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(This story is related to 1 of my earlier works, ‘In service’,but not so much so,that it can’t be read as a seperate work.But if you want to know a bit more about Christine and Kirsty,you could read it first,if you haven’t already.Its also my first attempt at a pure ff story,and as a male ‘robot’ it might not be quite as good as some,sorry for that!)

The Nanny

Christine and Kirsty were finding life together a bit more difficult for them now,the arrival of baby Stephanie had been a bit of a shock to them,and they’d never actually planned to have children of their own by any means.

Cyber employments business was building up rapidily,and as Stephanie needed fairly constant attention,it meant that 1 or other of them couldn’t really help out with all the necessary programming.They had considered a Nanny,but they were living and working in a posher area of the country, and weren’t certain what reaction they would get from an agency as a lesbian couple,with child.There was also the problem that their luxurious living quarters were next door to work,therefore it would be pretty difficult to keep the nature of their work a secret from any Nanny they employed,and that might give them problems too.

However,after 1 exhausting day at work for Christine,and 1 stressful day babyminding for Kirsty,they were both at breaking point.

“We can’t carry on like this,“said Kirsty,“all we’re going to end up doing is burning ourselves out,rowing and probably splitting up,which is something I don’t think I want to happen.”

“What do you mean,don’t think?“replied Christine.

“Well I’m sorry Christine,but I thought 1 of the blessings of a lesbian relationship was NO children,I’m not designed to be a mother figure.And if we have to carry on like this,I might just decide to find a new partner,without baby!And before you ask,it wouldn’t matter if Stephanie was mine,I’m just not the motherly type.”

“Its alright,I understand,“said Christine sympathetically,“maybe we’ve just got to take a chance and see what happens if we try and get a nanny,and just try and hide our work from her.”

“Would you,because I still love you deeply,but crying babies are not my strong point.”

“Well I suppose if the Nanny did find out,there’s 1 way out of the problem....,but I don’t really want to have to do that,her family might not be too amused.”

The next day,as they had no work on the books,they went into town to see what they could discover.They left Stephanie with a friend for the morning.They’d found 2 agencies in the phone book,but it was quite obvious that the first one didn’t approve of 2 ladies together with a child,so they quickly gave up on that one.Luckily for them the second agency they visited didn’t seem to mind in the least.They openly admitted that they didn’t get too many callers with this situation,but that they certainly had no objections in searching through their records for them to see if they could find anyone to help them.After a few minutes searching,she started making a few phone calls,one or two were obviously not keen,or worse,but 1 seemed to be showing definite interest.After a couple more minutes talking to this person on the phone,she put down the phone and turned to Christine and Kirsty,

“Well,joy of a sense,“she said,“as I guessed most of the older Nannies would rather not live-in under these circumstances,and there’s no point pushing it,because if they’re not happy,the baby doesn’t get all the care it should get and deserve.However,there is one who seems keen,but I will warn you,you would be her first actual employers.Sandra is only 24,she has been through all the necessary training,she passed with distinction but she’s never done anything more than babysitting so far, she hasn’t even had just a day job nannying yet.She doesn’t mind in the slightest working for 2 ladies, though as she has a boyfriend,I would assume she’s straight.Is she OK or do you want someone more experienced?”

“She has got references?“asked Kirsty.

“Of course,we’d never take on anyone without them.”

“In that case,we’ll give her the opportunity she deserves,can you start to make the necessary arrangements?”

“Certainly ladies,when would you like to meet her,and when would you like her to start work?”

“As soon as possible.“sighed Kirsty.

Christine asked,“Firstly,we do some important work for,shall we say, high up people,can we rely on her to be discreet?”

“Certainly,you would not be our first clients in this situation,and we pride ourselves on our Nannys being discreet.”

“In that case,I think we have a deal.Can you please contact Sandra so we can meet each other,and see if we can all get on together?”

“Certainly.“and she got back on the phone to Sandra.After a few minutes she turned to Christine and said,“4.00 this afternoon OK?”

Christine looked at Kirsty,they both nodded and the lady carried on talking to Sandra.After a couple of minutes,she finished the phone call and turned to them and said,

“She’s keen to meet you,I think she’s so thrilled that someone wants to give her a chance.I’ll see you about 4.00 then,I’ll be here to do all the introductions.”

Christine and Kirsty said thank you,and left,no sooner had they got out the door when Christine said discreetly,

“For that favour,you’re being my sex slave tonight,everything Mistress wants,Mistress gets,OK?”

“Fine by me,“said Kirsty,“its just a shame the sex slave program takes so long to do,its much more fun being the real thing,I get quite aroused by that!”

“I know you do,“laughed Christine,“I’ve got the towels to prove it!But I want you to serve me this evening,not 1 o’clock in the morning!Even without the mind control it still takes about 3/4 hours from scratch.That sex slave program gets quite a bit of work with you!”

“Its worth it,“giggled Kirsty,“and its not all 1 way traffic either, you’re nearly as hooked as me.”

“I don’t deny it,“laughed Christine,“best thing I ever did,getting all the sex programming to work without the mind control effect,mind the sex slave program needs the mind control to make it really good.Not that I’m telling anyone else about it!And now we’ve got a nanny,we can do it more often!”

“Oh,goody,goody.“said Kirsty and giggled again.

That afternoon they headed back into town,this time bringing Stephanie along with them,as Christine said,they might as well be introduced to each other straightaway.When they got to the agency just before 4,Sandra was already there waiting for them,chatting to the lady in charge.I suppose the politest description of Sandra is plain.Medium height,short brown hair and a face that was nice,but by no means beautiful.Slim,with a small but pert cleavage,and when she stood up to greet them,an ample rear.In the discussion they had together,Sandra admitted that she hadn’t expected to work for a pair of ladies,but she had no objections,as long as they respected her sexual lifestyle,and Christine and Kirsty made it very clear that they had no desire to do otherwise,they were a couple,and had been for nearly 3 years,and everyone was free to do what they wanted by them.They introduced her to Stephanie, gurgling away in her buggy,and Sandra said,what a lovely baby she was.She asked who the actual mother was,for times of maternal bonding,and Christine said that Stephanie was hers.

They explained to Sandra that though they had requested a live in nanny,in case they were called away on business,that the majority of her work would be during the day,when they working,and that she would have most evenings free to herself.Obviously they would like evenings out together,so they would be additional times they needed her,with additional wages paid,it would primarily be a 9-5 or 6 job.As she would get most evenings off,they would like her to work 6 days a week if that was possible, Sandra agreed to that.As she said to them,it would give her more time to spend with her boyfriend when he wasn’t working.They also explained to her that their work was highly secretive and discretion was vital,also that if she needed to call either of them in their working hours,she would have to ring them and they would come to see her.As they put it,what you don’t know about,you don’t have to worry about.

After 45 minutes or so of general chit chat between the 3 of them,they shook hands and told the owner that they were ready to agree a deal.She told Christine what the basic salary would be,and then they got down to the business of signing all the papers.They asked Sandra when she could start,she suggested the following Monday and everything was agreed.

When they got back from the agency Kirsty turned to Christine and said,

“Now Stephanies going to stay at my Mums tonight,so please,please let me be your real sex slave.If we start now,I’ll be ready to serve you toally by 10.30,and if you don’t change me back until the morning,I dont really care!”

“Oh,alright then,we’ll drive Stephanie to your Mums now,be back by 6, and then straight down to business,but for this you’ll be my sex slave for 18 hours,right through to tomorrow evening,deal?”

“Deal,“grinned Kirsty,“can’t wait.”

They packed a bag for Stephanie,agreed with Kirsty’s Mum to pick her up the following evening,she loved having her ‘grandchild’ to stay anyway, so she didn’t mind,then drove home.They grabbed a quick cup of tea,and headed for the computer room.

“So you want the full works,then?“asked Christine.

“Yes please Mistress,if thats permitted,thats by far the best way!”

“Certainly ‘slave’,I’m going to enjoy this.”

Now both of them loved being sex slave to each other,so both of them kept a very low level of obedience programming in their heads,nothing that anyone could possibly notice,but it saves a bit of time with the processing.Christine locked Kirsty into position,attached the sexual stimulation devices and started the initial work to make her completely obedient to her,and left her for a couple of hours while the work was being carried out,monitoring her from their living room.What Kirsty didn’t know was that Christine had upgraded her sex slave program,it was deep before,but now it was even deeper,about a 25% improvement.When she used this,Kirsty would literally do anything asked of her,even things she wouldn’t even normally dream of doing,like receiving a shower from her Mistress.Both CD’s were available,but Christine couldn’t resist the temptation to try the new one.When the time was up,and the signal was given that Kirsty was ready for ‘work’ programming,Christine grabbed the CD and headed back to the computer room.

“I think I’m going to enjoy this.“she laughed as she popped the CD into the drive and heard it whirring away,before all the electrical devices crackled back into life to do all their work on Kirstys mind.Just before midnight,Christine got the signal she had been waiting for, programming complete.She headed back to the computer room and started to remove the devices from Kirsty’s pussy and breasts.She then started to release the headset and restraints and wait for Kirsty to come round.Shortly after that Kirsty did begin to come round,and her first words were,

“How may I serve you,my Supreme Mistress?”

Now Christine knew that was a good sign,she had never been called Supreme Mistress before by Kirsty,so it looked like it had worked.

“Lick my toes,slave.“she said,knowing this was something Kirsty hated doing,and had learnt almost how to resist this order with the old programming.

“Yes Mistress.“was the reply,and the next thing Christine knew,all her toes were being licked thoroughly by her slave.Now she knew it had worked!

“Follow me through to the main house slave,and remain naked whilst doing so.”

“Yes Mistress.“was the reply and Kirsty just followed Christine back to the main living area,now,by this time of night it was a little bit cold outside,but Kirsty didn’t even flinch as the cold air hit her nipples, they just hardened like bullets though,in the cold.

“Into the bedroom slave,I have a treat in store for you.”

“Thank you Mistress,whatever it is will bring me pleasure.”

Christine went to what they termed their ‘toy cupboard’,though there was certainly nothing there for any under 18 year olds!She pulled out the strongest pair of nipple clamps they possessed and placed them sharply on Kirsty’s nipples,beyond a sigh of pleasure,no reaction whatsoever.

“Slave,you will wear these for 10 minutes as a sign of worship to your Mistress,I will then take them off and play firmly with your tenderised nipples,does that meet with my slaves approval?”

“Yes Mistress,whatever YOU desire.”

At the end of 10 minutes Christine removed the clamps and gave her slave her instructions.

“Slave,you will 69 with me,and while I am playing with my slaves nipples,you will dip your tongue into your Mistresses pussy and search for your supper.There is cream in there for you,but you will have to find it.When you require a drink you will suckle your Mistresses breasts to find the milk I have placed there for you."(As she was still breastfeeding Stephanie,and hadn’t done so tonight,she was confident Kirsty would be able to suckle her milk successfully.)

“Thank you Mistress,for you anything.“was Kirstys reply,and for the next hour or more,Christine was in heaven,in fact Kirstys tongue was so good that night,she got several meals of her Mistresses cream to enjoy. And then when she moved up and suckled her,even Christine’s orgasm went off the top of the scale.Kirsty suckled very gently,and drank all the milk Christine produced,which was quite a substantial amount.In fact it broke Christine’s heart to tell her to stop,but she was getting tired, and her nipples were beginning to get very sore,as Kirsty sometimes nipped her when suckling.

“Stop now slave,and join me in the bed,I wish to enjoy a meal from your pussy now.But you are not allowed to come until I tell you to.”

“Certainly Mistress,it will be a pleasure.”

Christine dipped her head down between Kirsty’s thighs and started lapping,judging by Kirsty’s moans,she was doing a good job.She felt Kirsty stop herself a couple of times,before she broke off and said,

“The next time you are ready slave,you may come.”

“Thank you Mistress,“she sighed,“it may not be long in happening.”

“I guessed that.“Christine said under her breath,smiling as she did so.

Within 2 minutes Christine felt Kirsty move her hips,and she looked forward to her creamy treat,it was just as well she was hungry because Kirsty’s orgasm seemed to go on forever,even Christine struggled to swallow all of it.At the end of it Kirsty just gave a big sigh and fell asleep,exhausted.Christine just lifted herself gently off Kirsty,rolled over and fell asleep herself.Christine woke in the morning to find Kirsty tenderly licking her body clean of all the previous nights fluids.She smiled at Kirsty and said,

“Slave,I have 1 more treat for you before I begin to bring you back to your normal state.Go to our toy cupboard,find a vibrator,a vibrating butt plug and the vibrating nipple clamps and return to me.”

“Yes Mistress,of course Mistress.“Kirsty replied,hurrying away.

She returned with the items,Christine lubed them up and then slid the vibrator into her,followed by the butt plug which was firmly put into position and Christine ensured that it wouldn’t work loose.Finally she attached the nipple clamps to her,and then she switched them all on. Kirsty just slumped into an orgasmic puddle of bliss on the floor,the smile on her face said everything.

“I hope she remembers this for the next time I’m slave,“said Christine, “it looks like absolute heaven.”

After 15 minutes or so of this pure pleasure,she switched everything off and said,

“Right slave,back to the computer room,much though I’d like a few more hours of this,I really need your help to prepare for next weeks clients,so all good things must come to an end.”

She strapped Kirsty back down,and began to reverse the process,and after 5/6 hours work Kirsty was back to the normal miniscule level of programming that both girls kept within their minds to save time when they wanted to have some fun.When she came round Kirsty said,

“Wow,that was awesome,what did you do to me?”

“Tried out my new program,that’s all,and it seems to work.”

“How do you know that?”

“Because you sucked all my toes for at least half an hour,thats how I know it worked!”

“Its that powerful?”

“Yes,this one overrides anything,if I’d told you to give my knee a blow job,you would have tried.”

“When do I get the chance to use it on you?”

“As soon as is practical,it looks great,“grinned Christine,“but today, we need to get down to some work.We need to have everything arranged for next week before Sandra arrives.”

“Yes,we don’t want her to find out about all this,do we?”

“Well certainly not yet,anyway.“grinned Christine.“She might be a good sport,but I think we’ll leave it a good while before finding that out! There’s nothing to stop her being a ‘temporary’ lesbian love slave if she’s game,even if she is naturally straight.Or she might just want ‘help’ with a boyfriend sometime.”

Christine rearranged their Monday ‘appointment’ for 10.00,they didn’t want her turning up at the same time as Sandra and giving her a nasty shock with why she was there.A few minutes before 9.00 the doorbell rang,Sandra was there, ready and keen to start work.They welcomed her in,introduced her properly to Stephanie and explained the normal routine.As Christine was still giving Stephanie some breast feeds, Christine would use her breast pump to prepare enough milk for those feeds for her,and other times Sandra could give her a bottle as she was used to both by now,as Mum sometimes had to go away with her work and Kirsty had looked after her. They showed her to her room,Sandra was impressed,she hadn’t expected a luxury en suite bedroom,nannies don’t usually get luxury like that,or so she’d been told!Christine explained that she and Kirsty had a very important meeting at 10.00,and if she could be ready to look after Stephanie then,she would be grateful. Sandra said she’d be happy to sort out her stuff later if necessary,and that was fine.Christine again reminded her that their work was top secret,and under no circumstances was Sandra to come through to their workshop,that if she needed either of them,they would come to her,and Sandra said OK.

It was obvious within a couple of days that Sandra was going to make a very good nanny.She seemed to bond straightaway with Stephanie,and the baby seemed quite happy with the nice lady looking after her too.Much to Christine and Kirsty’s delight,not only had they got a very good nanny, but it seemed like they’d got a very good secretary too, obviously there were some letters that Sandra couldn’t type for them, but the ones she could,she was happy to do,whilst Stephanie would lay in the corner of the room in her cot and either sleep or gurgle away happily.Phone calls were a slightly more tricky matter,but as most ‘clients’ would ask for Christine or Kirsty,that rarely caused problems.If they asked about the advert,Sandra just put the calls straight through to them anyway. Life seemed quite good for Sandra too,she got most evenings off,and that enabled her to have quite a good social life too,letting her go out and see her boyfriend.The girls discovered Sandra had no close family,both her parents were dead,and she was an only child. Unfortunately Sandra and her boyfriend split up after a few weeks,he didn’t seem to like her actually living in at her work,as he put it, with a couple of ‘dykes’,though Sandra suspected it was as much that she wasn’t around all day to keep his flat tidy for him as anything else!

The next few months went smoothly,business for Christine and Kirsty continued to boom,Stephanie was very content with her nanny,and Sandra would have evenings out with friends,and occasionly with Christine and Kirsty when Kirsty’s mum could have Stephanie to stay.They got on well together,they didn’t mind Sandra going off with men,but Kirsty did admit she would love to try out Sandra’s body,to let her see what she was missing, as she put it,but she knew she mustn’t do so.Christine did tease her that maybe sometime in the future she might let Kirsty have her way,if Sandra was willing and brave enough to try something very new.As it happened Kirsty didn’t have to wait as long as she might have expected!

One day while Christine and Kirsty were busy working on a couple,one of the people who had bankrolled the initial operation turned up unexpectedly.Sandra rang through and spoke to Kirsty,who said one of them would be out shortly to meet him.Now Mr P was an important businessman,not used to being kept waiting,and after 20 minutes or so, demanded that Sandra ring up again and ask when someone was coming to meet him.Just as Christine picked up the phone,Kirsty was checking which CD program went in which drive,and with Christine talking to her,and listening to Sandra at the same time,said,

“Put the programmes in the drive,then come on over and we will meet Mr P.”

Unfortunately all Sandra heard was,come on over and we will meet Mr P, so she did!Now Mr P knew what to expect,his company had put several hundred thousand pounds into the business and knew exactly what Christine was up to,but of course Sandra didn’t.There was so much noise with the computers and the electrical generators working away,that it was only when Christine heard Sandra scream in shock that she realised what had happened.When Sandra had walked through the door,seen all those computers,and seen 2 people strapped down to tables,with a headset on, that was clearly sending an electrical discharge straight into their brains,she was petrified and screamed loudly.Kirsty shot across the room,put her hand over Sandra’s mouth,though noone but them was likely to hear it,while Christine rapidly slipped a sedative into a syringe and injected Sandra with it.Mr P blustered and apologised, saying he didn’t know she didn’t know and some other waffle,and meanwhile Sandra drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

After the meeting with Mr P,Kirsty and Christine went into crisis conference to sort out what could be done.Sandra knew,that was clear, and short of killing her,which they definitely didn’t want to do, something still had to be done about her,or she would tell everybody, and lets face it,this is not something you want to have to explain away to the police.

“Well there’s one obvious option,“Christine mused,“she’s got no family, no boyfriend and her only point of contact is here,we program her to obey us,and she lives with us for as long as necessary.”

“What programming are you going to give her?“asked Kirsty.

“Well not one of the programmes that means she leaves here,and it will be one that keeps her here as a good nanny for Stephanie.”


“So,what I’m going to do when these 2 are finished,is run her through the basic obedience program straight away,and while thats doing its stuff,we put our thinking caps on.”


“Well,the choice is ours,nanny-servant,sex-slave,or whatever take your choice,but remember its going to be at least 5 years,so don’t suggest anything too daft.”

“What about both,nanny-servant and sex-slave,can that be done?”

“I suppose so... with the double drive on the main computer,you could run both discs at once,and that should have the right effect,.... hopefully.And which sex slave disc do we use?”

“The new one.“grinned Kirsty,“Why anything else?”

“Because she’s not really a lesbian.“said Christine.

“I know,thats why we should use the new one,to make sure she’s happy being our lesbian sex-slave.”

“I suppose so,at least she’ll be happy munching pussy that way,and we don’t have to be too hard on her as a slave,I suppose.”

“Not really,its the thought of us controlling her body sexually that appeals to me,but hey,if she wants whipping or clamping,we can oblige, and anyway if shes our slave,she can do all those wonderful things to us,we can get her to dominate both of us at the same time if we tell her to.”

“Now you’re talking.“grinned Christine.“Just think,we can both lay back and let her do all those wonderful things to us that we so enjoy,maybe I’d better add a little bit of ‘Mistress Sandra’ to that programming.”

“Now that is a great idea,“said Kirsty,“maybe more than a little ‘Mistress Sandra’ would be better.We’re both more happy being slave than domme.”

“I’ve an even better idea,let’s leave her knocked out for a couple more hours,develop a disc designed purely for her,entitled ‘Lesbian Mistress Sandra’ and then download it into her mind.No more arguing who’s slave and who’s Mistress,Sandra will be Mistress for both of us when we want her to be.”

“Wow.“was Kirstys only reply,“Can’t wait.”

They put some knock out fluid on a cloth and placed it over Sandra’s nose,just enough to ensure she slept a few hours longer.Then they got down to work.After a few hours when Christine was happy that things were coming along fine,they went back,picked up Sandra’s unconcious body,stripped her naked and placed her onto the main table.They locked her into position,and then began to bring her round,as she had to have brain conciousness when the programming began.When she came round and saw what they had done to her,she opened her mouth to scream,but Kirsty gently placed her hand over her mouth.

“No point Sandra,noones going to hear you,and this is the safest way for all of us now you know about all this,take it from me.You might just even enjoy this in the end.”

“What are you going to do to me?“Sandra asked nervously.

Christine explained,“Well first,we’re going to run the basic obedience program with enough override for 5 years,this ensures you will obey any command we give you for the next 5 years.Then we’ve developed a very special program just for you,what we are going to do is enable us to turn you into Lesbian Mistress Sandra,so that you can dominate both of us for the next 5 years when the chance occurs,we just can’t wait.Why Lesbian,well both of us are,and Kirsty at least is longing to make a meal of your pussy,so we’re just going to make sure you enjoy it as well.We’re also going to run our basic nanny/servant program through your mind so that Stephanie gets well looked after for as long as necessary,and when we want you too,you can look after us as well,with all the necessary knowledge for you to do so.”

“And at the end of 5 years?”

“In all likelihood,by then everyone will know about our machine,so if you want,we’ll be able to reverse everything and you can go back to being a normal nanny if you so desire,you’ll even fancy blokes again, if you want to,that is.”

“And if they don’t all know?”

“Then we won’t need the nanny program,but Lesbian Mistress Sandra might continue her work for a bit longer.If we can’t keep you satisfied,we can always get you a few clients,by advertising your services,you know.Or even if they do know about the machines,but you enjoy being Mistress Sandra we could always continue with that anyway.”

“And I don’t get any say in all this?”

“Not really,just lay back and enjoy it,nothings permanent,well not unless in 5 years time you tell us you want it to be,by then,who knows what we can achieve!”

“OK then.“said Sandra resignedly.“What about Stephanie?“she added.

“She won’t really notice much difference,“said Christine,“to her,you’ll just be her same lovely,adoring nanny.The only real differences you will notice will be,if we give you an order,you’ll have no choice but to obey it, and obviously if anyone asked you about our work,you wouldn’t be able to tell them about it,apart from that you’ll more or less be normal all the time.We’d never run the Mistress Sandra program when Stephanie was about,and without our instructions you wouldn’t be able to just slip into that mode.Oh,and by the way,by deepest consideration to you,your natural state will be bisexual,not lesbian.”


“Just call it giving you the best of both worlds!And we still get the benefit of your body and your love,whilst still giving you the freedom to go out with a man and enjoy it!”

“OK then,I suppose thats fair,in that case I’d better let you get on with your work.”

“Yes please,“said Kirsty,“I’m looking forward to worshipping Mistress Sandra in the near future.”

They lowered the headset into postion,attached the breastplate,and put a ‘stimulator’ up her pussy,then went over to the computers and powered them up,soon all Sandra heard was a buzzing in her ears,and felt a tingling in her head,then she fell asleep.As Christine and Kirsty watched the electrical discharge begin to override Sandra’s brain,they smiled,after all very soon,not only would they have a very good nanny and secretary,from whom they wouldn’t have to hide anything,they would be able to,when practical,unleash the dominant lesbian Mistress that they’d both dreamed of serving,whenever they wished for 5 wonderful years.No wonder they were happy with life!