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The Nanny-Chapter 2

Within a few hours the work was complete,and when Sandra awoke,there was a great temptation to see if the Lesbian Mistress program had worked there and then,but it wasn’t really very practical,Stephanie by this time had woken up and was demanding attention from her beloved nanny.

“Sandra,are you OK?“asked Christine.

“Fine,“she said,“are you going to give me an order or do you want me just to go and look after Stephanie?”

“Just go and look after Stephanie for now,try and make her happy and content again.”

“Yes Mistress.“she quietly replied.

A few hours later Christine and Kirsty checked the programming had worked by ‘telling’ her to go and prepare the evening meal,which she did without any hesitation whatsoever.

“Now all we’ve got to do is wait for our opportunity to try out the rest of the programming.“grinned Kirsty.

“Yes,I think we’re going to have to arrange for Stephanie to go to one of her grannies for a couple of days,“said Christine,“then we can really try it out properly.”

A couple of days later when there was no work planned for a few days, Christine’s mum agreed to take Stephanie for a couple of days,when she was told that Sandra was going to be too busy with other matters to look after her for a little while.They just told her that she needed to sort out a family matter,and she wouldn’t be able to take Stephanie with her,and they were too busy to be able to do it all themselves.As soon as they got back from Christine’s mum’s house,they didn’t even ponder about when to perform the big event.They called Sandra into the room and Christine told her,

“You have 30 minutes before Mistress Sandra will override all your other programming,and you will continue in that mode for 48 hours,any appeals from either of us for you to stop what you are doing must be totally ignored by you.In the next 30 minutes you are to visit our toy cupboard and take anything you find there to the basement where you will already find everything else Mistress Sandra may need provided,we are turning our ‘dungeon’ over to your control.For the period of the 48 hours you will be purely lesbian, and you will only desire women to worship your body for this period of time,and indeed for you to worship only other womens bodies,thoughts of men will not bring you any pleasure during this period of time.There are no limits as to what you may do with,or to your slaves.At the end of the 48 hours you must release us from any restraints,clamps,dildoes, vibrators etc that you may be ‘punishing’ us with,before you will return to normal.Is that all clear?”

“Yes Mistress,perfectly clear,I will enjoy my slaves company for 48 hours,I hope they enjoy mine.”

“I’m sure we will.“piped up Kirsty.

“We’ll just have to wait and see.“grinned Sandra.

For the next 30 minutes they saw Sandra carrying various items down to the basement,and they smiled,Kirsty asked Christine,

“And she’ll know how to use everything?”

“Like an expert,“said Christine,“you certainly won’t be disappointed on that front.”

After 30 minutes Christine said,

“Well,any moment now.”

And at that moment Sandra strode up the stairs from the basement, dressed in a tight leather catsuit,and cracking a fine looking whip very expertly,and snarled,

“I trust my pathetic female slaves are ready to look after their Supreme Mistress in a way She deserves,if not they will be punished accordingly.”

“Yes Mistress.“they both said meekly.

“Then lead Me to My dungeon and prove it.”

Kirsty and Christine led the way downstairs,and when Kirsty stopped to turn a light on,she felt Sandra’s whip on her rear.

“Did I tell you to stop,slave?”

“No Mistress.“Kirsty replied.

“Then don’t,there’s enough light without that for you to find your way, slave.”

“This is going to be good!“Kirsty said quietly to herself.

When they all got down to the dungeon even Kirsty and Christine got a shock,as well as all the stuff in the toy cupboard,Sandra had been busy around the house,fetching clothes pegs,needles and a small brush.She strode across the room,cracked her whip and said,

“Right slaves,both of you strip,then on your knees,while I blindfold you both in preparation.”

Kirsty and Christine just stood and stared,so Sandra cracked Her whip again,ensuring she caught both of them on their tummies,


“Yes Mistress.“they said,hastily taking their clothes off and hurriedly sinking to their knees.

She blindfolded both of them,told them to stand up,turn round 3 times, then sink back onto their knees.This they did without hesitation,they’d already learnt their lesson if they didn’t obey Her immediately.By the time they’d done all this,not suprisingly they’d lost their sense of direction,and when Sandra started attaching the clothes pegs to their ample breasts,it came as a complete shock to them and they both let out squeals of pain,though they were probably enjoying it,just not really expecting it.Not as big a squeal though as when Sandra started teasing their nipples with the needles,and before very long they were standing out like bullets,and the smell of their arousal began to fill the air.

“So my slaves are enjoying this?Excellent,and this is only their preparation for later.Now you 2 are to remove the clothes pegs from each other,but to remain blindfolded while doing so.”

As they couldn’t see where the clothes pegs were,they both pulled and tugged on each others breasts while trying to do so,and of course didn’t always manage to totally remove the clothes pegs either.The moment She saw they were finished,Sandra immediately slipped a sharp pair of nipple clamps on both of them,and started playing with them,the moans as she played with their tender breasts and nipples would have been loud enough to disturb the neighbours,had the room not been soundproofed! Finally after about 15 minutes or so,she removed both the clamps and the blindfolds,and said,

“slave Kirsty,as I know you long to worship at my pussy,you will wait your turn.Come across to the table,bringing the rope with you,and after I have firmly tied you up,you will watch slave Christine worshipping that part of my body with great gusto,and she’d better bring me to orgasm or she will be punished most severely.”

She expertly tied Kirsty down,then to make sure,handcuffed her in front of her tummy,so that she couldn’t move her hands,then she turned to Christine,

“slave Christine,remain on your knees and come across and worship at your Mistresses body,and as I warned you,make it good,I expect to orgasm more than once from your worship.”

“Yes Mistress.“Christine replied and unzipped Sandra’s catsuit so that she could do so.

Kirsty just watched as Christine used her tongue and her fingers to bring Sandra to orgasm,now Christine was good at this,and Sandra wasn’t used to a woman’s tongue licking down there,so it wasn’t all that long before Kirsty saw the tell tale signs that Sandra was about to orgasm, and she did!Christine had also recognised the telltale signs but Sandra had such a massive climax,that Christine never stood a chance of swallowing it all,and it ran down her chin,her breasts and her stomach. Sandra let out a loud moan of pleasure,and soon several more orgasms followed covering a lot of Christine’s body with her fluids.

“Stop slave,you have passed that test.“Sandra said,when she got her breath back.“I will now untie slave Kirsty and she will clean your body for you.When I have recovered it will be her turn to do the worshipping of my body,and she’d better do as well as you!”

She untied Kirsty from the table,and she went across and lapped up the fluids on Christine’s body,as well as cleaning up Sandra’s dripping pussy for her.Sandra looked down at Her slaves with a suitable look of contempt on Her face and smiled inwardly.When Kirsty had finished cleaning Christine,she handed them both a bowl of water,and told them to drink from it with their tongues,and they both lapped at their bowls of water,Christine who was slightly noisy whilst doing this,felt Sandra’s whip across her rump and the instruction,

“Drink more quietly.”

“Yes Mistress.“she said.

Sandra meanwhile drunk a glass of water in a more normal manner.When she finished it,and had recovered from Christine’s worship,it was Kirsty’s turn to prove her worth.She locked Christine into the wall restraints at both hand and ankle,and left her to watch.Now,whether it was because she thought she had to do better than Christines efforts,or whether simply that Kirsty had been looking forward to this moment for too long,but if anything she was too enthusiastic and didn’t seem to be arousing Sandra too much,perhaps she was just going too fast with her tongue to get the desired effect,but Christine could see that Sandra wasn’t all that impressed,and she wondered what Kirsty’s ‘punishment’ might be if she didn’t do better.She soon found out,Sandra restrained Kirsty against the cross,and with a soft flail started gently whipping her across her already tender breasts,telling her that this was the first punishment for not satisfying her Mistress,and the punishments would get stronger as she went on,if she didn’t improve.At the end of it,Kirsty said,

“Thank You Mistress for punishing me for my failure.”

“And so you should,“said Sandra,“and you’d better do a much better job next time I permit you to worship me.I will now permit both of you a short break while I prepare food for the 3 of us,a plate for Me,and bowls for my 2 slaves.”

“Thank you Mistress.“they both replied.

When She went upstairs Christine turned to Kirsty and asked,

“Well,is it what you were hoping for?”

“And more,I didn’t realise quite how firm She would be,but I can’t deny I’m enjoying it,I just wish I could have made her climax like you did.”

“It’s just a knack,“laughed Christine,“you’ve either got it or you haven’t,but I think you were just too keen to impress Her.”

“Probably.“admitted Kirsty.

Shortly after that,they heard Sandra coming back downstairs to them,if the 2 slaves feared the worst,they were proved entirely wrong,the food was of very good quality,and a decent wine was in their drinking bowls, she even provided them with cutlery,as eating a hot meal without cutlery was unfair,even by Her high standards.She did however make them drink their wine from their bowls like animals,as before,only this time Christine was much quieter,she’d learnt her lesson!When She’d cleared everything away,Sandra said,

“Right,back to business,its time for my 2 slaves to exercise each other.“and produced a double ended dildo for them to play with.“And I hope slave Kirsty,you do a better job of pleasuring Christine than you did for me.",and forced each of them to lube the dildo with their own saliva,when She was satisfied,She turned the dildo round and firmly forced it into both girls pussies.

“Now I want both of you to work up some nice musky juices down below, after all they will be your next drink,whatever you manage to produce from your fellow slave,you will get the pleasure of drinking.”

Both Christine and Kirsty exercised hard on this one,apart from the fear of upsetting their Mistress by not putting in enough effort,they both enjoyed eating out their partner,and knew the harder they worked, the better it would be.On one occasion when they did slow down a bit, Sandra flicked the whip at them,not hitting them,just showing them who’s boss!After half an hour of exercise both girls were dripping with sweat and juices when Sandra told them to stop.She removed the dildo from both of them,took a lick of both ends,as if she was testing it, and then set the 2 girls loose to clean up each others bodies,

“Using only your tongues.“she added just in case they were in any doubt,but they weren’t.

“Yes Mistress.“they replied in unison,and spent a pleasurable 20 minutes or so,eating each other out,and cleaning up the excess sweat as well.It must have been Kirsty’s keenness with Sandra,because Christine came twice more from her attention,and Kirsty once more from Christine’s.

The next few hours passed in a whirl of sexual domination and pleasure, and the next time Kirsty was permitted to worship her Mistress,she did a much better job and brought Sandra to orgasm 3 times,both Christine and Kirsty cleaning Kirsty up afterwards.Christine easily succeeded in bringing Sandra to orgasm as well a couple of times when it was her turn to do so.

When Sandra had them both fully restrained in straightjackets,and shackled,she looked at them and said,

“Your Mistress is very happy with Her slaves,but I’m sure you could both do better,with a little assistance.“she grinned.

“How Mistress?“Christine asked.

“With a little bit of computer programming.“Sandra replied firmly.

Kirsty looked at Christine and said,“She wouldn’t know how,would she?”

“I’m afraid she would,“said Christine,“it’s part of their inbuilt programming in case anything should happen to us,they have to know how to get themselves back to normal.”

“No Sandra,that is not permitted.“said Christine.

“Mistress Sandra to you,slave,and if you remember rightly,no is a word I ignore for the balance of the 48 hours,as you told me to.And as long as I keep a butt plug up both your rears,I won’t change back to my old self either.And anyway,when I’ve finished programming you 2,I’ll just program myself with the Mistress program as my dominant program for a very long time.You 2 will be my slaves for as long as we all live!”

“She’s right.“gulped Christine,“that wasn’t one of my better ideas!”

“What about Stephanie?“asked Kirsty,hoping she could use that as a get out clause.

“I will look after Stephanie as if she was my own child,and besides,I will have 2 slaves to help me do so.“Sandra replied.“So that is not a problem.”

“Oh.“said Kirsty under her breath to Christine,“I tried.”

“Thanks.“said Christine in reply.

Christine asked Sandra a question,“Mistress,what about our work,we need that money for us all to live by?”

Sandra sighed and said,“Silly slave,I will permit you to carry on with your work,My permission will be granted for that.”

“I tried too!“whispered Christine to Kirsty.

“I know.“said Kirsty.

“Now we can do this 2 ways,1 pleasant,1 not so pleasant.Either you let me lead you both upstairs by putting leads on your collars and then taking you to the computer room,where I can begin the necessary work to make you my perfect slaves.Or I can sedate you both and drag you up the stairs to the computer room,strap you down,and wait for you both to come round and then make you my perfect slaves,and with the bruises I’d create dragging you upstairs,that would be a pretty painful option.The choice is yours.I am going upstairs for a nice refreshing drink,I will return in 15 minutes for your decisions.”

AFter Sandra had left,Christine said,

“Now I hadn’t planned on this.”

“Well thats a relief,“joked Kirsty,“but it doesn’t solve our problem. Are you sure She can really do all this?”

“Yes,without the slightest doubt,“said Christine,“She’ll even know which CD’s to use I’m afraid.And as She doesn’t realise we have a small level of programming already,it’s going to go very deep in our minds.”

“What,as in no turning back again.”

“Exactly,however long she sets it for,there’s no guarantee of full neural freedom at the end of it.”

“So when She says forever....”

“It could well be,“groaned Christine,“and I don’t think she’s planning 2 years anyway,more like 20 at least,I think!”

About 15 minutes later,they heard the clatter of heels on the steps as Sandra returned to the dungeon,and they both let out a gulp of panic. The door of the dungeon flew open,and She stood there in front of them.

“Well?“She snarled.

“The easy way,Mistress,“they said,“we will willingly go with you,for our ‘improvements’.”

“Excellent,“Sandra said,“at least my slaves have some intelligence in them.I will attach your leads,and we will go to work.”

She clipped 2 leads onto their collars,unshackled them,took off their straightjackets,handcuffed them and led them upstairs and along into the computer room.

“Now are you 2 going on those tables willingly,or do I have to force you?”

“Willingly,Mistress.“and they both moved in the direction of a programming table.Sandra came across and restrained Christine first, clamping her ankles before removing the handcuffs and then restraining her wrists.She then did exactly the same to Kirsty.She then firmly lowered the headsets over both girls,and then went across to bring the computers to life.She then went across to the files to retrieve the CD She wanted.She brought back 2 and came across to Christine,

“I presume sex slave 2 is an upgrade on the original,and not just a second best?”

“Yes Mistress,“replied Christine,“sex slave 2 is 25% more powerful than the original.”

“Thank you,that’s all I wanted to know.Now period of time...I think 20 years will do nicely for starters.Perhaps my slaves will have an improvement,perhaps sex slave 3,by then.Even more powerful with any luck.Now first the obedience program,and then sex slave 2,I can’t wait.Is there anything you want to say before I begin?”

“Thank you,Mistress.“they said in resignation.

“That was the answer I was looking for.“Sandra said,and then she pressed the button to start things off.

Christine and Kirsty both knew what to expect,after all it wasn’t their first time of doing this.They both quickly blanked out,and the next thing they knew was 6 hours or so later,when they began to come round.

Christine was the first to speak,

“Thank You,my Supreme Mistress for doing this to me,slave Christine will serve You as long as You wish.”

Then Kirsty spoke,

“Thank You,my Supreme Mistress for doing this to me,slave Kirsty will serve You as long as You wish.”

Sandra said,“Your Supreme Mistress is happy with this,my slaves first duty will be to extend the programming of Your Mistress so that she may rule you completely for the next 20 years.I will now go and strip in preparation.Wait here for my return.”

“Yes Supreme Mistress.“they replied.

Shortly after that Sandra returned totally naked,but in the meantime she had shaved her pussy,so as to enable my slaves to worship Her better,was how She put it.She went over to the computer and prepared everything inserting the correct CD in preparation.

“This shouldn’t take long,“Sandra said,“as you are only extending and deepening My programming.”

“That is correct Mistress,“Christine replied,“a matter of 2 hours or so is all we need to do all the work.”

“Slave Kirsty,prepare my body on the table,and slave Christine stand by the computer to begin the programming.”

Kirsty locked Sandra into position,and then brought the headset down into position,she then informed her Mistress that they were ready to continue.

“Excellent,slave Christine,carry out your duty.”

“Yes Mistress.“Christine said,and plunged the button on the computer, shortly after that,Sandra felt the power pulsing through Her mind,and She blanked out.When she came round 2 1/4 hours later,both her slaves were stood at the table looking at her nervously.

“I am fine slaves,and ready to control you for a very long time.”

“We are glad to hear that,Supreme Mistress Sandra,we look forward to being Your slaves for the next 20 years or more.”

“That is what I wanted to hear.Now we must all dress ourselves suitably and collect our dear baby Stephanie,she must be welcomed into our new household correctly.But first I have something for both my slaves to do,you must both go and shave your pussies,you must both be unable to hide any part of your body from your Mistress,whenever She so desires.”

“Yes Mistress,Your command will be carried out straightaway.”

After the 2 slaves had shaved,the 3 of them dressed in their normal casual clothes,Christine and Kirsty both wore their collars,but they were hidden under their t-shirts for public display,and then they all went together to collect Stephanie.She just gurgled with delight at seeing her nanny and her 2 mummies altogether,and because of the commands Sandra had given Her 2 slaves,Christine’s parents didn’t even notice the difference in any of them.

The 1 blessing of this situation was that Sandra was very intelligent, She knew when to command Her slaves,and when to keep Her orders planned in advance.Whenever clients or possible candidates for programming were around,Sandra took a back seat on proceedings,and Her 2 slaves could carry on more or less as normal,noone would ever realise a thing.Also She tended to keep the commands fairly simple and low key whenever Stephanie was in contact with them,just for safetys sake,though really she would still be too young to understand,they just didn’t want to confuse her developing mind,though Sandra probably guessed,that in time,she would realise that something funny was going on.

When however,the moment was right,Supreme Mistress Sandra treated her slaves with the contempt they deserved.On many occasions when dealing with clients,Christine and Kirsty would shuffle around in their seats to try and get their backs or rears to a point where the bruising or cuts wouldn’t give themselves away too much.Also there were times when it was tempting for them to go braless,where Sandra had clamped their nipples or beaten their breasts,but as I said before,both girls were amply built,so they tended to just get as comfortable as they could whilst still wearing a bra.

Were the slaves happy? Of course they were.Apart from the fact that their programming ensured they did,they probably would have been so anyway,both thoroughly enjoyed being slave to the other before then, now they had the thrill of being slaves together to an excellent Mistress.Also Sandra looked after them well,the money was flooding in from their work,so by slave standards they ate and drank very well,even if it was from their food bowls and not plates and glasses!

As she grew up Stephanie seemed to cope quite well with the situation, in a way she had the best of all worlds,3 adoring ladies who all spoiled her rotten.Sandra did explain to her that Christine was her natural mum,but most of the time all 3 of them acted like they were,so I’m sure Stephanie had to give some interesting explanations of the situation when she went to school!


Stephanie is now approaching her teen years,and she is growing into a most delightful young lady,whether this is in anyway down to the ‘assistance’ that Mummy Christine gave her at the age of 11 I am not permitted to say,but Christine claims that this was only to ensure she got into Grammar school!The truth,who knows!They had all explained to Stephanie about their work on her 10th birthday,it was getting quite difficult to hide it from her,and she seemed OK with the news anyway.

Sandra,in fact now has 4 slaves, though only Christine and Kirsty actually live with Her.2 of Stephanie’s school chums mothers had asked about her circumstances and the truth had accidently slipped out.Much to everyones surprise they only thing they asked for,was to also be Sandra’s slaves,to fulfil the slave status to a Master or Mistress they had long desired.The 3 of them agreed in conversation to offer them the choice of being a ‘free slave’ and just serving Sandra in a correct manner,or to become ‘controlled slaves’ for an agreed period,though to less depth than Kirsty and Christine,as they would also need to live a normal life with their families.In fact they both chose to be ‘controlled’ and Christine and Kirsty programmed a suitable CD for that purpose and did their programming for a 5 year period over 1 weekend. Their husbands don’t even know,and on the occasions when Sandra comes round visiting with Her other 2 slaves,she has to be careful,as they would naturally obey any command She gives them,and their husbands might get suspicious of this!The only other difference is that they are bisexual in their sexual tastes,rather than lesbian,again for obvious reasons.Sandra chose to remain a lesbian when her programming was extended,and now has absolutely no desire to ever date a man again,She just enjoys ‘pussy munching’ now,both by her,and much more importantly, to her.

The business is now booming merrily,on paper at least,all 3 of them are worth at least £20 million apiece,probably a lot more,but Sandra runs all the finances,knowing a decision on the fate of the money must only be decided in 10 years time,when this set of programming comes to an end.