The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Author: Mudak


Email Status: Valid as of June 2005

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Story Codes Added Updated
The Adventures of Carmine Belch, PI: If I Had a Nipple for Every Time… mc ff rb 23 Dec 2012
Assets Under Management mc mf gr 22 May 2010
The Bimbonic Plague mc mf ff gr 19 Jan 2013
Binders Full of Women mc ff 07 Sep 2013
The Body Electric mc mf ff fd ma rb 20 Dec 2009
Boomerang Bang mc mf md 16 Aug 2008 25 Oct 2008
Can You Dig It? mc mf md 08 Aug 2009
Catch Her in the Rye mc mf md bd 14 Jul 2012
Cock of Ages mc ff ma 15 Mar 2009
Countdown to Submission mc mf ff md fd cb 02 Jan 2011
Dairy Queening mc mf md fd ma cb hu 31 Mar 2012
Despicable Meme mc ff md ma in 06 Aug 2011
Discharge of the Light Brigade mc mf ff md ex 30 May 2009
The Element of Suprise mc mf md 12 Apr 2009
Embarrassing Emily mc mf md 28 Jan 2007 15 Dec 2012
Erotolepsy mc mf md fd 31 Dec 2011
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless ’Hind mc mf ff md 10 Dec 2011
Everything in One Basket mc mf ff fd 08 Sep 2007
Face Off mc mf md fd cb 28 Jul 2012
The Gift That Keeps on Getting mc mf md fd ma 01 Oct 2011
The Goddess Within mc mf fd 25 May 2008
Helping Hands mc mf fd 04 Aug 2012
Her Minstrel Period mc mf ff mm md ex 25 Oct 2009
The Hornometer mc md mf 20 Aug 2005 04 Jan 2009
Horton Hears a Ho mc mf fd 05 Feb 2011
Hot Pursuit mc mf md ma 28 Nov 2009
An Immodest Proposal mc mf md ca 27 Nov 2011
In Naked Wonder mc mf fd la be sf 19 Dec 2010
The Just-Ass League mc mf ff fd ex cb hu 30 Mar 2013
Korea Conseling mc mf ff 13 Apr 2013
Latter Day Sluts mc mf md fd ma 26 Jan 2013
The Legend of the Spectral Seal mc mf ff md fd sf 31 Oct 2009
Mad Scientists’ Convention — The Welcome Mat mc mf md 16 Apr 2006
Mind Wipe mc mf md 14 Oct 2006
Mongol Whored mc mf ff bd 15 Jan 2012
More Ink, Less Think mc mf md ft 30 Oct 2010
Mountin’ Biking mc mf ff md 02 Jan 2011 29 Jan 2011
Music of the Night mc mf md fd 20 Dec 2009
Night of the Whore-Wolf mc mf fd fu gr la 26 Mar 2011
Obsession-Compulsion mc mf ff mm md fd ds 26 Jun 2005 13 Apr 2008
One Size Fits All mc mf md gr ft 08 Aug 2009
One Way to Cure Those Pre-Wedding Nerves mc mf md rb 13 Jul 2008
Piece of Ass from a Hole in the Ground mc mf 11 Nov 2007
Plain As the Nose in His Lap mc mf ff ts 30 May 2010
Psychogynecology mc mf ff rb sf 11 Dec 2010 19 Dec 2010
The Pussy Driven Life mc mf ff ma sc in hu 20 Aug 2011
Pussy Liquor mc mf fd 30 Apr 2011
Quitting While You’re Behind mc ff 20 Oct 2012
The Race to Erase Lace with a Mace in the Face of Grace mc mf md bd sf 21 Jun 2014
Rape Suzette mc mf md bd nc 03 May 2014
Riding the Bus with My Master mc mf md 13 Apr 2008
The Rise and Fall of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee mc mf ff md gr 14 Dec 2008
SafeCrackerJack mc mf md in 08 Aug 2009
Scan THIS! mc mf ff md 11 Jan 2009
The Secret to a Long and Happy Marriage mc mf 06 Jul 2008
Tales of Belle’s Beast: A Halloween Anthology from the MCGarden mc mf ff md fd ds be fu 30 Oct 2010
Thrill Ride mc mf md cb 15 Feb 2009
Thy Kingdom Cum mc mf gr 10 Mar 2012
To Sleep Perchance to Cream mc md mf ff bd ds 21 Aug 2010
Toys for Tits mc ff 09 Jan 2010
Under the Milky Way mc mf ff gr 06 Jul 2013
Voices Trapped in Yearning mc mf ma in 06 Mar 2010 10 Apr 2010
The Way We Whirr mc mf md ma ex rb hu cb 17 Apr 2010
What You See Is What You Get mc mf md 29 Nov 2008
What You See Is What You Get — Julie’s Story mc mf md 15 Feb 2009
Women’s Lubrication Movement mc mf ff md ma fd rb ts 29 Sep 2012 13 Oct 2012
The Xyloporn and Fuckenspiel Society mc mf ff md ex 24 Aug 2013
Year of the Cock mc mf ff md 24 Feb 2008
You Can Feel It All Over mc mf md 22 Sep 2012
Zero Degrees of Separation mc mf md 15 Dec 2012