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The New Boss Chapter 1

Arriving at her desk just before nine in the morning Joan Lewis was surprised to hear someone moving around in Mr. Prentiss’s office. George Prentiss had recently retired as Managing Director of Crowley’s’ Department store chain and the forty-two-year-old secretary had not expected his successor until Monday.

Joan gently tapped at the door before opening it. “Hello?” she said as she entered. She was startled when she saw a handsome young man in a crisp blue suit sitting on the desk and smiling.

‘He can’t be any more than twenty-six,’ thought Joan.

“Twenty-eight, actually,” said the young man.

“Pardon me?” asked the startled mature secretary.

“You were wondering how old I was. I could read it in your face,” said the young man, who stood up and extended his hand with a smile.

“Hello, Mrs Lewis. My name is John Quinn. George has told me so much about you. He spoke very highly of you,”

“Oh, how do you do, Mr Quinn? I did not expect you until Monday,” responded Joan, still shocked at her new boss’s appearance.

“Well, I realise it’s only Friday. I just came in to sort the office and get a feel for the place before I take over on Monday. Perhaps you might get us some tea and then we can talk.”

“Yes, of course. I’ll be right back, sir,” answered Joan who made her way down to the canteen.

After several minutes Joan returned carrying a tray with a teapot, cups and scones. She sat and pored the tea before handing a cup to her new boss.

John Quinn began to explain he had been quite brilliant at school and had achieved his degree in business and economics and had worked his way up the ladder.

Joan couldn’t help but listen in almost mesmerised admiration as he spoke.

“I also have over gifts,” said John Quinn and this made Joan look with curiosity at the young man.

“It’s in my eyes, you see.”

“Excuse me?” asked Joan in a puzzled voice.

“Just look into my eyes,” responded John Quinn.

Something made Joan stare into the young man’s eyes and she was unable to pull away. There were no words spoken. Instead, Joan could hear a command in her mind and she slowly stood up.

The mature mother of one felt very strange. She stood before the new youthful Managing Director and yet she felt like it was a foggy dreamlike state.

The young man smiled but remained silent as he walked around his secretary as if inspecting her.

Joan Lewis stood six feet tall, two inches taller than John Quinn. She was wearing her pink jacket and matching knee length skirt. Her breasts were round and she had kept a very good figure thanks to sensible eating habits and exercise. Her blonde shoulder length hair reflected the sunlight.

Once again John Quinn stood before her and smiled. The silence continued and Joan herself was unable to speak.

Despite her strange state Joan felt horrified when she heard the command to undress. What was even more horrifying was the fact that something made her comply. She simply could not resist.

Removing her jacket, she placed it neatly over the chair while her eyes continued to be fixed on her young employer, who seemed to enjoy the fact that Joan had worn a white short sleeved see through blouse.

Stepping out of her black high heels, Joan’s hand reached for the zip at the back of her skirt and pulled it slowly down and allowed the loosened garment to float to the floor.

The young Managing director did not hide his obvious enjoyment to see his entranced secretary had worn black tights that encased her plain white knickers.

Stepping aside, Joan picked up her skirt and folded it neatly over the chair. She began to slowly unbutton her blouse and as the buttons fell open her plain white bra slowly came into view and the young man gave a chuckle.

Finally, as she stood naked before him, having discarded her remaining garments, Joan was confused as to why she had done this. She had never stripped naked in front of any man, not even in front of her husband.

Quinn moved closer to her and inhaled. “You are very beautiful and desirable, Joan,” he said as he admired her long shapely legs and her flat stomach.

“Thank you,” Joan finally managed to say.

“Thank you, Master,” corrected the Managing Director.

“Thank you, Master,” repeated Joan.

“You will be a great asset to me and the company. Now, this is what I want you to do…” The young man went on to give Joan some instructions before she got dressed and returned to her desk, forgetting what had just occurred.

* * *

Nothing else happened for the rest of that day for Joan. She simply went about her routine of answering the phone and typing. As she was driving home however something compelled her to visit the lingerie department of another branch of the firm in the next town. There she purchased several pieces of very sexy underwear.

When she got home she immediately went to the shower, which was not unusual in itself but then she took a razor and began to shave all her pubic hair. She stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom and admired her freshly bare vagina with satisfaction before getting dressed and starting dinner.

* * *

Later that night while she slept beside her husband Joan had a very erotic dream. She was lying naked on a luxurious four poster bed and fondling her breasts and fingering her vagina when the handsome figure of John Quinn stood before her naked.

“Please, Master, fuck me, fuck me!” she pleaded.

John Quinn went down on top of her and devoured her entire body. While this was only a dream Joan began to interact while her husband slept peacefully beside her. She swiftly removed her nightdress and began to once again finger her vagina and fondle her nipples. The dream ended in a wonderful orgasm but she woke up and was shocked to find herself naked and very wet.

Joan quietly slipped out of bed and hurried to the bathroom before returning to bed and falling back to sleep without any further incident.

* * *

Joan arrived just before nine the following Monday. She checked Mr Quinn’s office and found he had not yet arrived. She went to her desk and was just about to start work when he arrived.

“Good morning, Master,” she said.

John Quinn remained silent. He simply indicated with his finger to follow him into his office and closed the door.

“Slave,” said Mr Quinn and without hesitation, Joan went to her knees and, opening the zip of his pants, extracted his cock. Firstly, she began to lick her young boss’s balls before placing his main organ between her moist lips and began to suck.

Joan Lewis could not understand why she was doing this. She always found oral sex revolting. She refused her husband’s demand for it. In fact, it was often a storm of contention between them and yet she was submitting to this young man and was unable to resist nor did she seem to have the will to do so.

When Quinn’s cum exploded in her mouth Joan did not hesitate to swallow it.

“Good slave. Now get cleaned up and then return to your duties.

“Yes, Master. Thank you, Master,” responded Joan, who then took the elevator to the top floor which Quinn had turned into a large private suite for his own use and cleaned up in the bathroom before returning to her desk.

Nothing else happened until it was almost time for Joan to quit. It was then that Quinn called Joan into his office.

“Slave,” said Quinn one more time. Joan was about to go down on her knees one more time but instead something in her mind beckoned her to lean over the young man’s desk.

Quinn stood behind Joan and the older woman could only watch helplessly when he lifted her skirt and smiled as he observed the fact she was wearing a skimpy blue thong and her black stockings were being supported by a blue garter belt.

Quinn pulled Joan’s thongs down and gently rubbed her bare bottom with his warm hand. He smiled as he opened his zip and then drove his hardened cock deep inside his secretary’s arse and began to pound her.

Joan couldn’t understand what was happening. First, she had submitted to oral sex and now her bottom was being invaded by her young boss’s penis. She found each of these actions disgusting and yet something compelled her to surrender on each occasion without question.

When it was all over Joan once again hurried to Quinn’s suite and got cleaned up before getting into her car a driving home. This would be her daily routine with Quinn and she remained silent about it, not even mentioning it to her husband.