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The Mistress of Vallenberg

A New Arrival

Vallenberg sat close to the Xentran border, near the mouth of the Nenstrom Pass where it began to wind through the High Cliff between Xentra and the Confederation of Mediem, a pass cut by the wide, deep and slow-moving River Nenstrom. Along the side of the river the well-maintained roads between Xentra and Mediem hugged each bank as they wound along the pass following the river’s sweeping course. Vallenberg was a large, wealthy town with a population of over fifty thousand people, but with travel to or from the capital normally taking four ten-days or more, it was a rather isolated one.

As a result of its remote location, and despite the rich arable and animal farming lands that spread out across the flat flood plains at the edge of the mountains, Vallenberg was known as place for those who relished the quieter and slower style and pace of life. A place for those who wished to have nothing to do with the perceived and actual excesses of the capital city. And it was because of this remoteness that the political and social balance between women and men was closer to being equal than any other place in the realm.

Ursula Enberg stood next to her husband as she, and what seemed like everyone else in the town, watched the line of carriages and wagons. The train was winding its way through the streets leading to large, fortified manor house that sat on the hill a league from the outskirts of Vallenberg. The carriages and wagons, with the exception of one carriage that was black and unremarkable, all had an armorial crest emblazoned on their side. But it was noticeable that it was not the crest of the Vallenberg family that was so prominently displayed.

Three lunars earlier Earl Wilhelm Vallenberg, who’s holding the town of Vallenberg and its surrounding lands was, had died. The Earl’s death had been mourned by the town’s residents, he had been genuinely popular with those who worked for him and those who rented from him. But since he had no children, the ownership of the massive, fortified manor house and the extensive lands, properties, farms and companies owned by the Earl and his family had been inherited by his only known living relative, the Earl’s absent younger sister.

No one in Vallenberg knew much if anything about the Earl’s sister. When she was eighteen, and for reasons that were known only to her family, she had quietly and rapidly left the town and never returned. But with her inheritance of the massive manor house as well as Vallenberg and most of its surrounding lands, the Earl’s sister, who thanks to her marriage to her long dead husband was now the immensely wealthy Baroness Xenia van den Helheim, was returning to the town of her birth.

Ursula watched as the final wagons and carriages went by, the last of them looking more like shuttered animal cages than transport for goods. Ursula’s neighbours and friends were returning to their homes as the last wagon disappeared around a bend in the road.

“Did you manage to get any more information from the capital, Piotr?”

Ursula’s husband Piotr was an advocate for a law firm with its main chambers in the capital city of Xentra. When the Baroness van den Helheim’s inheritance had been confirmed he had sent a request to the partners of his firm in Xentra for any information they might have about the new Mistress of Vallenberg.

Piotr frowned as the Ursula linked her arm through her husbands and the couple turned and walked slowly down the garden path that led to their front door.

“No, I’ve heard nothing, so I asked locally only to find that other than what we already know, even here in the town of her birth surprisingly little information is available. The Baroness Xenia van den Helheim is the Earl’s younger sister, but as he was seventy when he died that probably means she’s close to his age. She’s a widow, has been for thirty-five years, and even without the inheritance from the Earl she’s a very, very wealthy woman.”

Piotr’s frown deepened, “Although the partners haven’t replied, and even though I didn’t seek his counsel, my colleague and friend Hector wrote to me in what I can only call worried tones. When he learned of the Baronesses departure for Vallenberg, and knowing we live here, he made enquiries about her. But those he talked to were very unwilling to discuss anything about Baroness van den Helheim, to use his own words, all of them are bloody terrified of the woman.”

Piotr frowned, “Apparently the Baroness is close to both the Queen and the Queens oldest friend, advisor and confidante, Countess Hildegard ap Osterman. In other words, she has extremely powerful connections at court, which makes it more curious as to why she has travelled hundreds of leagues to take up residence in Vallenberg, a town on the edge of the realm.”

“I’m sure you’ll find out, darling,” said Ursula as Piotr opened their front door and they stepped inside.

* * *

The Baroness ignored the new sex-slave as it rubbed its leather mask covered face against her handmade high-heeled boots. The Baroness knew her female pets adored her and was unsurprised that the recently enslaved woman was experiencing deep sexual pleasure by being allowed to worship its owner’s boots.

“Very well Eleanor, remind me why I’m here, back in this shithole of a town?” asked the sixty-eight-year-old Baroness as she looked at her personal assistant, business and estate manager.

The deeply submissive, but highly effective, Eleanor Edson swallowed nervously as she looked at her beloved employer and Mistress. Before she had begun working as an accountant for the Baroness, Eleanor Edson had been a happily married, heterosexual woman with no interest whatsoever in bondage, leather or pain.

The Baroness had used drugs and magic to seduce and radically change the once happily married heterosexual woman into a lesbian as well as a deeply submissive, pain adoring masochist. Satisfied with what she had created, the Baroness had employed the transformed, fetish loving and obedient Eleanor as her personal assistant and administrator.

“Two reasons, Mistress,” said the pain loving Eleanor, hoping she could upset the Baroness sufficiently that the sadistic woman would use the whip the Baroness carried and thrash her.

“The first is the death of Lord Elwood’s son and the disappearance of his wife,” said Eleanor as she looked at the sex-slave rubbing its leather covered face against the Baronesses boots.

“It was his own fault, if he’d sold me his wife when I offered to buy her he’d still be alive, and besides, she has ended up in slave leather hasn’t she,” said the Baroness in an irritated voice, “and no one can ever prove I had him killed.”

The Baroness had wanted to enslave and own the stunning Veronique Elwood from the first moment she saw the young woman at a party. But, to the Baronesses fury, her exorbitant offer to buy the young woman had been rejected out of hand, and she had been told to stay away from the young couple.

However, the Baroness was not someone used to being told no, as a result she had reacted furiously and impetuously. The Baroness had arranged the staging of what looked like a robbery that had gone disastrously wrong at the young couple’s house. Missing jewellery, silver ornaments and gold at the bloody scene reinforced the belief, but no bodies were found, but appearances were wrong, it was in fact a kidnapping and murder.

Lord Elwood’s son had indeed been killed, his body dismembered and disposed of in the sea, but his wife had been very much alive, although deeply drugged, when she had been delivered to the Baroness. Within an hour of her delivery, Veronique had been dressed in black leather, hooded, collared and enslaved as the Baronesses newest sex-slave, ve.

“I know there was no proof, Mistress, but the Queen was right to… suggest that you leave for your new holding. Rumours were flying, and her Majesty wanted to protect you from Lord Elwood’s threats of retribution on the perpetrators of the crime, and to distance her court from any risk of slander.”

“He couldn’t prove a thing, I can take care of myself, and Bernadette knows that,” said the Baroness.

“Without doubt you can, Mistress, but the Queen believes that you will be safer away from the capitol… for the moment,” said Eleanor carefully.

The Baroness snorted derisively, “And the other reason?”

“Profit, Mistress, lots and lots of profit. During our journey I’ve been going through the accounts and your brother was pathetic when it came to making gold from his holdings and from the people of Vallenberg. With the vast farrmlands and the proximity of the town to the border you can make twenty times what he did if you wish to do so. There is also the potential to begin investigating whether there are significant and exploitable ore deposits in the mountains and the river. If metals were found and could be mined then new sources of income would open up and your wealth and power would increase exponentially,” said Eleanor eagerly.

“My brother was always too soft, too considerate towards those beneath him, I am not as… understanding as him,” sneered the Baroness, “I intend to squeeze every penny from this place and of course fuck as many women as possible. Begin the prospecting at the earliest opportunity and keep me informed of the results.”

The Baroness looked down at the se-slave worshipping her boots, “Is there a slave market in this town?”

“No Mistress.”

“Incredible, obviously it needs one and it will need stocking, find a suitable location and begin drawing up plans. Then have my agents start an undisclosed census of the town’s female occupants, to begin with I want to know about every woman between eighteen and forty. Enslaving and selling some of the most attractive ones will bring in a nice profit,” said the Baroness with a sly grin. “A blonde virgin will easily fetch 25,000 gold at current prices, and brunette’s and redheaded virgins can go for 20,000.”

“I will search for a suitable location, Mistress,” said Eleanor.

“You’ll be telling me next that there isn’t a woman only brothel here either,” snorted the Baroness derisively.

Eleanor paused, she knew her Mistress would be unhappy with the answer she was about to give, “No Mistress, there isn’t, in fact there are no brothels of any sort.”

“I’d forgotten how much of a fucking backwater this shitty little town is, well all that will change. Contact my friend, Irina de Venister and tell her I would be grateful if she could find time to visit so that we could arrange the opening of one of her pleasures houses here, she may well find suitable… employees here as well. Begin searching for a property that Irina would consider appropriate as a brothel, and don’t worry if it’s already occupied, clean it out.”

There was an angry look on the Baronesses face as she looked around at the office she was sitting, “I’m going to drag this fucking place into the modern age no matter what,” she said.

“Yes Mistress.”

“What about Magisters and Regulators, is there a fully staffed station in town?”

“No Mistress, there are two Regulator’s, a woman and a man, but there are no Magister’s stationed here. Due to the extremely low crime rate they are not considered necessary in Vallenborg, if a Magister is needed, they are brought in from Lanstra-Esp-Tuant. This town is thought to be far to stable and crime free to require a Magister.”

“Fucking incredible,” said the disbelieving Baroness, “Contact Dolores Delmar, tell her I’ll add ten percent to the usual fee for her services if she can get the Magister-General to transfer her to Vallenberg as soon as possible. Inform her of the situation with the Regulators and ask her to express my… very deep concerns to the Superintendent of Regulators over the lack of safekeeping in Vallenberg. That in my opinion the town requires more security and that I’m therefore requesting a full complement of female regulators to keep the peace. Names to be approved by me of course, and that I want the male Regulator removing as soon as possible.”

Dolores Delmar was a secretly corrupt and decadent Magister who the Baroness had known and surreptitiously used to illegally enslave women for more than twenty years. For the right price Dolores would turn any woman into a sex-slave and forge all the necessary documents to prove the enslavement was legal, her only rule being that she would not convert any female younger than eighteen.

“Next, write letters on my behalf to my closest friends, you know the ones I mean, and invite them to come and stay for as long as they wish, all expenses paid. Inform them of the untapped potential and the rich female pickings available and I’m sure they’ll be happy to join me. It’ll also be fun seeing how much they shake this place up.”

The Baroness looked at her assistant with an expression of disdain, “Use the fastest delivery possible, the cost is irrelevant, and I want them here as soon possible.”

“Yes Mistress,” said Eleanor with a grin, she knew exactly which friends the Baroness was talking about.

“Now tell me about the Mayor and Mayoress and their family, didn’t you say they run the town council jointly?”

“That’s correct Mistress, they are Margareta and Leopold Steinman, they have lived in the town their entire lives and have never left it, and they have two children, daughters aged twenty-two and twenty. It is an old and long-lasting town ordinance that a married couple must share the position of Mayor and Mayoress equally unless one dies while in office, then the survivor retains their title, the position is elected for life.”

“Very well, find out every detail of the family, I need to take control of this town as quickly and as forcefully as possible. The Mayoress will be extremely useful in achieving that objective,” said the Baroness as she stood up and tugged on the chain leash attached to her slave’s collar.

“Join me in my bed chamber in one hour, you have been a disappointment to me since my arrival and deserve punishment,” said the Baroness with an expression of contempt on her face as her sex-slave sensuously rose to its stiletto booted feet.

“Do not fail me by causing further delay,” said the Baroness with contempt in her voice, then she led her sex-slave from the room.

Eleanor shuddered with pleasure, the Baroness was going to hurt her severely and she was looking forward to it, the mere idea of the pain she would receive was sexually exciting the deeply masochistic Eleanor. With a smile on her face the perverted young woman hurried from the room.

Six Ten-Days Later…

“I had a visitor today, a client who uses my legal practices services in the capital and needs me to act for her here,” said Piotr as he sat across the table from Ursula as the couple ate dinner.

Ursula looked at Piotr, “So are you going to tell me who it was, or do I have to come over there and tickle you until you do?” she said with a smile across the dinner table.

Piotr grinned, “If you’re resorting to threat’s I suppose I’d better tell you, it was our new Baroness, Xenia van den Helheim.”

“Really, she’s one of your company’s clients and you weren’t aware of it?” said Ursula in surprise.

“It seems, that the senior partners have certain clients they don’t discuss with anyone but each other, and our new Baroness is one of those clients. Her affairs are normally taken care of by Karina Wellston, so I didn’t know about them.”

“Karina Wellston, as in Henvoe, Wellston, Temple and Associates?”

“Yes, but the Baroness has asked for a local contact and I’ve been chosen.”

Ursula picked at her food for several seconds, “So what’s she like, tell me about her?”

Very little had been seen of the Baroness since her arrival, Ursula had never set eyes on her, so rumours were rife as to what she might have planned. However, up to now, nothing dramatic had change in Vallenberg, it was still the relatively sleepy backwater it had always been.

Piotr was silent for a moment, “She’s tall and thin in an athletic not emaciated way with looks and a figure that belies her age. She has blonde hair and a rather hard face, and like a lot of wealthy, upper-class women in the capital she wears… interesting clothes and, in my opinion, too much makeup”

Ursula let Piotr continue, “She brought a young woman with her called Eleanor Edson who is a personal assistant and the manager of the Baronesses estates and holdings. She’s the one I’ll normally see for most things, but something else was going on,” said Piotr with a frown.

“What do you mean?”

Ursula’s husband paused, “Just an impression I got, she was dressed just as provocatively as her employer and the way she looked at, and completely deferred to the Baroness, was a little disturbing. Perhaps I’m mistaken, but I think there was definitely an undercurrent of something between them, but I don’t know what.”

Ursula paused as she considered Piotr’s words, “Is it possible that they are… lovers?”

“Highly unlikely, I know it’s common practice, perhaps even the norm, for women in the capital to marry or become lovers, but the Baroness is a widow. She was married to Baron Konrad van den Helheim for fifteen years before his untimely death, and she has two daughters.”

“No, I doubt that the Baroness has an attraction to those of her own sex,” said Piotr firmly, “But perhaps that is not the case with her assistant, Eleanor Edson. It may be that the Baronesses assistant has feelings for her employer and the Baroness is simply unaware of them.”

Ursula frowned, “Women being attracted to women is not at all common in Vallenberg, I don’t believe I have ever met a woman who has admitted she is… a lesbian.”

“Nor I,” said Piotr, “But I don’t doubt that there are such women in town, but why they should keep their presence so quiet I can’t understand. Prejudice against women, no matter their sexuality, is as ridiculous as it is illegal.”

“I know,” said Ursula with a frown as she picked at her food.

“Let’s talk about something more pleasant than work,” said Piotr, “Let’s go for dinner tomorrow night, come to the office and we’ll walk down to Café Bellson, I’ll make a reservation for half past seven of the clock, how does that sound?”

“That sounds wonderful, darling,” said Ursula with a smile.

* * *

The Baroness looked with aloofness at the assembled women, relishing the worry, and in some cases fear, etched on the faces of the staff who ran the large manor house.

“As you are all aware, I have now dismissed all of the male staff who worked here, however your positions are secure with certain strict proviso’s,” said the Baroness, noting the sense of relief from the female staff.

“New terms of employment will be issued that you will all be expected, no matter how high or lowly your position in my house, to sign and then comply with. Those who do not wish to sign the new contract, will be dismissed from my service and no references will be given.”

The Baroness was fully aware how important references were to any domestic servant trying to get a new job.

“Part of that contract will be a new uniform for all of you, these uniforms will be… different from what you are used to, and you will need to provide your dress and shoe sizes to my business and estate manager. Each of you will also be required to undergo a… training course to bring your standard of services in line with what I expect. Both the new uniform and the training courses will be compulsory, and should you fail to complete the course and wear the uniform issued to you after its completion you will be dismissed from my service.”

The Baroness looked at her assembled staff, noting the glances from one to the other and taking note of the most attractive of them, “Appointments will be made to replace the men who have been sacked. But for the moment I expect you all to increase your efforts so that my house functions correctly.”

The Baroness turned her attention to a severe looking woman in her fifties standing at the front of the gathered servants.

“Mrs. Drennan, as housekeeper you will be fully in charge of my staff, no replacement butler will be hired, so the staff will be yours to run as you see fit

“You are dismissed,” she said, as with a swirl of her long leather dress she turned and strode purposefully from the room.

* * *

Ursula slid her arm through Piotr’s as they stepped onto the pavement outside her husband’s office. Dusk was falling as night approached, and the magically powered streetlights were being lit by the lamplighters as the couple strolled towards the restaurant. On the other side of the wide thoroughfare, in a shadow darkened side road, an unmarked black carriage had come to an unobserved halt.

A leather gloved hand had pulled down the dark tinted window shade of the coach, and Baroness Xenia van den Helheim looked from the darkened interior of the coach, staring intently at the couple as they walked down the street.

“So that’s the advocates wife, she is absolutely stunning,” said the Baroness as she stared intently through the coach window at Ursula, “What’s her name?”

It was pure chance that the Baronesses carriage had been in the road that crossed the main thoroughfare near Piotr’s office. It was simply on a route from where the Baroness had been conducting another task, a task that was entirely pleasurable for the Baroness.

“Ursula, her name is Ursula, Mistress” said Eleanor Edson.

“What the fuck is a woman like that doing with a man?” said the Baroness with a frown as she watched Ursula and Piotr disappear from view.

“She’s gorgeous enough for me to wonder if perhaps she’s what I’ve been looking for over the last few years, how ironic would that be if I found my ideal woman in this shithole?”

The Baroness looked down as the large brown, tightly buckled brown leather bag lying on the floor of her carriage moved beneath her stiletto boot covered feet, then she looked out of the open window again.

“I want to know absolutely everything about the advocates wife, every single detail no matter how small or insignificant, do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress,” said Eleanor Edson as she also watched Ursula and Piotr disappear from sight.

The Baroness pulled the sash that lowered the window shade and banged on the roof of the carriage with a silver handled walking cane. The carriage moved off, turning at the junction in the opposite direction to that which Piotr and Ursula had gone, the large brown leather bag beneath the Baronesses feet twitched again.

The large brown leather bag was closed and secured by a series of tightly buckled straps that held the contents securely and safely. Inside the brown leather bag was a drugged and leather bound twenty-two-year-old woman called Anna Hilvest, a woman the Baroness had kidnapped an hour earlier.

Anna Hilvest was the happily married daughter of one of the Earl’s servants who had made the mistake of visiting her father on the day he had been let go by the Baroness as she began to sack all the male employees in her enormous home. It had been Eleanor Edson, who knowing the Baronesses tastes, had spotted Anna and immediately informed her Mistress of the young woman’s attendance at the manor house.

The Baroness had approved of Eleanor’s decision to alert her to Anna’s presence and the young woman’s fate had been sealed. To show her gratitude, the Baroness had spent that evening torturing the masochistic Eleanor, bringing the masochistic pain-slut to orgasm after agonising orgasm.

After spotting Anna, the Baroness had acted quickly, it was only two days since she had first seen the young woman. But now Anna’s husband was returning home to a house emptied of his wife’s clothes and a letter telling him Anna had left him. And Anna herself would soon be dressed from head to toe in skin-tight black leather and turned into a sex-slave. Anna would be the first woman from Vallenberg that the Baroness took as a sex-slave, but she would by no means be the last.

The Baroness poked the brown leather bag with the toe of her boot, “Keep still slut,” she ordered, “I want you in prime condition when I fuck you for the first time so stop struggling. Your body belongs to me now and I don’t want you damaging my property before I’ve had a chance to use it.”

The Baroness turned to Eleanor, “What time is Dolores Delmar due?”

“At nine of the clock Mistress.”

“Good, when we return home ensure this cunt is put into storage until I’m ready for it to be enslaved,” she said as she nudged the brown leather bag with the toe of her boot.

“And don’t you dare forget what I told you about the advocate’s wife, I want every single detail, no matter how insignificant, no matter how minor, and I want it within the next two ten-days.”

“I understand Mistress.”

There was silence for several seconds as the Baroness sat and considered her options, “Arrange for the Mayoress and Mayor to come to dinner on eighth-day evening of next ten-day and include their daughters in the invitation.”

“Yes Mistress, do you wish me to… insist that the entire family attends?”

“Yes, I do, now keep quiet, I need to think.”

* * *

The Baroness grinned, the air was heavy with two of her favourite odours, leather and sex, and of course these were accompanied by one of her favourite sounds, whimpers and moans of pleasure, and the sound of a whip striking leather covered flesh.

When the Baronesses brother had been, alive this room had been the smallest of one of the five drawing rooms in the large manor house. But the Baroness had changed it into a playroom with one purpose, the enjoyment of sex. Unlike the large torture chamber that now occupied what had been the Earls extensive library, this room was set up for less painful pleasures.

The Baroness now referred to this room as her soft sex chamber, a chamber with walls panelled in black leather, the floor covered by luxurious furs and large silk covered cushions. A single large leather sofa sat to the left side of the room and an open fire that helped light the dimly lit room.

Which was why she’d had the not unattractive but rather plump Mayoress and her two decidedly lovely daughters brought to the room.

As far as the Baroness was concerned, dinner with the Mayoress and her family had been a great success. The drugs that had been added to the food and drink of the family had had the rapid and desired effect.

Different drugs and potions had been added to the meals of the Mayoress and her daughters than her husband. The effect on the mayor had been to render him deeply unconscious while his wife and daughter’s minds was flooded with the incredibly strong mind control, inhibition removing drugs and strong aphrodisiacs.

The mayor had been unceremoniously placed in a coach and returned to his home, but only after being injected with drugs that would render him unconscious for another full day and awaken with a hangover and the belief his family was safe with the voracious and predatory Baroness.

Xenia had thought seriously about murdering the mayor but had decided against it. The iron grip she intended to have on the town was not yet established, and her arrival was so recent it may well cause suspicious people to look at her for the mayor’s death, so for the moment she had spared him.

The mayor’s wife and daughters had not left, the Baroness had injected all three with much stronger, much longer acting drugs. They would be spending the next two days as the Baronesses… guests, and the drugs gave her the access she wanted to their minds and sexuality.

Ten of the Baronesses sex-slave’s, including the newest one that had been Anna Hilvest but was now a human pet called na, had guided the mayoress and her daughters into the room that was now the site of a small orgy. The sex-slaves had stripped the three utterly unresisting or complaining, central participants of the orgy and prepared them as the Baroness required.

The Baroness smiled as she squeezed the mayoresses large and rather flabby left breast with her gloved hand, Margareta Steinman made no protest to the deeply intimate leather gloved touch.

“I’ve fucked hundreds of women and some of them were much fatter than you Margareta, and if you were twenty-years younger I’m sure I would thoroughly enjoy your company in bed. But my tastes are for much younger women, and soon yours will be just the same,” gloated the Baroness.

“For now, enjoy yourself with my pets, and remember to hurt them as much as possible with your new whip. They are both pain-sluts and will love you whipping them as savagely as possible.”

The mayoress was sitting on the large leather sofa and was naked except for a pair of knee-high stiletto heeled boots and a pair of tight, elbow length black kid leather gloves. The mayoresses face had been covered in thick white powder to make her face alabaster white, while her lips were painted with thickly applied, glossy black lipstick and her eyes painted with black eyeshadow, black eyeliner and black mascara.

In her tightly gloved right hand, the mayoress held a riding crop which she was rhythmically and forcefully bringing down on the leather covered backs of the two sex-slaves that knelt between her flabby, wide-spread thighs as they ate the mayoresses hairy pussy.

Although she was viciously beating the two sex-slaves that were pleasuring her, it was the drugs and magic warping her mind that were in control and that allowed the Baroness to give the mayoress the instructions to enjoy and accept what she was doing.

The Baroness intended to turn the heterosexual, friendly and generous Margareta Steinman into a sadistic, perverted, devious and corrupt fetish loving dominatrix who enjoyed dominating and fucking women as much as the Baroness did. This was the first step in Margareta’s transformation into Mistress Steinman, the woman she would soon become.

“Every time you use your whip your excitement and pleasure will grow,” whispered the Baroness into the Mayoresses ear, “The more pain you inflict the more pleasure you will feel. And each lick of their tongues will increase the pleasure, increase the enjoyment, you want to hurt them because it excites you because you are a lesbian and a sadist, aren’t you Margareta?”

“Yes,” sighed Margareta as she continued to whip the sex-slaves.

“That’s right Margareta, every time you cum from inflicting pain and having your pussy eaten you will accept that what I’ve said is true because it is Margareta,” said the Baroness as the Mayoress gave a groan and began to shudder with pleasure from the first of many orgasms.

The Baroness kissed the Mayoresses cheek, “Enjoy,” she said with a smirk and then stood up.

“You know what to do and say to her?” said the Baroness as she looked at Eleanor who had been standing quietly and patiently beside the sofa.

“Yes Mistress.”

“Don’t disappoint me,” said the Baroness then she turned away.

It took only a few steps to reach the mass of predominantly leather covered bodies squirming, giggling and moaning on the floor. Buried amongst the eight writhing, leather covered sex-slaves were the slim and lovely Katarina and Kara Steinman, the mayoresses daughters.

For several seconds the smiling Baroness stood and watched the orgy, watched the two young women enjoying sex with women for the first time, albeit with sex-slaves and while both were deeply drugged and mind controlled. The sex-slaves moved aside as the Baroness stepped into their midst, her stiletto boot covered legs straddling the younger of the two sisters, twenty-year-old Kara.

The Baroness paused, her pussy already wet with anticipation as she looked down at the moaning, whimpering and incredibly excited Kara then, still smiling, she lowered herself until she was kneeling with her pussy brushing the young woman’s lips. For a few seconds nothing happened, then Kara began to inexpertly and tentatively lick the Baronesses pussy. The Baroness smiled triumphantly as she pressed her cunt against Kara’s mouth and the young woman’s awkward licking and sucking became more avid, more voracious.

This town has no idea what’s about to hit, but it soon will, thought the Baroness enjoying the licking of her pussy by the soon to be very changed Kara.