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Mind-Control Panties

by mypenname3000

Story 5: Bad Girl’s Sexy Punishment

The figure wasn’t at its usual place to drop off a pair of its special creations.

The nondescript form slipped in through the crowds at the First Baptists Church’s clothes drive. The figure wove through the conservatively dressed crowd of people dropping off clothes in boxes, trash bags, and sometimes loose piles. The articles were dumped onto tables to be sorted to be distributed to those with less and in need. The figure was inspired to leave this pair of panties here. It was the perfect place for them.

They were muted compared to the last few it had made. A solid black color, waistband trimmed in lace, and with one unique feature: they were crotchless. Lace also surrounded the slit in the panties’ gusset, allowing naughty access to the pussy of the lucky girl who donned them.

Chastity Reynolds was a good girl. The perfect one for the panties emblazoned with the all-capitalized letters, each one white and bold. “Bad Girl” they read.

With a flick of its wrist, the figure dropped the panties into a pile of clothing. Soon a girl, eighteen, would arrive to sort them. By then, the figure would be long gone, not remembered by anyone.

Chastity Reynolds, a sweet, blonde girl with her hair falling in a long braid on her back, arrived to gather up the next load of clothes to be sorted. They had to be separated by sex, by age, and then by sizes and types. There were laundry baskets waiting behind her, ready to receive the clothing as she processed them. She dumped her load on her sorting station, eager to help her church provide for those with need in her community. It made her feel fulfilled. It gave the girl such a thrill to be so helpful.

She froze when she came across the panties.

Underwear was not one of the things that were asked for. Not used. If they came sealed in packs, that was fine. But these were clearly used. She picked them up, and an electric tingle raced through her. She gripped them, stroking the lace. They were the naughtiest pair of panties she’d ever seen in her life. The eighteen-year-old girl shuddered, surprised by the liquid heat bursting inside of her. The wanton sensation was something alien to the good girl. It rushed through her. She blushed and she noticed the lace on the gusset.

She gasped as she poked her finger through the slit in the crotch. They were torn, but deliberately. The innocent girl didn’t understand why someone would do that. What’s the point of wearing panties like these? she wondered.

She turned them in her hand and gasped at the words printed in those bold, all-capitalized letters. “Bad Girl,” she breathed, reading the phrase. “What are these doing here?”

Those two words galvanized her mind. Chastity was a good girl. Yes, she’d gotten in trouble, told a few fibs, tried to get out of eating her greens or not doing her homework, but she had never done anything truly bad.

She took her first step on that path as she balled up the panties and shoved them into her skirt’s pocket. She gasped at what she’d done. She was stealing from the church’s clothing drive.

Cheeks burning, she dove back into her sorting, hoping to forget she’d done anything so wicked.

* * *

Chastity Reynolds

I stared at the panties, my fingers stroking through the slit in the crotch. It was all I could think about since I stole them yesterday at the clothing drive. I couldn’t believe I’d done that. But those two words, Bad Girl, just electrified me. They were so tantalizing. So at odds with everything that I was. Christians didn’t steal. A Christian shouldn’t want to wear something like this. And yet...

I wanted to wear them.

I squirmed, the heat rushing through me. It was Sunday, and I was back from morning service. I had changed out of my pink dress, standing only in my bra and panties now. I wanted to put on some casual clothes, to do my homework, and relax around the house before evening service. All I could think about during church service was the panties.

What would it be like to wear a pair that didn’t have a crotch?

A shuddering, electric tingle raced on my fingers demanded that I don them.

Cheeks burning, I set the panties down on my bed and stood up. My small breasts quivered in my white bra. They were little A cups, not really needing the support, but a good woman wore her brassiere. That’s what mama said.

I hooked the waistband of my panties and rolled them off my hips. I was shocked by the sweet musk that filled my nose. I groaned, realizing the scent was coming from the wet heat that had engulfed my pussy. I shouldn’t think of my vagina as a pussy, but I couldn’t help it. Bad girls had pussies.

Was I a bad girl now?

I stepped out of my panties and set them with care on my bed. I grabbed the black panties, the lace trim of the waistband caressing my fingers. I turned the pair in my grip until they were facing the right way. I stepped my right leg through the appropriate hole. I groaned as I slid my left leg through them and then drew the naughty panties up.

The electric tingles intensified.

Everywhere the cloth touched me came alive. A crackling sensation surged up my legs and reached my pussy, increasing the molten heat. I let out a groan of wanton pleasure. I shuddered, my breasts jiggling in my brassiere. I pulled the panties over my rear, the waistband riding low on my hips. My virgin sex clenched as a wicked sensation rippled out of me.

I glanced down and saw my blonde pubic hair peeking through the panties’ slit.

That wasn’t right. What was the point of wearing panties like these if my pubic hair peeked out? I smiled, this calm settling upon me. A bad girl didn’t need pubic hair. A bad girl was shaved. And why was I wearing this pointless bra? My small titties didn’t need it. I reached behind me and undid it as I smiled.

I had some grooming to do.

Wearing only my bad girl panties, I sauntered out of my bedroom. I yanked open my door, not caring if my parents spotted me. I calmly walked down the hallway, a sway to my nubile hips I’d never possessed. I smiled, my firm breasts jiggling before me. My nipples were so hard. I tweaked them. Right there in the hallway, I let out a wanton groan of delight as the tingles raced down to my pussy.

No one caught me.

I entered the bathroom and closed the door behind me.

“Chastity, honey,” Mom said a heartbeat later, “I’m going out for a jog. You better do your homework.”

I rolled my eyes as I heard mom’s footsteps pass. God, she was such a stuck up bitch. Homework? Eww.

I stared at myself in the mirror. My face was so plain and innocent. And what was up with this braid? It was long. Cute. That had to go. I wrenched open a drawer and found a pair of scissors. I unwound my braid, my golden locks spilling around me. And then I took the scissors to them.

Snip. Snip. Snip.

My hair fell to the flooring, golden strands fluttering to their death. I cut my hair at the shoulder, creating something that was so ragged and wild. I shuddered when I finished, shaking my head, watching my new locks dancing about my mischievous face. I loved it. I pursed my lips, smiling. Mom would hate it. She thought women should have long hair.

Not me.

I didn’t like slipping out of the panties, but I had to shave. I thrust them down, gathered up the pink foam and my razor, then slid into the bathtub. I threw my legs over the sides of the tub, feeling my tight pussy lips parting. I couldn’t help but run a finger up and down my folds. I didn’t have a hymen. I’d broken that riding my bike years ago.

Feeling bad, I thrust my finger inside of my virgin pussy. I gasped, having never done that before. It felt so wicked. I was hot and juicy and oh, so, silky. I shuddered, my toes curling.

I masturbated right then and there. The bathroom door wasn’t even locked. Dad could walk in and catch me. He could see me being a bad, bad girl. He could watch my fingers plunging in and out of my pussy. I stirred my twat up. He would stare at me with such a wanton lust and see that I was a wicked thing.

A slut.

“Daddy!” I moaned as I came, my toes curling as the pleasure rippled through me. It was wonderful.

I sucked the sweet cream off my fingers, loving the flavor, and set to work. I coated my pubic hair in pink foam and started shaving. I wasn’t afraid. Bad girls didn’t get afraid. We acted. We took what we wanted.

We shaved our pussies to be wicked, wanton sluts.

I groaned as the razor raft across my sensitive vulva. I tingled from my orgasm, getting rid of the pubic hair only made me feel more and more sensitive down there. When I turned on the faucet to wash away the foam, I almost came again. It was so intense. I held my pussy against the flow of water, feeling it pouring into my silky depths.

“Daddy, daddy, yes!” I howled.

Pity he didn’t show up.

Dry and out of the bath, I pulled on my favorite pair of panties. Now they felt right to wear. I could feel the air kissing my shaved bare vulva through the slit. I felt so wicked as I strolled out of the bathroom topless and headed back to my bedroom, my hips swaying from side to side. Why couldn’t daddy have caught me? Or even Mommy? Maybe she’d make me eat her pussy.

Mine tasted so good. I bet hers would taste divine.

I was disappointed with my clothing options. None of them would do. I finally settled on a short-sleeved blouse that was black and the shortest skirt I had. It fell to my knees. My knees! God, I was such a lame, boring bitch. No longer. I was off to the mall.

I snagged dad’s car keys on my way out. I’d never driven before. I had no interest before now even though I was eighteen. How hard could it be?

I got the hang of driving real quick. I was sure daddy would forgive me for that one little dent. I’d suck his cock to make it up to him. How could he be mad at me after that?

I arrived at the mall, ready to change my life. I needed makeup, something that was forbidden by my mother, a new wardrobe, and anything else that caught my eye. I smiled at any boys I passed, pursing my lips and letting them see the interest in my eyes. They grinned and nodded to each other as they noticed me.

My nipples were so hard, pressing against the front of my blouse. They tingled and throbbed with my every step. Oh, God, it was delicious. But I had to get out of this tarp I was wearing. My blouse was so baggy. How could anyone see how hot I was in this?

I sauntered into Pink Chic, the trendy clothing place I’d always seen but never dared to enter before. My eyes flitted around, searching for the perfect thing. I spotted a short jean skirt, the material looking like it would hug me tight. I snagged it off the rack, and then I noticed a black belly shirt that had no sleeves. I was a size 2 petite, so I grabbed the size 1. I wanted it tight. Smirking, I headed to the changing room.

I didn’t hesitate to strip off my old clothes. I left them in a pile on the floor. I didn’t need those boring things any longer. I ripped the tags off my new jean skirt then pulled it up my legs. I shuddered as the denim rasped against my thighs. My pussy felt so excited, the air kissing my shaved lips. I slid the jean skirt up and up over my rump.

It rode low my hips, just covering the waistband of my panties. If was tight, almost digging into my flesh. I shuddered, loving how short it was. If I bent over, boys would get a little peek at my panties. Would they notice there was no crotch?

I was so eager to find out.

I paused to slip my right hand underneath my skirt and slide my digits through the slit in my panties’ gusset. I stroked my juicy pussy lips, sending a wicked thrill through me. My naked breasts jiggled. I pinched a nipple, oohing in delight. I shuddered and then pulled my fingers out.

No time to masturbate; I had more things to steal.

A quick tug removed the tag on the belly shirt, and then I was pulling it over my head. I had to work it down, the fabric molding around my torso. I groaned as I dragged it over my budding breasts, my small nipples outlined by the thin material. It clung to my small titties, leaving nothing to the imagination. My sleek, flat stomach was exposed, my cute bellybutton just begging for attention. With my short, wild hair, I looked so wicked.

“Girl, you are one hot bitch,” I purred to my reflection.

Not giving any fucks, I opened the changing room door and sauntered out like I owned these clothes. I threaded my way through the store, navigating the clothing racks. I didn’t even glance at the clerk.

In moments, I was past the sensors and out into the stream of the mall’s foot traffic. I sauntered to my next destination. My pussy clenched, a wicked thrill racing through me. I shoved my hand beneath my skirt right there as so strolled along, rubbing my pussy. I stroked myself through the slit.

“Oh, yes,” I moaned, winking at a passing boy.

A wicked thrill shot through me as I headed into Bath and Beauty Delights. It had a huge collection of makeup. I was most interested in some lipstick. I needed to do something about my pale, pink lips. I needed a vibrant shade. I needed to announce to the world just who I was. My gaze fell towards that forbidden section. The place my mother never wanted me to go.

“Makeup is just lying about what God gave you, and you know where liars go, don’t you Chastity?”

I rolled my eyes. Bad girls should want to go to hell. That was where we belong.

I shuddered, heading towards the makeup. Excitement flooded through me. I was just so eager for this. I reached the display, staring at all the different ones. There were so many colors. So many different ways I could paint my lips. Some were pathetic. Why would I want to go with a slightly different shade of pink? But there were other ones... Reds so bright they practically screamed harlot. Purples. They even had black.

I shuddered, wondering just how many of these I could steal. I was eager to find out.

I grabbed the black lipstick first, smiling as I shoved it up beneath my skirt. The crotchless panties were useful. I had a naughty place I could hide things. I groaned as the narrow tube of lipstick pressed against my virgin pussy lips. I shuddered as I pushed it inside me. Deeper and deeper. I groaned, naughty ripples tingling down to my toes. My hips shook in my jeans skirt, the denim rustling about my thighs.

“Oh, yes, yes,” I moaned. It was so wicked. I could just masturbate right here.

Masturbate... It felt nice having the tube of lipstick inside me. But they were things designed for getting a girl off. There was one naughty place in the mall where I could get one.

Grinning, I snagged up the Passion Fruit Red, hating the name of the color but it was so scarlet. I shuddered as I pressed it up inside me, pushing the black lipstick tube even deeper into my depths. My back arched. My tits quivered in my belly shirt. My nipples throbbed so much. I stared up at the ceiling as the pleasure rippled through me. My pussy was so sensitive. I couldn’t wait to take my first cock inside of me.

Maybe I should let daddy fuck me for denting his car? Ooh, I bet he had such a big cock. He would fill me up more than these lipstick tubes. I pulled my fingers away, loving how they were sticky with my juices. I brought them to my nose, inhaling my sweet musk.

“God, I smell delicious,” I moaned.

I popped my fingers in my mouth. I sucked on them. My tongue danced around them like they were many cocks, cleaning up my cream. Such a delicious thrill.

My pussy clenched around the two lipstick tubes. I bit my lip, wanting to steal a third, but I was getting worried about getting that first one out. My fingers could only reach so far inside of me. Well, the two I had would be good enough for now. I could always shoplift again.

On the way out, I snatched some eye shadow, palming the slender case in my hand. I sauntered out, the tubes of lipstick shifting around inside of me. I groaned at how wicked they felt. My cheeks burned as the rapture rippled through me. I gave the clerk, sitting bored the counter and staring at her phone, a wave.

She gave a half-hearted wave back. She had no idea I had a pussy full of her merchandise.

I burst into wanton giggles the moment I was out of the store. I strutted into the flow of the mall’s customers, my pussy getting teased by those lipstick tubes shifting inside of me. I groaned, wondering if I could come just from walking around with stuff buried in my twat.

That was something I had to find out next.

I ducked into the ladies room and fished out both tubes of lipstick from my pussy. I had a little trouble getting out the black tube, my fingers slipping on the smooth shaft. I shuddered and groaned, the lace of the crotchless panties massaging my knuckles while I stimulated my hot flesh. My clit ached and throbbed. With a hard yank, I wrenched out the naughty lipstick.

Both tubes were soaked in my juices. I decided to go with the red, dropping the black into my purse. Though I’d never applied lipstick before, I nailed it. I coated my lips perfectly. They were just so bright and scarlet. It made me look so wicked. I opened the eye shadow, seeing a palette with several shades on it. I selected a dark bluish-gray hue and swept it across my upper eyelids. They made my green depths look so smoky.

I fluttered my lashes, loving the look. I was such a bad, bad girl. A naughty tremble raced through me.

Makeup was done, It was time to get that sex toy. There was a lingerie shop that had a “personal massager” section. They sold them to relieve “female stress.” I loved it. They also had a discreet selection of vibrators and dildos. Not the truly naughty ones you would find at a sex shop, but I could definitely find myself my first vibrator.

I sauntered inside like I belonged, passing a few other women who were browsing the brassieres. I drifted towards the “massagers,” not even hesitating. If you acted like you belonged, people thought you did. God, people were so stupid. I was eighteen.

I reached the toys, smiling. My eyes flicked up and down them. There were a couple of body and wand massagers, packaged to look like traditional therapy items instead of what they really were: sex toys. I had a few friends whose mothers had those. On the bottom shelf were the true sex toys. The vibrators that were shaped like thick shafts. A fleshy dildo made me smile.

I groaned when I saw the display model. It was silver, so wonderfully shiny. I picked it up and smiled. I didn’t even look to see if anyone was looking.

I just shoved the toy up beneath my skirt.

“Oh, God, yes,” I groaned as the thick, slick shaft of the vibrator pushed into my virgin twat.

My pussy lips spread around it, my cunt stretching and stretching for it. My toes wiggled in my shoes. Wicked trembles raced through me as I pressed the vibrator deeper and deeper into my cunt. It was like nothing I’d ever had in me. Had ever experienced. It was so much thicker than my fingers. Than the lipstick tubes. It kept going. It reached deeper and deeper inside of me. I groaned, trembling on the verge of an orgasm. My eyes fluttered, my breath quickened.

“Oh, God, I’m going to have so much fun with you,” I moaned.

I groaned as I pushed the last inch into me. I savored it. I was so wonderfully full. Was this what it would feel like to have a cock in me? I couldn’t wait to find out. I couldn’t wait to fuck my first guy. I didn’t know who it should be.

My father?

He was someone a bad girl would screw. He was at home. I did need to make up for damaging the car. I shuddered as I whirled around, the thick vibrator shifting around my pussy. I groaned, every step a wonderful delight. I moved through the store, bold, not giving any fucks.

I belonged. I wasn’t doing anything wrong. Nope. Just ignore me as I stroll out with your vibrator shoved up my cunt. These tingles raced through me, an electrified thrill seemed to spark from my new favorite panties. My fingers fluttered as I sauntered out of the store into the mall traffic.

“We need you to come with us, miss,” an authoritative voice said.

My head snapped to the right to see the strong and tall form of a police officer advancing on me. He had dark hair, a thick mustache on his upper lip. His eyes were hard as he stared at me. My pussy clenched about the vibrator as I gave him a beguiling smile.

“Oh,” I said, playing it cool. “Is there something wrong, Officer?”

“We just need you to come with us, miss,” a second cop said. He was tall and broad-shouldered, a brown goatee framing his thick and powerful lips. He had a fade buzzed into the side of his head, that high and tight flattop. A shudder rippled through me, my pussy clenching down on the vibrator.

“Oh, I need to go. My daddy’s waiting for me.” I fluttered my eyes as I gushed like a little girl. “He’ll be so mad if I’m late. I can’t help you. Sorry.”

The cop with a mustache, his name tag reading Murphy, seized my right arm. “Don’t resist, miss.”

“What?” I gasped as he pressed me towards the wall. My pussy clenched around the vibrator. “What are you doing?”

“Placing you under arrest for suspicion of shoplifting,” he said.

“Shoplifting?” I gasped and feigned innocence. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Miss, we’ve seen the security footage of you walking out of Pink Chic in the skirt and top you stole off the rack. I bet that’s not the only thing we’re going to find that you’ve stolen.”

“So don’t resist, miss,” said the officer with a goatee. His name tag read Lassiter. “It would be a shame to have to... hurt such a pretty thing.”

This wicked shiver ran through me as Officer Murphy pulled both my wrists behind my back. He held my hands together while he pulled out his handcuffs. I gasped as the first cuff slapped on my right wrist. I felt the stinging pain and then heard the ratcheting sound as he squeezed it tight. He smacked the other cuff on my left wrist, binding my hands together.

I trembled, arrested like a true bad girl.

“Oh, god, you have no idea of the wicked things I’ve done,” I purred in the sexiest voice I could. I could feel the pussy juices dripping out of me, A drop landed on the floor between my feet. My cream must be running down the vibrator.

“Why am I not surprised,” said Officer Lassiter. “Little slut like you, dressed like that, thinks she can do whatever she wants. Well, miss, just because you got a hot ass doesn’t mean you can break the law. There are consequences.”

“Punishments,” growled Officer Murphy.

I almost fainted in rapture.

The vibrator shifted around inside of me as the two cops marched me through the mall. Each one gripped my arm, their hands so strong. I trembled between them, but not in fear. My pussy only grew hotter and hotter. My clit ached, the lace of the crotchless panties brushing my little bud as I swayed my hips. My nipples rubbed into the thin fabric of my crop top, sending wonderful tingles down to my pussy.

They were both so strong. So young and powerful. I licked my lips, feeling the waxy substance of the lipstick. My small breasts quivered, their eyes falling on them as they jiggled in my too-tight top.

Our journey ended at a small auxiliary police station for the mall. Just a little waiting room no bigger than a bus stop, a place for a couple of cops stationed at the mall to return to on their breaks. It probably had a holding cell in there. I shuddered as Officer Murphy pulled out a set of keys and unlocked the heavy door. It creaked open, my cunt gripping the vibrator as a wicked tingle raced through me.

“You got a name, slut?” asked Officer Lassiter as he led me through. “A real one since Slut is the perfect word for you, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” I moaned.

“We need your real name for the report,” Officer Murphy said, sighing.

“Then you’ll just have to make me talk,” I moaned as they opened a second door onto a small interrogation room. There was a metal table in there, a pair of chairs around it. I shuddered as they stared at me with such hunger.

“Better pat her down,” said Officer Murphy. “You want to take high or low?”

“High,” said Officer Lassiter. “Sluts got herself a pair of nice titties. Young and firm. I bet you’re not a day over eighteen.”

“Maybe,” I moaned as his hands cupped my breasts through my top.

I shuddered at the touch of a man on my breasts. My nipples throbbed as he massaged his palms into them. Gasps and moans burst from my lips as I trembled there. My pussy clenched so hard on the vibrator. I swayed, my eyes fluttering, little stars dancing across my vision as an electric surge shot through me.

Officer Murphy knelt behind me. He reached around and unsnapped the fastener of my jeans skirt. With a hard yank, he ripped it down. He exposed my black panties with their two words written in those bold, white letters. He chuckled, his hand stroking across the phrase.

“Bad Girl, huh?” he said. “I guess you are, Slut.”

“Yes,” I moaned as Officer Lassiter pinched my nipples through my top. He twisted them, rubbing the fabric into my nubs.

“Well look at that,” Officer Murphy said. He nudged the vibrator in my pussy, pushing it up inside me. I squealed and rose on my tiptoes for a moment. “I found what she stole out of A Lady’s Friend,” Officer Murphy said. “She’s got a vibrator shoved up her cunt.”

“Fucking hell. Eighteen and stealing sex toys, huh?” Officer Lassiter grinned at me as he twisted my nipples. “I bet your parents are sooooo proud.”

“Oh, they adore me,” I moaned, my wrists pulling on the handcuffs.

Officer Murphy chuckled. He twisted the vibrator inside me for some rea—

“Holy fuck!” I gasped as the toy buzzed to life.

I trembled as Officer Lassiter twisted and played with my nipples, massaging them as this incredible bliss surged out of my pussy. The vibrator hummed away inside of me. It was like nothing I’d ever imagine. My fingers twitched as my entire body trembled.

“Oh, yes, that’s amazing!” I moaned.

“That’s what you wanted to steal, huh?” Officer Murphy asked, his fingers sliding around the buzzing shaft shoved in my cunt. His fingers stroked over my petals. “Just wanted to get off, didn’t you, Slut?”

“I wanted to explode!” I moaned, the humming churning up my pussy.

“Well, she’s definitely guilty,” said Officer Lassiter. “Let’s get off all the stolen clothes.”

I gasped as he didn’t take off my crop top—how could he with my hands cuffed—instead, he just ripped the front open. The thin fabric tore while the muscles in his arms bulged. My pussy clenched over the buzzing vibrator at how strong he was. How powerful. I whimpered, realizing just how helpless I was.

These two men could do anything to me.

A whimper of delight burst from my lips as my cute titties jiggled before me. Then I groaned as Officer Murphy yanked down my bad girl panties, sliding them down my legs until I was stepping out of them. I stood there naked, the vibrator buzzing in my twat. More drops of pussy juices dribbled from the naughty toy, splattering the cement floor. My toes curled in my shoes as I whimpered and moaned, my head tossing back and forth. My short, wild hair swayed.

This was so incredible.

“You’re guilty of shoplifting, Slut,” growled Officer Murphy. His hand planted into the middle of my back and shoved me forward. He practically slammed me down onto the table, my nipples kissing the cold, metallic surface. I gasped at his strength as he pinned me there. Being helpless made me feel incredible. My fingers flexed, my wrist pulling at the metal cuffs.

He twisted the base of the vibrator again.

“It can buzz higher?” I howled as it churned away inside of me. The humming intensified. Darkness already fuzzed the edge of my vision. My orgasm built and built inside my naughty cunny. My eighteen-year-old twat squeezed down on the amazing toy massaging my insides. My snatch melted around it. I was—


Stinging pain exploded across my ass. My cunt clenched down so hard on the buzzing rapture. The humming toy soothed away the stinging pain burning across my rump. I hadn’t been spanked since I was a little girl, I wished my daddy did it more often.

This was so exciting.


Officer Lassiter spanked his broad hand on my left butt-cheek. That wonderful, stinging pain burned through me, only increasing the delight building my pussy. The vibrator carried me towards my orgasm so fast. I was out of control.


“Such a naughty, fucking slut!”


“Yes!” I howled. “Punish me. I’m such a bad girl!”





Their hands fell over and over. There barely was a chance for the stinging pain to fade before the next spank landed. My pussy drank in the heat, transforming it into rapture. It mixed with the buzzing delight rippling from that amazing vibrator. I whimpered and moaned, surging towards my orgasm.


“Filthy slut!”


“Thought your hot bod would let you get away with anything, huh?”

“No!” I howled as my orgasm exploded through me. “Bad girls have to be punished!”



My pussy convulsed around the vibrator as they spanked me. Wave after wave of bliss flooded from my cunt. Tsunamis of ecstasy flowed through my body. The rapture drowned my mind. Stars burst across vision while darkness rippled around the edges. My wrist pulling against the handcuffs, adding another flare pain to the powerful spanks landing over and over on my naughty rump.



Juices flowed hot, down my thighs, gushing out around the vibrator churning me up. Its humming surged bliss through me that mixed with stinging pain, the two swirling together to create a storm inside of me. A tempest of pure ecstasy. It swept through me. Electrified me. My hard nipples rubbed against the cold steel of the interrogation table.

“I’m a bad girl!” I howled, the pleasure rippling through me over and over. It didn’t stop. I just kept cumming and cumming. I couldn’t believe it. I had no idea that one orgasm could spill into another. My fumbling masturbation had never delivered anything close to this bliss. This was the pleasure a bad girl got to experience.

The pure rapture of being naughty.



“Oh my fucking God, yes! Keep spanking me! I’m still bad! Punish me! I stole! I’m a wicked thief!”

“Goddamn, this little slut has a set of lungs on her,” Officer Lassiter groaned. “I think she needs something to shut her up.”


“What are you suggesting?” asked Officer Murphy.

Instead of the next spank, I heard the rustling of clothing. I blinked as Officer Lassiter was standing before me. He was on the other side of the interrogation table from the other cop, naked, his body all hard muscles. He seized my short, blonde hair and yanked my head a few inches towards...

His cock.

His dick bobbed before my mouth as it thrust before him. I opened wide, swallowing his shaft as the vibrator churning up my convulsing cunt. My twat never stopped spasming around that vibrating toy, rapture after ecstasy sweeping through my body.

I shuddered as the first ever dick entered my mouth.

I sucked hard. My cheeks hollowed about the cop’s dick. Precum spilled salty across my tongue. I whimpered, my burning ass clenching. This was so wild. So naughty. I nursed on him with such hunger, reveling in this moment.

I heard clothing rustling behind me. Officer Murphy was stripping naked now. He was exposing that muscular body of his. I just knew it. Would he fuck my virgin pussy with his hard cock? Was I finally going to get pounded by my first dick while I sucked on another cock?

I gasped as Officer Murphy ripped the vibrator out of my pussy. I was suddenly so empty. I whimpered, needing something filling my twat. The pussy-coated, buzzing toy pressed between my butt cheeks. Against my asshole. Before I even knew what was happening, he slammed it into my virgin rectum.

My anal ring widened to engulf it. The buzzing rapture buried into my bowels. A new bliss flooded through me. I whimpered around Officer Lassiter’s big dick, sucking hard as I squealed.

Officer Murphy rammed his dick into my spasming twat.

Another orgasm burst inside of me, my pussy writhing about the dick taking my virginity. I had my first cock in me. Thick and long, pumping in and out of me. I massaged it with my silky flesh as I squeezed my eyes shut. Such pleasure filled me, buzzing out of my asshole, rippling out of my pussy, sparking from my nipples rubbing on the cold table.

“Goddamn, this slut knows how to suck cock,” growled Officer Lassiter.

“You should try her pussy!” groaned Officer Murphy. “I’ve never been in cunt this tight. Barely legal pussy is amazing!”

I moaned and whimpered around Officer Lassiter’s dick as Officer Murphy fucked my spasming pussy. My asshole buzzed with the vibrator, rippling sensations melting down to my cunt stuffed full of the cop’s big cock.

It was incredible.

The pleasure just wouldn’t stop. Wave after wave of delight rippled through me as the two cops punished me. Every time Officer Murphy slammed into my cunt, his crotch smacked my ass and pushed the vibrator just a little bit deeper into me. My fingers flexed, my wrists pulling on the cuffs. They used me. They fucked my nubile body with hunger.

They were abusing me, and I loved it. I was such a bad girl.

I wiggled my hips, stirring my convulsing cunt around officer Murphy’s big dick. I wanted the cop spurting into my cunt. I wanted to feel that hot jizz splashing inside of me. I moaned, sucking with such desperate hunger on Officer Lassiter’s cock. Drool ran out of the corners of my mouth, running over my chin.

“God fucking damn,” Officer Murphy growled as he fucked my pussy. “That’s what you get for being a naughty, stealing cunt! You get fucked!”

“I’m going to flood your mouth with my cum, you little whore!” His chest swelled. “You’re going to drink it all down, aren’t you, Slut?”

I squealed around his dick.

“Yeah, you are, just a fucking skank. You want to guzzle down my cum!”

I sucked so hard. I wanted to drink his cum. I wanted to feel it spurting into my mouth. I sucked with such feverish hunger. My asshole clenched around the buzzing vibrator. The toy assaulted my velvety flesh while Officer Murphy’s big stick rammed into my cunt. Orgasm after orgasm flooded through me.

It was the best in the world. Sex was awesome. My ass burned with every impact of Officer Murphy’s crotch. He spanked me every time he fucked into my naughty cunt. I squealed, the handcuffs rattling as I trembled. My fingers twitched. My little nipples drank in the cold surface of the interrogation table. The wanton sounds of my blowjob mixed with the slap of flesh on flesh. The wicked noises echoed through the small interrogation room.

The cops grunted and groaned as they used me. They plowed into me from both sides. My eyes squeezed shut, stars dancing through the darkness. My mind drowned. How much more of this could I take? My pussy convulsing. Rippling and spasming. It was incredible.

“God fucking damn,” officer Murphy growled. “What a tight cunt. Oh, god, I can’t take much more of this pussy.”

“Fucking cum in her twat! Just flood the little whore!” Officer Lassiter gripped my hair, pulling on it. Pain flared in my scalp. “Yes!”

He ripped his cock out of my mouth and erupted. Pearly jizz splashed across my face. I felt it bathing me. He coated me in his passion. The cop grunted with each blast, the salty seed running down to my lips. My tongue flicked out, experiencing my first taste of a man’s cum.

I loved it.

My pussy spasmed harder. My asshole rippled around the buzzing vibrator. I squealed as the jizz spurted and bathed my face. I opened my mouth wide, thrusting out my tongue. A wonderful squirt splashed right on my tongue. The salty delight melted through my taste buds.

“Yes, yes, yes!!” I howled. “Cum on my face! Use me like a fucking whore!”

“God fucking damn,” Officer Lassiter panted, his muscular chest rising and falling. He sank down to the chair, his face flushed. “Jesus, you know how to blow a cock.”

“The fucking slut smuggles vibrators up her cunt! What did you expect?” Officer Murphy slammed deep into me. “Fuck!”

“Cum in me!” I moaned. “Spill that jizz in me. I want it. I want you dripping out of me.”

“Hell fucking yes!” he snarled and buried into me.

His balls smacked into my clit.

Pleasure exploded through me as his cum jetted into my cunt. I felt his passion splashing against my depths. My pussy writhed about him as he unloaded spurt after spurt of jizz. The intense waves of ecstasy swept through me as a man filled my nubile cunt with his seed.

I reveled in it. As Officer Lassiter’s juices dripped on my face, my cunt milked Officer Murphy’s dick dry. His hand squeezed my hips, gripping me as he grunted with each blast. I loved it. He was filling me with all his jizz.

“Oh, yes, I was such a bad, bad girl, wasn’t I?” I giggled. “I seduced two cops to fuck me while on duty.”

Officer Lassiter chuckled.

“Goddamn, you are—”

The door opened, cutting off Officer Murphy.

“What are you two...” The deep voice of the newcomer trailed off.

I glanced over my shoulder to see a hulking, Black cop with a shaved head. He stared at me, eyes narrowing. Officer Murphy ripped his dick out of my spasming pussy, the vibrator still buzzing away in my asshole. His jizz leaked out of me and dripped down my thighs.

“Just dealing with a shoplifter, Mac,” Officer Murphy said.

Though he called the Black cop “Mac,” his name tag read Officer Washington. The Black cop stared at me. “What did the little hussy steal? Your cum?”

Officer Murphy chuckled. “The dildo buzzing away in her asshole, the clothes on the floor, and who knows what else. She was on a little crime spree before we caught her.”

“Good thing you found her and stopped her,” Officer Washington said, unbuckling his gun belt. “She had anything but that vibrator shoved up her asshole?”

“Nope,” I moaned.


My ass stung from officer Murphy’s spank as he grunted, “Shut up, Slut.”

Officer Washington chuckled. “She is a wicked, little skank, isn’t she?”

“That she is,” Officer Lassiter said. “And, no, her asshole hasn’t been fucked.”

“Yet.” The deep rumble of Officer Washington’s words made my bowels clench around on the buzzing vibrator.

I trembled as he stripped naked, revealing a broad body, heavily muscled. He had black-ink tattoos that almost vanished into his ebony skin. I gasped when he shoved down his pants. He had a monster of a dick. He dwarfed both the White cops and the vibrator churning up my asshole. How could that even fit in me?

I wanted to find out.

“Look at her wiggle,” said Officer Washington. “Little, White slut wants my big, Black dick reaming her asshole.”

“Yes!” I moaned. “Punish me, Offic—”


“I told you to be quiet,” growled officer Murphy.

I shuddered as the Black cop moved closer. A wicked thrill shot through me. He was going to stuff that massive dick up my asshole. I groaned, my fingers flexing. I was cuffed. There was absolutely nothing I could do to stop him. It made me so wet. Cum leaked out of my pussy as it clenched, aching to be filled again.

It wanted to do such naughty, naughty things.

”Goddamn, she is eager for it,” Officer Washington growled.

“What you expect?” Officer Lassiter asked. Then he chuckled.

“Bet her daddy loves her,” Officer Murphy said. “Bet she sucks his cock every night.”

I would. Right beneath mommy’s nose. I’d be such a bad, bad girl.

Officer Washington ripped the vibrator out of my asshole and tossed the buzzing toy to the floor. It skittered and hummed, rattling as the engine kept churning away. I was suddenly bereft of all sensation in my lower half. My asshole clenched, my body shaking. I became so aware of the cold table beneath my body. My small titties drank it in, my nipples throbbing. I wiggled and squirmed, so ready for it.

Strong hands grabbed my waist. They were huge, practically wrapping around me. I gasped as the black man lifted me up. He held me, my hair dangling before me. A drop of cum fell from my chin and splattered on the table. He pressed his dick between my butt-cheeks. He moved me, sliding my crack up his dick until his tip pressed into my asshole. It was a thick, blunt cockhead.

I whimpered.

He was really going to fuck me up the ass with that monster. I whimpered, my asshole relaxed by the buzzing toy. I felt so loose back there. I could do this. I could take—

“Holy fucking shit!” I howled as he didn’t thrust me. Instead, he pulled me back. He impaled me on his dick.

My asshole flared in pain as it stretched wide enough to take his huge, Black dick. He lanced so deep in me. My bowels clung to him, this burning heat rippling through me. I bucked and squirmed, my little titties jiggling beneath me. The cop grunted as my butt-cheeks pressed against his crotch. I could feel his wiry pubic hair.

“Goddamn, White girl ass is the best.”

I just whimpered, drooling, cum and spittle falling to the table as I moaned. It was incredible. My pussy was already spasming. Another orgasm rippled through me, my asshole celebrating his massive dick filling me. Only a bad girl could take a cock that huge back there without flinching. I rippled and writhed about them, squirming my hips, stirring myself around them as I dangled in his grip.

He gripped my waist tight and then fucked me up and down his cock like a living sex toy. Like I was his personal Fleshlight. I gasped and moaned, his dick pumping in and out of my asshole. My writhing flesh gripped him, the heat flowing through me. I groaned and growled while the other two cops watched and chuckled. My moans echoed through the interrogation room, my passion rippling about us. It was incredible.

My butt-cheek smacked against his crotch, the stinging pain in my spanked rump flaring through me. It only added to the delight of his huge cock sliding in and out of me. My velvety bowels gripped them as they spasmed, drinking in the friction.

Bright sparks exploded across my vision. My head tossed back and forth. I groaned and gasped as he fucked me up and down his cock faster and faster. I could feel his strength, his large fingers holding me. He practically encircled my waist with his two hands. The world swung around me as he used me.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned over and over again. “I love your cock!”

“All the White sluts do. They love my big, Black dick stretching out their tight holes.”

“It’s amazing!” I gasped, my anal orgasms rippling from one to the other.

My pussy convulsed, juices and cum spilling down my thighs. My handcuffs rattled. It felt so amazing. I gasped and squeaked and moaned as he worked his dick in and out of my asshole. I squeezed my eyes shut, trembling, my pleasure rippling about his cock. This was the best in the world. I never wanted this to end.

He groaned. I could tell he loved my asshole. He worked me up and down that big, Black shaft. My back arched, my little tits jiggling beneath me. My pussy spasmed so hard, aching to be filled with anything. So envious of my asshole.

The pleasure burned through my thoughts. An ecstatic blaze devouring everything. His every plung in my asshole sent new sheets of fire racing through me. I burned. Ecstasy consumed me. I howled. Shivered. This was beyond any sensation I could imagine. I was just his sex toy. His living fuck doll.

Then he fucked me.

As he slammed me down his cock, his hips rammed forward. I gasped at the shocking spank, pain flaring across my rump. I bounced forward, my bowels sliding up his cock as his arms held me loose now. It was like I was a swing. His hips plowed into me hard now. He pounded my asshole with even more vigor.

“Oh, my fucking god, I’m dying!” I howled. “I’m dying from ecstasy! Keep fucking me! Don’t stop!”

“Just punishing that tight, young ass!” he growled, drilling his dick so hard into my bowels.

More orgasms than I could count blazed through me. They roared from one to the other, ecstasy enrapture in bliss and euphoria all swirling in a firestorm of passion. Darkness swallowed my vision. I howled. It was too much.

My senses couldn’t take it.

“God fucking damn!” the cop roared.

The Black cop’s spunk fired in my asshole. Dimly, at the edges of my awareness, I felt the jolts of jizz pumping into me again and again. These hot streams of spunk basted me. I trembled, loving him. My asshole writhed, milking his dick as he grunted.

I swayed through the darkness. The rapture buffeted me from every side. His hot cum filled me. I drifted, howling in ecstasy. I felt something cool against me. My asshole was empty, the cum leaking out of me. I blinked, seeing the interrogation table before me.

He fucked me so hard I’d lost it. Only a bad girl could experience that.

“Goddamn, what a slut,” panted officer Washington. “That was a workout. Her ass was tighter than a bankers fist.”

“Only question, what are we going to do with the little whore?” said Officer Murphy. “Still don’t know her name. We got to write this up in the report somehow.”

I smiled, knowing just what to say. “You’re going to let me go.”

Officer Murphy snorted. “Let you go? We got you cold on shoplifting. We found the vibrator shoved up your cunt. Why would we let you go?”

“True,” I said, straightening. So much of Officer Washington’s cum leaked out of my asshole. It ran down to my pussy, mixing with Officer Murphy’s. Officer Lassiter’s jizz still stained my face. “What’s gonna happen when your superiors find out you all fucked me. Are you going to claim that I ‘shoplifted’ your cum out of your balls? That I got it in a turkey baster and just squirted it up in all my holes.”

“We’ll clean you up,” said Officer Washington, his voice growing stiff.

I laughed. My handcuff chains rattled. “We both know that forensics will find even the tiniest trace of your jizz on me. Your DNA. How long will you be going to jail for molesting an female prisoner?”

Officer Lassiter swallowed.

“Or, you can let me go. I’ll be exceptionally grateful. Just imagine all the other chances you will get to catch me being naughty. You’ll have to spank me. Tie me up. Fuck me.” I shrugged. “You can’t do that from prison. Unless you want to be the one getting fucked.”

“God fucking damn,” Officer Washington groaned. “Why does a whore always know when she has you by the balls?”

I winked at him.

It wasn’t long before I was sauntering out of the mall’s small police station wearing my bad girl panties, the vibrator shoved back up inside my cunt. I wore one of their police t-shirts, feeling naughty that I had their department logo printed across my tiny tits. It was sized for a kid, so it fitted me like a second skin. It showed off everything. I was going to enjoy being a bad girl.

Daddy would love the new me. And so would all the other boys.

* * *

The figure chuckled. Chastity was a brilliant success. It was so glad it had the idea to create these panties. Humans were such fun to manipulate.

Its newest creation was ready. It was an interesting pair of panties. It was actually virginal. A soft white, the waistband trimmed in delicate lace, a single word printed in princess-pink letters across the rump, each one drawn in a swirl of cursive.


The figure smiled. It was time to have more fun. Another girl needed another naughty pair of panties.

To be continued in the next tale of Mind-Controlling Panties...