The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Author: JHB


Email Status: Valid as of May 2007

Story Codes Added
At Last (JHB) mc mf fd 09 Aug 2008
A Better Offer? mc mf fd cb 26 Aug 2007
Child’s Play (JHB) mc mf 10 Sep 2010
Countdown to Submission mc mf ff md fd cb 02 Jan 2011
Dawn to Dusk mc ff mf fd cb 03 Oct 2009
The Doll House Collection mc mf ff ft 03 Jan 2010
For Each Other mc ff 15 Aug 2009
The Legend of the Spectral Seal mc mf ff md fd sf 31 Oct 2009
Once Upon a Time mc mf ff hu 11 Jul 2010
Opening Refrain mc mf md fd 12 Apr 2009
Posession mc fd 03 Oct 2010
Really Rescued? mc mf ff fd 23 Jun 2012
Saved By Duty? mc mf fd cb 02 Sep 2007
Seeds of Desire mc mf fd 21 Nov 2009
Tales of Belle’s Beast: A Halloween Anthology from the MCGarden mc mf ff md fd ds be fu 30 Oct 2010
Teachers Pet (JHB) mc mf fd md 08 Aug 2009
There Was No Denying It mc mf fd cb 13 May 2007
Viral Shards: A Garden Anthology mc ff mf 02 Nov 2008
Wordplay mc mf fd 25 Oct 2009
Write, Darling mc mf fd 01 Mar 2009
Year of the Kat mc mf fd 11 Dec 2010