The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Nu-Wife, Inc.

by Robotmaster

Chapter 2 – The Nu-Wife

Chris watched as Erin removed the helmet, took off the probes and finally the restraints. Jamie sat passively, eyes staring straight ahead, only standing when Erin took her by the hand. She was lead toward the door, her ass swaying seductively as she moved. She disappeared through the door, then, after a few moments, the door to the room opened again. Erin ushered Jamie into the room. As she did so, Chris stood up slowly, a bit wobbly from the excitement and anticipation.

Erin brought Jamie to stand in front of Chris. He could see her visibly shiver as she drew her gaze to his, a look of complete adoration and subservience on her face. “Jamie, state your purpose to your husband.”

As if she were stating her wedding vows again, only this time with total dedication and belief, Jamie began: “I am your Nu-Wife, my husband. I have been completely reprogrammed to your specifications. My greatest joy and accomplishment in life comes from pleasing you and fulfilling your every desire. I am sorry for the poor excuse for a wife I have been. Thank you for bringing me here so I could learn my true role. I am now fully and totally dedicated to making you as happy as possible, and fulfilling my true role as your complaint and appreciative wife.” The emotional intensity and sincerity in Jamie’s voice was so strong as she said this, Chris felt his cock harden completely.

“Mr. Stevenson, I can remain in the room with you as you become familiar with your Nu-Wife, or I can leave. You may use me in any way you wish, I am programmed to assist in fulfilling your desires,” said Erin. Chris looked over at her standing at attention. “Hmm…I think you can stay. However, I think you are a bit overdressed. Strip for me.”

Erin said, “As you wish, sir. Nu-Wife Jamie, come here and remove my clothing for your husband.” Jamie turned gracefully toward Erin, then walked over to help her remove her jacket. As she did so, she revealed that Erin also had on a fishnet bodysuit. After Jamie pulled Erin’s pants down, she was dressed in an identical way to Jamie. Chris admired Erin’s large, natural breasts and clean shaven pussy. “Stop,” Chris said. “I want you to make out with each other now.”

Erin and Jamie looked at each other with passion and desire. They moved to embrace each other, then locked their lips together and began deep French kissing. Unbelievable, thought Chris. Jamie had always been disgusted at even the thought of being with another woman, but here she was now, passionately kissing and fondling a beautiful woman.

“I want you both fully naked now,” Chris said. As the two women continued to make out, they slowly worked their fishnet lingerie off each other’s bodies, finally pushing the mesh off their feet to become totally nude. “69 each other on the couch,” Chris ordered. His slaves instantly obeyed, holding hands as they walked to the couch. Erin laid down first, spread her legs, then directed Jamie on top of her. Each woman buried her face deep within the other’s pussy, passionately and enthusiastically licking and sucking each other to excitement.

Chris watched with satisfaction as the two women became flushed and tense, their moans and sighs escaping more and more frequently as their ecstasy increased. As Chris watched, he slowly removed his own clothing until he was also fully naked. Neither woman showed any sign they noticed him, they were totally engaged in pleasuring each other as they had been ordered. As he stood with a raging hard on, Chris finally could wait no longer. “Stop. Each of you come here before me and stand at attention.”

His obedient sex toys immediately disengaged from one another, Jamie smoothly moving off Erin and walking over to stand before her husband and master. Erin followed right behind. They stood before him with arms at their sides, shoulders thrown back, chests thrust out, eyes straight forward and locked. As he circled around them, Chris enjoyed the sight of each woman’s sexual fever, their nipples hard and erect, their chests red with excitement, their pussies wet and dripping.

Chris moved close behind Erin and reached around her waist to her flat belly, slowly moving upward to massage and knead her tits, gently rolling and pulling her firm nipples between his fingers. As he bent in to gently kiss her neck, Erin sighed. “You have fantastic breasts, Erin,” Chris said. “Thank you, sir. They were surgically modified following my conversion to meet the desires and expectations of the men I am programmed to serve. Your Nu-Wife’s body will be similarly modified to your specifications. She will agree to any and all changes you desire. It will bring her great happiness to know her….body….pleases….you….” A light sigh of arousal escaped from Erin’s lips as Chris continued to knead her tits. Chris’s fully erect cock was now nestled firmly in Erin’s ass crack. He tensed with pleasure as she began to slowly undulate from side to side, gently massaging his cock with her ass. Erin slowly bent forward, moving her feet apart slightly as she did so. As her pussy popped between her legs, Chris’s cock slipped between her folds, and he smoothly drove into her. Erin gasped softly with surprise, then let out a low moan as Chris pumped in and out of her. Erin expertly swiveled her hips up to maximize Chris’s penetration into her tight hole. “Wow, so long since I’ve fucked anyone but Jamie! This is great!”

As he pulled Erin’s hips tight to his, Chris looked over at his Nu-Wife, standing at attention, completely oblivious to the fact her husband was fucking another woman. She was following his commands as she had been programmed. Chris pulled his pulsing cock out of Erin’s tight hole. “You will both now kneel and worship my cock.”

As each enslaved woman promptly turned and went to her knees, Erin gently grabbed Jamie’s hand reaching for Chris’s cock. “Program mode, Nu-Wife Jamie.” Chris watched in fascination as these words instantly drew Jamie’s gaze to Erin’s eyes, her mouth drooped open in rapt attention. “You may never touch your husband’s cock with your hands unless he specifically instructs you to do so. As a Nu-Wife, your husband expects you to pleasure him only with your mouth. Respond.” “I…understand...programming…..assimilated,” Jamie intoned robotically.

“Now watch and assimilate as I pleasure your husband. This is the proper way to serve him.” Chris thrilled at these words, as Erin looked up at him with a wanton look on her face, then moved her lips toward his throbbing cock. Her tongue darted out and slowly twirled around the head. Chris gasped at the wet, warm touch of her mouth at she smoothly drew his member in, expertly shielding his cock from her teeth with her lips. Jamie continued to watch with total attention, all of her concentration on learning and memorizing Erin’s actions. Erin began to bob in and out on Chris’s cock, her tongue swirling around his cock with each inward movement. “Oh my god,” Chris exclaimed. “This is so fucking incredible, what talent.” Erin reached behind to squeeze Chris’s ass, then sucked his cock all the way in until her lips touched the base. Chris groaned in wonderment. “Ugghhhh….yes….yes…..”

Erin gently pulled her head back to release Chris’s cock from her mouth. “Exit program mode, Nu-Wife Jamie,” she said. Jamie shook her head slightly as her consciousness returned, then smiled lustfully as she stared at Chris’s cock. “Service your husband, Nu-Wife,” Erin said. Jamie purposely moved her lips toward Chris’s cock, then mimicked Erin’s actions almost perfectly. “Wow, unbelievable, she never put this much effort or energy into blowing me before!” Chris said. “She is completely devoted and subservient to you now, sir. She experiences her greatest pleasure when she is pleasuring you.” Sure enough, as Jamie’s tongue swirled over Chris’s cock, he could see her slightly twitch and shake, a sign she was approaching climax. “Sir, note that your Nu-Wife will orgasm on command, at any time. Merely order it, and she will cum.” Chris couldn’t resist: “Cum, Nu-Wife.” Without missing a beat as she slid her mouth up and down over his cock, Jamie’s body shuddered and shook in the throes of ecstasy. A low, muffled moan escaped around his cock. As her orgasm neatly came to an end, she looked up adoringly at her new master. Chris looked at Erin, who, reading his mind, said, “Nu-Wife Jamie, deep throat.” Chris almost exploded as his cock slave slipped her mouth all the way to the base of his unit, just as Erin had. Her face remained calm and serene, showing no sign of discomfort or difficulty. “We specifically program Nu-Wives to restrain the gag reflex as part of their base package,” said Erin with a smile.

As Jamie continued to smoothly bob up and down on Chris’s cock, Erin moved beneath her and gently pulled his balls into her mouth, lightly sucking and licking them in the process. Chris could feel the tension building in his loins. He knew he was about to explode. “Swallow my load,” Chris commanded. Jamie sealed her lips tightly against Chris’s cock. His whole body tensed as jet after jet of hot cum spurted into Jamie’s mouth. She began to rhythmically swallow with no sign of trouble. In the past, she would have never swallowed his cum, she had hated the thought. But now she gazed up at him adoringly as the last of the contents of his balls emptied into her eager mouth.

Erin sat up and slowly pulled Jamie’s head off of Chris’s deflating cock. Her mouth made a satisfying pop as it came out. Erin licked and swirled around his cock, still with no hands, careful not to touch his sensitive post-orgasm head. “Fuggg….” Chris said. “That was incredible!” “The first of many such encounters, sir. You can look forward to this level of intensity and dedication any time you want it from your Nu-Wife. She lives and breathes to serve your every desire.”

Erin slowly came to her feet, then ordered Jamie to do the same. They both walked back to retrieve their fishnet lingerie, straightening and fixing each others appearance. “Sir, if I may ask you to stand before your Nu-Wife, I’d like to give you a few more instructions on how to utilize her. “ As Chris walked over the Jamie, she stood at dreamy attention, clearly still awash in the feelings of happiness and fulfillment at having served her husband and master.

“When she gets home this evening, she will clean herself up, then immediately go to bed. Note that she has been given a special iPod and headset that she will put on while sleeping. The reinforcement of her programming is critically important tonite. We would ask that you not disturb her as she sleeps as her new identity still needs time to cement.” As Erin was talking, Chris continued to stare back into Jamie’s adoring eyes, remaining amazed that all of this was happening. “This manual will help you better understand all of the changes in your Nu-Wife from her former identity. We will contact you shortly to schedule a followup appointment with Dr. Jensen for the next level of Nu-Wife programming.”

Jamie put on her street clothes and walked out to door with her husband, her head propped adoringly against his arm. Chris sighed contentedly. This was going to be the first of many great days ahead!