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New Neighbors

M/F, M/M, F/F, f/MF, m/MF, MC, Humiliation
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This story is fiction. It is meant to be read by adults. Children under the age of 18, please leave. All the characters in this story are of my own imagination, and not real in any sense of the word. Any similarities to that of living people is pure coincidence.

This story involves a man & wife (and later their daughter) being used by a set of new neighbors. It includes hypnotism, male/female sex, male/male sex, and female/female sex. Comments are always appreciated, but please limit those to ideas & not to just give grief. At this moment, the story has a few parts and is not complete, so asking how it will end—well, we will just have to wait & see.

And now—on with the story. I hope you will enjoy.

Chapter 5

Sue woke up the next morning, and I was already awake waiting for her to rise. She stared at me, and didn’t say a word. I am not a very good mind after a while, I asked her what she was thinking or feeling right now.

She stammered out a reply—she said she couldn’t believe what had happened yesterday. She was amazed that I—that I did that—that I could suck off another guy.

I blushed, because I was not in the habit of thinking of myself as bisexual or worse yet—gay. I wasn’t afraid of the terms; I just wasn’t brought up to think that way. I remembered what had been told to me the night before—not to discuss this event with her.

I told her I didn’t want to talk about it.

“WHY NOT!” Sue yelled.

“It is just not the sort of thing I wish to talk about—that is all.” I lamely replied.

She thought about it—I am sure the flashbacks were active in her mind—but she came to the recognition that she was not remembering it all. “I wasn’t drunk, I remember our new neighbors being rude, and I remember you adoring that mans—his um, well, you know his thing.” She stammered. She really was not always able to even say the word.

“HE RAPED ME!” She cried, “And you helped them. You sniveling little coward, you crawled on the ground and begged him to take me.” She paused as she thought back to the other events she witnessed. “You came to me and begged to make me take off my bikini so you—pathetic wimp—wouldn’t get hurt. It didn’t even HURT you.” Then her mind fast-forwarded a bit to her memory of being taken on our bed. “That huge cock, ramming into me, and then seeing you, kneeling in front of him, sucking him to keep him ready while that woman—licked me” The hurt was very evident in her voice. She didn’t have trouble expressing herself that time.

I was ashamed of what I had done, and left the room.

An hour later while I was getting ready to cut the grass—my normal routine on a Saturday morning—she approached me and asked, “What happened after I was raped?” She waited and I didn’t answer. Then she repeated it a different way “Where did the time go?—How did I get into bed?—What happened after they raped me?—What did you do to protect me?”

The last statement made me cringe with disgust for I was helpless to stop them from holding her down and stopping her from breathing. I was busy adoring that cock.

The answer hit me—“I don’t know, but I love our new neighbors.”

Sue swung her fist at me and struck me on my arm. The force didn’t hurt a bit, but the action of her contempt hurt me tremendously.

“You are not going to have sex with me—for a VERY LONG TIME—Mister. The bible may have said ‘love your neighbor’, but they didn’t mean the way you do it. God, if I weren’t so small, I would punch you in the mouth, and bust all your teeth out.” She took another swing at me—I pulled back and she hit only air. Her disdain for me was all that mattered to her right now. “So, tell me—you pathetic little cock sucking wimp—have you always been gay?”

I could answer this question because it wasn’t about last night—it was about my life in general. “No dear, I love you. I don’t know WHY I did anything—I couldn’t help it. I must have been forced.”

“Forced?” She quickly questioned, “I didn’t see anyone holding YOU down.”

“I wanted to come to your rescue, but I just couldn’t help it—they just have some sort of control over my mind, and my movements, THEY DIDN’T NEED TO HOLD ME DOWN” I tried passionately to explain.

I was no use, I couldn’t answer anymore. She turned away, and I knew she was mad. I began to do my yard-work; it would be later in the day when Ann & Bob would call.

Just before dinner, the phone rang and I answered it. It was Ann on the other end. “Hello Pet”

“Hello Mistress” I responded out of nowhere.

“How is my little pretty?” She questioned.

“She’s not talking to me anymore.” I confessed.

“She probably has a lot of other things going on in her mind to bother with you. After all, you are the least of her worries.” She sneered on the other end of the phone. “Well, nevertheless, I would like to invite you both to my house this evening—shall we say 7pm. You do remember the way don’t you?”

“Yes” I answered.

I paused—and then questioned “What should we wear?”

“Oh, that won’t matter, I think you will end up in something suitable after you get here.” She retorted.

I didn’t bother to talk much to Sue when we ate dinner, of course it would have been easier if she didn’t take her dinner to the family room when I had placed it in the kitchen. So when it was close to 7pm, and I was changing into some other clothes—I casually announced that were invited to Ann’s house for the evening.

“No Way I want to watch you humiliate yourself again. I am not going.” Sue stated.

I spent the next few minutes pleading with her, trying to rationalize with her, but nothing worked. She refused to leave our house. As I left—she was putting on her old flannel nightgown and getting ready for bed; I told her I was invited to come and I NEEDED to go.

3 minutes later, I stood at the doorway of Ann’s house and rang the bell. She answered in her robe, and asked where Sue was. I told her that I tried to talk her into coming—but that she had refused.

“Well, Get in here. I will have to think of a suitable punishment for you both. You for leaving her behind and her for refusing when I gave her an order” Ann roughly grabbed my arm and yanked me inside her house.

Bob was in the kitchen and politely reminded Ann, “You didn’t give Sue an order, you gave it to our pet. He is the one that should be punished the most for not being man enough to handle his woman, and bring her here to us”

Ann was not the least bit enthused that she had chosen the Pet to pass along her order, and at the same time didn’t like that the man should have brought his woman as Bob had put it. She grabbed me by my shirt collar and told me “Strip Pet”

I obeyed, and moments later I was standing in front of them both—waiting for the next command.

Ann told Bob “Help me get him into the right position so I can have some fun with him.”

Bob complied. He picked up a set of leather cuffs and locked each one onto my ankles. While he was doing this, Ann ordered me to put my hands behind my back, where she was standing. When I obeyed, she attached another set of cuffs to my wrists, and locked them together. “Take him to the basement”

Bob ordered me “Follow me Pet”

When I was in Ann’s basement, I saw that it was unfinished—but in the preliminary stages of a dungeon. There was a padded horse to one corner, an X—wood frame with eyebolts next to the other corner. And two matrices thrown on the floor. The 12-inch metal poles that support the house had chains circling them and locked with a combination padlock. I could see many eyebolts in the exposed wooden floor joists. Bob laid a couple of strips of leather on the matrices and told me to lie on the two strips, but to place my back between them. I did as ordered. I was lying on my back with my locked arms under me, my exposed crotch showing signs of life.

He finished by wrapping the leather strap around my waist and the other just under my arms but circling my chest as Ann came down the steps. She slipped off her robe and I saw that she had some sort of leather dominatrix outfit on. It surrounded her breasts, but yet left each breast exposed. She wore a corset that neatly framed her powerful body. She had on high heels, which made her presence even more intimidating. She has a nice, tan, firm body.

“Oh, I suspect you like what you see don’t you Pet?”

“Yes Ma’am” I responded.

“Well, we are going to have some fun. I am going to punish you for disobeying me.” She savored my appearance and just licked her lips in—oh—so seductive way.

I knew I was in for trouble, but there was little I could convince myself to do about it. My hands were locked behind my back. I had been ordered by my Master to lie down. I wanted to get up—run—yes, run from them and from there. My legs had cuffs attached to them but they were not connected to anything. Well that didn’t last long. They attached what looked like bungy cords to the D ring in the ankle cuffs. They attached a set of wires to the straps that went around my chest. These, they had hooked up to a cracking system—or maybe a pulley—I couldn’t really tell. So while Ann cranked the handle out of my sight, I was slowly raised in the air. My feet, although cuffed, the bungy cords were attached -but they were not connected to anything yet. I could sort of stand as my feet were getting under my body -taking some of the weight and pressure off my chest.

Bob took one of the cords and pulled it about 4 feet from my left leg, and hooked it into S hook attached to the ceiling. From there, he wrapped it around a couple of bolts in a figure eight style, and then tied the loose end off. He did the same to my other leg, pulling it in the opposite direction. If I could explain my position in their basement, it would look like this: naked, body suspended 3 feet off the ground with my legs and feet higher than my head and shoulders. The straps going around my waist & chest supported my body, and my head fell backwards, without ANY support. My head was maybe 2 ½ feet off the matrices, but I could strain to look over my exposed body to see Ann stepping in between my legs.

She flicked her finger at my scrotum and sent short shiver up my spine, and brief aching in my unprotected balls. Then turning to Bob said, “Search his clothes, and take his house keys with you to get Sue. Bring her back here. I will be smacking his nuts for each minute you are gone.”

Bob smiled down at me...reached into his pants, and hauled out his massive prick. “Kiss it, Pet”

I was eagerly trying to raise my head to meet his dangling meat, but I was hanging too low.

Bob laughed deeply as I struggled to obey his seductive order. <Whack> I felt a sharp pain to my nuts. Ann was now standing beside my feet and hitting my nuts with some sort of leather quirt.

“Go on and get Sue” she told Bob.

“I guess your wife will get this pleasure” Bob implied as he cupped his balls and huge shaft. Then he stuffed it back into his pants, and I began to squirm and struggle. I was moaning and groaning in pain. “Ahhhhhh, Oh, God, please take the pain away.... please” I begged.

Ann sighed, and complained to her boyfriend “Now look what you have done...... he thinks you are punishing him by withholding your cock.”

Bob grins “SO? What’s the problem with that?”

“I CAN’T be enjoying this if all he is thinking about—is that python between YOUR LEGS!” Ann admonished him.

He must have given her a look—one of humor, because the disappointment she felt like she was going to be left with—she smiled at him knowing he was going back to my side and calm me down.

“PET. Look here!” He called to me. I opened my eyes and saw that he was busy unzipping his pants. Out came the heart of my desire. “OK you may kiss it—PET, calm down. You can have it -but then you will be OK till I get back. Do you understand?”

I took my lips off the head of his soft yet thick cock and thanked him. Then Bob left me to Ann’s discretion.

Ann told me to close my legs if I could.

Sure enough, I tried to close them and they DID MOVE, but not enough to protect my privates and they only ended up making my inner muscles get sore.

She told me again to try as hard as I can to close my legs. “Pet, try to keep your legs closed. I will be timing you—for every minute you can keep those legs closed, I will be rewarding you with an awesome blow-job.”

I tried to keep them closed, stretching the rubber as far as I could, but it only lasted a minute and half.

“Try again pet” Ann told me

I pulled my legs tight but this time could only hold it less than a minute. My inner leg muscles were just no match for the resilience that the rubber hose offered.

“Again” Ann commanded.

This time I wore out at just over 30 seconds, and she even saw the strain I put on my legs to try to close them -but it was no use.

“OK, it looks like I will give you a little over 3 minute blow job, but the real reason I made you do this is to wear your poor little muscles down so that they don’t squeeze me when I am having my fun.” Ann giggled seeing that her plan of wearing my strength down had worked. Then she brushed her brown hair out of her face and started stroking, and licking my hard on. I watched as best I could—lifting my head up to see her lapping at my dick.

Given that I had been left out of everyone’s fun for the last evening, it didn’t take much action for me to give in to her tantalizing kisses, licks, and manipulation of my hard dick. I shot my load. “There, now that is soooo much better, it can get smaller now.” She laughed at my predicament.

Then she went around behind my head and started strapping some sort of contraption to my face. The straps went around my head and on both sides of my mouth, leaving a hole where my mouth was. Ann was humming and enjoying what she was doing to me. She took something rubbed it in her wet pussy, and screwed it into the hole where my mouth was. The part she rubbed in her pussy fit in my mouth if I stretch it a bit, and the other end was effectively screwed into my face. I realized that this contraption was an 8″ long 1″ wide dildo. Although it looked absolutely ridiculous sticking straight up from my mouth, I started to get hard by the prospect that I would soon be stuffing the black dildo into her pussy.

“Fuck me stud. Fuck me with your big hard cock, pet” She teased me as she nestled her pussy down onto my face. Then to her delight she remarked “This is the ultimate in face fucks”

I had to lift my head up, and jam the point of that dildo into her pussy. From my point of view, I couldn’t quite tell when I had done it right—that is when I had actually gotten it lodged inside her. But pretty soon that wasn’t even a question in my mind because she was pushing down on my face, and making the pointy fake cock go deeper inside her.

While I was the entertainment in Ann’s house, Bob had set off for my house to pay a visit on Susan.

I’ll try to tell what happened by the bits and pieces that I came to learn later on. Bob had let himself into our house, and had gone into our bedroom where Sue was watching TV. She was upset with him being in her “Safe house” while she was in her pajamas. She pulled the covers up around her body to hide it from his leering eyes.

Bob just stood a foot in front of the bedroom doorway and told her that she was a bad girl for not wanting to come over to Ann’s house.

Sue tried to change the subject “How did you get in here? If you don’t leave the same way you came in-then I am calling the police”

Bob smiled and said “I got the keys from your little hubby”

“Why would he give you the keys to our house?” She asked

“Did you notice yesterday—he does whatever I tell him to do.” Bob grinned

“Sniveling little wimp” Sue angrily spat out. “I thought I married a big strong man, and instead I married a cock-sucking wimp.”

“You like big strong men?” Bob questioned as he cupped the crotch of his jeans.

“I like a man that can make me feel like a real woman.” She explained. “I remember what you did to me yesterday, don’t even think for a second that you are going to do that again.” Sue wanted to be brave, to face her attacker and show that even though she is small, she isn’t a pushover.

It backfired when Bob advanced toward the bed and asked, “Are you going to stop me?”

“If I can’t fight back, then I will have to get some people here who can.” She responded as she leaned over to reach for the phone—apparently to call for the police.

Bob wasted no more time. He unzipped his pants and hauled out his massive cock, then called her attention to it.

When she looked at the formidable slab of meat and the two large nuts that went with the package, she was mesmerized.

“Oh, yeah, Look what I have for you here my little pretty. I have a nice big man-size cock for you to feast on. Look how it is shaped. Check out the veins running through my shaft. See how lovely it feels when you stroke it, kiss it or suck it.” Bob teased Sue with the right words to get her attention. “Now, my little pretty, put down the phone.”

Sue didn’t move a muscle to do anything that he had not authorized. She put the phone down before getting a chance to dial for help.

“Touch it” Bob told her.

She loved the feel of it as she stroked the shaft and fondled the tip.

“You like that don’t you?” Bob told his willing victim.

“Yessss” Sue hissed

“Play with it. Stroke it. Make it grow hard for you. See how much bigger it can get. Your touch can make it bigger. Adore it and it will please you.” Bob droned on.

Sue obliged.

“Pull the covers back, and let me have your tight pussy” Bob prompted the small blonde beauty.

She reacted just like she was programmed. Obey the cock. Serve that cock. Do anything that the owner of that magnificent cock tells her.

“How does this make you feel?” He teased, knowing the answer she would give.

“Ohhhh, it makes me soooo wet. I can feel my juices just boiling down there. Ohh, I want this man size cock buried inside of me” She correctly reacted “Please give it to me”

“What about your hubby—my pet? Won’t he mind if I stretch your tight little pussy so that he will feel useless when he tries to use it?” Bob maliciously asked.

“He is a wimp. A cock sucking wimp. He adores your cock, and doesn’t deserve my pussy anymore. He can have my pussy when you are through fucking it. I will let his suck your cum from me. It is all he is good for now.” Sue vehemently answered.

“Ahhh, just like I programmed you last night—you will NOT allow that tiny cock to enter your little pussy without MY permission. He can suck on you—all he wants...or all that you want, but his little dickey must not get ANY PLEASURE FROM YOU.” With that, Bob started to press against her cunt with his mammoth pole. This time, unlike yesterday’s adventure, she was wet, willing and able to accommodate him.

Bob’s influence over the petite blonde was complete. He had her on her back, knees drawn up to her sides, exposed and dripping wet pussy willing to adjust to his girth, and most of all—she wanted HIS COCK—not her husbands.

Meanwhile, Ann had milked my dick while she rode my dildo face. When her orgasm hit her, she pulled off me and left me hanging there spent and used.

A bit later Bob & Sue showed up in Ann’s basement. Sue had not seen me yet, but I could hear her talking with them. What got my attention the most were the cutting remarks she made about my smaller male equipment, and my quest to become a male cock sucker.

Ann told Sue, “I just finished fucking Joe with his 8″ cock.”

Sue knew the truth, that my male anatomy was not generous in that regard. But she was heartless in her response.

“That is impossible. I know for a fact—17 years of marriage—that his tiny dick is not much bigger than 5 inches when it is hard. I thought it was big and thick, but until I met Bob, I didn’t realize how wrong I was. I was a virgin when I fell for him, and he had been the only one I have ever had inside me—up until yesterday. Ohhhhh, what I have been missing all these years. What a pitiful waste of time. I am just dripping wet seeing Bob’s manly charm. I don’t want to put my little hubby’s dick anywhere near my sweet juicy pussy.”

“Well then I have a surprise for you. I have figured out a way for our little pretty to enjoy her hubby’s cock. Why don’t you come and see for yourself.” Ann gleefully replied as she led them into the area I was bound.

When Susan saw that huge silly fake cock strapped to my mouth and sticking skyward in the air, she laughed. “Oh how simply amusing he looks. I have never seen anything like it before in my life. I guess he DOES have an 8″ dick”

“Climb on his new cock face, my little pretty” Ann told her obedient servant.

Sue looked at me quizzically.

Ann explained what she wanted her plaything to do. “My little pet, just stand with one leg on each side of his head.... When you are straddling him, simply squat down until that cock goes into your nice wet pussy. I am sure that Bob will love to let you play with his cock while you get yourself off on your hubby’s new and improved black monster.”

She did as instructed, and moments later I was being used by my wife while I pushed my head up and down to fuck her with the dildo sticking straight out above my line of sight.

Bob must have pulled up a stool or something to stand on behind me. This way he could reach Sue’s mouth. I had an interesting yet erotic view from my unique vantage-point. I could see Sue’s pussy as it slipped up and down on the fake toy, her bouncing breasts on her chest, and every so often I could see that huge cock of Bob’s sliding its way into my little wife’s mouth. Sue was wet—man was she ever dripping wet. I haven’t seen her quite this excited when I have had sex with her before. Her juices were just pouring out of her hole, flooding my nose, eyes, and finding their way past the threads of the dildo strapped to my face, and down into my mouth.

It was just what Bob and Ann wanted. Me—a pet, which is unworthy of having normal sex with my wife, reduced to using a toy strapped to my mouth and face to derive pleasure for her. And Sue fucking on her husbands face, while adoring Bob’s huge cock, and because of what they had already programmed her with, she is flooding my face with a mixture of cum and Bob’s left over ejaculation that was deep in her womb.

The topping grace to it all, was when Ann called out to the others to show them the real cock between my legs. “Look everyone, he doesn’t even get hard anymore. Doesn’t it look soooo cute? Just like a little boys’ winner.”

For 40 or 50 minutes, Sue rode my dick strapped face and sucked on a real mans cock. I have never been so covered in female juice—as I was that night. It was everywhere.

Later, we were sent home. Just before bed, Sue asked a strange question: “I have a strange suspicion that I told Ann all about my work, the people I supervise, who I get along with, and who annoys me to no end. I can’t remember what she told me to do with them. I have tried all night since we got home, but I just can’t remember. I know I am suppose to do something, I just can’t for the life of me think of what it could be. Do you know what it is?”

“I don’t know” I truthfully answered.

“Oh, well, I am sure I will think about it when the time is right” Sue said as she pulled the covers up around her tingling flesh.

Back at Ann’s house, Bob asked her “You told her to do what?”

Ann giggled, and said, “I told her she had to obey any female who is at least 7″ taller than herself.”

Bob pondered that for a moment, and then gave a word of warning to his mate. “Ann, you need to be careful of what you command when someone is under this drugged tea. She may have an inferiority complex that you are trying to use against her, but think about what you are telling her to do.”

“Oh I did. See the 2 people that annoy her the most at work just happen to be tall females. It will be so much fun to see what happens when she has to do whatever they say, and be submissive to them at all times.” Ann laughed—like it was the funniest thing she could think of to use on her new little pretty.

Bob sighed and said. “Great, what happens when she is walking down the street and pisses off some total stranger for some minor infraction? By coincidence that stranger is a tall woman 7 or 8 inches taller than her petite frame, and that woman tells Susan to jump off a bridge, she is going to go out and do just that.”

“Uh Oh, I didn’t think about that.” Ann shyly admits her mistake. “Guess I will have to fix it real soon”

“If you are going to mess with their minds when you are not around—do something funny, yet embarrassing to them. Like making pet play with his food when it resembles a cock, or making little pretty have the urge to play with herself under the table when she is in a business meeting.” Bob explained.

Ann agreed with him.

* * *