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My New Apartment, Part 2: After Dinner

(written by pshadme—June 2001)

Dinner was very good and the conversation was much less daunting than our initial exchange. Caroline asked me questions about myself and offered some details about her life. Nothing specific or too personal from either of us, just enough to keep within the context a given topic. We seemed very comfortable with each other’s company and were laughing more and more (I guess a bottle and a half of wine will have that effect). After I helped to clear the dishes, I felt a yawn coming on, but stifled it for fear of insulting Caroline. The evening was fantastic, but I guess the events of the day were more taxing on me than I would have expected. I was just about to thank her and politely retreat to my bed...

“Have a seat on the couch, Sammy. I have our glasses, so we can just kill this bottle. We can talk some more.” Caroline leaned into the foyer by my door, practically batting her eyelashes while she smiled and waited for my response.

“Sure thing Caroline. I’ll be in here waiting for you”, I said with feigned enthusiasm. I mean, she was really sexy, but I was gonna live here and I was very tired. But, what the hell. There certainly are worse things and I really shouldn’t shrug off Caroline’s hospitality, even if it seemed a bit over the top...she was my new landlord and I wanted to get off on the right foot with her.

“Here you go, dear”, handing me my glass, “so where were we?”

I was just recalling what we were discussing when Caroline took her seat. This time it was so close to me that her right shin rested lightly against my left leg. This was because she again bent her right knee and placed that leg fully on the couch, so that she could turn to face me as opposed to just sitting next to me. The position did not jibe well with her short skirt, providing me with more of a view than I had ever expected to get of her inner thigh. I had no where to back up to, as I had taken the corner seat on the couch and Caroline made no attempt at correcting the lack of space between us. Consequently, the perfume that was much more subtle over the food’s aroma and across the table all through dinner was again blanketing my senses in our new seats. I could only imagine how noticeable my raging hard-on was to her as I tried shifting to make it less conspicuous.

“Uh, I’m sorry, I forgot.” I stammered, as I fidgeted and lifted my eyes from her legs...God I hope she didn’t notice that.

“That’s all right” she knowingly smiled, “it was probably a boring topic. I’m just so happy that we were able to get so com-for-ta-ble with each other so quickly.”

I just watched her mouth form the word and felt so much more aroused.

“You feel that way, don’t you Sammy? I mean, here we are enjoying some wine after a pleasant meal and talking one-on-one here on this nice, soft couch. It’s just such a comfortable feeling, isn’t it?”

They sounded like questions but weren’t and again her lips seem to move in slow motion.

“Yes, this is very comfortable”. Now she had me saying it. But was I talking about the conversation, the couch, the atmosphere?

“So Sammy, tell me the truth ...have you always been attracted to older woman?” she asked me with wide eyes and no room to blink.

Now where did that come from?!

“Well...uh, yes, Caroline, but how did you know that?” I managed, almost defensively. We had not gotten that personal in our earlier conversations.

“It’s obvious, honey, the way you’ve been looking at me and the timid way you’ve spoken all night. I’d probably even consider your behavior somewhat submissive, wouldn’t you agree?, again a statement with the obligatory intonation of a question. “It’s ok to admit it. It’s quite evident to a woman like me”, she said while slowly brushing her polished nails on the edge of her shirt displaying her breasts.

Timid I might be, but I will not be patronized. “Well, Caroline, no disrespect, but to be honest, you have been overtly flirtatious since we met this morning and you must be aware that you are a very beautiful woman.” Oops...should’ve held my tongue. I’m gonna get her angry within 12 hours of me being here...oh God, she’s licking her lips now.

“Oh Sammy, don’t be ashamed to admit that you’ve been aroused by me. That’s just my way. I didn’t dress this way for you to admire my window treatments. I love it when a younger man takes an interest in me. It helps keep me young. I’m almost twice your age and you’ve managed to make me feel 10 years younger with the glances I’ve caught you stealing of my legs...", like a magnet my eyes found her inner thigh again with her nails tracing up towards her, now, slightly visible white panties “...and my breasts...", now I was staring at those sexy nails tickling the edge of her cleavage “...and the desire in your face as you focus onnn myyy l-i-p-s wwhhille I sss-pea-k. Do you like my lips, Sam?” She pouted them just enough to make me realize that my mouth was again slightly agape. “I’d be willing to give you a little kiss just to satisfy your curiosity. That way you could concentrate on my eyes more than my mouth when we talk. You’d like that, wouldn’t you, Sammy.”

Caroline didn’t allow any time for a response (and with the state my mind was in, I would have needed a lot) before she leaned in, placed her warm, red lips on mine and gently sucked a slow kiss like she was kissing a boo-boo. I guess my eyes remained closed longer than necessary because I heard her giggle...

“Saaammy...come back little boy”

I opened my eyes and found hers. I could have stared for hours, but she quickly broke the silence. “There, is that better, the thought of that was probably very preoccupying. Now we can just relax a little more with that tension aside.”

Eyes opened or not, I was still slowly trying to collect myself despite the unbalancing effect each breath of her scent that I inhaled had on me. What just happened?

“See, now you can really relaaax and sink into this soft couch with the pressure of kissing me off your mind.” Her hand began gently stroking my cheek and forehead. “I don’t want you to have any worries like that on your mind. Just relax and lay back so we can talk some more. It must have been so difficult for you to think about how you were going to react to my advances and I’ve just relieved you of that burden. Now you don’t need to think about it anymore....don’t think about it anymore...don’t think any-more...don’t think...just relaaax. The day was sooo tiring I’m sure and you should just unwind now that this tension about kissing me is gone. Let all the tension be gone. No more tension, just relaax and feel how com-for-table this couch is on your back and neck. That’s it...just sink down deeper and get m-o-r-e and m-o-r-e com-for-table. It’s sooo easy now that I’ve removed all of the tension with a single kiss.”

The sexual tension, my throbbing erection, the wine, her perfume, that head was swimming and now I’m lost in those sparkling green eyes. Her voice seemed like an echo and the cushions on my back felt like they were wrapping themselves around me. I was so comfortable and so tired, but I didn’t want to insult Caroline by breaking eye contact.

“That’s it Sammy, just relax and feel all the tension melt into the cushions. All you really want now is to look into my eyes and relaaax...just re-laaax. You are so weak now and you only need is to listen to my voice for thoughts of your own, just my voice and my eyes. That’s all you need right now. You are soooo com-for-table and sooo weak from your long day and I know how much you are enjoying my perfume, so just take slow and deep breaths as you listen to my voice. That’s it sweetie, deeeeeper and deeeeeeper....sloooower a-n-d deeeeper. No reason to think anymore, just listen to my voice and follow my suggestions. It’s sooo eeeassy to listen to me and soooo pleasurable to inhale my scent. Reeee-laaaax sammy, you are tooooo weak to think for yourself and tooooo tired to keep your eyes open any longer.

I was so happy to register that in my mind because it was true, my eyes were like lead weights. The last thing I remembered was closing them.