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The Nimfonian Takeover

Chapter 2

Commander Dan Stevens had always put a priority on physical fitness. Even with their recent diplomatic assignments, you never knew when an away mission could turn ugly and leave you fighting for your life. That was one reason for taking the time to work out today. The thought of a Nimfonian passing him by in his workout clothes and having the opportunity to examine his physique was another.

What greeted him at the ship’s gymnastic facilities was completely unexpected. Several Nimfonian women were standing in front of a confused group of onlookers. They were dressed in tight silver shorts that could have been painted on, and breast hugging tops that left their midriffs and taut waists fully exposed. One of the women noticed him, and smiled invitingly at him, beckoning him to stand with the group.

Well, this is new. Dan thought to himself as he filed into the room. The senior Nimfonian ambassador known as Nayora addressed the crowd. “We appreciate your patience. As part of sharing knowledge between our cultures, we’ve been asked to present the traditional Nimfonian techniques for physical self-discipline, and bringing the body and mind in sync. If you could all join with us now.“

Dan was surprised to see the Nimfonians openly taking place in shipboard activities, Captain West had seemed resolute in not pressing for more contact with the Nimfonians until they knew more about how the relationship between their species would progress. The commander made a mental note to congratulate his friend on his change of heart.

His eyes swept the room, drinking in the visions of loveliness who appeared to be demonstrating an exercise to an enthralled audience. He realized that he had very little idea what was actually going on, partially owing to the fact that every few seconds one of the other young women would move her body in a fashion that demanded his full attention. He tried to focus on the young Nimfonian closest to him and did his best to imitate her sensual movements, feeling a little strange as he did so. The exercise seemed closer to an earth belly dance than any traditional muscle strengthening regimen. Nayora soon appeared at his side, placing her hands around his waist and holding him still. “It’s ok to watch for now.” She whispered sweetly into his ear. “You’ll be told what to do soon enough.”

Fine by me. The commander thought to himself. He focused his gaze on the beautiful woman undulating her hips in front of him. Her stomach was flat as a washboard, and a silver stone sparkled from her navel. Her skin seemed to shine with a natural luminescence. Her hips rocked sensually, moving her waist in tiny little circles. The woman’s hands began to trace their way around the center of her stomach and the hypnotic light of the stone in the center.

I could watch this all day. Dan thought dreamily.

That seemed to be exactly what the Nimfonians had in mind too. As Dan’s attention drifted to Nayora, he saw her walk the room slowly, examining each person standing enraptured by the gorgeous woman standing in front of them. Whenever a gaze seemed to wander or a person seemed on the verge of breaking free, Nayora gave them a gentle touch and whispered in their ear as she tilted their heads back in the right direction, re-focusing them on the sight in front of them. The women seemed as captivated by the sensual display as the men, if not more so.

Nayora had noticed his wandering eye and came up to approach him as well. At first he couldn’t tear his eyes away from her, but she snuck up beside him and breathed melodiously into his ear as she stroked his chest tenderly. “Just relax... watch the beautiful girls. All will become clear.”

The entire room had grown silent as everyone’s attention was locked onto the graceful yet sexy movements of the beautiful aliens. Nayora nodded at the girls and they began to speak.

“Repeat after me. I relax into openness.”

I relax into openness. Dan mouthed the words without thinking. The Nimfonian girl he had been watching appeared to be grinding her hips against an invisible target.

“I am accepting and submissive.”

I am accepting and submissive. The girl had turned around and bent over, and the plump cheeks of her ass were swaying in front of him, begging for a squeeze. Or at least a caress of the long, sexy legs that led up to them.

“Obedience is pleasure.”

Obedience is pleasure. The girl was standing right in front of him now, her ass grinding up against his rock hard erection.

“Obedience is pleasure.”

Obedience is pleasure. Reaching her arms around to touch him, the girl rotated in place, and his hands began to trace over that perfect waist he’d been admiring for so long.

“Obedience is pleasure.”

Obedience is pleasure. Her crotch was pressed tightly against his own. Her full breasts rubbed against his chest. She was stroking up and down his sides.

“Obedience is pleasure.”

Obedience is pleasure. Her crotch squirmed against his. Their embrace grew tighter. He instinctively moved in to kiss her, but felt his will sap away as he stared into the glowing sparkle of her ever changing eyes. She smiled brilliantly at him, and kept up the smooth sexy sensations running all over his body as she began to speak to him in one soft continuous melody.

“Submit. Surrender. Obey.”

Submit. Surrender. Obey. Dan felt his mind fade to white as the sights and sensations overwhelmed him. Soon there was nothing but the beautiful creature in front of him, her flawless body pressing up against his, and her silky smooth words floating into his mind and controlling his every thought, belief, and action.

* * *

Captain West hated to admit it, but he was stalling. His last meeting with the Nimfonian ambassador had left him feeling out of control and uncomfortable. It had also left a strange mixture of other feelings, ones he wasn’t completely opposed to, but that weren’t appropriate for a UoP officer attempting to build an inter-planetary alliance. He wouldn’t say that he’d been purposefully avoiding Nayora, but he had chosen to immerse himself in his other duties, leaving less time for the aliens on board his ship. Better to give us all a chance to adjust, he thought.

The elevator doors slid open, revealing the beautiful Nimfonian ambassador standing in front of him. West instinctively turned to leave, then realized that this wasn’t his floor, and he would end up looking foolish if he walked out now. If Nayora noticed his hesitation, she gave no indication. Her face was a radiant smile as she glided into the elevator. She stopped less than a foot away from him. Close enough for him to take in her unique scent, maybe even to feel her breath on his skin.

“It’s good to see you, Michael.” Something in the way she said his name sent a shiver up the captain’s spine. “I’ve been looking forward to spending more time together.” The doors shut behind Nayora, and the elevator continued its descent.

“Yes, well, I have been busy, and I didn’t want to monopolize your time here. Not when you have so much to learn.” Being around Nayora was providing a constant challenge in keeping his eyes where they should be. This time, there was no exposed cleavage to suck in his gaze, but instead she was clad in a tight, long white dress that hugged every curve of her body. West’s eyes lingered on the outline of her ample bosom for a moment, as they swelled impressively after the ambassador took in a deep breath.

“Please, captain. Don’t consider it monopolizing.” Nayora had edged in closer, bringing those full perfect lips closer to his. The right shift of balance could send them into a kiss. “There’s no one I’d rather spend time with... no one I think I have more to learn from than you.”

West tried to think of something to say, while Nayora continued smiling that same charming smile at him, gently sliding in even closer. Her leg was pressed against his now. She had reached one arm over his shoulder and behind his neck, where she was stroking his skin gently. Her breasts were pressed up against his chest.

How long had they been waiting for the elevator now? He looked over at the keypad, no floors were lit up. One of them must have hit the call cancel button by accident. Nayora gently touched his chin and turned it back towards her face. Her eyes were mesmerizing in their depth and complexity. Those perfect full lips approached his own, and locked him in a warm intoxicating kiss he wished would never end.

A light chirp rang out and West jerked back in alarm. The doors slid open to reveal a confused looking young officer. Someone must have summoned the elevator. Without looking back, he quickly walked out of the elevator, bowing in apology to the ambassador, who simply smiled back at him, with one hand on her hip.

Their standards for friendship and intimacy must be nowhere close to our own. West thought, trying to bring his mind of out that warm haze. We’ll have to be careful to avoid miscommunicating our intentions. And then another thought came, as the doors closed on the vision of loveliness whose lips seemed to pucker slightly as she watched him go. What the hell was I thinking?

* * *

Medical Officer Triton’s job had never been easier. Officially, she was still making a full time study of the Nimfonians. But unofficially, they were running the show. Checking up on the vitals of all the important crew members, monitoring psych evals. They’d even taken her access card to let them into different social functions on the ship, all in the name of integrating into human society.

The doors of the medical bay opened to reveal the statuesque form of the Nimfonian ambassador, wearing form-fitting yoga pants, back from another popular personal training session if she had to guess.

“Mistress...” Triton moaned out the word, then frowned. That wasn’t quite right was it. She tried again. “Nayora...”

Nayora brought a finger to her lips and took the medical officer’s hands in hers, smiling all the while. “That’s quite all right my dear. I just came to talk. You’ve been incredibly helpful to us. I was hoping we could spend more time together.”

Triton nodded weakly, too lost in the other woman’s gaze to say much. “That sounds... nice.”

Nayora began to whisper in her ear, while one smooth hand caressed her innermost places. Triton shuddered. She would have thought some of what she was hearing was wrong once. But that was before this woman had so completely taken over her life and her will. “Yes, yes.” Triton kept repeating in little moans, as Nayora’s commands and caresses grew more insistent.

“Good.” Nayora withdrew slightly and smiled sweetly at the young woman, who was panting breathlessly, and looking back with longing. Nayora rested her thumbs inside the corner of her pants. “I think someone deserves a reward.”

Not fully comprehending what was happening, Triton’s eyes locked onto the smooth crotch becoming visible in front of her. Then she understood. She knelt down on her knees and came in with her mouth, meeting those perfect soft lips with her own.

All the pleasure and desire she had felt before held nothing on what she experienced in that moment. Nayora tasted like rapture. Like pure bliss, providing the culmination of unfulfilled yearnings she never knew she had. It was intoxicating. She drew her face in deeper, letting her tongue go to work and feeling her own orgasm build inside of her.

Nayora ran her fingers affectionately through the other woman’s hair, gently rubbing her temples as she felt her shiver through her first few orgasms, and allowed her to taste one of Nayora’s own as the human nuzzled her. “Good girl.” Nayora whispered into Triton’s exceptionally pliable and open mind. “You’d do anything for me. Anything.”

* * *

Commander Stevens was looking forward to his next physical training session. Granted, he could barely remember the details of the last one... the Nimfonians had been demonstrating some exercises that had taken a particularly sensual turn. He couldn’t recollect what took place after that, but his body felt like it had gotten quite a workout afterwards, and he left feeling incredibly relaxed and refreshed.

He poked his head into the ship’s gymnasium when the compulsion struck him, and was surprised to find only a single occupant there. The Nimfonian waved him on in with a glowing smile. “You’re right on time.”

Funny, he hadn’t remembered making an appointment. The doors slid shut behind the commander as he purposefully stepped inside. The Nimfonian woman—had he met her before?— was wearing tight silver shorts and a stretchy gold top. The sheer given off by of the outfit was only matched by the bronze glow of her skin.

“One of the principles of Nimfonian life is that the body should be in sync with the mind.” The woman guided Stevens into a cross-legged sitting position. “But to do that, you first have to listen to your body. I want you to focus on me for a minute.”

Drawing herself up in a smooth catlike motion, the woman began to rock her hips and rotate her taut waist at eye level with the commander. The pretty silver gem in her navel gave off a relaxing sparkle, drawing him in even though his eyes simply wanted to focus on that beautiful tight stomach. There was something very familiar about all this.

“Have we... met before?”

The woman smiled down at him. “My name is Felicia. Please relax and focus deeply. Let these feelings take control of you now.”

The sensual bellydance continued in front of his eager eyes. Her hips jiggled as her tight waist swayed directly in front of him. The stone in her navel continued flashing its light directly into his mind. Dan could feel his body responding powerfully. This woman was incredible.

“Tell me how you feel.” Felicia’s voice washed over him.

“I want you so badly.” He didn’t even have to think before uttering the words.

Felicia stroked his cheek and Dan shivered. “Good. Focus even deeper on me now.”

Felicia bent over and began to sway her ass back and forth in the air, bringing that full, curvaceous rear end close enough to Dan’s face to rub up against his nose.

“Desire is important.” Her voice was soothing but powerful. “But it must blossom into obsession. You have to need me. You must not be able to live without me. Feel your obsession with me grow and grow.”

Her hands squeezed the globes of her ass as she bent down, then brought herself up slowly, swaying rhythmically all the while. Her skin was smooth, perfectly polished to a brilliant hue. No one could help but to stare at her. And the entrancing movements of her body made it clear she wanted to be stared at.

“You’re all I can think about.” Dan croaked out. “All I need.”

Felicia turned to face Dan again and straddled him, wrapping her legs behind his back. His face quickly became nestled in her bosom, as she brought down the zipper on her top to give him easier access. His face stayed buried between her breasts for a few blissful moments before she gently tilted his head up to stare into her eyes.

“From desire springs connections between souls.” Every word Felicia uttered was a pure revelation. Her tones resonated with something deep within him. “Feel yourself falling in love with me. Connecting with me. Perfectly. Ultimately. Irrevocably. Realize that I am your soulmate.”

Dan felt his face being gently stroked as he stared, enraptured by Felicia’s beauty. Her gorgeous intoxicating eyes. Her maddeningly beautiful smile. How could he have not seen it before? How could he have not known it his whole life? This woman was everything to him. She was perfect. She drew him in for a kiss, and he lost all sense of self as those lips connected with his own and his mind went to distant places as she worked his mouth. She broke apart and whispered to him again. “Believe. Accept.”

“You’re my everything.” Dan babbled incoherently. “I would do anything for you.”

Felicia rewarded him by letting him nestle deep in her breasts again, as the commander breathed out an intense sigh, feeling himself surrounded by nubile breast-flesh and letting his mind surrender into oblivion.

“From the soul comes changes in the mind.” Felicia continued sweetly, stroking up and down the commander’s chest. “Tell me. What is your most important duty on this ship?”

“To protect the Union of Planets.” Dan answered automatically, without thinking.

Felicia gave him another passionate kiss and embraced him tightly. “No.” She whispered after pulling away. “That was your most important duty.” Her caresses had reached his inner thigh. “What is your most important duty?”

Dan hesitated, trying to think of the right thing to say. “To protect my fellow crewmembers?”

Felicia guided Dan to stare into her eyes, where he quickly lost himself into their infinite ever-changing sparkle. He could feel her soft touch directly on his manhood now. She had freed it from its enclosing prison, and was stroking it gently up and down. Lovingly caressing it, like it was her most prized possession in the universe. Incredibly, it seemed to grow even further at her touch. She gave it a small squeeze. “You know at the heart of your desire. You know in your soul. What is your most important duty?”

“To serve you.” Dan exhaled in ecstasy as the touches on his body reached a fever pitch. He felt his cock sliding into a warm wet place, as Felicia began to raise and lower herself on top of his aching erection.

“Very good.” Felicia purred at him, fixing him with an adoring gaze. Dan could hardly comprehend what was happening to him. The warm wet feel of this woman enveloping him, gripping tightly around him as she slid up and down on his shaft. The incredible passion he felt for her. The connection that he’d never had with any other woman. He realized he would do anything for her. There was nothing that mattered more.

“Dan, I’m going to need you to stare into my eyes now.” Dan obediently gazed up into Felicia’s eyes, as they passed through all the colors of the rainbow and beyond. His mind settled deeper and deeper into a hazy fog as the sensations he felt down below grew more intense. As he stared deeper, and as he felt himself thrust more and more powerfully, he could hear her beautiful voice locking in instructions. Making him into a different person. Binding him to her forever. Intensifying his love and devotion for the goddess in front of him.

He came powerfully inside of her, and she wrapped herself around him, pulling him in close. But the words never stopped. As he drifted into unconsciousness, the beautiful melody of Felicia’s suggestions continued to penetrate deep into his mind where they would forever be associated with unimaginable pleasure.

* * *

Admiral Pike was used to hearing distress signals in this sector of space. The same went for declarations of hostile intent—which were more pitiable than frightening at this point in their military campaign. But those represented the bulk of his time on the comm, which is why the current hail came as such a surprise.

“They say they want an alliance?”

“Yes sir. Our intelligence suggests they’re a fanatical element of the Itraxi civilization with roots going back hundreds of years. They were no fan of their recent government. They may be looking to help pick up the pieces.”

“Them and everyone else.” The admiral scratched at the stubble on his chin. Reconstruction of the Itraxi civilization had been a pipe dream for so long, he could scarcely dream they were in a position where any Itraxi were amenable to their cause. That didn’t mean this group deserved a seat at the table, they got no points for seeing the inevitable at this phase. But still, it couldn’t hurt to hear them out. “Put them on screen.”

“I am Gilthor, head of the Itraxi resistance. We seek to join forces with the Union of Planets.” The alien was sterned-faced and gruff sounding.

“And why should we be interested in turning over the fate of the Itraxi to a group of religious fanatics?” They was no point in being circumspect, the alien had come to him for help.

“Your government discreetly funded our resistance movement for years.”

“Those were desperate times.”

“They still are.” The Itraxi’s voice darkened. “We are not zealots. We are traditionalists. We seek a return to the old ways of our people, before this focus on conquest and domination. We want nothing more than to live in peace, we have learned the lessons of unwanted alien interference.”

“So you’re ready to play nice with the galaxy.”

“Yes. Once the greater threat is eliminated.”

“And what threat would that be?”

The Itraxi told him.

Admiral Pike shook his head in disbelief. “What you’re suggesting is impossible. We would have had confirmation of this from a thousand sources.”

“They’re very good at covering their tracks, admiral.”

“And even if what you’re saying is true...”

“It is.”

“We have our best ship and our finest crew making first contact with their race now. If there’s any truth at all to any of your claims... they’ll find out about it. They’re more than capable of dealing with any so-called threat.”

The Itraxi looked solemnly at the admiral. “Your best ship, you say.”


“That may have been a mistake.”

* * *

The UoP’s best and brightest were the very model of efficiency. Captain West liked to take a stroll through engineering every and now and again, partly to keep morale up and let the younger officers know their efforts were appreciated, and partly because he himself was still blown away by the marvel of their space age technology. The enormous reactor at the heart of the ship glowed with an unearthly light, monitored and maintained by dozens of techs.

But not by the chief engineer it seemed, or at least, not today. Jensen was walking arm in arm with a lovely Nimfonian woman—funny, how he simply assumed she was Nimfonian on the basis of the perfectly sculpted body he could see from this angle. Her protruding breasts seemed to brush up against Jensen’s side as they walked, as he appeared to be giving the most animated tour of the ship’s interior West had ever witnessed. Their alien guest smiled appreciatively at Jensen’s words, as she gazed back at her host admiringly.

Funny, West hadn’t remembered clearing any of the Nimfonians for engineering. Jensen must have let them in. Not a concern he supposed, Jensen was a good man, he must know what he was doing. The woman was running her fingers over Jensen’s chest now, in a dark nook out of view for most of the deck, but still in the captain’s line of sight. Jensen had finally stopped talking, as the woman appeared to be saying something to him. Her fingers were rubbing his temples now, as they stood no more than an inch apart... no, not even that, the captain realized, as the woman had wrapped Jensen in a tight embrace. She was pulling at the shiny fabric on her shirt, which threatened to reveal a sight that would outshine their reactor. It was clearly time to have a word with his chief engineer about the perils of fraternization, or maybe he should speak with...


She was beaming at him warmly, and Captain West briefly forgot whatever else it was he had been doing. She began slowly gliding towards him, a fact for which he was infinitely appreciative. There must be something about the two of them that made it impossible to be apart.

“Michael... I believe I’ve made my decision. We all have. Your crew has been wonderful.” She drew out the word appreciatively. “I’d like to meet as soon as possible about next steps to joining the UoP and normalizing relationships between our species.”

Her figure-flattering red dress had a slit slightly below her waist, that was currently advertising one long, perfectly smooth leg. Captain West reluctantly dragged his eyes up from the alien’s gorgeous thigh, where they became stuck at her waist, thanks to the the outline of her beautiful navel that was clearly visible. He had to focus... he briefly made eye contact for a split second, only to lose himself again at her low scooped neckline, where her silver pendant glistened in between those two gorgeous mammaries. He could swear they were getting bigger every time he saw them, like she was adapting herself into his perfect fantasy woman. His mistress... his goddess...

“Captain?” Nayora’s voice was sweet and unhurried.

“That’s fantastic news.” The captain rushed out the words, not wanting to lose his clarity of thought.

“I’m glad you’re pleased.” Nayora’s smiled widened. She touched his arm wistfully, sending shivers down his spine as her soft fingertips passed over him. “Can we meet in my quarters to go over the details?”

Something inside of him told him that was a terrible idea, with the potential to lead to all sorts of improprieties... there were regulations in place for conducting these sorts of negotiations, regulations that existed for a reason. But as Nayora’s fingers continued to act upon his flesh, and all the sights she offered preyed upon his mind, the captain figured there was nothing wrong with making an exception every once in a while.

“That sounds wonderful.”

“Excellent. I’ll see you there soon.” Nayora pulled him in close to offer a tender kiss on his cheek, then left the captain to gape as she catwalked her way to the elevator, her body swaying from the hip in a mesmerizing motion that captured the attention of every crewmember she passed by.

Keep it together, Mike. The captain thought to himself, as he steeled himself for what he thought was coming. This will all be over soon.