The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Nu-Wife, Inc.

by Robotmaster

Chapter 1 — Change

Chris could hardly believe his ears. “If it will help our marriage, I’m willing to give it a try,” his wife Jamie said. She stood holding the brochure he had shown her months ago. At the time, she had angrily thrown it into his face, then proceeded to berate him for even considering it. “This is so misogynistic and disgusting. I can’t believe you would even think I would degrade myself and let those people change me to suit you,” she had said. “If this brochure is true, they are turning women into possessions and trying to set back marriage to some mythical time where the wife was subservient to her husband.”

In the weeks since this exchange, they had bickered and fought almost constantly. Chris held his ground that Jamie was not doing the things she should do to keep their marriage healthy, including keeping the house clean and tidy. She was also constantly putting him down with veiled sarcasm and insults. “I have so much to do, I can’t keep up with it all.” Chris knew this was bullshit. He had watched her for years as she sat on the couch, reading a book, or talking with her mother or friends for hours on the phone, repeating the same silly affirmations and telling stories she had told 100 times before. She only worked part-time as a nurse at the hospital, so there was plenty of time for her to attend to household chores and upkeep. “I just don’t have the time or energy to do it.” Bullshit.

In addition to her lack of attention to the household, Jamie had allowed herself to get out of shape. She asked Chris all the time why he didn’t want to be intimate with her more often. Chris had continued to blow her off with noncommittal explanations of being too tired or distracted. He didn’t want to admit that his porn was more interesting and stimulating to him than the sight of her sagging flesh. He knew that if she would just put more time into an exercise program, watch what she eats, and undergo a few cosmetic procedures, she would be a stunningly beautiful woman again. She had always had hundreds of excuses for not getting serious about this.

Chris tried to keep his composure as she showed him the brochure, the Nu-Wife logo prominently displayed, with a loving couple in a warm embrace on the cover, the woman looking adoringly into her man’s eyes. “I called them earlier today and set up an appointment for tomorrow evening, while our daughter sleeps over at your mom’s house. They said this will give us plenty of time to talk with them, decide what changes to make, and for me to undergo the procedure.” Chris was stunned.

“I know you can’t believe I am agreeing to this, but I just can’t go on the way things have been. I don’t even care anymore if I am the same or not. I just want to be happy again. I still think this is totally degrading and humiliating, but I will do anything to save our marriage.”

The rest of that evening and the following day went by like a blur for Chris. He couldn’t stop thinking about the evening to come. As he came home from work, Jamie was just pulling back into the garage coming home from his mother’s house. “All safe and sound,” he asked? “Yes, they were going to work on some crafts, then make some popcorn and watch a movie. I told them we would be out until late in the evening, so we probably wouldn’t call until tomorrow morning.” “Great,” said Chris, “Sounds like we are all set to go.”

Jamie let him know she had left all her jewelry on the dresser, and had put on minimal makeup, as the representative at Nu-Wife had asked her to do. “OK, let’s get going. I want to get this over with as soon as possible.” Chris smiled inwardly; just a bit longer and all his dreams were going to come true.

As they drove up to the address they had been given, they saw a non-descript building in an office complex, with a small sign on the door that simply read, “NWI”. “Looks like this the place,” Jamie said. Chris noted the look of apprehension on her face. He could understand this, since she still harbored such strong feeling against Nu-Wife, and was clearly having second thoughts about the procedure she was about to undergo.

As they walked through the front door, a cheery receptionist greeted them from a clean desk. “You must be the Stevensons!” she bubbled. Chris enjoyed her naughty glance at him as Jamie signed her guest badge. Jamie noticed the flirtation out of the corner of her eye, and glared at the cheerful blond. “Chris, Jamie, welcome!” said a voice from behind them. A clean cut, middle aged man walked toward them from an open side door. He was dressed in a casual yet elegant turtleneck and slacks. His whole appearance exuded calm confidence and trust. “I am Dr. Jensen. Please come with me.” Chris and Jamie followed Dr. Jensen back to a comfortably appointed meeting room, a sofa and chairs around a coffee table. “Let me get you something to drink. How about a couple of glasses of wine?” Perfect, thought Chris, she won’t refuse that. “Thanks,” said Jamie with a somewhat relieved look on her face. “Sit, sit,” said Dr. Jensen.

“Well, you have taken a big first step in coming here. I know our operation is a bit unorthodox, but our results are 100% successful. You will both be so much happier and contented after leaving here.” Jamie rolled her eyes at this, taking a sip from her glass of wine. “Ahh, I see you have some reservations, Jamie. I assure you many women have the same feelings about our concept. They feel it degrades and objectifies them. Nothing could be further from the truth. We help couples solve their problems and live together in peace and harmony.”

“I just don’t know that I want to be changed like this, I don’t want to be someone different,” said Jamie. “Oh, you needn’t worry about that,” said Dr. Jensen. “You will still be the same person, with the same memories and personality; you will just have some different attitudes and beliefs than you did before. Your family and friends will notice a difference, but they will only see it as positive.”

“Let’s look at the process itself. Through the use of sophisticated visual, aural and tactile stimuli, we help put you in a relaxed state in which you can better absorb things. It isn’t painful in any way, almost like going to sleep and dreaming.” Chris looked over at Jamie as Dr. Jensen was speaking, and noted that her pupils had become somewhat dilated, and her movements had slowed. “Okkaayyyy,” she said, dreamily. Excellent, Chris thought, the mild sedative they had put into her wine was already starting to kick in.

“If you are ready, I think we can move on to the procedure room.” “Shuuurrreee,” Jamie slurred. “Erin here will be helping you to get ready, Jamie.” A lovely brunette wearing a lab coat walked into the room, a look of calm and serenity on her face. “Let me help you up, honey,” she said sweetly to Jamie. Jamie unsteadily came to her feet as Erin helped her, and slowly walked out the door with Erin helping her along.

As the door closed, Dr. Jensen smiled broadly at Chris, “Congratulations, buddy, you are about to realize your dream. I told you if you continued to run that subliminal CD around her, eventually she would come around.” “Well, I could hardly believe it when she came to me yesterday, but I guess it did work,” said Chris. “When we talked with her yesterday, she believed all the bullshit about slight changes and modifications to her attitudes,” said Dr. Jensen. “Of course, she is going to get the complete reprogramming we mapped out during your first visit.” “Excellent,” said Chris, “She deserves it, after all the grief and abuse she has put me through over the years. It’s time for her lazy ass to get changed for the better.”

“Well put, Chris. You are going to be among a select group of men who actually get complete enjoyment out of their marriage. Not to mention, the many…perks…of membership in our Nu-Wife Club.” “Yeah, glad you don’t mention any of that in the brochure. She would have divorced me on the spot if she knew what else you guys do.” Dr. Jensen chuckled, “Yes, the women certainly would never agree to become part of the Club, if they knew what it meant.”

“OK, ready to watch the show,” said Dr. Jensen? “Absolutely!” Chris responded. Dr. Jensen pressed a button on a wall, and the lights dimmed in the room. A large mural on the wall pulled upward to reveal an instrument filled room lighted in muted pastel beyond. A single chair sat in the middle of the room, with a number of electronic connectors and video screens hanging from the ceiling above. Chris noted with pleasure the large helmet dangling above the chair.

As he watched, a door to the room opened. After a moment, Jamie walked slowly through the door, Erin close behind her to help her along. Chris bit his lip with excitement as he saw the outfit she had changed into. It was a black, see-through fishnet bodysuit, covering her from her shoulders to her feet. Her nipples and sex were clearly visible through the mesh. Chris looked with displeasure at her hairy pussy; “that’s the last time I’m going to see it that way. She is going to shave it bare from now on.”

“That bodysuit is kind of our Nu-Wife signature. It leaves little to the imagination, would be seen as degrading by most women, but it is quite stimulating to men. Get used to it, you will be seeing it often,” said Dr. Jensen. “It’s fantastic,” said Chris, “I’ll never get tired of seeing that!” Dr. Jensen smiled.

Jamie shuffled across the room, guided by Erin’s support, to the chair that waited. As she sat down, she was looking directly toward Chris. As she realized he was watching her, her eyes took on a pleading, desperate look. With a pained look on her face, she said, “I…I...hope this makes you happy. I would never do it if I didn’t want our marriage to work so badly.” As she spoke, Erin was gently pulling restraining straps to bind her arms to the arms of the chair. She then knelt and did the same with her legs. Jamie barely noticed through the emotion and fog of the sedative, as she continued to stare with resignation at Chris.

After Erin finished putting the various probes onto Jamie’s body, she reached to pull down a monitor in front of Jamie. She then placed small earphones into her ears. Jamie began glancing back and forth between Chris and the monitor, as a panicked look spread across her face. “I….I’ve….I’ve changed my mind. I don’t want to do this. Let me out of here, I…I want to go home!” As she said this, she tried to stand, only then realizing she was now bound to the chair. She began to wiggle about and struggle. “Let me out! Let me OUT of here!” she shouted. Chris cringed in his seat.

“Let’s get started. As I told you, this stage can be a bit unpleasant,” said Dr. Jensen. “Stay strong, Chris. It’s worth it.” Dr. Jensen pulled a wheeled table with a console toward his chair, then pressed a button. Chris could see flashing colors start to come up on the monitor, but couldn’t tell what Jamie was watching.

As the screen flashed to life, Jamie stopped thrashing somewhat and shifted her gaze to the monitor. She was whimpering as the colors began to flash in a repeated sequence. Erin stood behind Jamie. Chris noted with fascination that she had immediately been transfixed by the color display, and now stood at rapt attention as it played.

“Chris, Chris, I’m…I’m ….begging….you…..Stoppp….thissss……” Jamie’s gaze was now held by the monitor, and her speech became slower and softer by the moment. “P…P…pleeeaassseee……….” was the last word to escape from her mouth, then it drooped open as the monitor completely consumed her attention. “She is lost in the vortex now, Chris. It will take a little bit of time to condition her for the next step,” said Dr. Jensen. As the minutes passed, Chris watched intently as Jamie’s facial expression softened. Her eyes were wide open, like silver dollars, and her mouth hung open slightly. She was completely transfixed.

Dr. Jensen pressed another button, which in some way sent a signal to Erin. Erin mechanically pulled down the helmet from the ceiling and placed it on Jamie’s head. Jamie showed no reaction as the helmet was pulled down snug.

“Here’s where the real action starts. Her mind is about to be reorganized at its most basic level. Watch as your Nu-Wife takes shape.”

Through the speaker, Chris could hear a low, rhythmic hum begin to emanate from the room. Jamie jerked a bit as if she had been shocked. Erin reached over to push the monitor back upward, and Jamie’s eyes now settled straight toward Chris. Now, however, there was no look of recognition or emotion. Her gaze was empty, almost as though she were looking right through him toward a distant object.

“In..ter…face…com…plet…ed,” Jamie intoned. Here words were clipped and mechanical. Chris looked over to see Dr. Jensen poring over the readout on his monitor. Chris could see several readouts that looked like EEG’s. As Dr. Jensen manipulated dials on the display, the readouts began to change, some now peaking at different points, others softening, others becoming flat lines.

Chris looked back at Jamie’s blank face. He noted involuntary twitches in her facial muscles and the fingers of her restrained hands, but she showed no other indication that anything was happening. “Wow, lots of conflicting emotions and thoughts in there. No wonder she was such a difficult woman to live with. Don’t worry, those will all be a thing of the past.”

As Dr. Jensen continued to work, Chris noted an almost imperceptible smile begin to show on Jamie’s otherwise blank face. Her eyes began to sparkle in a way Chris had never seen before. As the moments passed, her face began to take on a look of serene happiness, her previously blank eyes now focusing on Chris again with a look of total adoration and….desire?

“Nearly there,” said Dr. Jensen, “just a few more moments.” He was clicking away at the readouts on the screen, as if to lock them in. Jamie jerked slightly with each click. With the final click, Jamie spoke, “Nu-Wife programming installed. Former personality overlay installed. Process completed.” The joyful, seductive tone of Jamie’s voice made Chris’s cock stir in his pants. It was done!

“OK, let’s get her back in here. I’m sure you’ll want to spend a little alone time with her right away. Erin will bring her back in. If you want, Erin will stay with you and can, ahem, participate in any activities you wish. She is the first perk you can enjoy as a new member.” Dr. Jensen stood and walked out of the room, pausing to look back at Chris with a knowing grin on his face.

To Be Continued