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My New Apartment, Part I: The Interview

(written by pshadme—June 2001)

The summer that I had been waiting for my entire life was quickly approaching. I just turned twenty-one and decided to move out into my own apartment. However, it was tougher than anticipated finding a suitable place. By suitable, I mean an apartment whose landlord isn’t terrified to rent to a 21-year old guy and also didn’t cost five week’s salary to pay for one month’s rent. After almost seven weeks of pursuing this dream, I finally seemed to get lucky. It was a fully furnished basement of a private house surprisingly below my price range and not too far out in the suburbs. Miss Johnson, the real estate sales person, said that I would be perfect for the place and she set up an interview with the landlord for me, but assured me that it was just a formality and I was pretty much guaranteed the apartment. I was actually shocked at how quickly she found the place since the last five real estate people I dealt with, seemingly dismissed me because of the necessary cap I placed on my rent limit. Miss Johnson however, aside for being an incredible hottie, found this place less than two days after I called her. I had no complaints, except for the fact that I wouldn’t need to see this 30-something, blue-eyed blonde anymore. The last time I saw her was the day of my interview.

I stood at the doorway with my heart in my throat, nervous that I might make a bad impression and lose this apartment despite Miss Johnson’s assurances. After composing myself and ringing the bell, I found myself a bit dumbfounded when the door opened.

“Hello, you must be Sam. Cheryl said you were a handsome young man.” the woman’s words dripped into my ears.

“Uh, yes. Hello, uh...I’m sorry, Miss Johnson never told me your name.” (smooth Sam...real smooth)

“You can just call me Caroline. I’m the owner of this house and I think that you are going to like it here.", she said confidently.

I didn’t completely comprehend what she said because her sparkling green eyes distracted me. They seemed to lock onto mine as soon as the door opened. I managed to escape their hold briefly to fully absorb the vision that was before me.

She was probably in her late thirties with long, thick red hair that she wore loose and wavy. As I said, disarming eyes that smiled along with her full lips. She was a little taller than my 5 foot, 9 inch frame and had a full, round rack that her halter top displayed prominently. Her exposed midriff was trim and her hotpant-clad hips were very womanly. They led down to long, muscular legs ending with beautifully painted toes on her bare feet. I could only imagine how much more imposing she would’ve appeared if she had greeted me in heels. My body was able to take another breath when she spoke again, pulling my eyes from her feet and my mind from the gutter as she re-engaged the stare that initially grabbed me.

“I apologize if I seem dressed a bit casually for what you were probably expecting to be a critical interview. It’s just that, well,” she paused to lick her lips, “once Cheryl filled me in on your situation...I just assumed she told you that this was a done deal, so I didn’t think it right to come off as too intimidating from the start with my new tenant.”

(Yeah, not too intimidating...this was perfect)

“Well, I guess then you’re saying that I should feel more at ease, since you are telling me that I am welcome to live here. I was just very nervous about meeting you and saying or doing something wrong and blowing this.”

“Do strange women always make you nervous? Or just those that have something you need.", she said with a raised eyebrow.

I barely managed a stutter before she smiled and invited me in. Her house was nicely decorated, eclectic furniture and adorned with a lot of knick-knacks. Mostly crystal and stuff...some on shelves others hanging by windows, a lot of soft colors and no large light fixtures; Just a lot of lamps, candles and mirrors. It was almost like a “contemporary sophisticated gypsy” motif, if that is how a designer would phrase it.

“Have a seat”, motioning for me to sit on the couch. She then walked around the chair opposite me where I expected her to sit and instead, tucked her right leg under her and sat next to me on the couch so she was facing me.

“So, Sam.” Again locking her sparkling eyes onto my vaguely surprised expression, “I assume you realized that the rent was somewhat lower than you were expecting, but unfortunately that is because there are some compromises we are forced to make. The apartment is in the basement, however it is not a legal apartment per se, so I cannot obligate you to any lease. In light of that fact, there is no separate entrance, so we must share the front door and you can enter the basement from that door over there.”

I followed her polished fingertip to a door between the room we sat in and what I assumed was the kitchen. She spoke again and I immediately found myself back in her eyes.

“Also, the laundry area is in the basement, so you must put up with me coming down from time to time to wash my clothes. Other than that imposition, your privacy will be well maintained. You do have a modest kitchen area, a full bathroom and bedroom with a lock on it if you feel it necessary. However, I’m sure that you’ll get used to my presence soon enough. I want you to feel comfortable around me Sammy.", drawing out the word “comfortable”.

She used such a casual form of my name for someone I had just met, but did so with such a buttery voice that instead of feeling uneasy, I was experiencing the tingle of arousal. Caroline seemed to pick-up on my mild, but growing sexual reaction and fueled my desire by placing her hand on my cheek, “You do want to feel comfortable with me, don’t you Sammy?” again slowing down on the word comfortable as she caressed my face.

I sighed and nodded in agreement and, as if nothing had just happened, she followed with, “Then it’s settled, you can move in immediately.”

It didn’t take long for me to get back to my parent’s house, say my good-byes and gather up my incidentals: clothes, some sports equipment and my personal effects and return later that evening to take up residence in my new apartment.

“Sammy, come upstairs when you’re settled. I made us a dinner to celebrate our first night together.", Caroline called down in her sensual voice, about an hour into my first day.

My mind raced with the typical thoughts prompted by the double entendre of an invitation she offered. But of course, I kept my shy personality grounded in reality and quickly convinced myself that despite Caroline’s obvious flirtatious way, nothing would ever come of our new relationship other than landlord/tenant.

I went upstairs about twenty minutes after she had called and found the house lit only with candles and dim, kerchief-shrouded lamps. I walked toward the dining room looking for Caroline and was careful not to bump into anything as I negotiated the unfamiliar layout in the dark.

“Hello sweetie.", she cooed, startling me as she appeared right behind me. I turned to find myself looking up at her as she confirmed my belief that heels would be pretty imposing. Thanks to the four or more extra inches, I was compelled to notice that she also went with a neckline that revealed the cleavage I imagined she possessed after seeing how tightly her shirt was stretched earlier in the day. Her gorgeous hair seemed even fuller, if that was possible. The teased ends were glowing from the candlelight behind her, causing a beautiful silhouette effect around her face. Her lips were redder and her eyes very visible despite the dark room, but the most noticeable thing (if that was possible) was the intoxicating perfume that surrounded my head as she smiled at me.

“Care for a drink, dear?", again addressing me very casually...almost condescendingly. But still in all, I was much less preoccupied with her conversation style than I was with her appearance. I practically shook my head to answer her with a quiet yes.

“Dinner’s not quite ready. Have a seat on the couch, I’ll get us some wine.” Even in the poor lighting I could see an incredibly sexy ass below that short, blowsy skirt sauntering into the next room as I sat there with what I’m sure was an open mouth.

Caroline walked back in and reassumed the position next to me that she had taken that afternoon, but this time her closeness was punctuated by her sexy scent. “So, Sammy, you’re really twenty-one...right? I don’t want to get in trouble for giving alcohol to a minor.” She said in a joking tone.

“Yeah, I am. Don’t worry about that”, I said, happy for the levity she introduced to what I felt was a pretty intimidating setting.

“Oh, I don’t worry about anything...once I know someone telling the truth, that is. Now, I want you to look me in the eyes and tell me you’re speaking truthfully with me.", leaning closer and slightly widening her eyes. Her perfume washed over me like a wave and my eyes unblinkingly fell into hers.

“Yes, Caroline, I am.", I said meekly, but honestly.

She smiled and handed me my glass as she sat back, “Of course you are. You are too nice a boy to lie to a woman. Here’s to our beginning.", and clinked my glass with the ominous smile you see a cartoon cat give the mouse when it realizes its been cornered.