The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The New Boss Ch 4

By Astropirate ©

Quinn continued using his powers on his unsuspecting female staff as well as female customers who visited Crowleys’ whom caught his eye. Whether the women were married, separated, divorced or single, it made no difference to Quinn. If he felt they were beautiful and attractive he simply had to have them and when they fell under his spell there was no escape. His particular preference would usually be more mature and as he put it, “with plenty of experience”.

Each day Quinn would trawl the floor, especially in the Ladies’ departments for potential “lovers”. He would see a beautiful woman checking out the merchandise and then approach her and using his sales talk, he’d ensnare them. Whenever a suspicious husband or partner appeared, he would also hypnotise them to do his will.

Each woman would fulfil his particular sexual fantasy. Joan Lewis, his forty-two-year old secretary for example would suck his cock twice daily, once when he would arrive at the office and then just before she finished work. Joan would also allow Quinn plunder her arse with his cock at lunchtime. All these activities the mature secretary abhorred her. What was worse was the fact that she was under Quinn’s spell she was conscious of what she was doing but unable either to protest or resist his commands.

Joan, as well as Catherine Blair and Linda Ellis, the Manageress and assistant, respectively, were Quinn’s favourites. Catherine, also in her forties, would be summoned to Quinn’s suite for an hour every day. She would firstly unpin her black hair and shake it loose before stripping naked in front of her Master and fondle her firm breasts and then allow him to lick her freshly shaved pussy before returning to her station as if nothing had happened.

Linda, who was in her late twenties, was over six feet tall and slim. She would hear the music in her mind and do a striptease for her Master. When she was naked, she would submit her body for her Master’s pleasure and like Catherine, she would then return to her station as if nothing happened. Sometimes too, both Catherine and Linda would be summoned together. They would seduce and make love to one another as their Master watched with pleasure before joining him for a threesome. And like before they would return to their stations as if nothing happened. They were also expected to share the Master’s bed.

For Joan it happened unexpectedly when Quinn called her into his office just before she finished work and instructed her that he wished her for the night.

Accordingly, and as instructed, Joan returned home. She had dinner with her husband as usual and then informed him that the Master needed her for the night. Her husband simply nodded. Joan showered and dressed again before driving back to the store and make her way up the lift to Quinn’s suite. When she arrived at the suite, Joan rapidly stripped, tossing her jacket, blouse, skirt and the rest of her clothes away into an untidy heap before crawling onto the bed and joining her Master.

First of all, she went for her Master’s cock and engulfing it with her lips, began to suck expertly in a slow but steady pace.

“Mmm,” was all she could mutter, sounding like a schoolgirl enjoying ice cream.

Quinn too moaned, especially as his entranced secretary licked his balls. He pulled Joan forward when he felt he was ready and she positioned herself to ride his cock while he gently pinched and squeezed her breasts as she did so. When they orgasmed, Quinn held her close and they were soon asleep, cradled in each other’s arms.

* * *

The following morning was even more strange. Joan woke to find that her Master was already awake and smiling down at her. Taking her by her hand, to a room where was a sunken bath which had been prepared. Joan was shocked when she saw two naked women waiting to attend them. She recognised them as the mother and daughter who had been apprehended trying to steal although she could not remember their names.

Quinn led Joan by the hand and they eased into the bath. They were joined by the two other women who proceeded to wash them. When they were finished the women dressed them both. Joan returned to her desk and the two women returned to their duties of cleaning Quinn’s suite totally naked.

* * *

Quinn did not confine his actions to the store. One Sunday he was passing a church and spied a beautiful blonde woman emerge, accompanied he guessed, by her sister, who was also blonde. It was a bright day and her shoulder length hair reflected the sunlight. She was about five feet eight with a good figure. Quinn guessed she was in her mid-fifties. She wore a blue jacket with a matching knee length skirt and he saw that her legs were long and smooth. This last point decided it for Quinn. He saw she was heading for the parochial hall where they served tea and coffee after services and he decided to follow her in.

The blonde was at a table picking up two cups. Quinn saw that her companion had made her way to the ladies’ room so he took the opportunity to approach her. He took a cup and held it out to receive the tea. Then he swung around, pretending to be surprised when he saw the woman.

“Oh, hello,” he said.

“Hello,” responded the woman cautiously. “I’ve never seen you in here before,” she continued.

“Yes, I just arrived. My name is John Quinn.”

“Virginia Lawson,” replied Virginia as she extended her hand.

Quinn took her hand. “Look into my eyes,” he commanded.

“What?” Virginia tried to turn away but was unable to do so.

Quinn fed her mind with several instructions just before her companion returned.

“Elizabeth, this is John Quinn,” said Virginia. “This is my sister in law, Elizabeth,” she continued.

“How do you do?” said Elizabeth as she extended her hand. As with Virginia, Elizabeth found herself completely under his control. Continuing to use his powers, Quinn extracted from Virginia that she was fifty-three and the mother of two boys in their early twenties. Her husband was a business man who was away a lot and it so happened he was in the States and not due back until the end of the month.

Elizabeth was fifty-four and divorced. She was an estate agent and had twenty-two-year old married daughter. As their conversation progressed Quinn put a mental command into their minds. All three left the hall. Quinn got into his car and drove back to the store. Virginia and Elizabeth followed in Virginia’s car.

Arriving at the store all three went to the lift that led to Quinn’s suite. The women mindlessly followed Quinn into the room where he sat in an armchair and smiled. Then another mental command came and both women began to undress. Virginia slowly removed her jacket and then placed it neatly over a chair. When she removed her white blouse, Quinn was pleasantly surprised to see she was wearing a low-cut white lacy bra. Dropping her skirt revealed her matching lacy knickers and the fact she had worn stockings.

In contrast, Elizabeth had worn a blue polo neck jumper and black slacks. She also wore plain white underwear.

When they were both naked the entrance sisters in law stood silently with their arms now by their sides. Quinn walked around them and inspected them both. He was again amused at the fact they both donned enormous blonde bushes that hid their pussies. He had to admit that Virginia was his favourite.

“Come with me,” he ordered and both women followed him to the bedroom.

After undressing Quinn stood behind Virginia and inhaled.

“You are very desirable,” he said, before kissing her neck while Elizabeth watched on helplessly.

The touch of Quinn’s lips on her shoulder, along with his warm hands rubbing her naked breasts made Virginia shudder.

“My husband, what of my husband,” she thought.

“I am your Master. You will obey me always,” came a voice in her head.

“Yes…Master…” moaned Virginia softly as she succumbed to the pleasure of Quinn’s seduction of her body. His lips and tongue seemed to know her every desire as they worked on her neck, shoulders and her slim waist.

Her new Master pushed Virginia down on to the bed and she looked up with excitement as she awaited his next move. She did not have to wait long as her Master descended on her like an eagle snatching its prey.

Firstly, he kissed Virginia’s moist lips with passion. Then, her neck and bare shoulders before moving onto her wonderful breasts.

“Oooh,” sighed the helpless blonde wife and mother of one as she felt her Master’s tongue lick each of her nipples. The excitement gave Virginia goose bumps and made her shudder with pleasure.

Making his way down to her waist, her Master prised her long smooth legs apart before beginning the invasion of her pussy. First her gently probed through her lips with his finger before positioning himself to explore the blonde’s pussy with his cock.

Virginia, in turn, wrapped her legs around him as he began to pound her. The wonderful orgasm that followed left them both breathless and exhausted.

Elizabeth stood silently as she was compelled to watch. Although she was under Quinn’s power she was still disgusted and horrified as she witnessed her sister in law enjoying sex with this stranger. Her disgust was compounded when she received another mental command from Quinn. Elizabeth went down between Virginia’s legs and began to lick the cum soaked pussy, making Virginia moan softly as she did so.

Even when she had cleared it away Elizabeth’s task was not completed. Something compelled her to move into a sixty-nine position and once again she resumed the licking of Virginia’s pussy while Virginia felt the desire to return the favour and lick Elizabeth also. Soon the sisters in law were locked in a passionate desire to satisfy each other while their Master looked on with pleasure. They were both unaware that secret cameras recorded every thing and Quinn what often watch replays of this as well as have sex with them together or separately.

Virginia’s orgasm was huge. It was the best that she had ever had. Elizabeth orgasmed just moments later. At their Master’s command the women joined him in the shower as they washed each other.

After they dressed the women received further instructions from their Master before returning home. That evening both women shaved their pubic hair and the following day, Monday, they purchased sexy lingerie.

Something else happened too. Virginia and Elizabeth felt themselves attracted to each other. Every time they met, they desired to make love. Finally, one Sunday, they skipped services and made love in Virginia’s own marriage bed. Whenever an opportunity presented itself, they would sleep together.

* * *

It was Monday and officially, at least, it was John Quinn’s day off. However, Joan, his Secretary, knew he was always present in his suite two storeys up. It was a regular occurrence that at least one or more of the female employees, including herself, would be summoned to his suite to “Please their Master,”.

It was no surprise to her then when Virginia Lawson arrived at her desk. “The Master has summoned me,” was all she said and Joan simply nodded and waved her on. Silently, Virginia stepped into the elevator and pressed the button for the floor on which her Master’s suite was located. She knocked at the door and it was opened by a naked young woman who simply smiled.

Virginia was startled.

“It’s ok, Robyn. Show her in,” came a voice from the bedroom that Virginia recognised as her Master’s.

Robyn remained silent and signalled with her hand to follow her. As she was being led to her Master’s bedroom Virginia could not but notice an older woman, also naked, going around the room with a duster. She was unaware that they were mother and daughter and now working for their Master.

“Thank you, Robyn. That will be all,” said Quinn as he sat on the bed wearing a dressing gown.

“Thank you Master,” responded Robyn mindlessly as she knelt on the ground, pressing her head to the ground before leaving.

Quinn stood up and smiled. “Welcome Virginia,”

“Thank you, Master,” answered Virginia just as mindlessly.

Quinn took a moment to admire and study the wife and mother of one. She had chosen a pink jacket and skirt outfit for visit to her Master. It was her favourite when attending services. She stood silently as she awaited her Master’s command.

Quinn nodded and smiled with satisfaction and at that same moment Virginia received the command. She began to undress, this time tossing her clothes away in an untidy heap until she was naked. Quinn was pleased when he saw that Virginia had worn a lacy low-cut black bra and skimpy matching knickers. Another thing he was pleased with was her freshly shaved pussy.

Another command made Virginia crawl unto the luxurious bed and lie there. She fondled her wonderful breasts and fingered her pussy.

“Oh Master, let me please you,” she said in a sigh of sheer desperation as she looked at her Master, who had removed his gown to reveal his naked body.

Quinn smiled before joining her. He took the blonde wife and mother in his arms and kissed her passionately before making his way to her breasts to lick and suck them, making Virginia sigh with pleasure.

Virginia, for her part, went to her Master’s cock and began to suck it like an expert, even though had never doe it before, not even for her husband.

When it was rock hard, her Master pulled her towards him. Virginia mounted him, her soft warm breasts pressing against his chest and kissed him. Virginia then felt her Master’s hands on her bare hips and he positioned her so her pussy could receive his rod. When they were ready Virginia began in earnest to pound him hard until they both enjoyed a wonderful orgasm.

After a few moments Quinn took Virginia by the hand to the bathroom and like Joan Lewis before her, joined her Master in the sunken bath to be bathed by Robyn and her mother, who also joined them in the bath.

After being dried and dressed Virginia received fresh instructions from Quinn before returning home and acting as if nothing had happened.