The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

My new salon

mc: mind control
mf: male/female sex
fd: female dominant

Madeleine is convinced by her roommate to try several new things.

Chapter seven: Bottle blonde in process

My hair has been processing for an hour. I know the bleach mixture no longer has the strength to remove any more of my natural hair color.

This time June returned shortly pushing a large mirror on caster wheels. She placed it directly in front of me so that all I could see was my reflection.

I made a half hearted effort to keep calm but there was no point. All I could do was watch the frothy blue goo that coated every strand of my hair under the plastic cap. It still didn’t appear to be doing anything but I knew that beneath the blue my hair was going through various color changes on its way to pale yellow.

“Soon I will be a Bottle blonde ohh myy yess those unatural types hair from the bottle” I tought. “Never thought me as one of those women. Lather bleach into my head yesss dryer getting me warmmm”. I was in the heaven.

The more I watched the more excited I became. About every ten minutes June came out and checked my progress. Each time she remarked that things were going well.

Finally the timer rang. June did one more check.

“Let’s give it another couple of minutes just to be sure.”

“When can I see what it looks like?” I asked. I was pure excitation about what I would look like blonde.

“Soon, very soon dear”, said June. “I want you to see the final result. The surprise is the best part.”

It was all I could do to wait but I did. At first I strongly opposed to dyeing or bleaching my hair, though I knew I still had no choice but to comply they desires. I was strange saw me with my hair full of bleach under the dryer, but also it was sexually aroused me more and more while I spent more time there. I fell sexiest while having my hair bleached, yet I fell embarrassed to think me enjoy looking this way.

June come and turned off the hair dryer, pushed it to the side, and led me to the washbasin.

“Ok Maddie, let’s move you to rinse your hair”

Yeah, right... let’s do that. I was very excited. The congestion between my legs made me realize me sudden urge to masturbate. I put my hands on the arms of the chair, gave a little rock, then another and pulled myself out of the comfortable seat and onto my feet. Finally on wobbly legs I was ushered back to the wash basin.

“Wow!” My eyes just bugged straight out of my head. As I turned from the dryer, I was confronted by a large mirror and in the mirror, well, I just had to stop and stare... there was a lot to look at. It was me, staring back at me... eyes wide, my mouth shaped in an “O”. I had to focus on my head. Yes, that is my head, it is mimicking my every move. The frothy blue bleach coated every strand of my hair.

“Yeees, Yeeeees, I thought, this is wonderful”.

The sight of myself with bleached head caused my nipples to swell with joy. I looked at my mud mask, I looked at my plastic cap, I looked at all of it, she couldn’t get enough as my eyes flitted from one thing to another.

I continued to stare at myself, totally absorbed with the vision. The tautness of the bleaching, the warmth from the dryer, the vision of my hair tightly saturating by bleach, the knowledge that I was platinum blonde soon, all served to bring me to a state of extreme sexual excitement.

“Eeeeee,Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” a continuous high pitched keening sound burst from my lips as my eyes glazed over and wave after wave of passion swept me to peak after peak of ecstasy.

After I had regained my composure, I found myself staring into the restroom mirror. Sue was smiling behing me. She placed her hands on each side of my head and squeezed my cap with her fingers. The pricks of her long nails found there way home and I knew then that this is what I was intended for. To suffer pain for the sake of female beauty.

My face flushed as I thought back on what I had just done.

I could scarcely understand what my hair would look like after the set. I was beside myself wanting to know.

Sue smiled as she saw the expression on my face. “No, No, naughty Maddie, because you went hot out of dryers, you can not see your new do until we finished with you. You will have to wait, if you can wait, you naughty, naughty little sexy blondie!”

Then June sat me and lean me back, positioning my slender neck in the sink cutout. She lifted the sprayer from the cradle and adjusted the water temperature. Soon I feel the soothing warmth of the water as I rinse away the bleach. I am pleased.

“Rinse yessss”, I tought “I want to relax and rinse. Relax and rinse. Who cares for work today as long as i can feel that warm water running over my bottle blonde hair yess brassyy”.

June squirt shampoo into the palm of her hand and begin massaging it into my hair. With all the natural oils harshly removed, it lathers quickly. I can’t help but close your eyes almost drifting off as she continued to work my hair. She rinsed and applied conditioner. She allowed it to remain on my hair for fifteen minutes before she rinsed it again and blow it dry.

“How does it look?” I asked again.

“Blonde.” was her only reply.

While waited Sue took a white washcloth and folded it into a square. Then she carefully poured some liquid on it and gently started to apply it to my face.

My thoughts were interrupted, as the slight smell burned my nostrils. It was a very sweet fragrance.

“This is our special cleaning fragance, Maddie” June said. “You will feel a slight tingle at first but it will help you to relax and remove your mask.”

Then she applied to removed me the mud mask. Sua carefully wiped areas of my face while making sure a well soaked part of the cloth was touching and always covering my nose. Soon I was getting dizzy and could hear a ringing in my ears.

I felt all of my anxiety of bleaching fading away. I relaxed back into the sink cutout and stared at the ceiling. I was aware but I felt like she was dreaming or something like that.

The sweet fragance was was very soothing. Sue held the cloth ever closer and tighter against my nose and continued the facial wipe. My eyes were beginning to flutter rapidly. Sue watched me and stopped the wiping and just held the cloth gently but firmly over my nose and mouth.

“You just breathe slowly, Maddie. It is a wonderful perfume. You’re feeling the eucalyptus. Wonderful, isn’t it?"”.

I couldn’t respond. The cloth covered her entire face and I was forced to breathe and smell in the heavy aroma of the perfume and eucalyptus. I inhaled several breaths and slipped deeply under. She continued to hold the cloth on my now limp face for almost a minute.

“How do you feel, Maddie?” She asked me when finally retired the cloth.

“That feels incredible,” I said softly, totally relaxed. She had her eyes closed and a goofy grin on her face.

“Now, you are ready to next blonde step, Maddie”

“Yes,” I replied with as much energy as I could muster in my relaxed state.

Then, she kissed on my front.

“You love that smell Maddie!”

“Yes. I sure did! I love it. What’s this?” I asked.

“It’s a special fragance. It will not only help you relax but also to better assimilate the new feelings you will have in your new life as sexy blonde.”

Then June putted a towel over my hair walked me back to the styling chair. This time, my back was to the mirror. I was dying to see myself. I ask June to turn me around. She refused.

June made a final strand check and announced, “We’re there. Maddie, dear, you are a pale yellow blonde now!

I sat fuming. Then i gave in to my emotions. “Will my hair be as light as Sue?”

“Do you want it that light?” June asked.

“LIGHTER!” I snap back. “I want it lighter. I want extra light platinum, the lightest on the ring”.

“Good choice. Somehow I thought you might pick that one. If you’re

going to do it…do it all the way. Well all I can do is try.” June reply me, happy that I have said that words.

“Can you make her Platinum?", Sue asked.

June smiled and said, “Sure, with one more bleach application of about 20 minutes.” Having shared the heretofore 3 hour experience with Sue and June, we both agreed on the Platinum Baby Blonde! For the final color, Beth applied a custom mixed formula color toner from a small applicator bottle, starting at the scalp and working outward until every hair was thoroughly coated.

“Why are you using a bottle this time instead of the bowl and brush?” I asked innocently.

“Because I want you to feel, as well as look, like a true ‘bottle blonde’ " June answer jokingly.

Soon my head was completely saturated. June loaded up her brush, took several more thick strokes, finger combed the color through my hair and finally twirled everything into a ball again. When all of my hair has been covered with bleach, June pull a plastic cap over my head. Snapping off her gloves she said “No turning back now. All we have to do is wait.” She set a timer, handed me a few magazines then disappeared into the back room.

This time I didn´t need dryer. I was sitting with Sue. She even took my hand.

We sat in side by side chairs holding hands as we waited anxiously for timer to ring.

From time to time Sue would reach out and she said that things were going well. It was such a friendly gesture. I was so thrilled to be her friend. What a wonderful stroke of luck to meet her when I did. And to came with her to the salon today.

I don’t think I would be half the sexy woman I was becoming if I hadn’t follow her.

“Oh Sue. Thanks. Having you to introduce me to the Salon and to be with me during whole process is a great relief for me.”

“I love too, dear. We wouldn’t want pretty Maddie to be nervous in her first bleaching, right? I always will be there for you”.

June come and after checked my progress said to my friend: “Sue, would you be a dear and give our platinum blondie in process a cigarette. Making a new blondie is always a cause for celebration,” she continued. “And a quick smoke break is a perfect way to celebrate, in a demure, ladylike fashion.”

Then June disappeared into the back room and left us alone.

Sue fished around in her purse, pulled out her pack of cigarettes, and lit up a Virginia Slim 120, her favorite brand. She leaned back as the inhaled and then she impressed me all by exhaling a huge plume of blue smoke. I looked forlornly at my smoking friend; I knew I wanted to smoke, too.

“Well, it’s one more thing we can share between us.” Sue said.

She put another cigarette in my mouth and lit it. As I inhaled on my cigarette, relishing the flavor and the smell, enjoying the smoke going into my lungs, I relished the creamy harshness of it. I thought to myself that this was the best tasting cigarette I ever smoked. I looked at Sue and realized she had the same relaxed, happy expressions as I must have had. Dreamily exhaling, I was really aroused again. Not only was I slowly becoming a bleached blonde, but she was sharing a smoke with her.

“Mmmm…yummy,” she said dreamily as she exhaled again. “I love watching people speak as they are exhaling smoke, so we’re all going to do that.”

We loved the smell and taste of cigarettes. We loved the stimulant effect of the nicotine. We loved the wispy trails of blue smoke that wafted from lit cigarettes and we loved the giant plumes of smoke we could create when we exhaled.

Sue´s next puff was a deeper draw and she inhaled the smoke and held it for a few seconds.

“Sue, you really do know how to smoke,” I said.

“Look at this,” said her as she took another deep drag and exhaled the smoke from her nose.

“I know this sounds weird, but just watching you smoke really turns me on,” I said. Sue just smiled and took another drag, this time giving me a big smoky kiss.