The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Pt. 4—Shower Time

By MM Good

Jack and Mike sat their like fucking idiots, their eyes wide open still staring at the computer screen, strands of spittle dripped from their penis gags, the big black dongs still buried to the hilt up each of their asses. After each statement the men heard, all they could do was nod to acknowledge that they had accepted and were in complete agreement with what they had just heard. They were absolutely powerless to feel otherwise. The manly voice was in control of their thoughts.

Vitalift works great...—Nod -

You want to share it with every man you meet...—Nod -

You like to show other men what it has done for you...—Nod -

How big your muscles have become...—Nod -

How much it has enhanced the size of your dick...—Nod -

And the way it makes you fart such stinky manly farts...—Nod -

The smell of them actually excites you...—Nod -

You fucking love burying your head up another man’s ass...—Nod -

You fucking love it when a big macho dude fucking farts right in your fucking face...—Nod -

The thought of sticking your tongue up another man’s asshole makes you want to cream your pants..—Nod -

The words kept repeating over and over as images of muscles... monster sized dicks... hairy assholes... and big hunky naked men appeared on the screen before them.

When Jack and Mike were finally released from their trance, they looked around and found themselves covered with oil, their asses stuffed with the large dildos and their cocks still dripping cum. They both still had erections and their dicks had been hard the entire time they were being programmed.

“What the fuck. What’d you get me into man?” Jack asked his partner.

“Hey man. I didn’t know this was gonna happen anymore than you did.”

“Well, it’s fucking gone too far. That’s for sure.” Jack turned away. The sight of Mike’s dick was making him feel funny. Like he wanted to fuck around and do more nasty stuff with the cop. Jack slowly removed the dildo from his ass. “Fuck. I need a shower.”

“Me too.” Mike said as he took the same action and began to draw out the large black object from his asshole.

“It’s all because of that damn herb. It’s gotta be doing something to my head.”

“You got that right. It’s making us fuck around with other guys.”

“Well, I’m gonna stop taking it. " Jack announced as he stood up. Then he looked down at his nice long glistening dick and his expression quickly changed from a look of disgust to admiration... “Just as soon as my dick gets a little bit bigger.”

Mike was also admiring his own dick as he responded. “Same here, man. I only need to add a couple more inches to this baby and I’m set for life.” Mike smacked his nine incher into his hand a few times as he spoke.

Jack couldn’t help but look at Mike’s dick as Mike did this, and he felt a familiar urge to bend over so that he could feel Mike’s hefty piece of meat slide into his ass. But Jack resisted the temptation and headed for the shower. Mike followed along right behind him, sort of hoping that he would get the chance to fuck Jack’s ass at least one more time.

When they reached the shower, Jack turned to Mike, “Alright if I shower first?”

“You only got one shower?” Mike felt anxious. Like he needed to get in the shower right away.

Jack was experiencing the same programmed sensation that Mike was. He needed to get in the shower pronto. “No, but I want to use this one.”

“Well, so do I. Why don’t we... uh.. Why don’t we share it. We’ll shower together.”

“Um... alright...” Jack stepped into the shower stall and Mike got in right after him. It was kind of a tight squeeze. Mike couldn’t help pressing his body against Jack in the small space. They were facing each other when Mike said, “You forgot to turn on the water.”

“That’s right.... I forgot.” Jack said dumbly, his eyes currently locked on Mike’s mouth. It felt so good having his naked body pressed right up against another man. And Mike’s lips looked so inviting. Abruptly, he gave in to the strong urge to kiss Mike directly on the lips and as the men kissed, Jack began to slide his hard slippery dick up and down against Mike’s oil slickened body.

Mike didn’t object. Instead he kissed Jack back hard and began rubbing himself against Jack as well. It didn’t take long until both men were once again completely hard and ready to start fucking all over again.

Jack turned around and began speaking the words that had been programmed into him, “Give me your cock... fuck my hole... give me that dick... put it in my ass... fuck my ass, man.. Fuck my ass!”

The dirty talk just made Mike want to fuck Jack’s butt even more. Responding to the dirty talk just as he had been programmed to, Mike easily slid his slippery dick into Jack’s asshole as he talked... “I am gonna fuck you so hard up your butt... you’re gonna be so full of my cum it’ll be dripping outta your fucking ears... Yeah... I’m gonna fuck your brains out, man. I’m gonna fuck you so silly you won’t be able to think straight... Yeah... I’m gonna make you take this big dick of mine.. This huge pecker all the way inside you, man. All the way.. Deep into your ass. Your fucking bum is gonna be sore for days when I get through with you man... I’m gonna nail your ass real hard... It’s gonna feel so good that you’ll still be beggin for more. Pleading with me to keep never stop... to just keep humpin that hole of yours... Making it feel good... making you feel good... My dick makes you feel so good....”

Having cop dick up his cop butt was really turning Jack on... “Oh yeah.. That’s it.... Fuck my brains out... Fuck me, man... Fuck me so fucking hard... shoot your cum so far up my butt that it fucking shoots out of my fucking mouth... Make me want it... Make me take your dick... Use me man... Ram that fucking hole.. Drill me mother fucker... Oh yeah... That’s right... Feels so good... you’re filling me up with your big dick... I love your fucking dick man... Feels so hot sliding in and out of my ass...You’re such a fucking hot horny stud.. You get me off man... You fuck the cum right outta me man...”

Suddenly Mike felt as though he needed to be fucked by Jack. He slipped his dick out and spun around and said, “Give me your cock... fuck my hole... give me that dick... put it in my ass... fuck my ass, man.. Fuck my ass!”

Jack could not resist. He was excited by the idea that they were now going to reverse roles and Jack was going to hammer Mike’s tight hole. Jack’s dick slipped just as easily into Mike’s well lubricated butt and Jack began to spout the dirty talk that had been programmed into him...

“Yeah.. You take my big dick now you horny fucker...You take my fuckin’ dick... You want it... You need it shoved up your ass so badly now, don’t you asshole... You can’t live without a big old man’s cock ripping up your ass... You need it big time...yeah.. Take that fucker deep... Feel every inch of that sucker as it tears up your ass...”

And Mike responded in kind, ““Oh yeah.. That’s it.... Fuck my brains out... Fuck me, man... Fuck me hard... Ram it in me... Oh yeah... You’re hitting the spot, man. You got such a hot fucking cock! I love your fucking dick man... So hot and slippery... Feels so good sliding in and out of my cop ass...You’re such a fucking hot horny bastard.. You’re fucking geting me off man... You’re fucking getting me off... Fuck the cum right outta me.. You Fuck. You low-life mother fucker...”

Every few minutes the men reversed roles. One man would take his cock out of the other’s ass, turn around and let the other man slip his dick in. All the while, the dirty talk continued unabated. Finally, Mike deposited his hot load into Jack’s bowels and then Jack fucked Mike’s ass one more time and released his steamy jizz into his partner’s butt.

Having completed their first ASSignment, the two men came to their senses and Jack quickly went to the other shower to get cleaned up. Mike stayed put this time and turned on the water. He felt extremely proud of himself for giving up his ass so that his partner could relieve all that tension that had been building up inside that big dick of his.

Jack smiled as he showered—feeling exactly the same way. And he owed it all to Vitalift. It was such an incredible stress reliever. And with every thought, Jack unconsciously nodded his head.

He couldn’t wait to get to work so that he could share it with all the guys on the force. <nod>

The way it made his muscles so much bigger, not to mention his dick. It worked great! <nod>

Who cares that it made his farts so damn stinky? He was sure that the other guys wouldn’t mind either once their dicks began to get bigger. The stuff had increased the size of his dick so much, he was really going to enjoy showing off his manhood in the police station showers now. <nod>

Besides, he fucking loved the stinky smell of farts now. Whenever he smelled one, he’d get kind of horny. Hell, he even fucking loved looking at men’s behinds now, and if one of them naked rumps were to fart right in his face, so much the better. He would fucking love that too. <nod>

Jack was soon taken by the fantasy of sticking his nose in some of the guys butts at work, begging them to fart in his face, getting off on a stinky blast right in his face and then licking every one of their juicy assholes. He couldn’t resist jerking off in the shower as he imagined he had his tongue stuck way up inside the crack of a man’s hairy ass, nodding his head repeatedly as he imagined licking a man’s asshole over and over again until another white hot load shot out of his dick.