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The Nimfonian Takeover

“So these are the spoils of empire.”

Captain West tutted disapprovingly at his first officer’s comment. “They’re refugees, Dan.They’ve been living as little better than slaves, if the reports are true. We’re here to extend the welcoming hand of the federation and offer them asylum.”

“That’s not that only thing that’s likely to be extended towards them.” Dan grinned after seeing what he hoped had been one of the nubile creatures glancing his way. “You have to admit, they’re beautiful.”

Mike West gazed dispassionately down at the aliens filing out of the shuttle and boarding the Excelsior. Of course they were beautiful... the harmonious perfection of their features, their smooth and elegant movements as they seemed to float over the ground beneath them, to say nothing of their more salicious attributes. Every one of the alien women had shown up in a form-fitting dress that seemed to be tailor-made for its owner, advertising full and pert breasts, tight shapely buttocks, while somehow still appearing dignified, even regal. Dan was obviously right. They were walking sex goddesses. But pointing it out did nothing to set the tone for their visit.

“They’ve been at the mercy of Itraxi empire for generations. Their culture has adapted to living with and placating those power hungry warlords.” Down at the shuttle bay, a young ensign offered a stablizing hand to one of the women, who greeted him with a glowing smile and placed her arm in his. They walked forward, while the woman gazed adoringly at the ensign who was growing increasingly flustered. West shook his head. “They’re going to have their first real taste of freedom. Independence. But they have to decide for themselves how to forge a new way of life.”

“Maybe they don’t want to change.”

“That’s not funny, Dan.”

“Think about it though.” One of the women was leaning over to inspect the console at the base of the shuttle bay, giving the two men on the upper platform an excellent view of a perfectly round tight ass portruding at them. It swayed slightly as the woman’s attention seemed rapt at the new technologies around her. “Maybe they don’t want to change. They were the concubines of the Itraxi. Maybe they’ll decide since the Union of Planets defeated the Itraxi, they’d rather be our concubines instead.”

“That will be all, Commander.”

Commander Dan Stevens leaned over the railing one last time to catch a glimpse of the glorious ass that had just begun to straighten up, then took his leave.

* * *

“We’re honored you’ve chosen to accept us, Captain.” The beautiful woman’s eyes fluttered as she gazed intently at Captain West. The look in her eyes conveyed with the utmost sincerity that there was nowhere she would rather be than conversing with him, and that every moment they shared was incredibly meaningful.

“Of course.” Captain West shifted in his seat slightly uncomfortably. The Nimfonian delegate’s skirt barely stretched down below her waist, and her legs were crossed, displaying the full length of her long smooth thighs. They were almost enough to distract his attention away from her other secondary sexual characteristics... what appeared to be gravity defying double-d breasts, visible through a keyhole top that left the woman covered up to the neck but still showcased an ample cleavage. A very ample cleavage. It took a Herculean effort for the captain to pull his eyeline out of those breasts and up to an acceptable level. “But please call me Mike... I mean, Michael.”

“Michael.” The woman leaned forward, causing the captain’s attention to be captured by her full soft lips... a few shades paler than red, moist, and slightly parted. “I can’t tell you what being free of the Itraxi will finally mean for my people. We’re incredibly grateful.” Her voice was melodious, every word fed into a long soothing cadence the captain wished would never end.

“And the Union would be pleased to join with you.” The captain felt a little foolish after the words spilled out, althouh the expression on the woman’s face suggested no sign of doubt or discomfort. “I mean, we’re pleased to have the chance to see what our cultures can learn from each other. ‘None of us are as strong as all of us.’”

The last bit was a quote from the Union’s motto, which the woman seemed to be taking very seriously, nodding serenely as she stared into space for a moment. Then she smiled—a captivating, intoxicating smile that seemed to light up every corner of her face as she aimed it squarely at the captain. “But please... I’ve forgotten to introduce myself. You may call me Nayora.”

The captain took her hand, and resisted the urge to shiver with excitement. Her skin was cool to the touch, and incredibly soft. It might have been his imagination, but he could have sworn he felt a finger stroking his wrist during those few impossible seconds while their fingers met. Her smiling gaze never left his. “I hope I can look forward to spending more time with you.” Her voice made every suggestion sound incredible. “If that’s all right.”

The captain smiled, doing his best to maintain his compoure. “I’m sure we can find the time.”

* * *

“This is amazing.” Medical officer Triton let herself exclaim in delight again as she ran her instruments up and down Nayora’s body. The digitzed wireframe on her terminal did no justice to the proportions of the alien laying on the bed in front of her.

“Is everything all right, doctor?” The alien’s breathy voice carried only signs of concern.

“Your physiology is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.” The alien seemed to blush at that remark. Triton hastened to clarify. “No pathogens, no sign of disease... and these pheremones are don’t resemble anything I’ve ever witnessed... or smelled. Can you explain to me what it all means?”

Nayora slowly and luxuriously brought herself upright, then twisted from side to side in slow stretches, showing off that tight, impossibly fit body from both sides. Her breasts saw the most benefit from the motion, as her cleavage could be seen rocking gently through the keyhole, before settling into place as the woman turned forward. Triton felt her breath quickening despite herself as her eyes settled on the woman’s impossibly thin waist as her dress stretched upwards to reveal her navel. Nayora pulled down the stretchy silver material that made up her top, then smiled back at the other woman. She looked grateful, as if the medical officer had just paid her a compliment. Medical distance. Hippocratic Oath. Triton felt very strongly those were things she should be keeping in mind right now, even if she couldn’t remember why.

“I can’t say that I know.” Nayora’s face had taken on a pouty look. “This is how our people have been for as long as we can remember. And for too long we’ve only been judged by our appearances.”

Triton could see Nayora’s hand was making a slow unconsidered journey up from her waist, that was coming dangerously close to her neckline. She hurried to collect her thoughts.

“No, you see, it’s not just your appearance. There’s things in your biology I’ve never seen before. I’d love to get the chance to study them further. Like... your eyes.”

Nayora had suddenly moved in very close to her. Triton was still breathing quickly, but she felt herself beginning to relax as she stared into those infinite golden pools. Nayora’s face had the faintest hint of a smile on it, as she brought her face closer to the medical officer’s. She had taken Triton’s right hand in a soft enveloping embrace, but even that wasn’t enough to distract her from those eyes... those beautiful emerald eyes.

“Your eyes...” Triton frowned for a moment, and blinked, feeling a little unsure of herself. “Were they always green?”

Nayora’s smile widened, as her eyes shifted from a bright emerald hue to a mellow blue one. Triton felt her breathing slow further and further, even as the other woman’s body pressed closer against hers. She felt those incredible breasts touch against the tips of her own, and the sweet sensation of those hips starting to lean against hers. Exciting as that all would have been normally, not even that mattered now, not when she had the chance to keep looking at those ever-shifting eyes. The changes in color seemed to be coming more and more rapidly now, as Nayora’s gorgeous eyes drew her in deeper.

Triton felt a cool but invigorating touch running up her sides. She heard the sound of the medical bay sealing itself off. That’s good, Triton thought, not knowing why. We wouldn’t want any interruptions.

Nayora’s touches were growing more and more... personal, Triton realized. She felt herself give in completely and simply accept all the marvelous sensations overwhelming her brain. That gorgeous rainbow of light streaming into her eyes, those electrifying caresses all over her body bringing warm and surprisingly welcome feelings, that intoxicating smell... and now, that beautiful relaxing voice telling her what to think and how to feel.

Triton sighed and closed her eyes as she felt her breasts squeezed by two warm loving hands, as the voice penetrated deep into her innermost thoughts.

* * *

Nayora had chosen what looked like the Nimfonian equivalent of the little black dress for their date that night—no, dinner, the captain reminded himself. He wasn’t looking to start an interplanetary incident. This was a purely diplomatic exchange, a chance for him to help educate her on human culture and the specifics of joining the Union of Planets. And see how she was fitting in. To something other than a series of impossibly tight, flattering outfits.

This dress in particular hugged her figure from mid-thigh all the way up to her chest, where it abruptly gave up trying and let the rest of her body speak for itself. Her shapely neck and slim shoulders were on display, along with those two gorgeous mammary glands, pressed closely together and with a silver pendant resting squarely between them. As if they weren’t demanding enough of his attention already.

Mike wondered if Nayora could have somehow picked up on the fact that he was a breast man. He’d heard the Nimfonians were incredibly adept at understanding the desires of other species, and intuitively striving to meet them. As much as he would enjoy it being true, it would be a little disappointing if the ambassador was simply here to flirt with him. He’d hoped for something better for her species than to be constantly making themselves subservient to one race after another.

“Michael.” Nayora infused the name with warmth and intimacy. She took his hand in hers again and squeezed it. The captain waited to feel a stray stroke from her fingerprints again and was mildly disappointed to experience nothing, until he felt her fingertips trace their way down his arm as they broke apart. Her face was full of hope and promise. “It’s good to see you again. I hoped we could talk more.”

Over the course of dinner, Mike was left to wonder if their chef had something of a phallic obsession, as Nayora seemed to find a way to turn every entree into a slow tease. She seemed baffled by how to consume an earth banana when it arrived. Even after Mike gave her a demonstration by biting off the tip, she opened those perfect lips wide to take the whole banana further and further down her throat, never breaking eye contact with him all the while. Mike swallowed a bit of food on accident, as Nayora pulled out the banana, chomped off the tip, and winked at him. The pendant flashed a brief sparkle into his eyes as it moved with the rise and fall of her voluptuous chest.

Mike did his best to keep the conversation focused on the UoP, the history of the human race and what it could mean for the Nimfonians. Nayora never broke eye contact with him as he spoke, nodding at the right times, and gazing adoringly into his eyes. It was strange to admit, he almost felt light headed from her gaze. She was leaning into him as he spoke, her pert breasts spilling out of her top to make themselves almost entirely visible to his distracted eyes. She had somehow gotten the idea that it was helpful to lightly stroke his arm as he spoke. Up, and down. Those simple caresses. As those beautiful breasts swayed back and forth in front of his eyes. Back and forth. Those gorgeous eyes. And that confident smile, bearing down on him as he relaxed more completely into the sensations all around him and let his mind drift.

She smelled amazing. Like every woman should smell. Those breasts were incredible, pressed up against his arm now. Those mesmerizing eyes, and those perfect full lips, breathing out soft words he could barely hear. He leaned in closer to understand them better...

His arm knocked over his wine glass, causing the liquid to spill into his lap, covering up what had the potential to become an even more embarassing stain. Nayora was on her feet in a moment. “I’m so sorry. I’m so clumsy, it was clearly my fault.”

“Don’t worry, it’ll come right out. And I’m sure it was my mistake.” Captain West uttered with reflexive gallantry. Although truth be told, he couldn’t remember how the wine had spilled. Or what they’d been talking about for the last several minutes. A quick look at the chronometer told him he was almost late for his next set of duties. He rose to his feet. “I’m sorry though, I do have to get going. I hope we can talk later?”

The captain’s guilt faded as Nayora’s expression turned from one of loss and concern to cheer and hope once again.

“Of course.” Nayora exhaled the words, wrapping the captain in a hug that served to remind him once more of the virtues of her uniquely gifted anatomy. “I know you’re a busy man. I can always make time for you.”

Hours after he should have already fallen asleep, that last wistful look in her eyes and the memory of her body pressed up against his still haunted his thoughts.

* * *


Triton quickly looked up from her desk, shaking off a particularly intense daydream of a very unprofessional nature. She hated to admit it, but she’d been neglecting her work lately. She wasn’t sure if she ever had finished the complete work-up of the Nimfonian ambassador... the woman who was currently standing in front of her in high heels, swaying lightly from the hip. Triton felt a wave of relief rush over her. The serenity the other woman exuded was inescapable. Nayora was here. Everything would be fine. She didn’t have to think anymore.

Nayora moved in closer to the young doctor, swaying forward one step at a time until the tight outline of her waist was only a few inches in front of her. Triton felt herself looking up, past the woman’s tightly wrapped breasts and up to her face, where those warm inviting lips were saying something. Triton had a brief image of those lips pressed against her nipples, that she did her best to dismiss. Feeling the full effect of the other woman’s apparently natural perfume, the young doctor wondered if the Nimfonian’s had different standards for personal space than humans did. Not that she was complaining. But the woman was still talking, although it was so easy to lose focus and forget whatever specific words she had said...

“And so, my sisters and I would like to find a way to make ourselves useful onboard this ship.” Nayora’s voice rose immeasurably in volume, while losing none of its sweetness. “We feel the best way to learn to integrate ourselves into human society is to participate in it. Show our value.” Nayora had taken Triton’s hand in her own and was starting to caress up and down her arm. Triton didn’t stop to look at the movement... not while those beautiful, colorful eyes demanded her full attention. Nayora smiled down at her, and Triton felt a sigh escape her. Another hand had landed on her shoulder as the Nimfonian occupied her full field of view. “We were hoping you might be able to offer some recommendations.”

Triton had no idea where the time had gone. She had a vague memory of signing some forms, and inputting some commands, but all that really stuck with her was the alien’s intoxicating company, and the way she seemed to anticipate and direct her thoughts. The medical officer was left with a dreamy distant smile on her face, barely possessing the presence of mind to study the shapely sway of the alien’s ass as she strutted out of the room.

* * *

Captain West had felt guilty for a while that he wasn’t out serving on the front lines. The Excelsior had been badly damaged several months ago, forcing them to pull back from the war with the Itraxi and focus on diplomatic missions while their crew worked on repairs. And now that the war was finally coming to a close, the Union wanted their flagship helping to pick up the pieces of the fallen empire, as a show of strength and security to the flailing races. It was important work, to be sure. But when he looked at men like Admiral Pike, still fighting on the front lines, he felt more than a little guilty that his duties were as peaceful as they were.

“Everything’s going well, then?” The admiral looked more refreshed than West had seen him in a while. “The Nimfonians seem open to the prospect of living as UoP citizens? They’ve lived under the Itraxi for so long, if they make a break, the other races will all follow.”

“They seem enthusiastic... very enthusiastic.” West did his best to not be distracted by the memories that sprang into mind when he thought about the Nimfonians... Nayora’s beautiful smile, her relaxing and sonorous voice, the way her kisses made the whole world slip away... wait, they hadn’t kissed yet... had they?

“That’s good.” The admiral smiled, and looked around him to see if anyone else was listening in. “I’m not sure I should jinx this, but the last remnants of the Itraxi fleet have completely fallen apart over the last few days since the Nimfonians left. It’s like without their concubines at their sides, they completely lost confidence in themselves. Those women must do something to a man. We’ll have to be sure they don’t end up as the slaves of some warmongers again.”

Slaves... A mental image of Nayora in a gold metal bikini sprang into Michael West’s head, attending to his every whim...

“Of course sir.” Captain West smiled, shaking the images from his head. “You can count on us.”