The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Pt. 2

By MM Good

Jack put on a fresh pair of underwear and some loose fitting shorts and sat down at his computer. “Now to find out what side-effects there are with that herb.” he thought to himself. “I got no problem squirting like a champ, but I fucking want to remember doing it!”

Upon reaching the website, he found that he needed to register before he could get the information he wanted. Jack didn’t mind answering a few questions. He filled out the form putting in the usual stuff, name and address, phone number, profession, credit card number and the like...all the while there was a soothing music playing in the background.. but on the second page, the questions became more personal. Questions about his sex life. He hesitated at first, but something told him that it was really important that he answer all the questions completely and honestly. He checked off the box that he was straight and that he enjoyed sucking tit and eating pussy. But when he came to the question that asked him to describe his deepest darkest sexual fantasy, he found himself imagining a big hairy trucker and a daddy type dude messing around in the mens room. They overpower him, handcuff him, shove his pants down and fuck him with his own nightstick before forcing him to bend over so both men can take turns fucking his ass. Then they each sit on his face and make him lick out their nasty dirty assholes. Finally, they both piss all over him as he lays there sprawled on the mens room floor. Jack began to get a hard on as he typed all of this in and clicked on the SUBMIT button.

Finally, the page he was looking for appeared and he discovered that the side-effects of the herb included flatulence, memory loss, and sexual arousal. Each of the words were a link to another page to obtain more information. Jack clicked on flatulence, and a cartoon appeared with a man baring his ass and farting. The words beneath indicated that although the odor and frequency could sometimes become severe, men did not seem to mind because they found the stink sexually exciting. Jack wondered how anybody could find a stinky fart erotic, but he shrugged it off. What he really wanted to know about was the memory loss. He clicked on this link and the music changed. A voice came on over the speakers telling him that it was nothing to worry about and that it was time for him to pull down his pants and jerk off. Immediately Jack’s eyes glazed over as he fell into a trance. He knew that he had to obey. Just like before, he was under the control of the voice and could not resist doing whatever it told him to do. He slowly pulled down his shorts and underwear and then turned on the video camera so that other men could enjoy watching him as he stroked his stiffening dick. He found another bottle of Vitalift in a nearby drawer and popped another couple of pills. He couldn’t wait to start farting and stinking up the room. He loved having a fucking stinky butt. The stink of his farts always made him so fucking horny. Sitting in front of the computer ripping farts and listening to a man’s sexy voice telling him what to do was such an incredible turn on.

It wasn’t long before his cock was rock hard and he was shooting his load. His eyes were transfixed on the image of another naked muscular stud sitting at his PC jerking off. The stink of his own farts lingered in the air as he experienced a multiple orgasm. Just when he thought it was over, the stink in the air would cause Jack’s mind to surge with such an intense lust that his penis would harden again and he couldn’t help but resume stroking his dick while gazing at the naked man on the screen. He must have cum four or five times in a row before the need to whack off finally subsided. Coming to his senses, Jack saw the handsome naked man on the computer screen staring back at him. Jack saw that the guy’s chest and crotch was covered in his own cum. Then he realized that the guy was talking to him. “Hey man. Can you hear me?”

Jack replied, “Yeah. I can hear you.”

The guy in front of him seemed apologetic, “I.. I never did anything like this I’m really straight.... I think it must be a side-effect of this herb I’m taking...” Jack knew this guy was in the same situation he was. “Same here, man. You’re taking Vitalift, right?”

“Yeah.. that’s right.” Jack watched as the guy grabbed a towel and draped it over his crotch. Jack figured he should cover up too and reached for his underwear.

“I don’t wanna turn into no faggot, that’s for sure. I’m gonna trash the stuff.”

“Me too.” Jack agreed as he draped his briefs over his crotch.

“My names Rick.” the man stated as he began wiping the cum off his chest with his towel. “Jack. So...” Jack hesitated as he saw a funny look come over Rick’s face.

Rick blinked a couple of times as if coming out of a trance and then said, “What the fuck? I was just gonna log on and now I’m covered with cum and some sick fuck is watching me!”

That’s all Jack heard before Rick switched off his camera. Jack was stunned. The guy had obviously forgotten everything. Jack recalled that memory loss was one of the side-effects of the herb. He began to concentrate on what had just happened. Although distasteful, he absolutely could not allow himself to forget what he had just done. He began to repeat to himself over and over “Vitalift makes you gay. Vitalift makes you gay.”

Jack grabbed his underwear and started to clean himself up with them as he continued thinking, “Vitalift makes you gay.. Vitalift makes you..” Funny. He couldn’t think of the next word. “Vitalift makes you...” He stopped and looked at his white underwear. They were soaked with cum. Jack laughed and thought, “Vitalift makes you horny.”

Strange that he couldn’t recall shooting such a huge load. It made him wonder if the herb had any other side-effects. Then he recalled logging on to the website and the funny picture of the macho man farting. He didn’t really mind the flatulence though. It was the memory loss that bothered him. Then he remembered the sexy man’s voice telling him that memory loss was only temporary. That once he had completed the program or rather once his mind had been re-programmed, there would be no need for him to forget anything anymore. He would become a bonafide sex pig-always wanting dick in his mouth or shoved up his asshole. He would become a total faggot slut, always willing and ready to give his body to another man... The voice was in control... it told him what to do...he had to obey... in order for him to become a muscle head... with a big dick... and a hot butt...and that’s what he wanted...he wanted to be a muscle head with a REALLY BIG DICK and a FUCKING HOT BUTT and he would do anything to achieve his goal. Just thinking these things caused his dick to spurt some more, but Jack quickly wiped the cum away and forgot all about it.

Later that night, Jack got a call from his partner, Mike. When Jack hung up the phone, he couldn’t recall what they had talked about. Only that they had agreed to get together right away for some pizza and beer. He also remembered that Mike wanted to hear all about how he liked the herb. Mike sounded so enthusiastic about it, that Jack decided to hold off telling him about the strange feelings he’d been experiencing until they got together.

About an hour later, Mike knocked on the door. Jack answered wearing nothing but a jock strap and his black cop boots. “Hey Mike. Pizza’s here. Come on in.” Mike grinned broadly as he noticed his friend was subconciously obeying the commands he’d given him over the phone. Jack thought it was perfectly normal to only be wearing his boots and a jock at home. “Man, that delivery guy sure gave me a funny look. You’d think that I’d answered the door naked or something.”

“Uh huh.” Mike said as he stepped inside. His mind was filled with lust and he couldn’t wait to inspect his partner’s ass. “Say, before we eat, would you mind bending over? I wanna give you a kiss.”

For a moment, Jack thought this was an odd request, but then his mind went blank, his eyes glazed over and he realized he was only too happy to bend over for his friend and let him kiss his ass.

“Sure thing, Mike. How’s that?” Jack said as he bent over and spread his ass cheeks for his partner.

Mike pressed his face into Jack’s butt and took a big whiff. Sure enough, the cop’s ass smelled like shit. Just the way he liked it. The man’s stinky ass made his dick hard. He gave Jack’s asshole a brief lick with his tongue and then pulled away.

“Thanks Bud. That was great. Mind if I get comfortable?” Without waiting for an answer, Mike took off his shirt and pulled down his pants. His erection clearly evident in the white jock strap he was wearing. He rubbed his crotch as Jack watched and said, “Man. My jock sure is sweaty. Why don’t ya take a sniff and see for yourself.” Still under the hypnotic spell of the cop and the suggestions he had given him over the phone, Jack didn’t think much about kneeling before his friend and pressing his nose into his crotch so he could sniff his jock strap. Just that he was feeling kind of horny and loved the stinky sweaty smell of his friends equipment. After Jack had licked the man’s jock for a bit, Mike suggested they go ahead and eat.

The two men sat down together on the couch. The pizza, beer and Vitalift on the table before them. Both men faithfully swallowed their pills before diving into the pizza. It wasn’t long before both of the nearly naked studs began to fart as they sat there eating. Jack punched in the sequence to play the male porno flick again and soon both cops were staring dumbly at the screen as the naked muscular guy on the screen began to talk dirty just like before.

“Yeah.... You know you want it... Lick my asshole, you fuckin’ brown noser... I’m gonna fart in your face and the stink is gonna drive you wild... From now on, You won’t be able to resist eating out the hairy ass of another guy... You totally get off on sniffing men’s butts and eating the shit out of their stinky assholes. You’re in fucking heaven when you’ve got your tongue stuck up another man’s shit hole.”

That’s when Mike stood up and positioned himself so that his hairy naked ass was right in front of Jack’s face. Mike farted and said, “Go ahead man. You lick my butt and then I’ll lick yours.” Jack was so turned on that he immediately buried his head in his friend’s ass crack and started to devour his stinky butt. All he could think about was how much he needed to jerk off with his head up his partner’s ass. Mike continued to send powerfully stinky shit gas into Jack’s nose and mouth as the man ate out his ass. In no time, Jack was spurting his load with his tongue deep inside the policeman’s butt. For a moment, Jack realized the disgusting thing that he had just done, but when another stinky fart shot into Jack’s face again, he heard the voice on the video say “You totally get off on sniffing men’s butts and eating the shit out of their stinky assholes.” and he got horny all over again.

“Now it’s my turn. Bend over so that I can lick your asshole.” Mike said. Jack felt like he had to obey. The two men traded places and soon Mike was shooting his hot load as Jack enjoyed having the man’s tongue stuck up his ass while he watched other hunky men getting their butts eaten out just like the soundtrack instructed him to.

After a couple of hours, the two men came down from their sexual high. Jack blinked and realized that he’d just had sex with another man and felt sick. He stumbled into the bathroom and took a hot shower. When he came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, he was surprised that Mike was there. He’d completely forgotten about him even coming over. He asked Mike if he knew of any side effects with the herb- memory loss or flatulence.

Mike lied, “Oh yeah. I had some of those things happen when I first started taking it, but once your body gets used to it, they pretty much go away.”

“Oh, I guess I should stick with it then.”

“Definitely. I’d give it another couple of days.” By then he’ll be so hooked, he won’t give a damn. He’ll just want to have sex with men all time, Mike thought. Mike had gotten dressed while Jack was in the shower, but he purposely let his pants drop so that Jack could see his hairy butt. He wanted to see if he could trigger some more hot sex from his buddy.

“Whoops. Dropped my pants. I seem to be doing that a lot lately.”

“You need uh.. uh.. belt or something?” Jack felt distracted at the sight of his friend’s ass. The hair growing out the man’s asscrack seemed so inviting to him. Like he just wanted to stick his nose between the man’s ass cheeks and take a big whiff of the guy’s stinky butt.

“Naw. It actually feels good to let the ol’ butt get some fresh air.” Upon saying that, Mike farted and both men laughed.

“So much for the fresh air,” Jack chided.

Mike slapped his own ass, “Yeah, but it’s sure taken some hard workouts to get my butt in shape—these two muscular globes are mighty plump and you can already smell how ripe they are...” Mike could tell that his friend was now hypnotized by the sight of his hairy ass and the stink in the air. “Yes sir, my butt is prime and ready for some fine eatin’....”

Jack now found Mike’s butt irresistable and without a word, Jack dropped his towel as he continued to stare at his friend’s ass. Jack’s dick was already hard and becoming erect. The sight of his ass and the stinky smell of Mike’s fart in the air caused him to get down on his knees and stick out his tongue.

“Well now, it looks like you’re ready for some more beefcake. Just let me press my butt into your face so you can stick that tongue of yours up my ass, officer. Just think. If I hadn’t introduced you to Vitalift, you’d never have had so much pleasure kissing and licking my ass. Yeah, that’s it. Show me how grateful you are by getting yer tongue deep inside my asshole.”

Mike farted again and Jack groaned with pleasure as he sniffed the stinky fumes and licked the man’s behind. Jack felt an incredible euphoria by humiliating himself like this before another man. Once again, he quickly drained his cock of its hot load. Then Mike turned around and squirted his love juice all over Jack’s face and head. Jack knelt there for a few moments relishing the intense orgasm that he’d just had. But then he came to his senses and realized what he had just done. “FUCK Mike. What’d you do to me man? I ain’t no fag and I didn’t think you were either.” Mike grabbed a nearby towel and tossed it to Jack. “Relax, man. Of course I’m not queer. I was just horny is all.”

Jack stood up and began wiping the cum off his head and face. When he’d finished, he had kind of a blank look on his face.

“That was some video dude. I didn’t know chicks could do stuff like that.” Mike bragged. Jack figured that they both must have got off watching a porn flick and tried to hide the fact that he didn’t remember a thing. “Yeah, that was something, wasn’t it. Well, I guess I should shower.” Jack headed for the bathroom and Mike followed him.

“Oh, you wanna use the other one?”

“Nope. You go ahead. I’m just gonna take a piss.”

Jack turned on the water and stepped into the combo bath shower. He was about to close the sliding door when Mike came over to him, pulled his jock strap down and pointed his dick at him. “I need to take a real long hot manly piss....” Jack was instantly mesmerized by the sight of Mike’s dick and the urge to kneel down before the man’s mighty scepter welled up inside him. “Get down on your knees and open your fucking mouth, boy.” Mike ordered.

Jack felt helpless. He had to obey. It was just like the way he felt when he heard the voice on the website. He couldn’t resist. He knelt down in the tub and opened his mouth wide. As the hot yellow stream shot out of Mike’s dick head and onto his waiting tongue, Jack felt the need to jerk off as he drank the man’s steaming fountain of piss. Jack couldn’t swallow fast enough and piss began to stream out of his mouth and down his chest. Mike aimed at Jack’s head and Jack groaned as he reveled in being drenched with hot man piss. When Mike had finished, he began stroking his dick right in front of Jack’s face.

“You want this big dick, man. You need it. You want me to fuck you with it, don’t you. You want me to fuck you straight ass right here on the bathroom floor. You gotta have my big dick thrusting in and out of your fucking asshole.”

Jack began to drool and his eyes rolled back in his head as he thought about how much he wanted to get fucked up the ass. “Oh yeah...Fuck me man....” Jack groaned. Then Jack climbed out of the tub dripping wet and turned around so that he was on all fours with his butt stuck up in the air. “Oh please fuck me man. I need your hot dick shoved up my ass.”

Mike gladly pressed his dick into Jack’s asshole and thoroughly enjoyed fucking the shit out of his partner’s ass. Once both men had creamed again, Mike whispered into Jack’s ear that after he’d taken another shower, he would forget all about him coming over that night, but rather expect him for dinner tomorrow night. All of the subliminal commands Mike had given him over the phone would still be in place. Mike grinned at the thought of doing all the things they had done this evening all over again.