The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Mysteries of Armand Dupuis #39


by Miss Briar Gasdsen

Chapter 9

Wei Fang stood behind the tree and watched the Gasdsen woman climb into the hansom cab. His instincts told him he should follow, it was clear that she was central to the Enemy’s plans. But his orders had changed. His Great Grandfather had instructed him to watch over the Detective. The assassin was not comfortable in this role of bodyguard, especially when the protected one had been a sworn enemy of the Tong.

But, orders were orders.

After a couple of hours, the townhouse door burst open. Dupuis, great concern on his face, rushed out. Wei Fang’s hand went to the pistol in his coat and began scanning for immediate danger. Dupuis was stopping large, fit men and paying them. Then he went into the road and stopped an empty flat wagon. The men went inside the townhouse. There was the sound of breaking glass. After a bit they came out, struggling to carry the large Sikh, who appeared debilitated by great pain. He thrashed about, his lips forming silent screams. Eventually, they loaded the giant onto the wagon. Dupuis jumped on, and Wei Fang heard him say “Bellevue Hospital” to the driver. Wei Fang ran after the wagon.

Across the way, Katie Muldoon, dressed as a maid stood holding shopping parcels. In all of the tumult, no one noted her bare feet.

* * *

The Count, back in his mutton chop disguise, stood in the midst of the carpeted room as Briar knelt at his feet. As he gazed gazed upon her beauty, his mind drifted to the past, to an ornate ballroom in Vienna. He was in black tie, and she was gorgeous in the latest Paris style. He was struggling to catch his breath from the gavotte that had just finished. By comparison his dance partner, who at the time he knew as Madamoiselle Martine Lemours, seemed utterly composed.

It was more than the energetic dance. The beautiful Frenchwoman had taken his breath away, charming her way through emotional walls he had erected over the years. He found himself a wondering if perhaps this was a worthy consort to rule by his side.

”Why, Count, they say your collection of Flemish Masters is next only to the Louvre.” She touched his hand. “I would so love to see them.” Her voice was playful and seductive. He knew that his operation was at a critical stage. But he was arrogantly confident. His greatest foe had been captured and was currently going slowly insane from torture. No one was left to stop the Count. Didn’t he deserve a reward?

“I would be honored, my dear, for you to be my guest.”

The Count brought himself back to the present. He looked down again at the kneeling woman.

“Briar, tell me about Martine Lemours.”

There was a slight pause.

”Yes, Master. Martine Lemours of Paris was a character I invented to seduce and fool the Dark Count. Singh and I needed to gain access to his Castle to rescue Armand.

The Count required all his will to quell his rage against her and not strike her.

”Yes, you are quite the actress. Now listen. You have wronged me, Briar. How you did does not matter, you need not think about that. You only need to know you are overwhelmed by guilt and shame. Your only desire is my forgiveness. Go ahead, beg for my forgiveness.

Tears began falling from her eyes.

”Master...I....I...I am so sorry....please, will never happen again....please forgive me, Master.....please....I am so ashamed.”

”You can do better, my treacherous little slave. Beg.”

Briar shook from sobbing as she threw herself at his feet. Between kissing his boots, she stammered:

”Please....Please....forgive me, Master.....I’ll can’t live with this shame.....Please!” She was hysterical, her voice nearly a yell.

”That’s somewhat better. But you......”

His words was interrupted by a discrete cough. He had been too absorbed in his vengeance to notice Dorvak and his wife had entered the room. He snapped his fingers, and said: “Sleep.” Briar’s eyes slammed shut and she crumpled onto the carpet.

Dorvak took a deep breath. He was not a good man, but what he had been watching appalled even him. Furthermore, it confirmed what he had been growing to dread. The Count was not truly motivated by rational goals.

Dorvak and his Lorna were at the mercy of a madman.

All this, he kept to himself. Instead, when he was sure he had the Count’s full attention, he said:

”My pardon, Count. Miss Muldoon has returned with her report. Apparently the giant was taken to Bellevue Hospital.....still alive. Perhaps you miscalculated the dosage of the poison due to his size....”

The Count’s laugh was not pleasant. “There was no miscalculation, Anton. The dosage was perfect...perfect to ensure a long, agonizing death.”

”Oh...yes...I see...well.... anyway, it’s time to prepare Miss Gasdsen for tonight.”

The Count looked at his chained watch. “Why it is indeed, Anton. While it is quite understandable you should wish to see Miss Gasdsen undressed, I’m sure you have other duties to attend. It is time for our new pawn to play her part. Leave Miss Gasdsen’s dressing to your charming wife.”

Dorvak nodded to Lorna, bowed, and left the room. Lorna began padding towards Briar, holding the silk pajama like outfit. She came to a halt when the music box began to play.

The Count stood before her and lifted her chin until she was staring deeply into his eyes.

”Lorna, are you with me?”

”Yes, Master.....I am your barefooted servant.” Her voice was toneless and servile.

”Grand. Before you busy yourself with Miss Gasdsen, we have matters to discuss. Matters you will not remember, even in trance, until the proper time.”

”Yes, Master”, she simply replied.

* * *

Armand had just returned home for a short respite from the hospital when he heard his telephone ringing. He quickly entered and headed to the phone. He picked up the head set, and loudly said “Hello, this is Armand Dupuis.” He listened, then said. “Slow down, Hattie....where does Miss Gasdsen wish to meet.....Where? Why on Earth there?....All right, Midnight. Fine....Does she know about Singh’s illness? Or that the police wish to question her? Put her on the phone. She isn’t? Well....have her call me when she returns. Thank you, Hattie.......Good Bye.”

Dupuis hung up and frowned. Hattie hated the phone and he couldn’t remember a time she had used it. He crossed the room and ripped open the Celestial’s gift.

* * *

Hattie had, in fact, made a second call. Her pretty, caramel colored face was slack, her large brown eyes empty.

”Doctor....sir, I have done as you instructed. He said he will be there. Yes.....I understand. I will go to bed and remember nothing about this task. Thank you, sir......good night.” She hung the headset, and headed for her room by the kitchen, her bare feet soundless on the floor.

* * *

”Sir......if you know it is a trap, why go. At least tell me the location and I and my men can sit in protective surveillance.” Sanderson’s voice was filled with concern.

”Our foe would spot such attempts in a second, sir. Also, I’m sad to say....I don’t trust your men. The Count is quite wealthy. No my way must be the path. The Count must believe he is ascendant so we can trap him. I appreciate your concern, but I assure you, I have an ace or two up my sleeve.“

“I regret I appear to no longer have your trust, sir.” Sanderson’s tone was stiff.

”Don’t be a fool, sir.” Dupuis awkwardly put an awkward hand on the policeman’s shoulder. “You have my trust. And, I assure you, you will have a part to play.”

* * *

Wei Fang was nearly distraught. He had been tasked with watching over Dupuis, and up to this point his stalking skills hadn’t been challenged. He was immensely proud of his ability to stalk without discovery. He was therefore quite embarrassed when he realized Dupuis had not only known he was being shadowed, but had successfully lost Wei Fang in the station. Wei Fang dreaded the thought of reporting failure to the Celestial.

Based on where he had lost the detective, he had two choices: the train to Yonkers or the one to Coney Island. He had to choose as the later was about to depart.

Wei Fang made his decision. But just as was stepping onto the Yonkers bound train, a hand on his shoulder pulled him back. He whirled around.

”Wrong train, Old Man.” Armand had a rare, sly smile.

* * *

The rain pattered noisily against the iron roof. Occasionally the wind would gust and blow rain on them.

”Answer me, Briar.” Dorvak tried to keep the concern out of his voice.

”I....I.....Armand....You know I would do anything for you.....but...

Dorvak had tried to warn the Count. His Dark Hypnotism, combined with Dorvak’s scientific conditioning, had proven incredibly effective in controlling women. Briar was proving the best subject yet. But the Count, in his maniacal quest for vengeance, was pushing her too hard. Handing Singh poisoned candy was one thing, looking the love of her life in the eyes and murdering him was another.

He had repeatedly pointed this out, but his warnings had fallen on closed ears.

He took out the music box and held it close to her left ear.

“Briar, are you with me?”

Her pretty face immediately grew slack as her turmoil faded.

”Yes, Armand. I am with you, and I will obey.”

He gently caressed her cheek.

”Yes my dear, you must. You and I will never be safe...never able to fulfill our love for each other until we have thwarted the Count’s malignant plans. Remember how he tortured me, only you can save me from him. Besides you’re not killing an actual person....but a Homunculus, a thing... Just as before, you will see the flaws in its disguise. Go deeper deep.....You must obey to save me......You must obey.....obey.....obey.”

”Obey.....”, she whispered.

He sighed in relief.

”Now, what is your invocation to act?”

”Just desserts”. She spoke slowly, as if she was doing so in her sleep.

”Good Girl.”

He kissed her on the forehead.

* * *

The Old Iron Pier had been quite a wonder when it had been built two decades earlier. Jutting over a thousand feet from the shore, it sported giant, palace-like structures on each end, containing restaurants, a hotel, and even a large theater. In between, the pier was bi-level. Steamers, excursion craft and ferries took on and disembarked passengers at the lower, the upper was reserved for souvenir shops, food stands and the like. The sides were protected from the elements by sliding panels..

It was the upper level, abandoned at this late hour, that Armand steadily walked. His keen senses told him he was being closely watched, but he continued at a slow pace. He knew that the Count would not likely simply ambush him. No, a direct, dramatic. confrontation was more the villain’s style.

Despite this and the wind and rain from the spring storm, Armand found himself sweating.

* * *

Wei Fang hated the white detective’s plan, but in the end had agreed, swayed by its logic. Therefore he stayed on his perch on the half constructed roller coaster and watched as Dupuis enter the closed pier. After a few minutes he climbed down and headed for the pier.

He was about 20 yards away when he saw a night watchman walk up to the pier entrance, carrying his lunch pail. The guard paused, and saw the chain was broken. He was in the midst of pulling his whistle up when suddenly his hand went to the side of his neck. The guard’s limbs spasmed, then he fell to the boardwalk.

Two women, one holding a blowpipe, emerged from the shadows, their bare feet making soft thuds on the planked wood. Wei Fan was incensed to see the girls were wearing the silk of his Tong. Quickly, they dragged the guard’s body into the darkness.

Wei Fang’s heart sank. Dupuis needed him to be in position as he arrived at Gustav’s Oyster Bar to spring his trap. It would take all his stealth skill to get around the Count’s bewitched minions, and that would take time.

* * *

Dupuis arrived at the oyster bar. Though the pier was mostly sheltered from the storm, several of the sliding panels on the side of the pier were open to the weather and sea. Armand trod carefully so not to slip on the wet patches.

These thoughts were banished when he saw Briar, lying flat on her back, on the bar. Her bare soles faced him, and she wore the silken garb of the Tong, except no veil covered her beautiful face. Her long golden hair was loose. She seemed deeply asleep. He gently touched her cheek and hissed:

“Briar.....wake up....we have to get you out of here now. Wake up!”

He sensed some movement of her bare toes, but otherwise she remained asleep.

A deep laugh filled the space.

”Miss Gasdsen no longer heeds your words, Dupuis. She belongs to me now.”

Armand drew his pistol, and silently hoped his allies were in position.

* * *

Closer to shore, Wei Fang hid as two of Dorvak’s women padded by him. He knew his progress was far too slow.

* * *

The figure stood unseen in the shadows, but Armand had no doubt who confronted him.

”Count Spenzini. I congratulate you on your resurrection.” He pointed his pistol in the villain’s direction. “But these games must end now. Your true prey is here......let us resolve our differences man to man....release Briar from her trance and let her go.” Armand knew there was no reasoning with the mad man, but he had to stall to give his friends more time.

“Man to Man, Dupuis? It is nearly the Twentieth Century, Have you not heard? We are at the Dawn of the Age of the Woman, so the Suffragettes tell us. Dr. Dorvak and I have proved the Fairer Sex, properly influenced by the right men, are just as deadly as the Male. Why shouldn’t a female serve you your.....just desserts?

* * *

Briar was content lying on her cloud. She thought of nothing but the pleasure that she was doing as she had been told. Part of her heard a familiar voice, and her toes involuntarily curled. The voice may have sounded familiar, but her Armand had warned her it would. She then sensed a tense conversation nearby, but paid no attention. Those words were not meant for her, so they did not matter.

That is, until two words floated into her ears.

”just desserts.”

Her invocation had an immediate effect. Her eyes drifted open. Ever so quietly, she sat up and swung her feet off the oyster bar. Her hand reached for the pistol hidden under the bar.

It was time for her to act, for the sake of her lover.

* * *

Armand sensed movement behind him. He turned and saw Briar standing, aiming an odd black pistol at his chest. Lowering his gun, he slowly backed up to an open panel. His friends were obviously not in position so he needed to improvise an escape without harming Briar. He tried to buy some time.

” have to listen to me. They’ve hypnotized you..tricked you. You don’t want to do need to put the gun down. It’s me, Briar....”

Briar again saw through the Homunculus’s disguise. She saw the same tiny flaws in the face, and now saw another flaw in the disguise,

”You’re not Armand. You’re too fat. Die, Demon.”

Rather than a sharp bang, her gun emitted a loud pop. The large dart hit Armand in the chest, the force propelling him through the open panel.

The Count screamed and emerged from the shadows.


Dorvak emerged as well and went to Briar and took the air pistol from her. He looked quizzically at the Count.

”What’s wrong, Count? The poison has surely paralyzed Dupuis, he must be drowning as we speak.”

The Count whirled around. “I DID NOT WANT HIM DEAD....NOT YET.....I WANTED HIM TO LINGER.....TO SUFFER.....TO....”. He caught himself and calmed a bit.

“Well, please accept my regret that is not to be. But you’ve achieved, for the most part, your great aim. Pay me so Lorna and I can leave this tawdry place and start fresh. And let me take Ms. Gasdsen for continued scientific study. You have what you wanted, and I have earned my reward.

The Count’s calm was more frightening than his fury.

”For such a brilliant scientist, you can be quite the fool, Anton. I hated Dupuis, and wanted him to suffer. But I had already triumphed over him. I had broken him, and was on the verge of driving him insane. That is, until she intervened. She seduced me......then humiliated me......hurting me in a way Dupuis could never match.

The target of my vengeance is Ms. Gasdsen, sir. And what a delicious vengeance it is. This proud, willful woman reduced to my hypnotic slave. And it shall continue. Briar will keep committing acts of terror, each more notorious than the last. Then, at a moment I choose, I’ll return her to her normal faculties, with full memory of the heinous things she has done. What a truly delicious moment that will see her driven mad with shame and self loathing.

No, Anton......your debt is not yet paid. I need you and your scientific methodology still. But if you have doubts, remember the demonstration at the ball park. Now let us depart. I look forward dispatching my beautiful slave assassin to kill that self righteous, grinning, bespectacled demagogue.”

Dorvak sighed, and he and Briar followed the Count.

* * *

Wei Fang had arrived just as Dupuis had been shot. Knowing he had failed, he hid in the shadows and listened. He heard the Dark Count’s mad speech. Then the villainous party left. Taking a chance, he sprang to the open panel and looked down at the roiling Atlantic.

Wei Fang smiled.