The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

New Breed

Satsumo Yomoto read the e-mail with disdain. He was more annoyed than angry.

“Calli Co. sells shares to Buzz Corp. in $5bn deal” read the headline.

He closed his laptop and ordered another drink from the waitress.

The waitress was pretty and Satsumo entertained the thought of ‘hiring’ her and fucking her upstairs in his penthouse suite.

Satsumo had spoken to Sir Reginald Calli on the phone only a week ago. They’d struck a verbal agreement that together they would form a united front—neither would sell to Buzz Corp. Together they would hold off and deny Buzz Corp the opportunity to dominate the market.

Satsumo opened his phone and dialled Veronica, his personal assistant. She’d seen the news to and had expected his angry call earlier.

“Sir?” Veronica said.

“Did you see the news”

“Yes, Sir” she said.

“What have you found out about them?”

“Sir, as you know we only started to hear about Buzz Corp. eight months ago.”

“And yet they have suddenly 70% of the market!”

“Yes, Sir.” she said “I have sent Smythe and Dorrien to New York, but…”

“But what?”

I”ve not heard from Dorrien”

“And Smythe…?”

“Well that’s just it, Sir.” Veronica said “He disappeared for two days and now he’s called to say that there’s nothing to investigate”

“Nothing to investigate!” Satsumo spat

“Yes, Sir” Veronica said… “That’s what he said.”

“A few days ago he said he had an important contact and now he’s saying he’s got nothing… I think he’s been bought”

“Fire him!”


“Fire him!”

“Yes, Sir”

“And send me what you have so far”

“Sending it to you right away, Sir” Veronica added.

“Good… I’ll be in touch with you in a few hours” Satusmo added

“Very good, Sir” Veronica said.

Satsumo perused the material gathered so far. The whole world was abuzz with news of Buzz Corp. This micro-biological/genetics research company was now moving into telecommunications—and at such great speed. Everyone seemed to want to sell-out to them. And two major banks were financing their take-over with enormously generous loans. It was reported that one loan—for $120m was at 0.11% interest over seventeen years! Though Buzz Corp. continually denied this. Now that Calli had sold to Buzz it left only his company and Wren Tech left. Wren Tech was owned by Cora Birch, a thirty-year old college drop-out. Cora hated Satsumo but now he began to mill in his own mind a deal with her; business is business.

Satsumo sipped at his drink and took another look at the waitress. She was a sexy blonde—but a little bit older than the usual women he’d fucked.

He rang Veronica again to ask where Cora might be; how to contact her.

“I understand she’s actually touring BuzzCorp next week”

“Shit!” Satsumo spat and slammed the phone to the table.

He watched her go over to the bar. Suddenly a young man walked in and over to her. They kissed. She took off her serving apron and they kissed again. Satsumo then noticed the ring on her finger—and on his. Clearly they were married and she was coming to an end to her shift. He was disappointed that he’d not get to fuck her. For an instant he entertained the thought of having the both of them visit him in the penthouse suite. But then he remembered the last time he’d fucked a husband and wife—the two of them ended up fighting right there in front of him—arguing about how much attention the other was getting! He’d offered them $1million each and they ended up arguing!

Satsumo gazed around the bar.

The brunette caught his eye but she seemed disinterested in him. Satsumo sauntered over to her.

His two minders went with him, but knew to hang back discreetly.

He stood next to her for a moment not saying a word.

She burst into a smile and looked at him. “Can I help you?” she asked disdainfully

“You looked like you needed some company” he said in his poor English.

“Really?” she said. She placed her drink on the bar and turned on her stool to face him. “And I suppose you want to accompany me?”

“Yes” he said, “For the right price…”. Satsumo caught himself saying that. He had assumed she was a hooker. But suddenly he wasn’t so sure.

“And what if I’m already booked?” she said.

Satsumo sighed. It was clear she was willing to deal.

“Well I’ll triple it.”

“You don’t know how much that will be” she said, warming to him.

“For a lady as beautiful as you… it will be worth it”

“I’ll take that as a compliment” she smiled again, taking her drink and sipping it; never looking away from him the whole time.

“How can I resist such an offer?” she said, sliding sleekly off her stool till she was standing with him, almost touching.

He beamed from ear to ear—what a prize.

“Have you had dinner?” he asked.

“No, I’ll feed later” she purred leaning forward and whispering into his ear.

Suddenly she scratched him.

“Ow!” he said.

She’d drawn blood and she licked the end of her talon-like finger nail. She grinned at him wickedly.

“You want rough?” he said

“Is there any other way?”

He laughed. “What room are you in?”

He looked over at his minders. He motioned for them to stay back further.

He took her arm. “Don’t you want to know my name?” she purred as they got to the lift.


“I’m Linda” she said.

“Satsumo!” he bowed.

They got to her room. She’d pawed him the whole time, even feeling him grow hard beneath his pants. Her hand massaged him in his pants.

At the room she stopped.

“What’s wrong?”

“Do we really need the company?” she asked.

He looked at his minders “Stay here” he said.

They nodded.

“Good boy” she grinned as she followed him into the room, glancing back over her shoulder to make sure the minders stayed put.

In the bedroom she slid her gown to the ground. She wore nothing else. She was clean shaven there too, but the way she moved he couldn’t quite get a glimpse of her pussy—and he so ever much wanted to see it.

She sauntered over to him and began to help him undress.

His five inch cock popped up hard when she pulled his undies off of him.

Linda looked at the tiny Japanese cock, but for her it was wonderful.

“Beautiful” she purred.

“You like?” he quizzed—seeing her genuine interest in his small but proud cock.

She placed a hand on each of his shoulders and guided him to his knees. “But me first” she smiled

He caught a glimpse of her perfect pink lips. There was a bead of juice forming between them and he flicked at this with his tongue.

She guided him forward, pressing his face into her.

He began to lap at her. She was warm, wet and sweet and he administered her pleasure with his tongue.

She trembled with delight as he paid special attention to her throbbing bud. He was impressed by it, it was certainly larger than most women he’d had.

After he second orgasm she’d come in his mouth. She was a squirter. The clear flavourless liquid shot into his mouth and he drank it down.

She sunk to her knees now and kissed him on the lips—tasting herself on his mouth.

It made her smile.

She got him to sit on the bed and she began kissing him, his feet first and then moving up to his groin

She took in his small but hard cock and licked it.

It was easy to deep throat.

He trembled. She stopped immediately and looked up at him.

“I was going to cum!” he said.

“Not in my mouth” she protested.


She stopped up and straddled him. This surprised him…“You’ve got to come inside me” she purred as she sank down onto his proud little shaft

“What about a condom?”

“No” she said, “I want you to come in me”

She began to move up and down on his small shaft. She was clearly enjoying him… he was glad… it didn’t appear she was faking it. “I want your come…” she said as if to emphasise the point.

He reached up and grabbed her generous breasts and caressed them.

Suddenly she squeezed down on him with her thighs and he went over the edge.

He shot his load into her. She arched her back and let out a long sigh as she came too.

Her whole body trembled and shook.

Satsumo was impressed at his own ‘prowess’ to have made this beautiful woman squirm with delight.

She dripped sweat on him as she lent forward over him. She stayed atop of him as small tremors continued to wash over her.

She fell onto him at last and nuzzled her head to him neck as he lay back too.

“That was so wonderful” she purred, “I wish you could come in me again”

“Maybe later”

“No.” she said lifting herself onto her elbows. “There will be none of that, unfortunately”

“What?” he sighed, “What do you mean?”

“I mean it’s goodbye” she said.

She crossed her arms over, taking hold of his head hard she twisted it.

The snap of his neck was a very audible pop.

She pulled herself up off of his corpse and taking his body by the ankles dragged him into the bathroom.

She had a large black PVC bag laid out there (already prepared) and she picked him up and placed him in the bag and did the bag up.

“You were great” she smiled as she looked at him one more time before she did the zipper up.

She went back to the bed and poured herself a long glass of water. She gulped this down and then sat on the end of the bed.

She looked down at her belly as she felt the first tinges of discomfort.

She lay back on the bed and started breathing hard through her mouth.

The pain suddenly got harder.

In an instant her belly began to inflate.

She forced her breathing at a controlled pace as the next wave of pains came over her.

She picked her feet up onto the bed edge and drew them as wide apart as she could.

Her abdomen started contractions even as it inflated.

She began giving birth.

Her vagina suddenly opened, pushed apart from within.

In a minute a small fleshy blob had spilled out of her womb and onto the floor.

Linda’s breathing grew more easy now.

She sat up. The small fleshy blob still attached to her by an umbilical cord was nothing but a fleshy wet blob

But, it began to take shape.

Small protrusions from it formed into arms, and legs.

“Sir?” came a voice at the door, “Are you alright?”

Linda looked over at the door. She could hear one of the body guards—concerned from the noises they’d made.

Linda looked back at the form attached to her with some anxiety. It was now much bigger, and now very much humanoid. It was the first time it was decidedly human in shape from being like a pale olive flesh bundle.

“Sir?” came the voice again, this time more forcefully.

Linda stood up. She helped the form to its feet.

It already had a face, eyes, mouth… but was the size of a boy.

She heard the door lock being tested.

Linda took the form with her into the bathroom by the hand and locked the door; another layer of defence.

The form grew and was close to four foot tall now, still attached to her by the umbilicus. And now its face was recognisable; the form looked like Satsumo.

Linda heard the room door being kicked in.

“Mr. Yomoto?” the men called as they searched the suite.

Linda watched the form attached to her, drawing upon the DNA she fed it through the umbilical cord. It now had hair forming and opened its eyes and mouth. It tried to speak.

She smiled at it and licked across its mouth, clearing the mucous from there. It could now breath by itself.

“Mr. Yomoto?” came the voice now testing the bathroom door.

“We’re busy” Linda said.

One of the guards stopped, now unsure as to what to do.

“Is Mr. Yomoto there?”


“Then let him say so”

Linda looked back at the ‘Satsumo’ attached to her.

One bodyguard challenged them again. Nothing. He smashed the door open.

He was taken aback- aside from the heavy PVC bag on the floor he saw Linda and Satsumo in the tub—having a bubble bath.

“Sir, are you okay?” he asked sheepishly.

He nodded. He gestured them to leave.

The guards apologised and retreated

“You did well” Linda smiled.

She got out of the bath and with Satsumo still attached to her, still feeding off of her they went back into the bedroom.

In twenty minutes from birth Satsumo was ready.

Satsumo called Veronica. He apologised for calling her so late. He had made a decision. He was going to accept Buzz Corps offer as Sir Reginald Calli had so remarkably done.

Veronica was shocked to hear this

Satsumo assured her it was his final decision.

He hung up.

“You did well” Linda said. “Our masters will be pleased”

“What happens now?”

“I am no longer needed” Linda said as she reached between her legs and pulled the umbilical cord from her womb.

She bled a little. She made her way to shower, to heal.

Shortly thereafter some Buzz Corp staff came and cleaned up, removing the large PVC bag.

The new Mr Satsumo Yamoto would continue to function until he’d handed his company over to Buzz Corp. As the company cleaned up he heard on the news that Sir Reginald Calli had just committed suicide. Satsumo knew that he would not be needed for much longer.


At Buzz Corp a large metal door opened in the secret lab. Callum Drake, founder, sole owner stood there in a lab coat. Two women, also in lab coats. Another lady, stood near-by naked.

From out of her vagina came a large fleshy umbilicus. Linda was emotionless as the flesh blob attached to her began to take shape.

Callum was the only one animated. The women; technicians and Linda was almost robot-like.

Eventually the flesh took a noticeable female form.

Linda continued to feed it, even as it took to its own new-formed feet.

It opened its eyes.

It tried to speak.

Too soon.

Callum looked at Linda. She moved forward and helped clear the form’s mouth of birth mucous.

“I await instructions” Cora said. The form was now fully adult female.