The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Nu-Wife, Inc.

by Robotmaster

Chapter 8 – Fucktoys

Chris and Jamie spent a quiet day together after returning home. Both were worn out from the weekend’s activities. Chris pressed Jamie for details on her exploits with Steve, but she repeatedly answered with a smirk, saying “good girls don’t tell”. Even when Chris put her in a trance, she refused to disclose anything, a sign her programming simply prevented it. “Ah, well,” Chris thought as he watched his hypnotized wife bobbing happily up and down on his cock. “I guess it’s best they don’t tell, after all, they really aren’t involved in the decisions anyway.”

Tuesday morning, Chris sighed as he pulled into the lot at NWI. Jamie had been quietly stroking his cock through his zipper on the way there, which always made driving difficult. “Time for us to go in,” Chris said. Jamie started slightly, her eyes coming back into focus. “Oh, I hadn’t realized we were already here,” she said, pulling his zipper back up over his hardened cock. “I wish I could do something about that, baby,” she cooed, patting his crotch.

“Not to worry, my slave. I’ll get it taken care of soon enough. You ready for another day with Steve?” “Of course,” Jamie said, “I love doing whatever you want me to do. And it doesn’t hurt that your friend is incredibly hot and sexy too!” Chris slapped Jamie’s ass lightly on the way in, eliciting a small yelp.

Stepping in the lobby, Molly instantly jumped to her feet and ran to Chris, embracing him fully. Chris watched out of the corner of his eye as Jamie did the same with Steve. “Mmmm…hi, sexy!” Molly whispered in his ear. “I can’t seem to stop thinking about how much I enjoyed serving you over the weekend! Ready for me?” Molly winked at him and threw her hair over her shoulder, wantonly biting the edge of her lip.

“I can’t wai…” Chris said, suddenly cut off as Jensen walked into the room. “Hey, guys, how’s everyone doing?” “Great!” they all exclaimed in unison. Jensen laughed as he gave each of the guys a knowing glance. “Now that everyone’s here, Steve and Chris, I wanted to have a quick discussion,” Jensen said. “Can we step into the conference room?” As they walked down the hall and into the room, the girls held hands excitedly whispering and giggling with each other as they stole naughty looks at the men. As he closed the door, Jensen merely said, “Ladies, quiet, please…” Molly and Jamie instantly fell silent and expressionless, their arms dropping to their sides as they stared vacantly ahead.

“Chris, Steve has a proposal to slightly modify the rest of the week. I wanted to be sure I was here for you to discuss it, since you both need to agree.” “What is it?” Chris asked expectantly. “Well,” said Steve, “I was thinking it might be more fun for each of us to have the girls together for a full two days. So, we would bring them back here Wednesday evening, then one of us could have them Thursday and Friday, and the other Saturday and Sunday. We could make the swap on Friday evening.” “Hmmm…sounds interesting!” Chris said. “But who gets them first?” “Well, I thought I’d let you make that decision, since I’m the one making the proposal,” said Steve.

“Well,” said Chris. “I guess I’d kind of like to save the best for last, so how about I get them Saturday and Sunday?” “Sounds great to me,” Steve said. “Well then, we seem to have a plan,” Jensen smiled. “You guys are going to have some fantastic experiences. And don’t forget, we can also provide some additional companionship during the times you don’t have the girls. Or even today, if you wish,” Jensen said. Pressing a small remote in his hand, the side door to the room suddenly swung open, and a parade of eight women walked through, each dressed in the standard white tunic and sash.

Chris and Steve both walked slack-jawed over to the line of women, who now stood blank and attention in a straight line. “How many can we choose?” Chris said. “As many as you like, but I guess to be fair, no more than four for each, right?” Jensen said. “Take your time choosing, we aren’t in any hurry here.”

Chris and Steve each perused the line. Chris was pleased to see both Heather and Mia, his toys from his first night at the Club, stood before him. “You OK if I take these two?” Chris asked Steve, who was ogling a beautiful blond. “Sure, sure”, Steve said, barely taking his eyes off the blond. “I think I’ll just take this one, she’s enough,” Chris said. Chris’s eyes drifted to the tall, striking redhead who towered over Mia beside her. He whistled as he pulled the sash to her robe, her full tits and perfectly shaped body now revealed. She was nearly his height, almost a full six feet. “I guess I’ll add her, then, if you don’t care.” Chris said. Steve was too preoccupied feeling up the blonde to notice.

“OK, looks like you guys have what you want,” Jensen said. “They will be delivered to your places in an hour or so. Why don’t you choose some customizations so we can get them prepped for you?” The men sat down and toggled through the screens, selecting options to suit each of the units. Steve was done quickly, so he went back to the blonde to continue feeling her up while Chris finished. Toggling in the final options, Chris handed the tablet back to Jensen.

Pressing the remote, the lineup of drones turned and marched back out of the room. The exposed tits of the blonde and brunette bounced delightfully with each step. Chris gulped as they exited. “Molly, Jamie!” Jensen said loudly, clapping his hands. Each girl shook her head in momentary confusion, then began whispering and giggling again, unaware of the lost time.

The men moved to the girls, who immediately broke off their conversation to stare lovingly at their husbands. “I love you,” Jamie whispered in Chris’s ear as she embraced him. “Have fun, Molly has some big plans for you today!” Jamie winked seductively, then turned toward Steve and nestled into his arms. Molly did the same with Chris. Each couple walked arm in arm out the door, then waved cheerfully at each other as they got in their cars and drove off.

Molly said nothing as they drove, but Chris suddenly felt her hand on his crotch, pulling down his zipper. “Jamie said there was some unfinished business from the way over. May I?” she purred. Chris simply nodded, then gasped as she deftly pulled his fully hard cock out and dropped her head down to effortlessly swallow him.

Chris’s eyes swam, causing him to drift off the road momentarily then swerve back on. Molly didn’t miss a beat, her lips pulled over her teeth to protect him from injury. Molly’s energy and enthusiasm in sucking him off was amazing! Whether this had been programmed into her, or if it was a result of their last time together, she was incredibly hot.

Each time Chris was nearing climax, Molly would gently squeeze the base of his cock to hold him back. She clearly had something in mind. As they finally pulled into the garage, Chris hit the button to pull the door back down. Before he could say anything, Molly lifted off of him, pushed the door open, grabbed her overnight bag and ran into the house.

Chris collected himself, uncomfortably pushing his hard, slickened cock back into his trousers. He got out of the car and worked his way to the door. He knew he should be mad at Molly, but at the same time, he was incredibly turned on by her behavior. The first floor was deserted, and everything was quiet. Not quite knowing what to expect next, Chris grabbed a beer from the fridge, then headed into the living room and flicked on the TV.

Chris quickly became engrossed in a home improvement show on the TV. He jerked in surprise as he felt a pair of hands slide over his shoulders and onto his chest, then Molly’s large tits pushing into the back of his head. One of her hands dropped a small, silver remote into his lap, and the other grabbed the TV remote to shut it off. Not knowing what to expect next, Chris’s eyes were suddenly drawn to Molly coming around the end of the couch.

Chris’s breath drew in sharply. Molly’s hair was tied up in pigtails, her tits barely contained by a cropped blouse tied between them. She wore a plaid skirt that barely covered her ass, and knee high white stockings with black patent leather shoes. But the thing that almost immediately drew his attention was the silver antenna embedded on the top of her head.

Molly sauntered out to the coffee table, and slithered up on it, carefully wiggling her ass at him as she did. As she looked back at him, finger in mouth, the home entertainment system suddenly came to life. Soft at first, “Blue Monday” by New Order began to pipe into the room.

As the music slowly built, Molly stood and began to sway back and forth, her movements perfectly timed with the beat. Chris took a long gulp from his beer, his eyes wide and glued to the show. As she gracefully spun around, Molly’s hands first went to her shirt, slowly removing it to maximum effect, then doing the same with her skirt. Chris grinned as she replicated some of the moves from Jamie Lee Curtis’ dance in “True Lies”.

As the music reached a crescendo, the heavy base beat now thumping in the house, Molly’s movements suddenly went from languid and sexy to the most perfect robot dance Chris had ever seen. Her face showed no expression as she mechanically moved her body. The glint in her eye and slight grin showed she was still controlled herself, at least for now. Chris’ delighted as she mouthed the words, “I can and shall obey” in tandem with the lyrics.

Molly’s robotic dance slowly wound to a halt as the music faded. Her now fully nude body was at complete attention, her chest thrust out, her arms held crooked in front of her. Her body was covered in sweat from her exertion, her breath hard and heavy, but she didn’t move. After gazing at her for a few minutes, Chris stood and walked to the table, his hands now moving across her sweat slickened body to groped and fondle her.

Molly let out an involuntary sigh, then gritted her teeth in a supreme effort to stay in character. Chris laughed, then lifted the sexy robot from the table. Molly stared straight ahead as he quickly pulled off his clothes, his aching cock at pulsing attention. Holding the remote she had given him, he brusquely pushed her feet apart, then pulled her hips up as he pushed her back downward.

With no hesitation, Chris’s cock plunged deeply into Molly’s wet box. “Oh, fuuuggg!!!” he exclaimed as he reached full penetration. Molly still kept her composure, but began to let out little mewls and sighs of excitement. Finally she turned her face toward him, a pleading look in her eyes. “P…please….Master….control me! Make me obey! I want to be your perfect sex robot”

Chris smiled as he continued to pump into his pleading slave. Holding up his hand with the remote, he raised his eyebrow at her, but kept slapping into her. Her eyes were locked on the remote, totally hungry from him to press the button. As her whimpers and sighs grew, her face saddened as though defeated by her inability to stay in character. Chris could tell she was totally into it, as he pressed the button to activate her.

Molly’s body jerked as the antenna on her head suddenly began to glow a steady green, finally beginning to pulse. As the antenna took control, Molly’s body spasmed and shook, her pussy clenching tightly over his cock. She was orgasming, but her face was now expressionless and blank. Chris pulled out of her and walked to the couch. Mollybot remained frozen in place. With a press of the button, she pivoted mechanically upright, then executed a perfect robot walk to him.

Mollybot climbed efficiently into Chris’s lap, then positioned her pussy above his cock and dropped down until she was fully penetrated. The next few minutes were a complete delight for Chris, as he pressed buttons on the remote. His sexbot parroted various pre-programmed affirmations of obedience and servitude as he cycled through. Mollybot remained expressionless and blank, until he pressed the button for excitement. Her affirmations were now tinged with moans and whimpers, but even these were artificial and monotone.

Unable to hold it any longer, Chris let out a loud groan as he came. He pushed down on her waist to prevent her from moving as he dumped load after load deep into his sexbot’s womb. After what seemed like several minutes, Chris finally stopped, then pulled his slick cock from Mollybot’s hot pussy. Pressing a button, Mollybot efficiently pivoted and began to lick his cock until he was fully cleaned.

Her duties completed, Mollybot stood to attention beside Chris. After gazing at her a moment longer, Chris pressed the button to deactivate her. Animation and awareness slowly returned to Molly’s face. As it did, her eyes shifted to him adoringly, and she lay down beside him to embrace.

“Was that…was that satisfactory for you, Master?” she inquired pleadingly. “Oh yes, it was,” Chris said. He kissed her passionately, then slapped her on the ass. “But you, my slave, are so naughty and impetuous. I am going to have to reprogram you entirely one of these days!” “Oh, yes, Master, please….please reprogram me. I love being nothing but a sex toy for your use!”

After a few more minutes of cuddling, Chris gently pulled on the antenna on her head. It came off with a popping noise; Molly’s face conveyed her dismay at losing the prospect of being remotely controlled. Chris directed Molly to go upstairs to clean up and return to him in lingerie. Molly stood and did as she was told, leaving Chris to pull on his clothes.

As he tied his shoes, the doorbell rang. “Wow, that was fast!” Chris thought. Opening the door, a white coated technician stood before him. “Good morning, sir. Your units have been prepared and are here for delivery. May I suggest we pull the van into your garage?” “Sure, no problem,” Chris said. He walked to the garage and raised the door. A white Sprinter van with the non-descript “NWI” logo emblazoned on the back slowly backed in.

The first technician pulled down the gate on the back of the van as a second was already busy unbuckling the passive girls from their seats along the wall. The blank faced blond destined for Steve was left buckled in for the van’s next stop. As the technician got to her, Chris whistled at the sight of a fully silverized Mia staring sightlessly ahead. Upon removing her restraints, the technician took the remote from her silver bikini top, and activated her. Her antenna glowed a pulsing blue as she mechanically stood to attention.

“Hope she’s been prepared to your liking, sir. You do know how to use this, right?” said the technician as he handed him the remote. “Oh, yeah, “ said Chris. Pressing a button, Miabot moved smoothly forward, then pivoted and strode down the ramp and into the house. Heather and Angie stood and followed, each moving somewhat mechanically as well.

“A sharp snap of the fingers by their ears will activate them,” said the technician. “Have a great day, sir!” he said as he pulled up the gate, then jumped into the van and guided the van out. Chris watched as the garage door dropped down.

Chris walked into the kitchen and smiled. His three units stood at attention as before. Now that he had time to really savor them, Chris slowly pulled the sash from Heather and Angies’ robes, pushing them over their shoulders to reveal their perfect bodies. He groped and fondled them for several minutes, then grasped Heather by the arm, guiding her to a position along the wall. Flicking the switch, a recessed light shone brightly down on her. Chris then did the same with the remaining units, each positioned neatly next to the others under her own light.

Chris stepped back and gazed with satisfaction at his new display. As he did, he heard a soft gasp behind him. “Oh, my, baby…those are…amazing! But, I didn’t know you were going to have other girls here too?!?” Molly walked over and looked each over carefully. She turned and looked at him with a sexy grin, “Can I…play with them while you watch?” “Perhaps,” said Chris. “Or I may put you on display while I play with them…”

Molly’s face went into a slight pout, “I…I thought I was here just for you today?” Chris’s eyes flashed, he loved Molly’s hot sexuality, but she seemed to forget sometimes who was in charge. Her expression changed to fear as he grabbed her head with both hands, staring into her eyes. “Look into my eyes, slave” he said. As previously, Molly quickly fell into a deep trance. Chris pulled the straps to Molly’s negligee, allowing it to drop to the floor. He then pulled her into position under the last canister light, directing her to stand at attention as the others.

Chris stood back and smiled at the display. Four fucktoys to enjoy as he pleased! He walked to the couch and again flipped on the tube, drinking a beer as he occasionally looked at this playthings awaiting use. It would be a fun afternoon!