The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The New Boss Ch 5

By AStropitate ©

John Quinn, the new Managing Director of Crowleys’ department store was feeling very pleased. His plans to increase business was coming on nicely. In rapid succession he had used his mind control skills to enslave the female employees of the store, especially those in the Ladies’ and Lingerie departments that he considered very attractive. He had also managed over the course of time to programme their spouses or partners so he would have a free hand. They had all shaved their pubic hair and began to wear lacy or skimpy underwear each day at work and waited their turn to be summoned to the Master’s suite to be fucked by him.

His mature secretary, Joan Lewis was first. She had become very compliant. As soon as her Master arrived, she would enter his office and strip naked. He would inspect her body, making sure her pussy was freshly shaved. When he was satisfied Joan would kneel and without a word, place her Master’s cock between her lips and suck it, occasionally licking his balls. As soon as her Master’s cum exploded in her mouth she would swallow without hesitation. Then she would make her way to the bathroom in her Master’s suite and clean up. She would repeat this ritual just before lunchtime. At the end of her shift she would once again enter her Master’s office. She would bend of a chair to present her bottom to be fucked by his cock. To make it easier she wore a skimpy thong and stockings or sometimes she wore nothing underneath.

Catherine Blair, the forty-two-year old Manageress and her assistant Linda Ellis, in her twenties were also part of the harem. They would be summoned individually or sometimes together. If they were summoned individually, they would strip naked and please the Master on his bed. When summoned together they made love to each other while he watched on, perhaps with a third woman with him and there would be an orgy of sexual pleasure. They would get cleaned up and return to their work stations is if nothing happened.

Nor was Quinn confined to the female employees. He had also entrapped a mother and daughter who had been caught trying to steal. Robyn and her mother would visit their Master’s suite three days a week. After undressing they would go about cleaning the apartment. They would also be compelled into having sex with their Master in a threesome or sometimes just make love to one another while the Master watched with pleasure.

Another of his favourite “lovers” was Virginia Lawson a beautiful fifty-three- year-old blonde mother of one and housewife. He had met Virginia, along with her sister in law, Elizabeth one Sunday at the Parish hall. Like the others, they had quickly come under his control and performed various sexual acts that they normally would not do, including sleeping with each other.

These were just a few in Quinn’s harem. Other women were usually visitors to the store.

Each of the women would be conscious of what they were doing and, in most cases, revolted by their actions and puzzled as to why they had done so.

But there was another reason for his harem. He intended to use them to help him in securing new contracts. To this end work began on the floor directly under his suite. The plan was to turn the area into a large dining area where he planned to hold a banquet for about forty Middle Eastern business men.

The work began in earnest and took about three weeks to complete. It was very secretive work and naturally everyone was curious but no one found out what was going one.

Finally, one Friday, all the female employees were instructed to remain after closing while the few male employees left for their homes.

Quinn came among them and instructed them that they would return to the store after closing time the following evening to entertain his guests. They were to wear only the very short dresses provided and no underwear.

* * *

On the evening of the banquet there were twenty businessmen assembled in the room that was specially prepared. Although all but one wore Western attire it was obvious they were all Arabic. Quinn welcomed them all individually before they all sat together at a long table with Quinn in the centre.

The meal, a seven-course affair, was delivered by the company that had been hired to prepare it. The owners of the company, however, were surprised that they had not been engaged to serve it as well. Quinn, however, explained that he had already “hired” staff to serve it and all the company had to do was deliver.

The opening course was brought in by a team of beautiful women. They were naked but for high heels and a thin beaded belt around their waists. The belt supported a slight piece of golden fabric barely covering their shaved pussies, while their bottoms and breasts were exposed.

All these women had been visitors to the store at one point or another and Quinn had quickly taken control of them. As they served the meal they smiled and nodded as they went about their work. They did not even mind when hands patted their rumps or fondled their breasts, indeed, they seemed to enjoy it. In one or two cases they were forced to sit on one or two laps and once again they simply submitted to the humiliation.

When the meal was concluded the women returned and cleared the tables. They washed up and got dressed before returning home to bed with their husbands or partners as if nothing had ever happened.

* * *

Quinn cleared his throat and addressed his guests. “Your Highness and my friends. I cannot let this evening pass without entertainment.”

He nodded to a woman tall in stature and of Middle Eastern origin. She, in turn, also nodded and clapped her hands. A group of men with instruments appeared from behind a curtain and took up position,

The woman gave orders to them in Arabic and they began to play. Behind the curtain appeared the silhouetted figures of three women dancing to the music. The curtain slowly rose to reveal that the girls dancing wore jewelled waistcoats that exposed their cleavage. They each wore a small diadem on their heads and a veil hid their faces, leaving only their eyes visible.

Despite this it was obvious that the girls were the Holland sisters who worked at the store. Every day for several weeks they would disappear for an hour or so to be trained in belly dance. All three also wore revealing split pants giving glimpses of their long smooth legs, Clare wore red. Claudia wore blue and Elizabeth wore green. The colours also match their veils.

It was clear that Quinn’s guests enjoyed the performance as the girls danced in bare feet on the carpeted floor, displaying wonderful muscle movement of their slim waists.

When the dance concluded the girls knelt and pressed their heads to the floor.

Quinn snapped his fingers and they stood up with their bowed.

“Your Highness, I present to you these very beautiful girls. I believe I can I believe I can promise you a wonderful night of pleasure,” he said.

Quinn’s guests laughed heartily. The Prince, the only one in Arabic dress also laughed, his teeth showing through his beard. He gave instructions in Arabic to one of his attendants who swiftly shuttled the sisters away to his hotel.

Once again Quinn nodded to the Arab woman. She then gave orders in Arabic. Several men came out and placed what appeared to be a catwalk along the ground. Then the musicians began to play and suddenly a group of beautiful women began to troop out onto the makeshift catwalk. They were led by Joan Lewis and Catherine Blair. Like the girls who served the meal all the women were naked but for a beaded belt around their waists with a golden fabric barely covering their shaved areas. They each walked along the catwalk, one hand on their hips and occasionally swinging around and smiling as if modelling the latest fashions. Included in the group were all the female employees of Donningtons’ as well as Virginia Lawson and her sister in law Elizabeth and a few more female customers chosen by Quinn. When this was all concluded each of the women was taken by one of the businessmen back to their respective hotels to please their new Masters for the night.

The women had no idea that they had been numbered and these numbers were drawn from a box for each of the businessmen.

* * *

Back at the Prince’s suite at his hotel Claudia, Clare and Elizabeth Holland once again danced for their new Master. This time they performed a striptease before joining their Master on the bed to please him in every way possible and that included making love to each other while he watched the display. They each returned to their respective homes in the early hours and acted as if nothing happened.

Joan Lewis was taken to a hotel by a man in his mid- twenties. In the bedroom she discarded her dress without command and seduced him.

Catherine Blair was with a man in his sixties. Like Joan she mindlessly discarded her dress and proceeded to please her Master. Despite his age the man had ample stamina and Catherine felt the burning of his cum as it exploded inside her.

Then a young man entered the room dressed in a robe. “How is she, Father?” he asked.

“I think you will enjoy her, my son.” Responded the man as he got up from the bed, put on his robe and left the room.

The young man tossed his robe, revealing his naked body. He joined Catherine on the bed and the beautiful Manageress set about her task of pleasing her young Master. Taking his cock between her lips and began to suck.

As his rod hardened the young man drew Catherine to him. She mounted her young Master and began to ride his cock. At the same time, she enjoyed the sensation of her wonderful breasts being licked and sucked.

After enjoying a wonderful orgasm, Catherine joined her young Master in the bath before being sent on her way.

Linda Ellis’s new Master was in his seventies and she had to surrender her bottom not only to her older Master to be pounded by his cock, but all his male servants also plundered her arse.

When she retuned to the flat she shared with her boyfriend it puzzled her as to why she was so sore because she could not remember what she had been up to the previous night.

Virginia Lawson was with a man in his late thirties. He led her to his hotel room to be greeted by a young woman who was no more than twenty, who happened to be his secretary and girlfriend. She was a long -haired brunette and wore only a striped shirt. She smiled at Virginia and taking the older woman’s hand, led her towards the bedroom.

“She’s gorgeous,” declared the young woman excitedly after she pulled down the zipper of Virginia’s dress and let it float to the floor, revealing the blonde wife’s wonderful naked body.

Virginia was horrified but helpless as the young woman gently rubbed her naked breasts with her warm hands. What was worse was when the young woman’s moist lips touched hers, Virginia’s body became flooded with lustful desires. When the young woman pushed her onto the bed the older woman could do nothing but surrender as she ravished her.

Virginia closed her eyes and moaned softly. She did not see the young woman removing her shirt and tossing it away. The man also stripped and joined them.

The young woman took the man’s cock and sucked on it until it was hard and he, in turn, inserted deep inside Virginia, pounding her mercilessly until they mutually orgasmed.

The young woman then pushed Virginia’s smooth legs apart and began to probe the older woman’s pussy with her tongue. He licked ravenously, searching for every last piece of cum her boyfriend had deposited.

Finally, Virginia cried out with pleasure as she enjoyed yet another wonderful orgasm. Exhausted, she fell asleep, flanked by the man and his secretary.

* * *

The following morning Virginia was roused from sleep and was led to the shower. She had never had sex in a shower before and certainly not in such a confined spaced with a man and woman. She dried off, got dressed and made her way home as if nothing happened.

Virginia’s sister in law, Elizabeth, in contrast, found herself at the mercy of not one but five Masters. Every orifice of her body was plundered as well as her entire body was explored and played with. Only sheer exhausted brought relief. Like Virginia she too endured sex in the shower with each of these men before being sent on her way, remembering nothing about it. It did puzzle her though as to why she felt exhausted and sore. Not to mention the putrid taste in her mouth.

* * *

The banquet turned out to be a major success. Contracts flowed into the store. There would be many more banquets and new contracts and John Quinn would continue to use his powers on his female employees and customers, ensuring they worked to make it a success.

This success did not go unnoticed to the owners of Crowleys’ and in only a few short years Quinn rose rapidly in the firm becoming wealthy, powerful and eventually owner of the department store chain. It even earned him a knighthood. His harem of willing women grew also. This would include his future wife as well as his mother in law. That, however, is another story.