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The New Boss Ch 2

The following Monday Joan arrived just before nine and saw that her Master had not yet arrived. She sat at her desk and sorted through the paperwork and post.

“Good morning, Joan,”

Joan looked up and saw her Master looking down at her and smiling. She had not heard him approach.

“Oh, good morning, Master,” she responded, sounding surprised.

No more was said as John Quinn entered his office. There was no need. Joan knew what she had to do to please her Master as she followed him in and when he turned to face her Joan knelt obediently and extracted Quinn’s cock and began the twice daily ritual of sucking it and then swallowing his cum before getting cleaned up and returning to her work.

“Well done, slave. You please me very much,” before Joan left for bathroom of Quinn’s suite.

“Thank you, Master,” replied Joan who pressed her head to the floor before leaving.

* * *

An hour later Quinn came out of his office. “Joan, I will be on the ground floor for the rest of the morning. Take note of any phone calls and I will call them back.”

“Yes Master,” answered Joan as she resumed going through the paperwork.

John Quinn slowly made his way through each of the departments in the store. When he came to the lingerie and Ladies’ Department he took special interest in the female staff there. He thought they all looked very beautiful and desirable.

He approached the work station where Catherine Blair, the Manager of the department and her assistant were working.

“Mrs. Blair, my name is John Quinn,” said the young man.

Like Joan Lewis before her, Catherine was taken aback at the youthful appearance of her new boss.

“Oh, good morning, Mr. Quinn’ We heard you were coming. This is my assistant Linda Ellis,” said Catherine, still reeling from the surprise visit.

“How do you do?” said Quinn as he nodded to Linda who also nodded and smiled.

“Perhaps you would walk with me and introduce me to the staff?” said Quinn.

“Of course,” responded Catherine and they both went around the floor and the Manager introduced each of the staff individually and she noted that Quinn showed a keen interest in them.

When the tour was over Quinn turned to Catherine. “I realise the appointment of a new boss brings rumours of reorganisation and job losses. I can assure you this will not happen here,”

“I’m relieved, I mean, the staff will be relieved to hear that, sir,” replied Catherine, who was genuinely relieved at what she heard. Her husband was only working part time and they had only finally got to grips with their mortgage payments. She knew that although she was still good looking at forty-four and intelligent, it would be difficult for her to find employment.

Quinn went on. “In fact, I intend to sign some new contracts that will expand the business.”

“Of course, we will all be only to happy to help in anyway we can,” said Catherine in reply.

“Thank you, Catherine. Now, look into my eyes,”

Catherine was startled at the demand but did as obeyed and Quinn implanted instructions into her subconscious.

As she returned her station, she failed to notice Quinn was studying both herself and Linda.

Catherine Blair was five feet six. Her long black hair was always pined up. Her breasts were large and round and although she carried a little weight in her waist, she was still very fit and her legs were long and smooth.

Linda, in contrast was very tall, over six feet and slim. Her hair was also black but much shorter and her black one-piece work frock was much shorter than Catherine’s, showing off her long smooth legs.

* * *

It was near closing time when the internal phone at Catherine’s station rang. She picked it up and heard the familiar voice of Joan Lewis.

“The Master wishes to see you.”

Without a word to anyone else Catherine replaced the receiver and went to the elevator that led to Quinn’s office. Joan was just finishing up, having given her boss his evening pleasure. The Secretary opened the door and Catherine walked in.

“Thank you, Joan. That will be all,” said Quinn, who was standing in the centre of his office.

“Thank you, Master, responded the woman as she went down and pressed her head to the floor before leaving.

Catherine stood silently as Quinn circled her and admired her. She heard the command to follow him as he left his office and made his way to his suite on the top floor.

There Quinn sat in a chair and when she heard the command in her mind the entranced Manageress began to undress. Reaching for the zip at her back she pulled it down and allowed her one-piece work frock to float to the floor, revealing her full slip, which she quickly pulled over her head and tossed away.

Quinn smiled when he saw that Catherine was wearing a low-cut black bra that hemmed in her breasts. He smiled too when her saw that her knickers were encased by her black tights.

‘We will have to make changes,” he thought.

As soon as she was naked Catherine lay down on the four-poster bed that Quinn indicated and waited her Master’s pleasure.

Quinn quickly undressed and mounted the Manageress, who gave no resistance as the young man ravished her naked body. Indeed, her body reacted positively and they soon locked in a wonderful session of sexual pleasure.

When it was concluded Quinn whispered instructions into her mind before she dressed and left work for home. Before she left the building, she went to the lingerie department and chose some very sexy underwear that she would never wear and then drove home. After her shower, she like Joan, shaved all her pubic hair.

* * *

For the next few days all the other female staff were summoned to Quinn’s suite at regular intervals, starting with Linda. The tall leggy assistant Manageress was uneasy, especially when she heard the Joan Lewis referring to Quinn as the Master.

Unsuspectingly, she entered Quinn’s suite and in a moment was under his control. Obeying a mental command Linda undressed without hesitation and as soon as she was naked, lay down on the luxury bed and entertained her new Master by probing her vagina with her finger until she orgasmed.

Quinn leaned over her and whispered some new instructions into her mind before she got cleaned up, dressed and then returned to her station as if nothing happened.

By Friday all but three of the female staff had been seen by Quinn. The remaining three, Claudia, Elizabeth and Clare Holland, were sisters. Claudia, the eldest, was twenty-two and married. Elizabeth was twenty and shared a flat with her boyfriend and nineteen-year-old Clare was single. All three wore their long blonde hair in similar fashion and could be mistaken for triplets.

For the next few weeks all three would be summoned together and although Joan was also under Quinn’s spell, she did note that whenever the sisters entered Quinn’s suite strange Eastern music would be played and sometimes there was the occasional shriek from one or all of them. They would then return to their work places without a word. When their workmates, dying with curiosity, asked them why they were summoned together they were unable to answer because they genuinely could not remember.

Only Quinn knew the plans he had for these luscious sisters.