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Nani the Fuck Chapter 2: Convention Shenanigans

* * *

Giselle takes her deeply hypnotized weeaboo submissive to an anime convention to have some fun.

* * *

Please note this story includes adult content. Do not read if you are under the age of 18. Trigger warning for dubious consent sex and hypnosis — these things are highly immoral and illegal in real life, and I do not condone them.

* * *

“Giselle-chan, thank you so so much for taking me to this kawaii anime con!” Justine bounced around Giselle as the two toured the halls of what was usually their campus, but was today a small anime con hosted by the anime club. “It’s so sugoi!”

“Isn’t it? I’m so glad you came with me! We make such a kawaii couple!” Giselle shouted back. Certainly enough, the two girls were wearing some sort of couple’s cosplay from one anime Giselle had shown Justine for hours. They looked cute, at the very least, and were getting a good amount of compliments. That, and they were stopped every few minutes for a picture.

Giselle, of course, had Justine say “kawaii!” Instead of “cheese!” With a wide grin. Justine either chose to ignore or didn’t notice the strange looks and giggles she’d get after she’d do so. Justine swore she could even see someone whisper, “who says that in 2020?”

But it was nice to do as told. It was nice to do what Giselle-chan wanted her to do.

“You know, Justine-chan,” Giselle started as the two walked around the dealer’s room, looking at hordes of manga and figurines, stacked in front of posters and body pillows and T-shirts and merchandise of all kinds. “It’s been a while since you used your YouTube thingy. You ever going to get back to it, desu ka?”

“I know! I really want to do it again! But ever since I started watching anime, no one seems to watch my stuff. I’ve even lost half of my subscribers,” Justine looked disheartened as she confided in Giselle what was going on. “And people say the meanest things. They all call me a ‘filthy weeaboo’. But I don’t know what that means! I just want to talk about anime! Like, nya?”

“Nya! I know what you mean. It’s very mean of them. But as long as you keep talking about anime, people will come around! After all,” Giselle got up real, real close to Justine. “Isn’t anime like, so sugoi?”

“Yes! Anime is so kawaii! But... maybe I should do one that’s about something else?”

As Justine mused this thought, Giselle began pulling out her phone. Unfortunately, Justine did not notice in the slightest. “You know, maybe one about my makeup routine! Now that I use all these pretty colors. Or, maybe like one about my screenplay for class! But, well, now that it’s about anime, maybe I shouldn’t... ooh, or maybe a Q&A session? What do you think, Giselle?”

Giselle did not directly answer Justine’s ideas or thoughts. Instead, Giselle pulled out a song on her phone, brought out her mini speakers, and began playing Hare Hare Yukai — the ending song for The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and the song that obliterated Justine’s YouTubing career.

Of course, now it was a trigger for her. All the thoughts of her YouTube channel and doing something different for a change disappeared in a flash, and Justine broke out into dance. Dancing her worries away, she did not notice or care about the onlookers giving bewildered looks, or the casual snickers, or even someone saying “what the fuck?” And then bursting out into laughter.

Nor did she see Giselle’s glint of bad will in her eyes, as Giselle watched her dance, and dance, and dance.

* * *

Justine walked around with Giselle, who seemed perfectly content on doing whatever Justine wanted to do. In one moment, it was checking out a booth with wigs; in another moment, it was taking loads of photos of some cosplayers. And at one particular point, Justine just about dragged Giselle into the manga library, saying “look at all those sugoi mangas!”

Giselle, of course, giggled and followed her in. In the library was stacks upon stacks of various manga, and for most of the books, every single volume of them. There were also separate reading rooms for people who wanted some privacy. Justine walked over to the bookshelves like a kid at a candy store, and began picking out manga that inspired her favorite anime, manga she’d never heard of, and various CoroCoro magazines (just to look at the pictures, to be clear.)

The two headed into one of the quiet rooms, lounging on the comfortable white couch together as Justine eagerly opened one of the books. “Aaaah, Giselle-chan! Look — it’s our favorite characters!”

“Isn’t it kawaii?” Giselle cooed as she began rubbing her hand on Justine’s shoulder, and down her back. “I grabbed a few too! Some of the more, hmm, saucy manga?”

Justine threw the book she was holding on the table and gasped. “You don’t mean... you found the yuri manga?!”

Giselle gave a wide, broad grin and pulled out what was definitely 18+ lesbian hentai manga. “I snagged it from the back! Aren’t these girls like, so sugoi?”

Leaning into Justine, Giselle added, “don’t they remind you kinda of us?” Upon closer inspection, they definitely did look a little like Justine and Giselle — one of the girls, the shorter girl, had long brown hair, freckles and glasses, much like Justine. The other girl was taller, with multicolored hair and silky brown skin, much like Giselle. The character resembling Giselle had her arms around a bashful and confused looking Justine lookalike, and she looked protective and loving. Much like Giselle, Justine thought.

“You know what would be an amazing idea? If we skipped to a random page and read it out loud!” Giselle exclaimed. “Wouldn’t that be so sugoi?”

“It— it would, but, is that allowed? I’m not sure, desu...” Justine looked down, but Giselle bulldozed over her and ignored her as she flipped to a random page. “I mean, we shouldn’t even — eeek!” Justine squealed in embarrassment as Giselle showed her a two page spread of the two girls fucking; specifically, the one resembling Giselle was finger-fucking the Justine character so hard her eyes rolled back and she drooled all over the other. Justine — the real Justine — fell into a beet red blush as she stared in humiliation at it.

“G-Giselle-chan, we shouldn’t have that! We’ll like, maybe get in trouble!”

“Shhh,” Giselle cooed Justine down. Her voice suddenly took a dive down in tone as she added seriously, “just read for me, plaything.”

Justine froze. Every time Giselle referred to her like that, like she was an object, Justine froze up with horror; horror, or arousal? It felt good to be Giselle’s property, to do as was told of her... but it felt so wrong. Especially in public!

“Read for me,” Giselle ordered again. “Or do you want any punishments that may be coming your way?”

“N-no, I don’t! I’ll... I’ll read!” Justine glanced over to the words and began reading in a soft, slightly monotone voice. “‘I... Akami-san, I can’t... I need to...’ ah!”

Justine flinched as Giselle moved her hand to Justine’s crotch, beginning to finger her through her panties a little. When Justine paused, Giselle darkly added, “I’ll give you more if you put some character into it. Or maybe I’ll stop. Who knows?”

“G-Giselle... I can’t... it’s so embarrassing, nya... desu...”

“It is!” Giselle gave a hearty laugh. “Just like how much you’re embarrassing yourself here.”

“‘Ah... oh no... I’m so close...’ Giselle, I’m— I’m really so close to...”

“Already?” Giselle frowned, taking her fingers away and letting Justine’s arousal crash to the ground. “I’ve barely even started. God, what a slut you’ve become.”

Giselle kept fingering Justine, harder and harder and in increasingly rough circles around her clit. Already, Justine was getting quite wet, soaking her panties and Giselle’s fingers. Giselle couldn’t help but laugh at Justine for this, which only made Justine moan and beg harder, saying ‘please, please, please’ over and over again. But Giselle didn’t relent, nor did she intend to let Justine cum.

Justine moaned and groaned, begging for more. “I’m sorry, Giselle-chan... please, onegai let me cum... I’ll do anything...!”

“Anything?” Giselle asked with a cruel smirk on her face.

“Anything, desu!”

“Then don’t cum.” Giselle teased, closing the book before Justine and taking it back. Justine looked devastated, more than she’d ever looked since becoming a weeaboo. “Why don’t you cool down and read some, ah, manga? Is that what you want to do?”

Justine giggled a bit, seeming to instantly forget how close she was to making a mess in public. “Ah... yes, Giselle-chan!”

Justine opened another one of the manga books and began reading, curling and cuddling into Giselle. Giselle stroked the back of Justine’s head and whispered “good, good plaything.”

* * *

After Justine and Giselle spent a few minutes (or hours, they weren’t keeping track) reading manga in the empty room, they were ushered out because of the time limit. Justine begged to let them stay, but Giselle put her hand on Justine and led her out. Apologizing to the convention volunteer all the same.

Justine was still rather pent up and horny. She hadn’t quite forgotten the way Giselle quickly worked her up, only to pull her from the brink of orgasm immediately. No complaints there, per se, but she definitely needed a release soon. Giselle knew the way Justine was looking at her — and she loved playing dumb. She loved watching Justine silently beg with those wide, sparkling eyes, only to say, “what are you looking at me like that for, Justine-chan?”

Lunchtime quickly approached, and Giselle had promised to treat Justine out that day. Unfortunately, the lunch room was full, and the two had to find another place to eat. Luckily there were a ton of empty panel rooms around this time — turns out there weren’t a lot of presenters for the event.

Giselle ushered Justine into a small, empty panel room with a large table and plenty of comfortable chairs. Eagerly sitting on one of the chairs, Justine looked up at Giselle. “What were you thinking of for food, Giselle-chan?”

“I don’t know! I’m going to look at all the sugoi options and text you. Okay?”

Giselle kissed the top of Justine’s head before leaving, and Justine felt herself melting just a bit. Her kisses were so nice, so soft and tender. In a moment, Justine was left all alone. Trying to keep herself entertained, she pulled out her phone and began playing the new Love Live mobile gatcha game.

Justine wondered why Giselle had left her alone? They were bestest tomodachis, after all. So why was Giselle acting kind of distant? Not to mention, there was the whole orgasm denial thing. Justine never really knew what to call her and Giselle. Were they dating? Were they friends with benefits? Was Justine really Giselle’s worthless plaything, as Giselle would sometimes jokingly call her during sex? Justine didn’t want to be worthless. But they definitely did like being Giselle’s plaything.

And that wasn’t even including all the strange stares she’d get from onlookers whenever she would use Japanese out of place, or do dances in public. Was she really embarrassing herself? Maybe she should just go home... maybe she really wasn’t a good anime fan.

“Hey, um,” a voice spoke up — Justine must not have noticed someone walk through the door. She whipped around, greeting him with a smile. The newcomer was a trans guy with poofy blonde and green hair — he didn’t seem to be in cosplay, but his volunteer shirt was a little tattered up, and he was wearing cool punk pants and a space-themed handbag.

“Yes? Hai?” Justine grinned broadly.

“Ah...” He seemed put off by the sudden use of Japanese. “I didn’t think anyone would be in here. Me and a few other volunteers are having an impromptu meeting here,” he explained.

“Oh. I’m very gomennasai.” Justine frowned, ignoring how the guy gave her yet another strange look. “Should I, like, go?”

“Oh, no! You can stay for a bit.” His awkward expression turned into a kind, warm smile as he sat down next to Justine. “They’re not here yet, anyways. So, uh, how are you enjoying the convention?”

“It’s so sugoi!” Justine shouted excitedly. “I’m like, so ureshii to be here!”

“I see...” the person mused, closing his eyes and sighing. “I can tell you’re definitely... in your element, to say the very least.”

“Of course! There’s so many kawaii cosplayers, and sugoi artists! I’m even here with my bestest tomodachi, Giselle-chan! I couldn’t be happier,” Justine rambled on, peppering her speech with random, out of place, very poorly spoken Japanese. “Anime is so sugoi! I even know all the dances.”

“Oh yeah?” He gave an amused smirk. “I’d love to see you embarrass yourself with them something.”

Justine gave an oblivious giggle, as always, but tilted her head in confusion all the same.

“Listen,” he continued. “I’m on the executive team for this convention here. My name’s Auren. I gotta be honest with you, Justine...” Justine was briefly confused as to how Auren got her name. “No anime fan talks the way you do. Or acts the way you do.”

“Nani? They don’t?” Justine inquired.

“Of course not, you silly ditz,” Auren chuckled as he insulted a continuously oblivious Justine. “No one uses random Japanese in their speech. No one does embarrassing anime dances in the hallway for everyone to see. Just like... the really, really cringey ones. Which I’m assuming is what you are.”

“Ano... I didn’t know that.” Justine put a finger to her lips, trying to think of what to say to this new information. “Um, why not?”

Auren sighed again. “Because it’s humiliating. Unless you have no self-awareness, which it seems like you don’t have?”

Justine paused for a minute. Another giggle came out of her mouth when she added, “I guess not!”

Auren laughed too; except, he was not laughing at the situation, he was downright laughing at Justine. Not that Justine cared, at all. She quite enjoyed talking to Auren, actually.

“I wonder what the other volunteers will think of you when they get here,” Auren shrugged. “It’ll be interesting to have some people laugh at you with me... not that you know I’m doing that.”

The door swung open, and Auren and Justine turned around to it. “Ah! Speak of the devils,” Auren gave them a smile and a wave as he greeted the other two volunteers, a tall woman with short blonde hair, in heels that made her look even taller; and another, shorter man with curly black hair and a wide frame. “Everyone, this is Justine. We’ve been chatting a bit.”

“Hi, Justine,” the two said in awkward unison.

“Konnichiwa!” Justine waved happily. “I’m very arigatouful that you put on this sugoi convention!”

“Oh... oh.” The taller woman blinked. “Giselle was right. You really do talk in terrible Japanese.”

“Huh?” Justine gave a small smile. “You know Giselle-chan?”

“Of course we do,” the other cisgender guy said as he locked the door behind him. Justine’s heart dropped and her stomach sank just a bit, as she had a sinking feeling she knew what was about to happen — not that she’d be complaining if she was right. “We couldn’t believe Giselle actually managed to get someone as deep as you are. But well, here you are. I trust you’re embarrassing yourself?”

“I dunno,” Justine shrugged. “Am I?”

“Trust me,” Auren gave a small, serious yet oddly amused nod. “She is.”

“Oh good, we love to see it.”

Justine looked over at the two and tried to get a closer look at their name tags as they walked over — the guy was named Cleo and the girl’s name was Shania. “Um... I wakarimasen what’s going on.”

“Don’t worry,” Cleo sat down on the table next to Justine. “We’ll explain as we insult you. We’re in cahoots with Giselle, idiot. Not that you’d ever understand what that means.”

“What... does it mean?”

“It means we’re her friends. And we paid her some good money to let us mess with you a bit.” Shania took the other side of the table next to Justine, using her hand to lift Justine’s chin up to face Shania dead in the eye. “How does it feel? How does it feel not only to be a stupid, slutty weeaboo, but also to be a stupid, slutty weeaboo who gets whored out to her Mistress’ friends?”

Justine paused, trying to think for a minute. She then shrugged again and laughed. “I dunno. Good, I guess.”

“Oh, good,” Cleo sighed contently. “So she’s not just a weeb. She’s a bimbo too.”

“What’s that?” Justine asked.

“It’s what you are, dear.” Auren laughed. “How does it feel? How does it feel to be insulted and teased like this?”

“ you guys like anime?”

Cleo chuckled in response to that question — the rest followed, clearly laughing at Justine once again. “I’ll let you figure that out. How’s that sound?”

“Well, if you guys like anime, then you’re my friends! And I’m okay with my friends doing what they want, if they like anime.”

“Sure. Friends,” Auren spoke as he looked at Justine dead in the eyes and put his hands on her knees, spreading her legs a bit. “Let’s just call us that.”

“Hey, I know this girl, actually,” Shania spoke up, a bit surprised by her revelation. “You used to have a YouTube channel, right? You were pretty popular too, until you started using it for all your weeb-y thoughts. Right?”

“Oh, yeah, I think so!”

“How does it feel,” Shania talked as she ran her cold hands up Justine’s shirt to lightly feel around her torso, and then her breasts eventually, “to have your entire fan base now think you’re nothing but, well, a idiotic weeb?”

Justine giggled nervously as her tits were played with, and as Auren began to pull down Justine’s panties a bit. “Man, she’s already wet. Giselle must have played with her a little, huh?”

“I’m not surprised. It’s hard to keep her hands off of her, not when she’s so malleable, like this.” With a rough tug, Cleo pulled a handful of Justine’s hair up, and around, making Justine groan out in pain. “Look at her. Moaning already, just at being touched in the very slightest. Why don’t you moan like an anime character, huh?”

“Y-yes! Onegai, please don’t yamete!” Justine moaned loudly, begging.

“Wow. She can’t even disobey orders. Let’s see... Justine, why don’t you take off your panties and shirt, and get ready to be fucked on the table, doggy style.”

“Hai! Wakarimasu!” Justine immediately complied, taking off her panties and throwing them on the ground along with her shirt to reveal her cute lacy white bra. The three could swear they saw her cunt’s juices already dripping down her thighs, ready to be fucked. Her mouth was drooling quite a lot too — almost like she was silently asking for a set of junk shoved down her mouth.

“Look at that fine ass. Ready to be hit over and over again?” Auren stood by her ass, rubbing it gently. Before waiting for Justine’s response, he gave her a rough spank, causing Justine to cry out in pain.

“Every time I hit you and call you a weeaboo, you’re going to scream out ‘desu’ in a horny voice. Understood?” Auren ordered.

“Y-yes! Please!”

Spank! As if hypnotically obeying the command, after Auren called her a weeaboo, Justine moaned out the word ‘desu’ in a loud, horny voice. Auren spanked her again and called her the mean name, just to see if she would do it again — sure enough, she did.

He played with this a bit. Alternating between rough, hard spanks and light whips. Cleo and Shania were dying laughing by the end.

“I can’t wait anymore,” Cleo began unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants to show his hard dick. “Do it again, Auren.”

“You stupid weeaboo,” Auren said with another sharp slap.

“Desu— mmf!” As Justine moaned out again, Cleo used this opportunity to shove his dick into Justine’s mouth. He didn’t waste any time and began thrusting back and forth, grabbing a handful of Justine’s hair to hold her head in place as he roughly face-fucked her mouth.

“Imagine being so weak to fall prey to this,” Shania unzipped her pants too, revealing her own dick behind Justine. “Mind if I take her other hole, Auren?”

“By all means,” Auren shifted over to the table, taking off his leggings. “Plaything, use your hands to please my cunt.”

Justine said a muffled yes as she spread her legs for Shania to enter and fuck her mercilessly, not wasting a single second. She lifted her hand, trying to balance herself only on her legs and one hand as she began blindly fingering Auren. Auren grabbed her hand and guided her to just the right spot, telling her to “finger there, in circles,” as Justine obeyed. She moaned around Cleo’s cock as she was fucked in both holes, feeling them twitching inside of her.

“Come on, let’s get her going and insult her some more. Let’s see who can get her to moan the loudest,” Cleo urged. “How about this... your stupid mouth shouldn’t be used to badly speak Japanese, all it’s good for is being a fuckhole instead.”

Justine moaned — that felt good to hear, as much as she deep down hated to admit it.

“Oooh, good one!” Shania laughed. “You’re like one of those ditzy shoujo protagonists. You know, the ones who make bad decisions and are super naive and idiotic. Yeah, that’s you. The only problem is you don’t have magical powers or the ‘power of friendship’ — you just have your three brain cells and a sad inability to properly speak Japanese or talk about anime like, y’know, a normal human.”

“Mmf!” Justine moaned again, though it was unsure if it was from being insulted so much or from gagging when Cleo went just a bit deeper. Shania followed his lead, going a bit deeper into Justine’s pussy as well as she began thrusting harder, and faster.

“My turn,” Auren spoke. “Let’s see if I can push her over the edge. Justine, you’re such a worthless slut, everyone started wanting nothing more than to use you as a fuck toy after Giselle got her hands on you. You don’t have any purpose in life other than to be used as a set of holes and as a punching bag for people to degrade and insult all day. How does that feel? How does it feel to b-be,” Auren was close to cumming, himself, just as the rest were and he stammered. “Be a useless thrall? To be nothing but a ditzy, dopey, weeaboo idiot?”

Justine was moaning like mad. She needed to cum. She desperately needed to cum — after Giselle’s prior orgasm denial, after being insulted over and over again, after being given a new trigger, and after being fucked like a piece of meat.

“Let’s all cum at once, s-shall we?” Shania proposed, and the three agreed. “One, two...”

In an instant, Justine was covered with cum, filled with so, so much delicious warm cum. Her mouth was stuffed along with her pussy as Cleo and Shania dumped their loads into her, feeling them twitching inside of her as they neglected to give Justine a moment of reprieve. Justine couldn’t help but achieve orgasm as well, having one of the strongest orgasms in her life — even more so since Giselle bought her. The feeling of being bought, of being sold like an auction property, felt so good as well. She felt so insulted — and that was just how she enjoyed it. Auren finished too, making a mess all over the table, and soon after ordering Justine to clean it up with her mouth.

Justine wasn’t even given a proper goodbye as the three gathered their things, zipped up their pants, and headed out. In fact, Justine could hear them mocking her in joking voices as they continued to make fun of who she’d become as they left. Justine rolled around, licking up the excess cum like she was told to do, before pulling up her panties and feeling the cum deep inside of her. She sat on the table, waiting for Giselle to come back. It’d been a while now, hadn’t it? It was almost like she completely forgot that the three were working with Giselle as well — except, she did forget.

Eventually, Giselle came back with a pleased look on her face — a cruel, sadistic look, and a knowing look of what happened. Giselle quickly put on her fake weeaboo face and sat next to the cum-soaked Justine, kissing her cheek. Justine giggled. She felt so used, so good.

“You know what, Justine-chan? I had the best idea!” Justine looked at Giselle quizzically as Giselle cheerfully added, “what if you had an anime name?”

* * *

About a week after the convention ended, she had moved in with Giselle as her live-in slave. There were no bars between the two anymore — she knew that Giselle didn’t actually like anime, but she didn’t care and Giselle was still willing to engage with her weeaboo desires.

Giselle came home one day, exhausted from classes. She turned around to happily greet her in nothing but a maid apron and no underwear. “Hi Giselle-sama! How was your day today, Mistress?”

Giselle wasted no time. She didn’t even put on her fake weeaboo face. She sat down at the chair, pulling down her panties and ordered her, “Sakura-chan, worship me now.”

“Hai, Giselle-sama!” and Justine, who was now Sakura-chan, eagerly complied.

* * *