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The New Boss Ch 3

By Astropirate ©

It was Saturday and it was Catherine’s day off. Despite this she made her way into town on the pretext of going shopping. After browsing some of the shops something prompted her to make her way through the back entrance of the store where she worked. As she stepped into the elevator, Joan Lewis, Quinn’s Secretary, joined her and Catherine pressed the button to indicate the top floor where Quinn had his personal suite.

As they journeyed up to the suite neither woman spoke to each other. Indeed, it was almost as if they were oblivious to each other. It wasn’t that they were not sociable but women had received a phone call from their boss with the same message. “The Master demands your presence.”

At once both women felt compelled to comply without question and this was why Joan, who never visited the store on Saturday was also present.

Arriving at the door of the suite Catherine was about to knock but the door automatically opened. “Welcome, my pets,” came a voice from the intercom on the wall and both Catherine and Joan entered the suite.

There was nobody in the room but Quinn’s voice sounded from another intercom on the wall where a door was already opened.

“Just enter the room, my pets,” said Quinn and they both obeyed mindlessly.

The room they entered was a bedroom and Quinn was lying on a very luxurious double bed in a dressing gown. He scanned each woman slowly with his eyes. Joan was wearing a light green summer dress that was just below her knees while Catherine wore tight fitting jeans and a short-sleeved tee shirt. She looked particularly slim in her leisurely outfit and the tightness of her tee shirt showed her wonderful curves that seemed to be straining to escape their confines.

Quinn smiled in admiration at both of them. He remained silent but Catherine and Joan both heard the command “Amuse me.” And they began to undress each other. Quinn was particularly pleased when observed the two women were wearing very lacy low-cut bras and matching thong. Joan wore red while Catherine wore black.

When they were naked, they kissed each other with passion before Catherine moved to Joan’s medium breasts and began to lick them.

Joan had never had a lesbian experience before and the licking of her breasts by another woman was certainly new to her. Despite being entranced the older woman moaned softly as Catherine’s tongue continued its circular motion around her nipples. Joan’s wonderful pleasure continued as she felt Catherine’s lips and tongue working their way done her waist.

“Ooooh,” she sighed several times as the wonderful sensation continued.

Then Catherine stopped and Joan proceeded to copy every action of the Manageress as she administered her first ever lesbian seduction and it was soon Catherine’s turn to experience wonderful sapphic pleasures as the secretary worked on her body quiet expertly, despite her lack of experience.

Quinn was clearly enjoying the show. However, he clapped his hands when Joan knelt and was about to invade Catherine’s pussy with her tongue. This made them both stop and Joan stood up and they both stood facing their Master. The gesture from his hands told them both to join him on the bed.

Quinn had opened his robe and allowed it to fall open, revealing his nakedness as the women crawled onto the bed to join him, Catherine on his right and Joan on his left. Both women went about their work of pleasing their Master and each other. Soon, all three enjoyed wonderful orgasms that left them both exhausted and breathless.

At Quinn’s silent command Catherine and Joan joined their Master in the shower and washed him thoroughly before washing each other as their Master looked on with pleasure.

The Manageress and Secretary dried themselves and dressed before they received fresh instructions from their Master. After this Joan and Catherine went their separate ways as if nothing had happened.

* * *

On Monday morning Quinn was on th floor when he heard the commotion. A mature woman and a younger woman were held fast by security personnel and brought to the Managing Director.

“They tried to steal these jackets, Mr. Quinn,” said one of the guards, who held the older woman with one hand and the jackets with the other.

“Bring them to my office,” ordered Quinn and the party followed the young Managing Director into the elevator that led to his office.

“What are you going to do to us?” demanded the older woman in a frightened tone.

“You are both thieves. You will be punished as such,” responded Quinn without looking at either of them.

“Please, I beg you…” The older woman’s voice trailed off as they arrived at the desk where Joan was working.

“You, come with me,” he ordered as he grabbed the older woman dragged her into his office.

“Look, I’ll pay for the jackets,” said the older woman when Quinn closed the door.

“That’s not the way it works. You will be punished,” replied Quinn who looked the older woman up and down.

‘Not bad.’ He thought as he did so.

“Please, what do you want?” asked the older woman who was close to tears.

“Look into my eyes,”

“What?” The woman could say no more as Quinn swiftly took control.

He took a moment to study her. She was about five feet eight with long blonde hair and a generally good figure.

“What is your name?” he asked.

“Jane… Jane Mellor and the girl is my daughter Robin.”

“How old are you?”

“Forty-two and Robin is nineteen.”

There was a silence and then, responding to a mental command from Quinn Jane began to undress. She swiftly removed her polo neck jumper and jeans and was soon standing naked before Quinn.

Quinn once again looked intently into the older woman’s eyes and she suddenly became very aroused. Putting her hands on her large round breasts, she began to squeeze them while at the same time licking her lips as a surge of lust filed through her body.

As she moved her right hand down her body Jane began to gently rub her pussy bush with her finger before probing through her lips and started to play with her clit.

Each of her strokes brought a corresponding moan from the older woman followed by a gasp for air until finally she could no longer contain her orgasm as it spewed forth, releasing from Jane a cry of both excitement and pleasure.

“Now, listen to me…” Quinn implanted his instructions into the older woman’s mind.

* * *

“You men can go now. You won’t be needed,” said Quinn to the waiting security guards after opening his office door.

“Yes sir,” responded the men before leaving.

“In here,” he instructed the frightened younger woman, pointing to his office.

Reluctantly, Robin obeyed and was shocked to see her mother naked and standing mindlessly before Quinn’s desk.

“Mum, what in the name of God has this bastard done to you?” she cried.

Jane made no response. Instead, she grabbed her daughter and held her tightly.

Quinn fixed his eyes on the young woman and Robin was swiftly under his control. He transplanted instructions into both their subconscious. Mother and daughter then faced each. Despite the fact she had been hypnotised by Quinn Robin was shocked as her mother proceeded to undress her before their Master. What was worse was that she could not understand why she simply submitted in silence.

Quinn inspected them both and nodded with satisfaction.

At another mental command from Quinn, Robin went down on her knees and extracted Quinn’s cock before putting it between her lips and sucked it expertly until her Master was rock hard.

Robin withdrew and Quinn, pushing Jane onto a couch, mounted the hypnotised mother before pounding her pussy. When his cum exploded inside her Quinn got up and Robin then went between her mother’s long smooth legs and began to lick Jane’s cum soaked pussy. Her actions not only cleared away all trace of her Master’s cum, but also resulted in a wonderful orgasm for her mother.

“To pay for your crimes you will return here to my suite on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon to clean it and keep it tidy. You will also have other ‘duties,’. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Master. Thank you, Master,” they replied in unison.

“You may get dressed and leave,” instructed Quinn.

Jane and Robin dressed swiftly. They went to their knees and pressed their heads to the floor before leaving. When they returned for “Work” on Monday they stripped each other and then proceeded to clean their new Master’s apartment, totally naked. This was to become their routine each week.

The following Friday Catherine and Joan spent the afternoon entertaining their young Master by making love to one another while he observed. When the orgasmed they showered together to add to their Master’s pleasure. Then Quinn turned to Catherine.

“Catherine, I wish you and your husband to dine with me at my suite tonight.”

“Oh, thank you, Master,” replied the entranced Manageress enthusiastically.

Quinn smiled. “Now, this is what you will do…” Quinn went on to give Catherine her instructions.

* * *

Paul Blair, Catherine’s husband felt uneasy. His wife was acting very strange. Her boss had invited them both to dinner at his suite. This, in itself, was not too bad, even if it was unusual. What was strange though was that Catherine had insisted that Paul leave their bedroom while she dressed. When he returned, she was wearing a very short black low-cut dress with her breasts clearly visible.

“Are you alright, Kate?” asked Paul.

“Of course, I am. Why do you ask?”

“It’s just that you never dress like that.”

“Like what?’ asked Catherine firmly.

“Well, I don’t know. So… sexy,” was all Paul could respond.

“Nonsense, are we going, or aren’t we?”

Paul begrudgingly nodded.

Even in the car there was an eerie silence that made Paul uncomfortable. Finally arriving at Quinn’s suite, Catherine and Paul were greeted by a man wearing a black suit and bow tie. Catherine had never seen him before and it was later that they realised this was Quinn’s Butler, Reynolds. He bowed respectfully and then spoke.

“The Master is waiting,” was all he said with an elegant English accent and led them into the dining room where Quinn was already seated. He got up and put his hand out to Paul as he greeted them. “I am so very happy to meet you, Mr Blair. Catherine has told me so much about you,” he said with a smile.

“Thank you,” responded Paul tensely as he shook the young man’s hand.

Quinn turned to Catherine. “Catherine, dear, you look very elegant,” he said and kissed her cheek and then implanting a suggestion in her mind.

“Thank you, Master. May I use the bathroom to freshen up?”

“Of course, my dear,” responded Quinn and Catherine hurried away to the bathroom.

“Master?” asked Paul with alarm.

“It’s what she calls me now, Paul. Some brandy?” answered Quinn, patting Catherine’s confused husband on the shoulder.

“I don’t understand…” said Paul as Quinn handed him the drink.

“Oh, it’s quite simple, Mr Blair. Your wife simply looked into my eyes.”

“Looked into your eyes?” repeated Paul.

“That’s right, look into my eyes, Paul.”

If Paul Blair thought he was confused before he was doubly confused now. He tried to look away but was unable to do so.

“Your wife will be pleasing me tonight and you will watch us,” the young boss implanted into Paul’s mind.

Dinner was a four-course affair. Each dish was served by two naked women and, although entranced, Paul Blair was still shocked at the sight. Nothing however, would prepare him for what followed. All these women, including a mother and her daughter had been “hired” by Quinn when her encountered each of them as they shopped at the Department store during the week. The women also cleared the table and when they concluded their “work.” They each dressed and mindlessly made their way home to their husbands.

* * *

At the end of the evening Quinn cleared his throat and stood up.

“Well, I think it is time to retire,” he declared with a smile. “Follow me,” he ordered. Husband and wife helplessly obeyed and followed Quinn upstairs to the Master bedroom.

Quinn lay down on the bed still wearing his dressing gown and turned to Catherine. “Please me,” he instructed.

“At once, Master,” responded Catherine. The Manageress put her hands behind her back and pulled the zipper of her black dress. It was only as it fell open that Paul saw that his wife had worn nothing underneath and even more shocking was the fact that as the loosened garment floated to the floor, he saw that she not worn knickers either. As she stood naked but for her sheer black stockings, something he had never known her to wear before. Angry and confused, Paul wanted to protest but something prevented him from doing so.

Quinn enjoyed Paul Blair’s predicament and smiled as he observed the helpless husband’s facial expression. Quinn snapped his fingers and indicated with his hand to Catherine to join him on the bed which she did without hesitation.

Her boss took Catherine in his arms and they kissed passionately before Quinn whispered something in her ear. Catherine smiled as she opened the young man’s gown and began to work on his bare chest, licking, sucking and kissing until she arrived at his underwear which she promptly removed, revealing his cock which she quickly engulfed and began to suck with a strange expertise that her husband never suspected she had as he watched helplessly.

After a few more moments of this Catherine stopped and turned around. She positioned herself above Quinn’s rigid rod and began to ride it rigorously, while Quinn placed his hands on her wonderful breasts and gently squeezed them. At the same time, her young boss kissed her bare neck and shoulder all the while her husband was forced to observe.

What really was frustrating for Paul was the fact that his wife was really enjoying the sex. Her moaning proved it and also that Catherine smiled at her husband several times as if she enjoyed given him this “display.”

Finally, as Quinn’s cum exploded inside her, Catherine Blair gave a yell of satisfaction and delight.

“You are a good slave,” said Quinn putting his hand on Catherine’s chain to make her look up at him.

“Thank you, Master,” she responded with a smile as she lay beside him breathing heavily. They rested together for a few moments while Catherine’s husband was forced to look on in silence.

“Well, we must get cleaned up,” declared Quinn. He took Catherine by the hand and led her to the shower. Paul followed when he received a mental command and once again was forced to observe as his naked wife and her young boss showered together. As the warm water sprayed about them Catherine went to her knees and licked Quinn’s cock as if cleaning it with her tongue.

As Quinn pulled Catherine to her feet, he stood behind her as the steamy water continued to flow. He reached down with his hand and began to probe her freshly shaved pussy, making her moan softly as he did so. It was even more pleasurable with a wonderful orgasm for the mature manageress and wife.

* * *

Linda stretched her arms. She tired. It was Friday night and the store was about to close. It had been a long day and she was looking forward to a long soak in the tub. It was almost nine when the internal phone rang at her station and the tall leggy brunette picked it up.

“Your Master demands your presence,” said Quinn,

“At once, Master,” responded Linda and without hesitation the Assistant Manageress made her way to the elevator that would take her to the Master’s suite.

When Linda stepped out of the elevator, she was greeted by two young women who were familiar to her although they were not members of the staff. They were both dressed like harem girls. They each wore a jewelled bra. They also had sheer pantaloons with slits, revealing their long smooth legs. One of the girls wore red and the other wore blue.

As they led Linda to the room that contained a sunken bath, she suddenly remembered seeing these girls browsing in the store earlier. They proceeded to undress Linda, who gave no resistance as they did so. When she was naked the tall brunette stepped gingerly into the prepared bath and the girls followed her as soon as they had undressed.

The girls proceeded to wash Linda very carefully, applying aromatic oils to her body, the scent of which was very soothing indeed. After being bathed the girls took Linda to a bench and massaged her expertly. One of the girls also shaved the remaining pubic hair, leaving her pussy totally bare.

Linda was dressed in a sheer gown that hid nothing and as soon as the girls dressed, they led her to Quinn’s bedroom where they went down on the floor, pressing their heads to the ground.

“You may both go,” instructed Quinn.

“Thank you, Master,” they responded before leaving the room. They returned to the bathroom and changed into their own clothes before going home.

At a mental command from Quinn, Linda loosened her transparent robe and allowed it to float to the floor. The young Executive to a moment to admire Linda’s naked form. She seemed flawless. Her long legs were smooth and her pussy was freshly shaved. Her waistline was slim and her breasts, also flawless, were round and firm. Quinn was also pleased with the wonderful aromatic scents that oozed from Linda’s body.

“You are very beautiful,” said her boss.

“Thank you, Master,” responded Linda with a smiled.

Quinn patted the bed and Linda got onto it and crawled up beside her Master. He suddenly produced her phone and handed it to Linda.

“I think you should phone your boyfriend and tell him you won’t be home tonight,” said Quinn with a smile.

Linda just nodded and then dialled Dave’s number and told him she was working late and something had come up that meant she would not be home before hanging up on him.

The beautiful and naked Assistant Manageress went about her night’s work of pleasing her Master. She simply surrendered her body as Quinn licked and sucked her wonderful breasts. She moaned softly as he moved down her body, licking, sucking and kissing as he did so until he arrived just above her pussy.

It was soon Quinn’s turn to moan as he commanded Linda to take his cock and suck. Normally, Linda hated oral sex and seldom performed it on Dave but now she went about it very enthusiastically for her Master.

“Mmm,” was all she could mutter as her head bobbed up and down.

Finally, Quinn pushed her away and made her kneel doggy style before inserting his cock into her arse and proceeded to pound her. They both released cries of pleasure when Quinn’s hot load exploded inside her.

“That was excellent, slave. The next time I will fuck your wonderful Pussy,” declared Quinn as he put his hand on Linda’s chin to make her look at him.

“Oh, thank you, Master,” replied Linda sounding excited with anticipation.

They were soon asleep, holding each other tightly.

When Linda woke the following morning, the sun was shining through the windows even though it was only about seven. Quinn was sitting on the bed naked.

“Come,” he said and, taking Linda’s hand, led her to the shower where once again, in the midst of steamy jets of water, the young woman sucked her Master’s cock until he orgasmed.

The two girls who had greeted Linda earlier appeared and dried them both before dressing them. Then Quinn led her to the dining area and the girls served them breakfast. After this, Linda returned to her station to start work and none of her colleagues were aware she had spent the night with her Master.

It would be later in the day that Dave would turn up only to be confronted by Quinn who planted suggestions in his sub conscious and Dave would leave the store without a whimper.