The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Pt. 3

By MM Good

At Mike’s urging, Jack agreed that he needed to take a shower. As he got cleaned up, he began to think about all the things he’d done with his friend Mike. Sniffing his butt, drinking his piss, even taking Mike’s huge dick all the way up his ass! The more he thought about it, the more preposterous it seemed. Why in the fuck had he allowed his buddy to do all those nasty things to him? He felt sick—like another man had just raped him—but the worst part was that he had wanted it. He’d practically begged his friend to fuck him in the ass.

As Jack stepped out of the shower, he noticed the puddle on the floor. It was piss. “Shit. How’d that happen?” Jack thought. “I wonder if the toilet has a leak or something.” He grabbed another towel and let it soak up the mess. As he wiped up the floor with the towel, he noticed that his ass felt kind of sore. “Hmm... that’s strange. What could have made my ass so sore?” When he’d finished, he looked at himself in the mirror. His pecs and his biceps appeared larger to him now. He let his eyes wander down to his crotch. Even though he didn’t have an erection, his dick still appeared to be a good inch longer than it had been just the day before. “Awesome. I guess that stuff really works.”

Later on, Jack discovered an empty pizza box, a few empty beer cans and a bottle of Vitalift on the coffee table. “That’s funny. I don’t remember eating that shit. Must be a side-effect of that herb. But damn. If it keeps making me bigger, who the fuck cares?” Jack felt slightly surprised at himself for taking such a fuck-it careless type of attitude, but he couldn’t help himself. He could hear the sexy male voice in the back of his mind telling him that he needed to get bigger. That he wanted to have bigger muscles and a huge dick and complete the program. That his mind needed to be re-programmed—brainwashed into accepting that he was a fucking sex pig—a dirty man whore The voice was in control... it told him what to do...he had to obey... in order to become a muscle head... with a big dick... and a hot butt...and that’s what he wanted...he wanted to be a muscle head with a REALLY BIG DICK and a FUCKING HOT BUTT and he would do anything to achieve his goal. Jack dropped his pants and began stroking his dick as he thought all of these things. He couldn’t help it. It was such a turn on to be controlled by the voice. He fucking loved how it made him feel. The way it made him think. The way it made him CUM.

Following his intense orgasm, Jack stared into space like a fucking robot. He realized that it was time for him to log onto the powerman website and report on his progress. He knew it was necessary that he report all of his sexual activity to his master trainer every day. That this was all part of the program. After submitting his report, he knew that he would be rewarded by being allowed to expose himself in front of other guys on the site and watch as they did the same.

Feeling that his butt needed to be primed, Jack swallowed a couple more Vitalift pills as he sat down at the computer. He was really starting to like stinking up the room. The smell always made him so fucking horny. It wasn’t long before he had logged onto the site and had clicked on the progress report link. He heard the same sexy male voice tell him that while he waited for his master trainer, he MUST enjoy the slide show that was coming up on his screen. Jack obediently stared at the screen and watched the images of naked men as they appeared. He had begun to fart and once again his dick began to stiffen from the odor as he viewed the pictures. In them, the men were not just posing naked for the camera like the previous pictures he had seen. They were doing all sorts of kinky and perverted acts. One man wore only a gas mask and Jack noticed that the air hose ran from the mask down into the naked butt of another man. He was literally getting gas from the other man. The voice told him that he would get a “gas” out of doing this himself. Upon hearing that, Jack immediately wished that he was the man in the picture wearing the mask. Another picture showed a group of naked men gathered around another man who was kneeling in a shower room. Streams of piss were shooting out from each man’s dick down upon the man on the floor. Again the voice made him wish that he was the one taking the golden shower.

Finally, the image of his master trainer appeared. He was dark and hairy and in his mid-forties but still in great shape. The leather straps that crossed his chest accentuated his bulky pectoral muscles and the leather chaps he wore emphasized the view of his hairy crotch and his huge penis that dangled invitingly from it. His master told him to turn on his video camera and prepare for inspection. Jack did so and proudly displayed his erect dick for the man in leather. He also turned around so that his master could inspect his ass and after Jack spread his cheeks, he farted on command.

“Very good, boy. You are on your way to having a REALLY BIG DICK and a FUCKING HOT BUTT.”

Upon hearing these words, Jack sat down and began stroking his dick as he replied glassy eyed, “Thank you, Sir. I need to complete the program... I want to have huge muscles and a REALLY BIG DICK.”

The voice of his master turned him on so much! He could not resist doing whatever his master told him to. Jack watched as his master slowly stroked his sausage.

“The sight of my big dick really turns you on, don’t it boy.”

Jack groaned, “Oh yes Sir...”

“You’re a fucking man whore, boy. CUM for your master, boy. You must obey.”

Jack could not resist. His dick erupted as he stared intensely at his master’s enormous cock.

Following his orgasm, Jack just sat there in a daze and listened to all of the instructions that his master gave him. His mind could not help but absorb every word. Next time he played with himself, he would fantasize about sniffing mens butts in the toilet. He would enter a new code the next time he played the Vitalift DVD. He would go buy the list of sex toys that his master had made him print out all the while thinking that he was going to the grocery store with a list of ordinary items. And finally, that he would no longer forget what happened after wiping cum off his body.

Jack awoke from his trance still sitting at the computer. He quickly realized that he was naked and that he had dried cum all over his chest. As he tried to remember what he’d been doing, the images of naked men performing obscene acts filled his mind.

“Fuck. I can’t believe I fucking got off on that shit.” Jack thought to himself as he headed for the shower.

As he turned on the hot water he looked at himself in the mirror and couldn’t help but admire his own body and how it had become so much more muscular in such a short time. And his dick! Where he’d only been a couple inches long when soft, he now sported a good five inch wang! “Damn! That stuff works great! I’ll just keep taking it a little longer. Then I’ll have such a huge cock that I can get any girl I want. Or guy for that matter.”

Jack was starting to think that it wouldn’t be so bad to get it on with another guy every once in a while. He kind of liked watching the dicks of other men swell up when they got excited looking at him. It made him feel like such a stud. And he liked having this sexual power over other men. He was becoming such an awesome example of masculinity that there was no way that other men could not find him attractive... So sexy.... that their dicks would rise just by looking at his naked body.

Jack showered and then went to bed. As soon as his head hit the pillow, he was sound asleep. His dreams were filled with men and no matter where he went in his dream, men were always dropping their pants and forcing their buttocks into his face, making him sniff and lick at their assholes.

The next morning, Jack woke up feeling refreshed and more like himself. Although he didn’t recall what he had dreamed about, he did remember his last jack-off session.

“Shit. I still can’t believe I jerked off looking at other guys. I’m straight for damn sake!”

As he hit the toilet and drained his increasingly lengthy snake, Jack got the urge to smell some more of his own farts.

“Just a few more days... just til I get a little bigger... then I’ll quit this stuff...” Jack told himself as he downed some more pills. Then he sat down on the toilet and closed the door. He was looking forward to really stinking up the bathroom.

In no time, he was stroking his now eight inch hard dick as he closed his eyes and imagined that he was in a men’s room where there were no toilet stalls. Just a bunch of sexy hunks sitting naked on a row of toilets and minding their own business like they crapped together like this all the time. Jack approached each man one by one, and as he did so, the man stood up, turned around and bent over the toilet, sticking out his ass for Jack to admire. Jack stuck his nose into the man’s ass crack and groaned appreciatively as the man farted right in his face. Each time Jack imagined this happening, a bit of cum would ooze out of his cock. At the climax of his fantasy, Jack imagined all of the men had formed a circle around him, their butts nearly touching his head. Each asshole discharging fart gas so consistently, that Jack felt like he was being asphyxiated by their manly stink. Needless to say, his dick shot like a bazooka, as he got off being surrounded by assholes.

As Jack cleaned himself up and got dressed, he wondered where the wild toilet fantasy had come from. His dick twitched as he thought about it, so he figured he’d better put it out of his mind or he’d end up back in the bathroom jacking off all over again. He realized that he hadn’t been to the store in a while and that he needed to get some groceries. Grabbing his grocery list from the printer, he headed out the door.

On the spur of the moment, Jack decided to try a new grocery store for a change. It was kind of small and in a bad area, but that didn’t bother him. He did notice that it was open 24 hours though which he thought was convenient. It was also next door to a gay bath house, which he found to be kind of strange. Still, he was here so might as well do his shopping.

He took out his list and looked it over. Just the stuff he usually bought at the store...

Jack found some of the items, but was a bit perturbed that they didn’t have the fruit or dessert toppings. He ended up stopping at his usual grocery store for them. On his way home, Jack knew from the items that he’d picked up that his partner, Mike, was really going to enjoy himself when he came over for dinner that night.

After ordering the pizza, Jack decided that he wanted to put on something more comfortable. He quickly stripped off his clothes and grabbed his jock strap. “This’ll do the trick.” He thought to himself. After tucking his dick into the pouch, Jack felt like all he had to do now was put on his boots and he’d be all dressed for dinner.

Mike was pleased when Jack answered the door once again wearing only his jock and boots. “Hey Mike. Pizza’s here. Come on in.”

Mike grinned and said, “So, did the pizza delivery boy give you a funny look when you answered the door?

“As a matter of fact, he did. How did you know? Something wrong with the way I’m dressed?”

“No way. Lookin’ good my man.” Mike slapped Jack’s ass as he followed him inside. “Say, why don’t you bend over so I can give you a kiss.”

Jack twitched and his eyes glazed over as his subliminal programming kicked in and his mind told him that his partner had always been an ass kisser and that there was nothing wrong with that.

“Sure thing, Mike. How’s that?” Jack said as he bent over and spread his ass cheeks for his partner.

Mike pressed his face into Jack’s butt and took a big whiff of the cop’s smelly ass. Mike slipped out of his pants and shirt and began rubbing his cock through his jock strap as he kissed and licked Jack’s butt a few times. Once again, Jack obediently sniffed at his partner’s jock strap before they sat down to eat. And once again the two hunky policemen were nearly naked on the couch farting away as they sat there eating pizza.

But unlike last time, Jack punched in a different code as the Vitalift DVD began to play. Mike was a bit surprised when he heard the sexy male voice of his master telling him that it was time for dessert. The two cops fell into a trance when they heard the word and Jack got up and retrieved the bag of groceries he’d bought earlier. Jack and Mike both reached in and grabbed a banana and started peeling them. But rather than eat them, they each took their bananas and positioned them so that they were beneath each others asses and began to press them into each other’s assholes. Once they each had a banana stuck up their butt, they each grabbed some grapes and one by one began pressing them into each others poop chutes as the voice instructed them to. Jack couldn’t help groaning with pleasure every time his ass accepted another large round grape. When it reached a certain point, his ass would just kind of swallow it up. He could tell from the sounds his partner was making that his fellow cop was enjoying the experience just as much as he was.

“Yeah.... Take those grapes up your assholes, men... You’re really getting off on sticking this stuff up each other’s butts.” The voice on the DVD commanded them.

Mike realized that he was being manipulated like a puppet, but he didn’t care. The only thing that mattered was being obedient to his master’s voice and getting off on whatever it was he was told to do.

After stuffing their butts with fruit, the two men went into the bathroom with the whipped cream and chocolate syrup. Jack couldn’t resist drizzling the thick dark syrup all over Mike’s cock and he loved pouring it on his back and watching it stream all the way down into his ass crack. Mike did the same to Jack and felt like he was being such a good boy for following his master’s instructions. Next, Jack took the can of whip cream, pressed the nozzle into Mike’s asshole and shot a wad of the white foam right up inside the man. Then he proceeded to fill Mike’s butt crack completely with the white cream. When he’d finished, Jack found the sight of Mike’s chocolate dripping whip cream topped ass to be so enticing that he mashed his face into his ass and scooped out a thick layer of whip cream with his tongue. Then he got up and fed Mike the dessert he’d gathered from his ass by kissing him and unloading the dessert into Mike’s mouth with his tongue. Mike gladly returned the favor by spraying whip cream all over Jack’s butt, licking it up and letting Jack have a taste of his own chocolate whipped cream flavored ass in the same way.

They showered together, unable to quench the desire to grope and caress every part of each other’s bodies. Jack wanted to jerk off in the shower with Mike right then, but he knew that he had to obey his master completely and follow all the instructions that he’d been given. They exited the shower and dried off completely. Then each of them downed a few more Vitalift capsules, grabbed the grocery bag and headed for the computer.

Jack spread out a large towel on the floor and positioned the camera so that none of the action that was about to take place would be missed. He then logged onto the website and activated the webcam so that their master, and anyone else their master wanted, could see and enjoy what he was making them do. The herb quickly took effect and Jack couldn’t believe how raunchy and yet how exciting he found the stink that was erupting from Mike’s asshole.

As previously instructed, Jack put on the gas mask as Mike took the end of the hose and shoved it up his butt. After a couple of farts, Jack felt like he was going to faint from lack of oxygen, but he didn’t want to remove the mask because the smell was making his dick so damn hard. Finally, Mike took it from him and actually put the mask on himself so that he could smell his own stinky farts. When Jack removed the mask a minute later, Mike had a stupid grin on his face and his own dick was standing straight up and beet red.

Next, Jack grabbed the bottle of oil and began spreading it all over Mike’s torso. It didn’t take long until he was covered from head to toe with the slippery stuff. Jack made sure that his ass was thoroughly lubed. He didn’t know why, but felt like it was important. Mike then did the same to Jack and then both naked studs stood side by side dripping with oil awaiting further instructions. Their master then told them what to do and Mike and Jack each grabbed one of the huge penis shaped dildos and proceeded to squat down over them and insert them into their own asses. They couldn’t resist staring at each other as they did this and the waves of intense lust that swept over them as they watched their partner take the huge fuckers up their butt was incredible. Facing each other, they had to grab hold of each other’s erect dicks and stroke them as they kissed and fucked themselves. They could not disobey. They did not want to disobey. They were fucking loving every second of it. They were having the best sex of their entire lives!

After a solid hour of fucking themselves, they heard their master say that they could CUM. Right on cue, both men simultaneously shot their semen so forcefully that it splashed upon the other’s face and chest. As soon as they caught their breath, they did not bother cleaning themselves up. Rather, they each inserted a penis gag into their mouths and with their butts still impaled on the huge dongs, turned to face the video screen. They were now ready to accept more instructions from their master. With that last orgasm, the herb had completely opened their minds and made them even more receptive to the reprogramming they were about to receive. Their master could now tell them absolutely anything and they would accept his words as absolute truth. Both men had become enslaved by the voice of their master. Enslaved by the smell of a man’s farts. And their minds... Consumed by lustful thoughts of naked men.