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The Mistress of Vallenberg

Taking Control, By Any Means

Eleanor Edson closed the file she had prepared and laid it on her desk, with a sigh of satisfaction she sat back in her high-backed chair, another project completed for her adored Mistress, but there would always be new tasks.

The shelves of her office were already filling up, dozens of files sat on shelves with information on the women aged between 18 and 40 who lived in Vallenberg. The Baronesses large team of covert agents had arrived unnoticed from the capitol and spread out amongst the local populace. Now their reports were beginning to flood into the manor house and specifically Eleanor’s office.

The citizens of Vallenberg had no idea that they were being closely watched, assessed and graded, and Eleanor would make sure it stayed that way. Soon, the room she had assigned to house the files would begin to fill, Eleanor’s Mistress wanted the information and she wanted it quickly, Eleanor would store and deliver that information.

Eleanor looked out of her office window. The view from the window was of the stables, but these were the stables of the Baroness Xenia van den Helheim so not only horse were housed there. The stables were where the Baronesses four pony-girls were also kept.

As she sometimes did Eleanor wondered if she envied the pony-girls and sex-slaves the Baroness owned. What would it be like to be enslaved, to have your personality and memories erased, your mind wiped clean, to no longer exist, your body remaining but with a new personality occupying it?

She’d watched it happen, watched women being turned into sex-slaves, watched as they orgasmed uncontrollably, as they were transformed and wondered. What would it be like to feel yourself disappearing into darkness and oblivion as you were overcome by indescribable sexual pleasure? To feel your mind being emptied of everything that was you, and know you were about to be expunged but could not prevent it. The idea appealed strongly to the masochistic Eleanor, but she wasn’t ready to beg the Baroness to enslave her, she knew she was far too useful to her Mistress as she was.

Eleanor had left university at the top of her class with a degree in maths and accountancy, a degree that meant she had been snapped up by the top firm of accountants in the capital. To most people accountancy seemed boring, but Eleanor loved maths, loved manipulating numbers to do her bidding and in Anders Edson she had found someone who felt the same.

Six lunars after joining the firm she had married Anders and settled into married life. But then a new client had been taken on by the firm and, being the best and most creative accountant in the practice, Eleanor was assigned to do Baroness van de Helheim’s accounts.

When she thought back, it amazed Eleanor that it had taken her as long as it did for her to realise who she truly was, it had taken the Baroness to do that. It was the Baroness who introduced Eleanor to sex with women, and helped her realise she was, and always had been a lesbian. And it was the Baroness who had helped Eleanor discovered the deep, deep sexual pleasure to be had from pain and submission, a pleasure so intense it was now an addiction.

Discovering her masochism and lesbianism had destroyed Eleanor’s marriage and ended her job. But that didn’t matter, she had gone to work for the women she loved more than life itself, the Baroness. A women she loved and adored with an indescribable intensity, Eleanor would follow her new employer anywhere and do her bidding, no matter how dark or illegal.

Eleanor turned her attention from the window and looked down at the file on her desk. Written on the front was the name of the person the report was about, Ursula Enberg. Eleanor stood and picked up the file, everything the Baroness had asked for was in the thick file and Eleanor was confident the Baroness would find the information to be exactly what her Mistress required.

* * *

The Baroness stopped as she walked through the large entrance hall of her home and looked at the two servants. Mrs. Drennan, the Baronesses fifty-year-old housekeeper and the most senior of her servants, was standing next to one of the newly hired housemaids. A young married woman who had begun working for the Baroness some two ten-days earlier.

The Baroness thought for a moment then remembered the new maids name, it was Marion Brenner, she was twenty-eight and like Mrs. Drennan she was married to a man. Also, as with Mrs. Drennan, she had recently completed what the Baroness had told her staff was training but was in fact drug and magic induced personality and psyche modification.

Mrs. Drennan was standing behind the new housemaid, her hands resting on the younger woman’s satin covered shoulders as she spoke quietly into Marion Brenner’s ear. The Baroness continued watching as the younger woman blushed and then quickly nodded as the Housekeeper smiled.

Mrs. Drennan took her hands from the younger woman’s satin covered shoulders and waited. For a moment the housemaid paused, then she tottered over to a table which sat between the two arms of a wide, winding staircase and placing her outspread hands on the table bent at the waist, pushing out her grey leather covered behind.

With a smirk on her face, Mrs. Drennan walked over to where the housemaid was bent over the table and for a moment ran her hands over the younger woman’s leather covered buttocks. Still smirking, the Housekeeper reached down and took hold of the zip at the housemaids boot covered ankles and began to unzip Marion’s high-waisted, grey leather hobble skirt.

Mrs. Drennan stopped unzipping the skirt when she reached the buckles that fastened it around the housemaid’s waist. The skirt fell open, revealing the younger woman’s smooth buttocks as with a sigh the housemaid moved her black silk stocking covered legs apart.

For several seconds Mrs. Drennan looked appreciatively at the younger woman’s naked buttocks and long, stocking covered legs. Then she reached into the split of her much looser, floor length, grey leather skirt and released the large, double ended strap-on dildo she constantly wore.

Stepping forward, Mrs. Drennan positioned the tip of the large, leather sheathed, aphrodisiac impregnated dildo she wore against the opening of Marion Brenner’s vagina. Without hesitating, the Housekeeper slid the dildo deep into the housemaid’s already wet pussy and taking hold of the younger woman’s waist, began to fuck her. Marion Brenner groaned and whimpered with undisguised pleasure as Mrs. Drennan took a firmer hold of her waist and the large dildo was thrust in and out of her wet pussy.

The Baroness watched as the housemaid was fucked by the increasingly dominant and predatory Mrs. Drennan. The modifications that had been implanted in the two women’s minds would continue to alter them. Obviously well on their way to becoming lesbians, both would soon dump their husbands as they indulged in increasingly perverted sex with women.

Mrs. Drennan and her new lover were merely the first, all the women who worked for the Baroness would soon be dressed in their new uniforms of grey leather, grey satin and extreme high heels. And all of them, irrespective of their present sexuality, would be lesbians with voracious sexual appetites.

For a few moments more the Baroness watched as the two women fucked, then she looked at the figure standing next to her whose upper arm she was gripping with her black leather gloved hand. The Baroness smirked, standing next to her was a thirty-year-old, stunningly lovely, blonde housewife called Esther Belton, a woman the Baroness had first spotted three days ago while riding in her carriage.

Esther’s beauty was currently obscured by the loosely fitting brown leather bag over her head and buckled closed around her neck. Under the brown leather bag Esther was silenced by a leather gag, brown leather cuffs around her wrists secured her arms behind her back and cuffs around her ankles linked by a short chain hobbled the length of her steps.

“Watching those two does make me want to be fucked,” said the Baroness knowing there would be no reply, “And it’s time you were added to my stable of pets, you are going to make a superb sex-slave.”

Esther would soon be the latest local woman to be kidnapped and enslaved by the Baroness, but she wouldn’t be the last. Holding the doomed woman’s upper arm, the Baroness guided Esther towards the door that led to her dungeon.

* * *

Ursula looked around the small drawing room at the front of her house, she had an odd feeling that something wasn’t quite right. The room looked the same, but it felt eerily different, as if everything had been moved, examined and then put back in place. Of course, this was impossible, there had to be a logical explanation for the way she felt she just couldn’t think of what it was.

And this wasn’t the first time she’d had this feeling, For the last four days, each time she returned home from shopping or visiting friends, Ursula had had the same feeling. Something was different about her house and she didn’t know what it was. Intent on the feeling of oddness, Ursula gave a start of surprise when she heard a knock at her door.

Although they could afford to employ servants, neither Ursula nor Piotr wanted to, Ursula preferred to look after the house herself. With a last look round the drawing room, Ursula went to the front door of her house and opened it. Ursula’s eyes widened in shock as she looked at the sight before her.

Two women stood outside her front door, two women dressed in leather, but that was where the similarity ended. One was dressed in the latest of stylish fetish leather and fur, high waist, form fitting purple leather trousers with a silver coloured zip running between the legs. A snuggly fitting white satin blouse disappeared into the top of the trousers and was matched with a purple leather tie that just touched the top of the trousers. Purple leather gloves covered the woman’s hands and a fine, net veil was pinned to her hair and covered the woman’s face from hair to upper lip. To complete her outfit the woman wore a dark fur coat that reached to the patent leather, stiletto heeled ankle boots that boosted her height by at least six inches.

The second woman was also dressed in purple leather but in her case, it was an all-encompassing, skin-tight purple kid leather suit that emphasised every inch of her leather sheathed body. A purple leather hood with a crest on the forehead covered her head and face leaving only her eyes free while bicep length, tightly fitting purple kid leather opera gloves covered her hands and leather sheathed arms. Purple thigh length boots that arched her feet into a vertical point, so she balanced on her toes and the dagger thin heels like a dancer covered her feet and legs, but there was one further item. Around the woman’s neck was a simple black collar with a leash attached to the ring at the front, the leash was held in the gloved hand of the first woman.

Ursula had never seen a sex-slave nor a sex-slave’s owner before, but she knew that was exactly what the two women were, a sex-slave and its Mistress. And, based on the woman’s age and Piotr’s description, she could also make a reasonable guess as to exactly who this woman was. It had to be Baroness Xenia van den Helheim.

The woman’s glossy purple lips formed a smile as she looked at Ursula, “Hello my dear,” said the woman as she viewed Ursula up and down, “I’m looking for the house of Advocate Enberg, I’m Baroness Xenia van den Helheim, does he live here?”

Ursula swallowed nervously, “Yes… I… I’m his wife,” stammered Ursula.

“Of course you are, do you mind if I come in?” asked the grinning Baroness.

The disconcerted Ursula dragged her eyes from purple leather sheathed sex-slave as it looked at her, its eyes the only part of it not covered in skin-tight purple leather. But she had no time to say yes or no as the Baroness brushed past Ursula and into Ursula’s house with her sex-slave following at the end of its leash.

The Baroness and her slave stood in the hall waiting for the flustered Ursula, “This way please,” said the unnerved housewife as she closed the door and showed the Baroness and her slave into the drawing room. Without being asked, the baroness sat down, her sex-slave sinking erotically to its leather covered knees at its owner’s side.

“Would… would you care for a drink, something for you or your… your companion?” asked the flustered Ursula.

“No, that won’t be necessary,” replied the Baroness as she reached into her large handbag and removed a thick manila envelope.

“This is for your husband to take with him when he returns to the capital tomorrow,” said the Baroness as Ursula took the envelope and sat down.

“I didn’t know it was common knowledge that Piotr was leaving tomorrow, he asked me not to tell anyone, he said it was a very confidential, a very private task he was engaged in for a client,” said a surprised Ursula.

The Baroness crossed her legs, her gloved right hand reaching out and stroking the leather-bound head of the sex-slave kneeling next to her chair, “True, but I’m the client in question.”

“Oh… of course, that makes sense,” said the embarrassed Ursula.

“But that is not the only reason I’m here,” said the Baroness as she openly admired Ursula’s face and body.

“The journey to and from the capitol is a long one, and the legal matters I need your husband to undertake on my behalf will take time to resolve. So, I’ve decided this will be the perfect opportunity for us to get to know each other,” said the smirking Baroness.

Ursula was shocked, “I’m… I’m sorry, I don’t understand,” she said in a confused tone, her eyes drifting to unintentionally look at the kneeling sex-slave.

“It’s really quite simple Ursula, if I might call you that, I’ve been spending time learning all about you, and the more I’ve learned the more interested in you I have become.”

“What… what do you mean… interested,” stammered Ursula unable to take her eyes from the purple leather sheathed sex-slave that stared back at Ursula as its head was stroked by its owner.

For several seconds the Baroness said nothing a grin on her purple painted lips as she looked at Ursula, “That will become self-evident as we get to know each other, Ursula. But I’m glad you like my pet, it’s quite a delicious fashion accessory, isn’t it?”

“I’ve never seen… not before now… never knew a woman could look like this,” stammered an extremely flustered Ursula.

“I see,” said the Baroness with a smirk, as she continued to stroke the sex-slave.

“I know that up to now sex-slaves have been extremely rare in Vallenberg, so it’s understandable you’ve never seen one before. But you’ll soon get used to them, they are going to become a very, very common sight.”

Realising it was being talked about the sex-slave that had been Esther Belton turned its purple leather covered face to look up at its owner.

“But I digress, I know that your husband will be catching the first mail coach to leave Vallenberg in the morning. This presents us with the perfect opportunity to become much better acquainted, so tomorrow at noon I will send a carriage to pick you up and bring you to my manor house.”

Ursula said nothing, she was too surprised by what was happening to respond.

“We can have lunch together and I’d be delighted to advise you on looking more… stylish than you do. You are remarkably beautiful, but you can be even lovelier with the right clothes and accessories,” said the Baroness as she gave a tug on the leash attached to her sex-slave’s collar and it climbed to its stiletto booted feet.

The Baroness stood up and once again looked Ursula up and down, “I recommend that you don’t tell your husband about my visit and our little talk. I’m sure he wouldn’t understand my interest in you, and it is a long way to the capital, you never know what might happen on the journey. Tell him my personal assistant delivered the envelope, he already knows Eleanor so won’t be surprised she was here,” she said as she caressed her sex-slaves leather covered buttocks.

“See you soon Ursula.” she said as she blew Ursula a kiss and with a laugh turned and walked from the room.

Ursula slumped into a chair, what was she going to do, what could she say to Piotr, then she began to cry.

* * *

Ursula groaned as she woke up, her head was pounding, and she felt as if she might vomit at any moment. She tried to concentrate through the headache, tried to remember what had happened and why she was lying on her sofa fully dressed.

As she swung her legs over and sat up another wave of nausea swept through Ursula and her head pounded. Ursula closed her eyes and waited for the headache and the nausea to subside as she tried to remember what had happened.

Ursula remembered Piotr’s departure, she had walked with him to the inn where the coach departed and bid him a tearful farewell. The couple had not been apart since they had married, even Piotr’s employment had not, until know, kept them apart.

But the worry Ursula felt was not just because of her husband’s departure, the words of the Baroness still hung heavy in her thoughts, and she knew Piotr could sense it. But when Piotr had asked her what was wrong, asked if he should delay his departure, she had managed to smile reassuringly and say all was well, that she was simply going to miss him. Piotr had seemed convinced by her assurances and boarded the coach without any further questioning. Ursula had watched until the coach disappeared from sight and then made her tearful way home, hoping that the Baroness would change her mind.

But Ursula’s hopes had been dashed, on the stroke of noon a carriage with the Baronesses crest emblazoned on the door had arrived outside her home. Dismayed and worried, Ursula had felt ensnared in whatever deviousness the Baroness had in mind, but she knew she had no other alternative than to board the carriage.

The journey to the manor house had taken Ursula through Vallenberg but, unwilling to be seen in case she was recognised, Ursula had sat away from the carriage windows and pulled down the shades. Not until the carriage entered the grounds of the Baronesses home had Ursula raised the shade out of curiosity. Ursula had seen the enormous house from a distance, but up close the immense structure was intimidating as well as being hugely impressive.

The door to the coach had been opened by the brown leather liveried female coach driver and as she stepped out Ursula had been greeted at the large double door by a stern-faced woman in a grey leather skirt and grey satin blouse.

“I am Mrs. Drennan, Milady’s housekeeper, you are expected, please follow me,” she had said before turning and quickly striding back through the doors.

Ursula had been forced to walk quickly to keep up with the housekeeper, so quickly she had no chance to take in her shadow shrouded surroundings. The housekeeper led her to a door where she knocked and then entered, Ursula followed her through.

“Mistress, your guest has arrived,” announced the housekeeper as she ushered Ursula into a dining room dominated by a single long table.

“Excellent, please leave us Mrs. Drennan and have Audrey begin serving lunch,” said the blue leather dressed Baroness from where she sat at the far end of the table in front of a stained-glass window.

“Yes Mistress.”

The door behind Ursula closed and she had been alone with a woman whose mere presence worried her.

“I’m delighted you decided to accept my invitation, Ursula,” said the Baroness without a touch of irony in her voice, “Come, take a seat.”

Despite, the size of the table there had only been one other chair, to the left of where the Baroness sat. Feeling distinctly uncomfortable and still very uncertain of what was happening and why she was in this room, Ursula had done as asked.

“Did your husband depart as planned?” asked the Baroness in an apparently innocent tone.

“Yes Baroness,” Ursula had quietly replied.

Without asking if Ursula drank, she had poured a glass of dark red wine from a decanter into a crystal wineglass sitting in front of Ursula.

“One of my favourite vintages, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do,” said the Baroness as she put down the decanter.

“And please call me Xenia, after all I do intend us to get to know each other very, very well and Baroness is so formal,” said the Baroness as she picked up her glass and took a sip.

Not knowing what to say in reply, Ursula had picked her own glass with a trembling hand and took a drink. Ursula knew that it was probably the most expensive wine she had ever drank, and it was also without doubt the most delicious.

“Tell me Ursula, did you inform your husband about the little discussion we had yesterday, or did you do as I… suggested and keep it to yourself?”

Ursula had looked miserably down at her place setting, her hands were still trembling, so she clasped them in her lap, “I… I did as you said and told him your assistant had dropped off the envelope for Piotr to take with him.”

Ursula had reached for her wine glass and took a large swallow of the expensive wine.

“And did he believe you?”

“Yes, I’m certain he did,” said Ursula desperately.

“Good, very good in fact, I’m pleased you could be so convincing,” the Baroness had said with a grin.

The door to the dining room had opened and a maid dressed in grey brought in a large silver tray with platters on it, another maid followed also carrying a tray, this one with tureens. Silently and efficiently the maids had placed the food on the table then equally silently left.

Without being asked the Baroness had topped up Ursula’s wine glass without refilling her own.

“Please help yourself, Mrs. Connor is an excellent cook, she even surpasses most of those found in the capital,” the Baroness said as she began to place vegetables on her plate.

“And have some more wine, as I said it is quite delicious and goes well with the beef.”

Yes, wine had seemed a good idea she’d thought, perhaps it would stop her hands shaking so she had reached for the glass and taken another drink and then… and then… nothing. She could remember nothing beyond that point, and it wasn’t just the now slowly receding headache that was blocking her memories, it was as if she had blacked out until now, whenever now was.

Unsteadily, the nausea still there, Ursula stood up and looked around, the curtains were drawn but a chink of dim reddish light was coming through a gap. It must be early evening thought Ursula as she walked over to the curtains and opened them, then she looked through the glass in shock.

The sun wasn’t setting it was rising, she looked at the clock on the mantle, now visible in the red light of dawn flooding into the room. It was six of the clock in the morning of the day after Piotr had left, Ursula had lost almost an entire day. The feeling of nausea increased, and she rushed for the toilet.

* * *

The Baroness had a pleased expression on her face as she looked at the two women sitting across from her. If the Baroness needed proof that the first steps to turning Vallenberg into the sort of town she wanted it to be were progressing satisfactorily the woman in front of her was evidence of this. On the other side of her desk were Xenia’s personal assistant Eleanor Edson, and next to her was the Mayoress of Vallenberg, Margareta Steinman.

Unlike the first time they had met, Margareta was not wearing light pastel colours and lightly applied makeup. Now she was dressed in blue satin and leather and a net lace veil attached to a wide brimmed hat covered her cosmetic covered face.

“As predicted, Mistress, there have been discoveries of silver deposits near two villages. I’m sure there will be further such discoveries as we continue our prospecting endeavours,” said a grinning Eleanor.

“Very good,” said the Baroness, “Make sure you maintain the strictest secrecy about the discoveries. I don’t want a ragtag army of fools descending on my new source of wealth, those lands and their deposits are mine. Take whatever steps you feel necessary, no matter how severe, if necessary, completely isolate the villages and deal with the occupants as you see fit, I want no leakage of information, do you understand?”

Eleanor grinned nastily, “Yes Mistress, I understand completely.”

“Do you have any objections to my plans Margareta?”

“Definitely not Baroness, I can understand perfectly, you need to take sensible precautions to protect your rightful claims, and these do seem sensible,” said the Mayoress.

Since her first visit to the Baroness, when the radical alterations to her mind and sexuality by drugs and magic had begun, the Mayoress had been a constant visitor to the Baronesses home. Although the visits were ostensibly so the Baroness and Mayoress could discuss the towns management and the decisions of the town council, there had been an ulterior motive behind the regular visits.

Apart from the current appointment, every other visit had involved the Mayoress being drugged, and having her mind further twisted and altered to suit the Baronesses requirements. But now the Baroness was finally satisfied that Margareta Steinman’s transformation was complete, the woman sitting before her bore very, very little relationship to her previous self. Margareta Steinman was a completely new woman.

“I’m glad you agree Magdalena, and I believe that concludes out business for the day, pour some wine for the three of us Eleanor,” ordered the Baroness.

“Yes Mistress,” said Eleanor as she quickly got to her feet and walked over to where a table held decanters, bottles and glasses.

“And how are your delightful daughters, it must be two ten-days since they last visited me?”

“Well thank you, they both asked me to send you their very warmest regards and say thank you for the gifts. They both love the strap-on dildo’s you sent them and are very unhappy there isn’t a shop in Vallenberg that sells toys like them,” laughed the Mayoress.

“I’m sure there soon will be.”

The Mayoress laughed as she lifted the loose veil covering her face so it rested on the brim of her hat, and showed her thickly made-up chubby face, “Katarina and Kara will be pleased to hear that. They’ve been fucking each other for hours with their new toys, I wouldn’t be surprised if they wear them out and you had to send them new ones.”

“Well tell them they are welcome here any time, they are both fantastic bed partners and I’d be delighted to teach them some new techniques, and of course my sex-slaves are always available for your daughters use.”

“Thank you Baroness , I’ll let them know,” said Margaretta as she picked up the glass of wine that Eleanor had just placed in front of her with her podgy, leather gloved hand and drank from it.

“Mm, delicious as always,” said the Mayoress as she relished the rare and expensive wine. Eleanor hadn’t taken her seat, she remained standing, her hands clasped behind her back.

“And how are you Margareta?”

For a moment the Mayoress was quiet, “I know I can be completely honest with you Baroness, so I’ll tell you the truth, I’m frustrated both emotionally and sexually.”

The Baroness said nothing as she sipped her own wine

“My husband is an… obstruction to my plans and desires, I’d much rather be a widow, black is my absolutely favourite colour, but he simply refuses to die. He just won’t take the hint that I’d be much better off if he were dead and able to openly fuck any woman I wanted. I just wish he’d drop fucking dead,” the formerly happily married Margareta said in a hate filled voice.

“I could help you with that,” said the Baroness, “If it’s really what you want, if you are truly serious about wanting your husband to die.”

The Mayoress looked intently at the Baroness, “I am serious, it is what I want.”

“Good, and would murdering your husband bother you, would you have any qualms?”

“None whatsoever.”

“In that case I can definitely help you, I have a potion that is odourless, colourless and tasteless, once administered it takes an hour to work and there is no antidote. It is also completely undetectable, so his death will look like natural causes, he will simply drop dead.”

“Will it be painful?”

“Do you care?”

“Not really, I just think I might enjoy it more if he had a painful death.”

The Baroness laughed, “Unfortunately for you he won’t feel a thing.”

The Mayoress also laughed, “Well we can’t have everything, can we.”

“I’ll have Eleanor deliver a vial of the poison to you in a day or two, after that it will be up to you when and how you use it. I recommend poisoning his food or drink just before he leaves home or pouring it into his bath so it’s absorbed through the skin, that will also work. Just make sure you wear gloves when you handle the vial and then burn the gloves afterwards, no need to risk your own safety.”

“I understand, thank you,” said Margareta with a smile.

“You’re welcome, now I have a favour to ask,” said the Baroness as she crooked a finger at her assistant, “Position and present yourself.”

Without comment, Eleanor Edson walked forward and stood in front of the Baronesses desk.

“I have been extremely disappointed with Eleanor over the last few days, she has failed me in a task I set her, and that cannot be tolerated,” said the Baroness as Eleanor bent forward at the waist and spread her legs so that her upper body was laid on the Baronesses desk.

The Baroness pushed her chair back as Eleanor grasped the far edge of the desk and looked at her Mistress.

The Baroness pointed to a riding crop lying on her desk, “Would you do me the favour of thrashing her, twenty strokes should be sufficient for her transgression.”

“I’d love to,” said the Mayoress with a broad smile as she stood up and pushed her chair back.

The Mayoress stepped forward and picked up the riding crop, flexing the stiff length of the whip in her gloved hands. Reaching out, she ran a gloved hand over Eleanor’s leather skirt covered buttocks.

“You have a very nice arse,” said the Mayoress.

“Count,” ordered the Mayoress as she stepped back and without warning swung the whip.

There was a loud crack as with a broad smile on her face the Mayoress brought the whip down across Eleanor’s buttocks.

“One,” groaned the deeply masochistic Eleanor as pleasure flooded her system from the pain being inflicted.

The Baroness watched the scene unfolding before her, pleased at what she was seeing as the obviously sexually excited Margareta Steinman whipped the equally sexually excited Eleanor. The Mayoress was obviously relishing inflicting pain, just as she had planned, the formally kind and friendly Margareta’s psyche had been warped into that of a intensely sadistic dominatrix.

Sitting back in her chair, the Baroness reached down and absentmindedly stroked the leather-bound head of the sex-slave that had been kneeling next to her throughout the meeting. The sex-slave sighed with pleasure at its owner’s touch as the Baronesses fingers caressed the leather that encased its head.

Xenia continued to watch the Mayoress as she thrashed Eleanor, the plans she had for Vallenberg could now begin to accelerate as she had known they would, things were going to change and change drastically.

* * *

Ursula couldn’t help but stare at the three women leaving her neighbours house as she stood slightly unsteadily in the five-inch stiletto heeled boots. She’d been given the boots by the Baroness five days after Piotr had left for the capital and she was wearing them today at the Baronesses request as she waited for the carriage to arrive for her now daily visit to the manor house.

When the Baronesses coach had arrived to collect her on the morning of the day after she had woken on the sofa in her home, Ursula had been reluctant to get into it. She had no idea what had happened during the missing time and was worried that she had perhaps behaved in an inappropriate way, perhaps she had been drunk and made a fool of herself, she just didn’t know. But when she’d finally got up the courage to board the carriage and arrived at the manor house, nothing had been said by the Baroness or her staff.

The Baroness, or Xenia as she insisted Ursula call her, had said nothing about any unpleasant behaviour during Ursula’s previous visit. And the unexplained blackout Ursula had experienced on her first visit to the Baronesses home had not been repeated on the three other visits she’d made since her initial one.

In fact, since the first visit, Ursula was sleeping deeply and soundly each night and she was more relaxed than she had been for a while, although she was certain she was having stranger than usual dreams which she couldn’t recall on waking. And the worries she’d had about Piotr no longer weighed heavily on her mind, in fact she was becoming more content with his absence than she’d thought possible, something that surprised her

Ursula wobbled unsteadily once again, gripping the garden gate to help her balance. The knee length boots she was wearing were one of two dozen pairs of different styles of boots, from ankle boots to ones that reached above her knees, that the Baroness had had delivered to Ursula. Ursula didn’t want to wear such extreme footwear, but the Baroness had given her little option.

Although Ursula was more than happy with how she looked and how she dressed, the Baroness seemed determined to alter her. To makeover Ursula and introduce her to the fashions and styles of the capital city despite any protests Ursula might make to the contrary. And Ursula was rapidly discovering that it was often easier to acquiesce to the Baronesses requirements than argue unsuccessfully against them.

Ursula continued to stare at the three women, she knew her neighbour well, Esme and her husband Konrad had moved into the house next door three years ago and the two women had become friends. Ursula and Esme often visited each other’s homes, but Ursula hadn’t seen Esme for nearly two ten-day and she now wondered if what she was seeing was the reason why.

The three women stopped as they reached Ursula, a woman that Ursula had never seen before, dressed in satin and lace, held out a satin gloved hand, “My dear Frau Enberg, my name is Irina de Venister, I have heard so much about you, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you.”

Ursula politely took the elderly woman’s satin covered hand and shook it.

“You’ve heard about me, how?” asked Ursula in surprise.

The blonde haired, elderly woman smiled, “Why from Xenia of course, she and I are old friends and she has told me that she has taken you under wing, as it were. And Esme has waxed lyrical about you almost from the moment we met three ten-day ago, isn’t that right Esme?”

“Yes, Madam Venister,” replied Ursula’s neighbour.

Ursula realised she was staring at Esme, but of course the way she was dressed was meant to encourage others to look at her.

“I see you’ve noticed that Esme has decided to become my newest… employee.”

“Employee?” said Ursula.

“Why yes, I offered Esme a position within my organisation soon after we met, and she quickly accepted my proposal. For the last two ten-days I’ve been helping Esme prepare for her new life. The usual things for someone new to the business, which clothes to wear, a few physical enhancements, sexual techniques. Esme has been a very quick learner and now she’s ready to start work,” grinned Madam de Venister.

Ursula looked at Esme and began to notice that her breasts looked larger and her waist narrower than she remembered, Esme’s lips were pouting and her bobbed hair was platinum blond; then there were her clothes and makeup.

Esme was wearing a halter-neck dress that was so tight it was straining to hold her large breasts, so tight the rings through her nipples and the outline of a waist cinching corset could be clearly seen beneath it. The dress was glossy and reached to Esme’s feet and was split wide all the way to her crotch where it exposed a leather thong that just managed to cover her pubes. To Ursula the glossy, skin-tight gown looked to be made from a material Ursula would never have expected to see on any woman in Vallenberg, rubber.

Leather boots with heels at least as high as the ones Ursula was wearing reached to high on Esme’s thighs and were clipped to suspenders that were obviously attached to her corset. Snuggly fitting long leather gloves that reached to Esme’s biceps completed the outrageous outfit.

Esme’s makeup was equally unsettling to Ursula, it was thick and dramatic, her pouting lips painted with thick layers of glossy scarlet, her cheeks highlighted and her eyes made-up with black eyeliner, black mascara and graduated grey eye shadow. Ursula had never seen her friend look like this, and it was disturbing to see.

But there was one other thing that truly shocked Ursula, everything that Irina de Venister, Esme and the leather covered sex-slave that followed them wore was red Too be exact the colour known throughout Xentra as whores red; her friend was dressed like a prostitute.

“My new women only pleasure house is opening in a ten-day, and Esme will be one of my star attractions. I won’t be surprised if business is quiet to start but I’m sure it will soon become more popular. And of course, as a friend of Xenia you would always be welcome, and I would automatically give you a 50% discount. From personal experience I can highly recommend Esme,” said Madam de Venister with a grin.

Blushing beneath her thick makeup and obviously embarrassed, Esme looked down at the ground.

Ursula didn’t know what to say, she was far too shocked.

“It’s been a pleasure to meet you, Frau Enberg, hopefully you’ll grace my premises with your presence sometime soon. And if you give me advance warning of your visit, I’ll make sure Esme is available for you to rent.”

With a swirl of her red satin skirts and a broad smile on her heavily painted face, Irina de Venisteer took hold of Esme’s hand and led the red dressed former housewife to an equally red carriage. Behind the pair, the red leather covered sex-slave looked at Ursula and smiled. It licked its lips with its pierced tongue as its eyes, the only other part of its face not covered by a skin-tight red leather mask, roved over Ursula. Then there was a sharp tug on the sex-slave’s leash and still smiling it quickly followed Esme and Madam Venister the heels of its ankle length ballet boots clicking rapidly on the stone path.

Ursula was speechless, she could hardly believe what had just happened. Esme was a happily married woman, Ursula knew her husband, so how could Esme have changed so radically and so quickly? How could she have become a prostitute whose only clients were women; it didn’t seem possible… did it?

And the sex-slave that had looked at her so… provocatively, who was the poor woman that had been used to create such and intensely sexual creature. Then an horrific thought surfaced, had the sex-slave been a woman from Vallenberg, had she even been someone Ursula had known?

Ursula was still trying to reconcile what she had just experienced with what she had known when the Baronesses coach arrived to take her to the Manor.