The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Nu-Wife, Inc.

by Robotmaster

Chapter 4 – My Molly

As Chris pressed the button, a knock came at the door. Chris hesitantly walked over and opened it. Molly smiled brightly at him. She was dressed in workout clothes, tight yoga pants, and a tube top covered with a loose fitting muscle shirt. Her stiff nipples were still apparent beneath the outfit, just as Chris had programmed.

In her everyday energetic, cheery voice, she said, “Chris!!! How ARE you!” Molly always had a way of making you feel like you were the only person she wanted to be talking to at that moment. When Chris had specified her programming, he wanted to be sure she had a copy of her real personality and memories implanted, with a few modifications…

“Jamie wanted me to stop by to take a look at some legal documents this afternoon. Is she here?” “Umm…no, she had to run over to her mom’s place to help her out with some things. Why don’t you come on in and wait?” “Thanks, I will, but I feel bad, I’m all scuzzed out from my workout,” said Molly.

“Not to worry,” said Chris. “Do you have your regular clothes with you?” “Yes! I sure do!” Molly chirped. “Well then why not get cleaned up here before she gets back?” “That is SO nice of you, Chris! Are you sure it is OK?” “Sure, sure, Molly. It’s no trouble at all. I know how it feels to walk around all sweated out and cold.”

Chris motioned toward the bedroom. “The shower is in there. I’ll hang out and watch TV while you clean up.” “Thanks again! You are such a dear!” said Molly, giving him a friendly peck on the cheek as she walked by. “You’re going to be doing more than that in a few minutes!” thought Chris.

Chris watched Molly’s perfect ass sway as she walked toward the bedroom. He once again said a silent word of thanks to the inventors of spandex and yoga pants. As she went through the bedroom door, Chris saw Molly’s hands lift up to pull the wrap from her ponytail, then she passed from sight.

After a few minutes, Chris crept into the bedroom and peeked through the unlocked bathroom door. Molly was showering away, oblivious to his presence over the sound of the water and the fan. Chris glanced at the outfit hanging on the door as he specified. “Can’t wait for this to unfold!” he whispered quietly.

“Is someone there?” Chris heard Molly say. He quickly pushed the door shut, then walked out to the living room, and down some steps to the game area. Chris grabbed a beer from the fridge. Picking up a cue, he absently broke the rack of balls on the pool table, then lined up some shots as he whistled softly to himself.

As he worked on his game, Chris hadn’t realized how much time had passed. Suddenly, he heard Molly’s cheery voice behind him, a bit more subdued this time. “Chris, I am SUCH a ditz! I thought for sure I had put my street clothes back in my bag, but I must have left them hanging in my locker at the gym. Good thing this was available…”

Chris turned as she was speaking. As the last words left her mouth, his gaze settled on her. Molly stood wearing a man’s button down Oxford shirt, white with blue pinstripes. It was clear she had nothing on underneath. She had only a few buttons secured low on the shirt, so her substantial cleavage was well displayed.

As Chris gazed up and down her body, Molly smiled seductively. “It’s almost like you put this in there on purpose…Chris…” She took a few slow steps forward until she stood before him, then bit her lip gently and tilted her head slightly to the side, her still-wet hair swaying outward. “Do you like what you see?”

Chris’s cock began to stir in his pants. “I know you were watching me in the shower,” purred Molly, as she put her palms against Chris’s chest and began to slowly run them up and down his torso. “You don’t think I’ve seen those stolen glances whenever we are together?” Chris gulped slightly, his pulse quickening as he saw the glint of desire in Molly’s eyes.

“There’s a reason I bend over a little more, or raise my arms a little higher when you are around,” said Molly. “I’ve always thought you were incredibly attractive. And now that we have the opportunity, why don’t we….” Molly’s words were cut off as Chris pulled her to him in a passionate embrace, their lips meeting and kissing hungrily.

As Chris nibbled at Molly’s neck and earlobes, his hand drifted upward and into her shirt. Molly moaned as his hand found her breast and began to rub and squeeze her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. With his other hand, Chris undid the buttons to the shirt, letting it drift open to expose her completely to him.

As he massaged her breasts with both hands, Molly’s arms dropped to her sides and her head fell backward, sighing passionately. “Oh…my…god, Chris. I want you so…bad! Fuck me, please…just fuck me!!!”

Chris fumbled to pull his shirt up and off as Molly frantically undid his belt buckle and unbuttoned his pants, roughly pulling them and his boxers down at the same time. Standing back up, Molly shrugged the shirt off her shoulders, then turned and presented her ass to him as she leaned down over the pool table and went on tiptoe.

Chris shuffled behind her, his cock throbbing with anticipation. Without hesitating, he drove his rock hard member deep into Molly’s wet pussy. As he reached full hilt, they both gasped with pleasure and delight. Chris began to pump in and out of Molly like a piston, his head abuzz with the sensations of fucking his best friend’s hot wife.

“Oh…yeeessss!!!” Molly shouted breathlessly, slapping her hand against the table, her face contorting in ecstasy. “You are so…fucking…huge….yes….YEESSSS!!!” Within moments, Chris felt his loins begin to tense. Molly’s body began to vibrate as she cried out in the throes of orgasm. With a grunt, he shot load after load deep within her womb, seemingly coming for minutes.

As he lay down over her sweaty body, Chris reached around and pulled her close to him, cupping her breasts. “Oh, my god, Chris. That was better than I ever could have imagined!” Chris smiled, as she exactly repeated a line he had specifically put into her programming. “I’m going to need another shower,” Molly said haltingly as she struggled to catch her breath.

“Whatever you need to do, babe. Hey, why don’t you put on that little red bikini in the top drawer of the dresser when you come out?” Molly turned her head and smiled mischievously at him, “My, my, you’ve just thought of everything, haven’t you.” Molly lifted herself from under him, turning to give him a passionate kiss, “I’ll do anything you want after getting fucked like that!”

Chris smiled at the irony of her statement. Molly started toward the bedroom, looking back at him with a sexy smirk as he gazed at her perfect naked ass swaying back and forth. Chris sighed as Molly strutted through the door, pulling it shut behind her. Chris laughed as he heard her lock it.

Pushing a button on the side stand, Chris waited a moment until the door to the suite opened. As he did, a petite young woman of Asian descent, perhaps Polynesian, walked through the door in the same simple tunic as Heather. She smiled at him in his partially dressed state.

“How can I help you sir?” said the attendant. “Clean me up,” he said. “With pleasure, sir.” The girl walked forward and purposefully dropped to her knees, then began to give him an expert tongue washing until his cock was again clean and dry. As Chris pulled his boxers and trousers back up, the attendant smiled. “Is there anything else I can do for you, sir?” Reaching into his pocket and pulling out a coin, Chris said, “Yes, as a matter of fact. You will look at this.” “Yes, sir,” said the girl.

As Chris twirled and rotated the shiny coin between his fingers, the attendant shuddered a bit, her eyes becoming wider and wider. “Just watch, and…relax,” Chris said. As he watched her quickly fall under his spell, Chris noted the small necklace around her neck with the name, “Mia” on it. “You are falling under my power, Mia. You cannot resist. You cannot look away.” Mia’s eyes were now wide and unblinking.

“You are now completely hypnotized, Mia. You hear only my voice. You will do exactly as I say.” “Yesss….exactly….as you say” Mia replied. “Good,” Chris said forcefully, as he flipped the coin into his palm and pocketed it again. Walking around his newly hypnotized slave, Chris reached around her waist and pulled the tie to her tunic, watching admiringly as the slippery fabric fell away.

Chris walked back to the front of the petite girl, admiring how well she stood at rapt attention. Her body was perfectly proportioned, her breasts smaller than Molly’s, but still large enough for his tastes. He had only seen her image on the screen when he selected her during Molly’s programming, so he was pleased she looked much like he had hoped.

“Now listen to me carefully, Mia. You are a woman...women need to be programmable for their men, don’t they?” “Yes, sir,” Mia said, “women need to be programmed for their men.” “It is good and natural for women to be programmed by their men,” Chris said. “It is bad for women to have independent thoughts... The thought of being mindless and programmable excites you...You want it so badly...” Mia mindlessly parroted his words.

“But a person can’t be programmed, can they? Maybe you aren’t a person after all? And if you aren’t a person, what must you be?” Chris said. Mia’s brow furrowed as she pondered the thought, then gasped “…wait. I can’t...a rrobot???” “Of course, only robots can be programmed, isn’t that right?” Chris said, smiling as the realization dawned upon her. “Y…yes…that’s right…only robots”. Mia’s face began to become completely blank as his words molded her thoughts.

As Mia’s body stiffened to attention, Chris said, “And now you are ready for your programming, robot. Affirm this.” “Affirmative. I am ready for my programming,” Mia said. “Follow me,” Chris ordered. The nude fembot walked stiffly behind him as he entered a small room through a nearby door. In it, there was a chair with a programming helmet just like the station outside the selection room.

“Sit” Chris commanded. Mia dutifully dropped into the seat, as Chris pulled the large, multicolored helmet over her head. “You do not feel or think anything. You are blank and empty, awaiting programming.” “Yes…sir,” Mia said in a monotone. As Chris sat down at the programming station, he enjoyed the sight of his subject, entirely nude and at attention in her seat.

As Chris punched buttons on the console, Mia began to hear a buzzing in her ears, and her eyes began to swim. As Chris began to type into the keyboard, as though from all directions, a strong, masculine voice began to reverberate into her very soul.

REPEAT: I have been deprogrammed

Mia: I have been deprogrammed

REPEAT: My mind is completely blank and empty

Mia: My mind is completely blank and empty

REPEAT: There is nothing left

Mia: There is nothing left

REPEAT: My thoughts are gone

Mia: My thoughts are gone

REPEAT: My personality has been erased

Mia: My personality has been erased

REPEAT: I am now ready to be programmed

Mia: I am now ready to be programmed

REPEAT: I am a robot

Mia: I am a robot

REPEAT: My mind is a computerized device

Mia: My mind is a computerized device

REPEAT: My body is composed of gears, wires, pulleys and motors

Mia: My body is composed of gears, wires, pulleys and motors

REPEAT: My sole function is to bring pleasure to men

Mia: My sole function is to bring pleasure to men

REPEAT: You have designed, built and created me

Mia: You have designed, built and created me

REPEAT: You are my owner and controller

Mia: You are my owner and controller

REPEAT: I obey all of your commands without hesitation or question

Mia: I obey all of your commands without hesitation or question

REPEAT: It is good and proper for a woman to be turned into a robot for a man

Mia: It is good and proper for a woman to be turned into a robot for a man

REPEAT: Women are perfected when they are turned into robots by their men

Mia: Women are perfected when they are turned into robots by their men

REPEAT: My sole purpose for existence is to please and serve you

Mia: My sole purpose for existence is to please and serve you

REPEAT: You are my Master

Mia: You are my Master

REPEAT: I am your slave

Mia: I am your slave

REPEAT: My body is yours to use as you wish

Mia: My body is yours to use as you wish

REPEAT: I think and behave exactly as programmed

Mia: I think and behave exactly as programmed

REPEAT: My obedience is complete and unquestioning

Mia: My obedience is complete and unquestioning

REPEAT: I will perform any sexual act exactly as I am instructed

Mia: I will perform any sexual act exactly as instructed

REPEAT: I am a machine....I obey

Mia: I am a machine....I obey

As the sequence came to a close, Chris smiled, punching a button on the console. As the buzzing in her ears faded, Chris walked to her and lifted the helmet from her head. “Now, Miabot, who am I?” Chris asked. “You are my Master.” “And what are you?” “I am your slave.” “Very good. What is your only purpose, Miabot?” “To please and excite you”

“Please me now, Miabot,” Chris said. Miabot slowly rose from the chair to stand straight at attention, back curved, breasts thrust forward. She then walked, sensually swaying her hips until she was in front of Chris, where she stopped. Chris crooked his finger downward. Miabot dropped to her knees and unbuckled his pants.

After her small, soft hands withdrew his cock, Miabot licked her palm, then began rubbing the shaft until it began to harden. She lowered her hand to the base where the bottom of her hand touched his balls, and gripped a bit tighter, pulling his growing cock erect. The sexbot then leaned in and began to dab at the head lightly with the tip of her tongue.

Chris’s cock began to pulse in Miabot’s small hand. She leaned forward and gingerly enveloped her puffy lips around the head, then slid the shaft into her mouth and down her throat. Holding the base of the shaft, she began sucking hard on her Master’s cock. Miabot pulled back her head, then loosened suction and bobbed her head back down. Her head bobbed smoothly in Chris’s lap, a long, slow high suction draw after every few light half bobs.

Suddenly, Chris heard Molly’s voice from the main room. “Hey, sexy! Where are you? I’m done with my shower…..” “Be right out, babe. Just finishing something up,” said Chris. “Hurry up, OK? I don’t want Jamie to suddenly show up.” “No worries,” Chris said, “she won’t be back for hours.”

“Freeze, Miabot,” Chris said quietly. His obedient toy stopped moving instantly, her mouth still in an “O” as he pulled his cock out. Walked to the programming stand, Chris returned with a small headpiece with an antenna on it, the green tip flashing on and off.

As Chris pushed the headpiece down over Miabot’s unmoving head. As he did, her whole body shuddered, her face momentarily contorting into a strange spasm. As her expression returned to a blank stare, Miabot smoothly drew to her feet and stood nude before him at rapt attention. “Mainframe interface established, Master. This unit is now operational by remote control.”

“Excellent, Miabot. There is another woman in the next room who has not yet realized her true nature. When I activate you to come in, you will establish control over her, then bring her to this station to be converted just as you have been. Is this understood?”

“Affirmative, Master. This unit complies.” Picking up the remote and hitting the off button, Miabot’s chin fell to her chest, her breathing becoming almost imperceptible. Stroking one of her rock hard nipples, Chris pocketed the remote and headed out of the small room.