The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Officer Jack had noticed that his partner, Mike, must have been working out alot since he had really bulked up in just a couple of weeks. When he asked Mike about it, Mike told him about this special herb he’d been taking. He hadn’t had to change his lifting routine at all and yet now he was getting spectacular results. Mike definitely attributed it to the herb and gave him the name of the website where he could order some for himself. Well, when Jack got home that night, he logged onto and ordered the stuff right away. While on-line, he noticed that the site had galleries of muscle heads and lots of affirmations of how well the product worked. He looked at a couple of pictures and didn’t notice that the men in the photos had glazed looks in their eyes. What he did notice is how muscular the men were posing in their skimpy thongs to show every bulging muscle on their body. Well- all but one—Jack thought. There was no way he would ever post a picture of himself out there. He didn’t care how good the stuff worked. Jack logged off and didn’t think much about it until the Vitalift arrived a couple of days later. Well, at least they’re prompt. Hope this shit works. Jack read the directions. For best results take two capsules with a full glass of water three times a day. At that rate, it wouldn’t take long to go through the 100 capsules he’d purchased. Still, he’d give the stuff a fair chance. He took two capsules right away, read the rest of his mail and then sat down at his computer to surf the web.

He was feeling kind of horny and figured he’d cruise some of his favorite porn sites to get some relief. But right after he sat down, he farted. This wasn’t an ordinary fart. This was one of those major smells like shit gross out nose turners. He couldn’t remember a time when his farts had smelled so raunchy. He wondered if it was caused by the herb. He looked at the bottle label and it said for a list of possible side effects, please visit our website. Jack had DSL, so before he took care of his dick, he’d just take a quick look at Jack farted a couple more times as he found the link on the website he was looking for. Sure enough, flatulence was listed as the most common side effect. Great.. Why didn’t Mike say anything about that? He was really stinking up the room now, but the funny thing was, he was feeling even more aroused. His dick was beginning to grow in his pants. Then he noticed the last side effect listed was sexual arousal.

That explained it. He clicked on tips to help alleviate side effects. He could handle the arousal, but the stinky farts had to go. After clicking on the link, he figured the site must be broken, because all it did was bring up the page that had pictures of musclemen wearing nothing but their skimpy posing straps. Jack farted again and then he heard a man’s voice through his computer speakers telling about the benefits of using Vitalift... how hot and sexy it makes you look and feel... The guy was right about that... He needed to get his rocks off and quickly... “You’ll notice that when your dick gets hard it feels bigger and more powerful than it’s ever felt before...” the voice continued. “The truth is... with continued use... Vitalift does actually make your dick get thicker and longer.... What man in his right mind, wouldn’t want that...” Damn. Jack thought.

He’s right. My dick feels stiffer and bigger than it’s ever felt in my entire life! Jack wanted to pull his dick out of his pants and take a closer look, but he was fascinated by the changing images on the screen. They were showing pictures of guys dicks. Before and after pictures and Jack couldn’t believe the difference. Guys with average cocks were now sporting these huge dongs that must have been nine to twelve inches in length! “Go ahead and take it out and jerk off. You need relief... Now...” the voice continued. In the back of his mind, something was telling Jack that something wasn’t quite right. That no product could make your dick big like what he was seeing. That it was probably just a computer graphic trick. Yet, every picture looked so real.

And he was so fucking horny! Jack farted again and the stinky smell combined with seeing the images of hard men on the screen and the voice telling him over and over to beat his meat caused him to give in to his feelings. He didn’t care what he jerked off to. He just needed to do it. He shoved his pants down, grabbed hold of his red hot dick and began stroking it fast and furious.

“That’s it.. You need this... You need to get relief.... You need it NOW...You get off on the stinky smell of your own farts....” Jack farted again and this time when the stink hit his nostrils, instead of feeling revulsion, it had the opposite effect...It made him spurt his hot load big time!

After shooting what felt like a gallon of cum, Jack stared stupidly at the screen as the voice continued. It told him how much he enjoyed visiting this site and listening to the voice and looking at the pictures of musclemen. How he wanted to visit everyday... How he didn’t mind the flatulence the herb caused.... How he would take the herb faithfully.... How he would get off on pictures of naked men and that it was perfectly okay. After all, it takes a real man to really appreciate the looks of another muscular bod. The voice was in control... it told him what to do...he had to obey... in order for him to become a muscle head... with a big dick... and a hot butt...that’s what he wanted... and he would do anything to achieve his goal...his final instructions were that the act of wiping cum off his body would wipe his memory of the last few minutes... the memory of jacking off to pictures of men... all he’d remember about the site was that it inspired him to eat right, stay fit and that he wanted to visit it everyday...

Jack blinked a couple of times. For a moment he wondered where he was... Then he realized that he was sitting at his computer covered with cum... He’d just beaten off at a fucking muscleman site! He couldn’t believe what had come over him. “It was that fucking herb”—he thought. “It made me so fuckin’ horny I could have beat off to anything. Well, one things for sure. I’m not taking anymore of that shit.” Jack got up and headed straight for the bathroom. He grabbed a towel and began wiping the cum from his chest and groin. When he’d finished, he looked into the mirror. He’d tried to remember what he’d been thinking about before coming into the toilet, but his mind was a blank. Oh well, must not have been important. He looked into the mirror and admired his muscular physique. “Man, if I didn’t know better, I’d think that herb was working already.”

The next morning, Jack woke up and got ready for work. He put on his police uniform and munched down a bowl of cereal. Just when he was about to leave he remembered that he hadn’t taken the herb and it had said three times a day. He quickly popped the pills and dashed for the car. On the way to the station, Jack began farting again uncontrollably. The disgustingly stinky fumes quickly filled the car but for some reason Jack didn’t turn on the air. Instead he found the stink was turning him on. His dick began to rise and tented the crotch of his black pants. “Shit. I can’t go to work like this. I’ve got to uh...” He heard the voice of the man on the website in his mind “Call in sick... you need to take care of yourself... take care of your big dick...” In a daze, Jack picked up his cell and phoned work that he wasn’t feeling well and wouldn’t be in. Then he turned the car around and headed home, but he didn’t get far before he felt like he had to turn off the road and take care of his dick. He was so fucking horny, he needed to shoot his load quick.

He couldn’t just do it in the car though. He spotted a gas station and anxiously hit the restroom.

Right after entering the stall, he dropped his pants and grabbed his boner. He jerked off right there imagining a hairy naked muscular stud sitting on the toilet watching him. After spilling his spunk on the toilet stall floor, he sat down on the toilet to recover. As he sat there, he could hear the manly voice he’d heard on the website reassuring him, “That’s a good boy. Just rest for a moment. You need a vacation. That’s what you need. A couple weeks to unwind and get ahold of yourself.” Jack knew the voice was right. That was just what he needed. The voice was in control... it told him what to do...he had to obey... in order for him to become a muscle head... with a big dick... and a hot butt...that’s what he wanted...he wanted to be a muscle head with a REALLY BIG DICK and a FUCKING HOT BUTT and he would do anything to achieve his goal.

Jack blinked a couple of times as he snapped out of the trance he’d been in and realized that he’d just beat off in a public restroom. It kind of freaked him out. He decided right then and there that he needed a couple weeks vacation. He needed to get ahold of himself. Then he remembered that he’d taken that new herb this morning and figured that becoming extremely horny was some sort of fucking side-effect. To think he’d actually beaten off while fantasizing about a guy disgusted him. Well, one thing was for sure. He wasn’t going to be taking that fucking mind-altering herb any longer. First thing he was gonna do when he got home was trash the stuff. As he started to get dressed he noticed a few drops of cum had landed on his stomach. He took a piece of toilet paper and wiped them off. He dropped the tissue in the toilet and then scratched his head. What the fuck had he been thinking about? He thought he was gonna do something right when he got home, but he couldn’t think of what it was. Oh well. He was sure he’d think of it. On the way home, Jack seemed to think it was something about the herb. He couldn’t remember taking it that morning. “That must be it. I’d forgotten to take it this morning. I’ll take some as soon as I get home.”

When Jack got home he immediately called work again and requested a couple of weeks off. He wanted to get over what ever he had and figured he just needed a good long rest. His boss told him no problem at all and to take it easy...

It wasn’t long before Jack was sitting in front of his computer again—Dick Hard—Farts shooting out his ass over and over...the voice was telling him that he should install the video camera that had come free with his order... He quickly had it working. It made sense for the man to see how well he was doing with the program.. After all, he’d signed up for the personal training...the first session was free... When the man asked for him to pull his pants down so he could see the size of his dick, Jack understood. It needed to be saved for before and after pictures... His dick would be displayed on the site just like all the others... The thought made him get even harder...He obediently pulled down his pants and underwear and positioned the camera so that it pointed at his engorged cock. The next minute he was looking at his own dick on the screen. Although still an average size, it looked huge on the computer screen... The man told him to click on another link and a picture of the man talking to him appeared on the screen. He was big, hairy and naked.

The man told him to go ahead and jerk off for him as he watched. Jack was glad to oblige. He was so fucking horny now and the sight of a big hairy muscular daddy type man was such a fucking turn on to him. With another stinky fart exploding from his ass, Jack shot his load again and again for the hunky stud.

Jack blinked a couple of times and looked at the computer screen. The picture of the big hairy muscular man he’d just beat off to was still there. “Fucking gross!” Jack thought. “I’m throwing that shit out before I do anything else!” Dripping with cum, Jack stormed into the kitchen, grabbed the bottle of Vitalift and threw it into the trash can. Just doing that made him feel better.

He’d take the can out to the trash as soon as he got dressed. Grabbing a towel he wiped the cum off his body and dropped the towel into the hamper. “That’s funny. I know I was gonna do something, but I can’t remember what it was. Well, I’m naked so I guess I was planning on taking a shower.” Around lunch time, Jack was in the kitchen and he noticed the bottle of herbs was in the trash. “That’s strange. How’d that get there?” Jack pulled it out of the trash and set it on the counter. He had suddenly got an urge to have some bean burritos. Fortunately, he had some in the freezer and was soon munching down three of them. He figured they’d probably make him fart, but he didn’t care. After all, he was on vacation and there was nobody else around. He popped a couple more of the pills and sat down in front of the TV. He smiled as he began to fart. Yep. Being single had its advantages sometimes. He could fart all he wanted and nobody was there to hassle him about it. Damn, his farts sure were extra stinky though. He felt his dick rise in shorts. He couldn’t believe he was actually getting off on the disgusting smell. As he fell into a trance, he could hear a voice in his head telling him to put the DVD in that had come with the herb. Farting his way over to the player, he put the DVD in and pressed play. Once the menu appeared, he sat back down and pressed a series of buttons on the remote. He didn’t know how he knew the sequence. He just knew that this was what he was supposed to do. In no time, he was sitting there in his easy chair watching a porno flick—only there weren’t any women in it.

Only big muscular guys with huge dicks. Jack didn’t mind though. The sight of these men’s enormous penises and hairy butts was turning him on big time. He couldn’t believe he was actually watching a guy bury his face in another man’s ass, but at the same time, he wondered what it would be like—to kiss and lick the hairy butt of another man. The guy on the screen began to talk dirty and Jack felt like the guy was talking to him. “Yeah.... You know you want it... Lick my asshole, you fuckin’ brown noser... I’m gonna fart in your face and the stink is gonna drive you wild... From now on, You won’t be able to resist eating out the hairy ass of another guy... You totally get off on sniffing men’s butts and eating the shit out of their stinky assholes.

You’re in fucking heaven when you’ve got your tongue stuck up another man’s shit hole.” Jack’s mind soaked up what the hunk on the screen was telling him as he sat there in a daze listening to the man’s gruff voice and smelling his own farts. He imagined he had his head stuck up the man’s ass and couldn’t resist pulling his hard dick out of his shorts and beating off to the disgustingly sexy images the zonked stud was feasting his eyes on. Once again Jack shot buckets of cum.

More cum than he’d ever shot in his life. It completely soaked his stomach and chest. It even dripped from his nose and cheeks and chin. After the man in the video told him he could stop jerking off, he calmed down and just sat there listening—absorbing every word that oozed from the sexy man’s lips. Giving him instructions that he would subconciously obey. Working out... Logging onto to certain websites... Sticking with the herb... keeping plenty on hand... watching this video once a day.... just to reinforce his training and make sure he didn’t stray from the program...

Jack blinked a few times as he came out of another total mind fog. He began to realize that he was plastered with cum and knew that he’d been jerking off to a video of naked men doing disgusting things. He immediately new that this was all because of that fucking herb. He had to get rid of it. Even though he was still dripping with cum, he marched into the kitchen, grabbed the bottle and took it into the bathroom. With only a moment’s hesitation, he poured the pills into the toilet and flushed them down. Jack sighed. Now he was free of the stuff that he knew was causing him to beat off to the sight of naked men. As he grabbed a towel and began wiping the cum off his body, he thought of Mike and figured that he must not have escaped and that he’d actually recruited him to become part of some bizzare homosexual conditioning ring. But as he continued to wipe the cum away, Jack lost his train of thought. He looked at the towel and saw a huge amount of cum all over it. “Man. Looks like I had a really good time! I wonder why I don’t remember that? I wonder if there’s a side-effect of memory loss with that herb. I’d better check it out. Jack spotted the bottle of Vitalift on the bathroom counter. For a second he thought it might be empty for some reason, but when he opened it, he could see that all the pills were still there.