The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Mind-Control Panties

by mypenname3000

Story 6: Naughty Girl’s Sexy Curiosity

The figure was having a great deal of fun with its mind-controlling panties. Each pair had produced a different effect on the girls who’d donned them. The figure was greatly amused by the ease at which humans could be manipulated.

It was eager to have more fun.

Today, the figure held another subdued pair of panties. Girlish even. They were all white with princess-pink letters, written in flowing cursive, across the seat of the panties. A single word: Curious? An interrogative to inflame the mind of a special girl. A girl already curious by nature, but one who could become even more inquisitive.

The figure slipped into a trendy clothing store. It swept past the young women who browsed the shelves, looking for cute buys and adorable outfits. No one noticed the figure. It was nondescript. Unremarkable. Just another shopper browsing through the store. The figure drifted, almost casually, towards the display holding a variety of panties. They were all cute, with girlish designs or adorable phrases printed on their rear. Not unlike the pair of panties clutched in the figure’s hand. Many even had the lace-trimmed waistbands.

With a casual flick of the wrist, the panties were tossed onto the display. Finished, the figure slipped out of the store, unremarked.

Its quarry entered moments later.

Wendy was an eighteen-year-old, slender girl, with black hair falling around her round face. Her breasts were small, little A cups. They were perfect handfuls. She was just burgeoning into her sexuality. She had a natural curiosity about sex, not surprising giving the hormones raging through her youthful body. She was getting interested in boys. In cocks. She started to think about them all the time. Obviously, she’d seen pictures in health classes. She’d even seen a few passed around among her friends, the group giggling over shots of porn stars hard and erect.

She wanted to see a real one, but she was also more than a little scared. She wasn’t as bold as some of her classmates. Many of them had already lost their virginities. Some before they even started high school let alone college. They were young and precocious, enjoying the delights of their blossoming bodies. Wendy wanted to be like them.

She just had to find the right boy.

Thoughts of romance danced in her head as she drifted towards the panties section. Wendy liked buying panties. She had a collection of cute, adorable underwear. Nothing too daring, no thongs. No cheekies or bikini-cuts. She had a bathing suit that showed more flesh than most of her panties. Today, her eyes fell on that sweep of the princess-pink cursive word across the back of the panties. The pair lay front and center.


She was. Her hands reached out, grasping the cotton/polyester blend. She picked it up, her fingers brushing the lace. Tingles raced up her arm and rippled across her skin, galvanizing her. Her nipples hardened and that naughty itch she got when she thought about boys and their hard cocks burst to life between her thighs. She groaned as she stared at that single word.


She absolutely was.

Of course, the girl tried to pay for it. And the cashier even pretended to ring it up, but neither of them realized no price popped up on the screen. Wendy didn’t realize she was paying less than she should have for all the items she was taking home. It just felt natural. Right.

She was curious to try on her new panties.

* * *

Wendy Lovell

I was curious about what my new panties would feel like the morning after I bought them. I had to get to college, my first year of college well underway. I grabbed those panties along with the rest of my clothes I’d wear. I headed to the bathroom. My older sister had gone first, leaving a steamy room behind. I was so eager to don the panties, but I couldn’t go to school without showering. As curious as I was, I hopped in and quickly washed.

I don’t remember the last time I showered so fast. I must’ve set a Guinness World Record. I was back out in a flash, my hand snagging up the fluffy towel to dry my nubile body. My nipples were hard, the terrycloth fabric of the towel feeling wicked against them. The molten itch in my pussy, tingling in me since I bought the panties, intensified.

I just had to try them on.

I snagged the panties and stepped into them before I was even fully dry. I was damp. By the time I reached downstairs, I’d be dry. I stepped into them, the lace rubbing into my palms. That wonderful tingles raced up them. I whimpered as I pulled them higher and higher up my legs, my little titties jiggling as I shuddered.

What made these panties feel amazing? I wanted to know. They were just so amazing. I didn’t even know who made them. They didn’t have a label on them. I tried to Google them. I wanted to buy the entire set. I could only imagine what other fun phrases they would have on them.

My curiosity itched at my brain. I pulled my panties fully up my legs and a little to adjust them properly. The stretchy material cupped my rump, the lace looking so cute as it encircled my waist. I couldn’t help but cock a few poses, staring at my blurry reflection in the mirror.

I dressed in the rest of my clothing, bra, skirt, pink tights, and a fluffy cashmere sweater. My black hair bounced around my head as I headed downstairs.

I reached the bottom and gasped as I saw my sister. She was wearing a tight pair of jeans. I swear she had to pour herself into those skinny jeans to don them. Nothing else made sense. My eyes found her rear, seeing her perky ass cupped by the denim. The fabric gripped her rump tighter than the panties clung to my rear.

I licked my lips. I wondered what sort of panties my sister was wearing. It had to be a thong. I couldn’t see any lines at all. As she bent over, her shirt rode up just enough for me to see the whale tail.

What would she look like in only a thong? I so wanted to know.

My sister, Clarissa, glanced at me as she straightened. She was twenty, a senior. “Are you staring at my ass, Wendy?”

“Just... Your jeans look good on you.”

She smiled.” Maybe you’ll wear a pair like this, huh? Start teasing the boys?”

I shrugged.

Mom swept into the room dressed for her office job. She wore a gray pencil skirt and a conservative blouse that was ruffled in the front. As she walked by, I glanced at her rear. What sort of panties did she have on under there? What kind of panties did mom wear to work? I wanted to run over, lift up her skirt, and find out.

It itched my brain. My fingertips.

My sister waved her hand in front of my face. “Now you’re checking out Mom’s ass?”

My cheeks burned. “No, I’m not,” I quickly said. “You need to get your eyes checked.”

“Whatev, weirdo,” my sister said, rolling her brown eyes.

I wasn’t weird. What was wrong about wondering what sort of panties another girl was wearing? Girls were always checking out each other’s clothes. So what was the big deal?

My fingers itched to yank down my sister’s jeans and our mom’s skirt. What were their panties like? Ooh, I just wanted to know. It made my pussy so wet wondering. Did Mom have sexy panties on underneath? Or did she have granny panties? The questions tumbled through my head all throughout breakfast.

Finished, I headed out with my sister. We had to get to our college. My sister gave me a ride, though I was usually on my own for getting home. She had better things to do than drive around “the annoying, little brat” as she called me to her friends.

She had the gangsta rap blaring on the drive to our college, bobbing along and singing to the absolute vile lyrics. I cannot believe the things the rappers said. What they thought about women. God, did guys really think these things?

They were all such perverts.

We arrived at our college, and my sister marched off to join her friends. They were all laughing and giggling. They were all older girls, and I bet they all had sexy panties. Wondering made me so wet. I itched to find out.

I shuddered, wiggling my hips back and forth.

It was so exciting, just thinking about what people were wearing. Were they wearing thongs? Cheekies? French cut? Bikini? Were their panties red or blue or yellow or white or black or pink or gray or cream? Were they multicolored? Did they have lace? Bows? Were they striped? Polka-dotted? Did they have cute designs on them? Or phrases?

I was so curious.

Every girl I saw, I stared at her crotch or her ass, just wondering. Did the uptight student president have a pair of schoolgirl-white panties on? Did the punk girl have a pair of panties that were crotchless? What about the college’s star volleyball player? What sort of panties did she wear? Something comfortable? Something naughty? Then there were my professors. Mrs. Howards had pantyhose. What sort of panties did she have on beneath her nylons? Did they grip her butt-cheeks and mold to her pussy?

It was all just so exciting.

It made me so wet. I couldn’t help but slip into the girls’ bathroom twice to masturbate my naughty pussy. The first time was between lessons, my fingers flying over my slit, rubbing my vulva and labia. I was thinking about all the different possible panties. I came in a flash.

A ripple of orgasmic delight.

My second time was during lunch. I had more time. I was on my phone, looking at upskirt shots of girls, seeing all the different sort of panties that were hidden beneath skirts. I rubbed myself. As I did, I glanced down at the gap in the stall’s divider. Once, when I had my fingers rubbing feverishly up and down my virgin twat, I saw a girl’s panties bunched around her ankles. They were pink.

I came then and there.

I was just so curious.

In the afternoon, other ideas started popping in my head. Not just what sort of panties were they wearing, but I was curious about how they groomed themselves. I bet my sister was completely shaved. Unless she had a landing strip or a triangle of black curls. I looked at other girls, wondering if they had thick bushes, if they trimmed themselves, or if they shaved themselves bare.

What about my professors? Ms. Kelly was young, a graduate student working on her doctorate. I bet she was hip enough to have a shaved pussy. Maybe even a piercing. Oh, wouldn’t that be naughty to see?

What did the other girls’ pussy lips look like? I had a tight slit, my clit only peeking out when I was really horny. I had been in the locker room. I’d seen girls with pink petals that spilled out of their vulva, flowers blooming bright. Every girl I looked at, I just wanted to pull down their skirt, see their panties, then take them off.

Curiosity burned across my thoughts.

I hardly even noticed the boys. Why would I? Who cared what dumb things they had in their boxers. Cocks? Those just made me feel disgusted. Pussy was what I was curious to see. To compare to my own. I licked my lips, just aching to see them all.

To my surprise, my sister drove me home that day. I spent the entire ride just thinking about her pussy. Did she have a tight slit like me? I knew she was fucking her boyfriend, so maybe she was more open, her pussy lips thicker. Dave was older, twenty-five and working construction. It was so naughty. I knew mom had no idea. She wouldn’t approve.

How did my mom groom her pussy? Did she have a hairy bush? She had black hair like Clarissa and me, but was it a forest down there? I kept my pussy nice and trimmed, although my hairs were still pretty sparse.

“Are you staring at my crotch now?” my sister asked, an amused tone in her voice as she drove us home, the Gangster Rap blaring.

“No,” I said, blushing. “I was just wondering...”

“Wondering what?” she asked as she turned into our driveway.


“You’re getting stranger and stranger every day, Wendy.”

The moment we got home, Clarissa headed upstairs. I drifted to the kitchen to have an afternoon snack, a single serving of yogurt. I sat down at the kitchen bar, eating the strawberry banana delight and thinking about panties. What sort of panties did Scarlett Johansson wear? Or Angelina Jolie. How about Gal Gadot. She played Wonder Woman. What sort of panties did Wonder Woman wear? Did Wonder Woman shave?

I heard my sister coming down the stairs. I glanced over my shoulder and spotted her wearing a sports bra that cupped her round breasts and her yoga pants. I shuddered. Those gray, stretchy pants hugged her butt-cheeks like a second skin. I didn’t see her whale tail thong peeking out the back. Was she even wearing panties?

I had to find out.

I grabbed my phone, pretending to stare at it so my sister wouldn’t think it was weird I was hanging around. I wanted to know if she was wearing panties. What her pussy looked like. Tasted like. There were so many things I was curious about. If she wasn’t such a bitch, I was sure she would help me find out. I bet mom would.

If she were home, I’d walk up to her and ask, “Mom, can I lift up your skirt, pull down your panties, and look at your pussy? Maybe give it a lick just to see what you taste like?”

I bet she would say, “Of course you can, Wendy. I’m always glad to help you out, honey.”

Why couldn’t my sister be more like Mom?

I drifted into the living room as Clarissa spread out her yoga mat. She bent over to do it, and boy did that tight material of her stretchy pants cling to her ass. The material dipped into her butt-cheeks, outlining those two perfect hemispheres. My mouth went dry as my gaze dropped lower. I could see the fabric molding over her pussy. Her cameltoe. She had to be shaved. There was no way I could see all the details of her plump vulva and her tight slit if she wasn’t. Definitely no panties either.

I licked my lips then gasped as I tripped over the foot of the stand lamp.

My sister whirled around. “What are you doing?”

“Just browsing Instagram,” I said, pretending to swipe my screen.

“Don’t do it while walking. Mom will blame me if you break something.”

That was because Mom liked me better. I didn’t say that out loud, though.

“What are you doing anyway?” she asked as I reached the couch and plopped down. “I’m doing my yoga out here.”

“Just browsing Instagram. Geez, you won’t even notice I’m here.”

“Why do always have to be such an annoying, little brat?” she muttered.

I glared at her. If she didn’t have such a cute ass and a yummy-looking pussy, I would walk out of the room in a huff.

Her pussy did look so succulent cupped by that tight fabric. What would it be like to lick her pussy? My sister might be a bitch, but she was gorgeous. I guess her tits weren’t bad, but I wasn’t into girls. Why would I care about my sister’s boobs?

It was hard to pretend to look at my phone when she started her routine. Luckily for me, she faced away. It was so hard not to finger my twat when she was doing dog pose, her ass pointed right at me, the fabric of her yoga pants molding to her pussy lips.

I forgot to blink.

My eyes started burning as I drank in the sight. It was as close to seeing what she looked like naked as I could get. I just wanted to dart off the couch and yanked down her yoga pants. I would be so naughty. But she would kill me.

God, she was such a bitch.

When she straightened from that pose, I quickly looked down at my phone’s blank screen. She threw a look over her shoulder, her face tightened. Then she went into a one-legged standing pose. She had great balance, but it wasn’t really showing me the good stuff. I mean, I could stare at her rump, but the cloth just wasn’t stretched as tight over her ass as the moment before.

Still, my pussy was soaking my new panties. It was so hard not to slide my hand up beneath them. I was totally going to masturbate when she finished. I would go up to my bedroom, rub my pussy, and think about her cunt. Were her pussy folds as pink as mind? Did she taste like mine? I had a sweet tasting cunt, but that didn’t seem to fit Clarissa. I bet she was spicy. Maybe tangy. I shuddered from thinking about it.

My nipples ached in my bra. She shifted poses as I pretended to stare at my phone. I casually rubbed my arms against the tips of my breasts. I massaged my nipples while I pressed my thighs tight together. Tingles shot down to my pussy, my clit throbbing. I manipulated my clit by working my thighs together, fighting little whimpers.

My sister went into a boring sitting pose next. I sighed, wishing she would do something like that dog pose again.

“You’re making this really difficult,” Clarissa muttered. “I can feel your eyes on me. What has gotten into you?”

“What?” I asked. “I’m just relaxing.”

“In the living room? Instead of your bedroom? You’re never around when I’m doing my yoga.”

I shrugged.

She stared at me. “I don’t know what you’re up to, but if you try anything when Dave shows up...”

“Dave’s coming over?” I shuddered. “Does Mom know you’re having a boy come over.”

She rolled her eyes. “I’m twenty.”

“But, still, you know her rules.”

“Are you going to tell?” She planted her hands on her hips as she faced me. I shuddered, I could see the yoga pants molding to her vulva. Her slit was outlined by that wonderful cloth.

“I won’t tell,” I said. An idea clicked in my mind. If Dave was coming over, which meant they were going to fuck. Which meant she was going to have to get naked. She would have to show off her pussy for him to slide into her.

“You better not, or you can walk to school, Wendy.”

I nodded my head.

“I’m going to take a shower. If Dave shows up, don’t be weird around him.”

“I’ll be good.”

Clarissa whirled around and headed upstairs. My heart clenched. I couldn’t really be doing this, right? But I had to see her pussy. It itched at my brain. There were so many girls I had to see, but Clarissa’s cunt was at the top of my list. I wanted to rub my face into her twat. I wanted to smell her. Feel her. Taste her. I needed to know everything about her pussy. Even her butt. Her cute rump was also covered by her panties. I squirmed on the couch, listening.

The shower hissed on.

It was like the crack of a starter pistol at a race. I was off.

I darted towards the stairs, running up them. My feet drummed on the carpeted steps, my small breasts jiggling in my bra. My clit throbbed, rubbing against the fabric of my panties. I was soaking through them.

I reached the second floor and glanced at the closed bathroom door. The shower was loud. She wouldn’t hear anything. My heart racing, I ripped off my blouse. I tossed it into my open bedroom, standing just outside the doorway. The bathroom door was right behind me. My bra came off next, exposing my nipples.

I tweaked one, shuddering.

I ripped off my skirt and tights, and then my panties. I didn’t want to part with them, but they’d just be in the way for what was going to happen next.

Naked, I closed my door to hide the evidence. Then I crept down to her bedroom. It was right next to mine. The farthest from the master bedroom where our mom slept. I crept into Clarissa’s room, heading for her closet. She wouldn’t need anything in here. It had louvered slats, letting you see out, but not in. I felt so naughty as I slid open the door and then pressed inside. I felt her clothes rub against my back. I shuddered in there, alone in the dark, waiting for Dave to show up.

For me to see my big sister’s pussy.

I licked my lips in anticipation. I rubbed my thighs, resisting the urge to frig my pussy. I wanted to wait. I savored that horny, molten passion between my thighs. I trembled, shuddering. The shower turned off.

My pussy clenched.

The doorbell rang.

“This is it,” I whispered.

The bathroom door flung open. I heard my sister moving. She headed downstairs. The front door opened. I heard talking, her voice, and his. The front door close, and then the footsteps headed back to the stairs. I heard her giggle. A squeal of girlish excitement. Then he laughed.

“Gonna tear that ass up,” I heard him say followed by a smack.

They were almost here. I could hear them coming closer and closer. I heard the wet sounds of smacking lips. The door rattled. Clarissa must be pressed right against it. My pussy clenched. I was so eager for it. I just had to see her. My sister’s pussy... I needed to know what it looked like. Otherwise, I would go insane.

I shoved my hand between my thighs and rubbed at my eighteen-year-old, virgin twat. Pleasure rippled through me. I whimpered, the passion needing to escape me. I couldn’t hold it in. It was too much.

The door opened.

Clarissa backed in, wearing her pink bathrobe. It was open. Dave, a tall guy with brown hair and the tattoo of a dragon wrapped around his right arm, groped my sister’s tit. He squeezed her round breast, his thumb rubbing over her pink nipple. I shuddered, wanting to see the good part.

Her hands ripped at the t-shirt he wore. She pulled it off of him, forcing him to release her breast and break the kiss. She threw his shirt to the ground while he kicked her door shut.


“Goddamn, you are one sexy thing.”

My older sister giggled, her pink robe falling off her body. I smiled as she revealed the perky, peachy curve of her rump to me. I could see the cleft. I shuddered, licking my lips. One of my curiosities were satisfied, but not the main one.

I whimpered, rubbing my feverish flesh, my silky bush brushing my fingers. I pressed against louvered slats, peering out at my sister. My heart thundered in my chest. My fingers, coated in my juices, slid up and down my virginal folds. I brushed my clit. My hymen.

“I’m going to tear that cunt up,” he growled.

My sister purred in delight as she fell to her knees. She unbuckled his jeans and yanked them down. His boxers followed, exposing his boring, hard cock. I groaned, wanting to get to the good parts. I couldn’t see her pussy. I could see the side of her body, but her thigh blocked my view of her twat. I didn’t even get a good glimpse if she was shaved or not. I wanted to groan in frustration as she sucked on his dick.

Cocks were ugly. Why did she want to suck on one? Wouldn’t she rather suck on a nipple or a clit?

I licked my lips. I’d love to suck on her nipple. I guess boobs were nice. I stared at hers, watching the side-profile of her breasts jiggle as she worked her mouth up and down his cock. Her hand dipped between her thighs, rubbing herself while she fisted his dick with the other. She touched herself the same way I did. I shuddered and rubbed faster, my pubic hair teasing me.

I was almost hypnotized by her swinging breasts. If it wasn’t for them, I would go insane from my frustration. As it was, it took all my self-control not to open the door and shout at my sister to show off her cunt.

My juices flowed, my fingers growing so sticky.

“Damn, I need to get into that pussy,” Dave growled.

“Finally,” I hissed underneath my breath.

My sister’s mouth popped off his cock with a wet plop. She stared up at him, drool dribbling down her chin. Giving a blowjob was so messy. I would never do that. Now getting pussy juices all over my lips and mouth... I bet that was amazing.

I was so curious to find out.

My sister rose, her lithe thighs flexing. She turned, letting me get a perfect view of her ass for a moment. I just wanted to grab it. Knead it. I whimpered, frigging my clit. My pubic hair brushed my knuckles. This was perfect. Just what I needed. She spun around, letting me see the front now.

She was utterly shaved. Her pussy was that tight slit I’d seen through her yoga pants. Now there was nothing in the way of my curiosity. She was flashed. Juices beaded on her swollen vulva. A hint of her pink inner lips blossomed out from her slit.

She threw herself on her bed, lying on her back. She shifted around, stretching out lengthwise. The foot of her bed pointing right at the closet. I had a perfect view of her pussy lips parting as she spread her thighs wide. The pink depths were revealed to me.

A small orgasm rippled through me. I clamped a hand over my mouth as the pleasure washed out of my convulsing cunt. My passion coated my fingers. I was staring at my older sister’s twat. My body shuddered, rustling the clothes behind me. It was incredible, my toes clenching. This hot delight surged through me.

It was beautiful. Perfect.

The waves of pleasure rushed through me. I wanted to join her. I would nuzzle my face down and press my lips into her folds. I shuddered, the rapture rushing through me. Stars danced before my eyes as I savored this moment.

It was perfect.

Then Dave’s hairy ass ruined it.

I groaned, my face twisting in disgust. He mounted the bed, utterly blocking my sight of my sister. She gasped as he thrust his cock into her. I could see her pussy lips wrapped around his dick. Her arms and thighs clutched him tight while his balls smacked into her. It was the most disgusting thing in the world.

I pulled my fingers from my pussy. I had one amazing orgasm, but how could I masturbate to this?

He was violating the beauty of her pussy with his disgusting cock.

I shoved my fingers in my mouth, sucking off my sweet pussy cream. I reveled in the flavor, my cheeks hollowing. I closed my eyes, not wanting to see the violation. But I could still hear them. The slap of flesh on flesh echoed around me. Her moans. His groans.

“Yes, yes, fuck me!” Clarissa panted. “Ram that big dick in me!”

“Damn, you’re such a slut!” Dave growled. “A goddamn whore! Your pussy is so fucking tight!”

I ground my teeth.

My nostrils flared as I snorted in rage.

My anger built and built with his every stroke. I wiggled more, clothes rustling. He fucked harder into her. Faster into her. The bed creaked and groaned. Every sound assaulted my delicate ears. This was too much. It had to end.

“I’m going to cum!” my sister moaned.

How could she cum on that ugly dick?

“Fucking hell, you are!” he growled. “Let me feel your pussy spasm around my cock. I’ll dump so much jizz in you.”

“Yes!” my sister howled.

“Shit!” snarled the disgusting Dave. “That’s it, milk my dick. You just love it, don’t you? Just a fucking slut that loves my cum firing into you. What sort of girl lets a guy bust his nut bareback in her?”

“The biggest slut! I love it!” My sister sounded so throaty. I shuddered. She liked that nasty jizz spurting into her pussy. I opened my eyes, glancing to see Dave’s hairy ass clenching. I shook my head, a nasty taste lingering in my mouth. I wanted to retch.

What was wrong with my sister?

Dave gave a final groan, and then he rolled off my sister. I shuddered, her pussy coming into view once more. I locked my gaze upon her twat, her folds gaping open even wider. I could see even deeper into her and...

Thick, white cum pooled inside of her. A bit of the milky substance leaked out, dribbling down her taint to her asshole. I shuddered, unable to look away. As nasty as his cum was, it was still my sister’s pussy. It was still something I hungered for. Something I yearned to see. I licked my lips, a hot tremble racing through me. She was so beautiful. Even with his cum leaking out of her.

Her clit was hard.

Labia pink and glistening.

Even her breasts were cute. They rose and fell as she panted, her pink nipples thrusting hard from her areolas.

“Oh, God, that was great,” my sister moaned, “but you need to get out of here. My little sister’s lurking around, and that brats up to no good. I can just feel it.”

I wanted to giggle at just how true that was. I thrust my hand down and rubbed at my hot cunt again. I shuddered as I stroked my virgin flesh, staring my sister’s cunt. More cum leaked out.

“Fine with me,” Dave said. “Damn, you’re a great fuck, Clarissa. When can we get together again?”

“I’ll give you a call when I get that itch.” The way she talked, that sultry purr, to him infuriated me. She should talk that way to me.

Call me a brat!

I wanted to screech. Why did my sister have to have such a beautiful pussy and yet be such a bitch at the same time? Anger and lust boiled through me.

Dave dressed quickly while my sister just played with her breasts, almost dozing. I was so glad that his nasty cock vanished. His jeans rustled, and his belt clattered as he fastened it. Then he pulled on his t-shirt and opened her door.

“Later,” he said. I rolled my eyes. So romantic.

“Uh-huh,” my sister dreamily said. It seemed like she was almost in a sex coma or something. Could that happen? Maybe.

The door shut. His footsteps retreated. I shuddered, staring at her pussy. I rubbed my twat faster, building myself towards another orgasm. I was stuck in here until my sister slipped out. She probably has to go to the bathroom and clean herself up at some point. No way she would want that icky cum inside of her forever. She was a freak to enjoy it spurting into her, but it had to start feeling nasty after a while. I rubbed my little clit, my eyes locked on her twat.

The front door opened. Closed.

My sister sprang into action. I almost gasped in shock as she flew off her bed. She was at her closet door before I could even blink. She ripped it open, a vicious grin on her face. I squeaked, pressing back into her clothes while ripping my hand from my pussy.

“I thought you were in here, you nasty, little freak.” She seized my black hair in a tight fist and hauled me out.

“Clarissa!” I gasped, pain flaring in my scalp.

“You’ve been staring at my ass and crotch all day, haven’t you?” she snarled, turning me around in the center of the room. “Huh?”

I muttered something.

“What was that, brat?” she hissed.

“I was just curious,” I mumbled a little louder.

“Curious?” She stared at me. “What, are you a dyke? Into cunt instead of cock?”

I shrugged my shoulders.

“Into your sister?” This nasty glint appeared in her dark eyes. “What sorta depraved, little bitch wants to stare at her sister’s twat?”

“Well, you’re just so gorgeous,” I said. I stared up at her, my pussy tingling. “You have a great ass, and when you’re in your yoga pants, oh, my God, I just couldn’t look away. It molded to your rump. Your pussy. It was like I was almost seeing you naked. But it wasn’t enough. So I thought if I hid in here, I’d get a chance to see it while you and Dave...”

“Fucked?” Her free hand shot down and grabbed my wrist. She hauled up my arm, bringing the fingers of my right hand to her nose. She inhaled. “You were fingering your little twat while you’re watching, weren’t you?”

My cheeks burned. I nodded.

“Did you cum?”

Another nod. “Before... Dave mounted you and ruined the view.”

She chuckled. “I bet. The worst shot in porn is that hairy ass pumping up and down as he fucks the girl while on top. I mean, unless you’re into staring at a guy’s ass.” She leaned down, her hand gripping my hair. She forced me to look her in the eyes. “And that’s definitely not you. You like looking at a girl’s rump.”

I nodded. Or, as much as I could with her tight grip on my hair.

“And you like looking at the girl’s pussy, too.” Her tongue flicked across her lips.

“I’m just so curious about what other girls have in their panties,” I said. “That’s all. There’s nothing weird about that, right? Just wondering what their pussies look like. Taste like. Feel like. It’s just natural. Like... staring at a girl’s shoes. You do that.”

“Because I’m judging how hot I am compared to them,” she muttered. “I’ve never looked at a girl’s ass and wondered what she looked like beneath her skirt. But you...”

“Well, what?” I said. “There’s nothing wrong with being... with being a dyke. Being gay. You’re not a homophobe, are you?”

She snorted. “I’ve made out with plenty of girls. Guys love it. I’ve even had a few go down on me.” She licked her lips. “It’s not bad. I mean, just straight girls playing at being lezzies to make their boyfriends hard. But you...” she shuddered. “You’re the real deal, aren’t you?”

I shrugged.

“Yeah, you are.”

Suddenly she was pushing down at my head. My knees buckled and I gasped as I came face-to-face, or face to pussy, with her shaved snatch. Her thighs were parted, Dave’s jizz dribbled down her supple flesh. I could smell her. This sweet musk. Not spicy or tart like I’d imagined. She smelled the same as my pussy.

My sister smelled amazing.

I licked my lips. My sister chuckled. “That’s what I thought. What are you waiting for, huh? You’re curious. Start licking.”

“But it’s full of his—”

My words were cut off as she yanked my head forward, pressing my lips into her sloppy twat.

Two flavors filled my mouth immediately. I shuddered, tasting my sister’s sweet cream and the salty flavor of Dave’s cum. I shouldn’t enjoy that. It was nasty. A guy’s jizz. But it was also leaking out of her pussy. I’d been curious about her twat all day, and now it was grinding on my mouth. I felt the silky folds on my lips. Her clit brushed my nose. The musk filled my every inhalation.

I opened my mouth, instantly the cum and her incestuous juices flooded me. I gulped it down. I shuddered, this naughty quiver bursting through me. My sister wiggled her hips back and forth, grinding on my hungry mouth. She moaned, her naked tits swaying above. She stared down at me, this wicked look on her face as my tongue fluttered through her folds.

“That’s it, eat my pussy,” she moaned. “My little sister’s a budding dyke. Ooh, you love it.”

I moaned, “Yes!”

“You love it even filled with all that nasty cum, don’t you?” She shuddered. “I love feeling it in me. But watching you lick it out, experiencing it... Oh, god, that makes me want to cum so hard on your mouth.”

I wanted that. My tongue licked faster. I dove through her folds. I savored every bit of her pussy that I touched. I was just so incredible. My tongue thrust deep into her sheath and swirled around. I scooped out his cum as fast as I could, eager to taste just her sweet cream. This heady rush ran through me.

My hands shot down between my thighs. I rubbed at the virgin folds of my pussy. I stroked up and down my cuntlips, trembling. I quivered as this rush of delight shot through me. My nose rubbed against her clit as I explored the depths of her twat. I tried to memorize the feel of her inner sheath.

I had to compare this to every other girl’s cunt I could.

The flavor of Dave’s nasty cum dwindled and dwindled. That salty, yet exhilarating, taste vanished. Now it was just pure heaven. Sweet, incestuous cream. I groaned, licking faster. I scooped out her passion, shuddering as my fingers rubbed up and down my feverish flesh.

I brushed my clit. Sparks flared.

I licked my tongue up her pussy lips to her clit. I explored her bud, circling around it. My sister gasped, her round tits heaving above me. She tightened her grip in my hair, pleasure crossing her face. Her back arched, her free hand grabbing her left tit.

“That’s it,” she moaned. “Have you eaten cunt before?”

“No,” I moaned. “Yours is the first one. I was most curious about yours. I want to lick them all.”


“Yes!” I gasped. “And your friends. My friends. My professors. I want to find out what’s in every girl’s panties.”

“God fucking damn, that’s hot!”

I sucked on her clit as I rubbed my cuntlips. My fingers slid up and down my slit, getting soaked by my juices. My naughty cream covered my fingers. Pleasure rippled through me, my orgasm building and building as I explored my sister’s pussy. I nibbled on her labia. Sucked on her clit.

I memorized every detail of her twat.

I squeezed my eyes shut, stroking her, knowing her pussy now by the texture of where I licked. It was incredible. At the same time, my fingers explored my cunt. I stroked my hymen, brushing the little holes in it. I caressed my inner pussy lips. My clit. Every touch brought me closer and closer to that wonderful moment.

I would cum so hard.

I whimpered about her clit. I loved the way she shuddered. How she trembled above me. Groaned. I gave her such bliss. I would make my sexy sister explode. I would give her such bliss. She’d be gasping and moaning and howling her pretty head off.

“Oh, god, you want it!” she moaned. “You want to make me cum, don’t you?”

“Yes!” I moaned.

“That’s what I thought. Just a little fucking dyke. Ooh, that’s it. Suck on my clit. I want to cum. It was so hot knowing you were in my closet watching me getting fucked. This is even better!”

I quivered, so eager to please her. My fingers stroked faster and faster up and down my pussy folds. As her juices ran over my cheeks and chin, a bead dribbling down my neck, my orgasm swelled. I was lost to this. I was satisfying my curiosity.

It was everything I wanted.

My orgasm burst inside of me. Wave after wave of rippling delight surged through me. I whimpered, moaning about her clit. It was incredible. The pleasure rushed through me. A tidal wave of ecstasy swept through my body and reached my mind. It drowned me. I groaned, whimpering about her clit.

Juices bathed my fingers dancing on my bud. They gushed out hot. They soaked my digits as I feverishly rubbed up and down my slit. Every time I brushed my clit, a new spark set off another wave of rapture through me. Ecstasy sloshed through my body. Drowned my mind. Stars danced across my vision.

“Oh, God, are you cumming?” she moaned, squeezing her left tit. “Yes, you are! Just a nasty, fucking dyke! I love it!”

I sucked on her clit as my orgasm rippled through me. As long as I was drinking her juices, licking her flesh and experiencing this delight, I would keep cumming and cumming. Nothing would stop me. I would drown in this bliss. I would experience it forever and ever. I stroked harder at my clit, rubbing faster. I whimpered, my entire body shaking.

“Fuck!” she gasped. “That’s it! Yes!”

She bucked.

Sweet cream flooded my mouth. I opened wide, letting it pour past my lips, sweep over my tongue, and then flow down my gullet. As it warmed my stomach, another orgasm burst through me. My entire body shook. Fresh cream coated my fingers as I drank down the flood of passion from my sister.

Her fingers dug into her tit as she howled out in rapture. She didn’t hold back. She savored the incestuous delight I gave her. My tongue fluttered against her clit. I sucked on it. Nibbled on it. Her entire body convulsed. Her right tit heaved, her left tit jiggling in her tight grip.

“God fucking damn!” she moaned. “You’re the fucking best pussy licker ever!”

“Pussies are just so amazing!” I moaned.

She shuddered, stumbling back. She released her grip on me, shaking her head. She blinked, struggling to comprehend. She shivered, her tits rising and falling. “Wow!”

I panted, my orgasm peaking in me. I trembled there, on my knees, my face soaked in her sweet cream. Lines ran down my throat towards my small breasts. I breathed in, quivering. A final rush of pleasure shot through me and then I sank back onto my rump.

I panted.

“Wow,” she said, staring at me. “So, you were staring at my ass, too, weren’t you?”

I nodded with eagerness.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought.” My sister turned around, her curvy, peachy ass right before my face. She reached behind her, grasping both butt-cheeks, and parted them. I blinked, staring with such awe as she exposed her puckered asshole to me. I studied her backdoor, my curiosity being scratched. I never looked at my own butthole. Never even seen one.

I breathed in, catching a whiff of sour musk over the sweet delight of our pussies.

“What are you waiting on?” she hissed. “You were curious about my cunt, so why aren’t you devouring my asshole?”

“What?” I gasped. “People do that?”

“It’s called anal rimming. Now get your pretty, little lips on my asshole and make me cum. Finger my twat and shove that tongue deep into my bowels.”

What would that be like? My thoughts galvanized me into action.

I buried my face between her butt-cheeks. I groaned, nuzzling into her sour hole. I shuddered, my tongue swiping out. I caressed over that wrinkled sphincter. I tasted the sour flavor of her asshole. This wicked thrill shot through me. I couldn’t believe how good it tasted.

I licked again. I swirled my tongue around it, savoring the texture of her puckered sphincter. My pussy clenched. I shoved my left hand down there this time. I pinched my clit, rolling it between my thumb and forefinger as I rimmed my sister’s asshole. I was such a slut. Such a naughty, kinky whore.

“Yeah, that’s it,” purred my sister. “That’s what you are. Just a little slut. Just a fucking whore who’s going to make me cum. Ooh, jam that tongue in me, and don’t forget to finger my twat.”

My right hand shot up between her thighs. I found the shaved folds of her pussy, knowing exactly where I was touching her twat. I had memorized her folds as I’d eaten her out. I stroked towards me, caressing her inner folds. I found the entrance. I jammed a single finger into her cunt, shuddering as I reached deeper into her twat than my tongue could reach. Her silky walls clenched down on me, her juices soaking me.

“One finger?” she hissed as I rimmed her asshole. “You saw how big Dave’s cock is! You need to jam at least three in there to make me cum.”


My virgin pussy clenched as I rubbed my clit. I did it. I drove three digits into her pussy. I gasped as her sheath clenched around them, forcing them together. They made almost a cylinder. I whimpered into her asshole, her juices running over the back of my hand as I thrust my digits in and out of her twat.

“That’s it,” she moaned. Her butt-cheeks clenched about my face. “Mmm, now get that tongue in my asshole. Come on, slut. Satisfy that curiosity of yours.”

She had such great ideas.

As I thrust my three digits in and out of her asshole, my tongue pressed against her sphincter. I shuddered as I felt her anal ring parting. It spread wide, allowing my tongue to penetrate into her sour depths. I moaned, my tongue wiggling around inside of her. I caressed her velvety bowels while her pussy clenched down on my digits.

She made such wanton moans. She shuddered, her black hair sweeping about her shoulders. Her back arched as I churned up her pussy. I memorized the new textures of her twat as I reached so deep into her. Her hot, silky delight soaked my fingers. My tongue wiggled around in her asshole, savoring that different feel.

A more velvety texture.

The sour flavor was so delicious. Intense. It was so different from that sweet flavor. I groaned, my tongue dancing around inside her rectum. I wiggled it. Stroked it. Swirled it in circles. My fingers twisted inside her pussy, caressing her silky walls.

“Goddamn you’re such a slut,” my sister moaned. “Yes, yes, get that tongue in my asshole and really finger my twat. Ooh, I’m gonna cum so hard.”

I shuddered. I played with my clit, frigging myself. The pleasure rippled through me as I pleased her. More of her pussy juices ran down my hand. It reached my wrist as I plunged my fingers faster and faster into her. My tongue wiggled around her asshole, my sister’s moans echoing through her bedroom. It was incredible. This was beyond my imagination. I was so glad I found out what was hidden by her panties.

This was the best thing ever. I caressed my virgin pussy folds, grinding the heel of my hand against my clit. Sparks burst inside me. I moaned into her asshole as I fucked my tongue in and out of her sour depths. I plunged my fingers into her twat with the same ferocity.

“Goddamn, you’re amazing,” she moaned. “I want you to lick my pussy, my asshole, all the time.”

“Yes,” I moaned into her butt-hole.

She chortled. The laugh turned into a purring delight. “Thought you’d like that. Goddamn, but you’re just a fucking dyke, aren’t you, Wendy?”

I was.

Her moans grew louder and louder while her pussy grew hotter and hotter. I thrust my digits into her hard and fast. I churned her up. Her asshole clenched around my tongue. This was so incredible. I whimpered, my eyes squeezing shut. My fingers danced on my clit again. My orgasm built faster and faster. It spurred me to thrust my fingers as deep as I could into her.

Would she like a fourth digit in her?

I had to satisfy my curiosity.

I jammed my pinky finger into her pussy on the next upstroke. She gasped, her asshole clenching about my probing tongue. Her back arched and her dark hair danced about her shoulders. She let out such a wanton moan.

“That’s it, you fucking dyke-slut. Oh, I love it. If I’d known you were into this, I would’ve made you eat my twat out weeks ago.”

“Yes!” I gasped. I was so glad I became curious.

She shuddered. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum. Jam those fingers in me. Come on, you can do it. Faster! Yes, yes, like that!”

I pumped my four digits in and out of her, jamming them as deep as I could. I reached farther than ever, savoring the feel of her silky depths. I pulled my tongue out of her asshole and sucked on her puckered sphincter. I don’t know why, I just hoped Clarissa like it. She must’ve because she gasped and moaned.

Her entire body shook. My orgasm hurtled towards its explosion. I was so close. My sister moaned. I groaned. We were both swelling towards that incestuous delight. My fingers rubbed with feverish haste on my clit. My eyes squeezed shut.

“God fucking damn, yes!” my sister howled.

Her pussy convulsed around my four digits.

“Yes!” I squeaked.

Hot cream bathed my other hand.

We were both cumming. Moaning. My virgin depths convulsed, aching to be filled. Cream spilled over both my fingers, the scent of sweet pussy filling my nose, mixing with that sour musk. I jammed my tongue deep into her asshole, feeling her anal depths writhing while her pussy convulsed around my digits.

I wiggled all four of my fingers in her tight twat. Her moans grew louder. So much of her cream gushed out of her. She drenched my hand. The rivulet ran all the way down to my elbow. I felt so dizzy from the bliss surging through me.

“Oh, Clarissa, yes!” I moaned.

“Fuck, you’re amazing, Wendy. I’m never going to call you a brat again. Ooh, you’re my little pussy-licking sister.”

“Yeah!” I cheered. “I’ll lick your pussy or your asshole or whatever you want. I’m curious if the flavor will change. Ooh, I can’t wait to find out.”

Downstairs, the front door rattled open. I could hear keys dropping in the bowl. Mom was home. I hopped to my feet, darting for the door. I wrenched it open naked, not caring. As I rushed out of my sister’s bedroom, I heard her calling after me. Something about getting dressed. Whatever.

I had curiosity to scratch.

I rushed down the stairs, my small breasts jiggling, my feet slapping on the runners. Just as I reached the bottom, Mom appeared. She blinked as she looked up at me. I slowed to a stop and grinned at her.

“Wendy?” she asked, voice choked.

“Hey, Mom,” I greeted, bouncing in delight. “Can I look at your panties? I’m so curious about what type you’re wearing. Maybe... Maybe I’ll take them off and you’ll let me lick your pussy, too.”

My mom blinked while this naughty, electric tingles raced through me. That same feeling I got when I put on my panties.

“Well, okay,” she said. “Right here? Or should we go up to my bedroom?”

I grinned. “Bedroom!”

I licked my lips, eager to eat my second pussy.

* * *

The figure had to chuckle at that. Its plan was delicious. Six panties. Six naughty girls. The figure was finding it an intoxicating rush. It couldn’t get drunk on alcohol or drugs like humans, but it had found its own high.


It grinned as it stroked the next pair of panties. They were all black with a single word drawn in gold, glittery letters. They sparkled beneath the ethereal light in its workshop.


The figure smiled. It was time to go shopping again.

To be continued in the next tale of Mind-Controlling Panties...