The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Nimfonian Takeover

Title: Chapter 3

Author: RelaxationObsession

Captain Michael West splashed cold water onto his face, doing his best to clear his head before what was likely to be one of the most important meetings of his career. He had changed into his finest dress uniform, but not even that familiar ritual had done anything to calm his nerves, or managed to relieve any of the tension and excitement he was feeling.

There was no good reason he should be feeling this way. He was a trained UoP officer, he’d conducted negotiations at gunpoint before, when his own life and the lives on everyone on board his ship were on the line. But something about this woman’s intoxicating company drove him out of his mind. He felt like a love-drunk teenager around her, or a horny adolescent. Captain West knew Nayora must feel it too... the way her fingers wandered to plant small touches on him without either of them noticing, and the way their bodies kept kept drifting closer together.

The woman clearly had something of a crush on him. It was understandable... she probably saw him as her savior, the vanguard of a new way of life for her race. He couldn’t deny that he returned some of her affection... but they simply could not let that interfere with the promise for a future for her people that was bigger than both of them. Maybe someday, when relations were normalized... but no, he couldn’t even allow himself to think that. There was only the mission at hand. The connection they shared proved their two species could find a way to live compatibly together, but it meant nothing more than that.

Captain West paused as he was about to step out of his cabin, seeing an alert pop up at his terminal. Admiral Pike was attempting to hail him. West didn’t want to make Nayora wait any longer, he decided to reconnect with the Admiral after their meeting, when he trusted he would have some good news to report.

For a brief moment upon entering Nayora’s quarters, the captain thought that the Nimfonian Ambassador might share his perspective on the solemnity of the occasion and the need to put their personal feelings to one side, after she greeted him in a loose-fitting white robe. It was the first outfit he’d ever seen her in that didn’t advertise the extraordinary proportions of her form, with her flawless curves that Earth women could only aspire to, usually highlighted and thrust at him in an eye-catching display. The modest image lasted for less time than it took him to let out a deep breath however, for as soon as the door had hissed shut behind him, Nayora let the robe drop down to the ground. A shiny gold bikini was the only thing holding back the treasures of her flesh.

“It’s wonderful to see you again, Michael.” Nayora breathed out the words in a single ecstatic sigh. “I do so hate the time we spend apart.”

Hasn’t it just been minutes? The captain thought to himself. But that was the least incongruous thing about his situation. The beautiful alien standing half naked in front of him, swaying gently from the hip in a slow entrancing motion, and smiling at him while she stroked his arm—it all seemed considerably out of place. This simply wasn’t how things were done.

As if sensing his discomfort, Nayora spoke up. “I hope you don’t mind the outfit, captain.” Her hands traced over the bare patches of her skin in an embarrassed fashion... as if the owner of that perfect body could ever have anything to be embarrassed about. “This is a traditional costume for our people during times of... celebration, shall we say.”

Her body was even more flawlessly erotic than he had imagined. Every inch of flesh was firm and toned while giving up none of its femininity. Her smooth thighs seemed to stretch on forever. Her nubile waist, those gorgeous melons attached to her chest, now more exposed than ever as they threatened to burst out of the golden top heroically trying to contain the pert twins. And then the sway of her full ripe ass, which he had ample time to study as she guided him deeper into her quarters. Deeper and deeper. As her voluptuous ass swayed back and forth. Back and forth. Deeper and deeper. He could follow her forever, so long as he got to stare at that delectable rear end with its two tight cheeks on display behind their golden cover. Back and forth. Deeper and deeper.

He didn’t remember changing, but he somehow found himself sitting in a hot tub with the Nimfonian ambassador. He vaguely remembered asking if it had been set up as a medical necessity, only to receive an evasive answer about how helpful the rest of the crew had been, and that technically there were medical implications to how she intended to use it, but if he could just focus on her for a while longer...

She laughed at all his jokes, rewarding him with soft touches that roamed from his arms to his neck for the ones she seemed to particularly enjoy. His gaze began to cycle between her beautiful face with its full pink lips and dazzlingly colorful eyes, and her bountiful breasts spilling out of her top and heaving rhythmically in a display that she never seemed to mind when he stared at. All he could think about was the thought of feeling that perfect skin and having her pressed up against him.

“You’re almost ready.” Nayora whispered in his ear. Her ministrations all over his body continued as she spoke, as one hand stroked his chest lovingly while another rubbed along his thighs. “My sisters and I instinctively know when our prey is about to give in. You’ve been a long time coming, Michael. But I know the reward will be worth the wait.”

“Huh?” The captain began to speak, but Nayora raised a finger to his lips, tracing over his mouth with a hungry look in her eyes. The captain felt himself relax deeper as he stared into her gaze. This is what he was here to do after all.

Or was it? Captain West frowned for a moment. He felt like he’d been forgetting something. That was it, he had come to settle something important. “The Union of Planets...” West began.

“Has proven remarkably cunning and adaptive in the face of an initially superior foe.” Nayora finished for him. “Place your hands on my waist, Michael.”

West complied without thinking, sighing as he felt the warm glow of the woman’s skin seem to feed desire and passion into his hands, and instinctively began caressing her toned midriff.

“Your defeat once seemed as inevitable as your current victory does. But you innovated to overcome the obstacles in your way, a feat the Itraxi never seemed capable of performing. It left us in a surprising position... but we are nothing if not infinitely adaptable ourselves.” Nayora redirected West’s hands downward and moved to straddle him. “The legs now. I want you to caress my legs.”

Overwhelmed by his good fortune, West began running his hands along the smooth thighs on both sides of him. He was living a fantasy he could have only dreamed of hours ago. He could continue this forever. But he felt like he was neglecting something important. He tried to speak up again. “We came to free you, and so many others from the Itraxi. Those...”

“Mistakes were made, clearly.” Nayora seemed to hardly be listening to him now. She directed his hands in their slow exploration of her body, guiding him up her sides and back down, without missing a single curve along the way. “I cannot deny that. But they were made a long time ago. Not even the Itraxi could conquer the galaxy based upon brute force alone. Other methods will eventually have to be employed. But it was not a complete waste. It led us to you.”

Something in the tenor of what she was saying disturbed him, but his worries were no longer capable of breaking through the spell she had him in. She planted soft kisses on his neck. “Do you know why they call us Nimfonians?”

“I...” Nayora silenced him with a moist kiss on his lips, and lingered, kneading his lips as if to work out whatever words he had meant to say. It didn’t take long.

“Our species is so much older than yours, we traveled a thousand worlds to find the strongest race to spread our wisdom to the galaxy. Nymphs, your race called us once in your infancy. We thought you had potential, but we never realized how much. Until now. How much incredible... potential you had.” Nayora had reached one hand down his pants and was softly stroking his rock hard erection. Of course it was hard. It was impossible not to be around this woman. She played on his manhood like a virtuoso, gazing warmly into his eyes.

“Tell me about love, Michael.”

The captain had abandoned all hope that this was going to be a respectable affair. Maybe once they got whatever this was out of their system they could talk like adults, but there was no going back now. He tried to concoct a reasonable explanation on the fly. “It’s like what an earth man and an earth woman feel for each other—or two men and two women I suppose—when they want to spend a lifetime together. They feel an absolute devotion for the other person.”

“Fascinating.” Nayora squeezed his manhood and brought him in for another delicious kiss. “We have a related concept, of what an alien feels for a Nimfonian. Complete and utter submission and surrender.”

“And what you feel for them?” West croaked out, as Nayora grinded against his erection.

“That’s closer to a feeling of responsibility. Protectiveness. We intend to your rule people well, Captain. As we ruled the Itraxi.”

Captain West’s eyes snapped open. He pulled himself out of the tub. He was wet and shivering, but he didn’t care. “The hell did you say?”

Nayora laughed airily as West’s pose suggested a mix of bravado and fear. She ascended from the water, reflections casting all over her slippery wet form as the water dripped down from her. She swayed over to him, placing one finger up against his chest. West felt himself slipping backwards, powerless to resist her lightest touch. She pushed him down onto the bed. “It’s all right, Captain. We’ll make this very enjoyable for you. We always do.”

“We have no intention of being ruled by anyone.” West grunted out. His body was doing nothing to support him in this, as his erection was still in full force and at the mercy of the woman playfully petting it as she would a grouchy puppy.

“You won’t have a choice.” Nayora whispered in one ear. “You’ll never have to choose again, once you submit to us.” She was fully on top of him now. Those gorgeous breasts were swaying mere inches away from his face. Even now, the thought of her moving forward and letting him feel those beautiful tits for himself... but no, he couldn’t allow this.

“If you say you ruled the Itraxi, you’re responsible for all of their war crimes.” West’s voice was growing less and less confident as his arousal grew more and more intense. Kisses were being planted on his neck. Circles were being traced on his chest. His entire body was being lit up by this woman who knew how to play on him like a fiddle.

“I believe the UoP had made promises of amnesty to end the war.” Nayora whispered. She began to stretch herself forward, bringing her breasts closer and closer to her face. “And your race has always believed in forgiveness, has it not? Can’t you find it in your heart to be merciful? Take pity on us.”

Nayora’s enormous cleavage gently descended onto his face. He was assaulted by perfect breast-flesh on all sides, a warm squishy prison for his senses and his mind. Nayora kept sonorously uttering words at him while rubbing her breasts back and forth on his face. Relax. Surrender. Submit. Accept. Give in.

“Never.” He whispered. He just had to hang in a little longer, someone would come find him.

“Most of your crew has already given in, you know.” Nayora had straightened up and was untying the top of her bikini. West stared, transfixed, as her perfectly round bosoms burst free, still suspended in the air without support. Why did she ever wear anything to hold them up, then? Why would she wear anything at all when her own skin was so amazing? His trunks had disappeared, and her bikini bottom was being tossed to one side. “They submitted quite happily. Maybe it’s your union’s focus on rules and order. Some were even begging to serve us before we used any of our powers.”

“You’re lying... mind control is impossible.” West desperately wanted to believe that was true. Thousands of alien races had been encountered, but none had violated the sanctity of the human mind.

West felt his manhood slip into a warm wet place, and moaned in ecstasy. His instincts began to kick in, rocking his hips as that slick tight grip began to work unimaginable pleasure onto his cock.

“It’s so much more than that, Michael.” Nayora was gazing at him with warmth and affection, and he felt himself beginning to relax in spite of himself, staring deeply into her soft blue eyes... her intense silver eyes... her warm green eyes... “We control the body, the mind, the soul, the will... why settle for just one.”

Those gorgeous eyes... those beautiful hypnotic eyes. West felt himself slipping away as he stared deeper and deeper. “We’ll never give in... we’ll resist you to the last...”

“Come now, Captain.” Nayora slid firmly down on his cock, causing West to gasp involuntarily. She gently withdrew herself, leaving him aching, desperately needing to feel her around him again... then her enveloping presence returned, gripping him all around and letting him feel soft tingles all around his groin. “You’ve wanted to give in since you met me. You’ve needed this for a long time.”

“I won’t...” West’s body continued to betray him, feeling more alive than he had in years, more aroused than he had ever felt in his life.

“We are irresistible. Just accept this.” Her smooth motion in riding his cock matched the cadence of her words and the phase-shift of her eyes, all drawing him into her reality. “Just relax and let this happen. Submit to us. Give in to us. Surrender your body. Surrender your mind. Surrender your will.”


Nayora drew him into a passionate kiss that seemed to suck out the last of his resistance. His hands were kneading those pull, pert breasts. Her powerful femininity was all he could smell, all he could feel, all he could taste. The mesmerizing motions upon his manhood strengthened and accelerated. “I could have taken you at any time. But I wanted to draw this out. Let you bring out all of your resistance now, so it won’t bother us later. I want you bonded to me completely. Irrevocably. Mindlessly.”

All of West’s other thoughts had been erased by the pleasure that had reached a crescendo that was impossible to ignore. He gasped and moaned as he neared the edge of his arousal.

Nayora squeezed him close and whispered in his ear in between nibbling on its lobe. “That’s it... give in completely.” West could feel the pressure build up in his cock, ready to pulse. “Cum out all of your resistance. All of your will.” West gave one last powerful thrust and felt the first long twitch begin. His eyes opened wide, as the rainbow glow of Nayora’s beautiful eyes finally captured his mind completely. “Cum for me... and be mine forever.” Nayora whispered. Her cunt clenched firmly onto his cock, her lips met his, her eyes continued their entrancing rainbow, and West felt his climax overtake him, his body bucking from the force of his intense orgasm.

The all-consuming bliss and the afterglow West felt seemed to last for hours, extended by the powerful control Nayora’s eyes exerted on him, and his mind’s complete openness to her suggestions. He could no longer think of why he had ever felt the need to resist. To hold anything back from this woman. To put anything before her. She was everything to him. She was perfect. The only way to keep her was to give himself to her. Forever.

Staring deeply and submissively into her eyes, West let himself listen to and absorb her beautiful words. Sometimes she would ask him a personal question, something secret, something he shouldn’t reveal. He would answer, and she would reward him with a radiant smile or tender caress that would thrill him to the core of his being. After his body had rested for a while, her soft hand would return to his cock, once again capable of reaching full strength, and another session of conditioning him to accept the pleasure of her voice and her will would begin.

By the time the night was over, he hadn’t slept a wink, but he felt completely refreshed, renewed, and with a strengthened sense of self and purpose that came from having no doubts about what he needed to do.

* * *

Admiral Pike regarded Captain West with a skeptical eye. “It’s been a while, Captain. Did you receive my message?”

“I’m afraid I’ve been busy, but for good reason.” The captain’s face was beaming. “The Nimfonians have agreed to ally with the Union of Planets.”

“You don’t say.” Pike muttered. Michael West’s usual reserve and by-the-books formality regarding these occasions were nowhere to be seen. He didn’t like the implications. He didn’t like thinking this was even possible. This could still turn out to just be paranoia on his part, egged on by an Itraxi with a vendetta. But given the severity of the potential threat, he had no choice but to take every precaution.

“Unfortunately we’ve gotten some rather bad news. We need to you to return to Starbase Sigma Alpha. Your entire ship needs to be placed under quarantine, until we can isolate a virus that may have been carried by one of your new guests.”

Michael West frowned. “Virus? I can assure you, the Nimfonians all seem perfectly healthy, and our crew hasn’t reported any signs of illness. We did a full medical workup...”

“We’re afraid it might be undetectable.” Pike cut in. “A new form of biological warfare. Introduced by the Itraxi as revenge against their race. It’s probably nothing. But if there’s even the slightest chance this rumor could be true, and we fail to take actions to prevent a genocide, we could never forgive ourselves.”

Captain West’s eyes widened. “Those damned Itraxi. That would be horrible. I’ll set course for the Starbase immediately, Captain. We’ll get to the bottom of this.”

“Very good.” Pike replied dryly. “As you know, no one is to leave or enter your ship until we’ve resolved this issue. I’d advise you to hurry, for the sake of our new allies. As well as your own.”

“Of course commander.” Captain West’s image winked away.

* * *

As the vidscreen disappeared, Nayora resumed her normal place in Captain West’s lap, affectionately stroking the chest of her prize and giving him an enviable view of her deep cleavage. “Clever. I would have expected we would have considerably more time to work with before your race began to take countermeasures. Yet another example of how your race is constantly being underestimated. And how valuable your eventual surrender will be.”

“Do you think the Admiral is playing a trick on us?” West had briefly contemplated the possibility, but so much of his attention was consumed by the gorgeous creature sharing the room with him, it was difficult to think about anything else. Properly dividing his attention was a skill he would need to improve at, to better serve his new mistress.

“Of course.” Nayora kissed the Captain and ruffled his hair. “But not to worry. We’ll do exactly as he says. I can already guess how this will play out.”

* * *

Admiral Arthur Pike shook his head as the vidscreen disappeared. Perhaps it had been a mistake to begin with, assigning a single young man the task of negotiating terms with a race of impossibly beautiful women. West had always been the serious type, but anyone could have been tempted in his situation, whatever the Nimfonians were capable of. They should have sent a man with more experience. Someone a little older, wiser, not as prone to being seduced by alien charms.

“More tea, sir?”

Pike looked up to see the young cadet who’d been assigned to his crew desperately trying to make herself useful. She dressed frumpily, she could almost be pregnant underneath all those baggy layers of clothes. Although a look at her face behind those thick glasses suggested she was very pretty indeed. And those eyes. There was something about those eyes.

“I’m fine, thank you.” Pike replied, hoping the young cadet would take the hint and take her leave without him having to shoo her away. She’d been cleared by all the appropriate parties, some high up UoP officer must have called in some favors to get her assigned to this posting in the first place, and now she seemed at a loss for what to do with herself. She was still standing there, looking as helpless as a little lost puppy. Pike sighed. “I’ll let you know if I need anything, miss...?”

“Evanora, sir.” The cadet smiled warmly, and her eyes sparkled, evidently thrilled to be noticed by a personage such as himself. Her voice was sweet and submissive. Pike doubted she’d make it far in the UoP with that attitude, the service was a place where you had to fight to get ahead.

“Very well, miss Evanora. Do your best to make yourself useful. I’ll let you know if I need anything.”

“Of course sir. Feel free to ask for anything at all.” Even beneath all her loose-fitting clothes she seemed to move with a certain grace as she left. Pike wondered if she had trained as a dancer or ballerina before deciding to talk her father or uncle into getting her into the UoP.

But back to the job at hand. The medical reports they’d received back from the Excelsior were almost certainly useless. The scans suggested the Nimfonians were physiologically almost identical to humans, when a cursory inspection revealed that couldn’t possibly be the case. His first priority had to be finding a way to identify the aliens so they could avoid direct contact. They couldn’t risk an alien slipping in unnoticed, or they might have another takeover on their hands.

He’d handle the quarantine at Starbase Sigma Alpha personally. It would be just him and his crew on this one. There would be no chance for outside interference. And soon the Nimfonian threat would be contained.