The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Nu-Wife, Inc.

by Robotmaster

Chapter 3 – Molly

“When do we have to be there again?” Jamie asked, looking at Chris with adoring eyes. “7:30 sharp,” said Chris. “OK, can’t wait to go! It sounds like fun.” Chris smiled knowingly as he watched Jamie turn back toward the mirror to continue to work on her makeup. As she had been programmed, Jamie sat wearing only her fishnet bodysuit. Chris had already dropped off their daughter for a sleepover at a friend’s house, so he was confident in having Jamie wear her Nu-Wife uniform.

“Almost ready?” “Yes, how do I look, darling?” Jamie stood up before Chris. In the weeks since her initial conversion, Jamie had gone on a diet of lean meat, whole grains and fresh vegetables. Her portion sizes were small, almost to the point Chris worried she was not getting enough calories, especially since she had started working out with a trainer every morning since the day after becoming a Nu-Wife. Despite her rigorous health program, Jamie remained cheerful and energetic, and seemed to be in good health.

Chris had seen the membership card on her key ring, and was pleased to note the gym (“Healthy Bodies”) was a wholly owned subsidiary of NWI! As he gazed up and down her lean body, he admired her greatly enlarged breasts. Dr. Jensen had told him there would be enhancements made while Jamie was at the gym. Chris marveled at the fact her breasts seemed to have grown, rather than had implants. Her skin was also much younger and firmer, making her look like she was in her 20’s again.

As she slowly spun around in her black evening dress, Chris said, “you look great. Let’s get going.” “As you wish, my husband,” Jamie said, following him out to the car.

20 minutes later they pulled into the long driveway leading up to a large building that looked more like a mansion. As they pulled up, a valet cheerfully opened the doors for them, and drove the car off. Arm in arm, Chris escorted his lovely Nu-Wife through the ornate front doors after scanning his card with the doorman. As they walked inside, a beautiful young redhead wearing the signature fishnet greeted them.

“Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Stevenson?” Jamie looked somewhat quizzically at the redhead in her revealing outfit. “Yes, that’s us,” said Chris. “This is your first visit to the Club, isn’t it?” “That’s correct,” said Chris. “Wonderful, welcome, welcome,” the redhead bubbled.

“Darling, I don’t understand. I thought this was a nightclub. She looks like she is dressed like a stripper?” Jamie whispered. The redhead gave Jamie a bemused look. “Don’t worry, sir, she will understand after tonite,” said the redhead. “Shall I process her in for the evening?” “That will be fine,” said Chris. “Process? Whaaaa……” Jamie’s voice trailed off as the redhead pointed a flashing light device into her eyes. Her face immediately fell blank, her eyes wide and staring.

“She will be put into the standard display for the evening after processing, sir. Unless she is chosen before you get there, you will be able to view her in the selection room,” said the redhead. “Please feel free to utilize the club’s many amenities at your discretion.” With that, she gently took Jamie’s arm, guiding her behind the counter and through a curtain behind. Jamie moved in an almost mechanical fashion, her face completely expressionless.

Chris walked down the hallway, admiring the lovely paintings. As he turned the corner toward what sounded like a bar, he was greeted by the sight of two motionless nude females, each posed as statues on pedestals flanking the door. Chris stopped to drink in their beauty, and wonder at their absolute stillness, other than the almost imperceptible slow rising and falling of their chests.

As he strolled into the bar area, Chris noted with satisfaction the many waitresses and barmaids in their fishnet uniforms. They were all stunning and beautiful. Men sat around the room at tables, some by themselves watching as strippers danced sensuously on their tables. Others were engaged on conversation with one another, some watching the late football game on the widescreen. Many had female companionship, either pulled tight against them, or in various phases of making out.

“Hello, sir, can I find you a table,” said a lovely young Asian woman. Her enhanced body and beautiful features caused Chris’s cock to immediately jump in his trousers. “Sure, that would be great.” As Chris walked behind her, admiring the slow, sexy rolling of her fishnet covered ass, he glanced at a table as they passed. “Steve! Oh, wow! You are a member here too?” Steve and Chris had been good friends for many years, and had often spent time discussing their dissatisfaction with their marital lives in similar venues.

“Chris! How the hell are you?” Steve smiled broadly. “So, you finally took the plunge, huh? Come on, sit, sit. Let me buy you a beer!” The Asian woman stood patiently as they talked. Steve looked at her, and in a commanding voice, said, “Get up on the table and perform.” Her eyes widened slightly as the command sunk in, then without a word she climbed up and began to move to the music as instructed.

Grinning at the sight, Steve turned and slapped Chris on the back. “I was wondering when you were going to try this place out! Is Jamie here?” “Yeah, she went straight into processing when we arrived. She was confused, so they zapped her with something and took her away.” Steve laughed, “that was the way Molly was the first time we came here too. Now she doesn’t even pause when we come in, just walks straight back on her own.”

“Shit, Steve, how long ago did you have her converted? I knew there was something more to it than just plastic surgery. They way Molly looked and spoke to you, it was obvious something was different. Of course, Jamie took the opportunity to bitch at me about how happy you two were together.”

“Hah! Little did she know, right?” Steve said. “Those subliminals really do a number on them, don’t they?” “I was astounded they worked,” said Chris, “but I have been the happiest man on the planet in the last 6 weeks.” “We both have, my friend,” said Steve.

“Anyway, I didn’t want to bring her here until she had gone through the physical enhancements at the gym,” said Chris. “I’m amazed at the way they have got her looking! I swear she is 25 again!” “Yeah, they did the same to Molly. She looks better now than she ever did!” said Steve.

The two buddies sat and enjoyed their beers, catching up on life events and their newfound marital happiness. They gazed up occasionally to watch the Asian’s sensuous dancing. She was obviously becoming more and more excited the longer she danced, moaning softly from time to time as her hand drifted across her tits and dipped down into her pussy. After a while, she pulled off her fishnet lingerie and danced naked for them.

The Asian girl bent down and offered her pussy to Steve. He casually stuck his finger in her hole and began to rub her. With a wicked grin, he said, “You know, I think I’m going to take this little fucktoy off for some fun. Since this is your first time here, you really should go to the selection room and see if something catches your eye.” Chris quickly agreed, the sexy dance and the number of hot women in the bar was really getting him turned on. “I’ll catch you later, OK?” said Steve. He crooked his finger at the Asian, who dutifully climbed down from the table, then followed Steve away toward a doorway labeled “Private Rooms”, her nude ass swaying seductively as she went. As Steve opened the door and ushered her through, he looked back at Chris and pointed toward another door labeled “Selection Room.”

After a moment, Chris stood and made his way to the door. When he arrived, a sexy blond at the door said, “Hello, sir, you will be able to go in in a moment. We only allow one member at a time in the selection room, we want to make it as comfortable and private as possible while choosing.” Chris nodded wordlessly, slouching into a nearby easy chair. A brunette danced languidly on the center table, and Chris watched with interest as he enjoyed the rest of his beer.

After a time, the blond put her hand gently on his shoulder, “OK, sir, it’s your turn to go in. Please feel free to take the time you need, but we do ask that you try to keep it under 10 minutes. We want to make sure all of our men who want to make a selection have an opportunity” “No problem,” said Chris, as the blond stood at the door, holding it open for him to walk through. As he passed into the room, he took a quick turn into a short hallway, then another quick turn into a larger room. Chris inhaled sharply.

The room was dimly lit. However, on dozens and dozens of display stands arrayed in rows, women stood motionless at attention, a spotlight on each one. Each wore the signature fishnet, and a necklace with a number on it. Each held her shoulders back, chest thrust out, her arms tightly at her side, eyes staring straight ahead. On a small pedestal next to him, Chris noted a blinking touchpad. Picking it up, he read the large print. “Welcome! As you browse the room, please feel free to enter the identification number of any unit that interests you. The unit will answer your questions, and will offer to assist you in her programming should you select her.”

Tucking the pad under his arm, Chris walked down the first row. He was fully hard now, his breathing somewhat ragged. The sight was so incredibly hot. They were all races and heights, but all had stunning features and hot bodies. Chris stopped before a lovely black woman, staring vacantly ahead. Punching in her code, she suddenly looked at him adoringly.

“Hello, sir, I am unit 38. I am yours to command and use as you wish. I may be programmed in any way you desire.” “Please turn around, unit 38,” Chris said. She instantly began slowly turning around for him, carefully pushing her ass and tits out to best display them for him. As she turned back toward him, Chris said “stop”, causing her to go back ramrod straight.

“Can you demonstrate your oral capabilities, unit 38?” Chris said. “Yes sir, however, I am programmed to do so only for a brief time,” she replied. Stepping down from her display stand, the ebony beauty knelt before him and deftly unzipped his pants, pulling his cock out efficiently. She immediately deepthroated him, then smoothly began pistoning up and down. She felt fantastic. After a few moments, she popped his cock back out of her mouth, stood and returned to her position on her display stand.

“I think I’ll keep looking around,” Chris said, zipping his swollen cock back up. “As you wish, sir. Please press the ‘deactivate’ button on the keypad to return me to display mode.” As he did, unit 38 immediately returned to her original pose at attention, then ceased to move. Fascinated, Chris continued to move down the row. He paused at several women to squeeze her breasts, or grope her ass. There was no response of any kind to this intimate touching. Turning into the next row, Chris gasped.

On a stand next to a curly-topped redhead with huge breasts, was Jamie. Her expression, pose and outfit was identical to the other units on display. Haltingly, Chris walked up to her. Her face was completely vacant. After a moment’s thought, he punched in her ID number.

As with the black woman, Jamie said, “Hello, sir, I am unit 25. I am yours to command and use as you wish. I may be programmed in any way you desire.” Chris thrilled. She showed absolutely no recognition of him. “Tell me how you can be programmed, 25.” “Yes sir. I may be programmed for a wide variety of fantasy and role playing activities. My programming will be complete and total, my entire mind will be rewritten to your exact specifications. I am a programmable sex toy for your enjoyment.”

Chris reached to knead Jamie’s tits. Her only response was to push her chest further outward for him. Chris marveled at the total transformation she had undergone. As he understood from Dr. Jensen, her mind had been removed and stored prior to being placed on display, replaced with a standard pleasure unit protocol. Smiling with total satisfaction, Chris punched the ‘deactivate’ button, enjoying the sight of his reprogrammed wife returning to her motionless display pose.

Walking further down the row, Chris’s heart jumped into his throat. Molly stood before him, her vacant expression framed so perfectly by her long blond hair. Now that he could see her in the fishnet, he admired the enhancements to her body, particularly her breasts. This was perfect. He had always wanted to fuck Molly, and now she was his to use as he pleased.

Punching in her number, Molly started with the same sequence, “Hello, sir, I am unit 28. I am yours to comman….”, she abruptly stopped as Chris pressed the ‘select unit’ button, then quickly hit ‘confirm’. Her eyes briefly fluttered as though she was rebooting. “May I guide you to the programming room, sir?” she said. “Yes. You will call me Master from this moment on, unit 28.” “Yes, Master,” Molly replied. Chris marveled at the fact she showed absolutely no recognition of him, just like Jamie. She had truly been completely deprogrammed.

Stepping smoothly down from her stand, Molly pivoted on her heels, then walked toward a small door on the far side of the room. Chris admired her tight little ass, becoming more excited knowing he would soon be fucking it. “Please leave the touchpad on the stand here, Master,” she said, as they passed through into another short hallway.

Turning another corner, another room opened before them. This one was brightly lit. In the center of the room, there was a chair that looked similar to the one Jamie has received her initial programming in at Nu-Wife, although this one resembled something more like a hair dryer in a beauty salon. Directly in front of the chair was a console with a stool and keyboard. A large screen was in the middle of the console.

“Master, the console will walk you through the steps of my reprogramming. It is necessary for me to be fully nude while I am being processed.” With this, Molly pulled the fishnet over her shoulders, then pushed it down and off her feet. She picked it up, took off her necklace and placed both in a tray on the side of the console. Finally, she turned and sat down ramrod straight in the chair, pulling the helmet low until it almost covered her eyes.

Chris seated himself nervously on the stool. As he did, the screen before him lit up with instructions. “Welcome,” it read. “Your unit may be programmed with either standard presets, or can be customized with more specific thoughts and personality traits as desired.” Chris pressed the “yes” button for customized personality traits.

The screen again lit up. “The following screens will ask specific questions concerning the programming you would like to have your unit receive. Please note this information is kept highly confidential, so please feel free to indulge any desire you may have. As always, the unit cannot receive any programming that will result in physical harm to herself or others.”

As Chris toggled through the screens, he occasionally looked up at Molly seated in the programming chair. Her face remained expressionless, her eyes locked forward with the same empty stare as before. Chris drank in the sight of her now fully nude body, his breath quickening as he gazed at her sizeable tits, which she held thrust out as far as possible in her seated position.

After some time of questions and answers, the screen finally displayed a summary of the customized programming Molly was to receive. At the bottom, a green colored button labeled “execute” blinked. Chris reached to press the button. As he did, Molly instantly jerked in her seat. In a strangely pitched, very mechanical sounding voice, Molly intoned, “Interface…established…deprogramming…sequence…initiated.”

As she said this, the helmet hummed to life, a blaze of colors playing across Molly’s blank face. Chris watched with fascination as her mouth began to droop open slightly, her face becoming slack. As the deprogramming progressed, the flashing colors began to slow, finally ending with a greenish light playing down across her vacant face and still erect nude body.

“De…pro…gram…ming…com…plete” she said in the odd voice, now very clipped and mechanical. “Re…pro…gram…ming…init…i….a…ted…” The lights began to flash again rhythmically, with Molly’s face showing occasional ticks and reflex movements as her new thoughts and personality were implanted.

The screen lit up, “Mr. Stevenson, the reprogramming sequence will require an additional 15-20 minutes. You are welcome to continue to observe, or please feel free to proceed to suite 12 in the hallway behind your unit. She will join you there after her programming is complete and she receives her new costume and makeup. Note there are attendants in the hallway that you are welcome to select to join you in your suite. They are, of course, completely dedicated to your comfort and pleasure.”

Chris stood to his feet and headed toward the hallway. As he passed Molly, he noticed a faint smell of excitement. He wanted to grope her, but had been advised by the programming station not to touch her while she was in the chair. He noticed with satisfaction a very slight smile beginning to form on his unit’s lips. He couldn’t wait!

As he passed into the hallway, Chris admired the attendants arrayed in alcoves along the wall. Each wore a simple white tunic, very low cut and barely covering the ass. Coming upon an innocent looking blonde who appeared to be barely 18, Chris stopped and said, “Come with me.”

“As you command, sir,” she said, stepping out of her alcove and dutifully following him to the door marked 12. Chris stepped inside, and the attendant followed. Stopping inside the door, she said, “Sir, I am programmed to inform you my default name is Heather, but you are welcome to assign me any name you wish.” Chris smiled, “Prepare me a Macallans on the rocks, then join me.”

Chris sauntered to the couch as Heather hastened to fulfill his commands. As she arrived at the couch and handed him his drink with an adoring smile, Chris simply said, “disrobe.” Heather’s hands went to her waist, untying the simple belt holding her tunic in place, and allowed it to drop. Chris let out a low whistle as he gazed at her perfect, young body. “Turn,” he said, sipping his drink as he watched her fantastic ass and perfect tits spin before him.

“Stand at attention,” Chris said. Heather faced him and posed as the units in the selection room had. After another long drink, Chris stood and walked behind her, reaching around to fondle her fantastic tits and dip down into her clean shaven pussy. Heather sighed contentedly as he groped her.

“Blowjob,” he said. Heather spun to face him, cocking her head slightly to the side and biting her lip gently as she knelt before him. She expertly removed his cock from his pants and immediately deepthroated him. Chris gasped in pleasure, his rock hard cock nestled deep in her throat. As with Jamie, it was clear her gag reflex had been removed.

Heather began to bob up and down gently on his cock, never touching it with anything but her lips and tongue. Her technique was perfect; Chris groaned as he felt himself rapidly approaching climax. Before he did, he said, “Stop. Bend over the back of the couch.” Heather popped his cock from her mouth and dutifully moved behind the couch. Chris walked behind her as she leaned over. Heather pushed her pelvis down and out to give him an ideal view and maximum access to her now dripping pussy. Wordlessly, Chris pulled behind her and drove his cock deep inside her.

Heather let out a gasp, then began to moan and whimper as Chris pistoned in and out of her tight, hot, moist pussy. Reaching over, Chris grabbed his drink and took another sip as he continued to drive into his sex toy. With a grin on his face, he sat the drink down in the small of her back, then grabbed her hips to hold her still as he slammed into her pussy. “What a perfect slave,” Chris thought, laughing inwardly. “Would any woman acting under her own free will ever allow a man to treat her as a coaster as he fucked her?”

Reveling in the sensations, Chris hardly noticed when a small green light over a door illuminated. In between her moans of pleasure, Heather gasped, “Sir, I am sorry to interrupt, but your unit is in the holding closet. She will remain there in standby mode until you press the button on the side table to activate her.”

Slapping Heather on the ass, Chris pulled his cock out and beckoned her to kneel and clean him off. Although he was ready to blow his nut in her, he wanted to save it for his encounter with his friend’s wife. As she finished, Chris pointed to the suite door. Heather smiled, wordlessly grabbing her tunic and quickly making her way back out into the hallway. Pulling up his pants, Chris pressed the button on the side table.