The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Mysteries of Armand Dupuis #39


by Miss Briar Gasdsen

Chapter 10

Armand was prepared for the pain of hitting the water after such a fall. He was not ready for the impact of cold. The shock of the cool seawater prevented him from drawing a last second deep breath.

Armand sank fast. The Celestial’s gift, his improvement of the Korean Myeonje Baegab, was now the problem. A vest made up of many layers of cotton tightly layered, it had prevented the poisoned dart from piercing his skin.

Now, it was killing him. As the cotton and silk lavers became soaked, the vest became like a lead jacket. Armand struggled to get to it by tearing off the concealing dress shirt. But time was running out.

He was drowning.

Suddenly, a large hand gripped his shoulder and he began rising to the surface.

* * *

Wei Fang stood on the boardwalk and watched as Singh rowed the boat to shore. The Sikh’s turban had been lost, leaving his long, black hair loose. Sanderson was ministering to Armand.

As the boat pulled up, Wei Fang saw the dart still protruding from Dupuis’s chest. He made a mental note to steal it. The Count’s poison, if the Celestial could replicate it, would be quite useful. The Tong might be transforming itself, focusing on more legitimate endeavors. It would, however, always have enemies.

Sanderson threw him a rope, and soon the party was ashore.

“Apologies, Dupuis. It took longer than planned for me to get in position.” Wei Fang told them about the girls and their deadly blow pipes and how they had slowed him. He turned to Singh. “That was quite a performance in the street. I really thought you’d been mortally poisoned.”

Singh smiled and bowed.

Though shivering, Armand managed to speak.

”Sanderson.....the night watchmen, get them to Bellevue.......there’s still time to save them....perhaps.”

The policeman ran off in response. Singh looked at Dupuis and approvingly nodded.

Armand then turned to Wei Fang.

”You owe no apology. It was a bad plan, improvised on the spot. It was too much to expect of you or any man, or to think even Singh could climb the iron work in these conditions. As it turns out, I am rather fortunate he was close by when I hit the surface. “

Armand paused. “Yes...all my fault. Briar remains the Count’s slave, and we have no idea what he plans to do next.”

Wei Fang smiled. “Perhaps I can be of assistance in that regard.”

* * *

Dr. Dorvak had slept through the morning. The slave girl, sensing his wakening, began tenderly kissing his neck. He stopped her and ordered her to go bathe and dress and return to her duties.

Within seconds, his thoughts turned to the predicament he and Lorna found themselves. They should have been long gone from this place, but still the Dark Count kept them in place like dogs to the leash.

But, as was typical, he preferred to not think too much about such things. It was far more pleasant to allow himself to be distracted with the carnal distractions his hypnosis had made so available.

Today, he wanted a change. Lately, he found himself somewhat unfulfilled by his living automatons. Increasingly he sought the truer affection of his wife. He enjoyed regressing her to the happy early days of their marriage.

Dorvak rose and went to the door of Lorna’s adjoining room. He was disappointed to find the room empty. He then looked at a mounted clock and realized the late hour. Still, he wanted Lorna. He stuck his head out into the hall and saw Madelyn on her knees scrubbing the floor.

”Have you seen my wife, girl?”

”She’s with the Master, sir.....tending Sister Briar.”

Her answer upset Dorvak on several levels. Lorna and the other women had taken to referring to the Count as “Master”. Slowly but surely he, not Dorvak, was becoming the center of their obedience. Lorna, in particular, was spending more and more time with the Count. Dorvak’s anger grew, and he decided it was high time for him to confront the man.

Then, he remembered the scorekeeper’s assistant. He sighed, then looked down at Madelyn, who had returned to her floor scrubbing.

”Come, girl, I need your special assistance.”

The brunette blinked as the trigger phrase echoed in her mind. She dropped her brush with a slushing cluttern and slowly stood. Her face was flushed and she had an utterly lascivious smile.

He took her hand and took into his room as she unfastened her toga.

* * *

Sanderson entered the hotel room where Dupuis and Singh were holed up. The only advantage they had was the Dark Count’s belief they were off the chessboard. Wei Fang was also present.

”Well?” Dupuis was back to his brusque self.

”It took some effort, I must say. He’ll go along with the plan. Furthermore, he will work to end the Chinatown raids and release the Tong members not wanted for current felonies. But there is a condition. All participation by Dark Lotus Tong in the investigation must immediately end. This is not.....”

Armand interrupted. “The Tong provides tremendous resources, especially as we cannot trust his policemen, save you, Sanderson.”

Wei Fang stood. “Save your breath Dupuis. They don’t want their investigation tainted by the Yellow Peril.” He headed to the door. Dupuis stood in his way.

”You and I are enemies sir. But I shall remember yours and the Celestial’s aid.” He offered his hand. Wei Fang, surprised, took it, then left.

Singh smiled, and Armand looked embarrassed. “It’s what Briar would’ve done”, he simply said. He turned to Sanderson. “I assume you have planted the seeds in the proper minds?”

The policeman smiled. “Oh yes.”

* * *

Kathleen stood just inside the door of the cop’s tenement apartment. She was in her maid costume, and she was careful to keep her bare soles away from the broken whiskey bottle near the door. Her voice was as blank as her expression.

“Are you certain, Officer Muldoon? My Master is not paying for rumors nor gossip.”

The burly cop, clad in a t shirt and his uniform trousers held up by braces, looked at her with lustful eyes.

”How come you don’t ever wear shoes? Some sort of Iowa farm girl? You’re a looker.....stick with Muldoon...I’ll buy you some nice shoes so I can take you out on the town. We’ll have a grand time.”

”Are you certain, Officer? My Master rewards generously for good information, but punishes severely for bad.”

Muldoon jumped off the bed, a hateful expression on his face.

”Don’t be threatening Muldoon, Girly.....”

Kathleen stood her ground, utterly undisturbed.

”My Master reminds you that if I don’t return at the appointed time, he will spend hours on your death.”

Muldoon sighed, and sat back down. Even he knew not to cross the Dark Count.

”Yeah.....All I know is I overheard that four eyed detective and the Captain talking about Mr. High and Mighty and his missus going to a play Friday evening at the Olympia......about how they need some men to watch over them.”

”How many men?”

”Ten. They didn’t ask me, and I’m glad of it.”

Kathleen threw the bundle of bills onto his bed.

”Of course, my Master can trust your discretion.”

”Sure...sure. I hope you you kill the bastard.....he’s been a real pain in the ass with his so called reforms. I was a sergeant before he stuck his nose in my precinct. Now I’ve been a good about a little extra reward.” He rose and stood close to her.

Kathleen felt the stirrings of panic. But then, her rearranged orders emerged in her mind. She placidly allowed the man to kiss her, enduring his stinking whiskey breath. She even kissed him back with some passion. Then she pulled away.

”I’d....I’d love to.....but my Master awaits my return. He’ll be cross with both of us if I’m late.”

The words worked. Muldoon released her. “Oh..go on, then. He’s got you on too much opium for my taste anyway.”

A few moments later, Kathleen was walking the street. She was safe doing so. By now, New York’s Underworld knew to leave the Count’s barefooted agents be. Eventually, she came to a carriage, and got into it.

Dorvak spoke first.

”Good evening, Kathleen.....I hope that was not too unpleasant.”

She ignored this and sat across from him next to the Count in his Mutton Chop disguise. It was if the Doctor didn’t exist. Dorvak gritted his teeth. He had found Kathleen and hypnotically groomed her. She was amongst his favorites for “ special assistance”. She was supposed to belong to him.

” I have obeyed, Master.” She spoke only to the Count., infuriating Dorvak even more.

”So, my pet.....tell me what news former Sergeant Muldoon has for us.” The Count’s excitement was hardly suppressed.

Kathleen described the conversation in detail. When she got to the part about Muldoon’s clumsy kiss, Dorvak had enough.

”The scoundrel! You should have had her kill him.....he’s a loose end.” Before the Count could answer, Kathleen interjected:

”Yes, Master.......why didn’t you let me kill him?” A tear was rolling down her cheek. The Count and Dorvak stared at her in amazement.

“Why?....I want to kill him....Why....”. Her voice had a hysterical edge.

The Count recovered first. Taking her chin into his large hand, he made her stare into his demonic eyes.

“Go to sleep, Kathleen.....deep, deep sleep”, he commanded. After a moment of resistance, her eyes slammed shot, and she fell back into the carriage seat, her head rolling to the side.

Dorvak could not stop himself. “You’re pushing her too far. Her, Lorna, Miss Gasdsen, far too hard. Me as well. I have advanced the Hypnotic Science beyond measure...and you are going to ruin all of it with your mad....”

Dorvak’s torrent was halted by the tight grip on his throat. He tried to struggle, but the larger man kept him pinned back with his leather gloved hand. The Doctor was close to blacking out, when the grip was suddenly released. He doubled over, trying to catch his breath.

The Count’s face remained eerily calm, and his voice was filled with bonhomie.

”Just think, happy Miss Gasdsen will be when she hears about her triumphant return to the Theater.”