The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

My new salon

mc: mind control
mf: male/female sex
fd: female dominant

Madeleine is convinced by her roommate to try several new things.

Chapter six: The hot road to platinum

As June combed out my hair she informed Sue that it would soon be time to make the decision on the final shade of blonde. She said one more 40-45 minute application of bleach would reach the pale yellow stage necessary to achieve the champagne beige that I had picked for myself, but she wasn’t sure this application would take her hair on to the palest yellow/white stage that was needed to achieve a true Platinum Blonde that Sue wanted for me. June suggested that she leave this application of bleach on until it stopped working and we could look at the results before deciding. They agreed that.

June returned with fresh bleach now in an applicator bottle and began applying the mixture. Starting this time at the scalp, she first coated the still dark roots and then worked outward to cover the ends. June squeezed the bottle empty as she used the applicator tip and her fingers to make sure every hair was saturated with bleach. My head was now completely covered in a creamy white froth, and I noticed the that overall color of the hair / bleach mix was changing rapidly lighter now. I was becoming blonder at an ever increasing rate.

I glanced at the mirror in a slight drugged fog. Something slowed my thoughts. I kicked in and fogged my mind.

Why should i be sitting here bleaching my hair and smelling the chemicals? What am I doing here at the salon. I never was here before. What have I gotten myself into. I should just go. I don’t need a new haircolor. But I can’t let her down, Sue will be so disappointed if I left the salon now.

Then the smell of the dye and perm solution in the salon fills my senses. Ah, that smell, that salon aroma.

When June was content all the hair was covered, she placed a plastic bag over my hair.

“Now, Madie love, let’s back under the dryer.”

I guessed what was coming and did not like it in the least. My unvoluntary groans indicated June that I was not like another time under hot dryer.

When I asked, “Is this necessary again?", June responded, “Sorry, Maddie, but yes” she said with friendly tone “Maddie will you follow me”

I started to sit up in order to get out of the chair to the dryer but I needed some help. I got up a bit confused, June smiled at me. “You have no need to worry now Maddie dear”. I frown as i get led through to the driers. The smell of bleach fills the air as i am lead to a very comfortable chair under a empty dryer. As I am sat into the chair I say in a confused tone, how times more I must sit here. She just smiled, “dont worry Maddie dear you will be well looked after”.

A gentle hand on my arm led my head under the dryer.

“Thanks,” I slurred slightly feeling as if my tongue was slightly furry. The smell of bleach was overwhelming.

I glanced up again and focused on my reflection realising that I was still wearing a plastic cap. I also noted that my face was covered by mud mask. It was warm. I sank back into the chair under the dryer as Sue smiled smugly to me in the mirror.

`Now I need to apply a bit hot more O.K babe.’ said June.

The acrid smell of a bleaching in process on my head and the sounds of female laughter from Sue and June and noisy dryer above me raised my unease.

In the mirror in front of me I could see my self-image with a plastic cap on my head, a pink smock around my shoulders and bleach saturating my hair, serenely sitting under gleaming dryer helmet. I knew soon I would start to suffer by this warm torture chamber on my head.

June reached up and lowered the hood down gently. There was a very large clear plastic visor which had been lifted up away from the face area and I held my breath as the body of the hood was lowered slowly down over my bleached hair. June gently pushed my head under the large canopy and finally let go of the dryer as it came to a rest enveloping my head down below my ears to the nape of my neck. The visor was still up and I took a deep breath as she gazed at the contraption covering my still pounding head.

By this time I was in tears. I did not want to go through the heat and torture of being under the dryer again. My hair itched, I was tired and I wanted to go home.

“We bet you’re thirsty!” Said Sue.

She brought a glass a orange juice to me and in a comforting manner said “Drink your juice and you’ll feel better”. I drank it.

After the juice was gone Sue told her that she had put something in the juice to help me get sweet dreams, turning to June said with a big smile “wild dreams, in fact”

“I can put it on four which is quite warm babe or five if you want to be sure it lighter well. What do you think Sue?. Since this is our babe first time, I’m like to turn her temperature up just a bit, just to give you that extra boost to achieve her lightest tone.”

I wanted to object but I very sleepy and the hardened facial made me only sound a little “mmmppphhhlllss.”

Sue didn’t need to think very long.

“Six is better. I don’t want to take any chances.” She muttered as June nodded understandingly and turned the large black dial on the top of the hood to six.

“It’s a bit loud and warm but don’t worry you’ll be done in about half an hour, forty minutes”. As June finished the sentence she flicked a black switch next to the dial and started to turn away.

I was about to protest again when Sue looked at my eyes and said, “I do not want to hear any protest from you honey. Just relax and take a litle nap. Everything is going to be okay. Just look at you. You look very tired and drowsy. I can see your eyes are becoming heavy. Yes honey, just sleep a litle. You are having trouble holding your heavy sleepy eyes open and it is becoming difficult for you to think. Sleep honey.”

I was struggling to stay awake at this point. I felt strangely aroused, imagining what was happening under that cap. I swore I could actually feel the chemicals entering each hair, bleaching away the color. I found myself staring, with an almost childlike fascination, at Sue’s severely bleached tresses. I tried to imagine what it would be like brushing my new hair. Feeling its altered texture. Seeing it as a colorless adornment, purely for the pleasure of Sue.

My mind wandering, confused as i look at Sue smiling me. The smells of perm and creams. The smell of peroxide as well. She is so beauty. I love to be like Sue. I love to be blonde like her. Or even more.

June turned and said, `You just need to lower the visor to start Sue. See you in an hour Madie”.

Sue slowly lowered the visor which covered my entire face down to my chin. As it clicked into place there was a sudden humm which almost made me jump. I glanced in the mirror as cool air rushed loudly down out of the body of the hood through slanted vents above and around my head. The air very quickly started to warm up until my ears were tingling slightly in the hot air being forced down onto my head , hair, face and shoulders.

As I leant down I could felt as the hot air rising from under the counter drifted past her ears.

“It’s a bit warm under there isn’t it. Not only your head are hot Maddie. Your mind will soon too. Shall I turn the blowers off totally dear or are you O.K?’ said with a big smile Sue

I knew that she should say yes but for some reason the heat under the cape was making me feel downright sexy. Despite a mining sleepy state I felt as though the chair was swallowing me in a warm embrace I was thoroughly enjoying so I shook my head and then against my better judgment suggested, “Actually Sue could you turn it up a touch. It feels so good.”

Sue smiled even more, “Of course Maddie. As I say never I don’t really get hot enough under the dryer”. I will be downstairs with June so you will have a appropriated intimate for yourself, funny girl.”

Sue walked over to the wall nearest the large steamed up window at the front of the room and reached up to a couple of small dials on the wall. She turned both slightly and almost immediately I felt a surge of air which tickled my damp legs and billowed the cape around my neck. I could even feel the air brushing past my breasts as the cape rose and fell repeatedly in the air flow from the floor vent. At first it was almost cool on my sweat drenched thighs but then the second gauge kicked in and the heat increased to a delicious level in which I had to keep wiggling my toes and feet to avoid them feeling slightly too warm. I resolved this by opening my legs wider so my feet straddled the vent blowing the lovely hot air even harder up inside the cape.

Inside the dryer began to play a happy little tune while a image of sexy young platinum blonde appeared on the visor. She was me. “Welcome to improved version of yourself,” she said eagerly. “To be platinum blonde changes your whole outlook.” The music jingled along in the background. I was staring blissfully at my image, my blonde version. That girl was so happy. I almost cried with joy at the thought of me so perfect. The music swelled and the perky blonde sang enthusiastically:

“Welcome to platinum blonde version, I was what you’re looking for. We’ll take the worry off your mind, we make you happy too”

I glanced up at the hood hovering above me and realised that far from dreading the heat blasting onto her head I was now feeling like a woman who had stumbled over a longing hidden for over thirty years that was threatening to cause me to orgasm alone and with barely a touch from my own hands.

I lifted my left arm which felt unbelievably heavy under the cape. I glanced in the mirror as cool air rushed loudly down out of the body of the hood through slanted vents above and around my head. The air very quickly started to warm up until my ears were tingling slightly in the hot air being forced down onto my head ,hair, face and shoulders.

The smell of the chemical so nice now, so mmm adoreable, as time passes without me knowing. I have no idea when I will be finished, perhaps no one will recognise me after this not even family and friends.

Again my right hand found it’s way inside my sopping knickers and she began to gently rub myself enjoying the dampness of my groin which felt as though a spring was being wound tighter and tighter inside her. I sat cocooned in heat as the vent in the floor continued to feed heated air up around her thighs and legs and the ludicrously large hood dryer blasted my head and neck with hot, relaxing vented air.

As the heat under the dryer continued to blast down onto my face I came in a release I had never even dreamed I was missing. I twisted my head one way then the next pushing my forehead against the hot plastic visor as I came in a way I knew I would have to experience again.

As the orgasm faded slowly I slumped slightly allowing the heat to help my drift off into a drowsy dreamlike. I toyed with ideas of tying me up under the dryer as I blow-dried my naked body and then allowing Sue to do the same to me. As I drifted off to sleep under the hood my final thought came to her….

I could see her in my dreams. Thanks Sue for came here with me to be made me a beautiful platinum blonde. I loved her ruby lips and shadowed eyes with bleached blonde hair. I wanted to be that woman too. Like Sue.