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Tales of Belle’s Beast: A Halloween Anthology from the MCGarden

by Cirith; fembotheather; Flibinite; FZY0001; JHB; kbug; Kris P. Kreme; Mudak; olithoi; S. B.; SleepyGirl and Vanderbilt

Added 30 October 2010

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The story of “Beauty and the Beast” has been passed down through the ages and become a beloved children’s tale. What only a few people know, however, is that Belle and the Beast were real, and the true story was darker and more awe-inspiring than the fairy tale ever hoped to be. Throughout the ages people have told stories and spread legends that contained elements of the story we all know. Here, prepared by members of the Garden of Mind Control, are thirteen chilling and erotic tales of Belle’s Beast.

Chapter Length Author Added
Be Our Guest 2946 words olithoi 30 Oct 2010
Stripping the Beast 633 words Cirith 30 Oct 2010
My Candelabra 2048 words Mudak 30 Oct 2010
Beast 1508 words Vanderbilt 30 Oct 2010
Show Me the Way 2397 words Flibinite 30 Oct 2010
For Whom Belle Trolls 1962 words Kris P. Kreme 30 Oct 2010
Sanatorium 1532 words SleepyGirl 30 Oct 2010
Evolution 1885 words S. B. 30 Oct 2010
Bemoaning Belle’s Beast 1729 words FZY0001 30 Oct 2010
Making Beautiful Music 1874 words SleepyGirl 30 Oct 2010
Helle’s Belles 1346 words fembotheather 30 Oct 2010
Just A Little Change... 1724 words kbug 30 Oct 2010
Changing Belles 2311 words JHB 30 Oct 2010