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In October, 2010, grey_shadow invited us as authors to participate in a writing experiment. It would be our choice: write a story that has nothing more than dialogue, without so much as a “he said,” or other “stage directions” for lack of a better term; or write a story that has absolutely no dialogue.

I did both. What follows is my story with no dialogue. My all-dialogue story was previously posted to this site. This is an adult story, with a lot of adult action and activity, even if there are no adult words being spoken. If you’re not an adult, you really shouldn’t read any further as one might argue that you’re too young even for the title of this story.

This story is a work of fiction. The activities outlined in this story are at best unethical and immoral, and at worst, downright impossible. Any similarities between the characters in this story, and real people, is completely coincidental.

I welcome all commentary and criticism. My email address is

Night of the Whore-Wolf

by Mudak

Chapter 1

Amelia stood on the sidewalk, facing the concrete facade of the building, and sighed deeply. Why did they have to make the building look so ... intimidating? It shouldn’t be that hard to walk into the precinct, she thought, find a cop, and report that you’d been kidnapped.

Despite her best efforts, she couldn’t stop thinking about all of the doubts and uncertainty she had been replaying in her head since before she got on the bus. Being kidnapped made more sense than any other explanation, but when you think about the sheer lack of information she could provide, well, even this premise sounded a little ... flimsy.

But the facts were the facts. She couldn’t account for about 24 hours between Friday evening and Saturday evening.

Everyone who knew her knew that she’d be camping out in sweats and a T-shirt, watching whatever came on TV that struck her fancy. No going out. No calling friends or relatives. No one expected to hear from her that night.

But whatever else was true, it certainly felt like a kidnapping. She ran through as much as she could remember in her head. She had been walking home from work when she saw a photographer, presumably taking some unscripted pictures for a local newspaper. He didn’t seem to be bothering anyone; he just kept aiming the camera and then snapping the photos of all of the activity on this street. He skirted around her on one side. She remembered turning her head towards him just as he took a picture of her.

The next thing she knew, she was lying in some dirty alleyway. Some kids were poking her in the side with a stick of some sort, and she must’ve scared the shit out of them when she woke up and screamed.

Once the kids were gone, she rubbed her arm absentmindedly. This was when she realized that she now sported a dark bruise on her right bicep. As she started to clear her head of the confusion and disorientation of where she was, she realized she was nowhere near where she ought to have been, based on what she remembered from before that point. She found a newspaper box and saw that it was the following day, even though her watch read about the same time as the last thing she remembered.

So, what else should she think? Or should she think anything? In the end, she focussed on the sum of all of the things she knew, and kidnapping was all she could come up with. If she’d had health issues, she might’ve had some other theories, but she had just been given a completely clean bill of health barely a month before.

Of course, saying she was kidnapped raises a lot of new questions as well. Like, who did this? Why did they pick her? Who else, if anyone, was kidnapped? Why couldn’t she remember anything?

She glanced down at the bruise on her arm. What was this bruise? Did they try some magical chemical on her? If so, then was she kicked out because the chemical did or did not do what it was supposed to do? If there were others, are they still in captivity? If yes, how long had they been missing? If no, then do they have bruises like this, too?

Amelia stared at the entrance to the building, contemplating how the precinct is supposed to look daunting towards the criminals they bring in every day. Too bad it’s also frightening to people who need serious help from the police.

She sighed, lowered her head, and turned away. Maybe one day when she felt a bit more brave.

Chapter 2

Once she got home, she looked at herself in her bathroom mirror and wiped away a tear. Feeling far more tense than she would have liked to have felt, she decided she needed to take a bath in order to get some sleep.

She started her bath and tossed some aromatic salts into the water, then poured some milk into a coffee mug and put it in the microwave for ninety seconds.

She carried her mug of warm milk back to the bathroom and placed it on the floor near the tub before stripping out of her bathrobe. She inhaled the steam that by now had nearly filled the small space of her bathroom and stepped carefully into the tub.

Once in the water, she turned down the heat in her bath, sat down, and picked up the cup of warm milk. She raised the cup to her nose, inhaled its smooth aroma, and took a long sip. She let out a deep sigh as the stresses and insecurities of the day began to dissolve in her mind as her muscles slowly relaxed.

Once the tub was full enough, she reached up with her feet and turned the water off. She then finished off her mug of warm milk, put it back down on the floor, and closed her eyes.

Her dream was vivid, almost frighteningly real. She was in a forest or similar wooded area, and she was running. Her long hair flowed behind her naked body as she navigated even the most complicated paths with an ease and dexterity she didn’t normally feel.

She came to a small clearing with a stream running through it in the forest. She crouched low as she saw a doe walking up to the stream. It lowered its head towards the water and began to drink.

Seizing her opportunity, she leapt into action and jumped in front of the deer, grabbing it solidly before it could run away or react in any way to the danger she posed. With a rapid downward motion with her hands, she forced the deer’s nose in between her legs as she sought pleasure from this animal. As she did this, though, she snapped the deer’s neck, killing it instantly. Blood spurted upwards from the dead animal’s body, covering her face, hands, and breasts.

Amelia woke with a start in her bath, her heart pounding, her body sweating profusely, and her pussy gently throbbing as though the act of waking up from this dream meant pleasure deferred or denied.

She quickly stood up, let the water out of the tub, grabbed her bathrobe, and wrapped it around her still-dripping body. Using the sleeve of her bathrobe, she wiped the steam from the bathroom mirror. Gazing at her pale face, she scowled as she tried to figure out what that dream meant, if anything.

She put on a nightshirt and settled in to watch television. With the TV on in front of her, she fell asleep. This time, it was a deep, relaxed but dreamless sleep.

By morning, she had chalked her dream up to little more than an overactive imagination and her own frustrations at not having been able to step into the police station.

Chapter 3

Over the course of the following week, the mark on her arm faded. Although it felt sore to the touch, she didn’t concern herself too much with its fading; on the contrary, the fading bruise in some ways represented the loss of the opportunity to present the only piece of physical evidence she had that could support her theory that she had been kidnapped.

She took a photograph of her arm and contemplated when, or if, she might want to try going to the police again. After some long hours of thinking and conversations with sympathetic friends, she decided to call her doctor to see if there were any toxins in her body. Her appointment was in four days, or the following Tuesday. Depending upon the results of these tests, she mused, she would consider trying to go back to the police.

A part of her hesitation to try the police again was that she didn’t want to tell anyone about her dreams. There was a violent sexuality to them all: one dream involved her grabbing a very attractive young man in a park, throwing him to the ground and fucking him before she bashes his head in with a rock; in another dream, she walked around a farm, looking for different animals before she finally decided she wanted to have sex with a horse, culminating in her pussy clenching so tightly around the horse’s cock that she physically detached it from the horse’s body.

The dreams themselves were disturbing enough, but, she decided, she didn’t want to talk about how she felt each time she woke up: heart pounding, sweating profusely, and unquestionably aroused.

By the time her work week had ended and she watched the sunset and the moon rise, Amelia sighed as she gazed out of her window. Only in the past week had she come to wish she had someone like Julio: a friend and lover, confidante and playmate. She started to wonder why she had to let him go, even though she knew that he wasn’t right for her. She’d been fine on her own ever since they had broken up, nearly two years earlier. But tonight... Even if Julio himself wouldn’t understand her (he’d probably just use her dreams as an excuse to see about trying some kinky sex position she wasn’t really interested in...), maybe someone else might.

The moon was low in the sky as she mused about how it was nearly full. A moonlit walk with a lover would be so beautiful tonight. She decided to take a walk and try not to be too upset at the number of people she saw holding hands.

Chapter 4

Amelia was pleasantly surprised at how calm she remained in the face of all of the couples on dates appreciating the beauty of the city at night, but she decided she didn’t want to spend too much time out of doors alone. She went home, called her sister, and made a lunch date the following day before settling in to watch TV and drift off to sleep once more.

Her lunch with her sister was pleasant, even if Amelia wanted to say something about the kidnapping, her suspicions about the bruise on her arm, and the dreams. To Amelia, she didn’t mention any of these things because she couldn’t find the right “in” in the conversation that would permit their mentioning.

As the afternoon wore on, Amelia’s sister excused herself to return to her husband and kids, but agreed that they needed to do something like this more often.

When Amelia returned to her studio apartment, she sighed and opened a book, occasionally distracting herself by staring out her window.

As the day wore on and the sun fell lower into the sky, she decided she was hungry and made herself some dinner. Even though it was still light out when she finished eating, she felt compelled to take a bath. This time she promised herself not to fall asleep like she had done the week before.

The hot, aromatic, lightly salted water was enough to wash all of her concerns and worries away. As her toes and fingers started to shrivel from too much time in the water, she decided it was time to get out.

She stood up, wrapped a towel around herself and decided not to get dressed. She walked across her apartment and stared at the moon, which hung low in the now-dark colored sky. As it passed into full view from behind some clouds, she smiled at the beauty of the full, complete circle of light that shone onto the ground.

In an instant, she let out a gasp. What was this she felt? There was a degree of pain to it as her breathing became shorter and quicker. Instinctively, she raised one hand to her throat as she gasped in pain and shock.

With trembling legs, she took one step backwards. As she moved, she began to feel a warmth coursing through her body. She let go of her neck and held her hand in front of her face. She watched in horror and amazement as her fingers grew longer. She lifted her other hand and watched the same thing happen to it. She was barely aware that her towel had dropped to the floor and she stood in front of a large window completely naked.

Soon, she began to feel aroused and she lowered one hand to her breasts and the other between her legs. Her lengthening fingers seemed perfectly suited to cover more area in places where she needed to feel the touch. She let out a light squeal of pleasure as she pinched her nipples with one hand while the index finger of her other hand plunged into her dripping pussy.

As the heat and the pleasure mounted, she felt hair sprout from all of her pores. Beginning with her normally neatly-trimmed pubic hair, the growing hair started to spread out over her body, covering her stomach, legs, and arms. The hair on her head became mane-like. As the growth of her hair reached her breasts, her breasts themselves began to expand; her nipples stiffened and pointed outward.

She staggered backwards across her living room and went back into her bathroom, seeking to assess what had happened. Looking at herself in the mirror, she realized that her eyes had become yellowed and wild. Her face was almost completely unrecognizable as her nose and mouth had elongated into a snout-like appearance.

She lowered her eyes to her breasts and watched them heaving in line with her now quite-heavy breathing. Even though she knew it instinctively, she didn’t realize it until she saw her nipples: she needed to fuck. Lowering her eyes even lower, her eyes registered that the newly-grown hair around her pussy was glistening in her own juices, practically dripping in a visible testament to her ever-increasing need.

She knew what needed to be done, so she strode confidently to her door and went back out into the moonlit night. If she would be lucky, there would be at least one or two people who would be man enough to satisfy her.

Chapter 5

Glenn, the night watchman at a warehouse on the outskirts of town, yawned as he worked on the crossword puzzle from the day’s newspaper. It was a quiet night, he thought. Just like every other night. Occasionally, he would hear a sound and it was usually either the wind, someone walking a dog, or, at worst, some teenagers skateboarding in the parking lot. Even though he appreciated even having a job, he found himself hoping for something where the parking lot wasn’t the most interesting aspect of his overall assignment.

Tonight he heard a sound that he couldn’t immediately place. He had the vague sense that what he heard was someone struggling to restrain a dog, but some of the rhythms were off. If it was a dog-walker, something had really spooked that animal, he mused.

He cautiously stood up from his desk and walked closer to the front door. The moonlight shone through the window as he squinted his eyes in hopes of seeing the silhouette of a woman and her dog. From a distance, he saw what looked like a woman, but there was no sign of a dog anywhere.

He pulled the door ajar in hopes of getting a better look at what was going on outside the warehouse. The woman he had seen in the distance was now much closer. It seemed as though she was running towards him, although she ran much faster than seemed physically possible. He stood in amazement at this scene before he realized that she might have posed some kind of a threat. He quickly slammed the door shut and locked it..

Once he had satisfied himself that he was again safe, he briskly walked back to his desk, sitting down but positioning himself to stand up quickly in case any trouble might start.

Less than two seconds after he sat down, he heard a loud thud sound. Frozen in fear, he gripped the sides of his chair tightly.

After a second thud, he wondered if he should get up, notify someone of what’s going on, or stay where he was. Before he had the opportunity to make a decision, he heard a resounding crashing sound as the woman jumped through the window.

He immediately stood up, his shaky hands clutching onto his long, heavy flashlight.

He furled his brow as he looked at this woman. Yes, she was clearly female, but she didn’t really look like a woman. She looked more like some kind of animal, covered in hair or fur or something. Yet she walked upright. Was she human? If not, what was she?

The two of them assessed each other. The direction of her gaze slowly moved down from his face, to his chest, to his waist. The woman smiled broadly as she made a high-pitched sound.

He bounced slightly on the balls of his feet as she jumped over the desk towards him.

Between the suddenness of her movement and the sheer strength of her body, Glenn was knocked backwards and fell onto his desk.

The fur-covered woman quickly unfastened his pants and smiled as she saw his cock.

He tried to say something to protest but before any sound could come put, she covered his mouth with her hand, stifling his breathing. He tried to bite at her hand but found himself unable to do so.

She gripped his ears and forced his mouth over her protuberant nipple. He struggled against the hold, but she held him too tightly and didn’t want to injure himself in the process.

In an instant, he felt a warm liquid fill his mouth. He gagged, spitting some of it out. But there was too much and it sprayed too quickly into his mouth not to taste it.

The liquid was thick and sweet. As it covered his tongue and slid down his throat, he began to feel dizzy. He squinted his eyes and his mind wandered to images of the ocean and sandy beaches.

Although he felt it, he was barely aware of the sensation of a fuzzy hand reaching down to his pants, breaking the belt and clasp around his waist, before ripping them from his body.

He opened his eyes and gazed blankly in the direction of his hirsute attacker.

* * *

Amelia smiled as she saw the watchman at the warehouse drift into a state of mental bliss. She reached forward, grabbed his hand, and lifted him to his feet before throwing him roughly onto his desk. With a fluid motion, she pulled off the remains of his trousers and stared down at his cock.

Recognizing that her milk had started to work its magic on his body, she howled her victory and began to run her fingers over the tip of the meat she knew she craved. It was already somewhat stiff, however the moment her fingers brushed it, it became harder and stood straight up.

She leapt on top of the security guard’s manhood and plunged it straight into her eager, needful cunt, like the animal she was becoming. The moment she felt it inside her, she arched her back and howled in triumph.

An energy coursed through her body as she channelled the prior week’s worth of dreams. This energy, or force, if you would, exploded in her head and strengthened her need. As the pleasure mounted, she felt the hair all over her body standing on end. This energy only enhanced the sensation and the release she experienced.

The security guard let out a low moan of pleasure and she felt him release his seed into her.

Feeling somewhat frustrated at how quickly he came, she moved off of him. As she stood up, she pulled him to the floor. His body made a heavy sound as it crumpled. She kicked him aside and paid little attention to the blood coursing down his head from where it struck the leg of the desk. She jumped back out the window through which she entered and ran off into the night, in search of the release she still needed.

Chapter 6

Dylan and Kyle were heading for the local pool hall for a night out away from the normal scene at their university. They laughed amiably about their classes and about which co-eds they’d like to bang if they had the opportunity.

As they walked by an alleyway, Dylan heard an unusual noise and stopped. Kyle stopped when he realized his friend wasn’t moving. Both looked down the dimly lit corridor and saw what looked like a woman through the steam that rose from the heating grates. She seemed to be wriggling in pleasure as her hands moved up and down her body.

When the woman realized the two young men were looking at her, she stopped and gestured to them to join her. Dylan and Kyle looked at each other. Kyle smiled broadly as he started down the alley towards the woman. Dylan walked close behind him. Both were too nervous and curious to say anything.

When they were about ten feet away from her, she leapt forward and grabbed both of their heads, lowering them quickly and violently to her breasts. They both raised their hands in shock and out of instinct to protect themselves, but the woman’s hands were too strong. Once the shock wore off and they both realized that this woman was covered in fur or hair or something, they fought against her even harder, but she quickly overpowered them both. As quickly as she had grabbed them, they both felt a nipple rubbing against their respective tongues.

The sensation was pure bliss as both of them began to feel a warm liquid fill their mouths, as their minds drifted into an emotionless and thought-free haze. In nearly no time at all, both Dylan and Kyle lowered their hands to their sides and stood at attention as though waiting for an order.

* * *

Amelia assessed her two new quarries, recognizing that they were younger and, with any hope, should have more stamina than the last guy she found. She backed away from them both and smiled as they fell to their knees before her.

She let out a low howl of appreciation at the subservient look both of these young men displayed.

She got down on her hands and knees and crawled towards the two young men. Reaching forward into the waistband of Kyle’s pants, she ripped the seams of his clothing apart. He didn’t move or react in any significant manner. She smiled as she saw his rock-hard cock. She immediately turned around and raised her ass to him.

When he didn’t immediately react, she backed into him and reached through her own legs to grasp his dick, guiding it roughly into her own pussy.

The very act of penetration was an amazing sensation that coursed through her entire body. She yelped and howled her lust. Kyle, feeling her soft, tight, and wet snatch, began to thrust quickly in and out of her.

As Kyle and Amelia writhed together in a burlesque of passion, wordlessly expressing the pleasures they shared, Dylan prepared himself for his turn. Dylan dropped his pants and gripped his shaft as he watched. Amelia saw this and smiled broadly, mewling her approval.

Soon, she felt Kyle’s release into her. She bucked up against him, and knocked him backwards into a wall. He fell back, unconscious, as the motion, release, and satisfaction all worked against his ability to remain awake.

Amelia crawled towards Dylan and raised her ass to him. Dylan didn’t wait before he plunged his cock into her oozing, dripping cunt. He placed his hands on her fur-covered back and began petting her roughly.

She knew she was nearly satisfied and knew that this would be all she needed. Tightening the muscles in her pussy, she milked his cock for all of the juice it contained.

Dylan let out a groan of pleasure as she bucked and pushed against him. He gripped her shoulders and tugged at her fur. She let out a howl in pain as he tightened his grip on her.

The more she struggled against his grip on her fur, the more he pulled and squeezed. After some struggle against both the pain and the pleasure provided by Dylan, she was able to rear herself up onto her feet.

Dylan kept pounding away at her from behind. Amelia reached forward and gained enough leverage off of the wall of the alleyway to push off of it.

Dylan fell backwards and pulled a clump of hair out of her back before stumbling over Kyle’s semi-conscious body and falling into the side of a trash dumpster.

Amelia saw her two most recent conquests lying on the ground, moaning, and stepped onto and over them to seek additional sources of pleasure and satisfaction of the still-aching need in her loins.

As she quickened her pace, she saw several men blocking her escape. She felt a surge into her pussy at the sight of them.

One of the men smiled broadly, almost as though he recognized her. She knew that she would fuck him next. He held something out in front of him. His gesture was confusing and she cocked her head to one side.

She saw that he was holding a small gadget in his hand and she felt simultaneously excited, aroused, curious, and confused. The device beeped three times and emitted a bright, almost blinding light.

The light filled her vision and she suddenly felt numb before she collapsed at the feet of the man holding the device.

Chapter 7

Amelia woke up, curled in the fetal position, in the corner of a small room that looked like a laboratory of sorts. She realized that there was a warm blanket covering her body.

Pushing the blanket away, she screamed when she saw that she was naked. She felt cold and sore, yet strangely relaxed and calm. She racked her brain to try and figure out how she had gotten into this position, but she couldn’t remember anything since she got out of the bathtub. She again started to wonder how much time she had lost track of. She had vague thoughts about being covered in fur, but, she performed a quick self-assessment and realized that there was no hair on her body below her shoulders. Whatever she thought about in terms of hair on her body, it felt more like a dream than anything concrete.

Blinking a few times to get a better sense of where she was, she looked around to see if there was anyone else here, someone who might be able to tell her where “here” was.

She picked up the blanket, wrapped it around herself, and walked around the room. She overheard the sound of two men talking and laughing, so she walked carefully closer to the sound. This sound came from outside the door to this room. She lowered her hand to the doorknob and found it was unlocked.

She looked through the small window at the top of her door and saw that someone stood with his back to her. Seizing on this opportunity, she quickly thrust the door open and it hit him, knocking him down. In the process, he dropped the clipboard he had been holding. The clipboard fell to the floor with a clatter.

She quickly glanced around and saw that this now-unconscious man had been alone. If he was talking to someone else a few minutes previously, the other person or people had left and were nowhere in sight. She knelt down to pick up the clipboard.

Once she held the clipboard in her hands, she immediately recognized herself in a black-and-white photograph in the corner of the top sheet. Her eyes jumped to the right of the picture, which contained the labels “Subject 32672” and “Test status: success.” Handwritten notes underneath these labels informed her that seven days had passed between the administration of the experimental drug and the first full moon thereafter.

The notes also indicated that she reacted appropriately to both a specially designed light and to the moon, that her mind and body had been appropriately subjugated, and that she seemed incapable of self-restraint during the full moon. The bottom of the page indicated that the test of subjugation was all that was left to be administered. She scowled.

There were fresh newspaper clippings underneath the top page talking about mysterious attacks on a night watchman and two college students, all of whom had apparently had violent sex with someone and been knocked out. When she saw these clippings, she wondered if this was something she had done, her vague memories did involve a warehouse and two youngish-looking guys in a nearby alleyway.

She flipped a few more pages and saw some of the criteria they sought for their test subjects: youngish and attractive, menial job, an introvert. She sighed loudly as she saw herself the words ideal candidate can be relied on not to contact authorities, either through fear, uncertainty, or a lack of desire to cause trouble.

She jumped when she felt a hand grasp her shoulder firmly. She turned and saw a young man kneeling by her side, and shaking his head as if to scold her. She furled her brow for a moment before she saw a bright light and drifted off into a peaceful bliss. Whatever had happened the previous night, why she was here, who the man was... It was all meaningless. Nothing.

And this empty feeling would be all she knew, felt, or cared about until they released her into the city on the next full moon. She had been their greatest test subject from the moment they took her and injected her with their experimental chemicals.

They needed to work on her violent tendencies when she transformed, but that was it. Most of the month, she would stay here, docile, performing the bidding of her masters. Once a month, she was free to do what she wished.

She mindlessly and willingly accepted her role a whore-wolf. After a few months in the service of these men, she came to appreciate how good it was to be a whore-wolf, especially when they let her free to go out and howl.