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Nani the Fuck Nani the Fuck Chapter 3: Side Gig

* * *

A local weeb has a dream where she humiliates herself. Even more.

* * *

Author’s Note: This story contains adult content. Do not read if you are under the age of 18. Additionally, this is not an accurate representation of hypnosis or non-consensual sex at all, as it exists in a fantasy setting. Non-consensual sex/sexual acts and hypnosis of other people in real life is highly immoral and illegal, and I do not condone such acts. All characters in this story are above the age of 18. By Skaetlett © 2022, do not repost without explicit permission.

* * *

Sakura laid her head down on Giselle’s lap as the Dommey girl played idly with her cat ears. It had been about three months since Sakura met Giselle—and since she was turned into a brainless weeaboo who embarrassed herself at every turn. Giselle brought Sakura, previously known as Justine, along for various shenanigans. Mostly, putting Sakura into embarrassing situations, and then mocking her for not understanding.

Many changes had graced Sakura’s life. Her YouTube channel was entirely anime reviews and things of the like. Her subscriber count plummeted at first, but then her numbers slowly crept up again—mostly people who enjoyed watching Sakura humiliate herself.

Then there were her grades. Time after time, her professors would beg her to write something other than ‘this anime garbage’, as one referred to it. Her straight A’s began to fall to low C’s. Sakura had her final screenplay assignment coming up, and she hadn’t even started yet. She was too busy marathoning series after series, and staying on top of whatever was playing that season. The peers who respected Justine had become bullies who relentlessly taunted Sakura. Sakura either didn’t understand, or didn’t care. She was happy with her hot anime girlfriend.

Her hot anime girlfriend she was currently watching shitty hypno hentai with.

Sakura meowed as Giselle adjusted her hands, whispering chuckles above Sakura. Giselle didn’t even have to hide it anymore. She laughed at Sakura all the time. At first, Sakura felt betrayed, destroyed. But now, she loved hearing Giselle laugh. Even if Giselle was laughing at her.

“Mm, there are still a bunch of ways I could play with you,” Giselle mused. “I’ve changed your interests. The way you dress. The YouTube channel you took so much pride in. I even changed your name. I wonder... what’s next?”

“Ummm...” Sakura put a finger to her chin. “You could, um, send me to one of those isekai animes!” she suggested. It was the first intelligent thought she’d had in weeks.

Giselle chuckled. “I sure could. You’d make a hot monster girl. Of course, you’d be a stupid one. But you’d be right at home, in one of those ‘sugoi kawaii animes’ you love so much.”

Sakura giggled. “Yeah, it would be like, so tanoshii!”

“But if you were isekai’d, who would I have to laugh at? Who would be there for everyone’s amusement? The world would be a sadder place without you. In a way.”

“Arigatou gozaimasu, Giselle-sama!”

“Besides,” Giselle looked over to her selection of toys. “Who would take care of cleaning my cum-drenched toys?”

Sakura pondered for a bit. “Um, I don’t know. You could use the sink?”

Giselle grabbed Sakura’s hair firmly, holding her in place, making the weebified catgirl meow and squeal in pain. “I could, obviously. But that’s not as fun as making you clean them with your mouth, isn’t it?”

“Hai, Giselle-sama! I love licking up the cum off your figmas!”

Sakura’s hair was released, her head falling back into Giselle’s lap. “There you go. So we can’t have you get isekai’d. But if you were... hmm. I don’t think I’d tried turning you into a maid yet.”

Sakura gasped. “Oh my gosh! I would be such a kawaii maido-san!”

“Oh yes, you would be.” Giselle kept rubbing Sakura’s ears. Slowly, Sakura started falling deep into a trance—almost a slumber. Maybe that was the point? “You’re so obedient and subservient. You know, that’s how all the maids in Akihabara act. They always refer to their customers with the -sama suffix. And they do whatever the customers want.”

Giselle leaned into Sakura, staring into her fluttering eyes. “I would be your highest paying customer.”

“Hontou ni, Giselle-sama?”

“Oh, ‘hontou-ni’,” Giselle replied mockingly. “You would serve me, not only my coffee and food, but you would also get down on your knees in front of everyone just to eat me out. Everyone would hear you cry and moan as I’d use you in front of everyone. Not that they could understand you, with your abysmal grasp of the language.”

Sakura was squirming and gasping until that last sentence. “What... does ‘abysmal’ mean, Giselle-sama?”

“It means ‘absolutely wonderful’. Your Japanese has gotten so good!”

“Eeee! Arigatou, Giselle-sama! I would be the best maid in the entire sekai!”

“That’s enough out of you,” Giselle cooed. “I think for now...” she grabbed Sakura’s hair harder and harder, almost pulling the strands straight out of her scalp. Sakura’s eyes shut tight, trying to weather the pain. It was as if Giselle dragged her up a cliff. Or flew a helicopter up, with Sakura in tow. “I’ve heard so much talking, when all I want you to do...”

Giselle let go of Sakura’s hair suddenly. Sakura fell off the cliff, off the helicopter, into Giselle’s lap. “Is sleep.”

* * *

“Hey, wake up! Our cafe is opening soon!”

Sakura scrambled awake to the sound of the unfamiliar voice. She looked left and right, trying to quickly figure out her surroundings. Eventually, Sakura made eye contact with the speaker, and found someone pretty in front of her. Someone adorable, cute, with an equally charming smile on her face.

Someone in a maid costume.

Sakura beamed with excitement. She still didn’t understand anything. “Um, where am I?”

“Huh? You’re at your maid cafe, silly! I mean, where else would you be working in that kind of outfit?”

Sakura raised an eyebrow. Looking down, she saw that sure enough, Sakura was also clad in a maid outfit—much the same as the girl in front of her. A moment of panic hit her as she realized she was far away from Giselle-sama. She briefly felt excitement over her outfit, but she still had no idea what was going on.

She was... in a maid cafe?

As a worker?

She had been isekai’d!?

Sakura stood up with a gasp. She wasn’t sure if she should be frightened or excited. After all, wasn’t she just discussing this with Giselle-sama? Her Mistress was talking about how good she’d be as a maid... but also, how she wouldn’t have anyone to clean her figmas. Oh no—Sakura would be slacking off on her duties!

“What are you doing?” the maid asked. Sakura looked closer to the maid’s outfit—she could see a name pin that said ‘Aiko’ on it. That must have been the girl’s name. Sakura soon realized she had a name pin on herself too—sure enough, reading ‘Sakura’. “Get up! We gotta get the tables ready, customers are coming in five minutes!”

“O-okay!” Sakura stood up and hastily joined Aiko. As soon as she went outside, she saw a few others in the same outfits—seven, she counted in total, including her and Aiko. All of them wore fluffy cat ears as well, similar to the ones Sakura had. Sakura brushed up her head, and she was wearing them as well.

Sakura had no idea what was going on. A vague part of her wanted to return home, but... wasn’t this exciting? She was in a maid cafe! As a maid! And she looked so kawaii, too! It felt like a dream, but so real at the same time. As soon as the place was set up, Sakura having introduced herself to everyone, the maids stood by the entrance.

One of them—Stephie—opened the door. Sakura’s eyes widened as she eyed... twelve? Visitors, all eagerly waiting at the door.

“Please, come in! Welcome!” Stephie greeted as the customers poured in. Sakura gazed at the customers as they walked in. Every single one of them was a hot lady. Some were dressed in evening gowns or business suits, others in everyday attire. They were all greeted with “Mistress” or “Master” at the beginning of their name. Sakura quickly learned how to seat people properly. At least she could learn one thing quickly.

Aiko ushered Sakura to the side. “Is this your first day?”

“Hai!” Sakura said enthusiastically.

Aiko giggled. “No wonder you’re so out of it. Well, first thing’s first, you’re going to want to end every sentence with a fun little ‘nya’.”

Sakura made a wide, open smile. That was easy peasy—she wanted to do that anyways.

“You’re going to want to do anything the customers want—they’re all paying money for it, after all! See, look over there?”

Aiko motioned to one of the tables. Sure enough, Stephie was in one of the customer’s laps, getting her tits fondled and moaning wildly. The lady fondling her whispered something degrading in her ear. Sakura didn’t hear it. In fact, she could barely process what was going on.

“You’re pretty cute, y’know,” Aiko said. “I think our best customer might like you a lot! She’s very hot, too!”

“Wow! Hontou ni!?”

“Mhmm! You’re going to start off just serving coffee and food, but I’ll introduce you to Giselle-sama when she gets here. She tips well, too,” she added with a wink.

Sakura nodded. Distantly, in the back of her mind, she wondered—was it the same Giselle-sama she knew and loved?

Her thoughts were interrupted when one of the ladies approached the two of them. “Excuse me,” she said in a sultry tone. She had blonde hair done in elegant curls that went down to her hips, and a yellow, gorgeous dress. “I seem to be out of coffee. Will one of you get me another cup?”

“Hai! I am on it!”

The customer gave Sakura a look, but she didn’t notice. Sakura went to the kitchen. Now, did she remember how to make coffee?

Aiko followed her, and whispered. “You forgot the ‘nya’, Sakura-chan!”

“Oh,” Sakura flushed. “I am gomennasai, Aiko-san.”

“It’s okay! It’s your first day! You’re also supposed to give the customer a kiss when you follow their orders. I did it for you!”

“A-a kiss?!” Sakura exclaimed. “B-but... I don’t know them!”

Aiko chuckled. “Yeah, that’s most of the fun in it! They just see you as a toy. It’s soooo hot. Hot ladies are wonderful. It’s so much fun to obey.”

Aiko said those last two sentences like a mantra. Sakura remembered the many mantras Giselle had given her—namely, ‘I’m nothing but a stupid weeaboo!’ Sakura panicked for a bit, trying to figure out what to do. Her heart was for Giselle-sama, and Giselle-sama only! What would she think if Sakura was going around to other women?


“Are you okay, Sakura-san?”

“I, I don’t know if I can do this! I have... I have a girlfriend, who owns me!”

Aiko chuckled. “I think you’re thinking too much, Sakura.”

Sakura froze. That was a trigger of hers. Sakura was always prone to worrying, being concerned what other people thought of her. Giselle thought it got in the way of her plans for Sakura, so she gave her a trigger—a trigger to make Sakura stop thinking about whatever she was worried about.

But how did Aiko know about that?

“Here, let me help you! I have a trick I use for new maids who are nervous!”

Sakura couldn’t ask questions. The maid reached into her pocket and pulled out a pendulum—an emerald shaped like a cat’s head. Sakura’s thoughts drained away already, looking at how shiny and pretty and kawaii the pendulum was. “See? Isn’t it so pretty? See, it’s easier to follow orders when you’re hypnotized. So I’m going to hypnotize you and make you a perfect maid!”

“Haaaai...” Sakura said in a drone-like voice. She could feel her eyes already fluttering shut.

“Oh, so you know about hypnosis! Great! Well, you seem pretty easy, so I’m gonna ask that you go ahead and drop for me!“

Sakura obeyed. After all, she was good at that at least. Not to mention, ‘drop for me’ was another trigger of hers. How did Aiko know that, too? Giselle had told a few people about Sakura’s triggers so they could play with her... maybe Giselle somehow told Aiko too?

“So, you’re gonna be a great maid today! But you gotta remember the protocol. First of all, it’s ‘nya’ after every sentence! Say ‘nya’ for me, Sakura.”

“Nyaaaaa...” Sakura said with a giggle.

“Aww, you laugh while doing it! I know some patrons will like that. After every sentence. Nya.”


“Every sentence! Nya!”


“There you go. And you’re going to do whatever the patrons want. Kiss them before you make their order, all the time! And then if they want you to do something else, well, you’re just gonna do it without a second thought. You seem like someone who knows pretty well how to be an obedient maid. You actually kinda look like you were made for it!”

Sakura giggled sleepily. “That’s a pun.”

Aiko gasped. “It is! You’re too smart to know that, though. Just let your smarts drain away, too. You don’t need them here. All you need is service and obedience. No one likes a smart maid, right?”


“That’s right! No one needs their brain around here. Just let everything flow down the sink. All of your brain, your thoughts, your mind... just, gone. All that’s left there is gonna be nyas and obedience! Those are the two things a maid here really needs, nya?”

Sakura nodded sleepily. “Nyaaaa...”

Aiko giggled. “Good maid!” At those two words, Sakura felt a rush of pleasure go through her entire body. She shivered head to toe, gasping for a minute. “See? You even like being called that. You were made to be here, Sakura-chan! Now all you have to do is go out there and serve our Masters and Mistresses!”

Sakura nodded. Excitement pounded through her body. She wanted this so badly. So much more than she ever could have guessed. How could she have gone her entire life not knowing this was where she was meant to be?

Aiko stroked Sakura’s long, brown hair gently. “We’re gonna bring you back up now!” Sakura almost wanted to protest—trance was so comfy here—but she knew she had to get back to work, nya. “One, coming back up, two, feeling yourself in the room, three, breathing in and out with me, four, eyes opening, five, wide awake!”

Sakura followed her words with each command—climbing back out of trance. Feeling herself physically, standing in the back room. Inhaling. Exhaling. Opening her eyes. And coming fully back up. Sakura stretched her limbs, reorienting herself to her surroundings. She let out a big yawn. Gosh, she forgot how excellent trance felt. Aiko was so good at it, too...

Aiko looked into Sakura’s eyes, holding her face still. “How are you feeling, Sakura-chan, nya?”

“I’m feeling sugoi, nya!” Sakura responded gleefully.

“Great, nya!”

Just before either of them could say anything, or have any kind of aftercare, someone slid into the back room with them. Aiko and Sakura’s heads whipped around to see Grace, another maid. She slammed the door behind her and looked to the other two, a serious look on her face.

“Aiko! We have to get going, nyaow!” she huffed. Did she... sprint over? “Giselle-sama is here! I let it slip we have a new maid, and she wants to play with her, nya!”

Sakura paled. Was that bad? She looked to Aiko for reassurance, but Aiko had a certain look in her eyes. Deviation? Cruelty? Excitement? Aiko looked back to Sakura, her eyes a little manic. “This is perfect, Sakura-chan! You get to meet our best customer, nya!”

“R-really?” Sakura fidgeted. “But, what if I’m not ready, nya?”

“Of course you are! You got the two basic rules down, nya. Now you get to show Giselle how good and obedient you are!”

Sakura’s eyes quivered. She thought for a minute she was scared, but... no. She was excited. The thought of showing Giselle-sama how good of an obedient maid she was? That was exactly what she needed! Sakura felt confident, a wave of enthusiasm going through her limbs.

And it would be an added bonus if she could talk to Giselle-sama about anime!

“Okay, nya! I’m going out to greet her, nya!” Sakura gathered herself and left the backroom, followed immediately by Aiko and Grace.

Sakura looked around. “Which one is she, nya?”

Aiko pointed in the direction of one specific customer. A lady with giant oppai, and a very, very fancy suit. She must have been the CEO of some organization? Her makeup was immaculately done. Not to mention, she... looked familiar. Sakura couldn’t quite figure it out. Kind of like her own Giselle, her Owner, in a way. Maybe she and Giselle knew each other? Sakura felt herself blush looking at her—her confidence wavered a bit, but she stood confident, proud, ready to obey.

Sakura gulped, and walked over to her. Her eyes met the lady’s, and she bowed. “Ohayou gozaimasu, nya! My name is Sakura-chan, I am a new maid here, nya! You look so sugoi today!”

The lady eyed Sakura up and down, a smirk on her face. “A pleasure to meet you. My name is Giselle. Your Japanese is pretty terrible, I must say.”

“Oh,” Sakura pursed her lips. “Would you like me to stop, nya?”

“Oh, not at all,” Giselle mused, leaning back in her chair. “It’s charming, in a degrading way.”

Sakura giggled. “Arigatou gozaimasu, nya!”

Giselle snickered. Was Sakura being laughed at again? “You’re rather cute, you know. Cuter than all these other maids. I usually settle for playing with Grace—she makes the cutest sounds when I grope her, but... you may be my next best fit.”

“Of course, nya! What can I get for you today, nya?”

“Hmm...” Giselle pondered. “Aiko already brought me my morning coffee. I think you may be what I want next.”

Sakura flushed a deep red. “Y-you really mean it, Giselle-sama?”

“Of course I do. Do I look like a liar?”

Sakura shook her head in a mild frenzy. “O-of course not, Giselle-sama, nya!”

Giselle smirked. Sakura began to get the feeling that Giselle liked making her fearful. Not that Sakura particularly noticed, or cared. In fact, feeling scared in this powerful, high-level executive’s presence? It was a thrill. Giselle kept talking. “So, tell me about yourself. Your name is Sakura, yes. And you throw in random Japanese into your speech for no reason. Want to tell me anything else?”

“Ano...” Sakura put a finger to her chin. “I really, really like anime! I watch it all the time. Anime is so kawaii and sugoi, desu yo ne, nya!”

Sakura couldn’t quite tell if Giselle was laughing at or with her, but either way, Giselle could hardly keep her cackling in. “Really? Well, I guess I’m not really surprised. You work in a maid cafe, your speech is embarrassing and humiliating... you know, there’s a word for that.”

“Yes, nya! I’m a total weeaboo! My Owner said so, nya!”

“Did you happen to know,” Giselle mused, “that ‘weeaboo’ isn’t really a compliment?”

“Huh?” Sakura cocked her head. “I don’t understand, nya.”

“You don’t need to. In fact, I happen to watch a fair bit of anime myself. Actually, I’m the owner of a production firm.”

Sakura’s eyes widened with glee. “Hontou ni? So you make anime, nya?!”

“You could say so. I actually just met with some costume designers, and they gave me the costume for the main character today. It actually kind of looks like a maid outfit, with wings, and more purple and blue.”

Sakura nodded, nodding harder with every word that Giselle-sama spoke. Now Sakura was truly excited. Maybe she and Giselle were meant to be! Sakura deeply hoped Giselle would choose her from now on. “Eeeh? May I see, please, nya?“

“Of course. That’s what you get for being such a good weeaboo maid.”

Sakura giggled. She didn’t even care if she was being degraded anymore. Or if she was degrading herself. Giselle reached into her sizable briefcase, and opened it up discreetly. Out from it, she pulled a maid costume out. It was even cuter than Sakura could have guessed. The outfit looked just like a maid outfit from her favorite anime of the season. The colors were perfect, the wings on the back were adorable, and just from a cursory look—it seemed to be just in Sakura’s size.

“Wow!” Sakura exclaimed in a breathy gasp. “That’s so kawaii, Giselle-sama, nya! You are a genius, nya!”

Giselle smirked. “I try. Would you like to try it on, plaything?”

Sakura put her hands to her burning cheeks. “C-can I really, Giselle-sama, nya?”

“But of course. In fact, I order you to.”

An order. Sakura had to obey those to be a great maid. “Yay! Arigatou so much, Giselle-sama!“

“’Arigatou’ to you too,” Giselle responded in a mocking tone. “Take your costume off and put it on.”

“Hai!” Sakura took the costume from Giselle, and began to head to the back room.

At least, until Giselle grabbed onto the hem of Sakura’s maid costume. “Undress and put it on here.”

“Nya?” Sakura blinked. “In front of everyone, nya?”

“No,” Giselle rolled her eyes. “Turn invisible and change. Yes, in front of everyone, idiot.”

“Y-yes, Giselle-sama!” Sakura chirped, forcing the anxiety back down her throat. She was a maid. She had to obey. Still blushing furiously, Sakura undid the outer parts of her maid costume, folding them neatly on the unseated table in front of her. Then she took off the dress itself, leaving her bare aside from her bra and panties.

She was about to put on the outfit Giselle-sama gave her, until she was stopped once again. “Give me your bra and panties too.”

“N-nyani?” Sakura blinked. She wanted to resist, deep down, but that thought disappeared as soon as it came into her mind. “Y-yes, of course, Giselle-sama, nya!” Her entire body was on fire. Sakura felt so embarrassed, and it was so fucking hot. She took off her bra and panties slowly. Giselle had her hands held out, and Sakura put them into her open hands.

Now completely naked, down to the skin, Sakura asked, “may I put on the cosplay now, please, nya?”

“Of course,” Giselle smirked. “Make it a show for me. Nya and beg for me to use you while you put it on, as much as your little mouth allows you to.”

“Hai, Giselle-sama, nya!” As she began to slide the maid outfit on, swaying her hips from side to side, Sakura caught the eyes of her fellow maids and the patrons looking at her. They all had something in their eyes, all smirks on their faces. Sakura must have been deeply humiliating herself. And she loved that.

As Sakura swayed around, she ‘nya’d with every movement. She kept uttering degrading pleads, such as, “please use my stupid maid body, nya!” and “I can’t wait for you to fuck me, Giselle-sama, nya!” and “I can’t wait to do whatever you want with me, nya!". Not to mention, she let out a constant slew of ‘please’s and ‘onegai’s. With every sentence, the smile on Giselle’s face grew wider. Her coffee had long grown cold. She was way too into the show of humiliation that Sakura was putting on for her.

Eventually, the maid outfit was on Sakura—a perfect fit. She was still panty-less and bra-less under the adorable outfit. The maid costume didn’t really leave much to the imagination, either. There was a boob window on the chest that showed off Sakura’s cleavage. The hem barely passed her ass, showing off Sakura’s ass or cunt if she bent a little too far out of place.

“Mm, there you go.” Giselle stood up and walked around the table. She grabbed Sakura’s meek, tiny body and slammed her against the wall. The maids either didn’t notice, or didn’t care. Was this a common occurrence? No one was helping her, so Sakura assumed yes. Not that she could think too hard on that.

“You’re much prettier this way, when you’re pressed up against a wall, dressed like a slutty maid who didn’t even care to wear panties.” As if to prove the point, Giselle’s hand shot under and grabbed onto Sakura’s unclothed cunt. She slid her thumb across Sakura’s clit, and pushed two fingers into her hole. Sakura moaned and gasped like a sub in one of those shitty hentais she watched. Sakura didn’t care. She was having fun. And more importantly, the customer in front of her was having fun.

Another one of Giselle’s hands slid under the dress. She grabbed onto one of Sakura’s boobs and fondled it roughly. Sakura felt herself melting. She was like a stress toy to this CEO—who must have had a lot of stress pent up. “Your sounds are so cute. So much cuter than anyone here. If you’re here, then... maybe I’ll have to stop by more often.”

“H-h-hai, nya...” Sakura whimpered.

“Hey, you,” Giselle whipped her head around, to Stephie, who was cleaning up the cum off of one table. “Allow me to use the back room for me and Sakura here.”

“Of course, Giselle-sama! You may go in whenever you wish, nya.” Wow, these maids really let the customers do whatever they wanted. Sakura hoped Giselle wouldn’t be any meaner in the privacy of a back room... then again, wouldn’t it have been more fun if she were?

Sakura didn’t have time to think. Without another word, Giselle grabbed Sakura’s hand, and dragged her to the back room—a separate one from the ones the staff used. There was a comfy bed there, along with a few chairs.

“Get on the bed,” Giselle ordered.

“Hai, Giselle-sama, nya!”

Sakura plopped on the bed, her back down. Giselle climbed on top of her. “So stupid. You don’t even know how much you’re embarrassing yourself. Do you think any normal person would flash how stupid and weeby they are like you do?”

Sakura giggled underneath her blush. “I-I don’t know, Giselle sama, nya!”

“Of course you don’t. You don’t know anything. All you know how to do is nya and beg and be stupid. Well... maybe you’re good for getting fucked by hot businessladies, too.”

Giselle flipped the skirt of the maid dress up, revealing all of Sakura’s lower body. Her hand roughly grabbed it again, pleasuring the poor catgirl maid, who could do nothing but nya and beg more. “What if I was the demon lord who captured the poor magical girl—that being you, of course? Imagine how hot some kind of bad end would be. You lost the final battle, and now the demon lord keeps you forever as her eternal sex toy. Wouldn’t that be fun?”

As Giselle spoke that last sentence, she dug her fingers in particularly deep. Sakura’s speech devolved from words to just moans and begs. She didn’t know what else to do. She was a submissive, obedient maid. All she knew how to do was watch anime, obey commands, embarrass herself, and get fucked mercilessly.

And that was just how Sakura-chan wanted to be. Right here, getting fucked by her Owner of a customer, being brought closer and closer to the edge of orgasm. Sakura could feel her brain melting, not as if it hadn’t melted enough already. She knew nothing, other than obedience and anime. In fact, the harder Giselle-sama fucked Sakura, the more her broken Japanese would come out as stray words and poor grammar.

She was stupid. Sakura was a stupid, dumb weeaboo who was good for practically nothing. Giselle was making her useful, though. She could see Giselle blush harder, her motions becoming more unhinged and rougher. Giselle leaned into Sakura, kissing her lips firmly and forcing her tongue inside. Sakura had no choice but to kiss back, accepting all of Giselle as a part of her, now. Giselle’s other hand slid into her own slacks, as she pleasured herself at the same time.

“So stupid,” Giselle said into Sakura’s mouth.

“Nyaaaaa,” Sakura moaned back.

“Do you want to cum?” Giselle lifted her head and asked. Her fingering on herself and on Sakura had gotten so fast and merciless that Sakura couldn’t take much more.

“Y-yes, nya,” Sakura whimpered.

“Do you want me to give you permission to cum?”

“H-hai, Giselle-sama, nya!”

“Well,” Giselle grinned wickedly. “Not that I care what you want, but... I guess it couldn’t hurt... if you can last this—” Giselle was now moving harder than Sakura could process, “—for 30 seconds, I will let you cum. Sound good?”

Sakura nodded. The only sounds coming out of her mouth were wordless pleas. She didn’t know if she could last 30 seconds. Giselle kissed her again, counting the numbers into her mouth. By 5 seconds, Sakura wasn’t sure how much longer she could last. Her entire body was wracked with pleasure.

“You don’t have permission yet,” Giselle growled. “Don’t cum until I tell you to.”

“Mhmm, nya,” Sakura whimpered. She physically could not climax. Not until she had Giselle’s permission. Every second felt like an eternity to Sakura. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25.

“We have five counts left,” Giselle said. Sadistically, she started slowing the time between each number. From five to four, she waited three seconds. Every consecutive in-between was longer.



Sakura felt ready to explode. And then-


* * *

Sakura whipped awake in a hot sweat. Her massive orgasm had woken her up, making her jolt up in the bed.

“Wow,” Sakura exhaled. What a fucking dream.

She ruminated on it for quite some time, the only sounds in the room being her heartbeat and Giselle-sama—the real Giselle-sama—snoozing soundly asleep. Sakura’s body flopped back in the bed, trying to still her racing mind. Most of her thoughts were about how cute her dream would be as an actual anime.

Wait. Chotto matte kudasai. Sakura had the biggest realization she’d have in months.

Her screenplay writing class final’s deadline was coming up. She still didn’t have an idea for it. Sakura had spent months brainstorming what it could be, her brain unable to function well enough to come up with an idea.

That was, until now.

* * *

“...and then Giselle-sama gives Sakura-chan a sugoi tip and will come back tomorrow! That is my screenplay, nya!”

Sakura’s screenplay—and her acting it out—was greeted only with silence. Dead silence. The next thing she heard were murmurs, snickers, and muffled laughs. Sakura couldn’t quite hear people out, but she knew they were talking about her. And her screenplay. That means they must have liked it, right?

Giselle even agreed to come to Sakura’s presentation. She insisted, in fact. Giselle was so yasashii, and such a good Owner for Sakura. Sakura couldn’t imagine her life being any better. She was sure the teacher was going to give her an A!

“Thank you for that, um, vivid depiction, Justine,” the teacher groaned. “Anyone got any, uh, comments, on Justine’s... idea?”

More silence. One student coughed, and that was the only sound that filled the room. “Very well then,” the teacher sighed in resignation. “In that case, class is dismissed.”

Sakura watched the entire class walk by her, giving her dirty—or sly—looks, and each of them whispering to each other. All Sakura could do was grin. She just had the widest, dumbest grin on her face. Her idea was so great, people must have just been stunned over how good it was!

Eventually, the classroom was empty, except for Sakura. And Giselle, who was in the corner. And... one other student? Sakura recognized them as Josie, who seemed to hang out pretty often with Giselle.

“Sakura-chan, come over here, onegai?” Giselle asked in her fake anime voice. “I told Josie about that hentai we watched, with the threesome, and Josie-san wants to do it together!”

“Okay!” Sakura sang.

Giselle smiled. “Good maid.”

* * *