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New Rival Chapter 6

Ashley looked at the orb on her desk, and back to her book to make sure it was the correct entry. Ashley was lucky Lily had so many magic books in their room. It was far too dangerous for her to leave her room right now. Sophia knew exactly who she was now, and she had no one to bail her out if she got caught. But she needed to figure out how the orb and pendant worked if she was going to have a chance to beat Sophia. Ashley remembered how quickly and effectively the orb had entranced her, so she would need it to have any chance. The pendant was harder to find. She’d only seen it in use once, and its exact properties weren’t as clear. But there was some kind of magic in it, she just had to identify what it was.

She found the orb first. It was able to store mana and release it in a hypnotic flash. This much matched Ashley’s memory of it. However, it could only store enough mana for two, maybe three flashes, depending on the strength of each flash. Or it could maintain a soft glow. It wouldn’t be as strong as the flash, but it would be far more effective over time. It would recharge mana on its own over time, and enough time had passed of it sitting in Ashley’s desk that it would be fully charged by now.

After looking through more books, Ashley found information on the pendant. Unlike the orb, all of its abilities were passive. First, it gave the user a slight boost to their resistance to any type of hypnosis. She wouldn’t be immune with it, but it could mean the difference between winning and losing. Second, it was enchanted so it would be far more effective as a hypnotic focus.

With these tools in hand, Ashley had a plan. Not a great plan, or even a good one, but it was her best chance at winning. Sophia clearly enjoyed toying with her, so Ashley was hoping that she would only use Lily and Zoe to enslave her. Sophia would be there herself, probably to gloat over her victory, but Ashley was relying on her friends being made to do the actual hypnosis. Her plan already relied on a lot of luck, so why not ask for a little more? Ashley leaves her room for the first time since getting back from Sophia’s room.

Sophia’s door is, of course, unlocked. She knew Ashley would have to come back. The scene she walks in on is expected but still angers her. Lily and Zoe, now dressed in classic harem slave outfits, are kneeling in front of Sophia, looking up with unmasked adoration in their eyes. Sophia grins evilly as Ashley walks in. “Ah, Lily, Zoe. Look who’s come to join you. You know what to do.” A quick glance around the room confirms that only the four of them are in there. Lily and Zoe both stand up and walk toward Ashley as if they’re on a runway. She notes that both of them have Sophia’s earrings on both ears, probably providing constant conditioning even now.

The most immediate problem Ashley needed to deal with was Lily’s succubus aura. She had some experience with it, but only in a playful setting. If she was exposed to its full force for any extended period, Ashley would be at her mercy. She can already feel its effects, even from across the room. The pendant will help extend that time a little, but why risk it? Ashley’s experience with manipulating her own aura gave her an idea of how to counter it. Ashley pulls out the orb and gives it a soft glow. It won’t make anyone fall right away, but that’s not the point. It’s just distracting enough to prevent Lily from being able to manifest her aura for long enough to have an effect. An additional ability of the orb is that it can be kept floating at a point in space, so Ashley can leave it where it is without having to hold it.

Sure enough, both Lily and Zoe are distracted by the orb, and Ashley feels the effects of Lily’s aura fade. Even Sophia finds herself watching it every once in a while, but she doesn’t think much about it. This will be over soon anyway.

“Why fight, Ashley?” Lily coos softly as she begins swaying her tits back and forth. “Submitting to Mistress Sophia will feel so good. It’s so easy. To watch us. To listen to us. To let your mind wander. Resistance is so hard. You saw how quickly we fell.” Lily’s face blooms into an expression of pleasure at the memory. “We couldn’t fight her. And neither can you.”

“We know you feel bad about letting Mistress Sophia take us,” Zoe picks up the induction smoothly as she snaps her fingers. “But you won’t feel bad about it if you just submit.” Snap. “You won’t need to worry about anything.” Snap “Think about anything.” Snap. “Just obey. And obedience is so easy, and feels so good.” Snap.

Ashley silently cursed how sexy and attractive she found Lily. Even without her aura, the succubus was so hot. She’d love to get lost in those boobs. But not now. And Zoe’s words really hit her hard. She did feel guilty about leaving them at Sophia’s mercy. But she would make up for it now. She had to. Ashley pulls out the pendant and begins swinging it in front of the orb. The combination of the soft glow from the orb, and the enchantment on the pendant make it a potent hypnotic focus. “You girls just need to watch the pretty pendant. Let the orb draw your gaze, and let yourself follow the swing and sway.” Ashley makes sure to pitch her voice so Sophia can hear it. “The pendant is so pretty. The orb is so captivating. It’s such a pretty light. Such a nice swing. So nice to get lost in.”

The orb and pendant were steadily chipping away at Lily’s resistance. She kept swaying her tits, but her rhythm began to match that of Ashley’s pendant. “Obedience is pleasure, Ashley. Pleasure is obedience. Why fight it? Why resist? Mistress Sophia has made our lives perfect. And we just want to share that with you.”

Zoe was continuing with her induction steadily, but she had likewise fallen into the rhythm of Ashley’s pendant. Each of her snaps was perfectly timed with the end of the pendant’s arc. “We know you feel guilty.” Snap. “It must be so hard for you.” Snap. “We just want to help you.” Snap. “Help you sink.” Snap. “Help you submit.” Snap. “Help you obey Mistress Sophia.”

Lily and Zoe were really getting to her now. Even with the help of the pendant, their inductions were having a noticeable effect on her. Ashley’s focus split between Lily’s tits and Zoe’s snaps, each of them wearing her down bit by bit. But this was still within her plan. “The pendant draws you in. Draws in your mind. Draws in your thoughts. Out of your head. The glow soothes your mind. Filling it with feelings of being blank, empty, obedient. It’s so nice to feel this way. It’s so easy, so simple to just let it happen.” As she finishes this line, Ashley uses her free hand to lightly hold the orb again as she makes it give off a flash.

Ashley had made sure to avert her eyes, but Lily and Zoe weren’t so prepared. The flash causes both of them to freeze in the middle of their inductions. A look of genuine concern crosses Sophia’s face at this development, but only for a moment. She idly notes that the orb resumed its soft glow after flashing while Ashley continues swinging the pendant in front of it. She concentrates for a moment, causing Lily and Zoe’s earrings to glow softly. Their eyes roll briefly before they restart their inductions, but their demeanor is much more blank and spacey than before and their eyes are showing a clear gloss as they ball back into the rhythm set by Ashley’s pendant. The pendant and orb that Sophia was still watching

Lily’s pace of speaking had slowed down after the flash and she would begin trailing off in the middle of speaking. “Mistress Sophia… will give you pleasure… all you need, Ashley… is to submit… obey… It’s so much easier… to give yourself to the pleasure… that only Mistress Sophia… can give you…”

Zoe wasn’t doing much better, her induction also slowing down, along with her snaps becoming softer. “It must be so hard…” snap. “Knowing it’s your fault…” snap. “We belong to Mistress Sophia…” snap. “But she can make it better…” snap. “Take the guilt away…” snap. “Make you feel so good…” snap. “Just submit…” snap. “To Mistress Sophia…”

The brief respite caused by the flash had let Ashley recover a little, but Lily and Zoe were quickly pulling her down once they started again. It was getting tight, but she was still on track as she kept swinging the pendant. “Back and forth… back and forth…” Ashley was beginning to get a bit spacey and glossy herself. “The pendant’s swing… the pendant’s sway… Letting it pull you down… down into trance… feeling so empty… so blank… so obedient…” Ashley reaches up to hold the orb again. She makes it lets out the brightest flash possible, closing her eyes before she does. This isn’t something she could have come up with in the moment, but she had gone through this plan enough times before coming to the room that she could follow it, even with her mind slowly draining.

The flash once again caused Lily and Zoe to stop, their eyes fully glazed over now, and even Sophia found herself staring. The orb was now out of mana, but it wasn’t entirely useless. Still holding the orb, Ashley walks forward, between Lily and Zoe, and smashes the orb at her feet. The orb shatters, letting glittering dust into the air. Much of it coalesces in front of Sophia, who is caught helplessly staring into it. Normally, Ashley would be drawn in as well, but the boost to her resistance from the pendant lets her ignore it. Each glitter and shine isn’t as strong as the flashes from the orb, but having so many in front of her all at once quickly stacks to a similar effect. Sophia’s mind had already been significantly drained by Ashley’s induction, which she made sure to be visible and audible to Sophia as well as her friends. Having essentially just taken two flashes from the orb back to back on top of that, Sophia’s mind quickly drains away.

“Dropping down deep for me, Sophia,” Ashley swings the pendant in front of her glazed eyes, which obediently follow it. “Following the pendant as it pulls you down. Swing by swing. Down deep into trance, into submission, into my control.” Sophia’s eyes quickly shut, deep in trance now. Ashley sighs. “Finally.” She had truly been lucky multiple times times. If Sophia had taken a more active role, she would have lost. There had been multiple opportunities for Sophia to win, but she hadn’t taken them. All to create the perfect moment. The perfect defeat for Ashley. And it had still almost worked. Ashley turns around and sees her friends, still frozen from the orb’s final flash before she smashed it. She walks up to them and considers what to do. Waking them up is too dangerous, and the earrings clearly have some conditioning to obey Sophia built into them so deprogramming wouldn’t work. Ashley tries removing them, but they’re magically affixed to their ears. She keeps trying anyway for about a minute before the obvious solution comes to her.

Ashley reflects on how drained her mind still is. “Sophia, be a good girl and remove the earrings from Lily and Zoe.” Sophia doesn’t respond, but a faint glow starts coming from the earrings. Ashley fears for a moment that Sophia is resisting her and trying to wake up Ashley’s friends under her control, but they quickly fall off their ears. Ashely sighs in relief as they settle on the ground.

“Now Lily and Zoe only, listening to my voice as I pull you up. And hypnotic programming from Sophia fading from your mind. It’s going away. It’s fading away. It no longer affects you. You are not a slave. Sophia is not your mistress. You belong to no one. You are not slaves.” Ashley continues deprogramming her friends like this for several minutes. She doesn’t know the extent of the programming given to them by Sophia, but she’s not taking chances on it. When she feels finished, Ashley sighs. “Who do you belong to?” Ashley asks nervously.

Lily and Zoe both respond in the same sleepy tone “I belong to no one.”

Ashley practically melts in relief at this response. “Very good. Zoe and Lily, rising up now. Coming back to yourselves as I pull you up. More aware. More awake. Memories returning. Coming back.” As soon as she sees the spark of awareness in their eyes, Ashley pulls them both into a tight hug, as if she’ll never let go. “I’m so sorry. I left you in her hands. To be her slaves. I was so scared. I just panicked. I shouldn’t have left you like that.” Ashley begins tearing up as she continues in this vein. She had been running on an adrenaline high ever since she first escaped Sophia’s room, which had helped her suppress her emotions in the heat of the crisis, and it was all catching up with her now.

Lily and Zoe are both startled as Ashley hugs them, both caught in that brief amnesia that comes with waking up. But as the memories of the past days flood their minds, they understand. They’re stunned by Ashley’s show of emotion, and can’t speak for a few seconds after waking up. But then Lily cuts her off before she descends into hysterics. “Ashley, you came back, and you saved us. Hell, you saved the entire school. Yes, you left us, but you had to. If you stayed, we would have been in the same boat, and then where would we be? You don’t have anything to be sorry for.” Lily hugs her back, willing her to stop being sorry for herself.

Zoe is hugging just as hard. She recalls the induction Sophia had forced her to use, and it really hurt her. She knew how it must be affecting Ashley right now. “She’s right. It’s not your fault, it’s Sophia’s. She forced us all into that twisted situation and set us against each other. You did what you had to. We’re just glad you managed to get us.”

Tears continued streaming down Ashley’s face, but they were mostly from raw relief now. The three continue their hug for a long while before releasing each other. “I’m so glad my plan worked,” Ashley says in a shaky voice. “And that Sophia was as much of an overconfident bitch as she was. In all honesty, she should have won.”

Lily gives her a light punch on the shoulder. “But she didn’t. You did. And it’s the results that matter.”

Ashley gives her a weak smile. As she wipes her tears away. There’s still some water in her eyes, but it’s stopped falling down her face now. “Yeah, yeah. You’re right. I won.” Ashley is mainly reassuring herself of this fact. “God, I still can’t believe it’s over.” She looks up at Sophia’s entranced form. “So what do we do with her?”

“Well, we can’t let her roam free,” Lily says. “At the very least, we need to make her forget about this insane plan.”

“And make her deprogram everyone she’s taken so far,” Zoe adds.

Ashley makes a dismissive gesture. “Yeah yeah, that much is obvious. And we’ll get to that. But I mean what should we do with her for our own enjoyment?” She gives a slight grin, her first since entering Sophia’s room for the first time.

Her friends are equally nonplussed by this turn. “I know you’re still pissed, Ashley.” Lily begins. “I’m not saying she doesn’t deserve some turnabout, but don’t do something you might regret.”

Ashley takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly. “You’re right. And that’s why I want to run it by you guys first. So what did she do with you two?”

Lily and Zoe describe the process Sophia used to initially program them, and what they did while waiting for Ashley to come back. It mainly consisted of Sophia heavily and deeply conditioning them with lots and lots of pleasure. On some level, Ashley could respect this. Pleasure conditioning was an effective method, and with her limited time before she came back, probably the best one. And at least her friends hadn’t been harmed. And it gives her an idea. She describes it to Lily and Zoe, who only grin in response.

Having confirmation that she’s not doing something insane, Ashley walks over to Sophia. “Dropping deeper and deeper for me, Sophia. Feeling like such a good girl. Whenever any of us here say to you ‘Your plan failed’, you will fall back into this deep, wonderful trance, ready to obey. Feeling like such a good girl as you fall.” Having given Sophia a trigger, Ashley moved on to the rest of her plan. “Now, you’re much too clothed to be a good girl. So strip for me, stripping away any remaining resistance as you do.”

Sophia has no choice but to helplessly obey, stripping her clothes and mind for Ashley.

Ashley watches in satisfaction and continues speaking when she finishes stripping. “Such a good girl, falling to your knees now.” Sophia drops down to her knees, her face blank and empty. “Very good girl. Start teasing yourself for me now.” Ashley’s grin widens as Sophia obeys. “Letting that pleasure fill you now. Letting it pull you deeper. Deeper into our control. Deeper into submission. Deeper into obedience. Now, when I wake you up, you’ll remember everything that happened. But you won’t be able to stop touching and teasing. You won’t be able to move from your knees. And you won’t be able to cum without my command. Is that understood?”

Sophia lets out a soft moan of “yessss…”

“Good girl. Following my words as I pull you up for a bit, coming up, waking up now, remembering everything, but still obeying” Ashley snaps her fingers as she finishes speaking.

Sophia’s head jerks as she wakes up. “What the—!” Sh looks around frantically, and then down at her naked, kneeling body. “You bitch!” She shouts at Ashley. “Where the hell did you get those?”

Ashley just grins for a moment, savoring this feeling. “Oh, some slaves of yours were kind enough to leave them for me. I really should be thanking you.”

Sophia’s having trouble focusing as the pleasure becomes even more distracting. “I don’t… I don’t need your pity.”

“Oh, I agree,” Ashley says. “You don’t deserve pity. But don’t worry, you’re still getting something out of this. Lily, if you would be so kind.”

Sophia’s eyes dart over to the now naked succubus and widen. It’s one thing to see a naked succubus, it’s entirely different when she’s doing everything she possibly can to be as hot and sexy as possible. That and Lily is focusing as much of her aura as she can on Sophia. Her world explodes in pleasure and arousal for about a minute as her mind struggles to form a coherent thought. Her glare refocuses on Ashley as she looks at the three of them again. The two of them, Sophia realizes. Ashley and Lily are where they were, but where was-

A pair of hands grab Sophia’s boobs from behind and begin playing with them, causing her thoughts to dissolve into pleasure once again. She manages to recover somewhat, and glances behind her, confirming it’s Zoe playing with her tits.

“It’s really such a shame you can’t cum, isn’t it?” Sophia’s head whips back to face Ashley as she speaks. “It must be so hard to be lost in all that pleasure.”

Sophia’s glare darkens. “Just shut up and make me your slave already.”

Ashley just giggles softly. “Oh no, that would be far too easy. I’m not going to make you my slave. You’re going to make you my slave.”

“Like hell I’d do that!” Sophia snarls.

“I’m afraid it’s not up to you.” Ashley smoothly replies. “You lost your chance to choose. After all, your plan failed.”

Sophia makes to shout something else, but her mind empties at her trigger before she can say anything. Her own teasing, Zoe’s hands on her tits, and Lily’s aura are all driving her to the edge. Filling her mind with pleasure. Unable to push herself over that edge.

“That’s right.” Ashley continues her programming. “The pleasure driving you deeper. Deeper into trance. Deeper into obedience. Deeper into submission. Deeper into my control. And you’ll find, any time any of us here say to you, or text to you ‘It’s training time’, you will feel all this pleasure again. Even if we’re not there, you’ll start teasing, feel those hands on your tits, feel the effect of Lily’s aura filling you with pleasure. Of course, you will find somewhere private before you start touching, or follow whoever triggered you, but you will feel the pleasure as soon as you hear your trigger. And this will continue until you’re too tired to keep going. And you’ll find that the only way to cum, aside from my command is to make yourself our perfect, submissive, obedient slave girl. And once you’re our perfect slave, when that your whole self, your only truth is being our slave who could never think of resistance or disobedience, only then will you cum.”

Sophia helplessly nods as the pleasure beats away at her mind, her resistance, her will. Slowly chipping away at any remains. Changing her. Molding her into the perfect slave.

“That’s right. And if you ever feel our control slipping, or ever feel as if you might be becoming free. You will come to one of us, or text us so we can reinforce our control in your mind.” Ashley continued. This was a necessity, regardless of what else they did with Sophia. And the three of them couldn’t constantly be making sure Sophia’s programming wasn’t slipping. “And when you’re awake, going about your everyday life, you will be mostly your normal self. You won’t remember anything about your plan to take over the university. You won’t remember anything about what happened in this room today. You will only remember me, Lily, and Zoe as good friends of yours, and you’ll be happy to help us out any time we ask. In fact, the only time you will remember your plan, remember the truth, and remember how you lost is when you’ve been triggered to pleasure yourself. Only while you’re training yourself for us, conditioning yourself for us, molding yourself into our perfect slave, will you remember the truth. Fully aware, but unable to resist. Helplessly making yourself our perfect, obedient, submissive slave.” Ashley leans back, taking a deep breath. She looks at her friends. “Anything you think I missed?”

Lily and Zoe consider it, gaining immense satisfaction from the tables being so thoroughly turned on Sophia. “Nothing that comes to mind. You got the important stuff, and we can easily add more later.” Lily says slowly. “And as much as I’d love to see her condition herself into our control with all that pleasure right away, we need to start taking apart her harem.” Zoe nods in agreement.

Ashley stands up, holding her arms above her head to stretch. “I know. It’ll probably be easiest if we use Dr. Rosa. Most of Sophia’s slaves think she’s their mistress anyway, and the therapist can make a good excuse to call people into her office anyway. We should come up with a script to fully remove Sophia’s programming. I doubt anyone beyond her first few slaves was as deeply programmed as you two were, so it can probably be pretty simple. But I think we should make sure everyone forgets about it.” At her friend’s questioning looks, she continues. “There will be a whole hassle if they remember. And they probably wouldn’t let us have our way with Sophia. She’d be punished, but not in the way we want. That said, it may be a good idea to give an anonymous tip on how to improve security in the school, like giving some key people, like Dr. Rosa a routine check for any invasive hypnotic programming.” Ashley shakes her head. “We’ll figure it out later. We’ve got enough to focus on before any of that.”

All three of them watch Sophia for a bit, deriving immense satisfaction from their victory. Ashley takes a deep breath as she prepares to bring Sophia up to start taking apart her harem, but Zoe speaks up. “What if we give her a set of earrings?”

Ashley looks at her, considering it. “Maybe. I’m not sure how they work, though. What did they do to you guys?”

“Mainly just reinforcing our conditioning, as if the pleasure wasn’t doing that already,” Lily recalls. “But it was there constantly. We weren’t even consciously aware of it, it just kind of became a constant hum in the back of our minds.”

Ashley considers it. “We’d have to change them so we’d control them with what conditioning they give, and make sure she can’t get them off. Think you can do that, Lily?”

Lily picks up one of the earrings from the floor and concentrates on it for a few seconds. “I’m not sure. It might be risky to try to hijack the existing spells. I agree it’s a good idea to give her something like it though. It’ll probably be easier for me to make my own set to give to her. At least that way, we’ll know exactly how it works, rather than having to figure it out.”

Ashley nods at this analysis. “Good plan. It’s not something we need to worry about right now anyway. She won’t be leaving our sight while we’re deconstructing her harem. Which we should probably get started on.” At her friend’s nods, she continues. “Now Sophia, letting the pleasure fade for now as you stop touching. Rising up as our slave now, ready to help and obey us. Still a long way to go until you’re our perfect slave, but this will be good enough for now. Ready to help us with whatever we ask. Remembering everything as our good little slave now.” Ashley snaps her fingers.

Sophia blinks as she hears the snapping fingers. The last thing she remembered was… oh she had been trying to hypnotize Mistress! How could she? Sophia looks up and sees her Mistress smiling down at her. “Oh, Mistress. I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have ever fought you.”

“That’s quite alright, slave. I’m sure you’ll make up for it.” Ashley replies smoothly. Truth be told, Ashley wanted to keep a little more of Sohpia’s original personality even with her as a slave. But, they would have plenty of time to figure that out. This was probably better for what they needed to do right now anyway. “And to start with that, we need to start taking apart that harem of yours.” Sophia nods, eager to obey. “And to start, we’ll have you call Dr. Rosa and make her start calling people in one at a time to deprogram them, making sure they forget the whole situation.”